2020 IRS Tax Refund Processing Schedule and Direct Deposit Cycle Chart for 2019 Return Filings

Below is the latest table showing estimated tax season refund payment dates based on past refund cycles and IRS guidelines. It shows the date your refund will be processed and paid based on the week your return is accepted by the IRS. For refund dates specific to your tax filing go to the Where is my Refund (WMR) page or IRS2Go mobile application.

The IRS has announced, under the national emergency provision to tackle the Coronavirus, that they will postpone the April 15 tax-payment deadline for millions of individuals, giving Americans an additional 90 days, to July 15, to pay file and pay their 2019 income-tax bills in an unprecedented move intended to ease the economic pain inflicted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Further, because the IRS is now focused on paying out the 2020 economic stimulus payments and supporting the new UI stimulus measures in place with other agencies, refund payments will likely be delayed well past the estimated dates shown in the table below. Many readers have reported this and while it is very frustrating, there is not much that can be done given the economic fallout from the virus and soaring unemployment claims.

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See more at 21 reasons your tax refund is delayed

Tax Return Accepted by IRS After
(WMR status = Return Received)
IRS Refund Approved
(WMR status = Refund Approved)
Estimated Refund Date (via Direct Deposit)Estimated Refund Date (via Paper Check)
January 27, 2020February 2, 2020February 14, 2020February 28, 2020
February 3, 2020February 9, 2020February 21, 2020March 6, 2020
February 10, 2020February 16, 2020February 28, 2020March 13, 2020
February 17, 2020February 23, 2020March 6, 2020March 20, 2020
February 24, 2020March 1, 2020March 13, 2020March 27, 2020
March 2, 2020March 8, 2020March 20, 2020April 3, 2020
March 9, 2020March 15, 2020March 27, 2020April 10, 2020
March 16, 2020March 22, 2020April 3, 2020April 17, 2020
March 23, 2020March 29, 2020April 10, 2020April 24, 2020
March 30, 2020April 5, 2020April 17, 2020May 1, 2020
April 6, 2020April 12, 2020April 24, 2020May 8, 2020
April 13, 2020April 19, 2020May 1, 2020May 15, 2020
April 20, 2020April 26, 2020May 8, 2020May 22, 2020
April 27, 2020May 3, 2020May 15, 2020May 29, 2020
May 4, 2020May 10, 2020May 22, 2020June 5, 2020
May 11, 2020May 17, 2020May 29, 2020June 12, 2020
May 18, 2020May 24, 2020June 5, 2020June 19, 2020
May 25, 2020May 31, 2020June 12, 2020June 26, 2020
June 1, 2020June 7, 2020June 19, 2020July 3, 2020
June 8, 2020June 14, 2020June 26, 2020July 10, 2020
June 15, 2020June 21, 2020July 3, 2020July 17, 2020
June 22, 2020June 28, 2020July 10, 2020July 24, 2020
June 29, 2020July 5, 2020July 17, 2020July 31, 2020
July 6, 2020July 12, 2020July 24, 2020August 7, 2020
July 13, 2020July 19, 2020July 31, 2020August 14, 2020
July 20, 2020July 26, 2020August 7, 2020August 21, 2020
July 27, 2020August 2, 2020August 14, 2020August 28, 2020
August 3, 2020August 9, 2020August 21, 2020September 4, 2020
August 10, 2020August 16, 2020August 28, 2020September 11, 2020
August 17, 2020August 23, 2020September 4, 2020September 18, 2020
August 24, 2020August 30, 2020September 11, 2020September 25, 2020
August 31, 2020September 6, 2020September 18, 2020October 2, 2020
September 7, 2020September 13, 2020September 25, 2020October 9, 2020
September 14, 2020September 20, 2020October 2, 2020October 16, 2020
September 21, 2020September 27, 2020October 9, 2020October 23, 2020
September 28, 2020October 4, 2020October 16, 2020October 30, 2020
October 5, 2020October 11, 2020October 23, 2020November 6, 2020
October 12, 2020October 18, 2020October 30, 2020November 13, 2020
October 19, 2020October 25, 2020November 6, 2020November 20, 2020
October 26, 2020November 1, 2020November 13, 2020November 27, 2020
November 2, 2020November 8, 2020November 20, 2020December 4, 2020
November 9, 2020November 15, 2020November 27, 2020December 11, 2020
November 16, 2020November 22, 2020December 4, 2020December 18, 2020
November 23, 2020November 29, 2020December 11, 2020December 25, 2020
November 30, 2020December 6, 2020December 18, 2020January 1, 2021
December 7, 2020December 13, 2020December 25, 2020January 8, 2021
December 14, 2020December 20, 2020January 1, 2021January 15, 2021
December 21, 2020December 27, 2020January 8, 2021January 22, 2021
December 28, 2020January 3, 2021January 15, 2021January 29, 2021
January 4, 2021January 10, 2021January 22, 2021February 5, 2021

Note that Jan 27th is when the IRS E-file system will start processing electronic and paper tax returns. Even if you submitted before this date, don’t expect refund processing and payments to take place beforehand.

EITC and ACTC Related Tax Refund Delays (PATH) Update: As in previous tax seasons a number of tax payers will see refund processing delays. The IRS had already announced that it will have to hold/delay refund payments for people claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Child Tax Credit (CTC) due to additional anti-fraud safeguards/reviews under newly enacted laws (PATH Act). But the IRS is now processing refunds which were originally being held up due to PATH mandates. You should no longer be seeing the PATH message as a blocker to get your refund processed and paid. If held up for other reasons (see below) you will get the applicable message/follow-up action.

The federal IRS refund schedule table below is only for electronically filed returns (e-file) done thorough online tax software providers and assumes your tax return was in order. I.e accepted by the IRS via the WMR tool and status is equal to “Return Received”. Paper filed returns can take considerably longer and would add 1 to 2 weeks to the time frames below. Again, use the the tax refund chart below as a guideline and refer to the IRS WMR tool for specific time frames related to your return.

Also note that it could take much longer to get your refund if the IRS deems your tax return submission needs further reviews or your identity needs to be verified. This would add two to nine weeks to the date range of your refund delivery date.

For those impacted by tax refund delays (and it will be a lot this year) make sure you also scroll through some of the 8500+ comments below this article from current and prior years for further ideas/support, including some useful tips and tricks to find out your refund status if you are not getting much insight from the IRS WMR tool. So hang in there if you are dealing with extended delays for getting for your federal tax refund. You are not alone.

For those experiencing ongoing issues or delays with their refunds check out this article on “Why is it taking so long to get my refund.” The IRS has said that  phone and walk-in representatives can research the status of your refund only if it’s been 21 days or more since you filed electronically, more than 6 weeks since you mailed your paper return or if the IRS tool Where’s My Refund? directs you to contact them. The WMR tool will also provide an actual refund date as soon as the IRS processes your tax return and approves your refund. If your refund is taking much longer than the above schedule, and assuming your return was accepted by the IRS, please leave a comment below for the benefit of other readers. I can try digging into the reasons if a few people are seeing delays.

Help! My WMR status bar has disappeared – Does this mean by return is still being processed and/or will my refund be delayed?

As many folks have commented, the WMR tracker status bar may disappear or not be shown if your return falls under IRS review after it is received (Status Bar 1: Return Received) because additional information is needed for your return. This can happen even if you previously checked WMR and it showed the status as “Return Received.”  An explanation or instructions will be provided depending on the situation (eg PATH message or see Tax Topic 152 as discussed below)

But don’t panic when this happens. The IRS still has your return but things are essentially on hold until the IRS gets the additional information from you to continue processing your return . You will either get directions on WMR or IRS2Go or the IRS will contact you by mail. Follow the provided instructions and return any additional information ASAP to get your potential refund and reduce any further delays. Talk to your accountant, tax advocate or tax professional if you are not clear on what the IRS is asking for or you don’t get an update after 21 days.

WMR Path, Tax Topic 152 and 151 message 

Two of the most common refund related messages showing up on the WMR tool after your tax return is submitted are the PATH message and to Refer to Tax Topic 152. The PATH message relates to the The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH Act of 2015) and is to notify you that the IRS is required to hold refunds claiming the EITC/ACTC until Feb. 15 as described above due to further identity verification.

When you see the “Refer to Tax Topic 152” message it means your refund is being processed and the IRS is directing you its generic refund page for more information. There is not much you can do but wait to see if the IRS finds any issues or requires further verification of your identity or items in your tax return. See the various reader comments below on timing and their experience after getting this and other WMR messages.

A Tax Topic 151 message simply means that you’re getting a tax offset which may result in your refund being less than you expected. The reason for this is that the federal government has “offset” or deducted monies from your tax refund to cover debts you owe other federal agencies. You will get an official IRS letter/report explaining the actual offset and adjustments to your tax return, and details on how to appeal this action – but likely it will delay you getting your refund. While not great news, the silver lining here is that the IRS has processed your return and your adjusted refund (where applicable) should be on its way.

If I can order my IRS tax transcript does it mean I am getting my refund soon?

This question comes up a lot and I have seen a few comments on this suggesting that that if you can order your transcript then your refund is on the way. But this is not a factual statement. Yes there is a correlation because to get a transcript the IRS generally has to have processed your tax return (and refund where applicable). But the IRS is very clear that being able to request a transcript does not mean you will imminently be getting a refund and is among the common myths and misconceptions repeated in social media. The IRS’ official line is that checking the WMR tool is the best and official way to check your refund status.

However I have read a number of comments here and on other tax sites saying that when the WMR site provides limited information on the refund, requesting a free IRS transcript seems to be another way of checking the status of the refund. Generally if you can request a transcript, it means the refund is on the way and the IRS has completed processing of your tax return. But this is all anecdotal evidence.

