How Can I Actually Speak to a Real Person or Agent at the IRS – Phone Numbers That Work For Checking Your Refund or Stimulus Check Status


This article was last updated on May 18

With so many people experiencing high levels of frustration around getting information on their tax refund delays and stimulus checks, I thought I would take some of the feedback and tips across thousands of comments from recent articles and post some ideas on how to contact the IRS and get an actual agent on the line. The IRS has hundreds of contact numbers based on the state you live in or type of query you have and no one method is a sure-fire way to get access to a real agent who can help you. But worth trying a few of the approaches below. Just note, even the IRS and tax payer groups don’t promise all calls can be answered.

[Contacting an IRS representative for your Economic Stimulus Check Payment] Other than refunds, many Americans are desperately trying to call the IRS to discuss missing stimulus check payments (e.g. they didn’t get the $500 child payment) or to get answers on why their current stimulus check was lower than expected. For the last few months it has been impossible to speak to someone at the IRS about this as the agency had most of its staff focused on paying out existing stimulus checks, on COVID leave or processing tax refunds. But that has now changed as the IRS recently announced 3500 live agents would progressively be added to answer common inquiries and questions around the Stimulus Check/Economic Impact Payment (EIP). You can see more in this article, including the primary number to call.

For tax refunds and IRS contacts, keep reading.

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A recent National Taxpayer Advocate group report stated that the IRS is already struggling to meet the service needs of U.S. taxpayers, particularly with regard to telephone service. In most years, the IRS receives more than 100 million telephone calls…. and was projecting it would only be able to answer about six out of 10 calls from taxpayers routed to speak with a telephone assistor during the filing season and about four out of 10 taxpayer calls during the full fiscal year.

Please leave a comment to help others if you find a method that works for you, or a new one not listed here. I will keep updating this list through tax season. Also remember to wait 21 days after you have filed or if you get further direction from the IRS via the WMR tool or an official letter.

The Comprehensive approach

For those of you who have yet to talk with IRS, here are a few other options you can give a try.

  1. Call the Treasury and ask if they have release your fund to your bank – Treasury number (800) 304-3107
  2. Call the offset line, if you owed monies; this will be the first indication that you been processed if it says its be paid. It will also, include a DDD date as well.(800) 304-3107
  3. If you are unable to get your transcript call and ask if they can pull it up and let you know if they see the code 846 or fax it to you. 800-908-9946.
  4. Keep trying to get a live rep 1 (800) 829-0582 click #1 then the ext 652 or 18008291040, 1 for English then 2241
  5. If it has been 21 days, and have a hardship get a tax advocate to set up an appt with you. They can resolve ALL issues within 1-2 weeks. 1-877-777-4778. They can also pull up your return and tell you the DDD.
  6. Also, when you get IRS on the line tell them you need them to do a 911 Request Form on your behalf for an advocate to contact you. Tell them you do have a hardship…they can do that.

Called [18008291040] several times, this is how you get an agent

Press 1-for English
Then 2, Then 2 again, then 4, then 2 AND YOU WILL GET TO AN AGENT!

These may or may not work, but worth a try. If all fails, then give it till in the morning and try again. IRS systems generally update every 24 hours (overnight).

 The “other questions” approach

Call the IRS: 1-800-829-1040 hours 7 AM – 7 PM local time Monday-Friday
When calling the IRS do NOT choose the first option re: “Refund”, or it will send you to an automated phone line.
So after first choosing your language, then do NOT choose Option 1 (refund info). Choose option 2 for “personal income tax” instead.
Then press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.
Then press 4 “for all other questions.”
Then press 2 “for all other questions.” It should then transfer you to an agent.

You will wait on hold for about 18 minutes or longer, they will ask your social, date of birth, address and name, then place you on hold to research it.

Alternative – > Call 1-800-829-1040 option 1 then option 2 and after that don’t choose anything just wait a minute or two and it’ll transfer you to someone. Just be prepared to be on hold for a while

From Diane – How to talk live to a representative:
Dial 800-829-1040 ~ Press 1 (English) ~ Press 2 ~ then 1 ~ then 3 ~ then 2… then enter the PRIMARY (whose listed 1st on your return) Social Security number…it will confirm the correct entry… After that…DO NOT PUSH ANY MORE OPTION BUTTONS…you will be connected to an agent shortly. I called this a.m. at 10:40 Central time…it said this was a high call volume time…I was connected literally in less than 60 seconds after I confirmed the social security number. Ms. Pettis answered and was a peach to help me. She found the problem within 3 minutes. I hung up..located the information they needed to have corrected (I miss spelled the last name on one of my dependents..silly huh)…I had to call back…I repeated the exact same procedure and again I talked to another delightful agent within 60 seconds of SSN verification…..She stayed ON THE PHONE with me while she FIXED the error….
Thank You for this website information….I’m truly grateful…Good Luck to all.

