You Will Need $100 of Existing Unemployment (State, PUA or PEUC) to Get $300 to $400 Extra in Extended 2020 UI Benefits Under Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program – State Roll-out Updates and News


[Updated with FEMA approvals, state payout dates and FAQs] The table below shows which states have now officially enrolled in the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) unemployment benefits program. They will be the first to start paying out the base federally funded $300 payment. Whether state UI agencies add the extra $100 weekly payment on top of this base amount (which is their obligation under the LWA program) or just count existing unemployment benefits towards this $100 will vary state to state. The table also shows an estimated date claimants can expect their first weekly unemployment payment, if eligible. I’ll continue to update the table as more states sign-up for the program.

According to the FEMA website (which is funding this program under Trump’s executive order), states may provide supplemental lost wages payments from the week of unemployment ending August 1, 2020, to claimants currently eligible for at least $100 per week in unemployment insurance compensation from regular state unemployment, UCFE, UCX, PEUC, PUA, EB, STC, TRA and SEA.

$600 FPUC vs $300 to $400 LWA – $99 Qualification difference

Many people have been asking if they qualified for the $600 FPUC payment prior to its expiry at the end of July, would they qualify for the current LWA payment? Sadly the answer may be no, because the $600 FPUC payment only had a requirement that the claimant be eligible to get at least $1 of regular state UI. The LWA unemployment benefit on the other hand (per above) requires claimants to be getting at least $100 of UI benefits (on a pre-tax basis). This $99 difference is a pretty significant difference in many states with low unemployment insurance benefits and in many cases the $100 threshold may eliminate part time workers or those furloughed from their jobs with partial incomes. Not however in some high unemployment benefit states like New York, the minimum unemployment payment for eligible claimants is $104. So everyone receiving UI benefits in that state will qualify for LWA.

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StatePayment Status?Payment Starts (est)Weekly Benefit
AlabamaPaying NowSep 6th$300
AlaskaPayment PendingSep 20th$300
ArizonaPaying NowAug 17th$300
ArkansasPaying NowSep 12 (up to Oct 2nd)$300
CaliforniaPaying NowSep 7th$300
ColoradoPayment PendingSep 20th$300
ConnecticutPaying NowSep 17th$300
DelawarePaying NowSep 18th$300
District of ColumbiaPayment Date ConfirmedOctober 1st week$300
FloridaPaying NowSep 8th$300
GeorgiaPaying NowSep 12th$300
HawaiiPayment PendingEarly October$300
IdahoPaying NowSep 12th$300
IllinoisPaying NowSep 8th$300
IndianaPayment Date ConfirmedSep 21st$300
IowaPaying NowSep 9th$300
KansasPayment PendingSep 20th$300
KentuckyPaying NowSep 15th$400
LouisianaPaying NowAug 27th$300
MainePaying NowSep 12th$300
MarylandPaying NowSep 12th$300
MassachusettsPaying NowSep 7th$300
MichiganPaying NowSep 10th$300
MinnesotaPaying NowSep 4th$300
MississippiPaying NowSep 10th$300
MissouriPaying NowAug 23rd$300
MontanaPaying NowAug 30th$400
NebraskaPaying NowSep 18th (First 3 weeks)
From Sep 20th (remaining payments)
NevadaPayment PendingSep 27th$300
New HampshirePaying NowSep 12th$300
New JerseyPayment PendingDelayed to early October$300
New MexicoPaying NowSep 10th$300
New YorkPaying NowSep 14th$300
North CarolinaPaying NowSep 6th (4 weeks)
Sep 16th (2 weeks)
North DakotaPaying NowSep 17th$300
OhioPaying NowSep 16th (For PUA recipients only); Sep 28th for others$300
OklahomaPayment PendingSep 20th$300
OregonPayment PendingSep 30th$300
PennsylvaniaPaying NowSep 14th (paid 1 wk after regular benefits)$300
Rhode IslandPaying NowSep 6th$300
South CarolinaPayment PendingSep 20th$300
South DakotaNo PaymentDid not enroll-
TennesseePaying NowAug 30th$300
TexasPaying NowAug 23rd$300
UtahPaying NowFirst 3 wks: Sep 9th to Sep 15th
Second round: Sep 16th to Sep 23rd
VermontPaying NowWeek of Sep 14th$300
VirginiaPayment Date ConfirmedSep 30th$300
WashingtonPayment Date ConfirmedSep 21st$300
West VirginiaPaying NowSep 16th$400

WisconsinPayment PendingEnd of October$300
WyomingPaying NowSep 13th$300

Table Methodology: The LWA state tracker table was last updated on Sep 18th. Payment Start date is when the state actually starts processing current and/or retroactive UI payments OR estimated based on FEMA approval date of LWA grant plus 3 to 5 weeks for state to implement changes. Note: It can take 2 to 4 days after this date for payments to hit your bank account or debit card. Where a state has started paying benefits, you will see the Payment Status column updated to "Paying Now" to reflect this. Please see your state UI website for your specific claim payment status. If you find any mistakes or have updates, please leave a comment below and I will update table to help others.

Note – States must apply via FEMA (by September 10th, 2020) to get access to unemployment funding for the LWA. Once FEMA reviews and approves the state’s grant application, the State Unemployment Insurance agency will coordinate with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and FEMA to program, implement, and distribute LWA funds once they update their systems to support program requirements such as claimant eligibility. States will be the ones administering the program and making payouts. The table above shows which states are currently approved and the estimated week payments will begin. This is an estimated date and you should check your states unemployment website for exact payout dates

The DOL estimates it will take 3 weeks on average for states to start the LWA supplementary unemployment benefit payouts once funding grant is approved by FEMA. Some states like Arizona and Texas were working on these updates ahead of approval and so have already started making payouts in August. Other states are slow in applying and have antiquated systems so claimants could only start seeing payments in late September!

The LWA program is scoped to provide benefits to eligible recipients between August 1st to December 27th 2020, so states enrolled will have to make retroactive payments where applicable. You will need to refer to state websites for instructions to file for LWA program (may require you to reapply) and certify for past weeks.

Also it is highly likely that the $44 billion funding for the LWA program via FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund will run out well before the December end date, unless Congress agrees on funding for an extension. States were initially only approved for 3 weeks and will have to keep requesting funding approval from FEMA on weekly basis. Some experts are saying benefits will only last 4 to 6 weeks, so states that have signed up early will likely get the most benefit payments. Further if your payments stop, it is likely due to states running out of federal funding.

Note however that should Congress pass another stimulus bill with enhanced unemployment benefits funding (e.g. FPUC extension), the LWA program will terminate immediately per program guidelines.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

Based on some repeated questions in the comment section below I have received here are answers to help those who may have similar questions:

Question –  I’m listed as DUA for my unemployment. Will I get the 300 dollars (under LWA) or don’t I qualify for under DUA?

Answer – This depends on how you got your Disaster unemployment assistance (DUA). If your DUA benefits qualification was not related to the Pandemic, e.g due to natural disasters (flood, hurricane) that impacted your employment, then you won’t be eligible for LWA. However Individuals receiving DUA benefits because their employment was impacted by COVID-19 are eligible for LWA. Note some state unemployment agencies (e.g Texas and Oklahoma) are sometimes referring to DUA as PUA, in which case under PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) you would qualify for the $300 to $400 LWA payment.

Question – I am just below the $100 threshold ($90 to $99), can I still get this payment?

Gina asked, “I receive $97 a week in unemployment benefit in California. Will I get the extra $300? Just $3 short!”

Technically no. You must be getting at least $100 (pre-tax) in weekly benefits from the following qualified unemployment programs below to get the extra $300 to $400 LWA payment. However several states like California and New York are temporarily raising their state minimum unemployment benefit to put claimants in their states above the $100 limit so they qualify for LWA. You will need to check with your state unemployment agency to see if they will make this exception for you.