A note about IRS system issues and refund delays

It appears that the IRS is again having issues with processing returns in a timely manner and so a number of people are seeing delays in getting their refunds or updates in the status of their refund on the WMR tool/app. The IRS has said that all system issues have now been resolved but given the various legacy systems they have and volume of processing I would not be surprised to see system problems arise again this year, which mean delays in processing and paying refunds.

See here for average refund amounts in past tax seasons and refund processing times by state

Amended Tax Return Refund Schedule

While the IRS promises to have regular return refunds processed within 21 days for nine out of ten tax payers, it does take quite a bit longer to receive a refund if you amended your tax return. Generally you will have to wait 8 to 12 weeks more for the IRS to process amended returns since they prioritize regular returns. Also note that the standard”Where’s my refund” service from the IRS does not track amended tax return status’. You need to instead use the IRS tool, Where’s My Amended Return.” You can also access the tool via phone by calling 1-866-464-2050.  Only call the IRS to follow up on delayed amended return refunds after 12 weeks. The number to call is 1-800-829-1040.

I will continue to update this article and encourage you to check back regularly. If the information here was useful please consider sharing this page via Facebook, Twitter or your other social media channels.

8,557 thoughts on “2020 IRS Tax Refund Processing Schedule and Direct Deposit Cycle Chart for 2019 Return Filings

  1. Breny acosta

    I filed on feb1. It was recieved and still on processing mode till today. Code says 152. I called irs they mailing me a letter still waiting on it. But due to all this coronavirus epidemic going around i feel tbe irs should reconsider sending these checks out now tbat some of us will be without work or kids at school and we need it more now than ever

    1. Dong tran

      I filed my tax return efile Feb 1 2020 and till this date still have not seen my return and its frustrating for people in need of it and with the virus going on it would help alot more if irs updates me on what’s going on and when I will see my return.

      1. Arnita Norris

        The same here I efile with H&R I received my state taxes and no federal taxes the irs accepted and still being processed ever since January 31, 2020 .It’s so unfair and so frustrating . and to top it off H&R received their payment .if I had known I would have filed my taxes for free and mailed my taxes If I have known I paid H&R for nothing. 345.00 dollars

    2. dan faber

      how did you get a live tax person? i keep gettting voice recordings.. filed feb 6th, accepted and processing. state already got sent to me. still waiting on federal.. :( please help

      1. Felicia Bolton

        How did y’all get a live person? They keep telling me no live phone calls. My return was received on feb 3. And today makes 9 weeks… will I get the stimulus before I get federal?

  2. Jim

    Did my taxes 2/2/2020 and still processing. I thought e filing meant it was quicker. What a not so funny joke.

    1. Lexie

      Filed and accepted 1/31/2020, still states processing without a date… what on earth!!!!


    IT IS MARCH 2020, HOWEVER, It has been well over a year since I filed my 2017 return. I mailed my return in and made sure I had proof of service and signature confirmation. You think that would make a difference and hold the IRS accountable! Nope! They claim my return was lost so 5 months late after multiple calls and horrific hold times, an IRS employee FINALLY instructed me to mail my return in again. I mailed in a duplicate. It was finally scanned into their system, however they got confused because they found the original that I mailed in and thought someone was trying to commit fraud…EVEN THO I ATTACHED A COVER LETTER STATING I WAS ADVISED TO MAIL IN A DUPLICATE BECAUSE MY INITIAL RETURN IN FEB 2018 HAD NEVER BEEN SCANNED IN!

    So this prompted an id verification, which I completed. At this time I requested TAS services and was assigned to the most god awful, lying, incompetent IRS employee imaginable. I also requested Congressional assistance. So between the Congressional aid, the TAS employee, and I…a conference call was scheduled. All of us attended this conference call….YET THE TAS EMPLOYEE LIED! SHE SAID IT NEVER TOOK PLACE! You have got to be pretty bold to lie on Congress! She said my case was closed out because I was unable to be contacted and missed the conference call. She also kept saying I did not turn in medical exemption…which i had Medicaid and that did not apply to me! So because she is incompetent to due her job, she used methods of victim blaming and fraud by making false statements on me and the Congressional Aid of Senator David Scott! Talk about a headache!!!
    Now i have filed complaints with TIGTA and I am hoping that the Inspector General for the Tax Commissioner will be of some help, since I am reporting fraud and IRS employee misconduct.

    This lady has entered so many lies and errors on my 2017 return, that all IRS employees that have looked at my file have apologized to me and said they feel BAD! Dates out of chronological order, untruths, and multiple case numbers for ONE tax year period! If this lady can’t count or read, she has no business working for the IRS. Especially if she will lie to save her job and performance.


  4. Pissed off in Texas

    Efiled via turbo tax on January 24th. Return was accepted by IRS on January 27th. Still “processing”… We made a deal with our land lord, moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom, with the agreement we would pay difference in deposit and pay 5 months ahead on rent with income taxes. We’re now behind on rent and deposit and loaing our asses until we get our money. Advice, wait until you have your money before making any big changes… The IRS doesn’t give a damn about us unless we owe them…

  5. Ang

    It’s now been almost 30 days and my simple return with only regular child tax credit still hasn’t updated at all…. This is so beyond stressful and we may become homeless because of this!!!! So sad how our system works, and how most people don’t have hearts!!!! We have alot riding on this small return this year hence why I did so early. Everyone else I know at least got an approval and deposit date while mine still says freaking processing…..

  6. Denise Waldrop

    I was accepted on 2/3/2020. I have the eitc. I had bars but now disapp eared. It now says a refund date will be available. Hopefully I will get my refund back by the first week of March. Please comment back.

    1. Diana

      Hi, mine was doing the same thing, now have DDD of Feb. 26th as do ALOT of people i know, i think the 1st large batch of refunds are going out this week..so hopefully u will see urs soon

    2. Shannon

      I filed on feb10 2020 I had 1 bar then on March 1 2020 my bars dispear I call the irs they told me that they didn’t have my 940 and 941 forms or wages my employer sent them we have proof they said it was not there but it is then I find out that there is a nationwide delay in refunds so it been rough I go to where is my refund and it says still processing and date will be a able soon I know it’s there the computer are slow updating and I am still waiting I was part of the pac k path

  7. Robert Odom

    Last year there was a site that showed dates and a sliding bar .anyone know where it is

    1. brittany Johnson

      Mine got accepted on the 11th of feb. im still waiting. all my friends got their dates and I haven’t gotten one yet. ugh!

  8. Alexis

    I filed on January 26th, 2020. Both state and federal were accepted on January 27th, 2020, it’s been 21 days and I still haven’t got my taxes. I e-filed using TurboTax and they don’t give you an exact return date so I went to the irs, wheres my refund website and it said, “ We are unable to provide information about your return at this time. Initial processing for error-free electronically filed returns is 2-3 weeks. Initial processing for mailed in returns may take up to 10-12 weeks. If this period has expired, please contact our office at (502) 564-4581, Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time.” Does anybody know what that means?

    1. Melinda

      Mine was accepted Jan 27th and I have still not got anything and I only claimed one child this is bull shit the government is making honest people wait so damn long I have bills too pay and can’t wait much longer

      1. Diana

        Anybody with eic they hold until at least Feb 15 by law..but refund didnt come last year til last week in Feb and this year my DDD is Feb 26th, so again last week in Feb ugh!!

      2. Shannon

        I filed on Jan 27th 2020 and excepted Feb 012029. I am single mom 1 child and now they are telling me 45 more days omg this is crazy.

    2. Jacke0

      The site was updated today Feb 22,2020
      If you have a child tax credit and file early it takes longer than 21 days since these tax credits are the most abused by people lying to receive more back. You should have an approved status as well as deposit date, go check.

  9. Norieka

    I filed Jan 24th was excepted Jan 27th, Topic 152 came up, until Feb 16th, now its saying being processed for the second time? Why?

  10. Norma

    Anyone received their refund yet???? Dec 13th today and I filed back in February! It will be a year soon and still NOTHING

  11. EL

    I was charged a CP22A bill for a minor discrepancy with my federal tax return form. I was billed for it in August, which I ended up paying a few days late because I was out of the country thus did not see the mail until I got back. I mailed a check, and it got processed according to my bank statement. It’s November, and my tax return is still being processed according to their website. I can’t seem to find a way to figure out what is happening.

  12. unavailable

    Its October 22 and we filed Feb 4th and received our State return promptly. The Federal is what is up for review like how do we get the state but not the federal?? We have received numerous letters telling us to wait 30 days then a few letters saying wait 60 days. This is so frustrating!! It will be time to file again at this point I could just scream!

  13. Michael

    I filed on February 1. My return was accepted February 2. I got a letter dated March 18 stating that my account was under review and it would take up to 45 days for them to work on my account. I got another letter a couple days later saying the wait would be 60 days. I called the IRS after the 60 days where up on May 18 and was told that it would take an additional 60 days to work on my account. I received a letter in the mail dated June 10 explaining that they are waiting on my account information to appear on their computer system and to allow 60 days from the date of the letter. It’s now August 8th which is almost 60 days from when the last letter was sent and still no refund or explanation. I’ve worked at the same employer for 10 years and have never had an issue like this before.

  14. Malotutoatasi Marasco

    I have filed my tax on the 19th of February n still waiting for my returned. I’ve received 2 letters after first 60 days n second one says another 60 days what’s is the hold up this is ridiculous……

  15. Sandy

    Filed February 4, 2019. Today is July 9th 2019, after many calls to the IRS I have been given the same answer “your refund is being processed”. 22 weeks processing? I have filed the same way for the past 30 years.

