New Jersey (NJ) Division of Unemployment Insurance – $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA), $600 FPUC, PEUC and PUA News and Updates


[LWA payment delay update] While New Jersey has started paying out all the federally funded enhanced benefit programs enacted under the CARES act it is well behind in processing current and backdated payments on a regular schedule. This is a known issue as their systems are struggling to handle the spike in UI payments under various programs and addressing a surge in fraudulent claims. New Jersey’s unemployment remains higher than the United States as a whole reflective of how hard the state has been hit by the pandemic compared to other parts of the nation. However the good news, per the comments below, is that the number of new claims being processed has improved and more and more people are seeing the enhanced unemployment benefits on a more consistent basis.

The NJ Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) under the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) manages the states’ unemployment insurance program. See further details below on the newly enhanced benefits available now and how to file a claim. And per the official NJ DOL website, they are aware of the ongoing issues people are experiencing when filing claims and receiving payments on a timely manner.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program

NJ was approved by FEMA (on Sep 4th) for the $300 weekly payment under the LWA program, which provides supplemental payments to eligible unemployment benefits claimants who have been unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. Roughly 800,000 workers in New Jersey are eligible for up to $1,800 (or 6 weeks) in LWA benefits.

The NJ Labor Department (NJDOL) has confirmed that LWA payments have been successfully processed on October 21st and disbursed for payment. It could take 1 to 3 business days from this date to actually receive payments in your financial account or debit card due to processing times across financial intuitions,. As such, I expect payments should start appearing in accounts and cards from October 22nd to October 26th. This off course is for the first (main) batch of payments. People who verified late (after Sep 30th) or have had their account flagged (e.g for further processing or fraud) may see payments a few days or weeks later.

Latest Update – It appears that the majority of New Jerseyans are now seeing LWA payments in their bank accounts or debit cards. Check your pending transactions online as well, because that means your payment will be there shortly (within 1 business day generally). If you haven’t got your payment yet, don’t panic as they are still being processed in batches and could take till Monday or Tuesday to get to your account. Calling the NJ DOL/DUI is not going to help at this stage (impossible to get someone). See comments on this article for reader confirmations of the LWA payment across various banks.

From the article comments, many are still waiting on their LWA payment and I will continue to post new information and answer questions (along with the helpful community of readers) as if becomes available.

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Why payments were late – Here is the latest quote from Labor Department spokesperson Angela Delli Santi on the delays, “Processing these [LWA] payments required new programming that had not previously been tested, and it is taking longer than anticipated for these payments to go through. People who miss their weekly certification window can certify during any of the make-up times. Early on 10/21, New Jersey “intentionally took down” the state’s unemployment certifying application to [fix issues] and consolidate resources into making the $300 payments.

How LWA payments get made by the NJ DOL: The LWA payment file is transmitted to Bank of America, NJ’s processing bank, then BOA disperses the payments to the direct deposit accounts and debit cards of claimants. This whole process can take 1 to 3 business days.

If your payment is not received by the end of October or is less than you expect you will need to contact someone at the NJ DOL/DUI to look into your claim and eligibility.

The delay in payments has been a source of frustration for many NJ claimants based on the comments on this post and this official update will be a relief to many. Delays were mainly due to the volume of erigibile claimants and the work on the system/application updates necessary for this program, which resulted in NJ being one of the last states to make this payment. More than 800,000 unemployed New Jersyans are eligible for LWA payments. Payments will be made as a lump sum and retroactive to August 1st for up to a maximum of 6 weeks (or $1800) of the approved FEMA funding.

Late LWA payments despite Gov. Murphy saying would be there early this week (Oct 19th)

You will need to complete a one time certification/attestation (via your UI portal) that your unemployment was due to COVID related disruptions to receive the LWA payment. However those who are receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or regular unemployment (UI) who previously attested to this do not have to certify and will automatically get LWA payments after October 19th, the same way they currently get unemployment benefits. See more details on the NJ LWA page.

The new LWA payment is in addition to Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) payments currently available to unemployed workers.

NJ LWA Payment Details

COVID 19 Enhanced Benefits in New Jersey

Under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance now available:

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): expands eligibility for individuals who are typically ineligible for
Unemployment benefits, for example independent contractors, and self-employed and “gig” workers.
• Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): provides an additional $600 per week, on top of regular benefits, to all recipients of Unemployment Insurance; retroactive to the week ending April 4, 2020. [Now Expired]
• Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to all recipients.

Double-digit unemployment amid COVID-19 has also triggered 20 weeks of extended benefits the state is permitted by federal law to offer to those who have exhausted all other state and federal unemployment aid without returning to work permanently

Web and/or phone issues with accessing the NJ Unemployment system
NJ’s Unemployment Insurance system is experiencing record levels of demand due to coronavirus and all in-person services statewide are currently closed due to COVID-19. Some people cannot get through online or on the phone. NJ DUI understands your anxiety and frustration, and we apologize. They are working diligently to serve all our customers and ask for your patience. Please keep trying.

Existing Claimants: receiving Unemployment due to the coronavirus emergency do not have to do anything except continue to certify weekly to receive the $600/week. The additional $600/week compensation will be issued beginning April 14, for the week of March 30. It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. Claimants that are eligible for extended benefits will be notified on how to claim these benefits. The 13-week extension will be automatically available to you after your current balance is exhausted.

The NJ DOL recently tweeted the following top two reasons your weekly benefits may suddenly stop (claim not payable):

1) you no longer qualify under federal law

2) you answer incorrectly on our mandated questionnaire

33,000 people did the second last week alone!

See more FAQs and details on NJ unemployment rules for the new enhanced benefits provisions.

Filing a Claim

New users can file a claim online (recommended) here by creating a new account. Existing claimants can file here. You can check the status of your claim here.

To receive your unemployment insurance benefits, you must certify for benefits each week which you wish to receive benefits. You can only certify for benefits after the week has passed. Unemployment Insurance weeks begin on a Sunday and end at midnight on Saturday. You will certify for benefits according to the most recent schedule, based on the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). In order for NJ DOL to process your weekly payment without delay, please follow the below guidelines when certifying for your benefits – to get your money – each week

woman working on a computer

If there is a problem with your claim that must be resolved before benefits can be paid, or if you have been denied benefits and are appealing the determination, you must still certify for and claim your benefits. You will receive “credit” for the weeks which you have claimed. If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits at a later date. If you have not claimed benefits and you win your appeal, you will not be paid for these weeks.

To try and speak to a live representative around your claim you can try the following numbers (but expect long hold times)
• North Jersey: 201-601-4100
• Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
• Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340

In order to apply online for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have:

  • Worked only in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked in New Jersey and any other state(s) in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked for the federal government and in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Served in the military in the last 18 months and be physically present in New Jersey.

You can also apply by phone.

You will need the following information to apply:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Alien Registration Number (if you are not a US citizen).
  • Pension information (if you are receiving any pension or 401k).
  • Amount and duration of any separation pay you may be receiving.
  • Recall date (if you expect to be recalled to your job).
  • Union hiring hall information, including local number and address (if you get work through a union).
  • Military Form DD-214 (if you were in the military in the last 18 months).
  • Form SF-8 or SF-50 (if you were a federal employee).

NEW CERTIFIERS: If you received notification that your claim is payable, check our schedule page before you certify. Each week, the day and times to certify are staggered by Social Security number (SSN). The day and time assigned to your SSN may change, so check the schedule page each week.

If you miss your assigned time, there is a second window of time that is open to your SSN later on your assigned day.

Additionally, Friday and Saturday are open to certify for any Social Security number. If you miss these time slots, you may use the following week’s assigned time to certify for both the current and past week.

Tyler N posted on May 20th – To everyone including, I just wanted to let you know as of Monday May 11th it seems as if “JerseyLady” was correct in her comment. The $600 retroactive and weekly payments for claimants on PUA Benefits in the State of NJ come to you a week after you get your regular weekly benefit payment. As of this morning (exactly one week after I got my retroactive unemployment) I got a deposit for $3,000 which is all my retroactive FPUC money along with last weeks $600 FPUC payment. I’m just hoping they keep coming as this whole process has been nothing short of a nightmare. And I will be wishing the best for everyone else on here as well.

This article was updated on October 27

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1,139 thoughts on “New Jersey (NJ) Division of Unemployment Insurance – $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA), $600 FPUC, PEUC and PUA News and Updates

  1. 23 days and counting and still have not been able to talk to an actual person about missing unemployment benefits. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Is anyone else having issues talking to someone about receiving missing payments?

    1. New certification process for LWA. Go to NJUI website , check status! Then check COVID certification, then OK. Expires tomorrow night!!!

      1. I got the email last time. This time I never did but went into old email to certify. Assuming I won’t get the money since it said if you did not receive email or text you’re not eligible. So frustrating. Was out of work entire time and claimed unemployment from July to September. I should be eligible. How could you be eligible once but not the next time if you never got the money?

        1. Hi just wanted to post an update. I was informed today from the NJ Senate office that I was included in this round of payment and should see it in 2 to 3 business days. So I am trying to say that all of us that certified this time around, good luck to all. Just glad to hear back some good news from somebody. Waiting anxiously for the payment.

        1. Hi
          I finally received my LWA $1800 into my chase account on Monday 11/16.
          I really hope you all get it this time.
          Good luck everyone.
          Very thankful.

    2. Yes i have been calling sending emails about my PUA retoactive 600 from April to June because i only received for july. So i wanted to find out if i have to file a new claim or what. But getting only a response from noreply email saying i dont have to do anything. But still i have not seen anything coming to my account.

  2. Ok Everyone,

    As I mentioned, this fight is not over with the Retroactive Back Pay for PUA/FPUC from the first Cares Act months ago.

    Here is the latest on the NJ Assembly Bill A4534 which titled “Provides that effective date of unemployment claim is date on which individual becomes unemployed”.

    1. Back in August 3, 2020, Bill A4534 was introduced and referred to the Assembly Labor Committee. It appears they voted on this bill on 10-22-2020 and it passed with amendments. (Y: 9 N: 0 NV: 0 Abs: 0). Why it sat for 2 months before they voted boggles my mind. No sense of urgency to help NJ residents who are suffering immeasurably.

    2. The passed bill was reported out of Asm. Labor Comm. with Amendments, and Referred to “Assembly Appropriations Committee.”

    I’m not a political policy wonk and have no idea what the Assembly Appropriations Committee will now do with this bill. I assume they will also vote and ultimately end up on Murphy’s desk to sign into law??? I really don’t know. Maybe they will wait another 2 months while NJ residents burn at the stake.

    Since this bill is moving in the right direction, will the NJDOL be ready to process all these retroactive backdated claims now that it will become mandatory to backdate the claim to when you were unemployed and not the current “Claim File Date” or will it be the half ass amateur hour again.

    I would implore that everyone in this forum whether you are actively posting or just perusing to reach out to the following NJ State Politicians via Twitter (if they have an account) and request they move this bill forward quickly:

    Assembly Speaker: Craig J. Coughlin (District 19)
    Majority Leader: Louis D. Greenwald (District 6)
    Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore (District 37)

    You can look all this up on Legiscan. Search the State and Bill Number.

    1. It looks like this bill will apply to all claims filled on or after February 1, 2021. Doesn’t help us now! Still in limbo. Bills still waiting to be paid. Sad and frustrating.

      1. It actually states this:

        2. This act shall take effect 1[immediately and shall be retroactive to all claims filed on or after March 1, 2020] on February 1, 2021 and shall apply to all claims filed on or after that date1.

        It seems they added this 2021 sentence as an amendment.

        NJ is a piece of sh*t state. Vote Red and ALL DEMOCRATS out of office in next election cycle from your local assemblyman, state senator to the Governor. People still can’t get a hold of anyone, no communication. What about the follow up to determine eligibility after receiving the initial $231. What’s going on with that? They screwed up the LWA process with a delay of close to 2 months. You can bet they will not improve or change anything to make processes better. They lack the critical thinking, intellect and overall desire to make things better. I guess this should not be a surprise to anyone. States are not known for their competitive pay to attract the best and brightest. The screwup of LWA speaks volumes of their capabilities; yet they still continue to collect their paychecks compliments of NJ Residents. Disgusted!!!

        1. They need to make this right! Payments need to be equal for all eligible unemployed NJ residents. Some people have received retroactive pay from date of unemployment while others have not. Yet bills come in equally for all of us. I paid into system for 43 years yet when I need MY MONEY… I can’t get it AND am unable to reach anyone to speak to! You start calling in early am and a recording tells you to call back tomorrow….. what are they doing for the remainder of their 8 hour shift? They all got their FULL PAY while out of work due to covid (not partial pay we get thru unemployment), some not doing anything…. same for many of state employees. Its a sad and unfair system.

