2020 to 2021 Maximum Weekly Unemployment Benefits By State


Listed below are the latest maximum weekly unemployment insurance benefit/compensation amounts by state. The Unemployment compensation (UC) program is designed to provide benefits to most individuals out of work or in between jobs, through no fault of their own.

Note, the table below contains the the maximum regular weekly unemployment insurance compensation (benefit) including adjustments for dependents where applicable. In most cases the number of dependents you have and average maximum weekly wage will impact the unemployment benefit you are eligible for. Please check the respective state unemployment website in the table below for state specific details, latest numbers and process to claim the benefits. The data in this post is informational only for reference.

See the latest information on the Unemployment Benefits relief package (including a possible extension) to tackle the record job losses from the pandemic induced recession. Most state UI programs include Coronavirus/COVID-19 emergency provisions, like Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), extended benefit coverage (up to 13 more weeks under PEUC), supplemental payouts ($300 LWA and $600 FPUC p/week), self employed and independent contractors eligibility, and waiving one week waiting periods before filing a claim. Given the rapid increase in claims the processing of these benefits by many states and retroactive payments has been slow. So stay patient and persistent.

I keep updating the table with annual state unemployment benefit changes and encourage you subscribe via email or follow us via social media channels. State unemployment benefit information is constantly changing so if you notice any discrepancies please leave a comment and I will update.

StateMax. Weekly Benefit AmountState Unemployment InfoMax Weeks*
Alabama$275AL Unemployment Information26
Alaska$370 (Individual) up to $442 (w/dependents)AK Unemployment Insurance State Website26
Arizona$240AZ Department of Economic Security26
Arkansas$451Arkansas Division of Workforce Services20
California$450CA.gov EDD details26
Colorado$618CO Department of Labor and Employment26
Connecticut$649 (Individual) up to $724 (w/dependents)CT Department of Labor26
Delaware$400DE Division of Unemployment Insurance
District of Columbia$444DC Dept. of Employment Services26
Florida$275FL Dept. of Economic Opportunity Information12
Georgia$365GA Department of Labor Information
Hawaii$648HI Unemployment Insurance State Website26
Idaho$448ID Dept. of Labor20
Illinois$484 (Individual) up to $667 (w/dependents)IL Dept of Employment Security
Indiana$390IN Department of Workforce Development26
Iowa$481 (Individual) up to $591 (w/dependents)IA Workforce Development
Kansas$488KS Department of Labor16
Kentucky$552KY Career Center26
Louisiana$247LA Workforce Commission26
Maine$445 (Individual) up to $667 (w/dependents)ME Department of Labor26
Maryland$430MD Department of Labor (DLLR)26
Massachusetts$823 (Individual) up to $1,234 (w/dependents)MA Department of Unemployment Assistance26
Michigan$362 (w/dependents)MI UIA20
Minnesota$740MN Department of Employment and Economic Development26
Mississippi$235MS Department of Employment Security
Missouri$320MO Department of Labor and Industrial Relations13
Montana$552MT Department of Labor and Industry28
Nebraska$440NE Department of Labor26
Nevada$483NV Dept. of Employment, Training and Rehab26
New Hampshire$427NH Department of Employment Security26
New Jersey$713NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development Information26
New Mexico$511NM Department of Workforce Solutions 26
New York$504NY Dept. of Labor26
North Carolina$350NC Division of Employment Security12
North Dakota$618ND Job Service26
Ohio$480 (Individual) to $647 (w/dependents)OH Dept. of Job and Family Services
Oklahoma$539OK UI Home Page26
Oregon$648OR Employment Department 26
Pennsylvania$572 (Individual) to $580 (w/dependents)PA Department of Labor & Industry 26
Puerto Rico$190PR Department of Labor & HR26
Rhode Island$586 (Individual) to $867 (w/dependents)RI Dept. of Labor and Training 26
South Carolina$326SC Dept. of Employment & Workforce 20
South Dakota$414SD Department of Labor & Regulation26
Tennessee$275TN Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development26
Texas$521TX Workforce Commission26
Utah$580UT Dept. of Workforce Services26
Vermont$513VT Dept. of Labor26
Virginia$378VA Employment Commission26
Washington$790WA Employment Security Department26
West Virginia$424Workforce WV26
Wisconsin$370WI Dept. of Workforce Development26
Wyoming$508WY Unemployment Insurance Home Page26

Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefit Amounts (WBA) by State (last updated October 2020)

*Maximum weeks is subject to prevailing state unemployment rates, so can fluctuate widely. This maximum also does not include the extended unemployed benefits available through PUA, PEUC and EB programs which can be seen in this article. I have listed the absolute maximum number of weeks and recommend you check the state UI site link to get the current maximum weeks when you apply for benefits. 

The Federal-State UC program is a partnership based upon federal law, but administered by state employees under state laws. Thus each state designs its own UC program within the guidelines of the federal requirements, which includes setting the benefit amount along with eligibility and disqualification provisions. There are significant differences between states so please visit the state unemployment website for detailed rules and benefit calculation scenarios.

Steps to Filing and Getting Your Unemployment Claim Processed Quickly

  • Filing online via your state’s unemployment website (versus calling or by mail) as soon as possible after losing your job or pay cut is the fastest way to submit an unemployment claim. Particularly in today’s world where call centers are operating at reduced capacity. Regular and PUA unemployment will likely have different websites for filing your claim so make sure you file via the right unemployment portal. If you have issues with your claim you will have to likely contact your local State Unemployment Insurance agency. Just be prepared for this to take time.
  • Have details of your former jobs/employers (up to 24 months of history), personal (SSN, address) and banking information ready when filing the claim or talking to an agent at your state UI office. Make sure to give complete and correct information to minimize delays with your claim processing. It generally takes two to four weeks after you file your claim to receive your first first benefit check.
  • You can get paid by check, debit card or direct deposit. To get your payments in the fastest way go with direct deposit and ensure you have your correct and up to date bank routing and account numbers documented.
  • Certify on time (weekly or bi-weekly) to claim your benefits in order to get your unemployment check paid on schedule. One of the main reason people see disruptions is failing to file on time and with the required information. Further, with the new federal programs in place, the unemployment certification requirements could be more onerous so make sure you take time to review your weekly or bi-weekly certification requirements. If you miss several weeks of certification, you may have to file a new claim.

Your state unemployment website will generally allow you to calculate your estimated state unemployment benefits prior to or when submitting a claim. You will need to have your income/wages earned during the four prior calendar quarters (base year period) and also number of hours worked in some instances for each of these quarters. Since the wages you earn can vary significantly from quarter to quarter, you may want to consider these differences in deciding when to file your claim. Refer to your local state’s website for specifics on calculations and eligibility.

The final amount of your benefit is determined after the State UI division process your application and validates income and employment duration with your employer(s).

Will I have to pay taxes on my Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment insurance is taxable income and must be reported on your IRS federal income tax return. This includes the enhanced and extended benefits provided in 2020. Your local state unemployment agency will send you form 1099-G to file with your tax return (see due dates). This form is sent in late January and outlines the amount of benefits paid to you during the previous year. You can choose to withhold income tax during the year with 10 percent being the maximum generally allowed.

Claiming Benefits Across Multiple States

If you worked and earned wages in multiple states you may be able to claim benefits from all these states relative to the income you earned. Generally you should first exhaust benefits from the state where you had the highest income and/or lived for the longest duration in the base year of figuring your claim. After which you can submit claims from the other states up to the maximum weekly benefit.

This article was updated on October 19

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311 thoughts on “2020 to 2021 Maximum Weekly Unemployment Benefits By State

  1. I have “Current Maximum Benefit Amount Balance of $1,900”
    I start claimed in April. which mark the maximum 26 wks period. (Chicago, IL)
    however, how do they calculate extra 13 wks extension?
    will I get it still?
    I’m having ankle surgery on the Oct 15th and won’t able to start any job until January 20 ; the given date by my doctor.
    if I can still get that extension pay period, it will cover my recover time just perfectly.

    where or how can I find out for more.