  16. Heather

    I’m wondering how many people were ‘chosen’ for further review this year & how much that average return is for this group? My family is in the same situation. Efiled March 4th, accepted the same day. After weeks of seeing ‘still processing’ on the irs website we received cp05 letter in mail April 11th. It is now June 25th & NOTHING! Return was done as it has for the last 12 years, same job, address, kids, etc. Tried calling but was literally told that the person who could tell me what was going on had NO PHONE, but she kept putting me on hold to talk to this person on the other line!!!!!!!!! NOT KIDDING!!!!! With temps answering their phones, who are not authorized to actually do any real work, the IRS is making these situations much worse. I’d rather the phone not be answered then answered by someone who can’t help me & lies to me more!!!

  17. John

    Efiled back in Feb. Received a letter stating they didn’t receive my 1040 on March 1st. Sent back in the same day and refund said sent. It’s now June 14th and I haven’t gotten anything! Called to check and it’s back to “processing” wth!? I did everything right and have waited this long! What is going on with the IRS? I planned a family vacation with my return!!

  18. Victoria

    Filed Feb. 19, accepted Feb 23, tax topic 152, accepted again June 7. IRS claims it was sent June 12 for direct deposit. STILL NO REFUND!!!!! What a damn joke!

  19. Chavaune

    Irs send my refund on may 30 to hrblock block today is june 4 2019 still didn’t receive it. Student loan offset so the balance was sent to hrblock block still don’t receive it irs said to. Me when I spoke to them. It may take a week before it go on my emerald card is that possible my daughter file child support told some send her the rest as scheduled

  20. Megan

    I filed federal and state taxes on Feb 28, 2019, they were accepted that same day. I received my state return and HHC (heating credit) promptly. I received a letter finally on April 15 stating to not call or do anything for 30 days, as they were still reviewing my return. Here I am 2 weeks after the 30 days is up… just waiting for a letter in the mail or ANY notification of what is going on. Seems like a big mess.

    To be fair, my father always warned me of this! He pays his taxes annually instead of having them withheld. He always said “Don’t let the government handle your money, they’ll do what they want with it.”

    We are all along for the ride. I see I am not alone though!

  21. Joyce Piffins

    I filed my taxes on 2/5/2019 it was accepted on the same day. The wmr tool says that it’s still in processing. Tax topic 152. I received a letter from the IRS stating that I would receive a payment date after May 2, 2019. It is now 5/25/2019. I still haven’t received a date or a refund.

  22. Rachel

    Does anyone have a number to speak with a real person and not the automated voice that tells me same “processing” thing the website does?
    35 days in, please help

  23. Walt Copley

    I filed my 2018 1040 electronically on the last of December 2018 and have used IRS2go at least two or three times per week. The result is a collection of several dozen variations on “…not now, try again some other time!” When do I get a response?

  24. Latisha Sanders

    I filed my taxes early January, waited till March to call irs was told starting in Mach I was being put on 45 day reveiw then sent another letter out saying need 60 day to review… Well as of May 14 that would have been up. But I call today and was told additional 60 more day… And now I’m losing.. Irs must not think we have Bill’s and things to do with are money wow… This is sad..

  25. Diana

    I filed Jan 24th 2019 was accepted Jan 25th.. and still processing ever since..
    I received cp05 review up April 25th.. and still nothing. Spoke to irs said nothing I can do but wait. Called a tax advocate but no answer.. I truly believe IRS Rob me. Nothing I can do about it.. this is crazy. I’m so mad.
    Only in America

  26. Anna

    Filed march11th. Topic 152 came up. Nothing else. Got my state,no feds. Yesterday i got a letter saying they are reviewing my identity. I’ve filled same as every year, just with new tax preparer. The letter said “do not contact for 60 days from the date of this letter” like WOW thats another TWO MONTHS and from what i have read…many people get absolutely no reply after 60 days. It said they MAY SEND THE REFUND after the review. Like hold up! This my MONEY ,me and my husband work so hard and this our money. Ss# same,kids names same n DOB & SS#,we moved and bought a home n that tax lady didnt put it in n i told her to. Shes someone my father refered n right now I don’t know what to think but that’s 4 grand they need to give back! Its our money. This country blows, i mean….How can they do this to folks who barely make ends meet,living pay check to paycheck. Only reason we saved and purchased a home ,is to not pay 2-3 grand a month in rent as NY is expensive. I’m so upset i can spit fire balls. Screw the letter i will call this week. They can’t possibly wait two months before they send any paperwork its ridiculous and the letter states To do absolutely nothing. Like NO!

  27. JEN

    Filed February 12th 2019 it is now April 23rd still NO refund!!!! It is still being processed (wait what)
    What I am not understanding is that there is NO real help for the American People going through
    this. The IRS website is trash and the folks on the other end of the phone can’t help either. The
    little guy getting screwed again by you know who.

  28. William

    Filed my taxes March 18th after having to fix incorrect birthday at IRS, have completed 2 identity quizzes one of which with an actual representative that had no information for me. The irs website says absolutely nothing, just says refund date will be provided when available but my refund has said processing this entire time. I’ve recieved no other information and it’s been 2 weeks since the phone interview. I’m afraid at this point I’m not even gonna get my taxes back. They made sure to take the $20 offset charge I had the second week I filed though

  29. Kenneth Hummell

    we mailed our tax return off Feb 7th and STILL have no idea when the irs is going to get off their asses and process it, I check the website ” wheres my refund” daily and get the same thing every damn day…..no information

  30. Elizabeth

    Of all years, I’m in desperate need so I can repair my vehicle so I can get back and forth to work. I got my taxes done the same day as my Day, Feb 11th, his are complicated due to being an independent contractor and claiming tools, etc. I claimed a basic W2 under $20,000 as a single Mom and I get a review! First letter said 30 days, then get a letter a week later saying 60, that takes me into July! Yet these scum allow non tax paying g illegals to receive tax returns, no questions asked, you contribute to our economy and actually PAY TAXES and you get screwed! Welcome to the USA!

  31. Jen

    My husband and I filed through TurboTax January 28th and was accepted the same night. He checked the status about a week or so later and it said it was accepted. Towards the end of February he had me check and it said “delayed processing” so I call them. This rude lady asked me if I received a letter and I told her no, she then tells me that we’re going to receive one in the mail, mind you it’s the end of February. So I asked her when this letter would be issued out and she said March 11th 2019..I received the letter March 4th 2019, stating that our refund was being reviewed and that they had until April 25th to complete the review. March 18th I received another letter in the mail saying they need an additional 60 days to review our refund, which I called to find out what the deal was with that and I got nothing other then a rude lady and a response of “they just need another 60 days from the date it was posted which was March 14th”, she said that takes the review to May 13th. I called again last week and this lady tells me it’s because my husband’s employer hasn’t sent in their copies and that IRS is still waiting on them. I contacted the employer and he said everything was sent to IRS in January. Can anybody tell me if they got the same thing or what’s going on? This is b/s, I’m getting a run around from the IRS, I just want a straight answer as to what the hell is going on with our refund.

    1. Angela Williams

      I’m being told the exact same thing.. My review date ends May 2,2019 but nothing yet???

  32. Michelle Bandin

    Almost 40 days waiting… And can’t talk to a acctual human about it on their line.

  33. Britt

    My taxes were approved on feb 18th (turbo tax)
    Single, no kids, regular w2
    2 weeks ago I received my state refund, but I still haven’t received my federal.
    On the irs website, it says still “being processed” for a little over 2 weeks now.

    I’m just wondering when do I get my federal refund back. I’ve tried googling but I just keep getting the “21 days” response.

  34. K. Smith

    I filed on February 8 tax-return immediately accepted. On March 19 I finally called the IRS. A 45 day hold was put on my return starting February 6…I filed on the 8. All is fine with my return the IRS says and they sent a letter out informing me. I have not received a letter! Tomorrow is the 45th day. No bars and my return is still processing. I truly hate the US Government.

  35. Carol Hester

    The it’s has had my taxes for 18 days since the first initial mark tracker. Yes I did a injured spouse claim and their taking my state taxes for my spouses child support which is fine because it’s nothing big. So why is my federal being upheld for all this time? Mind you all documents were sent e-file and me and my husband signed all documents. I also filed for the rich for our children together.

  36. Brande Smith

    I used H & R Block on-line and my taxes was done February 10, 2019 and accepted February 11, 2019.
    We filed electronically as we do every year and still after 32 days later today March 15, 2019 still no taxes. Every time I log on the IRS website states still being processed. The only change we had is we bought a house. I called the IRS today and started they were just checking over our return and it was not being audited but to me it is. Oh they said they would have a Tax payor advocate call us with in 5 business days. This is bull crap to take this long and said is could be 8 weeks and our return not release until April 7th. If we owed them money they would want it now know matter what. How about getting our money so we can pay our bills. It’s sad when cancer cause your bills to get behind and you count on your return to help save the day then the government keeps your hard working money.

    1. Odalys

      same boat since Feb 8, 2019 got first letter 3/22/19 got second letter 3/25/19 stating under reviewe till May 9, 2019 45 days are up this is bull shit. They should pay all of us that have had there money on hold for review interest like they charge interest when we owe they money this really sucks first this has ever happened to me and I file the same every year. I bet Trump does not have this problem I would like to see his taxes just saying go after the big boys and leave us little people that work check by check alone give all our hard working money.

  37. Christmas

    If you are one of the many people anxious to get your money back year after year then you should re-evaluate your current withholdings to balance your annual taxes. By using a tax refund as a non interest bearing savings you are cheating yourself and asking for your money to be out of your control.
    I get the various reasons people anticipate a refund but let’s be smarter about our finances and not complain that you haven’t received your refund when you are actually in control of who has your money!