        2. Yea….interesting. I haven’t heard of anyone getting retroactive back pay to their date of unemployment. That also is contrary to their current policy of retroactive back pay to your “File Claim Date”. So, the question begs…which is it? Do we get the backdated claim to date of unemployment or not? NJDOL current policy is the only state that I’m aware of that does not backdate to the date you are unemployed. I know you mentioned you heard of people getting this retroactive back pay. If that were the case, why would they introduce Bill A4534 back in August 3, 2020 (Provides that effective date of unemployment claim is date on which individual becomes unemployed”). to the Assembly Labor Committee? Why did the Assembly Labor Committee wait 2 months to vote on this bill when so many are suffering and need that backdated pay? If I am interpreting the language correctly, why did the Assembly Labor Committee place amendment language in the bill that we have to wait until next year 2021 for it to be affective? Why not make it affective immediately? If I’m interpreting this incorrectly, someone tell me what it means.

          The stench about all this is overwhelming. It has been 8 months now.

        3. but it’s federally funded money that is rightfully ours. Our federal government mandated that we, citizens that fall Within Pua guidelines, receive that money. they are also paying many, if not most, Pua recipients way below the weekly benefit rate they are entitled to because they are not following up with any process to verify and adjust our benefit amounts based on our financial records. And why aren’t more people raising a fuss about this? In my opinion it’s because many that have applied for this Pua benefit don’t have any gig, self-employment or freelance work and therefore are satisfied with the measly $231 provided per week. All I hear people is talk about getting backdated to when the pandemic began because it would equal to thousands of dollars but no one is really making a mention of the fact that they should be entitled to a significantly higher benefit amount based on their adjusted gross income. Could that be because most that applied and are receiving this Pua money have never really worked let alone even filed a tax return to prove any income and are technically really not entitled to this money? I don’t know because I’m confused, is just anyone entitled to it because I have a cousin who has been a heroin addict for the past 12 years and has never work a job but is getting Pua benefits and all of her drug addict friends are as well, she’s never filed a tax return or paid any is self-employment tax let alone provide for herself or her child. Is that who this Pua money is for as well? I mean maybe if they follow up with every application within a couple weeks of initisl filing with income verification then we could avoid paying fradulent claims!!! I want to know why they are so backed up if they havent been verifying pua claims? they’re allowing their systems to except every single p u a claim begin paying them within two to three weeks of their filing so what have they been doing all this time that has passed since this pandemic has began because nothing is getting done except a whole lot of criminal behavior is being rewarded with $231 a week!!!!!

        4. That’s a good question. I don’t know why people are not complaining more. I think it is a combination of a lot of stuff. As you mentioned fraud, NJ residents lack of understanding about what they are entitled to, NJDOL being vague, ambiguous and silent; not communicating process, policy & procedures keeping people in the dark; some are just trying to survive day to day and can’t focus on how they are being wronged with the state hoping you just go away and give up. Have you seen their website? It is a joke compared to PA and NYS. Why can’t they have people upload/scan their 1099 misc, w2 or tax returns to verify wages and cross reference with State wage records. States generally require employers to file quarterly reports listing all employees and their wages during the reporting period. The DOL dumb as a box of rocks if they think they are going to call hundreds of thousands of people to validate their wages. Just like they think hiring a bunch of temporary telephone reps will solve their problems. Bureaucratic old “skool” mentality. Just dumb. Send a damn email requesting the information. Have claimants scan upload directly to website. I wish we could borrow Roberta Reardon Commissioner of NYS or Gerry Oleksiak, Commissioner of PA DOL to come manage NJ. While I’m sure things are not perfect with their states, they are lite years ahead of NJ. People have to complain. Contact Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer on their Twitter account. Contact CNN journalist on their Twitter Account and request their help to look into this.

        5. New York and Pennsylvania are making us look archaic and basic. Their residents receiving PUA have been backdated & their benefit amounts calculated & have been receiving their funds…..meanwhile our employees at dept of labor have been enjoying a leisurely kick up your feet & work from home furlough bc I honestly dont know what they have been doing since we now know they are still not verifying PUA claims & performing the due diligence needed for them to adjust our claims…what in the actual f*** have they been doing in these last 8 damn months????? Back logged they claim but nothing has been done from what I can see & no ones pua claims have had any attention aside from being automatically approved at the lowest possible benefit rate starting on the date the person fn filed!!!! What work are they doing?

        6. In regards to Angelina’s comment. I’m self-employed and have been chasing a correction to my WBR since May, as well. They finally requested my Tax records in October and AGAIN yesterday.
          I’m entitled to the maximum and like you stated, not the measly $231 that doesn’t dent any of my business expenses or cost of my home.

          What I’m concerned with is that the State requested me to fill out two lines from my tax return.
          Line 11b for taxable income
          Line 31 for net earnings of my business

          My taxable income on my return is lower due to pre-paying taxes through the year(where if I paid later, my taxable income would’ve been 20% higher on my return), deductions, loss from another investment, etc.
          I’m ASSUMING that state is smart enough to understand that and base my claim off my net earnings. But currently they’ve shown to be inefficient and inadequate. I feel like I’m going to be chasing this until next Summer.

        7. I really don’t know what to think. You appear to be the only one that has received this communication from NJDOL requesting a tax return/income verification for self employed/gig/independent contractor individuals. There are multiple classifications for people who consider themselves self employed that actually have their own business vs gig contract workers who receive a w-2, c2c or 1099 misc from their client. The state should already have this information depending on when a self employed/gig/independent contractor either filed their tax return or the company that you had a gig/independent contract reported your earnings to the state. It is clear to me and 800,000+ NJ VOTING Residents that the DOL STILL does not have their act together. No new processes or procedures. WE will not forget what they have done to us in the next election cycle. I’m going to qualify my next comment by stating that I consider myself a Centrist. I could not give a rats ass about either party. As I stated, vote Red across the board. There is no excuse for our Assemblyman, local Senators etc etc who are overwhelmingly Democrat to not do something about this. Vote them all out of office. At the rate things are going, not looking good for Murphy reelection either. As I mentioned before, I don’t care how many fluffy feel good commercials he puts out. Not going to help him with his reelection efforts. I’m not blaming the governor for this Pandemic, however, he is responsible for not stomping the guts out of NJDOL to get their act together. Murphy is ex Goldman Sachs Executive. He knows how to get in peoples ass to perform better. They have failed him and NJ Residents regarding how they have handled this. All states have issues with their antiquated DOL systems. NYS & PA have excelled even with their challenges. What is NJ problem? NJ still at the bottom of dog sh*t pile with the highest taxes in the country. LWA was a disaster and poorly handled vs a majority of other states who issued payments beginning mid Sept. You would think the NJDOL would reach out to the NYSDOL about their NEW PROCESS of using Docusign to facilitate the Retroactive Backdated Payments for PUA/FPUC. Nope!! We will continue with our “call telephone reps, complete escalation form and MAYBE we will call you back or contact you.” Half-assed at best!!

          When Angelina and others in this forum report that they have received communication from NJDOL about retroactive backdated payments and income verification, then I will believe.

        8. I still have yet to receive any type of communication from NJDOL….and I am going to assume no one will because the DOL has their heads up their asses!!!!

        9. Moderators killed my link of what would provide you answers to how I finally got a response. I won’t post on here any longer since moderators are killing links that can actually HELP ppl.

          Google my user name and you’ll see where my thread is posted that can be useful.

        10. Yea…don’t be to quick to leave this forum. Andy has done a good job of identifying and documenting issues for all 50 states about unemployment issues. I’m sure they don’t allow links for a reason. In addition, I do believe this site is routinely monitored by meat-heads at NJDOL. A few have posted some really angry posts at us calling us morons and idiots. The response to them from members in this forum was quite punishing. I read what you wrote on city data and redditt. Damn good effort. I don’t know – it seems they are doing that to you on purpose. As my father, who has multiple PhD’s use to say growing up, “you are dealing with people who are limited”. There are 2 issues to all of this: 1). Receive the maximum amount allowed for PUA via income verification /
          2). Retroactive backdated pay for PUA/FPUC. People have not received the PUA retroactive for $231 let alone the maximum of $731. Don’t even get me started about $600 FPUC. I think they are just hoping you give up. Commissioner thinks he is doing a good job….yea ok. I guess we will find out come election time. Murphy going to lose BIG. If indeed there is a Round II of stimulus, why give NJ get more funds when they are screwing this up.

        11. I’m not “leaving” like “forget this site”. I’m just stating, I shared a helpful link that provided a lot of information of my timeline of chasing this down, and don’t really want to re-write the whole thing on here bc the moderators are concerned of losing traffic.

          While I’m sure he has helped, the site deemed it more important to focus on their business than what help others are pursuing.

          Additionally, If he’s here to help….it shouldn’t be limited to only if it helps “his business”, as well.

    1. Carolina,

      Based on NJDOL Twitter, they plan to have a second round of LWA Payments. I cut and paste the following from their Twitter Account:

      “We will be in touch with these claimants with instructions as soon as new guidance is available. People identified as potentially eligible will receive an email from and/or a text message from 898-211 with instructions.”

      Everything with them is cryptic and never enough detailed information which in my humble opinion, may be intentional. Poor or no communication leads to chaos/frustration ultimately resulting in NJ residents giving up resulting in economic ruin.

      1. Frustrated In NJ I don’t know if you remember me. I responded to a much earlier comment from you, maybe a month ago. You gave me some good advise. When I scrolled through all the comments, I found mine but your response to me is no longer there. I wanted to tell you that
        I took your advise. It has been an 8 month fight for what was owed to me and NJDOL did nothing but make matters worse but now it’s finally over. How can I reach out to you? I’m not going to be able to here. Seems a lot of info that can help so many is also gone.

        1. Hi Trina,

          I’m glad I could help in some capacity. You had mentioned it is finally over. What did you mean? The NJDOL backdate everything that is owed to you? If yes, how did it happen? NJDOL has been a complete and utter disaster to date. They have hurt so many tax paying NJ residents who are currently in financial ruin because they could not figure out some kind of effective process to deal with this crisis. They possess this ridiculous mentality that posting all these silly pie/bar charts making “unverified claims” about the billions they are distributing in unemployment. I think it was just last week they claimed they stopped/prevented 1.3 Billion in fraudulent claims. I don’t believe any of that. You are dealing with bureaucrats who are more concerned with how things “look” trying to paint a rosy picture by publishing all these grandiose financial numbers giving the illusion that they are doing a good job when in reality, in my opinion, they have done NOTHING to make things better. I judge them based on the performance of their peers like the NYS and PA DOL. They are doing so much better. NYS website is a 1000% better than NJ. It shows they care and tried to make a difference. Very informative. No question about how to claim backdated pay on their website. NJ website is a joke. As I mentioned before, designed by a 5th grader with crayons. Nothing about the process regarding how to claim backdated pay on their website. One would assume that it is intentional. Trying to hold on to those funds as long as they can. If anyone had any doubt or on the fence about how NJ is performing, just look at how they handled the LWA-FEMA. Speaks volumes. Majority of other states figured it out. Arizona I believe distributed checks 9 days after FEMA approval. Vote all Dems (Governor, State Senators, Assemblyman) out of office in the next election cycle for not demanding better performance. In my humble opinion, I do believe eventually, there will be a class action law suit filed on behalf of NJ residents. Probably not until pandemic/crisis has subsided. I know that doesn’t mean much when people are hurting now. Have faith Trina. GOD is watching. :)

        2. Hey good morning. I’m posting here because I was denied the 20 week extension. I filed an appeal. That was over a month ago. I have proof of eligibility. They have not sent a letter, which it said they would. They also said that if you do not receive a letter within 2 weeks to call them. I tried for days to get in touch with them. Nobody answers the phone or it just hangs up automatically. I am a Union Sheet Metal Worker, but due to Covid work is scarce. Hence me being unemployed for so long. So here I am with no money coming in for over a month and no answers. Thanksgiving in my house is going to be very sad. Looks like its gonna be TV dinners here for food. I know that I’m not the only one struggling, but something needs to happen with the NJDOL. Very sad and depressed here, but the state doesn’t care. My life is in shambles because of this. Sorry for being so sad the day before Thanksgiving. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

        3. Hey Mayhem,

          I know…me too. You are not alone. Everyone here has their lives turned upside down and traumatized with no solution in sight. I had asked Corey Booker on his Twitter account about NJ and Retroactive PUA/FPUC backdated pay. I think they deleted that tweet. Earlier this year, I had called Senator Menendez office and got a recording stating that unemployment issues are a state issue and nothing to do with Federal…..are you kidding me???? I would suggest people contact ALL our legislators via Twitter. Ask them hard questions in public. That includes Senators, Local State Senators, Representatives, Local Assemblyman in your district. What gets under my skin is that all these politicians are collecting a paycheck and health insurance compliments of American and NJ taxpayers (local politicians). We should have a new bill that states when a certain percentage of Americans experience tragedy and the economy tanks especially due to their ignorance and inaction (like with SubPrime fiasco years ago), all politicians lose their salary and insurance until they resolve the issue. Guarantee there will be no more problems. McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, Mnuchin still fighting over another stimulus package. In the meantime, Americans continue to burn at the stake. McConnell, Mnuchin & Pelosi are all multi millionaires with Mnuchin & Pelosi with net worth estimated to be over $100M…….