Talk to someone and Identifying your identity

1-800-305-5084 to verify identity but if you want to talk to someone call 1-800-829-0582 ext 652 for the IRS. Good luck! Takes about 10 minutes to get someone. Looks like I had to verify my identity for no real reason. I was transferred to number 1800-830-5084 and was put on hold for 30 minutes. All they did was ask questions from my credit report and 2014/2015 taxes. I was cleared but they said it would take up a “max” of 9 weeks to see my return (but likely to get it sooner). I asked how I could check my statues and was told to check wmr but to give it a few days.

or as described by Judy…. If you want some peace of mind you can call this # 1-800-830-5084. Tell them you are seeing that some people are having to verify their identities and ask if this is something that you have to do as well, they will tell you if whether or not you have to. And before you hang up ask them if they can kindly check your status and you will have your answer. My situation was the same as in being accepted and WMR and TT showed no change, I was extremely concerned that I would have to verify then wait the nine weeks but lucky for me, they said I didn’t have to and all is ok, it’s just taking them longer to get them out this year and basically its taking the full 21 days for most returns. Good luck, I hope you get the answers you’re looking for.

The Tax Advocate

Here’s the number to the tax advocate 1-877-777-4778 and here’s the number I call and always get someone on the line. 1-800-829-0582 Ext 652. See more details in this article for contacting a Tax advocate

The Amended Return

Generally you will have to wait 8 to 12 weeks more for the IRS to process amended returns since they prioritize regular returns. Also note that the standard”Where’s my refund” service from the IRS does not track amended tax return status’. You need to instead use the IRS tool, Where’s My Amended Return. You can also access the tool via phone by calling 1-866-464-2050.  Only call the IRS to follow-up on delayed amended return refunds after 12 weeks. The number to call is 1-800-829-1040. But some people say that this number will also work for regular returns.

Treasury Offset

If you have questions regarding the offset of your federal tax refund or offset of another U.S. government-issued payment, you can call the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Call Center to obtain agency contact information during business hours. Toll Free: 800-304-3107

Other options

I just got off the phone with the IRS, I called 1-800-829-3676 in an attempt to find out if I possibly had to verify my ID, this is what they told me, If your refund was accepted than everything is okay, it’s just taking longer on account of a delay due to verification, have patience, you will get it. I was also told you can’t go by what TurboTax is saying and unfortunately they are issues with both the WMR tool and their 800 hotline (see end of article), so you can’t go by that either, sadly its a waiting at this point. I was also told very clearly that if for any reason you are still at received but believe you should have gotten it by now than most likely there is a problem with them being able to identify you due to a breach that took place in early January and your data was compromised, which means you will have to verify your ID for them to release your funds. You can do this by calling 1-800-830-5084. So basically if you have been accepted everything is fine, you just have to wait but if you’re still at received after some time then that means they’re having a problem identifying you and if that’s the case, unfortunately you will have to wait 6-8 weeks for your refund. I know how frustrating this is for all of you, as I am still waiting as well. This is the first time I was able to get some clear info on what is actually happening, while I feel better knowing that mine has been accepted, I feel horrible for all of those still stuck at received on account of what that means. If you have been accepted, you are all good, they’re just asking that we have patience, it will come.  I hope this helps clear it up for some of you, good luck!

Why is it so hard to talk to someone live at the IRS?

The answer is simply they have too much on and not enough people to do the work. The IRS Data book report shows that they experienced a 40% rise in live telephone calls over the last few years. Even if the rise is more moderate than in the past the trend of long wait times to talk to a real IRS agent will likely persist. After all there are early 70 million tax payers trying to get telephone assistance. The WMR site still however remains the most common channel for folks to get updates on their tax return and refunds.

157 thoughts on “How Can I Actually Speak to a Real Person or Agent at the IRS – Phone Numbers That Work For Checking Your Refund or Stimulus Check Status

  1. It’s been almost year since filed our taxes and irs owns us money every time I call I’ll be waiting on the phone for 30mins to 2 hours to talk to a person. Every time I call they keep on telling me to wait 60 days from today’s date. I’m so tired. Last time I called I was told that they had send me letters that I have never received!

  2. NIGHTMARE yep that’s right. For second stimulus info. I tried using the IRS tool , the info I entered was correct ( I know my social , date of birth and address ) yet I wasn’t able to see status . I’ve called for two days and waited for two hrs and transferred to the department needed waited two more hrs each time , automated message due to high call volume can’t be reached call back later or tomorrow during normal business hrs . This had been for two days literally . I’ve taken day off work due no direct deposit in any of my three possible accounts , no info can be found by previous agent spoke with on phone from day before after trying to reach after 9 hrs literally of trying who suggested to try calling if still my info want matching irs tool which it’s not. Numbers provided suggested to try they transfer you to stimulus general info number where someone talk and say in mechanical voice they can only answer general questions only can’t take personal info and cannot provide personal info , then has to transfer to different agent places you on hold for about two hrs then automated re rising high call volume department can’t be reached call later or tomorrow during normal business hrs yet calling during normal business hrs . Asking to speak to supervisor does zero good because same cycle as I described before and if you try live agent in different department they transfer to stimulus general info live person who then says same thing can’t give personal info or ask personal info and transfer to agent who may or may not take you call after incredible long hold time , if not able to talk with agent auto message department can’t be rescue try later today or tomorrow .
    IRS is a joke

  3. I’m am so frustrated with the IRS. I owed the IRS 1800.00 for taxes to be paid for 2019 filing year. I paid in full in April 2020. Mailed checks in. I checked with my bank that the funds were deposited to the Federal Treasury account in April 2020.

    In August 2020 I got a letter from the IRS that no payment has been received and I was charged full amount again, with 150+ dollars of late fees and interest.

    I called over and over and could get a hold of an agent. No luck, round and round automated recordings and auto hang ups.