    1. Christy

      Thank you for bringing this up! I was about to post something like this when I hit this comment. Of course, the situation is slightly different for those expecting EITC or ACTC, but for others it’s fairly easy to calculate the correct withholding amount. The IRS provides a withholding calculator here https://www.irs.gov/individuals/irs-withholding-calculator and even encourages taxpayers to update their W-4 to keep up with the new tax reform laws. If you aren’t a fan of the calculator, an accountant or financial planner can calculate it for you for a small fee. Once you adjust your withholding, you will receive the money that makes up your refund throughout the year instead of the IRS holding onto it for you. If you like receiving a lump sum around tax time, I’d suggest depositing the extra money you’ve added to your regular paycheck into a savings account that will collect interest over the year. You will be earning on your money which you can withdraw anytime, instead of allowing the government to be the worst bank ever.

  38. Christopher

    I filed my return E file on February 19th. Single household no Extra credit stuff just standard w2 filing. 5 days ago from today my status on the online where’s my refund app changed from return sent.
    It’s has said for 5 days you’re return is being processed.
    So I called an IRS representative and she told me that my account has been frozen and it will systematically release on the 25yh of March and I would receive my return within 2-3 weeks from that date. Of course I’m left with skepticism. What I’m world does this mean
    I’m waiting like 60 days to receive my return for what reason ?

  39. John

    I file my tax on 1/29/2019 got accepted on the same day n I have the Ein n child credit but was told over the phone on 2/25/2019 that I have been pick for review but I haven’t received any letter or anything from irs but it’s been 29 days still saying tax topic 152 . Please someone explain to me what is going on. I been on my job for 5 year n claim the same child every year thru turbo tax n I only put what’s on my w2 nothing more or less. It seem as other that file the same time as me or after me have already theirs

  40. Andrew

    IRS shut down or not this is beyond bullshit! People work hard for there money, and you guys take your sweet ass money! Give us our money! It’s been over 30 days since mine has said accepted and still says being processed? And a date will be provided when available? Shit at this rate I don’t think it’s ever gonna be available

  41. Sherry sane

    I went from accepted to 1541 to cp05 45 days to another letter comeing and funds credited to my account as of April 15 I need to know what exactly that means

  42. Alex

    I got accepted on February 23rd. It’s March 8 and i still have no updates on my processing. I’m getting worried my refund will get rejected.

  43. Ahmed

    I filled my tax since 1/30/19 up to now I have not receive my refund or receive any latter from IRS I don know what’s going on, others filled after me and they got their refunds already, please I want to know what’s the problem

  44. Ahmed

    I filled my tax since 1/30/19 up to now I have receive my refund or receive any latter from IRS I don know what’s going on, others filled after me and they got their refunds already, please I want to know what’s the problem

  45. Gina

    I filed my taxes on January 28th. I still haven’t got mine. It still says it was accepted and is being processed. I don’t understand!

  46. Angela

    I filed on the 2nd of February and I haven’t heard anything or recieved my refund it continues to say it being processed. This has never happened before its frustrating.

  47. Jaz

    So we filed and got accepted 2/5 and it said to expect the refund between 2/22 and 3/3. It is now 3/5 and nothing. All it says online is “processing” I just called both number listed on their website and could not get to a human. It wanted me to enter my info and all it said was “your return is being processed”. Upon looking at the time table above it says by 3/8 so I guess I’ll be waiting until Friday. It’s funny how they don’t have to adhere to their own timelines but heaven forbid you don’t have your paperwork in on time. They charge a late fee… seems they should be paying all of us late fees.

  48. Debbie

    When i go to WHERE MY REFUND? to check status it says take action reference number 1541. Why & what does it mean?

    1. Melanie

      Filed n accepted on Jan 31 2019 n its says still being process been saying that for 2 wks been 37 days

    2. cheryl

      look it up on the IRS website…… it is their number, they will have the information there.

  49. Barry

    So I filed my taxes return February 11 and I went to the where my refund site. It says that it be deposited on February 26. It does says if might take until March 3. I’m just getting antsy because since I’ve been getting back my taxes I never had to wait this long. I check the time table and it says March 1 which it’s today. Hopefully it comes ugh

    1. Ahmed

      I filled my tax since 1/30/19 up to now I have not receive my refund or receive any latter from IRS I don know what’s going on, others filled after me and they got their refunds already, please I want to know what’s the problem

  50. Tantan

    Mines is say still being processed a date will be provided when available with no tax topic in bars are gone

  51. Renee Santana

    Filed 2/1 accepted 1 or 2 days later. Today is the 25th of Feb still being processed. Called 2/25 one lady told me it was put on hold and to expect a letter. Waited an hour called again another lady told me she doesn’t see a hold and I need to have patience and if I were to receive a letter it would be for me to send additional info. Called today 2/26 cause still saying being processed was told to wait or expect a letter to send more info. Told me she couldn’t see my return because ows showing still being processed. My friend filed 1/28 ..she got hers this morning 2/25 up until Sunday ..the 24th ..she was seeing still being processed as well.

    1. Tantan

      I’m have the same problem its no bar up no tax topic in it says your tax return is still being processed a refund date will provide available when

      1. Melanie

        Filed n accepted on Jan 31 2019 n its says still being process been saying that for 2 wks been 37 days

  52. CharlieDog

    We filed 1/25, accepted 1/25, and originally had the “Accepted” status with a progress bar in WMR site. Now, and for the last couple of weeks, our status is “Your Tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” We claimed the ACTC, so I originally assumed this was the cause for the day; however, I’m beginning to think that this isn’t the case. Next step: call IRS :-/

  53. Stacy

    So you saying if got topic 151 you got a tax offset so how long it takes to get refund

  54. Patrick

    Filed mine on the 27th accepted on the 29th still says being processed. My wife filed in the 6th and got hers a week ago……explain this to me.

  55. Diana

    Hi everyone…ive been accepted since1-23, finally change today to refund approved will be in account by 27th..hopefully everyone gets their update very soon

  56. Michelle Fowler

    This year has been the worse im my 50 years
    People are concerned strappedfor cash the irs wint answer nor update the system.ease taxpayer’s hearts enoughof this joke

  57. Farrah

    I filed on Jan 26 and I have not heard anything at all. Mine doesn’t even say it’s been accepted yet. It’s really aggravating when you work hard all year and then when you should get your money you are told nothing and left in the dark. But I guess since it’s not disturbing the rich its fine.

  58. Cecilia Guantero

    I filed on Jan 28th and still waiting for my refund it says my tax still being processed. Why is it taking longer than expected??

  59. Anonymous

    We filled feb 2 so why is my refund not here getting worried but thing if it is we got an advance this year that took less then an hour to get but we have to wait this long for the rest it’s crazy

  60. Brian Powell

    my returns were on hold till the 15th of February now is just received and being processed i have been looking at the 2019 tax refund calendar says I should get it today the 22nd of February which is today and nothing on my card

  61. Jeannifer

    I filed on the 24th or 25th of January, and was accepted on the 28th. I received my state refund about 2 weeks ago, but my federal is still being processed? Only thing different about my filing this year was my address, as I had moved last May. What is taking so long?

  62. Shaunda

    I filed on February 9th and it was accepted immediately. I received my state about 6 days later, which is weird, because state usually comes last. Checking WMR there is still no progress on my federal but I’m hopeful for funds on the 27th

  63. Christina skinner

    If filed same for last 20 yrs &now i am processing so is it just slow because bshut down

  64. Nick

    None of this is useful how about just give us the money we worked for and stop all this shit you are steeling our money cause a peace of shit racist president named Trump you are a bunch of robot pussys

  65. Alexander

    I filed on January 15th, was informed of acceptance on January 16th, and have been patiently waiting for my refund. I know there’s a delay due to the government shutdown, AND the new law which was passed last year, but come tf on, man! It’s February 19th for Christ’s sake!! I got shit I need to handle, just like everyone else. I filed properly, double-checked (just to be safe), and I can’t even track the damn thing. That “WMR” tool NEVER works when I try to use it. I’m losing my mind over this shit. Trying so effing hard to just be cool and stay optimistic, but the IRS doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence this year.

  66. Diana

    So I filed and was accepted 1/26…WMR had 1 bar and said they were accepted..last week that changed to path act message..now that changed to “we have received your tax return and it is being processed” anybody else have these issues

      1. Diana

        I called and spoke to an actual person on the 19th and he said that they started processing most eic returns on Feb 15th and to look for $ by the 27th

    1. Fed Up Hardworker

      Yep….i do….i folded on February 1st it was accepted the same day note I’m getting thesame message you getting

    2. Tammie

      That is exactly what mine says, my son and boyfriend have got their federal already and we all filed the same day, why mine hasnt came yet is pissing me off

    3. Chelsey Forrest

      I was accepted Jan 29th and am in the your return is being processed area

    4. Chelsea

      Yes! Now I am seeing no bars no amount I am supposed to receive. “Still processing” message and topic 152.
      Filed 2/11
      Accepted 2/11
      Claimed eitc and actc.
      Still waiting!

  67. Shsllon G Millican

    I filed my taxes with H&R block jan22 they told me 8 days, nothing! I called back they said 21 days, nothing, its been 27 days nothing, now its saying it was in my account on the 22. Not there. SoooooWMR??????? I’m sorry but why. I have not received any letters or any reasons why

  68. Aaron

    If was accepted jan. 29th had the path act moved to processing on 26th at 1230am how long will the processing stage take

  69. Ness

    Any idea on status bar disappearing and a message that says “there is a delay in processing your tax return “ I have no codes with the message or tax topic . The only thing it states is a delay. Does this mean something is wrong and I’m being Audited by the irs

  70. Ness

    I filed federal on Jan 28th , was approved the next morning (had a message I had to wait to file state taxes so didn’t file them until feb5th) it updated that it was accepted , then processing , I checked this morning it still said it was received and being processed , the bar is now gone and I have a message that says “There is a delay in processing your tax return” I don’t have any codes etc it just says that . Does this mean I’m being audited by the IRS ? (I do have kids in which they were all 3 on last years return)

  71. Karim Starling

    I use the irs2go app to check the status of my refund. It says my refund was sent to my bank on 2/13. Today is 2/15 and no money have been credited to my account.