          Try to have a nice Thanksgiving. Maybe go to food bank to get groceries and not spend money buying groceries. Hopefully these feckless morons in congress will pass more stimulus.

        4. hey frustrated I’m sorry it took me two days to let you know this but the other day I got an email from the New Jersey Department of Labor and they are requesting my tax return so that they can verify my income and adjust my weekly benefit rate is necessary and they told me I need to respond by the 13th they didn’t say anything about retroactive pay but I’m hoping that they handle that when they handle this because from what I was told this is what it’s supposed to be happening we’re supposed to be receiving an email to upload are documents on tax forms and then they’re supposed to have a monetary appointment with us and then go over our income and adjust our rate if necessary and back pay us so I’m going to upload my documents today and send them out to them and I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything back anytime soon good luck to you and I hope you get an email soon if you haven’t already it’s about time Figures it’s almost December and they’re finally verifying our incomes

    2. Hello there is an update online that NJUI will give another chance for the LWA $1800 payment to those that didn’t get it and are qualified. I also did not get it. The update said that an email or text will be sent out. I am hoping that we will get that email or text because I never received the last time.
      I have escalated my case to the NJ Senate’s office. They sent my info to NJui abd also told me the same thing about another payment.
      Hope we get it this time.

      1. Thank gosh! I am PUA and I know I am eligible and qualified. I didn’t receive my $1800 LWA payment bc the day it was sent on Wed Oct. 19th to Oct 31st when it would have shown up in my checking account via PayPal, my usual direct deposit account went limited due to an issue I was having with them and since my acct. went limited I could not receive anything. Talk about BAD TIMING… I have downloaded and fully been set up using Chimes Online Free Banking Services, which does provide you with an account number, routing number, debit card and direct deposit. I updated all this on the NJUnemployment website however I did not get a phone call ever, I did not receive any emails that I saw bc another unfortunate event was that much gmail inbox was maxed out of space from Oct 14th to the 22nd so I actually don’t know if they sent me anything, just rly hard bad luck pressed against me I feel. I deleted a lot and it still didn’t recover those list emails in between that time frame.
        Anyway since the deposit of the money into everyone’s accts I have tried to call several times but could never get through and I have not received anything no email no txt no phone call.
        On THIS website it states that for people such as my self whom faced an error like mine that these people should contact them some how but how can I? Does anyone know an email address I can send them JUST TO LET THEM KNOW that I have recently updates my direct deposit and from the dates which the LWA payment was sent out and in attempt to be processed my standard dire t deposit info that I always have used went “on hold” Or placed under a “limited access” I use PayPal btw, which means I could not receive or send any money. Since October 23rd I have changed and updates my direct deposit on the NJUNEMPLOYMENT Website and it was successfully confirmed and I also successfully received two NJ unemployment payments two different weeks ($208, $208) since the $1800 LWA payment has been sent out to everyone.

        1. I live in NJ and bank with boa and am receiving my regular ui weekly benefits but not my pua$300 benefits i never received an email or text but I was told. I didn’t need to do anything because it was automatic. So its now November and still no $300 FEMA payments. Wheres my money?

        2. New Email came in to verify for Covid unemployment reason for LWA. checked the box!!!!

  3. I didn’t recieve PUA
    at all. work all my life,
    last job 8 Transportion
    Boonton NJ.

  4. I’m sorry to have to give you this bad news but The person you talked to was correct. Once you retire they consider your unemployment due to retirement and not because you are out of work.

  5. Received a pending $1800 this morning in my PNC account. Good Luck to everyone out there, Stay Strong.

    1. Very happy for the people who received the 1800 as of 2:00PM Oct 30th still haven’t received anything I never got emails or texts they said I didn’t have to do anything

  6. Hello, well I did not receive the $1800, nor did I ever get an email, text message, or call to certify for COVID. I went into the website and certified as if I was filing a new claim and now they won’t pay me for this week. So now I am out 1800 and my usual 642 weekly payment. So do not recertify online! The error message I got yesterday while trying to certify was “No benefits are available to you at this time. Your next compensable week ending is 10/31/2020. You can certify for this week only after this date has past.” I called the 732 number which has the shortest wait time and was told that they do not see an error message on their end so my claim was submitted to another department. I don’t know if that is a good thing. According to internet search, this error message often means that my account was flagged. Now I’m out the 1800 and my normal weekly benefits.

    1. I received that message once and I was so confused because it was telling me that I was not eligible that week but I could certify again for the following week and I ended up getting my payment that week anyway it was some type of glitch and I ended up receiving my payment normally that next Friday morning and I certified on a Wednesday but Thursday I received an email that my payment was sent to my bank and I woke up to it Friday morning so hopefully it’s a glitch for you as well

    2. I’m sorry I know that I just left you the last comment but I had to go back and read again what the error message was that you received and That is the same exact message it told me, I would have to wait until the date for my next certifiable week had passed. but you normally certify on Wednesdays? Do you normally get your money on Friday? If so I’m willing to bet you will get your money. It happened to me about 6 weeks ago and I was freaking out but ended up getting my money anyway it was really really strange

      1. I hope so Angelina, I’m already hurting from not getting the 1800 I thought I was going to get. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

      2. There is an additional LWA disclaimer you have to check off, if you dont check this disclaimer my guess is you wont get it. If I remember correctly this disclaimer is on your account ( not on the certification process ), so u have to log in and look for LWA page.

        1. I checked the disclaimer and still didn’t get anything. No email, no text either. My original claim i checked my unemployment was covid related at the very start. I know I’m not the only one .

        2. I checked the box too. No email and I’m not even sure if i got a text because i changed my phone number and forgot to update it on the website. Hopefully we’ll be in the next batch because they know the system was faulty and only 97% of eligible people received it. I just also read that they sent more money yesterday so people should be getting a deposit tomorrow

        3. Hey everyone, update, I have my 1800 pending for tomorrow for BoA prepaid debit card so keep an eye out. I only answered the text messages that I copy and pasted to show everyone last week in the forum, I didn’t check the box in claim status. I thought for sure I wasn’t getting it and was starting to loose all hope but I just checked and it was there pending so take a look. Good luck everyone. Stay hopeful.

        4. that is so wonderful I really hope everybody who is entitled will get it I am so happy to hear that they AR correcting their mistakes it’s so wrong that they missed anybody after making everyone wait that long they left many people hanging with no money whatsoever who were entitled to it I am so over New Jersey

        5. So happy for you. Hopefully everything will get straightened out and we will all be happy. Best of luck

        6. thank you for your kind words but I got my 1800 last Friday I was just expressing my excitement and joy that people who were entitled to get the 1800 last week but did not get it are now getting it this week. It broke my heart to see all the comments in this thread by those whom unemployment missed or whatever they did to skip those poor people!!!

    3. Check your bank. Got mine this morning. I spoke to a woman on Wednesday and she told me batches were going out and it could take up to 2 weeks. Keep the faith Best of luck to all❤️

  7. My account froze by njui 14000 and I cant get a dime not so.i have a do.e do not use bofa for.unemploymwbt they can freeze your money money that I thought was mine it’s been 5 weeks now and no word why or when will be resolved o my told fraud sweep and sometime innocent people get caught up in it I dont understand because njui says cant see yr account and wont admit to anything call BofA and they wont admit to.anything but bank is only one who can look in account also my weekly pua pay pending being held up at same time cause of that wmail.fibaly came to find out if u get more money I missed monetary interview cause paper came in mail.4 days after the interview was suppose to be so they hold account for that has anyone had anything with frozen account any help at all and anything like should I put an appeal in I want to get a lawyer how can they take money all your money like . I opens directvdeposit I wish I had take that money out I I my had it for 2 weeks I waited 5 months to get my claim processed and now this any one with same or advice

    1. So is the 1800 all we getting or will we also get 300 a week after that plz lmk if u know the answer

  8. Christopher-you called today? Tuesday? Interesting, I thought there was no hope left for me but I guess from what it sounds some people can still expect to get paid???

    1. Don’t give up yet. According NJ.COM today, NJ Labor acknowledge that errors have underpaid some recipients or made no payment at all.
      It also said some people who got text from Labor Dept with instruction on how to file for LWA thought it was a spam. So, make sure you didn’t do that.

      1. They returned a call to me on a Saturday afternoon. Told me to wait until the end of this week. So far nothing for me.

        1. HI Again,

          Any change, I still haven’t received assistance regarding missing the email. I spoke to 3 reps and they all told me they didn’t know what to do, if i missed the email it was too late and i will miss the LWA benefit. I did just see this article that finally sheds light on the problems we are all facing. Hopefully, we receive some type of make up time to certify for the LWA benefit.

    2. After reading all the comments I feel it’s only right to post my update as of 10/28/20 I have not received payment. I did speak to NJDOL I was one of the 3% the system missed. There is not exact date for me. Hope this helps. I didn’t want to hold up the line some one else could use the time. Good Luck and just Put Ur Trust In Him..

        1. I got my $1800 today, Friday Oct 30th. I hope many more get this Great news. This comment page has helped me to keep hope, knowing I was not the only one waiting. Thank you.

        2. Can someone tell me if this was the pandemic payment or just your extra 600? And what banks you have?

        3. Its the LWA payments of $300 per week up to 6 weeks…the people who were missed last week are finally getting it this week!!!+

      1. I think it missed me too. I still haven’t recieved anything. At this point, I don’t think I will.

        1. There was a story on ch 12 news this morning about a lot of people not receiving the LWA payments. The state is checking for discrepancies. So there’s still hope us 3% will get paid.

        2. Spoke to someone Wednesday she said it could take up to 2 weeks. Got mine today Valley Bank. Praying everyone gets it. Best of luck to you all❤️

      2. Laticha, Holly Sallito : Any deposits? I haven’t received anything yet. I did not get a text msg or an email from NJDOL, but I did check the box in the “check status” section online. I have Capital One and as of 10/30, nothing.

    3. Just got off the phone with unemployment. The woman could tell me I’m entitled to it but it may take up to two weeks. System is very slow and they are having difficulty getting out payments. I hit the number to check on my claim I believe it was 1 and during the recorded message I hit 0. I was on hold for 30 minutes. Evidently payments are being distributed through BOA and is taking longer than expected. Keep the faith. Praying for all of us waiting

        1. Just checked my account and thank god it’s there!!! Hoping all of you get yours! Thank you all for the information sharing

    1. i got in touch with dol on monday they said they still processing they did mines on on sat thw 24 so they said i should see two business days or by the 29

      1. I pray what Christopher Cherry posted is true. I am so tired of waiting and being disappointed. Like many others, I am trying to keep up with bills, credit, and my bank account is now overdrawn. I have also been getting the “error” message when I certify online (yes, during my time slot). I try to certify over the phone as well but I am told I need to speak to an agent and then disconnected. I was able to check my claim status which says filed and has my $$. I got through to a human being once, who told me my claim was “escalated”, whatever exactly that means. Apparently nothing because my claim is still not resolved, I have yet to receive back pay & LWA. I also reached out to my senator and they have communicated with me that they have sent messages on my behalf but still – NOTHING.

  9. Hi,
    every time I was searching about LWA it say ” you don’t have to do anything if you are eligible you will receive LWA benefits” I just realize on this weekend that I have to certified one time on my portal and I tried and it didn’t give me the option, unfortunately it is too late now to do. Is that mean I will not get the money? please I need someone help me and let me know what I have to do to receive this money.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I even tried answering a text message from NJ DOL but couldn’t respond that way. The website said if we did not certify that it was COVID-19 related we would not be included in this round. I pray that is nor the case when their system was glitched!

    2. There is an additional LWA disclaimer you have to check off, if you dont check this disclaimer my guess is you wont get it. If I remember correctly this disclaimer is on your account ( not on the certification process ), so u have to log in and look for LWA page.