    I went and made copies of all my checks, deposits, bank statements and sent a letter showing proof of payment. Did this in August of 2020. Still today Jan 1, 2021, my transcript shows no payment sent, or applied. Where did I fail? I hope to gawd I get someone on the line to fix this cause now they’re playing with my payment sent to them.


  5. Thank you. This COVID 19 has been an absolute mess. But what can we do nothing but be patient? I’m on hold now, the estimated wait time is 15-30 minutes. I guess that better than 4 or more hours.

    1. What number/combo did you use? I keep calling and calling and it just hangs up on me after it says that the call volume is too high.

  6. Diane! Solid info! Only had to hold for about 30 minutes and reached a person! Would have been lost without this helpful information!

  7. The one reassuring part of all of this is that we are all in this together. This is my 29th call to the IRS in 2 months. Most calls have been answered by an automated machine saying “the call volume is too high” and then hangs up on me. I have reached a person for about 6 or 7 of the 29 calls and all of them have said they are not the correct department, I get transferred, that person says they are not the correct department, I get transferred back to the original person, and the cycle continues. What is most disheartening is that there have been numbers I have dialed where I am on hold 30+ minutes, I hear a weird sound, and then the system hangs up on me. This has happened at least 3 times. I have started documenting all of my calls to the IRS because I have started receiving mail from the IRS that is odd in nature, not in any way addressing my issues and instead asking me to file tax returns I have sent in twice OR another mailer telling me that my filing status is being changed. I have never used this word before, but I truly feel I am being targeted for trying to get hold of the IRS at this point. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  8. I have read a few of these comments and it seems like it’s the same problem I am having. I mailed in my return in February, and it’s now November and still haven’t received my tax return. I have checked on it and they still have no clue where it is nor when I should receive it. I have no idea what else to do to get my money…especially when it is remotely impossible to get someone on the phone. This is highly rude and unprofessional to be treated this way. I would like to talk to someone about my money and when should be expecting it. Sigh…this is so darn stressful. I am going to guess that it won’t be until freaking next year before I see a dime. Guess I’ll be getting 2 tax return. I better be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. I submitted my tax return back in Feb 2020 electronically the IRS accepted it but its now January 2021 and I still have not received my Income tax. I did receive the first stimulus electronically last year but the second one I never got. Very Very frustrating to say the least. The last time I was able to talk to someone at the IRS he told me I keep calling and they still dont have any answers.

  9. On Hold at the moment it’s 12:15 central time and have been holding for 20min it’s 10-21-2020 … I filed 01-27-2020 and was accepted right away! Still nothing I’ve received 2 letters so far, that I don’t need to take action!! So what’s the reasoning for them to hold it so damn long! I hoe I get some answers cause I HAVE Had plenty of patience!! This is my first Call ever to them.


    1. call 8777774778 its the advocate line. im on hold now. it takes forever, but if you want your money gotta be patient. lol

  11. People, call 1 800 829 0582 Extension 652. CALL EARLY IN THE MORNING. They open at 7am. I called at 8am and had to wait 15 minutes but got to talk to a very patient friendly young woman who took care of my questions.

    1. Thank You,
      I called this number 1 800 829 0582 and entered the ext. 652 number and Boom! they answered Humans do exist in the IRS work force. was on hold off and on for total of 30 minutes while the lady did research on my account to come up empty. The woman who assisted me was so kind and polite and kept apologizing for the delay on my tax refund…
      I filed my 2019 Tax Return and mailed it …2/10/2020 .
      Here it is Sept 23rd 2020 and she found Nothing?… 7 months and I’m not even in the system SCARY!!!
      I AM DISABLED & WIDOWED…..I quit trying when we owe them they are breathing down our necks put a hold on our income til paid in full..UGH!…when they owe US….. SO WHAT?????

  12. My refund went to the Offset Treasury Department in error back in May, my stimulus payment also went there. When I called the Offset department they informed me that it was done in error and it was released the same day right back to the IRS. Called the IRS and they do not have tracking of it. Neither department speaks to each other or can see each others system. After doing much digging, I ran across the LOCAL Taxpayer Advocate information. Called and had to leave a message. The next day I received a call from a representative, who took their time to look at my account and gave me more concrete information. She explained how their assistance works and we went from there. This was the best contact for IRS problems. Be patient though, most of them were furloughed. Click on your state for your local #s:

  13. I filed my taxes and it told me my federal was approved by the IRS on May 7, 2020 I haven’t heard anything else and all the tool tells me is my refund is still being processed someone please help me what do I need to do or what can I do any advice is greatly appreciated thank you all and God bless ❣️

    1. My husband and I filed on March 30th, 2020 and still have not received our payment and is still processing according to the IRS website. Ridiculous.

  14. The letter I received said my son’s stimilus was direct deposited to my account. The IRS web site said it was deposited May 13 the date on the letter. The bank said it was not deposited to my account and to contact the IRS
    It is impossible to get a live person on the phone. How do we receive our stimulus now?

    1. I worked at a bank a few years ago. At that time unless the person was listed on your account the deposit would be sent back.

  15. Dial 800-829-1040 ~ Press 1 (English) ~ Press 2 ~ then 1 ~ then 3 ~ then 2… then enter the PRIMARY (whose listed 1st on your return) Social Security number…it will ask you to confirm the correct entry by pressing 1. You will here another list of about 6 or 7 options. The last option will say something like: “If you need further assistance please stay on the line” or “For further assistance please stay on the line” or “If you have not heard the topic that addresses your needs, please hold” in either case, just hold. You may be asked a final question, like: “If you owe taxes and agree with the amount, press 1. If this applies to you press 1, if not don’t press anything and just wait.