    1. You are suppose to be able and ready to work if you are having ankle surgery you are not able to work so they will stop your unemployment and your extension . I hope this information is helpful to you . Best of luck to you

  2. NY resident here. Someone told me the total amount of money you are allowed to receive and the number of weeks you are allowed to collect are not necessarily the same and if you hit the money limit before you hit the time limit then you still get cut off. Is this true, and if so, what’s the point of extending the time limit you’re allowed to collect if you still end up hitting the money limit at the same time you normally would? Don’t you still get screwed at the same time regardless?

  3. I am in Louisiana and have been filling for unemployment since March. We just recently got qualified for the extra $300 per week on top of regular unemployment. So we got back paid $900 from aug. 1 that’s 3 weeks of back pay since the $600 extra was canceled. Not I only received 3 weeks worth. We are not on the 5 th week since the $600 was canceled. I filed this past week of unemployment and only received the regular $247. So where is the extra $300 now? Why did it only pay for 3 weeks??

    1. Megan, like you, we have been filing for unemployment since March. However, do you know if LA will pay the $300 LWA if my husband was laid off other than COVID-19 reasons?

    2. Would a person get their regular amount of unemployment in addition to the extra 300 weekly or just a flat 300 weekly? Are there any programs for business owners such as salon owners that didn’t take a check to pay themself due to just starting the business months prior to Covid? Is there any help or relief for that type of person who had no income as to keeping bills and business paid and going? Can they apply for relief is it available still how would that help how much as I’m ready to shut doors and lose the new business I bought right before the epedemic help please

  4. Hello, this is such a great resource – thank you so much. I’m in NJ. Quick question – if your salary is too high (ie – if you reach the max allowable benefit of $713/week) does this mean that you are NOT eligible for the $600 increase that expired at the end of July? And also, if you just filed but stopped working in early July, would you receive the $600 boost as part of the backpay?

  5. I am close to reaching my max benefit for UE with the remaining amount stating $100.

    Does that mean my benefits will be over even though I applied for UE March of this year? I live in South Carolina.

    I am in high risk for Covid 19 to return to my job (have Diabetes and my doctor has advised me to keep social distancing.) Do I have to reapply for any UE benefits?

    1. You will now apply for the pua benefits or puea the day you file your LAST claim that your balance allows.

  6. Oregon’s maximum has gone up to $673/week for new claims started after June 28, 2020 (at least according to the state site – I’ll be finding out in practice soon).

    1. Where are you getting this from, their official site still has it as $648 per this quote from their site, “Regular unemployment benefits are generally 1.25 percent of a worker’s earnings over a 12-month period. For
      example, a worker who earned $12.50 per hour, working 40 hours per week for the past year would generally
      receive $325 per week in unemployment benefits. In 2020, regular unemployment benefit payments range from a
      minimum amount of $151 per week to a maximum amount of $648 per week.”

      This does not include the Federal pandemic benefit supplementary payment in effect during 2020.

  7. Exhausting your benefits and benefit year ending date are not the same in the state of NY. I would think this is the same any state within the US. If your claim was in NY, you can read rules and UI info on the NYS UI website/ DOL. Some ppl had to reapply for benefits to receive the additional 13 week extention and PUA. For others, the 13 week ext automatically kicked in. For ppl whose benefit year began in Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 the 13 week ext was supposed to be automatic. For some whose ben year began earlier, they had to reapply to get the 13 wk ext & PUA. Ck with your state website and call until you get the correct answer.
    The benefit year ends one year after it begins. Benefits (aka weekly payments) are exhausted at the max of your state (NY 26 weeks) and could be exhausted anywhere within the year depending on if you worked here and there throughout that year, In Ny if you claimed ben 26 weeks in a row, the system then tells you have exhauted ben, but your benefit year has not ended, just the 26 payments. Once your benefit year ends I think speaking to the state UI # or DOL is the way to find out what you are eligible for due to corona virus. Lets pray the fed gove extends UI past the 13 week extension as many ppl were alreaby on UI and can not find jobs Standard UI payments in most states are not enough for most ppl but at least something to buy food and help pay rent or mortgage. The PUA add, $600 was short term so expect the worst in UI benefits as the rest of the ppl have recieved inthe past. This is all very unbearable for many. LEts pray our gov will provide for ppl losing income on all levels for all reasons. working for min wage to 30 per hour for most in high cost of living states is not going to be survivable My heart goes out to everyone, this is unbearable

  8. I Received my Unemployment with the extra $600.00 for last week and I did certifiy for this week and it does not show the extra $600.00 what should I do ?