  10. I actually got this information from NJ Realtors website as of 6/16/2020:

    “NJ Department of Labor is authorizing the minimum payment amount PUA ($231) while they continue to work on claims. When your case is eventually updated you will see the amount increase to the appropriate amount based on your income. They are starting recipients out at the minimum amount to get money to those who have been waiting a very long time for benefits.

    The DOL will contact you with regards to providing additional information about your net income for 2019, which will then recalculate your payment. Any additional funding will be back dated and you will receive a new weekly benefit amount. There is no timeframe for these adjustments.”

    Good lord this is bad. Many of you in this forum could be entitled to maximum of $713 per week instead of the paltry $231 per week via PUA. What the hell is going on with NJ? When will they reach out to us? How will they reach out to us? – probably via Carrier Pigeon at the rate they are going. I have never seen such staggering incompetence when so many livelihoods are at stake. For those of us who qualify, what about the Retroactive Back Pay for PUA/FPUC. Many are owed thousands. Going on 8 months now with no new or improved processes. Same ole Mickey Mouse process of calling these clueless telephone reps and have them put through an escalation form and never receive a reply or communication from anyone. Why on earth would you hire a bunch of telephone reps that are passing on escalation notification to an already overwhelmed claims adjuster….oy vey. HIRE MORE CLAIMS ADJUSTERS. Even if Pelosi & Mnuchin come to agreement on new stimulus package money, why on earth would they give more Federal Money to NJ. They still can’t get their act together.

    1. I am so frustrated with these phone reps. I have been waiting now for 7 months for DOL to fix my original claim so I can receive back benefits plus the $600 a week that is owed to me. I filed a claim under “gig worker” but it took time to get that through. Once I did, I heard from unemployment within a week via email stating how I was approved and so on. The problem was that they had my last day of employment as May 14th when I clearly stated that it was March 14th. All they had to do was fix a date but no, that was to easy I suppose. On Oct 2nd I received an email from DOL telling me they had to cancel my original claim and create a new one so they could back date it. This email went on to say how I would now get all the money due to me plus the $600 a week. As unbelievable as it sounds, my new claim is backdated to March 15th but where there was a dollar amount in the WBR of my old claim and plenty of money still left in the amount section, this new backdated claim has $0 even though the status is filed and I am supposed to be certifying weekly for all these back benefits. And No, DOL is not sending this claim to an adjuster for more wage info. I have already been approved under PUA. Incompetent doesn’t come close to what these “workers” have done. No one double checked to make sure the money I had left was transfered to my new account. Now I’m worse off. I cannot believe it. I have lost count of how many people I’ve spoken to from their call center. And the answers I get (along with the background sounds of chomping and chewing) is “it’s part of the process” and ” I have to send this to a supervisor”. All the while my claim is in some virtual line waiting. I am told this every time. Ok so I’ve gotten through on the phone but nothing has been fixed yet. How can this be? I no longer want to hear how backlogged they are. If they would fix the problem, then this backlog would start going down. I’d like to know where they found these people . I could have done a better job. Am I alone with this problem? This mess may sound confusing but it’s not for me or unemployment. I am at the end of my rope. I cannot take this much longer as my claim is now on a virtual desk and appears to be forgotten again. These call centers don’t care. I’m just a number to them. Not a person with so many fears and worries now. They need to go back to work and join a gym while their at it. The reason everyone is having a hard time getting through on the phone isn’t because they’re so overwhelmed, it’s because they purposefully do not pick it up because they have a huge mouth full of food or who knows what it is. I don’t believe I’ll ever see that money now. I’ve lost what little faith I had in them.

      1. Wait I have a question……I just filed a new claim last week but I have been out of work since March they are supposed to give you all that back or does it only start from the date you filed a new claim??

        1. andrea iam with you i filed a claim on sept 27aa i never thought i would be approved anyway i got an approval for two weeks i could not claim finally after weeks of trying i got thru and something was messed up she said i have to re file and she told me i would get every dime from the last day worked afyter i get my approval again to call them and they will take care of all the lost wages she also said that as i claimed it was covid 19 related that i would get the 1800 now iam still waiting bur we are to get all our lost wages iam in NJ so i will update this once i get my money

        2. I know it’s supposed to go back to the date that you became unemployed. The catch is when you file their only going to start your clean from the date that you file, you have to wait months and months and months until they contact you to verify your income. They will need to review your tax returns with your schedule C or 1099s however it is that you report your income but they will need to review these forms to determine your income so that they can recalculate your benefit amount because everybody gets approved for the minimum $231 per week. Unemployment benefit amount is supposed to be 60% of your income and for many $231 is much too low compared to what they normally make but it’s at this point that they recalculate your weekly benefit rate and then backdate. They do need to verify our income and that we actually work because they have been receiving a lot of fraudulent claims. The problem that I have with the system that they have in place right now is that it’s taking entirely too long I have been waiting since May 3rd to be contacted and it is now almost November. They went and hired all of these temporary telephone Representatives but gave them no power to do anything and all that these people are doing are helping them answer the huge loads of incoming calls but nobody’s getting any results by talking to these reps so they keep calling and calling. Apparently the Department of Labor just told these Representatives that whatever problem anybody has just fill out this escalation form and tell the people that an actual claims adjuster will be in contact with them by phone or by email within a couple weeks which is a complete and total blatant outright lie. but I have been in contact with my local Senator’s office since June because I am owed back payments from March until may and finally they were informed that njdol has finally started to contact all of the Pua claim recipients to veridy their income & properly date their claims to when they became unemployed due to covid…. again I do understand why they initially just approve everybody from the date that they filed and at the lowest benefit amount, to put at least something in our pockets and give them a litlle time to review our claim to prevent fraud, etc…but not 7-8 months!!! I think 4-6 weeks is all it should have taken….maybe if they actually gave the reps they hired some actual authority to lighten their load…not just hire temps to answer our calls & unknowingly lie to us!!!!!!

        3. Well stated Angelina!! Below, I cut and paste this information directly from the NJ Office of The Governor website from a PDF File link in the press release. It is pretty dam clear that PUA/FPUC is retroactive to Feb 2 (PUA) & April 4 (FPUC). People should Google “NJ Labor Department to Begin Making Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Payments This Week” 04/29/2020. I don’t know why people at the State UI Office are telling NJ residents that it is based on Claim File Date, not date you lost your job and that you are not entitled to retroactive back pay. Got their heads so far up their ass, they don’t know whether they are coming or going. They really screwed up the LWA and they are STILL screwing up the backdated payments owed. The Liability and Negligence continue to mount. Not looking good for reelection for Murphy next year; doesn’t matter how many fluffy commercials he publishes. Such a shame.


          The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020. It provides assistance to workers who have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus emergency by creating Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).

          1. I’m self-employed, an independent contractor, a gig worker, or a platform worker.
          What do I get from the CARES Act?
          If eligible, you can receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). These benefits can be retroactive for periods of unemployment that began after February 2, 2020.

          2. How much is PUA?
          PUA potentially provides the same amount as regular unemployment (60% of your average weekly salary, up to a maximum of $713 per week) for up to a total of 39 weeks. The PUA amount for the self-employed is calculated using prior year(s) tax returns if wages are not reported through wage records. The PUA minimum, for businesses operating at a loss or with insufficient income to qualify for benefits, is $231 per week. PUA benefits are considered taxable income. PUA recipients are also eligible for an extra $600 per week, also taxable. The $600 per week is retroactive to the week
          ending April 4, 2020, and ends the week of July 25, 2020.

        4. What upsets me the most is that the New Jersey Department of Labor was extremely dishonest with their handling of Pua Claims. Instead of telling us that we would be automatically approved starting the date we filed our claim at the lowest weekly benefit rate until a claims adjuster is able to verify our source and amount of income via tax returns, bank statements, Etc. And that this process could take up to a year possubly because of the volume of claims presented to the New Jersey Department of Labor and that they need time to work through them but rest assured that we are owed that money and we will get it. No, instead they instructed their phone reps to unknowingly lie to us and give us false hope in these escalation forms and allow us to get our hopes up &tell us that within two to four weeks this escalation form is going to reach an actual claims adjuster who has authority to backdate our claims & adjust our benefit amount. I was told this every month and for 4 months straight I got my hopes up high and thought I was going to have those several thousand dollars within a couple weeks to just be hugely disappointed month after month. Now that I know what’s going on I’m not saying that I’m okay with it taking this long but at least I have a realistic expectation Now versus back in May June July and August thinking that I was going to have that money by the time the school year started just be let down over and over again it’s wrong and New Jersey Department of Labor among all other state entities have lost my trust and I am hugely disappointed & can never trust them again.

      2. File for an appeal I did it. You can complete one on the unemployment web site. I had to do this I just had a hearing on the 20th of this month receive some of my benefits already waiting for the retroactive $600 back pay. All I needed was a date change, don’t give up you will still get it.

        1. Angel, could you expand a little further. Why did you first appeal? Were you first denied PUA? You mentioned you had a hearing? Did you actually go to NJUI offices? How did they contact you? You mentioned all it took was a date change. How and who changed the date? I’m not looking for a written novel from you. If you could add a little more details.

          It certainly would be helpful if NJDOL/NJDUI would post instructions and how the actual process works regarding how to receive Retroactive backdate pay on their website. If it is there, could you post a link for everyone to see.

      3. I feel for you I filed in March i sat in pending until 1st week in sept the man who finally called me and did my claim in four hours and helped me certify for the 22 weeks told me he was so frustrated with his workers who pushed around my claim for weeks n weeks no one wanted to do it so finally he said give it to me. I need to get it done. Like wtf the people they hired cant answer anything when u call and then to hear that’s why my claim anyway it gets worse I get money retro and two weeks later go to atm my card had been closed and all my money all.of it on it. I called BofA and they said njui closes acvount call them i call them the agent if u wanna call her that said nothing wrong with card and if there was u have to call bofa we sont have anything to do with card. This went back and forth 3 days finally njui person told me closes because fraud sweep and innocent people getting caught up in it. But also.ahe said I see there’s another problem they need you for monetary interview and they called you yesterday why didnt you answer i said I always answer waiting to hear from u guys I asked what number they call well they called my old number that I changes to new number in june apparently when they did my claim somehow old number was put back in system when van I fix that. Oh you have to wait for call im.liks how long. Oh 4 ro 6 weeks so now two days after I was told that a letter comes in mail.saying I have a phone Intetview for Sept 30. The letter came. Oct 4. So when I spoke to person who new all.thia I said if I open direct deposit will the money incertidy for each week fo on that like it’s not frozen ahw said no you will get that money at least since all other money frozen on card soni open bank account switch over direct deposit certify that week and guess what now my claim not payable at this time when I missed phone interview they stopped me.gettibg money until I talk to specialist because they dont know I’d I want to continue my claim because I didn’t answer phone it’s now wns of October still haven’t gotten call ot when I call no answers if I had known that money I thought was mine really isnt i.qowouls of taken on all.out. there’s 14000 on card and the money I get each week is hagubg in limbo. Also when I checked my balance on card 400 was missing couple weeks back I called answer I got yeah there a glitch in system they have to fix cause that’s happening to alot accounts like omg and it’s still not back on card. I swear I want to get a lawyer. 5 months I suffered waiting for money n I get it and they freeze my account like I dont even have dollar that i can use. but if anyone has money on bofa take it off now anyone can have their acct frozen actually they close the acct and bofa swears they have no part of it but then how njui can close it if they say they have nothing to so with card and they cant see transactions at all. Them why are they closing them from.what info are they basing this on. Ans I had nothing strange with my act I didn’t have time I AM PRAYING SOMONW CALLS ME THIS WEEK AND I GET MY MONEY BACK. I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH OVET THIS.IF I DONT HAVE A breakdown I’ll be lucky if anyone has any info on this let me know post it or has advice to get lawyer how can they take my money all of it with my name never again use bofa debit for unemployment do not

        1. this happened to me too!!! i have $5000.00 frozen in an account and i have no access to it because of this “fraud sweep”

      4. Trina,

        You are on point with everything you stated. I’ve encountered EVERYTHING you mentioned. While the telephone reps are clueless, a majority of them are outsourced contractors from out of state. It is the responsibility of management to educate and inform these telephone reps of what to say. I’ve had conversations with several from Indiana and other states. They all tell me different processes and procedures. One lady very aggressively stated that you will just receive the retroactive pay. No one will contact you. Many of them just hang up on you. The problem is that there is no official process or procedures. It is pretty clear that this has been managed poorly and CONTINUES to be managed poorly. The giveaway is how they handled LWA. Taking close to 2 months to distribute funds with majority of states distributing in early to mid September with Arizona being the rock star of distributing their LWA 9 days after FEMA approved. The current NJDOL process of calling, have the telephone rep complete some kind of escalation form and then forward this escalation to a claims adjuster who is already overwhelmed with claims is ASININE. Why is that NYS & PA can figure this out, but, NJ cannot? Hire temporary claims adjusters; not telephone reps. Extremely inefficient. It seems they are comfortable with continue to cry about being overwhelmed instead of figuring something out that is efficient. NYS & PA were successful. How about this: NJ should outsource their Unemployment Insurance operations to NYS or PA. They know how to get it done.