    1. THIS. I have seen a lot of advice to NOT enter the SSN, but if you don’t, it goes straight to the recorded message that call volume is too high and try again later. If you do enter the SSN, you go right into the actual queue to speak to a live person. (I didn’t actually do that, as I waited, I checked the ‘Where is my refund’ website one last time, and lo and behold, it had dates.

      But this works if you enter an SSN. Now to see about that stimulus I never got…

  16. I used the ‘Get my payment’ tool to check my stimulus. I finally got the message that my payment was schedules to be mailed on May 15. It is now May 30. I have called several times. Today it actually put me on hold for 30 minutes 3 different times. The third time waiting the 30 minute span finally spoke to someone who patched me through to the help line. It was a recording that gave no option to speak with a live person. I am beyond frustrated. Where did they mail the check? We have filed taxes each year from this same address. I need help and answers. What should I do!!!!

  17. I Recieved my letter for my Economic Impact Payment. Notice Date May 1, 2020. My stimulas payment should come in the mail. They do not have my direct deposit. Should i be worried? Letter clearly states: YOUR ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENT HAS ARRIVED…. Not sure what to do? Not easy to get ahold of someone. i feel like check is lost in the mail…… :(

  18. is useless to ask questions. I had an extension. In July 2019 I called my tax filer to get my 2018 tax filed. I found she had died. I then was hospitalized in August for stomach surgery. Shortly afterward I found I needed open-heart surgery. I required surgery and then was in rehab facility until late April. I then filed my 2018 and 2019 returns with H&R Block. I got info that they had been accepted by the IRS. I did not choose a direct deposit. I expected a mailed stimulus check. I have not received it. I have tried Won’t tell me anything. What next?

  19. After a 1M calls it seems like to the IRS @800 829 1040, i discovered this page and used the The Comprehensive Approach and after 55min hold, I spoke with an AGENT, Ms. Xion. She was so helpful and didn’t seem to mind my questions and explained the “hold up” on my refund and stimulus payment.
    Thank you for this contact information. I forwarded it to others that need it.

  20. Eligible retirees and recipients of Social Security retirement, survivor, or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and VA Compensation and Pension (C&P) will receive a payment. I still haven’t received one direct deposit or check and can’t track it. Status Not Available Can anyone tell me what number to call or what to do??

  21. What number do you call for the stimulus that should have already been direct deposited into a Direct express account and can’t track it? Status Not Available after all this time?

  22. We need some way of contacting the IRS. It has been 9 weeks and nothing regarding our taxes nor stimulus. This is unreal. They need an email or something.

  23. The IRS needs to have a way to verify the Account Number that a deposit went to under my account. I have received notification that my stimulus was direct deposited on 5/6/2020 however with the last 4 numbers of my account number BUT…still not deposited! Can you help me? My bank said to contact you however there is not a live person available.

  24. I’m on SSI my SSI is direct deposit I still don’t have my check I can’t find out any information to get my payment source never works and quite frankly I’m frustrated to the inth and if you think I’m upset you should hear my wife it’s impossible to get any help I’ve given up on it

    1. can you help me i have not got my stimulus check yet the very first one i dont know if it got sent back

  25. I have been trying to call the 800-829-4933 # for businesses. I need to request a 147c letter for the bank. I get an automated message that says they are not taking calls. I have searched for a way to request this online or electronically and the only thing I find says you have to call and request the letter. Is there any other number I can call since this number is not being answered? Or does anyone know a way to get a replacement letter. It is a letter to verify my business EIN. We moved to another state and we are trying to open an account with a local bank. The bank we used where we moved from never requested this.

  26. I’m still waiting for my stimulus check I filed taxes for 2018 n 2019 nobody is answering the questions and phone . Can anyone tell me when the date is the checks are being sent out to staten island ny

  27. I have not received my Stimulus money as of May 1st. I receive SSDI and do have direct deposit through DirectExpress. The Stimulus money was supposed to be deposited at the end of April. Can someone PLEASE get back to me one this matter.

    1. I have been waiting on my federal income taxes since March and it’s still saying processing I don’t owe anyone but this the longest I’ve ever had to waiting

      1. I have been waiting on my federal income taxes since February and it’s still saying processing I don’t owe anyone but this the longest I’ve ever had to waiting

    2. I am on ssdi and get it on the us direct express card I have not received my stimulus money. I have been on ssdi since 1996. Why I have not received it is the question. I made $12,816 on ssdi in 2019. Do I have to do anything.

      1. NOt supposed to but, I am in the exact same boat and have heard noting. Still get Status Not Available

    3. I have sent emails to SSA, Treasury and any IRS emails I can fund, not a straight answer form any of them. Always get referred to the IRS Get My Payment page which does nothing

  28. I have not received my stimuluis pay yet and trying to figure out when I will receive it being on ssi and how I can talk to someone live can someone please help me

  29. I have been waiting on my federal income taxes since March and it’s still saying processing I don’t owe anyone but this the longest I’ve ever had to waiting

    1. Same here! I have been waiting since March too and mines say the same. I need to try to contact someone.

      1. same here since march 2nd 2020 what I am doing is just calling the number that is on top just got me through a live person the wait is 15-30 minutes. the when asking on the prompt English 1 than the tax line I just need answers ‘where my refund is at the tool on the web site is no help it says we cannot provide any information about ur refund. be sure to verify check with your tax preparer or tax software provider so I need a proper clarification

        1. It is the same here I mail my in February the 28th and when you go to where is my refund tool can not provide any information about it .you guys will not take calls so what do we need to do ?people need there money.