    1. Christina skinner

      If filed same for last 20 yrs &now i am processing so is it just slow because bshut down check santa Barbara bank

  72. whitley

    there is hope u guys I finally got my check less some funds but I finally got my refund

  73. andrea nagy

    Today is JULY 21 2018 and yet no refund nor explanation from the IRS! Why we pay Taxes if the IRS TAKE OUR MONEY? WE NEED EXCPLANATION THAT IS OUR RIGHT!

  74. Lisa

    I Filed Feb 9th, found out in March that the return was being reviewed, and would be notified in 60 days if any action was necessary on my part. After the 60 days I called again, and was told I had to wait another 45 days. I was told at that point, I would receive my refund in 10 business days. I called to check the status again, now someone tells me it is still being reviewed, but since there was no action and there is nothing needed from me I would have to talk to an advocate. They said I would receive a call within 5 business days from the advocate. When no call came, I called the number they gave me, and was told an advocate was denied because apparently you have to be losing your home before you can get help from them. Called back the IRS, and they said the previous rep forgot to put something on the advocate form and transferred me back to the advocate, to wait another 5 business days. If the IRS doesn’t need any information from me, I don’t understand why I still don’t have my refund.

    1. Tamika

      Exactly what I’ve been going through since March 2018 it’s October 2018 and that advocate helped none she told me things that the customer service representative could have told me nonths ago…. Can someone help me figure out how to use the Tax Payers Rights to file a lawsuit?????

  75. Alyssa

    I filed on Jan. 29th and it was accepted same day. It is now June and I still have not received my return. Every single person we talk to tells us there are no issues, nothing for us to do and we should expect our return within a week or two from the phone call. So we wait the time and our return NEVER COMES. At this point I feel as though anyone we talk to from the IRS doesn’t know what they are talking about and they tell us what they think we want to hear. 5 IRS representatives later and so far nothing any of them has said has been true. I am so frustrated! If we owed them they would be down our throat and 5 months after we filed and return was accepted we still have no refund! I have never had this bad of an experience with the IRS.

  76. Margie

    Hi, I am Margie I am still waiting for my refund. The IRS has told me that it will take another 60days to finish reviewing my return and still no information that they need from me. When I pull up my transcript it said code 570 addition account action pending and 971 notice been sent and it was date 03/05/18 and the 570 was date 02/26/18. When I call the first of last month they had to require them to send in the request for information and now it is taking 60days for them to send me a letter or some type of information for me to see what is going on. The 1st of July would be the 60days for them and after that I was told to contact the tax service for help trying to find out why it is taking so long. I don’t understand if they don’t need any information from me then why is they keeping my refund so long. The IRS said there is nothing wrong with my return just they needed to review it. It has never taken this long for them to send me my refund and I file the same way last year. They has had my refund from Dec.17 until now which is June 3 and I have gotten tired of waiting, something have to give.

  77. Jonathan

    I e-filed my taxes in the middle of March and 11 weeks later WMR still says “Processing”. I didn’t file an amended return which would cause a delay like this. I haven’t heard anything from IRS about it, just the WMR status. I started a sole proprietorship last year so I filed with a new EIN and income information but I don’t see why that would cause a delay like this.

  78. Robert

    Filed on the 16th of april, still no updates as of today as it says still processing. I am currently out of country. .what can I do?

  79. Ashly

    I filed February 16th and it is now may and I still haven’t seen any new info. I check the “where’s my refund app” every other week and it still says being processed . I e filed my taxes on credit karma and it’s indicates that it was accepted by the IRS. So I’m just about as confused as anyone else . Single ,no dependants

  80. Bluedolphin Crow

    I filed electronically and my return was accepted on Feb 6th. I did my identity verification via the phone on Feb 23rd. Today is May 17th. WMR Says Its Still Processing. During the identity phone call I was told it would take 6 to 9 weeks. I’m way past that now. Anyone have any additional info on refunds?

  81. Steven G.

    I filed April 6th and it was accepted April 7th. I was expected to receive my refund on April 27th but instead I got a letter in the mail to verify my identity, so I called and provided all the information that was asked. At the end of the call the woman stated that my refund would go back into processing and that I should receive it within another 9 weeks. She also said I could possibly receive it sooner than that so I have my fingers crossed.

  82. MiiyokoMacc

    I filed February 6th Did My Identity Verification March 9th Still Nothing The WMR Says Its Still Processing

  83. Melanie Bodenhofer

    I filed Jan 31st, received a letter in the mail needing to send a 8962 form on March 22nd. Faxed it March 23rd and still no change. I have called several times and can’t even get told if they got my fax. This is ridiculous…

  84. Melanie Bodenhofer

    Did you ever receive your return? I had the same thing but faxed the forms in and I’ve called several times they won’t tell me anything. I don’t even know if they received the fax.

  85. Benjamin N Dennis

    my taxes was received on February 12th and within a week my bar on the site went my taxes are being processed, it is now april 23rd and still dont have my refund. ive called them twice and they wont tell me whats wrong or what they need said i should wait 60 days from the letter they mailed that letter didnt say what the problem was either. It just said its processing and its nothing i have to do on my end

  86. DeLisa Davis

    I filed and was accepted on January 29th. Received a letter dated February 26th stating I was in review. It is now 57 days later and still have not heard anything and when I log into Where’s My Refund, I get the same thing. Processing, processing, processing. If I ever get my money, I would love to send a bill for all the interest that I would have been charged had I owed them and didn’t pay on time!

  87. Cass

    I filed January 29th via turbo tax the same way I have for the past 5 years.

    Got a letter near the end of February saying it was under normal review process.

    It’s April 17th and I still do not have a refund.



  88. Dana Nolan

    I mailed my 2017 return on 2/14/18, checked the status several times over the past 8 weeks only to find it still being processed. My question to anyone is, can i dig deeper to find out the lengthy delay??

  89. Kimberly

    I did my tax return online and was accepted on February 19,2018 it’s now April 13th and I still haven’t received my refund check. SMH

  90. Kelly

    Refund accepted 3/4 and still processing as of 4/12. We were Harvey victims and claimed all those losses. Could this be the delay? We received 6 feet of water in the house and lost all personal property. 100k worth of damage.

  91. Diana Martin

    It’s been six weeks since I e-filed my taxes through h and r block..this is for my state refund..Wtf? The where’s my refund page hasn’t updated at all..

  92. Psxsage

    Filed March 27th (recieved the day after) state has been approved and deposited however federal has not even moved to approved yet as of 4/10/18

  93. gracie

    Here it is 6April and I have yet to receive my refund. I filed in January and do date it still says my refund is processing so when I called they told me they had 30 days to deposit my refund well as the 30 day mark hit I got a letter stating its being held for further review and now I had 45 days from the time of the letter. The letter states they have all my information and I don’t need to do anything else just wait. I have called multiple times and they tell me I am not being audited however they now have the 45 days to put the money in my account so here I am waiting until 30April to either get my money or another letter. This is insane by the time I will get my taxes almost half the year will be over. I work hard throughout the year to get my tax money and all the IRS can tell me is sit tight and wait no explanation on why its taking so long just that I have to wait.

    1. lena

      i filed in january to and they are telling me the same thing but mine is 60 days witch has past they are saying it could take another 60 day this is nit right

  94. Betty Platt

    This has been the worst two years of my life filing my taxes.last year it was my state.ive been processing since irs told me there was nothing i had to do.until last week.my wages didn’t match.my with holding didnt match.im jyst gonna give it up.

  95. Stephanie White

    I filed Feb 8th and it’s now April 6th no return yet. Website just says being processed. Contacted the IRS, and the representative States it will be May 3rd when it will be issued. WTH? I efile, even if checking errors, it shouldn’t take 3 months.

  96. Jason

    E-Filed on 2/10. Received by IRS 2/11. Around 3/19 no refund. Mind you I claimed EITC. Called IRS and spoke to (imagine that) a person, who referred me to another department. Was told to expect a letter from the IRS to verify….something. Told them I had not received a letter. Called later in the week and was referred to another department who told me was the letter was: verifying wages and time worked for EITC. Told me the fax number to send it in at. Got the pay stubs and faxed them in. Did something similar with my state return. Got that refund in a week after sending info in. Next week I called again to see what was going. Was told that my return went into review on 3/8. That was when they sent the letter. Was told In 4-6 weeks of that, with or without the credit, I would get me refund. It never took this long even when I qualified for the credit.

  97. whitley

    So I filed 2/15 I haven’t rec’d a letter not an update online when I call I am asked if I rec’d a letter if not please do not call without one which leaves me in limbo I don’t know what to do

    1. whitley

      update so I rec’d a letter in the mail postmarked 4/2 how ironic anyways says I’m under 45 day review which started 3/26 I’m still in the dark as to why and is I should even rely on this information anyone going through the same thing or went through this?

      1. Margie

        Hi Whitley, I am Margie and like so many of you all I have done the same thing. I email my return on Dec. 18th and got accept on the 19th of Dec. 2017. Well I the gotten the first letter in Jan said They have 60 days to do the review on my return and it was nothing that I had to do so and those review was those days were up in March 19th and in March I gotten another letter telling me that they needed 45 days to finish the review and those days were up April 19th of this month so I call the IRS again and she told me to give it until the 4th of May and my refund show be in my account. I ask her again is it anything wrong with my return and she said no, and there were nothing that they wanted me to do. I am still looking for the bars to change. I also told her that I can pull up my tax transcript for this year and the other year and she said okay. I just don’t know what is the matter why my refund have not been release yet.