      5. I agree I’m frustrated as well it’s Monday and I haven’t received nothing in my boa account yet it’s so sad

        1. I just got in contact with them for the issue you have, they claim because I didn’t answer my email to certify I lost my job to Covid-19 I was too late to receive 1,8000, now I have to wait for more funding from FEMA.

      6. I am also waiting months for backdate. Most of call center employees try to help but their hands are tied. NJ hired call center workers who reside ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, work from their homes. they are experience Customer service Reps. They are given very little info regarding actually fixing issues. Occasionally you get “lucky” and a rep will put in extra effort and look at your claim history. Others apologize for not being given tools to help, and ask for patience. Occasionally you get as rep who is very apologetic, wishes to do more but cant, and sometimes you just get disconnected after waiting on hold over an hour. It is the fault of State of NJ Leaders, not these reps. My advice is to call your State Legislature Representative in your DISTRICT. google it, call all 3 of them. in your case you have nothing to lose. I ve been waiting for backdate to March since I was approved in June. NJ makes interest on our backdate $$ so in no hurry to release it. I recall GOV. Murphy saying MANY times, we wouldnt lose ONE DAY OR ONE PENNY OF BENEFITS because system was down for months. I’d like to know why it’s taking so long. It’s a terrible way to treat taxpayers and Shows NJ cant handle UI. btw, NY and PA gave back pay immediately. this is unacceptable. I’m so stressed financially I cant sleep. Best of luck to you

        1. I also filed for PUA back in june but my last day of work was march 15th. I filed so late because I didn’t know gig workers could file til then. Well my claim got approved at the end of august but I could only file from week ending in june til now. So I have been calling unemployment since beginning of sept only to get different answers from different reps. Last two told me it takes 8-10 weeks for backdate claims. they keep telling me to look for an email or phone call I check everyday no email no phone call. So overwhelming.

    2. Who has PNC bank? I’ve been checking the last few days and nothing yet.. My fiancé’s niece has PNC too and got it… I’ve been unemployed since May and was receiving the $600 (until July) and am still getting unemployment payments. Never received the texts or emails to certify that my job ended due to Covid (I did that when I first filed for unemployment). Just trying to be patient…

      1. Erika, I have PNC. No deposit yet. I’m on the PEUC now, and I Checked that box to attest , but I don’t think I had to. It was in my claims status. I thought everyone got it. I’m hoping Tuesday will be the day. I have so many bills that are now past due.

        1. I’m with you, Julie … bills and student loans.
          I checked this morning and I only got my regular unemployment amount that I file on Sunday. I triple checked that I was eligible and I shouldn’t have needed to say my jobs were effected by Covid.

        2. Hi All
          Just got off phone with rep. Even though I am qualified, received more than $100 in unemployment, did not receive any email, text or phone, she said thay I was not on the list last week for payment to be released to me.
          She could not tell me anything more. i asked her to look into my case why but she keep saying it’s Fema. I met Fema requirement but NJ seem to be doing their own thing. I am at a dead end here. No funds was released to me.
          Still don’t know why???????

        1. Yep. TD Bank. They confirmed I was eligible. Nothing. Should have gotten 1,200.00. My son was also on and never got it either.

  11. Hey everyone. I missed the email that said to certify my unemployment was due to covid but I’m already on PUAC.. am I getting the 1800? Or am I screwed since I Missed the due date?

    1. You may just be screwed….join the club, it sucks. My email was in my spam mail. I recieved text messages from DOL which I replied to and they texted back saying they have my confirmation that I had been impacted by covid 19. So I thought I was good to go but I still haven’t received any payment yet.

      1. This was a way to get people to not get paid. Why send an email that goes to spam folder? Same thing happened to me. Also got the text message saying I was confirming out of work due to Covid. Never got the money. Anyone I’ve talked to that replied to text but never got the email also never got the money.

        1. You are absolutely right! I truly don’t understand why they would
          confirm it over text if we had to do something on the website they have text us right away saying you must go to the claim status and do this, that, and the other instead of replying “we have confirmation your employment was impacted by covid 19. DOL will assess your account for lost wages assistance payments. Thank you. ” Like hello, dont text that if we had to do something additional. And if we all wake up tomorrow to our money then I take it back but it’s not looking good………..If there is anyone out there who confirmed being unemployed due to covid 19 over the text messages sent by DOL and actually received the money please let us know.

        2. And then the, “reply by 5:00 nonsense”. What a tactic!

        3. Yeah not only that but the text message I received was on Saturday October 16th at 7:50 PM the text message reads please certify by the 5 PM deadline when I click the link there was nothing to attest to and no box to check as I had already missed the cut off. I have the text message saved and I have not used email for my Unemployment claims, I do not even have my email address on file. It begs the question why would I check my email all of a sudden looking for these benefits when Nj has never communicated anything to me through email since March. This is a massive disservice to American citizens who have done nothing wrong I have been claiming since March and was on top of every FEMA/LWA article that there was; none of them were accurate and none from NJ itself about this massively important email and or text they were sending out. Some articles said that we would be receiving the $1800 in a lump sum check others said that if you are already collecting and it is an amount over $100 you do not have to do anything further nowhere did I get a phone call or notification to claim this money until like I said 7:50 PM on a Saturday night October 16th when I received a text message stating the deadline was 5 PM earlier that day. I can only hope that it’s still being processed because that money was meant for my kids holiday gifts and to help put food on the table and I don’t say that as a throwaway line we are literally broke and I am disgusted that I have not been able to get through for weeks I call every day at 8 AM it seems the phones are turned off from the moment the day starts, this is appalling and I don’t know who to turn to anymore I have sent direct emails to governor Murphy I have sent emails to reporters that have published somewhat accurate articles and doing the best job that they can but New Jersey unemployment should be ashamed of themselves their website does not work in fact I can no longer claim on their website for reasons unknown, it says they do not have a claim on file for me which is untrue and I have every certification dating back to March and nothing has changed and my last weeks certification still has a balance of over $1,400 so it’s an absolute mess, luckily just today I found a loophole through a phone number where you can self service certify for benefits and everything went through so I will get my measly $208 hopefully on Wednesday as it usually does come through my BofA prepaid card. but this is directly affecting the lives of my children and myself immensely and I try to hide it from them but I am sick to my stomach and truly just want to give up. Update: as I was writing this post I received a call back from the 761-2020 number and they don’t know why it’s not working online but they said my claim that I did on the phone today went through but they have no pending $1800 deposit into my account the person I spoke with said they would send an escalation form to be reviewed so pray for us that we get the money we deserve and I hope that any of you going through the same situation receive some clarity on their situation I am obviously not happy but I have at least gotten through and was able to state my case to somebody so hopefully this gets resolved best of luck to anyone out there experiencing this or something similar.
          Sincerely, Brandon

        4. Brandon I truly hate to be the bearer of bad news but those workers that are hired to answer the phones for unemployment are told that they are to fill out these escalation forms and to tell us that within two to four weeks we should be receiving a phone call or email from an actual claims adjuster but in actuality these forms do absolutely nothing oh, I have filled out several up then going all the way back to the beginning of June and have never received an email or a phone call and response to any of them and I am not the only person. We have all been told the sane lies about these “forms”and it’s not the representatives that answer the phones fault because they are being told that these forms are actually going somewhere and that people are working on them and it’s all not true. I just hate to see anybody have false hope over these forms as I did I was counting on getting the $5,000 that unemployment owes me but like I said I never received an email or a phone call and they still owe me payments between March 8th and May 3rd. I’m sorry I hope the best for you. But please believe these escalation forms have absolutely no power

        5. Such a shame. How can you send out automated texts after the deadline. Absolutely horrendous. It should have been a box you check during normal claim. Website is down they turn around and give you the smallest window to make this claim when they put no information in their website about it. Truly unbelievable

      2. Same here never received emails or texts filed my
        Claim in April and certified lost job do to covid-19 and nothing

    1. They may be later in the NJ DOL processing batches (processing times vary by institution). If you haven’t got your payment yet, don’t panic as could take till Monday or Tuesday to get to your account. Calling the NJ DOL/DUI is not going to help at this stage either (impossible to get someone). I’ll post updates here (and on twitter/facebook) + great reader community here posting comments on payment updates.

      1. Hi Andy
        My bank is Chase and as of today Saturday 10/24/20, I did see the money in my account. What should I do?

        1. Hi Joe
          I have Chase and as of today 10/24/20 I still do not see my deposit as yet. What is going on?

        2. Hi Joe/Andy:
          I have Chase too but as of today Monday 10/26/20, still no payment. Please advise what I should do. Tried calling but can’t get through to anyone. I submitted an online query on Saturday. Really frustrating.

      2. thank you Andy. my fingers crossed you are correct. i have yet to see lwa and have been unemployed since March and previously certified covid related (I’m in entertainment biz technical). i saw the notification “no need to do anything if already covid claimed” but last week i heard of an email sent in early oct to “only those who need to certify covid”. I searched email history and saw it for the first time to late. I missed that opportunity to re-certify and perplexed as to why I even got it.

    2. Hi Deb, we spoke yesterday, the 1800 was deposited in my credit union account this morning (Friday morning) I use County Educators Federal Credit union …..hope yours hits soon!!!

      1. Thank you Eric, you give me hope. I hope I get it, I was unemployed during that period but returned to work. I have so many back bills. This would help alot.

        1. You and I both. And when you call unemployment the reps are just telling people anything! I’m literally sick!

  12. I never got an email, text or mail from NJDOL asking for any additional information. I randomly checked the box in my claim status just because I looked. I did not get a deposit today. I am nervous. They are not taking phone calls today at all. It hangs up on you, all 5 numbers I have. I faxed over a letter asking why I didn’t get it and sent a message, but who knows if i will ever get a response. Did anyone else not get an email, text or mail? I just assumed because I said I was unemployed because of covid when I applied, I was good.

    1. Just found this…makes me sick: LWA tracker
      State New Jersey $300. PAID. 10/22/20. 6 weeks Depleted-Y 10/22/20

      I guess if you couldn’t get through to certify you are screwed. I couldn’t, hopefully it is still in transit for others. Good luck all. I’m gonna go cry now.

      1. I certified both via email and text and never got thr money and it said I was eligible. Single mom of 4. Fantastic.

    2. I received a text message on Saturday at 7:50 PM stating that the deadline is 5 PM I literally just want to blow my brains out right now I am so nauseous I have been collecting since March and have done everything I need to do but this is absolutely disgusting I truly want to have a face-to-face with Murphy so he can tell my kids why were eating mac & cheese for dinner. This is a nightmare and I am disgusted to be a part of New Jersey after this I have BOfA prepaid nothing pending nothing anywhere I am absolutely devastated.

      1. I would like to get my unemployment issues resolved as soon as possible. I was layed off from work on 4/9/20 and opened a claim on 4/12/20. Received benefit determination on 4/14/20 and certified for benefits for three weeks unemployed (4/12-4/18, 4/19-4/25, 4/26-5/2)
        I was sent 2 weeks of payment of $642 each week. Then I received a letter stating that I owed unemployment $713.
        I went back to work on may 5th. The letter saying I owed money apparently put a halt on my unemployment benefits without a single explanation of WHY?
        I have attempted hundreds of calls to unemployment but cannot get through to a person to resolve this issue.
        I got layed off again on 9/17/20 and reopened my claim. In the meantime, I finally got through to someone at unemployment, 5 MONTHS LATER and was told I needed to pay back the $713 before anything could be done.
        Well I’ll play this stupid game and send the $713 back, which I did.
        I reopened my claim on 9/18/20 and certified for benefits only to find out that unemployment deducted the amount owed, which I already paid, from my account. This has caused the only 2 payments I received to be taken back. Now I am at 0 (ZERO) dollars received from benefits that I constantly pay into from this fraud of government called Unemployment Benefits. As of this letter , I am owed 5 weeks of benefits plus the extra $600 per week benefits promised in the cares act. Again calls to the UE offices will not go through and all emails i’ve sent continue to go unanswered.
        Any help resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated. Nobody should be put through the stresses of dealing with these issues for 6 months without an answer.
        None of this is due to any fault of mine and responsability falls on unemployment office and system, I have confirmation numbers for everything. Just don’t know what to do?