      2. I filed my 2018 and 2019 The second week of March and have not got a stimulus check the only thing I got back was a refund on my 2018 state

        1. We need our stimulus check what is going on somebody needs to pick up the phone there

  30. I need my stimulas money i have been out of work for 2 months i have a 6 year old son and i need to be able to pay my bills to survive. Please send out the rest of these checks there are so many people that need it to survive

  31. My stimulase check was sent to turbo tax. I have no card the IRS gave the last 4 didget, I gave that to them the last 4 the IRS used i was told not valid acct. I can’t ask for a new card because I don’t know the old one. I have no way to get my money! Pls help. I am on disability why didn’t they send it that way? I don’t think I am gonna get it.

  32. Hello.. My name is Sandy Donerson I have been trying to get in contact with someone at this but hadn’t. I am trying to get my tin did before my bays is up and the app y’all have on line is unhelpful to me.So will someone please contact me.

  33. I can’t get ahold of anyone at irs it keeps saying that they can’t provide live person

  34. 04-16-20

    1. You can go to the bank and they are supposed to give you a card to access your money on the closed account.

  35. I need to turn someone in how do I talk to a live person plz get back to me asap

  36. What’s the number to call if you don’t agree on the “debts” they say you have and been taking your returns and also gst ? I don’t agree on them and think it’s bs to be taking all this from me for few years…. thanks in advance !


  38. After trying to contact a person for over 30 minutes, I found this website. The method described in “From Diane – How to talk live to a representative” worked great!

  39. Finally got through using 1-800-829-0582 1# and ext 652. I waited on hold for a half hour, but got to talk to a live person!

    I called twice the number on my form (1-800-829-0922) and was cut off after being on hold for a half hour each time. Thanks!

  40. The number for overseas calling DOES NOT WORK–for some reason it kept coming back as unavailable.

    I then tried the normal, domestic 1040 number, but the recording kept saying that I was calling out of office hours even when it was the middle of the work day in the US.

    What did work? Your 1 800 829 0582 ext 652 number, but AFTER re-setting the time on my smartphone (or laptop if you are using Skype/Google Chat/whatever) to a US time zone.

    The phone system somehow checks the device system time on your phone/computer and uses it as the local time before attempting to connecting you. If it says that you aren’t in a US time zone and between office hours, EVEN IF THE OFFICE IS OPEN, it returns the ‘Our office is closed’ message. So tricky!

    I’d imagine that several of the other numbers I tried would have worked once I switched the time zone on my laptop, but I wanted to report what definitely worked for me.

    I had about a 5-10 minute wait and then a nice woman came on the line to help me and verify my identity (I just needed to order my transcript from last year).

    Thank you very much :)

  41. Yes Yes Yes! Thank you so much!!! I was calling with a question about an LLC business 1065 form & K-1 form, and the lady was able to help me at the 1-800-829-0582 #652 extension. I was thinking, they probably couldn’t help me because my problem is about something completely different and not about a tax refund, but she got me transferred to the right people at the business line which is : 1-800-829-4933. This is a completely different number than what was given to me by the 1040 main line number.

    I had been calling the main line and pressing different options and eventually got to speak to someone, but when they transferred me to the business accounting dept @ (1-800-829-0115), I got a message that said, due to high call volume, they couldn’t talk at this time— mind you this is in July and no longer tax season when I get this message…. When I called back, the lady said that the only other option was to send me to an automated line….

    Btw, if you want to call the main line and speak to a human, you can call 1-800-829-1040, the press option 1 for english, then options 2, 2, 3, 3, and you’ll get to speak to someone to direct your call. However, as you can see by what I wrote above, I personally got better results from calling the first number listed above, but it may work for what you’re looking for.

  42. After being on hold for 45 minutes on the 1040 line, I hung up and called 1-800-829-0582 Ext 652. I was transferred to a person in less than 2 minutes. Thanks for the help!


  43. This info: “call 1-800-829-0582 ext 652 for the IRS” – worked! A live person answered in less than a minute. Thanks!!

    1. OMG. you are a life saver. This info: “call 1-800-829-0582 ext 652 for the IRS” – worked! It said that the hold time is 15-30 mins. but that is okay… at least I will be able to talk to a Live Rep. Auto-amative is not for me..

      1. This did not work for me. I called this number (1-800-829-0582) but after it prompted me that no one was able to assist me over the phone, it started speaking in spanish for about a minute and a half then hung up on me. I called back 3 times and this happened everytime. I have been trying to get ahold of someone at the IRS for 2 days now and I have had no luck. What kind of government shuts down their call center to the most important call line for civilians?

        1. Hi Payton,

          Same thing happened to me. It appears that a lot of the numbers have been suspended. Found a list of numbers at another site and got to the hold menu on one of them.

          Try 800.829.7650 and when you get to the 2nd or 3rd menu (wasn’t really paying attention) it’ll give you a choice to hold for a rep. I’m on hold to speak to someone now.