  • Unemployment compensation, including regular State Unemployment Compensation,
  • Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) and Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Service members (UCX)
  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)
  • Extended Benefits (EB)
  • Short-Time Compensation (STC)
  • Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA)
  • Payments under the Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) program

Question: Working part time or a few hours, will I qualify for LWA?  

This was Jonathan’s example: I qualify for weekly $117 PUA payments every week. This week I worked one day part time and will receive less than $100 from PUA. Will I still Receive the additional $300?

Answer: The LWA program’s $100 cutoff is based on a claimant’s benefit base rate, which is calculated before any
deductions or reductions. This includes supplementary job payments by working part time in a given week, which would reduce your normal UI benefit claim. Because LWA eligibility is based on what you are eligible for or your base rate, you can still qualify for the $300 LWA payment if your actual weekly payment (net of taxes and deductions) is less than $100.

Question: Do I have to reapply to get these benefits?

Answer: It will depend on your state. In most states you won’t have to reapply and will be notified via mail or your UI portal around your eligibility and payment date for these benefits (will be on your claim balance). You may have to self certify that your unemployment or partial unemployment is due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (which is a very general criteria that almost anyone can use). Payments will be made retroactive to August 1st for the weeks you have certified and qualified ($100 threshold) for this payment.

Question Are LWA payments subject to federal income tax?

Answer: Yes. LWA is subject to federal income tax and will have been communicated to you by your state UI agency at the time of filing or certification

Question: Can LWA UI payments be withheld or offset for Child Support or Past Debt payments?

Answer: According to DOL guidance, Offsets of LWA payments other than for tax withholding are not permitted by state agencies. This includes child support debts.

[Aug 15th update] With Congress unable to reach an agreement on a new stimulus bill and no impending legal challenge, it looks like Trumps executive order to extend and replace the existing extra weekly unemployment benefit (FPUC, or $600 weekly payment) may actually be implemented following guidance by the Department of Labor (DOL) on the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program. The following are key guidelines issued by the DOL:

The LWA program will provide eligible claimants in state administered unemployment Insurance (UI) programs up to $400 per week additional UI benefits, starting with weeks of unemployment on or after Aug. 1, 2020, and ending Dec. 27, 2020 at the latest. This means that payments will be retroactive to August 1st, even though the program has been implemented after that.

Per recent federal enhanced unemployment benefit programs guidelines, to quality for LWA benefits claimants must certify that they are unemployed or under unemployed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) related reasons, and the state must confirm that the individual is receiving at least $100 of existing unemployment benefits under current benefit programs (which include state UI, PUA or PEUC). This is supposedly to prevent fraud from people who were claiming this payment with minimal UI benefits.

LWA will be funded through a joint federal-state agreement that requires states to contribute 25% ($100) of the benefit payment with the remainder (75%, or $300) coming from the federal government. States can use their own budgets or the emergency Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) they received under the CARES Act to cover their portion of the enhanced LWA UI payment, however this is not mandatory and is at the discretion of the state administration.

More importantly under DOL guidance, states may count funds that are already used to provide regular state UI payments toward the state match. If this is the case then the revised extra FPUC weekly UI amount would only be $300, the federally funded amount.

Because Trump’s executive order cannot allocate new federal funding, the LWA program may end earlier than Dec. 27 (highly likely) if FEMA expends $44 billion or the balance of the Disaster Relief Fund decreases to $25 billion. Congress would then have to approve additional funding.

There are still several questions around how and when states can implement this. While the DOL guidelines will provide more clarity it will likely take weeks for states to update their unemployment systems and roll-out the updated guidelines.

Source: DOL (LWA program), FEMA LWA guidelines

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370 thoughts on “You Will Need $100 of Existing Unemployment (State, PUA or PEUC) to Get $300 to $400 Extra in Extended 2020 UI Benefits Under Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program – State Roll-out Updates and News

  1. I was told that the LWA will be for 6 weeks now. I live in NC and it still says that we are only getting 5 weeks will this be updated? Or is this incorrect

  2. I’m from NC. I have received the back pay of $900 but when I recertified again I only got my regular UI benefits. On the website it says that NC was starting payments on the Sept 6th should I expect an extra $300 in my account the next time I certify

  3. I see something say 58 then weekly payment 54 so 108 every two weeks im in florida will i get the 300 i live in florida its so hard please help me understand i was getting the 600 im getting peuc now so someone please help me understand please.

  4. I’m listed as DUA but I was told
    That because it was
    Due to
    Covid-19 I still qualify for the 300
    I I received one payment back dating 8/1/2020 but I haven’t gotten anything else I have to certify for my benefits on the 13th does that mean that I’ll get the rest of the money then or do I just get the 300 from 8/1/2020 And that’s it? I’m so confused on all of this stuff.
    From California

    1. Hi Megan,
      According to the EDD “You are not eligible for LWA payments if you are receiving Disaster Unemployment Assistance, State Special School Benefits, or a Training Extension.”

      I would contact EDD, to see if you should have applied for PUA (info here: if you are an independent contractor or self-employed. There is a great deal of overlap between the two programs.

      If you are a business – partnership, C or S-corporation, or other entity there may be other options for you here:

      1. Hi Teresa
        Well now I’m confused because I have received a $300 payment for 8/1/2020
        I received and message from edd stating that it was a payment from LWA. So does that mean I’m only getting one $300 payment or will I receive the full 3 to 5 weeks of the LWA? I wish I know how to send a screenshot of the message I received but it is stating that the $300 payment is a back payment for 8/1/2020 from the Lost Wages Assistance program.. So again my question is will I be receiving the receiving the $300 back payments or do I just get the one $300 payment from August 1st 2020? One more thing I keep reading that if I applied for the disaster unemployment assistance due to the COVID-19 then I am eligible for the LWA program.. am I reading that wrong?

  5. Hello i receive 106 in my unemployment every week in Mississippi so will get the 300

  6. Hi Andy,

    Do you know of any news as to when Kentucky will be paid LWA? The date has changed again and I can’t find any news online. Any info would be helpful!

  7. I qualify for $107 weekly benefits in Louisiana. I received $900 retro-pay last week but my state says I would also receive the $107 along with it. Now this week I only received $107 and not the $407. Anyone have any theories?

  8. Hi i live in California i am only working 20 hours a week part time , my WBA amount is 366 once i put in my hours work i only get about $50 dls a week . what is it base on ? do i still qualify for the $300 dls or do i have to find a second job. ?

    1. Hi Tan,

      Eligibility is based on WBA and whether the participant is eligible for benefits that week. It looks like a no – but I would contact the CA’s Employment Development Department for clarification.

  9. We live in Illinois. The IDES website says payments are scheduled to begin the week of September 6th, this week. My wife has been off since May and only got her regular 362 dollar deposit. There may be some misinformation between the date on IDES website and the info you have. She qualifies, but has not received any extra LWA as of yet.

  10. Why am I not receiving LWA payments in California if my DUA claim was related to COVID-19 pandemic reasons that impacted my business? Is there further or different guidelines for each state or is my state’s dysfunctional bureaucratic UI department simply not qualifying me correctly for the programs? Is it something I should appeal?

    1. According to the EDD “You are not eligible for LWA payments if you are receiving Disaster Unemployment Assistance, State Special School Benefits, or a Training Extension.”

      I would contact EDD, to see if you should have applied for PUA (info here: if you are an independent contractor or self-employed. There is a great deal of overlap between the two programs.