        1. I am sorry this is happening to you.
          Have you tried the online form under contact us?
          I had my claim in question since March. Got through to phones finally in May and again in September and was escalated and told both times to wait 4 weeks for call back. If I didn’t hear to call back again. That never happened.
          In September I filled out the online form under contact us on the uifile website and explained my issue.
          2 weeks ago I had all the weeks of back pay and the following weeks all the $600 back payments.
          Its certainly worth as shot as I didn’t think it would work but it did.
          Hoping you get this resolved soon

        2. Hi Carla!
          I’m glad to here someone got there issues resolved. Can you please clarify where that firm is? Do you mean just the regular contact us firm?

    3. Dont worry, you are good. I have chase and just got mine today. I returned to work in the end of sept and did not have to certify again that I was partially unemployed due to covid because i already had done so. Just give it until maybe wednesday.The site says payments being processed and may be that you will see your payment tomorrow or next week. Good luck.

      1. Do you mean that you did not have to certify extra to get the money? I went back to work Sept 1st but was out due to covid and certified that fact during July and August and the received a text from DOL stating to hit 1 if I was out of work due to covid. Will I still get the money?

    4. Hi George, I checked that box also when I went into claim status. I’m hoping it doesn’t make a difference. It’s Saturday and no deposit yet, I have PNC bank. I’m nervous. Let me know if you get your deposit.

        1. George, I did the same thing. I wonder if checking off the claim status box has something to do with us not receiving the LWA payment. I know for sure that I’m eligible, and was not asked to certify by any means.

        2. Same. No email or text. No payment. It sucks. We had planned our bills around it this month. Hope I get answers soon.

        3. Every time I tried to certify, the only box I could check in self service was to opt in for texts. Nothing else.

        4. Update: As of Friday Oct 30, I did receive my payment. Was shocked to see it so late, but mostly relieved. I pray you all get yours sorted soon!!!

      1. Same with me, it was actually my fault not missed the email that I have to certify benefits before 5pm October 16. But got a text saturday Night so I still followed what I have to do. But nothing in my account yet.

    5. Hi George
      I did not get an email or text either. And still no payment from Chase as yet. I submitted an online query but who knows if they will ever answer.
      Please let us know any update on your end.

    6. this is what i thought if we applied and said it was covid 19 related we dont have to do anything so now we will not get it i still have nothing in my account this is crazy if we are appoved under PUA that should mean pandemic related and my god i finally got a hold of someone on Friday about my loss wage claim as they had my claim all messed up!!

    7. I have emailed the NJDOL many times and have received no responses and when you call the response is, due to record levels of demand and overwhelming calls all lines are busy, please call back on the next business day. I have also emailed NJ Governor Phil Murphy at least 4 times and also our state representatives and have only received back 2 emails, thanking me for communicating with them. Absolutely no response on my questions and concerns over the payout of LWA in New Jersey. This governor has a major failure on his back here in our state. It’s a disgrace that he failed to file for this program in the beginning and waited till the last week to apply for these FEMA funds for the state of NJ.

      1. Hi Donna
        I agree it’s a total disgrace. What is wrong with these people. Waiting for the very last week to apply and then last state to disperse the funds. And even that they can’t do it properly. So many of us who are unemployed and qualified still can’t get the money. They told me that my name was not on the list but can’t tell me why.
        I live in NY but worked in NJ. So I spoke to NY Senate office today. They took my info and send to NJ Senate’s office. She said they will call or reach out to me. I will try to call them tomorrow and hope someone will pick up.
        I also never received any mail, text or phone to do anything. I certify every week and yet they have the audacity to tell me I am not on the list.
        They have no shame or regards for us.

      2. I got through yesterday. They said process is very slow and they are going out in small batches. It could take another 2 weeks ☹️ I called the Vineland # and got through. Took me two days but they did say I would get it. They can see that. I guess we just have to be patient. Best of luck.

  13. I bank at TD and I only received $300.00. Why did some people get the full $1800.00? I have been furloughed one week a month since May and stopped receiving the extra $600.00 in July.

  14. I hope everyone got their direct deposit this morning for the $1800 Mine finally arrived I have Wells Fargo

    1. Zero still. I have Wells Fargo also.

      Happy tho for everyone posting they got it today!!! Hopefully mine will Be soon.
      #Broke#Sickandtiredof Waiting

      1. I have Wells Fargo too and nothing… I wish we could get clarification if we are getting it… I did receive email and certified but no money.

      2. Does anyone have BoA prepaid debit card that did not receive the 1800 yet? I didn’t get mine and I am nervous.

        1. Yes me too! But they will be paying out from oct 22 till oct 26 after that its a wrap! But if they didnt start paying out until the 22nd then it going according to schedule how they do like with regular unemployment…i file on tuesdays but get check on thurdays ….every other bank etc have their on way

        2. My mom has boa and she didn’t receive hers yet either. She called number on back of her card they said she didn’t have any pending transactions. They said they have up to the 26th so fingers crossed both of you get it monday or tuesday. I also seen a lady say she called the dol, and they said some will be processed tomorrow as well so you can have it by monday or tuesday

        3. I have boa prepaid card and did not receive anything and I do qualify boa said they g hv ave no information and transfer you to unemployment who disconnects you

        4. I have the BofA card and still nothing I’m over here biting my nails I pray it comes Monday

      1. Were you collecting unemployment for all the weeks that the extra $300 was for? August 1- September 5th?

      2. It’s possible that you weren’t unemployed between the weeks of August 1st and September 5th. If you were only unemployed for one of those weeks then that would explain why you only received $300 (1 week of LWA)

      3. My girlfriend only got half her money.she is part of a NJ unemployment Facebook group. She’s been talking to the moderator who has a contact in DOL. They were advised there was a coding error and many people got less than what they were supposed to. Supposedly they are working on the problem but no timeframe given when it will be fixed. I wish someone would officially confirm this and put out a release. Many people are waiting for this money.

      1. Keep calling. Hang up when it says they can’t take you’re call due to call volume. Keep
        Doing that over and over. Eventually it will say please hold. Don’t hang up. Someone will answer. I did this the other day and it only took me 10 minutes to finally get through. I called 732-761-2021. Hope this helps

      2. Same here, however I was never able to certify via the email. Called NJUE out of state # today (I’m now in Delaware) and got through to a 5 minute wait time. After 20 minutes I was told the wait was 6 minutes. Then I left my # for call back after being told I would not lose my place in line, the number was electronically confirmed back to me. 3 hours later…nada

  15. Good morning everyone my money came in 2:30am i bank with Citibank incase those who bank with them wanna know if they received the payments. Hope everyone got through…..

      1. WELLS FARGO here and at 4:am it was in my account..Hopefully everyone wakes up as blessed

  16. As of 2:56 am wells fargo account holder 1800 has been officially deposited thank God. Hope everyone else gets theirs today also

  17. Hey. Woke up to use the bathroom and noticed CHASE finally hit my account ppl. Good luck.

      1. I have a $300 pending in my bank acct. This may be all I’m getting though because they froze my acct for some still I unknown reason having to do with being self-employed (or so I was told by a rep this week and still waiting for an email or call to clarify as well as regained back retro).

    1. Good luck everyone woke up check my wells fargo and saw my payment…thank you Jesus

      1. I do. Still waiting. I am nervous because I returned to work September 15. So I have not been claiming since then but I was on unemployment since April so I am entitled to the lwa. Did you ever receive an email. I didn’t.

        1. No, never received an email. As of a few minutes ago, nothing deposited yet. Hope it comes

  18. Good morning everyone. Just got a text, checked my account and 1800.00 is now available in my B of A prepaid debit account. I truly wish each and everyone else gets there’s this morning as well. Ugh!!!! I can finally now sleep. Thank for all of your postings, and updates from everyone.

  19. Hi there does anyone know why some are receiving 1800. And others 900.
    My daughter only received 900 so just wondering why?

  20. I was kinda proud of how New Jersey government had been handling the pandemic…..up until this fiasco of this Fema financial distribution. All it takes is one big f*ck up, to ruin a bunch of attaboys (attagirls, and attatheys, themself) , and indeed they F’d it up.

    1. Hi all!! It is 1:30 AM on Friday and it has CLEARED in my account!!!!! I use Ally bank. Everyone check your accounts!!!! Xoxo

    2. Yous better take it all back! Lol Murphy and em been good to us (now since we finally got paid) wait til the money is gone and come back with the rest of us to talk bad any New Jersey lol!

  21. mine arrived. i had to login to boa websit it wont appear on the app yet but the pending deposit for 1800 there. i wouldent lie about this i have better things to do trust.

  22. As of 2 am this morning I have 2 pending deposits, my normal unemployment and the 1800$ lwa payment. Both have tomorrows date so I’ll be getting both deposits around 2 am tomorrow!

    1. I do Deb, County Educators Federal Cedit Union, and NOTHING. , I’ve been checking all day long since 6 am this morning, 12 hours …… and to those arrogant sh*theads who keep telling folks to calm down, go F yourselves.

    2. Nothing for me. Im with the credit union
      I’m so sad and depressed. I wanna cry. Please encourage me to get through this.

  23. People that are going back and forth over the BOA deposits should understand that the prepaid cards and regular accounts ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Regular BOA accounts never have shown any pending deposits. It’s not a function on the desktop site, mobile site or app. You just need to wait until it posts. The BOA reps can’t see anything either, so you’re wasting time by calling them. Hopefully, it’ll post by sometime tonight and all get on with life.

    1. hey Matt its GARY i have boa they tell me the same thing let me know if you get it tomorrow i do the same thanks

  24. It is tough to see so many people suffer and the desperation. Things are so bad. I’ve never been so disgusted with politicians on both sides of the aisle. Jackasses can’t pull their heads out of their ass to extend another Cares package. Squabbling over a difference of .04 ($1.8T vs $2.2T). Are you fuc*ing kidding me. They hurt us pretty bad with Subprime fiasco years ago and now they are hurting us again by not managing this pandemic properly. Maybe Bernie Sanders was right. Ultra rich are sh*tting on us. They are not suffering. This fight is not over. We still need our Retroactive Back Pay.

    I think people are getting confused here with Direct Deposit vs BOA Prepaid Card which I think you should have elected as a form of payment on the NJDOL website when you first filed a claim. If you have the prepaid card, you will be able to see the pending money through the app. If you are currently receiving PUA via Direct Deposit with any of major banks, it most likely will be in your account tomorrow morning. I confirmed with my rep from Skank of America (BOA) that you cannot see pending if you have a regular checking account that receives PUA direct deposit. Maybe Andy will clear this up with a sticky post above.

    1. I’m still waiting, hopefully tomorrow. But you made me laugh out loud at work with skank of America. . Thank for the info.

    2. Ive been using my paypal account…they do not post it it immediately like chime or cashapp but VENMO does, which is weird because they are owned by paypal

        1. We can check lwa off our list and get back to fighting for our retroactive back pay….smh

        2. Yes tomorrow the big day i hope everyone get it and be bless because no telling after this when or where we get more…now so everyone know if you recieved an email thats says E-adjustion or something like that let me know because i got word that you have to comply because some people think its fraud it is not its comes directly from NJDOL and trust me people you wanna give the info to them because i got thru today amd the REP told me that when they first gave everyone funds so people can have money it was just the minimum payment you can received weekly but not surw for everyone but i do believe for everyone well she said WE ARE OLD BACK PAY..because they never calculated everyone actual pay a week thats why they ask for you taxes well 2019 Return because in the system she said we are OWED BACK PAY SO I HOPE THIS INFO HELPS AND EVERYONE FILL OUT THAT FORM THING SO IF YOUR OWED YOU RECIEVED BACK PAY IM ONE OF THEM SO JUST SHARING INFORMATION

        3. Unfortunately, alot of folks on here are “Full of Sh*t”. I’ve seen different versions of how the Retroactive Back Pay is suppose to work. What is the full process? How come there is no explanation of the Back Dating process on NJDOL website explaining the entire process and how it works like they do on the NYSDOL website with their Docusign process. If indeed the information you received from this alleged rep is correct, why are the telephone reps telling NJ Residents that they are not entitled to Retroactive Back Pay. It’s real simple. NJDOL should publish a clean efficient process on the NJDOL website explaining IN DETAIL what NJ Residents need to do to get the Retroactive backpay and QUIT half-assing it ALL the time. What about all the people who tried to gain access to their website and could not get through back in April to file claim. What about the guidance from USDOL on Retroactive Pay?