    2. I called the number above – 800-829-0582 x 652 – waited for about 15 minutes and spoke to a very professional IRS agent who assisted me with my situation. You have to be a little patient. He also gave me two more numbers to call – 800-829-1040 & 800-829-0922.

  44. This advice (call 1 (800) 829-0582 click #1 then the ext 652) worked for me. The wait time I was quoted was 15-30 minutes and it ended up being about 20 minutes. I got a guy who took my info and told me he had to research the issue and it would be about a 5-7 minute hold. He was back in less than 5 minutes with an answer for me.

    I had been calling the 1040 number for over a week and trying every combination of choices and got the same “due to an extremely high call volume, we are unable to take your call, please call again” message every time. I even created an online profile and tried to get the info I needed on the website, but it wasn’t there. So, thanks for this advice – I really appreciate it!

    1. Yep I’m calling right now, and it says 7-10 minutes. This was after trying the 1040 number numerous times and getting automated responses, and “thank you goodbye” or “high call volume please try again”. I was getting frustrated. Thanks for posting this.

  45. Done June 4, 2019. 18008291040, 1 for English, 2, 1, 3, 2, then stay on the line. Then enter the first person on your taxes SSN. That took maybe 5 min. Now on hold between 15-30 min.

  46. Yes I need too talk too the IRS about finding out if my ex-husband had carried my son on his taxes he owes back support and it has not been paid and the courts is letting him get by without paying that. He owes it and he can not carry my son anymore his last name has changed this is stuff I need to talk too an agent about. They use too have it to where you can email them or help desk too talk to someone I do know that .

    1. You need to call a taxpayer advocate in your state, this is a more complicated issue. You will have to leave a message first, but they must call you back within 5-7 business days. Just google tax payer advocate service and your state.

  47. Hello, these numbers work and connecting in 15 minutes.

  48. 4/17/2019 – The “Other Questions” approach listed above worked for me and got me to an agent after only a few SECONDS. I called right at 8 AM EST, because before that, I was told they were closed (although they are supposed to open at 7 AM local time). Thank you to this site!

  49. Maybe today was my lucky day, I dialed 1-800-829-0582 ext. 652 and someone picked up within in 15 seconds. After confirming my information, the entire process took about 11 minutes. The agent stated that her job was to give status of refunds, so right now, this is a good number to use.

  50. After selecting language press:
    Option 2 (personal income tax)
    Option 1 (form, tax history, or payment)
    Option 3 (for other questions)
    Option 2 (for other questions)
    After these selections, you will be asked for SSN or EIN. Do NOTHING! After being asked the second time finally select
    Option 2 (for personal or individual tax questions)

    You may have to go through this several times, but eventually you’ll get a wait time and speak with someone.

  51. Choose language.
    Press 2
    Do not enter no info let them ask twice
    (Menu change)
    Finally press 2

  52. I have only work once in my life for three month and has not been time do TeX yet

  53. I utilized health care tax credits during a time when my husband passed away. Im being penalized for taking money out of my IRA to save the house, plus it raised my income so that I have to pay the tax credits, penalties, and interest when the money wasn’t income it was a basic need. Im trying to get back on my feet after 5 years of stuggle and you want to penalize me because I didn’t report the income while planning a funeral?! Im begging for some mercy here! We can’t afford housing and medical care when its all for profit! Single Payer Healthcare for All. Please HELP ME! thanks for your consideration.

  54. I filed returns Feb 20th 2018, they needed to verify identity that was completed April 30th. It is now Aug 21st, I have nothing and the wheres my refund still says Still processing.

    Anyone have anything similar happen maybe advise what they might be doing. When i call the agent told me they had until Aug 14th to update and now its 7 days after that date and still nothing

    1. Right I filled Jan 30 2018 still haven’t received nothing

    2. I also have that problem. I filed March 2019 for 2017. I was too received a refund. But, I received a letter in June, saying we will not release your refund unless 2015 is done. I resubmitted 2015 in June, 2019. Now, they are stay holding my refund from March, 2019. I have never had this amount of problems from IRS. This is crazy.

  55. I filed my taxes may 11-12 and still haven’t received them I’m highly upset what can I do

  56. Trying to call today, May 23, 2018, to reach a rep. Zero success. I call 800-829-8374. I get a message saying there’s high call volume. Then the voice says the office is closed. Then when the hours are announced (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.), I can’t understand how they can be closed when it’s past 8:30 in the morning (Eastern Standard Time). I look up other numbers and try call them. Same thing. Can’t reach a live person. I call the number of my local office. They say they don’t do live phone assistance; you have to schedule an appointment. They have a number for that. I call it. You can’t schedule an appointment through that line because their office is “closed” even though–like the IRS line–they state their office hours and they should be open. I know I’ll have to wind up driving over to their local office, only to be told (I’m sure) that I can only make an appointment through their phone line. In short: the IRS obviously seems to be giving a huge middle finger to everyone. A few years ago under a different administration, I called and reached a person in about ten minutes. Obviously, my tax dollars are not at work for me.

  57. Thanks for this helpful information. I was able to reach an agent and finally get answers to what was happening with my refund.

  58. I dialed 1800 829-0582 ext-652 and got a live person immediately
    I call at 4:30 pm eastern time.

    1. Thanks Helene. I called today at 430 pm and finally got to speak to someone. Hold time was about 10 minutes but well worth it to actually get the assistance I needed.