      If you are a business – partnership, C or S-corporation, or other entity there may be other options for you here:

  11. I have a question, im unemployed through Illinois and i get 104 after taxes every two week will i get the 300 a week payment

      1. I live in Georgia, I receive $117 before taxes are taken out after taxes it leaves me at $98. Will i get the $300 weekly?

        1. I am in georgia also and gdol site says it was deposit 9/11/2020 but it is still not available and it is after 6am on monday????

        2. Ok mines say Georgia deposit for September 14 on the portal but still no money

        3. How long does it usually take to get a direct deposit after it was released in Georgia

  12. I live in New Jersey and I’m collecting PUA because I wasn’t working pre Covid. Do I qualify for the extra $300 a week?

  13. In PA you have to certify by answering two questions and the first is, “Are you unemployed?” (present tense) For those who have gone back to work, but would qualify for some of the August weeks retroactively, how can/should you answer this? I am unable to find any guidance on this. Thanks!

  14. Is the $300 based on what you are eligible to receive per week or what you actually received for a particular week week? And, if I was unemployed the week ending August 1st but I’m back to work now, is the payment retroactive or am I not eligible because I am back to work?

  15. California EDD said LWA payments would start today September 7. i filed my claim yesterday and did not receive the additional $300. i meet all qualifications. what do i do?

    1. Just wait a couple more days. With a public holiday today no processing is going on. Hang in there.

  16. We are in Pennsylvania. My wife receives PUA but when she filed her weekly claim this morning, there was no requirement to certify eligibility for LWA, whereas when I filed my biweekly claim for regular UC, I had to do/was able to do that. And on her Claim Summary page there is no mention of the additional $300, just her regular amount, whereas when she was receiving the earlier $600, that was always listed. PUA qualifies for LWA, so what’s happening re LWA under PUA in PA?

    1. yes, i am from Pennsylvania as well, my husband receive PUA, there was no requirement to certify eligibility for LWA?? i am wondering if he need to apply for separately???

      1. Hi, I checked the UC website afterwards and saw that people claiming PUA don’t have to further certify for the LWA, it’s allocated automatically. People claiming regular UC do have to certify, but that option appears as soon as you log in to file.

  17. good information here, thank you all. i scrolled through, many comments and questions, to see if GA was mentioned, but I didn’t see a post. i receive $47 a week now from being off from work since March due to Covid. So how do i find out if GA will add in the $100 benefit? (and if they do, I am then considered as getting $147 a week or still just $47 and won’t qualifiy?) I have been unemployed since March, and have not been called back to work yet. So the only unemployment i am now receiving, is $47 a week. This is because they calculated from 2018-2019 and I was a college student in 2018 and graduated in may of 2019. i started my first job in July, 2019. so because i was not making very much money, and only worked a few months at my job, it came to $47 a week. I was fortunate to get the Pandemic $600 (504 after taxes) a week. but we all know that is over with! so i’m trying to live on $47 a week with all the bills besides my college bills. I’m assuming i will not receive any additional monies since i’m below the required $100. but if GA puts in the $100, will i then? thank you for any help.

  18. I am in Michigan where max benefit amount is $362, I received this until I maxed out of my weeks (unemployed since Oct. 2019) So, I am not currently “receiving” benefits but my benefit year has not come yet. Do you think I will get LWA? or is anyone in the same situation and have knowledge? Thanks in Advance.

  19. I draw $81 a week in Arkansas…I don’t qualify for the extra which to me is UNFAIR I wonder if Arkansas is going to raise it to $100 so we can all get it

    1. I agree with you Teresa Im in same boat as you I dont think its fair either I hope they do raise it because pymts are gonna start going out on the 13th next week we should at least be able to get back pay if anything

    2. I agree with you. I’m in the same boat. This is complete bs. So unfair. So I guess now in our country we are being penalized because we don’t make enough money. Typical trump antics. Our president has never in his Privileged life had to struggle. He cares not one iota about poor struggling women

      1. it is not the country if your state was to contribute the 100 you would have 181 witch would qualify you

  20. I receive $97 a week in unemployment benefit in California. Will I get the extra $300?
    Just $3 short!

    1. Technically no. You must be getting at least $100 (pre-tax) in weekly benefits from qualified unemployment programs to get the extra $300 to $400 LWA payment. However several states like California, New York are temporarily raising their state minimum unemployment payouts to put claimants in their states above the $100 limit so they qualify for LWA. You will need to check with your state unemployment agency to see if they will make this exception for you.

      I have updated the article to add more details.

      1. Thanks for your reply, I am in California and can’t find any articles that mention that California, New York are temporarily raising their state minimum unemployment payouts to put claimants in their states above the $100 limit so they qualify. Had California raised its minimum?!

      2. do they go back retroactive to your amount per week you were making in July or to the amount per week you are making now. per week under PUA I was making 238.00. Now I had to switch to regular unemployment and I am making 56.00 per week

      3. My weekly unemployment is $149 but with taxes taken out I get $94 .do I qualify for the $400

        1. Yes. It’s the pre tax amount that counts. Please see article for details.

      4. I read a few articles that Kentucky is raising the minimum to 100, so every one qualify for it. Do you happen to know if this is true.

  21. This is so unfair! I’m a single mother and am only getting 91$ a week from the state RIGHT NOW TO TAKE CARE OF A CHILD and now you want to disqualify me because you pay me less!? I’m so discussed with our system, yet again

    1. Several states like California, New York are temporarily raising their state minimum unemployment payouts to put claimants in their states above the $100 limit so they qualify for LWA. You will need to check with your state unemployment agency to see if they will make this exception for you.

      1. Are you sure that California is temporarily raising their state minimum unemployment payouts to put claimants in their states above the $100 limit so they qualify for LWA

    2. I agree completely. I only draw 81 per week and now I’m disqualified because I’m poorer than other people. So I’m just tossed aside because I do not make enough money. Omg. This is ridiculous

  22. I really feel as though that is unfair that we have to receive $100 and unemployment are Pua benefits in order to receive the rest of your pay in the $300 compensation due to the fact that determination is based off of them rounding up numbers and I was placed at the lower end and wasn’t able to receive the max are over $100 in benefits which I will peeled but I mean I feel as though I worked hard and I’m unemployed due to covid so therefore I feel like I need to receive my compensation as well

  23. I’m with you on that I live in South Carolina a low budged state I receive 97 on my unemployment I have four young kids. I was currently a teacher aid so know school is closed I’m a stay at home mom with low income. To me it’s not right an unequal. what about us we are in need as well. I think the states should take this in consideration for those whom are out of work due to covid that is under the 100. The states should add a little to make it happen for them specially to feed there family. I had to move out my home and live with moms that’s to much in one house. The governors needs our votes well as we need there help.

  24. I make 106 out once a week but get paid 46 because of child support. IM on unemployment in Mississippi. Will I get the 300

    1. The LWA program’s $100 cutoff is based on a claimant’s benefit base rate, which is calculated before any deductions or reductions. This includes supplementary job payments by working part time in a given week, which would reduce your normal UI benefit claim. Because LWA eligibility is based on what you are eligible for or your base rate, you can still qualify for the $300 LWA payment if your actual weekly payment (net of taxes and deductions) is less than $100.

  25. Shelley Zumwalt, interim executive director of Oklahoma OESC said “We’re operating in a compressed timeline with the understanding people across our state need help; and while many other states are estimating implementation to take up to 10 weeks, we are anticipating implementation within our system in four-to-five weeks.”