        1. whitley

          Margie so I called after the 45 day review and was told “its sixty days from date of letter and I was misinformed” ..So now the new date provided is June 1. I see now every time I can be given new and diff information. The letter and phone reps are vague like what’s being reviewed and why?

  98. Janie Crutchfield

    January 19th filed. To date no refund. Government is rough on the poor. They waste no time charging interest when you so why are we not being paid interest on the millions they are holding due to these shenanigans and attack on poor people.

    1. brandon robison

      Right!!! like i’ve been job hunting the last 5 months i’ve been out of work and nothing, i could use my taz return that was sent in Feb on like the 14th…..but hey it’s not like half of the poor people in America need their money, trump just wants to put money in his pockets and his friends, thanks so making such a good system, plus i can’t check when i get is so i just have to wait for it to magically appear in my account that’s you money grubbing cunts, if we don’t pay you throw us in jail for life, you guys don’t pay and we don’t hear shit and just and just have the long wait, again thanks, not like i need to pay rent, eat an survive, i could stoop down and work fast food but b then time you’re 23 you should have moved pas all that entry job shit, but i trying hard to get something ad i’ve got nothing, yeah being jobs back to america my ass.

  99. Amy

    Everyone needs to contact the media and demand our government be accountable and answer as to where our refunds are. I filed January 29th. Here it is March 26th and it still says processing on “wheres my refund’ app. I called at the end of February and was told “unfortunately you are one of the unlucky individuals that are in a delayed tax refund status this year”. When I asked what the hell that meant, I was told “oh it’s just the government decided to randomnly delay peoples tax returns”. I was told I would have it by April 1st. Then last week a get a letter in the mail stating it’s still processing and it would be an additional 45 to 60 days from the date of the letter! Today, I called the IRS again and played dumb like I never received a letter. I asked if I was being audited and was told “no”. I asked what the hold up is with my refund and I was told that the “machine” that they put all of our tax returns through is kicking a bunch of peoples tax returns out because of its “algarythym” and that these tax returns are having to be looked at more closely! I have a very simple tax return. This is bullshit and a sorry excuse. I’m going to the media with my story and I encourage everyone else to do the same because from what I’m reading we are all in the same boat and getting the run around from the IRS. I CAN DAMN SURE BET THAT TRUMP GOT HIS TAX BREAK. WE ARE ALL SUFFERING AT THE HANDS OF THAT MANIAC. I’ve never had any issues with a refund UNTIL THAT POS GOT INTO OFFICE.

    1. connie

      Please let us know if you do still get it on the 1st of April. Yes, we all need to go to the media, we have all gotten different explanations from the rep’s – even a IRS rep, blaming the president, Bet, he would like to know that.

    2. Janie Crutchfield

      Would be smart but unfortunately we are living under a dictatorship and the media is not going to cover the word of poor people like the majority of us

      1. Ashley

        Unfortunately, I have had the same issue and called 2 times. I got the same letter. I was told it is not an audit. I filed on Jan. 31 and it was accepted the same day. Here it is 4/3/18 and still, it says processing. I have never had an issue. My tax return is a simple one. It’s ridiculous. Did you get yours by April 1, as mentioned above?

      2. Gannette reed

        Are you serious. The media is totally against Trump and go out of their way to exploit a person with lower income. It’s good for their liberal fight

    3. Carolyn

      WMR cannot find my refund, again… I never had problems until last year when we finally had a president that had expectations for govt workers. Our govt workers got used to being lazy and slow, now they are expected to actually work like the rest of us… lets me guess, you work for the govt.

    4. Rosemary

      Federal refunds were fine! I filed in Feb, sent in the required form & another copy of w-2’s as requested on 3/22/18. It’s now 6/16 & the website only says its being processed. It’s the Democrats that run New York State that decided to buy the auditing machine with our tax money. It had nothing to do with Trump, sorry

  100. Cesario

    My refund got accepted by irs Feb 27th…and it’s been 21 days plus more …and I’m still waiting no udate or nothing …irs still processing ur refund ….they let me know when date available when their done

    1. Shanella

      Cesario call them because they need additional information. Still processing refund date when available…..Had that issue since 2/4. It was a 12c letter that needed to be filled out. They will wait exactly 6 weeks before they mail you the letter and when you send the information back, you will have to wait an additional 6-8 weeks to receive it.

  101. Flor

    Mine was efiled and accepted 2/3. I recieved a letter 2/23 that needs firther review. I called several times and of course spole to different people. I had 4 W2s. My pt job they said they have not recieved. They asked if I have it. I said of course. They said well hold on tonit if we need it and we’ll send a letter if we do. Orherwise companies have until May I giess tl submit or W2 to be uploaded. I was confused. And why do I have to wait? Why could I not mail it in to shpw proof? Why couldnt they make a note in the system so they knpw what to dp with it once they recieve it? They make the process harder rhen what it is. Well after 3 weeks and being frustrated , the last rep I spoke to. I said look I have all my W2s? What is the problem with me sending them? Its not fair that I sgould have to wait till ya upload all W2s. I did my refund correct…. I ended up mailing them my W2s with a copy of my refund and a letter explaining my situation. Oh and certified…. Im waiting a couple of days to check.

    1. lorraine

      mine was accepted on feb.13. it is now april 6 and I haven’t heard anything. what the heck.

  102. Twassie66

    Did the Irs say if the 45 days of waiting began at the time the return was submitted or from the time of the call?

    1. gracie

      It actually begins the date you receive the letter. I have still yet to receive my refund and every time I call they tell me they have until April 30 my 45 day mark to have it in my account. I received a letter stating that I dont need to do anything at this time except wait it will either be deposited in my account or they will send me a letter with further instructions. This is ridiculous in every aspect.

  103. red

    I called the irs and they said a letter haven’t been sent out yet but the letter stating wait 45 days till I get my return..

  104. ShaL

    After reading alot of comments from online (diff sites), Blogs,FB and YouTube it seems everyone saying same thing I would like to hear from the people who went Thur this last year. I would like to know did they get it back before 45 days or before 60 days? Reading the same storylines is making me mader than this waiting on my taxes! We get it we all in same boat being told the same lies over and over and over! Can we pls get new updates instead of the same comments over and over! I noticed in the comments nobody is putting there amount meaning was it a huge jump from last year to this year? I think that plays a huge part in this hold as well. If you went from 4K to 10k from one year to another and nothing changed with your income or household ummm thats a red flag right there and I don’t even work for IRS that’s just common sense ! For me my amount is pretty much the same as it was last year with no changes in my income or household its only a couple dollar less than last year return! Then the people who will only help if you being evicted need to be fired and let them see how being in that situation would feel! Everyone know tax time is the time you play catch up and pay stuff off ! They are looking for fraud and reg flags but it seems to me the IRS needs someone to look into them for red flags and frauds as well because they are getting away with being able to lie to us! It don’t take a month for a letter to be received unless you lied about when it was mailed or if it was even mailed out just to get a person off ph. I called on a last Thursday (second time calling) was told the letter was sent out that day (rep was very nice).I got my letter this pass Monday (only took couple days) so all these people saying it took a month to get there’s honey the rep was lying to u just like they lying to us about this hold! The rep told me exactly what the letter was going say about the 60 day hold and she did say o it probably won’t take the whole 60 days she was nice but I was like boo I already been waiting a month and 2 weeks ! When it comes to tax time lets be real we all know people who get over on there taxes ,but this isn’t fair to the people who are honest and don’t. Let me end this with I stop looking on site (where my refund) cause it’s clearly lying and is driving me even more crazier. My advice is try to just rebudget your bills if you can do payment arrangements do them ,and if you do have your letter some people will work with you if u show them the letter from IRS (keyword somepeople ) cut back and down on things. If your job offer OT gone jump on that OT train and try to hold on to some type of peace yes it’s very hard but if you have kids and or bills adding up you have hold on and keep the faith that it will work out in the end! If I do wake up one morning and it’s in my acct I will come back and post it unlike these people last year to help others!

    1. Bobby

      Great post. I agree with you in the update post if any. My Federeal was accepted the 29th of January. It is now May 11th and I have nothing but a letter that said wait 60 days. I waited. I called back, they said ok we sent it up higher please allow another 60 days. For the funds. But it shouldn’t take that long……. what the flyling fuck

      1. Moki

        Hi Bobby,
        The exact same situation occurred with me. I electronically filed my return on February 4th and the IRS accepted the return on February 5th. Then on February 23, I received a letter that my return required a thorough review and to wait 60 days for an update. Once the 60th day arrived, I called to get a status because the WMR tool was not giving any updates except the same status I’ve been reading for the last three months. The representative told me it would be another 60 days because they are researching why the return has not been processed yet and had to refer the return to another department.

        I made the mistake of calling again today to get a better update. The website has the same status with the Tax Topic 152 link highlighted for more assistance which obviously isn’t a helpful tool. I thought I could try my luck at obtaining a better response. Unfortunately, the representative said because I called on April 25, 62 days after the date of the letter received in February, that the referral delayed my return even longer and that if I had waited just a little while longer before calling the first time, I may have gotten my return sooner. The referral process put another lengthy wait on my return is what the representative advised. They went on further to say that today is May 30, so you have less than 30 days now to receive an additional update so you have already waited a good length of time. Check after the 60th day.

        Thank you representative for the encouragement, NOT. This is the first year I have ever had to wait this long for a return. My advice though is not to call them. I think they purposely move people to the back of the line when they call in. If you do call in and the representative tells you they will refer it to another department, just tell them they don’t have to refer the return and you will just wait for a few more weeks to get an update. From what I was told, the “referral process” is just another way to delay the return for even longer. Here’s to hoping I get an answer before the 60 days or hopefully a return, but at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get the refund this year at all.