      1. Helene,
        You are a saint! Thank you for the information. I was able to connect with the IRS. Before your help, the automated line said that their office was closed and experiencing high call volume and only the automated system was available. You took the time to let others know how to get in touch with the highly elusive IRS. I am currently out of the country so your assistance was spot on.

        All the best,

    2. Helene,
      A HUGE “Thank You”!!!
      I found your helpful information, and spoke to a live person and received assistance. A positive outcome!!
      My wait time was very short.

    3. Helene,
      A HUGE “Thank You”!!!
      I found your helpful information, and spoke to a live person and received assistance. A positive outcome!!
      My wait time was very short.

  59. I just wanted to thank all of the agents I spoke to who gave me the complete opposite of what was the truth costing me my Medicaid, food stamps, homestead disability and a heck of a lot more when I called a few months ago. I wanted to file for an extension and was told I dont have to which was a complete lie. Now when I call, I keep getting transferred to extensions that no longer work or am able to speak to any live agent. Thank you so much for ruining my life IRS I wish I were dead thanks to you. Hopefully I will be soon. Thanks for nothing!

  60. Been on hold for 1 hour and 35 minutes after trying the advocate line..transferred to the intake unit….after giving info to the advocate line…..

  61. It really doesn’t make a difference in trying all these tactics to get an actual agent on the phone when they just hang up on you and then they pretend that they can’t hear you and then hang up on you again. I have been nothing but professional and patient in dealing with this situation considering the irs owes me over $36,000 for wrongfully taken refunds due to an untrained agent at H&R Block. No one wants to talk to me about this…

  62. As of March of 2018 option 4 of the Comprehensive Approach is working. I was on hold roughly a little less than ten minutes before the phone was picked up by a live person who was able to answer my questions and offer all the help I needed. Thank you guys so much for this wonderful resource!

  63. I submitted a fraud report for 2013 and 2015 twice. Its already end of 2016 and I have not received a reply from IRS Fraud Division. I went to my local IRS office to set and appt but was told by the security guard to call the 800 #. So far I waited 35 minutes…just to make an appt.

  64. From above – this worked for me 9/22/17:

    “Alternative – > Call 1-800-829-1040 option 1 then option 2 and after that don’t choose anything just wait a minute or two and it’ll transfer you to someone. Just be prepared to be on hold for a while”

  65. Oh my god my Refund never receive yet I filled Feb 1 till now nothing and i did twice verified my identity!!!
    When it’s almost September till now where’s my refund

    1. It’s all a joke. I’ve been waiting on my refund since feb now here it is Aug still no refund.these people are paid to actually help but they dont .I’ve done every thing they have asked for sent all info to them that they have asked for and still no refund. it totally a waste of time they do not help at all

  66. I have contacted the IRS the following way and spoke to a live person within 30-60 seconds who will hear your question and transfer you to the proper department numerous times . Once transferred you will be given a hold time (usually 15-30 minutes) which has never been more than 10 minutes. Heres what you do: dial 1-800-829-1040 press #1 for english #2 personal return then press 0 a few times 6-7 should be will first hear the standard recording “your call cannot be completed as …but then you will hear “please stay on the line for the next available operator”. Sit tight. Someone will be there in 30-60 seconds.
    I might add if u do get answers that you feel are not again. I called last week and received answers that I didnt agree with. The agent told me that his research told him his answers were correct..(i was on the phone with him 45 minutes total.) Today I called and spoke to a diffetent agent. He put me on hold once and told me the return had been processed and a check was being mailed July 14th. First call I was told it was coded as an ammended return and it wouldn’t be processed until late August. It wasn’t an ammended return anyway but the first agent insisted it was and told me “The IRS doesn’t make mistakes like that”. Go figure. Happy inquires to all.

  67. If I own The IRS $1,300 back pay ,and I have a job at this time..I have a 41k plan my old job $28,000 can you garish that

  68. We have to do something about this organisation. The lose us when the money is due to us and they know all about us when we have to pay. Disorganized, ineffective. Cancer on the society. I have no single good word about them. Just by seeing how this organization operate, understand we have to get rid of anything Federal.
    Although New York State is not better.

  69. Diane’s helpful information did get me in the IRS call queue, but after waiting for 30 minutes, the agent had to transfer me to a different office for another 30-60 minute wait. Very frustrated! It’s almost impossible to get anything resolved with the IRS, even the most simple clerical error (which this is).

  70. My taxes are locked for 2015 and I filed 2016 and can’t be done electronically because my social security number is locked cannot get an answer from anyone st irs

  71. I was able to get a Live Rep. 800-829-0582 ext. 652 right away. Thank you, I have been trying for days to communicate with someone but no luck until I tried this. (4/12/2017)

      1. I am doing this approach as we speak and have beenn on hold for 42 min. :/ guess it depends on what time you call. ugh. I really need to talk to a live person. 12/8/2017

  72. The Comprehensive Approach, first recommended number and extention worked for me….took 15-20 minutes wait but I was very happy with that.

  73. Thank you, I was able to get a Live Rep. 800-829-0582 ext. 652 right away. So much better to talk to “Live Representative than IRS automation.

  74. Dianes advised worked! I finally got an agent on the phone and she was very cordial and helpful. Thanks for this website because I had a hard time getting a live agent on the phone. I was very frustrated. Thank you!

  75. I mailed mines in on the 2nd and it was received by the 6th. Wmr didn’t show it being received until they started processing it on the 17th and has been showing processing ever since. I decided to call today and they told me it was under review but they’re done and suppose to be releasing my funds today, a hard check for some reason, and it could take up to 4 weeks to receive it.