    1. In most states, eligible claimants currently receiving benefits do not need to take any action because they will add LWA to their weekly benefit payment retroactive to the dates they are eligible. (i.e Commonwealth of Mass will automatically add LWA to eligible claimants currently receiving benefits)

  26. I have been reading these answers and they are so contradicting and so confusing I’ve seen several people say that they make below $100 and one person will be told that they qualify in one person will be told they don’t qualify from what I am seeing is if your base rate is less than $100 are you saying for example if you make $75 on unemployment every week if your state puts that hundred-dollar boost in will that put you above the hundred dollar limit will that make people eligible if the state puts in that hundred dollars which is up to our governor I read in the comments yes it does and then and other comments people was told no just want to clarify this in the state of North Carolina if our governor puts forward $100 and we only make $50 a week every week on unemployment but the state is going to throw in that extra $100 will that make you eligible to receive some kind of extra unemployment these answers that I have been reading is very confusing and everybody’s question was the same but the answers were different every one of them asked if they only made $50 a week or $70 a week would they qualify and they were told no but then in some of the answers they were told yes if the state puts in $100 in a person makes well below a 100 say 52, state throws in 100 what i am hearing there is 300 lwa and 100 from your state. So is that state unemployment that can be added? To make you eligible for some kind of a boost. North carolina has like 45,000 people drawing below 100 this is very important to so may of us. so can you clarify what I am trying to ask here thank you

      1. Thanks for the update. Confirmed via Missouri DOL – “Missouri has begun processing payments to unemployed workers under the federal Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program. The state began processing the $300 federal supplemental payments [on August 26th] to eligible individuals. As the Division of Employment Security (DES) will be processing retroactive payments separately due to the volume, eligible individuals should not expect to receive all their retroactive payments on the same day. The first retroactive payment should be issued by the end of the week, while the other retroactive payments should be received by the end of next week. Payments may appear in UInteract up to 24 hours before the payment is released to the bank. After the payment file is released to the bank, it may take up to 48 hours of processing time for the receiving bank to provide access to the funds. The DES was initially approved for three weeks of the LWA supplemental benefits by FEMA. The state has requested but has not yet received FEMA approval to pay the week ending August 22, 2020.

    1. The title of this article is bit confusing. However according the Executive Order anyone who is getting some amount of UA (PUA, PUC, UI, etc.) will qualify for the extra $300 or $400 depending on the states. For example;

      1- If you get $50 weekly then your state has to put another $50 to make up the $100 (which is 25% of $400) and apply the $300 from the LWA funds. So in this case you will be getting $350.

      2- If recipient is already getting $100 or more then state counts first $100 towards 25% requirement set by the “Executive order” and apply for $300 from the LWA funds. So in this case you will be getting only $300 additional.

      1. Okay so I have a question my unemployment benefits stop this week because I exceeded my funds I was recieving 104 now that had stop I applied for the PEUC an in waiting on a letter to see my approval but in that letter it stated that I was getting 50% of what I was getting from unemployment which is like 52$ will I be qualified for the extra 300? In in the state of Virginia

      2. I am really confused with this, I am from NC and only receive $67 so will the state add $33 to put me at $100 so I qualify for the LWA?

        1. No….Not all states are doing this. So far only New York is providing the temp increase to get to $100. Some states like MA already had a minimum UI threshold that puts claimants in their states above $100.

  27. MN, FL and HI have all been approved for the LWA program by FEMA:

    August 29, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Minnesota
    August 29, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Florida
    August 29, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Hawaii

      1. Thanks. I was hearing and seeing online that payments started being processed this week. But either way its active now!

  28. I worked part time in Florida and was initially laid off and eventually the job ended due to COVID…My UI benefits were calculated by using some kind of formula whereby my weekly pay average of 175.00 was reduced to 88.00 per week for my WBA. Now with the minimum 100.00 a week WBA qualification for the LWA I am disqualified. This is totally unfair…Florida is the worst for collecting unemployment (it took me over 5 weeks to get it, not to mention hundreds of phone attempts) and also one of the lowest paid in the country. On top of this they have to create some kind of additional penalty for working part time by reducing the weekly benefit amount. I feel there should be some kind of petition to send to Governor DeSantis to compel him to make arrangements for those that are left out in the cold due to the archaic system Florida has. It is not a fault of President Trump and I believe one if not two other states are making plans to adjust their WBA for those that are under the 100.00 to make sure all their citizens are covered….What a nice thing to do. Apparently these Governors have family and a “heart” to realize that the ones getting less than 100.00 a week are just as much in need of assistance if not more and are willing to go the extra mile to help them…..DeSantis should be ashamed of himself, not only for not providing for us less fortunate but also in using delaying tactics to apply for the LWA for those that already do qualify…..Is there no help for us?

    1. “Compel” him ? Surely, you must be joking. If not, you’re ridiculous. How narcissistic. And no, most people who have their benefit reduced to under $100 ARE NOT in need of more help than the others. Their benefits are reduced BECAUSE THEY ARE WORKING. It’s not a “penalty”, you schmuck. Why should someone who is working get the same amount that they were getting when not working ? That doesn’t make any sense.

      1. Did you not read my entire message…I AM NOT WORKING! That is why I am “just as much in need” as others! Your comments are offensive and not at all appreciated. You must be one of the “fortunate ones” who is not in need of assistance. I am a retired 75 year old woman and worked part time to make ends meet. My social security does not cover all my expenses….So now, being the first time in my entire work history that I am not getting enough income, I guess I will have to go without something, food?, medication?,electric? unless you would like to help contribute! I doubt it since you do not sound like the kind of person who can empathize for others…..I wish you luck my friend, one day you may need it more than myself….

      2. Goodness, Shannon, there’s no need to call names and be nasty. Are you really that miserable that you have to come to a site like this and be mean to people looking for help? Bless your heart, I hope you get help for that ailment of yours!

    2. I’m in the same boat with you except I’m in Tennessee….it’s very heart breaking I know!…and sooo unfair…I don’t even understand how this can even be happening!….HOW IS THIS HAPPENING???…what can we do?…I’ve emailed everyone that has their email available at the unemployment office…All we can do is hope & pray that SOMEBODY cares enough to see this as a issue and make changes to the system…good luck sweety,..I’ll be thinking of you

    3. This is Senate Republicans’ fault because House Democrats passed a plan several months ago to allow the extra $600 a week past July 31. But the Senate controlled by Republicans sat on it, and didn’t negotiate. Democrats were willing to reduce that to $400 or $300 but Senate said no. So Trump comes out with his order and looks like he saves the day, when in reality, it’s a big sham. We should have had an agreement on this in Congress back in June.

  29. Could you tell me if it’s based on your WBA or the amount you receive each week? It’s a bit confusing to me. Thanks!

    1. It clearly states above that it’s based on your benefit base rate, which is another way of saying WBA.

  30. The President’s Executive Order states that ALL people who are unemployed due to Covid-19 are to be provided with enhance financial support (snip-it below). To me it appears that Section 3 is separate from Section 4 (and even Section 6 indicates the LWAP is described in section 4). Is this correct? Paragraph 3 does not say anything about eligible claimants or eligibility. If this is true then what are the individuals who are receiving less than $100 going to be receiving from the states, as their supplement?

    Per President Trump’s Executive Order in Section 3: “I am calling on States to use amounts allocated to them out of the CRF, or other State funding, to provide temporary enhanced financial support to those whose jobs or wages have been adversely affected by COVID-19. These funds, including those currently used to support State unemployment insurance programs, may be applied as the State’s cost share with Federal DRF funds. To ensure that those affected by a loss in wages due to COVID-19 continue to receive supplemental benefits for weeks of unemployment ending no later than December 27, 2020, States should also identify funds to be spent without a Federal match should the total DRF balance deplete to $25 billion.

    1. You have to read the whole thing; not just pick the parts you feel support your argument.
      Trump spells out the eligibility requirements clearly.