  9. This is great information. I live in Florida and find it fascinating that we are last in the max # of weeks we can collect (12) and in the bottom 5 of weekly payments (275). I have no idea all of the measures they look at to provide such little assistance but for older people like myself who are now out of a job, this is very alarming.

  10. What about 13 week extension at the end of 26 weeks? No way in Hell anyone will give me a job.

  11. I moved to Colorado in November. Before moving I worked 11 months in the state of Indiana. I applied for unemployment in the state of Colorado where I am currently living and working. I was denied unemployment in the state of Colorado because I haven’t lived here long enough. Can I apply for unemployment in the state of Indiana? My unemployment is due to the Covid19.

    1. You see the Colorado specific page (see menu on top of page or search) where your issue is similar to what others are seeing.

  12. I live in Florida and I received all my 600.00 dollars payments up until the week of Memorial Day and I also didn’t receive my 600 this week either is there a number I need to call to figure this out? My friend has continued to receive their payments I was wondering why my payments have stopped

    1. Here in Florida – it seems to fluctuate, but it will show up eventually. My husband had the same issue. It resolved itself by them paying 2 weeks of the $600 at 1 time and then he got another payment later that week. It now comes every 2 weeks. However, with no extension, it is actually about to end.

  13. Has the government approved that all states can extend unemployment benefits an additional 13 weeks?
    I thought each state had to request assistance from the government, it’s not automatic extension of benefits for another 13 weeks?

  14. if I’m still working part-time and getting 1099 for about $900 a week, do I qualify for PUA in the state of VA? work significantly reduced to COVID. I keep filing my weekly cert on govtogo site, but I see nothing happening. no money funded at all.

    1. Due to you earning 900.00 per week, it makes you ineligible to my understanding. If your hours have been reduced the guideline is your WBA weekly benefit amount. If your earn more than your WBA they consider that to be excessive earnings. I’m speaking from experience. We may not be in the same state but certain guidelines are across the board. Hope this was helpful

  15. If I am offered hours at my job, but I have pre existing medical conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, obese, over 60 years. Will I qualify for PUA?

    1. You have to relate the loss of hours or risk to work to COVID-19 to qualify for PUA under CARES act provisions.

  16. If I was furloughed down to 20 hrs or less a week, what is the maximum money I could earn a week with my employer and still receive unemployment insurance if I qualify for the maximum rate of $450.00 a week?

  17. i live in ks my bennifit amount is only 256.00 a week and ks unenployment has not updated there data base when will this be done and will i get more weekly benniftes ive been waiting for a month to get my letter in the mail to start doing direct deposit i have to pay 900.00 in bills on the first of may and what will my weekly amount be with the corona virus extra money of 600 thanks sharon z

  18. i am paying a fine of 2100 for an overpayment in wisconsin.

    It does state that half will be taken (generally).
    I can not seem to find that same info on any other website…..particularly the umemployment website.
    Is there any other info regarding what might happen with the extra 600 if your unemployment is being taken to pay an overpayment? Of course the information you have provided is straight forward. Alot of this info is also found on the website. I just can not seem to find anything regarding overpayment. Other then of course how it works with your regular unemployment payment

  19. I am in Texas and was furloughed with pay I still bring home $1,100 bimonthly. will I qualify for unemployment?

    1. If you qualify for your states unemployment with your reduced income (click TX link in table to get more information) you will also qualify for the extra $600.

  20. I got laid off dec16 2018 did not apply for unemployment til sep 2019 in west virgina my benifit ran out in march 2020 will i be eligible for the extension 13 weeks and the 600 dollars

    1. My UI in SC was exhausted March 13 2020 and I’ve certify weekly and each week it says PENDING SOLUTION

      1. I am in SC. Have you files for PEUC? It gives me an error code when I try to submit it.

  21. Hi, i was in New York state by the year 2019. after January 2020 i moved to Texas state and i lost my job due to this pandemic .when i apply unemployment benefit in Texas, they said you are not qualified , because they calculate based on wage 2019 tax year . Can i apply in New York state?.