  76. Call (800)829-1040
    Press 1-for English
    Then 2, Then 2 again, then 4, then 2 and within seconds you will speak to an operator

    I can confirm that this method DOES work on speaking to a human being. I got an operator, but exaggerated and elaborated a lot about my situation and was forwarded to a personal account representative. I did sit on hold for several minutes, but the human voices were refreshing to hear. I think the key is to explain your situation with enough detail that the operator realizes it will require a special rep to handle it. My specific situation required an even more specialized department, as well as a rather lengthy explanation of details, but all in all, I was only on the phone for 41 minutes. May seem like a long time, but at least half of that was xferring my call to diff departments and “updating my account”.

    1. I did these steps also to get my transcript for the previous year followed it step by step and got through almost immediately

      1. I tried the press 1 for English
        Then 2 then 2 then 4 I got a recoding telling me they were no longer answering calls on this topic.

    2. I would like to thank Susan Dodson for her I for about getting in touch with a person at the IRS. I did what you said to do and got to speak with a person. Thanks for all your help.

  77. Oh how I hate the IRS and automated systems, but this forum is the best cause I was able to reach a real person after 7 attempts on my own.
    I used the “FROM DIANE” version (the other one didn’t work) and it was awesome. Love you Diane!

  78. Called several times, this is how you get an agent as of March 2017

    Press 1-for English
    Then 2, Then 2 again, then 4, then 2 AND YOU WILL GET TO AN AGENT!

    Then you will be on hold – Hope this helps!

  79. Hi, I cannot tell you how many times I called and the automated system hung up or told me to call back ! Thank you so much Diane

  80. I called after my 21 days and was told they sent an ID verification letter “weeks ago”. Stated I never received it. Was basically told oh well you need it.

    Can I call to verify without the letter?

  81. I filed my return on jan 17 accepted same day. WMR still says receive and being processed. Called one of those numbers was inform it is being held up they would not say why. Called a tax advocate was told there is a mistake how much money was reported from my w-2. After doing some research I found 2 mistakes on my behalf. My question is will the IRS fix these on their own or should I file a amendment. I have not received any thing from IRS.

    1. You should file an amendment. Could take 1 to 2 yrs for IRS to catch/fix mistake – and if you owe taxes due to error then you will get assessed fines and penalties.

  82. Thanks I thought they were closed today being that it’s president day. So far I’ve been on hold for 19 minutes but it will be well worth the wait if I can speak with a live representative

  83. Tax preparer did NOT PUT THE correct address on my return before sending, HOW do I fix this?

    1. See Topic 157 at IRS site, which basically says: If your address has changed, you need to notify the IRS to ensure you receive any IRS refunds or correspondence.

      By Form
      To change your address with the IRS, you may complete a Form 8822 (PDF), Change of Address, (For Individual, Gift, Estate, or Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Returns), and/or a Form 8822-B (PDF), Change of Address or Responsible Party — Business, and send them to the address shown on the forms. For information on changing the “responsible party,” see Form 8822-B. You may download or print the fillable Forms 8822 and 8822-B or order them by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).

      In Writing
      You may also write to inform us of your address change. If you write, we need your:

      full name
      old and new addresses
      social security number, individual taxpayer identification number, or employer identification number, and

      1. In the middle of filing I moved, never received my letter that the IRS says they need the 1095. Agent says to fax a letter to the rejects department, telling them.why i don’t have the original letter and then wait another 6-9 weeks to receive a letter at the new address. She changed my address over the phone. Is this normal or should i contact tax advocate because of experiencing hard ship?

  84. As of 2/14/2017 @10:07am
    The combination of buttons I pressed to reach a live operator that asked me how can she direct my call is as followed.

    Please note that the numerical sequence I am providing you includes the 1 for English.
    If you need Spanish then you are s.o.l.. haha jk.

  85. Bless this website. Absurd that the IRS tires to make it impossible to speak to a representative.

  86. Thank you so much! I had been trying to get a real person for FOUR hours prior to finding this GEM!
    I had a very unique problem that the automated system does not cover and trying to get a real person was seeming impossible!

  87. thank you so much!!! that was really helpful…….Actually IRS needed some details to confirm my account and release my refund!!! Thank God i called otherwise I would have never known…….

  88. None of these methods are current. Option two is lost tax return not what everyone else is saying it is.

    1. Diane’s first option worked for me but the pattern is now 1, 2, 1, 3, 2. The 4 has been replaced with a 3 since her steps were shared in the article. There was no more than a minute or two wait for me.


    1. Hi Nerida, you are probably not being sued by the IRS. This sounds like a scam.

    2. The IRS will never call you . This is a scam . The IRS will not call or send a email . They will only send you a letter !!! Contact them now 18008291954 urgent !!

    3. The irs never calls anyone demanding money this is scam do not give info i am a tax preparer and know the laws

      1. that you for you information. what do I do if I gave the wrong bank number

  90. Diane, thanks so much for the step by step instructions to talk to the IRS representatives. I was on hold for a while, but I got through and was able to get answers to my questions.

  91. But be prepared for a long wait. The agency is chronically understaffed, and call volumes are extremely high this time of year.

    1. # “The agency is chronically understaffed”
      That is their chronic excuse for inexcuseable wait times.
      The problem seems to be that they are chronically under-concerned.

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