      (d) For purposes of this memorandum, the term “Eligible claimants” means claimants who:

      (i) receive, for the week lost wages assistance is sought, at least $100 per week of any of the following benefits:

      (A) Unemployment compensation, including Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) and Unemployment Compensation for Ex‑Service members (UCX), under section 8501 of title 5, United States Code;

      (B) Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), under section 2107 of the CARES Act;

      (C) Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), under section 2102 of the CARES Act;

      (D) Extended Benefits (EB), under section 3304 of title 26, United States Code;

      (E) Short-Time Compensation (STC), under section 3306(v) of title 26, United States Code;

      (F) Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA), under sections 2291 through 2293 of title 19, United States Code; and

      (G) Payments under the Self-Employment Assistant (SEA) program, under section 3306(t) of title 26, United States Code; and

      (ii) provide self-certification that the claimant is unemployed or partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.

  31. Hello Please excuse me I am a bit confused. I live in WV unfortunately my low paying job only qualified me for $33 per week in unemployment. Am I understanding correctly that since my Gov. is providing the $100 via WV that I will qualify for the extra $300

    1. No. The $33 you get is your WBA. Your WBA must be $100 in order to qualify. The $100 from the state (which is optional) is in addition to the $300 LWA, to make it a total of $400. Most states aren’t going to provide it anyway.

  32. WY and OR approved for LWA program by FEMA. Expected payments in 2 to 3 weeks (estimated Sep 13th)

    August 28, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Wyoming
    August 28, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Oregon

  33. I was listed as PUA for unemployment . Did it change because the the 600 end in July because now I’m listed as DUA . Do I need to call to see if I will be qualified. I got 106 for unemployment.

      1. Why do I keep getting told I am not Eligible to receive the LWA payments. I am so confused on all of this because I’m being told that I am not eligible but yeah I got a $300 payment stating that it was from the lost wages assistance program for August 1, 2020. My question is am I going to receive the 3 to 5 weeks back dated or am I only going to receive one LWA payment?

  34. They have to come up with a strategy for expanding the eligibility for the extra $300 a week! I only get $75 a week in New Orleans LA and you can imagine that it doesn’t go very far! Thankfully I’m being allowed to temporarily stay back at home with my Dad and Stepmom while I look for work, but even so I have bills, as well as I want to be able to contribute towards the household cost of living! If I didn’t have this option I guess I would either be nomadic between friend’s couches or sleeping in my tiny car somewhere, which with $75 a week wouldn’t be comfortable in Louisiana summer while having to conserve gas! I want to work! I am a veterinary technician with years of experience, still, with all the competition for jobs and the complicated process of being hired today, it’s been very difficult not to lose hope. Don’t even get me started on the complete failure as Americans to provide our workers with fair and reasonable salaries. As a vet tech with almost 10 years of experience I look to start a job at approximately $10-$13 an hour. It’s a stressful, fast passed, emotionally and physically demanding position with long shifts spent on your feet for 35-45 hours a week. Even with the great work load that only allows someone to make $ 2,080 a month before taxes and without subtracting any insurance cost. With rent for a decent “studio” apartment being around $600-$1,000 in Greater New Orleans you can imagine how tight finances are with even this decent job. Add utilities, cell phone, food and transportation that’s around $750-$900 a month. So let’s say that your rent is $765, utilities are $200, phone is $100, car insurance and gas is $275, Internet is $90 and food is $250. That is $1680 total on around $1760 After taxes and I haven’t included any insurance, debt, dependents, relationship partners or lord forbid medications. As you can see, we have a seriously broken economic system in America today where everyday hard working people are forced to struggle and suffer under great financial strain everyday while the wealthy are only growing more and more wealthy! Then when something like this pandemic happens and jobs are lost at incredible rates for the regular working people, the wealthy elite in our government tell us that an extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits is too great and it’s making people chose to not go back to work. I promise that in Louisiana, where the MAXIMUM State unemployment benefit is $247 a week that another $600 isn’t making anyone rich! Actually it is allowing the actual largest number of people in my state to just about squeeze by without suffering too horribly. Many of us do not get $247 a week form unemployment. So we’re not living on easy street with the stimulus money. But our congressmen and women, party excluded, felt that $600 a week was halting the economy and that we weren’t interested in getting back to work. So as the time ticked by and the expiration date crept closer and closer no assistance whatsoever was being implemented and only partisan bullshit was tossed about while we saw our the finances we were living on come to an end with absolutely nothing in place to keep millions of Americans from complete impoverishment, hunger, evictions and incredible suffering!

    1. I totally agree! After all …..these idiots who’s empowered to make these choices on our lives never stop getting payed the hi salaries that they receive! and they get them until they’re dead! And on top of it all the spouses get 10% of their salaries until they die but here they are juggling the few dollars that govern the lives of people who actually work and make up job earning incomes that provide the countries job market! $275.00 is ridiculous in the first place! it should be a minimum of 75% of the last salary..

    2. You make good points. The deck is stacked against most people. Rents are way too high. In Maryland you can’t find a decent studio apartment for under $1300 a month.

  35. I live in Arizona. I qualify for weekly $117 PUA payments every week. This week I worked one day part time and will receive less than $100 from PUA. Will I still Receive the additional $300?

    1. Researched the answer and update article. The NY DOL FAQ confirmed my answer, which is:

      The LWA program’s $100 cutoff is based on a claimant’s benefit base rate, which is calculated before any
      deductions or reductions. This includes supplementary job payments by working part time in a given week, which would reduce your normal UI benefit claim. Because LWA eligibility is based on what you are eligible for or your base rate, you can still qualify for the $300 LWA payment if your actual weekly payment (net of taxes and deductions) is less than $100.

      So yes, you should get your LWA payment.

  36. I need to know if I can get an extension on my unemployment I have exhausted my state unemployment benefits and my federal 13 week extension and I am still unemployed I live in KY I read that I would be enrolled to receive entended benefits when my benefits are exhausted is this true very worried if not how do I apply

  37. I currently live in california i get 95 in ui claim are you saying that because of 5$ i wont get the 300 boost if thats the case what can i do in order to recieve the 300

    1. well that is about the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. im in the same spot, i am eligible for $205 a week . i have been working about 14 hours a week , so i am able to get $88 a week from state unemployment. so i will not get the extra $300 a week either. thats stupid. so i will make about $175 a week and thats it. ya sure people can live off $700 a month

      1. No, that’s not right Ryan. The extra $300 is based on your WBA BEFORE deductions, etc. If your WBA is $205, you’ll receive the additional $300 a week.

      2. The way I read it is you would get it if your WBA is above $100, even if working part-time makes your actual weekly payment go below $100.

        1. That is correct. taxes and any deductions to your WBA due to work won’t count.

  38. Hey looking for the Andy guy that is answering everyone’s questions, I was receiving $120 PUA since the corona first started until This week and now it’s saying I’m on DUA will I still qualify for the 3-400 in Tennessee that they are retroacting??

    1. No. Disaster unemployment assistance (DUA) isn’t one of the eligible existing unemployment buckets you can use for the LWA $300 weekly payment. So you won’t qualify. Note – PUA would have qualified you, but not sure why you were changed to DUA

      1. I have see here in Oklahoma that if u are on a Dua claim and it’s related to covid19 and not a tornado,hurricane,flood anything other then covid19 and u make over 100 dollars u will receive the extra 30l dollars so I am thinking anyone’s claim that is Dua is the same Dua in Oklahoma is pua kind of the same thang if I can find where I read it at I will post it !

      2. This is what i found out for people on a Dua claim in Oklahoma!!!!!Question – I’m listed as DUA for my unemployment. Will I get the 300 dollars (under LWA) or don’t I qualify for under DUA?
        Answer – This depends on how you got your Disaster unemployment assistance (DUA). If your DUA benefits qualification was not related to the Pandemic, e.g due to a natural disaster like a flood, then you won’t be eligible for LWA. However Individuals receiving DUA benefits because their employment was impacted by COVID-19 are eligible for LWA. Note some state unemployment agencies (e.g Texas and Oklahoma) are sometimes referring to DUA as PUA, in which case under PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) you would qualify for DUA.