    1. My understanding is that unemployment benefits do not apply in the event of voluntary termination of employment. I don’t know if your involuntary termination in TX will qualify you for compensation from NY, but you should submit a claim to get a definitive answer.

      If you worked in 2019, your NY employer paid unemployment insurance premiums. That should be worth something, even if you changed jobs for a short period. I am not a lawyer.

      If you did not work in 2019, you are probably out of luck.

    2. Yes, as long as you made money in New York. This benefit quarter is based on employment from 15 months prior to this date. Jan-Dec 2019.

  22. In Illinois isn’t the weekly dependent amount $185? When I first filed it said I would receive the $185 dependent allowance for my son, then I received my UI letter and it had a zero for dependent allowance? He is 16.

  23. Is there any information stating the maximum a person can be making and still be eligible for UI these days? I cut my hours by about 37% in order to care for my son at home. It’s very difficult doing both. But I figured out today that my weekly UI payout + $600 would be more than I’m making working part-time now, so I’m better off not struggling stressfully day to day to work AND take care of my child full-time, and should stop killing myself and cut my hours to 0 until this is over.
    But I don’t know if this still applies, since we’re not in regular times. Normally I’d not be eligible for UI, because I’m still making too much to qualify even at 25 hours a week. But has that changed? And if so, what is the threshold from state to state? I don’t see that info anywhere, and I can’t get an appointment (NJ) to talk to someone for weeks.

    1. There is no maximum you can make, but there is a maximum weekly benefit. As I wrote in this article you need to have a valid reason for losing your job, as you cannot just quit. COVID-19 reasons are now allowed. Also in most states, including NJ you can still work part time and get UI (and the 600 payment) but there is a deduction based on what you make. Every state is different and adjustments vary. My recommendation is you file a claim online and see what you can get.

  24. What happens if you apply for unemployment, and then your workplace gets approved for the PPP?

    1. If you cannot recertify on a weekly or biweekly basis (depends on state) that you are still eligible for Unemployment you could lose your UI benefits and the extra stimulus .

      1. If you have exhausted your unemployment and have not found a job can you get any side from the panademic money if you reapply for your benefit in your state and your base period change

        1. Well said Sharon…that’s what the majority of the current Unemployed DONT UNDERSTAND!!!! Please listen and don’t stress!!

  25. I telecommute full time. I live in S.C., and my employer is in MD. What happens if I get laid off due to COVID-19?

    1. I have exhausted my benefits 12/6/2019 reapplied in the new claim year 2/18/20 I had money in base period.the computer said it was a invalid claim because my benefits came from same employer I spoke to agent she stated because my state was declared a disaster I would be able to get something the letter came now and stated because base period changed I didn’t have enough money I had 13657 in one period and lost 8500 will I be eligible under extension for panademic relief since I can not look for work

      1. I am in the same exact boat as you! My benefit year ended the end of february 2020 and i refiled March 29, 2020 and they have my base period off by 1 quarter which has lost me 8500 and says im not eleigible! I have not worked since initial claim either however was due to start a new job March 16th and of course has been postponed. I have a 10 month old at home and am sole provider for us and I have been calling unemployment line for 3 straight weeks to get this situated and i FINALLY got thru today and was transferred and the guy answered and HUNG UP!! Now I CANNOT GET BACK THRU and of course it friday. Im so frustrated with this whole process…but crazy how similar our stories are even the time lines. Im hoping that I will be eligible for extension as well and everything that I have read so far suggest yes…but who knows!?

        1. Under the UI claims there should be a Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Application. I exhausted my benefits in December and started working somewhere else and was able to activate my benefits by going through the regular filing then applying for PUA
          I was laid off and I received 3 weeks so far under this Assistance.

        2. Apply anyway. If they deny you under the regular UI, you should be eligible under the emergency PUA unemployment given your circumstances. Just be sure to follow the instructions very carefully for the PUA relief as it can be very very confusing.