  105. Ro

    I’ve filed mine the same day it had gotten accepted as always with Turbo Tax. Which was Feb 2nd. Gotten my CA, within no time! I know for EITC you have to wait until Feb 27th, it’s March 10 now and I’ve been checking IRS.GO app almost everyday since before the 27th. Till this day it still says processing etc. Both the website and app. What’s going on?? I know all info and everything is correct.

    1. james

      Great job to the dumb ass who voted for trump, i hope your return gets taken just like they doing everyone else.next years we prolly wont even be allowed to file our taxes but they will continue to take from each one of our paychecks

  106. Margie

    Hi I had filed on 12/18/2017 got accepted on the 19th and had gotten a letter from the IRS said it is been processing and that I need to do nothing but it will take 60days from that date which was Feb 7th now today March 9th got another letter from them said the same thing that I have to do nothing but now it will take 45 days from the 9th of this month for them to finish the reviewing of my return and it is the same way I had file last year. At first they gave me the 1541reference number and I call them and they ask me did I receive a letter from them and I told they yes they ask me to read it for her and that when she said that it would take 60 days for them to finish their review. Now it will take them an extra 45 days for them to finish, if anyone know what is going on please let me know.

  107. Taw

    I efiled on Feb 16th and today marked excrete 21 days. It’s not even approved yet.

  108. Tina

    I filed on Tax Act February 12. Received email they were accepted within an hour. Site has shown processing since 02/13/18. As of this past Monday, still processing so I called IRS. Was told there was a glitch in the system and that it “should” sort itself out because everything looks good. He then stated they may send a letter if there were any issues and they would have no additional information until after April 12!!! This is so irritating, a lot of us really count on this refund! Any one else I have asked received theirs in record time this year, what gives!? My sister had filed January 29 and had her deposit on February 07, with EITC? IRS site now shows no bar, or tax code, only says A refund date will be provided when available. I just don’t understand because obviously the EITC being an issue, is in reality a non issue!

    1. Nonnie

      I filed with turbo talk on 2/12 like yourself… I have child credit and educational credit? My return was accepted an hour after submitting it as you stated. Mine is still pending too. I think it is because of the child credit. I also did my daughters taxes with turbo tax the day after mine 2/13 and she has no child credits. But, she did have educational credit. She received a letter that she had to call and verify herself. She called on 3/2/18 to verify and was told she would receive refund within nine 9 weeks. Well Sunday she received her DDD of 3/14 so I think the Irs is making everyone pretty much wait 45 days if you have a child credit

    2. Christina

      I filed with Tax Act on February 6th and it still says “processing” and “a refund date will be provided when available.”

  109. Katherine

    I filed January 28th I did read that they weren’t accepting taxes till 29th. Ok so it is March 7th already and still says that it’s being processed!! I filled e-file through TurboTax! I do have the earned income tax credit and the child one but what the heck is taking so long???

    1. Leonora

      I am in the same situation. I don’t understand what the heck is wrong and why this is taking so long. I filed electronically with TT January 31st, accepted the same day, received my state refund within 21 days and now the federal return (which is obviously more in dollars) is saying processing and has been saying the same wording that a date will be provided for .. oh.. um.. over 2 months? I am utterly stressed the hell out over this! Namely because I have filed the same way every year for the last few years and did not have any delays. When I finally reached an IRS rep, I was told a letter went out.. sure did.. only it wasn’t date the day before (as the rep indicated) it was dated the same day I was on the phone with her. So naturally, a stall tactic, but okay I’ll bite. I get the letter the following Monday and much to my surprise.. it says we’ve received your return if you didn’t file it to contact them. Um.. let’s be clear, I did file it. I called you and the day I reached a live human being is the same day the letter was sent out. Basically that from the date of the letter (feb 27th) 2018 that I’d have to wait 60 days for them to do a thorough review. what the hell for ? why is this taking so f-in long? I am in dire straights, have two children and behind on bills and basically running out of food and household goods but apparently that’s not a good enough reason for a tax advocate. They will step in mind you, if you are being evicted. well, if you keep me waiting from January til april or later, that’s a real good possibility! what did I do next? since I cant get through or get any f-in help, I wrote to the treasury dept to basically file a complaint. and well if you need to verify me my address, my kids, all you need do is knock on my door. or ! check my previous tax returns? I didn’t make up children in my filing.. my return was accepted the same day.. last year It got rejected because they didn’t have proof for medical coverage which I know I sent in but to play nice, sent it again. either way. nothing’s changed.. O I digress.. something did change.. I actually made about 5K less this past year than the previous year with my job of over 4 years.. um do you know why I’m writing? I’m broke, below poverty level income and need my money more now that ever! who on this thread actually can step in and help!!!! the treasury dept emailed me back. simply asking me for my address and contact phone number.. I returned the email supplying that and have not heard back from them this was 2 days ago. I’m very upset. I don’t know what to do but I am so stressed out I cant even put into words!!! I have a loved one undergoing bypass surgery I have child that has to see a psychologist failing school etc etc etc and another child who has a birthday March 18th.. sorry child, mommy cant buy you anything for your 13th birthday (welcome to being a teenager) why mommy? well because the big bad ass incompetent IRS wont give me my money! that’s why!! can I get some f-in therapy now please? who do I call ? I was actually researching stress and anxiety f-in hot lines because I cannot rest or relax consumed with worry and aggravation.. who do I sue??? my point is there is absolute not ONE good damn reason why I am having to wait 4 months for my tax return!!! one person .. an expert .. I employ you.. please respond!!!!!!

  110. Jamie Coleman

    My Federal was Accepted on Jan. 29 2018 and as of Mar. 6 it hasn’t even been Approved yet. So it been well over month now and Still No Approval or Deposit Date set. I did get an Earn Imcome Credit Tax break, which i know it takes longer when you get Credits. But this seems a Little Long. dOES ANYONE KNOW IF IT CAN TAKE WELL OVER A MONTH TO GET YOUR FEDERAL RUTURN APPOVED OR IS THIS A BAD SIGN OR BAD INDICATION THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY RETURN????

    1. Carolyn

      I filed EIC last year and this. Last year I filed first week of Feb. I didn’t get refund until June. This year, I just filed 4/1, EIC again. WMR can’t find my return. Sigh. If we did our jobs like govt, we’d be fired. Lazy, paper pushing, slugs not used to making any effort for years… that’s what you get after 8 years of Obama.

  111. Brandon Boyett

    I filed on Jan 29 got accepted and waited till Feb 27th to see if it’s released and still nothing.Here it is now March 6 and I haven’t received or been able to talk to a human so I don’t know what’s goi g on

  112. Shane

    Mine was accepted on February 7th and still today March 6th 2018 it says exactly what I put at the bottom! I’ve got no letter’s in the mail or anything I mean what the hell.

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day

    1. Krystal

      Did you have insurance through marketplace? Mine says the same thing and I got a letter in the mail from the irs telling me to mail or fax a copy of my 1095a and form 8962

      1. Stacy M Evans

        I had to do that too and I mailed the form priority and they have had it for 2 weeks and my return still says being processed. I have called several times and cant speak to anyone.

    2. Diane

      I filed my federal on Feb 7th and got a refund in a week. Filed my NJ State on Feb 7th and STILL WAITING. up to today March 10th. The “processing” status has been up for 2 weeks and how is it they are updating it 2 times a week? So, all the information on dates when filed and expect returns etc is baloney! I don’t think it matters if you have the earned income tax credit because some people on here didn’t file for it and still waiting. Bucket of lies by the IRS. I have also tried the IRStogo app. That’s even worse! I entered everything just as on my tax return that was accepted. It’s ALL accurate, amount due, social sec.# and filing status. Hit send and it says nothing matches! waste of time. Maybe you will have better luck. lol

    3. Jennifer Schafer

      I have the same thing and my insurance is through an employer, not the marketplace. I don’t think that’s related.

  113. Connie

    My return was accepted by the Irs on 1/31 and I check the Where’s your refund site everyday and it keeps saying it’s still being processed without any codes and no notices in the mail from them. I called them and spoke to a rep and they told me that my return was under review for income and tax credits and it will take up to 45 days from 2/15 and to just keep checking the wyr site and she also said that you can blame our president for this. And I don’t understand why as I know all my info is correct.Very upsetting and I need the $$ very badly!

  114. Tyler

    I filed 1/29 and was accepted the same day. I am getting the EITC and read that the earliest i could possibly receive anything was 2/27. I checked WMR the 27th of feb and my status was that the money was sent and the latest i would see it was today (3/5) still havent seen it so i rechecked WMR and now its back to no bars and processing. I called my bank they said they had nothing on their end and i cant even get through to speak to a rep at the IRS. Where do I go from here? Starting to get seriously frustrated.

  115. Brenda Castillo

    No change i status still saysprocessing will get a date when done whatever. I filed jan 31 wheni talked to anirs she said noletterhasbeengenerated.

  116. Krissy

    I e filed on Feb.21st (on turbobtax) I got an email about 2hrs latter saying my return was accepted, and Today 3-3-18 I now have my second bar and a dd date of the 7th. So this is almost spot on with the calandar!!



  118. Christopher

    E-Filed/Accepted 02/03/18, received my state return within 14 days to my bank acct.WMR for fed return showing no status bar, only “received/processing msg” Getting frustrated. Military return.

  119. CJ

    My tax return was submitted and approved on 1/29 and is in still being processed status with no other messages. I do have ACTC however this is the first year that I used a tax service and the first year my tax return has been delayed.