        LWA is not payable to individuals collecting Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) unrelated to the pandemic, i.e. a tropical storm, hurricane, or flood

    2. I think you were misinformd or either I don’t have the dates correct. The questions asked only give the time not the date of the question. If you were on PUA 08/1/2020, I was under the impression you would receive the extra $300. After your PUA benefits expired and you became eligible for DUA if I gave the correct abbreviation, you would no longer receive the extra $300.

  39. VA and OH approved by FEMA today for LWA program. Assuming payments will start from week of Sep 13th! But Ohio was one of the worst states making original $600 FPUC payment so could see further delays.

    August 26, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Ohio

    August 26, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Virginia

    1. Question:)
      I qualify for $189 a week but work two days a week now so I only get $94.50 a week. Would I receive the extra benefits?

      1. If you drop below $100 in current UI benefits for a given week, you won’t get the $300 extra weekly payment.

        1. US Labor says it goes by qualifying amount before taxes and any other deductions like working a few days. Also says NY minimum UI is 104 a week in unemployment so all NY unemployment claimants will get 300

        2. Thanks Apple, yes qualifying amount is the one to look at. I was reading it as his UI benefit had permanently dropped.

  40. How can the Dept. of Labor implement their own provisions that were not even part of the President’s Executive Order, e.g. the $100 threshold of unemployment benefit requirement, prior to receipt of LWA?

  41. 100 dollars inorder to get the 300 i think this is some straight BS so people who really need the money gets nothing yes trump has to go government got so many things they keep coming up with 2 cut people short

    1. yeah, I thought this was a win for Trump for sure until I read that detail. Complete BS, may be losing my vote

    2. It is not Trump if your state put in the 100 that would make you eligible so actually it’s your governor

  42. I’m a Maryland resident. MD was one of the first 6 or 7 states to be approved by FEMA for $300 LWA. Why are we the latest as far as calendar date to recieve the benefits? It’s something like September 28th?

    1. I was approved for PUA assistance at 106$ in MS. My claim page is saying DUA now. I’m unemployed due to corona virus , do I qualify for the LWA program.

  43. So the rest.of us gas to suffer. I have 2 children and i get 91.00 a week that dont do nothing. So Web just get cut out the loop

    1. I feel your pain and taking away from my happiness and my sleep at night do you know if its anything we can do or if this rule will change

    2. I was approved $158 weekly for pua benefits.. I was sent a debit card a week and a half ago with a 0 balance on it.. I check every day and I get 0 balance.. I activated the right way.. please help me of what to do or who I can call about.. thank u…

      1. Did you file for those weeks,in order for you to receive you have to file weekly, within 3 days your money should be available.

  44. Why did Trump’s Executive Order change the qualifying rules -[from $1 to $100 a week]? This is not acceptable! To prevent fraud is not justifiable or a legitimate excuse. It’s cruel, unfair, discriminatory and a divisive action that will unnecessarily create increased human suffering and put substantially more people into greater financial hardship – onto those who really needed assistance and a helping hand the most.
    When a population is given no choice in the matter of a forced, economic shutdown, the institution[s] that imposed it have a responsibility to provide sufficient remedy and relief. Although, this may not have been the first time a Trump Law/Order has resulted in punishing the poor, subjugated and downtrodden; it’s really the failure of Congress – who had been negligent on this and should NOT have dropped the ball in the first place to reach a solution.
    Are there any Lawyers out there who believe this is a good case for a class action lawsuit?

    1. I agree. I do not commit fraud. I am a widowed senior citizen on a fixed income. I was laid off in March due to the virus. I returned one month later during the pandemic only to find the company filed bankruptcy the first of August. I was not allowed to file under the pandemic assistance (PUA) due to I had past history and qualified under regular unemployment (UI). Many of my
      co workers did not qualify due to being monetarily disqualified. They are 20 yr olds who live at home with parents and this is their first job or they worked 4 hours a week. The minimum benefit under PAU is $159.00 a week. They will get the benefit and I will not due to making $91.00 a week which is actually $82.00 after taxes are taken out. This is total BS. It is more than disheartening to know I will be evicted next. I am out looking for a job so the reasoning behind this is BS all over the place. The persons that get more money will again benefit. Huge FYI the corporation I worked for has been forgiven alot of its debt. The CEOS have gotten bonuses of over 1.5 million each. Also they are going to get away with not paying payroll taxes. I even ave to pay my taxes on $91.00 . TOTAL BS TRUMP wants me to fail. I have never ask or been given any financial aid….I have always worked. What can I do?

    2. Class action lawsuit?? What do u even make sense? Your lucky Trump even signed an executive order. No president has ever done that and now u want to sue him bc there weren’t enough funds in fema to pay everybody. Of course they are going to leave the lowest paying people out first, its common sense, bc it is based on what you earned in the past a certain percentage.. . If u never earned more than lets say $200 per wk and are now getting around $95 unemployment, how would that be fair to give u $300 per week when u never earned that to begin with???? So the people who made $75,000 per year and make $1,750 per week than could make a case that they are getting only maybe $500 per wk from their state unemployment should get at least another $1,200 per week just to equal their past income. If u always lived on $200 per wk that would mean u obviously do not work many hours per week or your working and earning money for other days and only claiming 1-2 days per week…

      1. I understand your point of view, but it really is not fair to anyone. Your hypothetical example of someone who normally earned 200.00 a week and is now reduced to 95.00 (a reduced rate for unemployment) normally would make sense but we are dealing with unusual circumstances wherein the job that they may have had before is now non existent (most jobs are due to COVID) and your comment about being able to live on 200.00 per week before “means you obviously do not work many hours per week or only claiming 1-2 days” does not wash with someone like me…I worked 4 -5 days per week working 20-22 hours and I needed this additional income to supplement my social security, otherwise I could not manage! Everyone today needs help…true some of us were getting more than we had earned before (600.00 extra!) but that was a blessing and any amount over the minimum unemployment now is still helpful for all of us! The majority of the unemployed are not being fraudulent or non appreciative and once this catastrophe is over we will all (hopefully) get back to normal and be able to make enough money on our own to live the life we are accustomed to…but for now, every little bit helps. I hope you can understand that. :)

  45. im in md my son was recieving 118$then last week they charged his amount to 98$ has anyone else went threw this and do u know why

    1. Is pua and Dua the same is what I need to know my claim type is saying DUAi get $189.00 every week and only received the $600.00 the last week they was giving it and another date has popped up saying pending I think it’s the day I lost my job is that meaning there going to go back until the second date because it’s before the first date that I’m getting paid for the second date is 5-3-2020 first one is in July 2020 I’m so confused can some one please let me know what I’m doing I’m brand new to this first time on unemployment does people in Oklahoma with a DUA getting the extra $300.00 in unemployment I can not find the answer any where please will some one let me know asap thanks for y’all time!!

      1. DUA is disaster unemployment relief and is not the same as PUA. Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is a federally-funded program which provides financial and reemployment assistance to certain individuals whose employment has been lost or interrupted as a direct result of a major disaster. While COVID is a disaster, UI benefits funded under PUA come from a different bucket to PUA. Amounts are different and you need to submit a claim via your state UI who will determine which program you qualify for.