        4. Good morning everyone. Just got a text, checked my account and 1800.00 is now available in my B of A prepaid debit account. I truly wish each and everyone else gets there’s this morning as well. Ugh!!!! I can finally now sleep. Thank for all of your postings, and updates from everyone.

      1. Hi Angelina
        How long have you been waiting fir “back pay”? I certified on 8/2, but claim started on 3/17. I didn’t know I was eligible (I’m gig worker).
        I called end of Aug ( actually got through). They said 6-8 weeks. I haven’t heard anything and now I can’t get through.
        Any suggestions?

        1. I filed on may 3rd, but out of work since march 8th….. I still never recieved money for period of march 8th thru may 3rd when I filed..they submitted escalation forms several times which were supposed to get a claims adjuster to backdate my claim to march 3rd but nothing ever materialized from that…. Idk honestly what they are going to do to get that money to all of us who are owed

        2. No problem! Good luck to you throughout all of your dealings with unemployment

        3. Same with me, approved in July but waiting for March backdate. I call 1x a week. Each time I’m told to be patient. They filed 3 escalations . Supposedly escalation s take 6 to 8 weeks to be looked at. Ive been waiting 17 weeks. Hard not to lose hope. They owe A LOT of $$n meantime NJ keeps that money and earns interest on it every day. I KNOW ppl. in NY, PA, that got $15 000 in back pay immediately upon filing. The call center reps are kind, but they have no authority to do much of anything so why not hire some additional “claims examiners” that can actually get it done!! please let me know if, when you get backdate as nd I’ll do the same. Thousands of us waiting for backs psy. Cmon NJ GET IT Done !!

      2. Hi Angelina, just wanted to let you know I got my $1800 yesterday morning into my PayPal at 4:04 am (and promptly paid a few bills!!). I out all day yesterday and didn’t get to my computer until this morning. I tried to reply from my phone but was having problems finding the right message to reply to so you’d get it (I still don’t think I have the right message, but at least I know I have the right person!). Thanks again, this message board-turned sometimes therapy session, really helped!!

        1. Yes I got my pua at 3:41am then the lwa at 3:58am….yesterday… and yes I agree with you this thread has been very comforting

    3. So I was denied the 20 week extension. Im pretty much fucked here. How can you deny anyone during this time? Its not like I dont wanna go back to work. Im a Union worker and jobs have slowed down and downsized. So work is scarce. Has anyone else been denied this extension? Im gonna appeal it, but who knows how long thats gonna take. Very angry and depressed here. Any insight would be helpful.

      1. I thought you automatically qualified if you exhausted your 26 weeks plus the 13 weeks of pua? But the NJ DOL website states “ The Labor Department said every eligible claimant will be automatically enrolled in the extended benefits when they exhaust their state and federal benefits.

        But the extended state benefits have more stringent eligibility requirements than the federal extension had. These requirements are based on federal law, said Labor spokeswoman Angela Delli-Santi.

        The extended benefit provision says workers must have earnings of at least 40 times their weekly benefit rate during their base year in order to qualify.”

        1. I understand that. I worked last year and made over the 40 times. I dont get it. This is terrible. At a time like this that 40 times shit shouldnt be put into effect. Especially with COVID on the rise again. Only a matter of time b4 shut downs begin.

      2. I am so sorry to hear that. Your right why would they deny anyone. How could they think leaving someone with no income is the best or right choice. We didn’t ask to be here. None of us. I’m worried to. I only have a few weeks left if that. Hell, I sit up at night wondering what lyes ahead.

        I have to find a new place to rent. Can’t afford to be here and lease is up. No one will rent to me because I’m on unemployment. Im about out on the streets. I didn’t ask to be here.

        Can’t wait for this to end. Find a job or hit the lottery. Something. I’d settle for a stimulus check. (Ha ha)

        I never knew depression could get so bad before this pandemic. Now time just runs together.

        We all need a break. We all need a Miracle.

        We all DESERVE it after living through this mess.

      3. Definitely appeal it Mayhem. They make mistakes but if you are entitled to extention, file an Appeal, and in meantime, I guess back to the Hustle. I wish you the best.

  25. Have Chase and no 1800 deposit ,then called and nothing pending… Smh. Anyone in same situation Any info would help

      1. Yea. This is crazy. Checked chase again nothing new and even tried to call ui. Cant even get thru still. Still nothing and everyone looking like they got today. Smfh

      2. Anyone have reg ui and have chase get anything today? Still nothing here almost at end. Never received any email or anything to do if had to…. Been trying to call njdol since Thursday and cant get thru at all in any way…Worried living day to day rn Hoping tomorrow will be better
        This uncalled for wait made everyone’s lives so much worse than needed to be. Any info at all would help Just hope and faith rn

    1. Anyone have TD Bank? I received the text week ago and certified and still nothing pending and says on FEMA Unemployment website that benefit payments have now been exhausted.

      1. I have Chase too but nothing yet. Very frustrated. Some people already got from Chase. So not sure how it works. Waiting and trying to be patient.

        1. Me too. So frustrating. Did you get the text or email from DOL?

        2. Hi Holly
          no did not receive text or email to certify due to covid. All I did was certify every week and only received my regular weekly of $642 yesterday. I tried calling ui today but hold for 1 hour and to be told to leave a number. Holding my breadth for them to call back….haha.
          Let me know any updates on ur end. I will update as . good luck to us still waiting.

  26. Anyone have Ally? I’m still waiting and I’m just wondering if anyone banking with Ally has received it or not.

      1. I called and spoke with them. She told me it’s pending for ALLY and that the funds would be available tomorrow. Hang in there. Everyone.

  27. I use bank of america still and it shows that i have 1,800 dollars pendimg to deposit tomorrow! So thank god its finally happening lmao

      1. You won’t see pending if you’re a regular customer with them (not just for your unemployment). That’s misinformation, BOA had never shown pending deposits, and I’ve been with them for 12 years (reluctantly).

  28. To everyone checking BoA APP. It WILL NOT SHOW PENDING. u must go to actual website to see pending. NOT the APP.

      1. To everyone if you have bigger banks or most likely will post 6 am tomorrow morning I called my bank to check for any pending deposit and she gave me two my regular Unemployment and the pending 1800 just called your bank and asked if there is any pending deposit . depending on your bank deposit time it will be there tomorrow

        1. I also have Capital One and as of Monday, still nothing. Have you received yet??? So upset

        2. I also have Capital One and as of Monday, still nothing. Have you received yet??? So upset

        3. Al, Did you ever receive yours? Nothing for me! Never received any texts or emails from them asking me to certify that UE was pandemic related and I know that I had certified back in July when I first claimed. It’s SO frustrating since I know so many people that got it even though they have returned to work!!!

        4. I pray what Christopher Cherry posted is true. I am so tired of waiting and being disappointed. Like many others, I am trying to keep up with bills, credit, and my bank account is now overdrawn. I have also been getting the “error” message when I certify online (yes, during my time slot). I try to certify over the phone as well but I am told I need to speak to an agent and then disconnected. I was able to check my claim status which says filed and has my $$. I got through to a human being once, who told me my claim was “escalated”, whatever exactly that means. Apparently nothing because my claim is still not resolved, I have yet to receive back pay & LWA. I also reached out to my senator and they have communicated with me that they have sent messages on my behalf but still – NOTHING.

        1. i have Chime and nothing i just checked again i think its giung by our claim not the actual bank as i know people who have gotten theres Thursday so idk maybe i will not get it idk sick over all this as we all are and when you call its takes a week or more to get a person

    1. Jacky is 100% right. I never knew of the online website and just set up the account and sure enough it shows both my normal unemployment (which I alway get on Fri) as well as the $1,800 both pending for tomorrow. Thanks to all of you.

    2. So I have a question for people who had to certify for the LWA. I received the following texts ……
      NJ Department of Labor has a message for you about FEMA Lost Wages Assistance payment. text 1 for English, text/oprima 2 para espanol.
      To qualify for Lost Wages Assistance payments ($300/wk), you must certify that your employment was impacted by COVID-19. text 1 to continue.
      Was your employment impacted by COVID-19? Text 1 for YES, Text 2 for NO.
      We received your confirmation that your employment was impacted by COVID-19. DOL will assess your account for FEMA Lost Wages Assistance Payments. Thank you.

      Did anyone else certify this way? I’m so worried cause then 8 hours later and hour before the deadline they text me this…….
      Deadline 5pm today: NJ Department of Labor has a message for you about the $300 FEMA Lost Wages Assistance payments. Text 1 for English, oprima 2 para espanol.
      To qualify for the $300/week, your employment must have been impacted by COVID-19.
      If it was, log-in at and check the box in “Self Service” before 5pm.

      And of course I did not see that text until after 5 pm. And I thought I was fine because of the text earlier that day and if I had to do more to certify why they wait 8 hours (an hour before deadline) to text that?!?! Any opinions would help. Thank you.

      1. That same thing happened to me. I wasn’t even sure if I had to check that box in the self-service section. and on the NJ unemployment website the description of the FEMA $300 payments was written in rittles and didnt even mention a deadline. I was unemployed and collecting at least 100 dollars per week for those 6 weeks previously mentioned but still have not received any FEMA payments and the box is now gone. I received a text message saying there was a 5 PM deadline I’m guessing on Friday but i didn’t receive that message until the following saturday at 8 pm. So i would never have known. They should have put that tid-bit of information on thier website, i’ve been waiting on this money for months. Even more confusing is it says right at the top is that most people DO NOT NEED TO TAKE ACTION TO RECEIVE these funds. I’ve been trying to call but havent been able to get through. I’m am going to continue to try becasuse we all deserve these payments. and a stupid box that wasn’t explained even remeotely well or even in english for that matter shouldnt be the reason we all are punished and miss out on that money. Has anyone not checked that box and received thier 300 FEMA payments? Please advise. this is so frustrating. I have wells fargo it is now saturday and still nothing is in the bank.

        1. Greg, I checked the box. It was in my claim status. I’m on 13week extension. As of today Monday 26th ,I have not received any deposit from LWA. I have PNC bank.

  29. As of 10:00 am Thursday morning- no deposit. I bank with Wells Fargo.

    And NO Wells Fargo does not show any pending deposits, unless say a check is presented to the bank in person.

    I know so many of you, like me, are watching bank accounts. I wish you all luck. This has drug on too long.

    1. So sad for us, but relieved to know that I am not the only Wells Fargo customer no receiving the deposit that we are owed. I am so frustrated that we 1st had to wait months to collect unemployment assistance and now the additional bit of help that will keep us afloat.

  30. HEY EVERYONE, if ya have big banks it’ll post most likely b y tomorrow morning. Im on the same boat, but I always get payments about two days later when its sent to my bank. All the prepaid and cash app people got theirs

      1. I have chase but nothing yet and called. no pending deposit Smh. Anyone else have chase with no pending 1800 deposit?

        1. Got Chase, nothing. Didn’t see the email to certify, deadline passed now. Leon, I have dealt with anxiety issues for over a decade. NJ is really screwing with us. We sold out and moved to Delaware in May, but the job was in Jersey and I got the $600/w and am collecting weekly. We really, really need this and no one can advise us what to do. Take a deep breath and hang on.

        2. are you serious? this so wack. just blew my whole mood. so we probably not gonna get it tomorrow then. most likely Monday then smfh

  31. To everyone saying the people saying they see theirs pending from BOA are just making that up and its the same person under different names you are wrong. Normally you cant see them on BOA but I checked and see mine pending with tomorrows date.

    Pending Deposits


    $ 1,500.00

    ACH Credit (RDFI)

    If you log into your BOA account it does show this as pending for 10/23.

    1. Nick is correct everyone. I created an account through the website, which I never knew existed, and for my BofA unemployment card, it shows both my regular unemployment along with the LWA monies. So hopefully we all wake up to notifications that the money has posted. Praying for everyone.

      1. Thanks for the info, but, to be clear, the prepaid BOA card is different from having an actual BOA checking/saving account. BOA checking/saving will show the amount as “processing” at which time it is available for use. However, prior to that, those with BOA checking/savings will not see “pending” at all.

    2. Nick plz stop the drama. My name is tim and I set it up with the website on the back of my boa unemployment card and yes both my regular and the lwa are pending with tomorrow date. Sorry you cant see when yours will be there stop trying to stir the pot. This is a serious situation not a place to be a child. We should be pointing in the right direction not saying childish stuff like people got time to post under different names plz bro

      1. You really need to work on your reading comprehension. My post says that the people who were calling them liars and saying people were creating fake accounts were wrong because it showed as pending in my transactions.