  26. I was on unemployment from 26 weeks from October of 2018 to May of 2019. I was self employed from June of 2019 to December 31, 2019 and received a 1099. I started work as of January1 2020 and will receive a W2 this year.
    I was laid off due to the corona virus in March and filed for unemployment. I got my determination today and I was denied saying that I did not have sufficient wages for my base year. Once the extension of the unemployment benefits go thru will I then qualify for the additional extension on my previous claim?

    1. You well may. It depends on your state and when they can update their systems for the new eligibility rules. Until then you won’t be able to reapply.

  27. My employer was granted PPP grant, now providing regualr pay. I will loose the extra $600 federal UI protection. Are companies stealing this money from it’s employees for thier own benefit?

    1. Well he should be using PPP mainly for payroll and I am hoping your regular pay is more than UI + $600. If not, then unfortunately you may be caught in between 2 different programs that won’t directly benefit you

  28. I am trying to help my son file he has both employee & self employed income from multiple states!

    He Lived in Alabama but worked in Mississippi- w2 income 1st qtr -Jan-Apr of $3700.

    Lived in Alabama – Worked Alabama – as Sub Contractor 2nd & 3rd qtr May- Sept. 1099 income $17,029.

    Moved Texas – worked Texas W2 income. Temporary Job – 4th Qtr Sept- Dec 10th- . $2110.

    2020 Lives & Works in TEXAS – Sub Contract – Cash income from Jan- March of $1830. – Company working for closed due to lack of business Covid19.

    He tried to file in Texas in January after last temp. W2 employee job ended but they said he didn’t make enough and meet base period & he should file in Mississippi as he made the most qualified employment income there.

    Ive read to do a combined wages claim
    But I don’t know which state to file & what about the Self employment Income in Alabama?

    Any help greatly appreciated

      1. The most & longest is self employment income. So that wouldn’t qualify would it?
        It would be the state with most income he received a w2 from correct?

  29. Does anyone know if a 1099 worker should file unemployment or for a PPP? It seems like more money under unemployment, but they system is impossible to get through to. In TX.

  30. My unemployment benefits (26 weeks) in Louisiana will end after the week of 4/11/20, will they automatically be extended for 13 weeks with the stimulus of 600, or do I need to reapply.

  31. How about the people that still work! Do we get anything or do we just get the virus so we can bring it home to my family. I’m happy you are helping the people that are on unemployment. I mean after all this is over we will have to pay all that money back in taxes. You need to look out for people that is still working and help them out to

    1. Agree! Why has no one talked about this? People who didn’t lose their job not only have to work and deal with the virus, but they aren’t compensated enough in the first place. I think they’ll start finding ways to “get fired”. It’s so unfair. The ones working the hardest end up with the least. Of course, it’s impossible to file a claim anyway, who knows when they’ll really be able to help everyone.

    2. Most unemployment is about 1/2 or less than a person’s regular wages. Even many people getting the $600 plus bump are complaining it isn’t enough. Unemployment taxes are paid by employers every year, not employees. Gig workers and most self-employed don’t pay these taxes. This isn’t an economy problem as I didn’t lose a job in 2001 or 2008-2009, this situation as becasue of arbitrary rulings by state governors on what they deem “essential”. As for, what’s in in for me (great attitude), you get the $1200 stimulus package. If you don’t qualify for it, it means you make enough money and ARE FINE, even if you think you are not.

    3. John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address inspired children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. His historic words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good.

  32. I’m pretty sure that Arkansas State UI is max 20 wks – Based on other web sites I have seen…

      1. I’m full time but since the virus I only get 2 to 4 hrs a day and she won’t lay us off I spend more in gas and taxes than I make can I draw partcial unemployment?

  33. Are individuals who were already getting unemployment, prior to the Covid pandemic, also eligible to start receiving the extra $600 a week? This virus has made looking for employment extremely difficult, as so many companies have shut down and are not currently hiring; it’s affecting everyone all around. I live in North Carolina, and when I checked my benefits amount, it does not reflect this extra $600 in the amount allotted. It only shows the amount I was approved for by the state based on my wages. Is this something that we will have to apply for separately or should the state start adding it automatically? If so, when does the extra $600 start being released?