  46. First of all thank you for the information you have provided. I am just wondering how accurate and where did you get the estimated start dates on your chart. I can’t get any kind of idea as to when this LWA money will start in Massachusetts. I’m sure everyone is anxious for this information about their state. Thank you very much. Kris

      1. I hope Ark raises their amount cause its not fair how they are doing they should have cut the ppl off who are already drawing $200-300 wk instead of the ones who are drawing less

    1. Thank you Andy. It is, very, good that we have someone like you to help us get this vital information. Please keep it coming.

      1. As far as I can See If you don’t have underlying conditions Or were put out of work because of Covid restaurants close down Or anything to Do with that you are not entitled

  47. I live in Oklahoma and I make 189 dollars a.week the type of claim is d.u.a will I get the extra 300.dollars a week

  48. My wbf is 257 but payment is under $100 will I qualify for the $300. I work reduced hours

  49. So if my WBA is more than 100 but I work a couple hours a week therefore I receive less Than $100 each week will I qualify?

    1. Yes, if your WBA is at least $100, no matter if you worked and got reduced to less than that. They go by your WBA.

  50. I’m on DOA in Mississippi but have received Pua since June all the way to July 1st. I get 106 a week. Would I be eligible for the lwa?

      1. So us people with a Dua type claim still will get the extra 300 a week if we r receiving over 100 dollars I get $189.00 a week I only got the last week of the 600 does anyone know where to look to see if your approved for back

  51. Why has Nebraska not applied for these benefits yet? Doesn’t seem fair to the unemployed residents of the states not appplying. Pricketts needs to consider the residents in Nebraska and get on board with the rest of the states. I realize he doesn’t need the votes but he’s Hurting Trumps votes. Not right the way these states are being approved and not being approved. Discrimination at the highest level.

  52. Hello, I’m in baton rouge LA,
    I get 107 a week before taxes
    And 96 after taxes,
    Do I qualified?

      1. My BF gets $88 plus $25 for dependant
        He is suppose to get $103, but after taxes he gets $91
        Is he eligible for the $300, or should he change to not have taxes taken out

    1. Im also in Baton Rouge I also $107 UI benefits but $54 of child support gets deducted so I only received $53 , will I qualify for the $300 of LWA?

  53. Maryland, which was approved for extra unemployment benefits under the LWA program on Aug. 20 aims to start distributing the benefits “by late September.” Colorado, which was approved on Aug. 19, expects to start paying out the benefits “mid- to late-September.”

    1. Hi I just filled out mine and I made 100$ this week 86$ after tax do I qualify I live I. Tennessee

  54. I’m in Mississippi. I was receiving PUA benefits up until July 31 and my claim was PUA up until a week ago I’m listed as DUA. I receive 106 dollars a week. Am I eligible for the 300.

    1. DUA is very limited and only available to individuals who aren’t eligible for regular Unemployment Insurance (UI). The President’s authorization for a $300 lost wages payment from FEMA is for a
      supplemental payment on top of UI paid by the state/territory. Also, DUA is limited to what regular UI in the state/territory would pay out so it can’t be used to supplement regular UI.

      1. So am I not eligible even though I received the pua 600 dollars and was listed pua. This confuses me.

      2. It’s sad that a Governor is making excuses for doing the right thing for the citizens of South Carolina Governor McMaster. I know your IQ is much higher than that. LWA funded byFEMA and if your state don’t have the 100 dollars accept the 300. Do wats right for the ppls When we had our jobswe paid our taxes and bills now respect our needs

  55. I have worked since 14 Cuban American from Miami , voted Republican for Ron Disaster and Trump, but not this time!! Ruined lots of lives these 2 As pay the people and families !!!

  56. Ive been waiting for opvere 6000 owed to me for retroactive pua from 04/26 thre 6/26 and claim weeks disappeared saying rejected then honestly floated across my page and disappearee. i believe it was due to website error/ difficulties. rep says it shoulds work itself out and its just been overlooked
    what? not much help. have sent emails, called waited on hold 20 plus hours. im about to give up

  57. Ohio gov. Promised that the state of Ohio would be part taking in this federal unemployment fund and from what i have seen Ohio was applied with fema with the last set of states that were accepted but Ohio is not on this list. So why is Ohio not accepted and why does it seem Ohio is not smart enough as the other states who have set up the systems and changed to the fema funding form and got payments rolling but takes Ohio longer to be accepted or did Ohio un-apply? Sounds stupid but really Ohio whats the issue or fema why wouldnt Ohio qualify like the last group of states Ohio should have been in??!!

  58. I’m working part time and i get $50/W from EDD (California), am I not qualify for the $300/W or not? thx.

  59. 7 more states approved for LWA program by FEMA (table updated)

    August 24, 2002: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Connecticut

    August 24, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Pennsylvania

    August 24, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Washington

    August 24, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for New Hampshire

    August 23, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for New York

    August 23, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Alaska

    August 23, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Georgia

    1. Andy Thank you for your time, if I get $130 pretax in Massachusetts but I only have 3 weeks left till my employment benefit money exhausts before peuc extension kicks in. My final week before PEUC I get $92. It says Above Massachusetts is ready to roll August 30th so if I apply this week I’ll be getting all 4 payments retroactively to August 1st? $300 plus my $130 or $111 after taxes? So summary 2 questions, if I’m supposed to get $130 For the next 2 weeks and my final UI benefit left is $92 am I not getting the $300 for that one week till my peuc extension kicks in the following? Since it says August 30th for Massachusetts and we were first State systems to roll FPUC out, when I apply for My $130 state benefit this Sunday I will get the retroactive deposit that week?

    2. I am still waiting to be paid from April. I haven’t got a dime, it just says pending and we have no one to talk to about it. Sisolak hasn’t applied, I see, and hasn’t taken care of his past responsibilities. What are we supposed to do?

  60. I receive 67 per week regular state ui….but I received pua and currently euc. I was eligible and received the 600…from what I read of I received help from any of the previous programs(pua, euc..), that I qualify for the 300/400, even though my state uI alone is only 67. So am I correct in believing I will get the 300 since I received the 600 and have been laid off since march die to covid. Someone please give me some facts before I lose my mind..and my
    Thanks chris ward

  61. I live in the state of Mississippi and I currently collect UI under the DUA program and I currently receive $106 a week will I receive the $400? And if I can’t then why not?

  62. As of Aug 23, here is the official FEMA list of states who have been approved for LWA;

    August 22, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Vermont

    August 22, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Mississippi

    August 22, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Tennessee

    August 22, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Rhode Island

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Massachusetts

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Alabama

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for California

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Indiana

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for North Carolina

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Texas

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Kentucky

    August 21, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Michigan

    August 19, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Maryland

    August 19, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Idaho

    August 18, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant to Oklahoma

    August 18, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant to Montana

    August 16, 2020: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grants for Colorado, Missouri and Utah

    August 15, 2020: FEMA Announces First States to Receive Lost Wages Grants (Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, and New Mexico)

    Source :

  63. Feel Like it’s unfair if a person who is receiving under $100 a week for unemployment and they can’t qualify for the additional 300-400 like what’s since does that make it should for EVERYONE who is Unemployed due to COVID not just the people who get 100+ a week in Unemployment Benefits. I Live In Florida Where the max Unemployment Benefits is $275 the one of lowest in the country is not the lowest. I Just started. receiving 89 dollars a week which is 378 a month this crazy since July 27th was And because I only get 89 weeks I can’t even qualify for The additional 300-400 a week to help out and it seems there is no program assistance help for the people receiving less than 100 a week WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?

  64. I’m receiving $70/week in Nevada EUC. Hours were reduced to part time in March. Can’t return to work because I’m high risk due to pre existing conditions and have a Dr. note to self isolate thru December.
    Any appeals process to get the $400 for high risk workers who can’t return to work?