  120. Mom327

    I filed my taxes in January. The bars are all gone and it says “being processed”. I have no tax codes at all. I’ve read other sites and people have been calling the irs and ordering transcripts etc. I have not been requested to verify my identity or notified that any action is required on my part. Should I call there it’s or just keep waiting?

  121. J.C

    E-filed and accepted on 2/7 but still giving no bar on the WMR and now just saying processing and will update more when availale…why so long when I know tons of other people that filed after me and already got theirs back.

    1. Nicole McPurdy

      Same here! I filed a month ago last Friday…. just still processing… many people I know who have also used the EITC and ACTC have already gotten their’s back…. frustrated.

  122. J

    The number to call for confirmation of you have an offset of your refund is 1-800-304-3107
    You can just double check no government agency is taking a portion of your return.
    Also, because of my profession, when speaking to the IRS be kind and sweet. They have a way of “not processing” things when they are called names and screamed at.
    Please understand they answer these questions all day and are blamed for the process. And within recent years, with health care penalities and tax release holds, I’m sure it has been brutal on anyone in their position.

  123. Damian

    I filed my taxes on the 1/30 and it was accepted the same day. When I checked my status I had a bar showing the status then that disappeared and now I got the your return is still being processed. I don’t have a PATH Act message, I never got a letter in the mail to contact the IRS nothing. This is the 1st yr ever I have ever had this type of issue with my tax returns. I’m sure it has something to do with my return jumped from 3k to 14k but the boost is from my installation of solar panels on my home last yr but this is crazy. Nothing has changed but that. The sad thing is I lent money out with the hopes of I would be ok cause of the refund now up poops creek

  124. Ashley

    Filed my taxes 1/26, accepted 1/29. The bars showed processing, then a week later, no bars. Only says, the IRS received your refund and it is being processed. Since it’s been over 21 days I called the IRS and spoke with someone. The lady then explained my return was randomly selected for review and will take 45 days. Very frustrating !

    1. Miranda Morris

      This is almost word for word what I was told. I don’t understand it but yes it is frustrating. My biggest question was why? She said it could be for many reasons or none other then just luck of the draw. I say bad luck of the draw.

      1. Twassie66

        Did the IRS say 45 days from submitting the return or 45 days from the time of your call?

  125. Jamie

    Efiled 2/10/18 accepted 2/10/18 wmr says processing still no expected refund date not understanding why….

  126. Matthew Caldwell

    My Return Was Accepted On 01/17/2018, Filed Electronically and I Did File An Earned Income Tax Credit. But Last Year, (2017) I Received My Refund On February 23rd, 2017, No Problems!!! I’m Thinking It’s Because Of The “Sexual Deviant-In-Chief And His Band Of GOP Misfits Freaking With The “Tax Laws” Is The Reason For These Unnecessary Direct Deposit Delays!!! Damn We Sure Are In Need Of President Obama Right About Now…

  127. Matthew Perez

    When I 1stchecked my status it said “recieved” now when I try to check it says “information does not match our system” has this happened to anyone else? Tax topic 152

    1. Diane

      Filed my Federal..got refund in a week. Filed my NJ State on February 7th. Been checking the Where’s my refund website and it still says “processing”. So, I went to the app IRStogo and it says my info doesn’t match. It’s all accurate, my soical, my status and my refund amount. Something is screwy. You wonder if the IRS works like the insurance industry. They get all the claims in, put in the bank to collect the interest,(which the claimant (us) does not see and then pay us our refund. Mr. “Trump” knows all the little games on how to make a buck..sounds far fetched but I wouldn’t be surprised!

  128. Annie

    I filed my taxes (very simple, just 1 W-2 form from my job and document from my Grad school) on February 11. Checked status next day, February 12 and it had been accepted (WMR Status = Return Received). It has been like that since then with no changes or updates. My sister filed 3 days before me and already received her refund about a week and a half ago. In previous years, my refund has been approved and sent very quickly (usually within less than a week of me filing). I am not super concerned yet as it hasn’t been 21 days and I can’t technically call them and ask about it until then, still – just for others to know – there is definitely a delay and its not just you!

  129. Kelsea

    I filed on Jan. 27th was accepted on Jan. 29th, had status bar on wmr originally, but now just says still processing will provide date when available. Any insight as to when?

  130. Mark Guynes

    I was accepted on the 30th of Jan. And mine also says still being processed. I friend of mine filed on the 2nd of Feb. and got his refund already. What seems to be the hold up?

  131. Mel

    I filed 2-12 was accepted that day have been checking WMR and it says my refund is still being processed and a deposit date will be provided when ready. I am getting EIC but my friend did hers the day after me and will be getting her refund on Feb. 27th with EIC she also already got her state deposit and I haven’t even got that one. Is anyone having these problems with the IRS having problems getting their state refund as well?

    1. Tina

      Same issues, filed Feb. 4, got my state, my fed was accepted same day and now just says processing. I called Irs, in a Hold now since March 5, they said there are no comments of anything wrong, it’s in review status, so I sked if it was being audited? they said No. Plan on 45 days from March 5, not unless Irs sends a letter requesting more info. or releases earlier. So no help.

  132. VVB

    Any updates anyone? I’ve had none except the “still processing” message. I’m confused, frustrated and it’s giving me nightmares….seriously.

  133. Michele

    I e filed my return on the 5th of this month and still have yet even received an email saying my return was accepted!!!! I went to a new person this year just some small place she charged me up front what’s going on? Frustrating this year !!!!

  134. Cindy Harber

    I filed mine on Feb. 1st and was accepted the same day. My status bar is no longer and I have a message that says I’m still being processed. The only thing I had major happen last year was that is was married on Dec. 29th. Could that possibly be the hold up?

    1. Laurie J. Harrison

      Same here, no status bar, no tax topics, no letters, just says your refund is being processed.

    2. jennifer

      I filed mine on 02/07 and they were accepted on 02/07 and all was fine until yesterday and all my bars disappeared and I have the same message. maybe its because of the influx of people getting refunds and checking the site right now?! I haven’t been able to find any answers to this question myself. if you do please let me know, Thanks

  135. Eddie

    My return was accepted on the 5th, and on the refund page it still says it’s being processed. There’s no further info like the tax topics or anything.

    1. Amy

      This is the same with me and I cannot get through to the irs. I have an offset and I checked my payments to irs and my balance is 0 but I still have not gotten my refund

  136. Dee

    Got my part I earned on my 2017 taxes but not the eitc . Got take action message on wmr site. Why?

    1. J SMALL

      I called the IRS & they said the government is holding back all EIC , Due to fraud in the past. It dont mean we did a fraud return, But others did in the past.

  137. Samantha Schmerge

    Anyone else still have no bars on wmr?
    Just a processing message ? It shows my refund amount and file status. But nothing else? No tax topic. Anyone one else still waiting?

    1. Mahogany Kennedy

      I still have the processing message…i called and he said they had to do as employment verification…idk

    2. Teresa

      Yeah, I just get a processing message. My return was completed and accepted on the 7th. I read that everyone that files EIC should expect a 1-2 week delay in return. It seems like they are having some real issues on irs.gov.

    3. Chris

      We got the same info but files on 01/29, approved 01/31. after 2:45 on the phone and another 2:00 with another dept they told me it was still being processed and they do not have a date they can release the refund. The rep was rude and said it was because we have children. The same children we have had for the last 5+years. She said it could take up to April for them to send us our return and to use the WMR site and not to keep calling because i will get the same answer.

  138. Ruby

    I was accepted 2/14 and was waiting to be approved on 2/22 i got no bars and message saying “your tax return is still being processed, refund date will be provided when available” with tax topic 152. Does anyone know why ???

  139. Stephanie

    Called them the other day because I’m still getting the 152 message. Told me it could take up to 45 days… I don’t understand. We have kids but no other credits so my return is simple. Only one W2 and the same kids we claim every year .It’s feb 23rd!! We filed on January 27th and was accepted on the 29th. I’m getting extremely frustrated.

    1. Emma

      I have kids too, but the IRS has to hold income tax for tax payers who have kids due to fraud in the past, and people claiming other peoples kids. It does not matter how early you filed they have to hold al refunds for those who claimed the eitc until feb 27

    2. shamecca paul

      me to who wants to wait 45 days i am so mad. but here is nothing else to do but wait so.

    3. LadyLee

      I am too. I filed January 31st (had to wait to get the forms to do that) did so online through turbo tax .. the same way I’ve been doing for a couple of years. TurboTax told me (after I waited the 21 days) that it should be the week of Feb 27th. Well I received the state refund of only $89 before the 27th but the federal return was still showing processing. I called and finally got through to the IRS and the woman told me that it will be by April 1st ?? 45 days from Feb 15th.. because those of us who claimed children and earned income credit would have a delay and that the IRS would not start processing until Feb 15th. I inquired if this was normal and was told yes. However, never in all the years filing did I have to wait 3 months to get my return having done so electronically. They need to provide accurate information.. even this page we’re on has incorrect information with the schedule they provide. I just don’t understand why this woman told me April 1st! .. Additionally when I called on February 27th, I was told that they sent out a letter dated February 26th. It’s now March 2nd and I have yet to receive the letter.. she could or would not tell me what was in the letter, only that there would be a 45 day delay ? why ?? It shouldn’t take that long to review my return which is exactly the same as it’s been the last couple of years. The only difference this year is I made nearly 5K less in income with the same job after the job gave me a raise and how is that possible? well they bumped me up to $10 an hour after 3 years with the company but decided to take away .55 cents per reservation. Consequently even with a raise I lost money with the income I was getting from this moving company. So I really need my refund and this delay is senseless and not helping me and my family. I was told February 27th .. when that day came and went and no deposit I started to get very concerned.. I remain concerned. I hope you receive your refund soon, also.

    4. Alexis CARTER

      I filed the same exact days and and got the same result. 45 days. No bars bullshit


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