    1. My unemployment benefits (26 weeks) in Louisiana will end after the week of 4/11/20, will they automatically be extended for 13 weeks with the stimulus of 600, or do I need to reapply.

    2. The weekly benefit amount increase is effective on 3/29/2020. For me, this will be effective today or tomorrow, since I re certified for the previous two weeks! The last day of your benefit period is possibly before 3/29/2020. This is why it has been included yet. Thank you for your question.


  34. I’ve exhausted my benefits in 12/2019…I’ve been working hard since Dec. now being laid off do to Covid-19…UI is saying I’ve maxed out my benefits…I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Does anyone know if extensions are offered? I’m in a real pickle right now and need help. If anyone has or knows how I can move forward, my family and I would appreciate it.

    1. You may be eligible for the Stimulus package for the $1200 and $500 per child that is under 17.

      For me, as far as UI goes, my benefit year started in September of 2019 and end at the end of August of this year.

      Unfortunately, you more than likely will not be able to reapply for benefits until the month you commenced benefit year last year, which I believe is in November or December of this year, based on your timeline.

      Unfortunately, the benefits will not be paid retroactively. This means the $600 per week will not be able to be obtained. A lot of people ask about that.

  35. unfortunate i live in this Florida do i qualifier for the extra weeks for unemployment my benefits run out in two weeks do i get what the corona versus get extra weeks of unemployment more weeks extra benefits .

    1. I live in CA and I am selfemployed under what part of the EDD do I apply for benifits i.e. unemploymet insurance (U.I) –disability insurance –disaster relief program–etc. I also read in n.y. times dated 4/2/20 that self employed people have to wait 4 weeks to apply for benifits is this true? PLEASE HELP

      1. It’s crazy. Here in TX, I was told to just apply, (had to do it in the middle of the night), and then wait to get declined because the system doesn’t recognize 1099 employees. Then, they said, I’d be in line to appeal it and get it straightened out. They said it takes 4 weeks to get the answer as to whether its approved or declined. So, I have to wait a month, then get declined, then appeal, and then….How’s that for bureaucracy?! I think all the states are different, but this is really screwed up.
        I wish I knew if PPP is better than unemployment, I think at least those applications are being processed.

        1. Ppp is literally only for businesses. Not individual workers or workers themselves, it’s for payroll within businesses

  36. I worked in NY this past July- October and made most of my income there for the year. I was out of work for a few months and I just started a new job in California in February, I was there a little over a month before all this hit. I filed unemployment in CA over 2 weeks ago, should I be filing in NY instead?

    I don’t have a valid NY drivers license which they say is a requirement to file in NY.

    How do you do a Combined Wage Claim? I’m not sure how that works. Need advice please!!

    1. I live in New York I’ve been told if unemployment has recently been exhausted we qualify for 13 week extension. But still can’t claim it ! When will this happen?

      1. Hopefully soon. State UI agencies still updating systems and policies to enact new guidelines under corona stimulus bill

  37. Hi
    I was collecting Unemployment in Illinois for the pass 26 weeks it ran out the first week of March. I did get a new job and have been in training since Feb. Will I be able to collect the extended benefits new that I am off work due to the virus. I have been claiming when I was suppose to but trying to reclaim it is not allowing me to telling me that I have exhausted all my funds. How do I get the extenstion.

    1. I was working part time and caring for 82 year old mother in my home. Had to leave my job, have not worked pass two weeks since mother ill. Would I be eligible for unemployment benefits?

      1. You maybe as UI is based on a a longer period than 2 weeks, check your state UI site and apply for UI benefits to see what you are eligible for

  38. How is SC handling the additional 600 dollars for unemployment benefits? I see that the max to collect is $326. So do you just have to wait until they update there database? Also, will you receive $600 for weeks you were not paid?


  39. my unemployment benefits are about to ran out in 2 weeks will i still qualify fot the 13 week extension im in arizona and is there something i have to do to get it or it only quicks in automatically

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