  65. I get 44.00 a week in Regular be fits. I qualified for Pua and got the 600.00a week will I get this new benefit? I’m n Ky our governor said if u got the 600 u will get this one to

    1. You have to make at least $100 a week in regular unemployment benefits to qualify for the Boost

    2. No you will not. FEMA released a comment
      That said unlike the 600, not everyone qualifies under this program. If you WBA is under 100 you do not qualify

    3. If you haven’t already heard…Kentucky is one of the few states that is paying the $100 state contribution! You will be receiving the full $400 because your state will be providing the $100 for you to to qualify for the rest.

  66. I have been unemployed since October 2020 as I was laid off from my job before the pandemic. I received Reg UI, PEUC, FPUC and now Extended Benefits at $430 per week. Still can’t find a good job like I had before. My question is do I qualify for LWA even though my initial unemployment was not related to COVID-19 but it seems to be now?

    1. Yes… it is everyone that’s unemployed as long as you keep filing your weekly benefit claims I don’t care what anybody says this is the truth

      1. FEMA released a comment directly on their site that if your state chose to use existing benefit awards as the 100, you have to qualify for 100 weekly to receive payment. If your WBA is 98, you do not qualify.

    2. You will qualify. Everyone laid off is in one way or another related to Covid. As long as you were laid off, not fired

  67. Am I eligible to receive extra help? I receive $120 a week but child support comes out and then taxes and it takes me to about $50 a week but deducts 120 a week from remaining balance.

    1. Yes you will still get rhe extra because your benefit amount is over $100 before deductions. They dont count taking out child support or taxes.

    2. As long as your WBA column says $120, you qualify. What the state gets their hands on after that is besides the point

  68. Unfortunately, I dont think so. :( You have to be eligible for at least $100 in unemployment benefits (regular unemployment, PUA, PEUC, etc). to be able to get the enhanced federal amount.

  69. seems unfair cause I only get 49 dollars weekly in regular unemployment so I don’t qualify, work less then 2 hours a week, that’s 17 dollars after taxes, i don’t get PUA, SO BASICALLY i AM SCREWED!

    1. Me too Laura & I’m sure you like myself need it just as much if not more because ours is already low!

  70. I have been on part time unemployment in AZ receiving at least $100 a week. I filed my claim for August 1 and August 8 and collected the $240. The week of August 15th i worked more hours and wasn’t able to collect any money. Will i still get the retro LWA $300 for the two weeks i did collect?

  71. My benefits exhausted August 2 and I’m currently not getting anything , does that mean I don’t qualify for the extra 300 dollars weekly ?

  72. I am currently on unemployment due to the corona virus since april. I live in New York. Will I have to do anything in order to receive the extra 300 once it starts? And how do I do this?

    1. You don’t have to do anything, just continue to certify your weekly benefits. NY just applied for the LWA program. Once NY is approved by FEMA and the new system is implemented, you will be seeing the $300 retroactive from August 1st.

  73. I am unemployed and receiving UI in the state of Missouri. My department got laid off but it had nothing to do with Covid-19. Am I out of luck from receiving the extra benefit?

  74. Can’t find my answer any were…i get 73 dollers week plus they add 36 for dependence so its 108 so will I get the extra money our no cause my weekely benifits is only 73 the 36 is for the 3 kids…guess they give u extra

    1. Yes. You may qualify – but guidelines are still being rolled out at a state level so can confirm then

  75. I can’t seem to get a definitive answer to this. Is the $100 minimum to qualify the amount that will be paid after certification of part time hours or before (in other words the weekly award)? I’ll need to make arrangements if it’s the former. This thing is really stupid!

  76. Will I be able to receive the $300 or $400 extension if I have exhausted or will soon exhaust my regular unemployment benefits? And will I have to continue to make claims every two weeks for this even if my regular unemployment benefit balance is at $0?

    1. You will need to apply for PUEC once you run out of regular unemployment. It is also on Uinteract

  77. I am currently receiving 167$ a week in California and my claim ends on 12/31/2020. I know I’m eligible for the 300$/$400 extension because I’m receiving the 167$ per week from PUA. But my question is, even though I’m receiving over 100$ do I have to apply for the 300$/400$ extension or will it be automatically added for me ?

  78. The facts are as long as you are receiving at least 100 in any form of unemployment whether from the state or from one the the other programs you WILL recieve the additional 300 or 400 and that does include FLORIDA!!!

    1. peter k thats how i have interpreted the wording fro my state lwa, its reads like this for indiana….

      With LWA, Hoosiers will receive an additional $300 per week if their weekly benefit amount under regular state unemployment insurance (UI), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), or other eligible federal UI programs is at least $100. Individuals must continue to file a weekly voucher and meet eligibility requirements.

      now from the way this reads and the way my brain is computing the info, it gives the perception that if you receive at least 100 WBA from the programs listed then seems one would qualify. the peuc was the 600 extra right? im PUA and am 159 so im solid, but the wife is on state UI but was also quarantined due to covid on her initial claim for missed work or lay off basically, so i wanna see the data that supports these states justification of amounts less than 100 are highly likely to be fraudulent…. uhhh what the fu!@? so wife didnt work 40 hours a week for her base period wages, which was mainly due to the covid lock down and quarantine shit…i wanna see the itemized budget of what the state is going to to put the 300 extra they are stealing from folks who work part time, lay off due to covid, exposed to covid etc etc.. hell indiana’s average ui state payment is less than 100, hell i made 40k in my base period and i literally barely made 176 a week PRE TAX.. so given the data then anyone making what lets say 10 an hr is not gonna come close, (rough estimate), btw i have NOT worn a mask one time under my free will, iv not practiced hand washing, being cautious, NOTHING, hand on my momma grave, im fine wife is too, and i run all over the place walmart, kroger even under lockdown i still; never wore a mask, i have cpod also, smoke a pack a day, and yet im healthy the wife is healthy.. how many folks got sick between oct 2019 to feb 2020…. bet you had fever, chest congestion, flu, pneumonia and other symptoms… guess what hello covid, wife and i were sicker than dogs prior to the coivd news. i was sick mid jan, wife was mid feb, i took her to er, she was developing pneumonia in less than a week, she lived, promethazine (the real shit not fake called 10 pharmacys to find it) and beathing treatment and she was better after 3 days…. i swear ive touchED money, gas pumps, never wore a mask etc, im not sick and supposedly i have a illness that covid targets.. bullhsit.. wish folks would realize yur gonna get covid or not, u gonna live or die, if masks help then why are all these schools having spikes in cases where they mandated ALL DAY MASKS.. how are the kids getting sick wearing a mask all dayt???? hmmmmm… END RANT.

  79. Would I have to do a new claim for pandemic unemployment or no cause I’m already on it to get the $300

    1. You may have to in some states. Exact guidelines are still to be released (DOL just put some broad outlines in place) at a state level – so you’ll have to see how your state does it. But given this is a different/new program to PUC ($600) there will be some hoops to jump through.

  80. Ok so I actually only get 47 a week thru my UI, but my payment is 147$ they just take out the 100,because I work 12 hours a week. I hope I qualify for this extra cash seeing as I only recieve 47$. Does anyone know?

    1. it is my understanding that if you receive less than $100 dollars, you wont qualify for it. I hope you do.

  81. Shame. People who were already underpaid so don’t even get $100/wk in UI (like me) are the ones who need the help the most.

  82. I did read it, and the first thing I noticed was that you have had to be receiving at least $100.00 from regular state unemployment- which self-employed don’t qualify for in FL. At least that’s how I read it. I have a feeling self employed are out.


  84. I am still waiting for my PUA from the first round. It says “in progress” for 2 months now.

  85. Is there any way someone self-employed, who did not qualify for state unemployment, but has collected some PUA and FPUA assistance could be considered for additional help?

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