  32. Well I was hoping. I know era all are but at 8:43 am Thursday – nothing. No deposit.
    Well I’ll check tomorrow
    Good luck to everyone else

  33. We are ALL struggling right now so calm down. Yall should see the money as of this morning in your accounts. God bless and be safe..

    1. on the real honey u can’t tell ppl to calm down u have no idea what some is facing , so maybe if u can’t speak from a place of understand and compassion maybe u should not post !!!!!!!!

      1. While you speak the truth kindness always pays off. O guess if I had my money in hand I would be happy as well. But my being out of work because restaurants are only allowed 25% capacity it reasons well that they would take the for cash only workers back before they hire back the employees that they know are collecting and now those of us collecting are at the mercy of the states out dated computer system. Yet again. So we who have not recieved our funds ar still struggling and with worries. Let those who got revel. Our time will come, someday.
        Just think they ever pass the increase within the heros act we will be waiting again. Yup it is set to give $600 a week from before that number changes they will have to reprogram it to a different number. Sadly they have up to date programmers running computers that were in place long before they were born so they have to keep googling the instructions. We all know how long that takes….hopefully I just made yas smile a little and take your minds off our problems for a little. I’m struggling along with the rest here all we can do is pray. And stay calm..after all we can’t riot. Our luck we would break a computer and then where would we be??

        Thanks all.
        Wsiting, praying, and frustrated

      2. So true. I was so upset seeing people post they got theres or see it pending. Then on Twitter some post they only got 1500 or 900. So then I’m stressing even more. I have BoA unemployment card. I use app. I NEVER see pending transactions. Only shows money once its actually available. So I felt sick when people said they have BoA and see pending. I’m like…great. Somethings wrong. Then I remembered the bank of America unemployment card website, NOT THE APP. and sure enough it was listed as pending. So posting this hoping others may he thinking what I was..and this will help. My neighbor has direct deposit to regular bank account. She has to call the bank to hear pending transactions. Cuz nothing was listed on app. But her is coming up as pending. So everyine try calling bank..or look at websites..not apps. Hope this helps!

      1. Check website..not app. Google bank of America unemployment card EDD.. Pretty sure that’s website u want. U have to put in user name and password. Or sign up. Then 1 time passcode tgats sent to email. Do it. Should see pending. NOT ON THE APP

        1. Jacky is correct the info is on the back of your boa unemployment debit card. If you just have direct deposit with doa you will not see it. Now tomorrow when everyone got what they are supposed to get I hope this to be a lesson to everyone the people aren’t always out to be post stuff for no reason we are supposed to be helping

    1. Do u have the unemployment BoA or ur own BoA account. I have unemployment. I cant even find where to look up any pending transactions. It doesnt even show when unemployment amount is pending. Just shows when its actually there. Is there somewhere I can look? I have app and I called too. Wont show or say pending

      1. because it does not post to your boa never shows you only when it is there another person FOS

        1. Yes .Boa only posts it once it is in an account. Are the batches of deposits for Boa done for today or do they continue?

        2. It’s the same person over and over posting boa pending and chime and people are eating this issshhh up! If posted on 21dt boa will see it from Friday and Monday .. they truly are fos

        3. DO NOT CHECK APP. that doesnt show the pending. Trust me. I went thru this myself. Google unemployment BoA card edd. It comes up and click on website. Have to have account or sign up. But once u follow directions. U will see pending transaction. So next time just ask instead of claiming people are full of shit. Cuz ur looking at APP. Its NOT ON APP

        4. GARY,
          Like weve said. Dont check the boa app. doesnt show pending transactions. However…the WEBSITE will show u ur PENDING trans. If i could post screenshots on here I would. Google boa prepaid or unemployment. It will take u to website. Easy as that

        5. Gary just stop bro to many people confirmed sorry bro. Stop acting like a child

      2. My card is boa thru unemployment and the money is pending till 10/23. So anytime after midnite it will be available.

        1. you same person different name boa does not post anything until it is in your acc dont listen to that bullshit

        2. I actually with BOA, I called the number on the back of my card n the operator did tell me I have a $1800 pending deposit. So everyone who has bank of American call them to inquire

  34. I’m on twitter and people who have a chime card already receiving their payments at midnight. Let’s hope boa is going to hit on the morning. Lets go NJDOL!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Just opened a chimes account but I don’t wanna change my direct deposit info it may delay the payment. Would it?

      1. Same boat Joe, I have Wells Fargo and deposits are usually on by now, here’s hoping that tomorrow’s wake-up will be happier

      2. Don’t give up on keep checking your bank today. It could post at anytime depending on your bank.
        Mine is Wells Fargo, nothing yet but it could go thru at anytime.

      3. I’m BoA.. Nothing for me either. :( glad for those who are seeing it posted or pending. About time!!!

        1. Boa doesn’t show pending so likely same person with time to create multiple fake accounts – lies /. This site clearly says even those claiming chime are lying

        1. Really because I have B of A, and nothing. No email, text from Nj DUL or anything. I claimed my weekly benefits this morning, I hope I don’t have to wait until Mon when I get my weekly deposit.

        2. same, i know i qualify and i have bank of america and still nothing.

  35. If you didn’t receive an email, and you were getting over $100 in unemployment between August 1st and September 5th, you should automatically qualify. Assuming the option is still there, you can click the “check claim status” link on the NJ unemployment website, and check the box on that page that asks you to certify that your unemployment is COVID related. That will ensure that the funds are applicable to you if you meet the other criteria listed above, assuming that you didn’t already qualify to begin with. If an email wasn’t sent to you, according the the website, that means you qualify. Hope this helps.

    1. I got cash app and it was pending since 10 29 pm last night some of my friends got theirs and why is mine still pending?

  36. I just want to give a positive update for everyone I have a chime bank account at 11:06 p.m. today I received my deposit for $1,800 for the lwa this is not a hoax I know there was a gentleman posting he had received it I am so excited I could finally pay my rent this is amazing I pray that everyone gets theirs ASAP

  37. Thank you. You definitely have given me a somewhat sense of calm for the night. We can only wait and see what the next few days will bring.

  38. NJ DOL Tweet. Don’t know if it is true.
    As was scheduled for this week, NJDOL has successfully processed the $300 FEMA LWA payments. Payment information has been transmitted to the bank, and eligible claimants can now expect to receive a lump-sum payment over the next few days –depending on your bank. Thank you.

    1. Yes it’s TRUE. We will recieve payments as your bank clears the payments in your accounts over next few days .

      1. OUT F’IN Standing !!
        Thanks to all of you who hung together on this and gave TRUE responses ! Nice to have someone just to bounce my frustrations off on and be there for you to do the same. That little common compassion for fellow Jerseyans goes a looooong way my friends.
        Peace and good thoughts to all !

        1. Well said Kevin. People are truly nice, however as far as our Jersey Internal Government runnings, still have a lot to be desired. Murphy didn’t even request the Federal assistance from Fema until well into September. All because he couldn’t put his bipartisan feelings aside for his own people. I hope he stays in quarantine until the next Gubernatorial election.

    2. Well if it’s true, I normally get my regular pay the next day, and today is the day I claimed my week. I uses cash app so I couldn’t really speak on other banks or cards. If I receive the LWA or even see it pending at 3am, I will inform you all, that it is coming.

    3. I’m in a bind now. Could someone help? I thought the LWA is auto qualified for everyone so I missed the email requiring the “check off” from the labor department. Any chance to make it up? Or I have to call them directly? Thanks in advance.

      1. you mean the check box in check claim status section that asks if your being unemployed was covid related?

        1. Same here. Yes, the link in the email does not show the box any longer. I’m one of 200 in my company that lost their jobs. Some saw the email and the box did not work, some were able to check the box. I thought I did not need to certify and missed the deadline. Saw someone post that they got through to UE and they sent them a link for the form with the box. I have not been able to get through. Best of luck. This whole process is literally making me ill.

      2. Hi Harry

        Any news? I had the same problem as o always Cheerio Er the phone and didn’t know about the email until it was too late as they sent it to me one day before deadline. I spoke to 3 reps who couldn’t help at all and told me they don’t know, keep trying the link. Even though I told them the Covid check box was no longer visible.

        1. No result yet. Talked to a rep and she couldn’t help. I sent Labor an email and still waiting for response, although I doubt they will get back to me any time soon. Will update if I get anything.

        2. hi, I guess NJ finally is making up the LWA now for some of us who missed it during the first round. Just got an email in the afternoon, asking me to go to “check claim status” area, and attest for the LWA eligibility, by clicking the button in the self-help section. Hopefully the $1800 should be coming soon. Good luck to every one.

        3. Do you mind telling me the email address? You are the second person I’ve heard this from but I cannot find the email in my folder.

        4. Go to the NJUI website, check claim status, input your info, you will have the option to certify. Check the box. A pop up will come up, tap OK. If the option is there, That is all you need to do, it will acknowledge your response. That’s it. Do not do it again. The email says the box will be blank ever time you try, but your first response has been recorded. Now just cross your fingers and pray. Good luck!

        5. Got the email from UI-noreply@ It looks like a legitimate one. Then I head to the official website and provide the necessary attestment. Praying it is coming soon.

        6. Hi Holly
          I did not receive the email as yet either. But went in the website and clicked on check my claim status. It then opened up an option to click to certify for the LWA money. I click on the box and hope it updates overnight. Because I also spoke to the Senate office and the deadline for this payment is Thursday night @ 11:59 pm. Such a shame….nobody emailed or texted me so far. So please make sure to try to certify if you get that option. Hope it works for all of us who didn’t get paid.

        7. Email:
          You may qualify for Lost Wages Assistance (LWA), a benefit that provides additional assistance to people who were unemployed due to COVID-19 reasons. The LWA program is paid through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is separate from other unemployment programs.

          People who were unemployed or partially unemployed due to COVID-19 for any weeks during the 6-week period between the week ending 8/1/20 and the week ending 9/5/20, are eligible for LWA payment(s). LWA payments provide an additional $300 per week for up to 6 weeks of benefits. The maximum benefit is $1,800 (6 weeks x $300). LWA payments will be paid in a lump sum during the week of November 17th, 2020.

          To receive this benefit, you must notify NJDOL by checking/selecting that you were unemployed due to COVID-19 reasons. You only need to complete the LWA notification process once, even if you were unemployed for multiple weeks.
          To notify NJDOL that you are eligible, log in at through the “Check Claim Status Here” link (, scroll down to “Self Service Options” and select the box next to the phrase that starts “To be eligible for the $300 LWA payment_” A pop-up box to confirm your selection will appear. After confirmation, the box will be greyed out. This process only needs to be done once; the next time you log in the box will appear unchecked and not greyed out. We have saved your response; you do not need to complete the process again.

          You may also receive reminder texts from 898-211.

          You must notify NJDOL of your eligibility for LWA payments via the “Check Claim Status Here” function before 11:59 pm on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

          *This email account is not monitored. Do not respond to this email. *

      1. Yes all over Twitter everybody would have current bank card is getting theirs from New Jersey I have a chime card if I get mine I’ll post as soon as I get it

  39. this is what i just saw on NJ web site.

    As was scheduled for this week, NJDOL has successfully processed the $300 FEMA LWA payments. Payment information has been transmitted to the bank, and eligible claimants can now expect to receive a lump-sum payment over the next few days –depending on your bank. Thank you.

    1. I just literally came on here to comment the same exact thing LOL I seen it on their Twitter account

    2. Yes, I just got my $1,800. I use the current app and it’s there now. Just to let everybody know

        1. ***Side Note: Out of 700+ comments, he was the ONLY one then and now attesting to ANY receipt of monies.

  40. Why couldn’t they just use the same system that was already in place for the first round of federal payments of $600? All they had to do was change the amount from $600 a week to $300 a week for six weeks. There already was a working system in place, which by the way, took them over two months to implement.

    1. Couldnt use same system since money didnt come from same place. 600 was from care act..passed by legislature by Congress. 300 is from FEMA. So apparently entirely new system and programs had to he created. Anyone wanting to verify what DOL said..just look up NJ DOL Twitter. Was uodated about an hour ago. Successfully sent money. So now we wait for banks to process payments. My bank (BoA card) has nothing pending. But I dont think it ever shows pending deposits. So dont worry if u dont see it on the unempkoyment card.

      1. I agree with what you said. Plus it’s a larger amount and there’s more than likely more people being paid The additional money this time around then there were back then with all the new claims that have been filed since then. The BOA card usually only takes one day to pay out after it’s processed. The only reason it takes two days is because it takes a full day to process your claim. I was claiming on a Wednesday I would get an email on Thursday saying it’s processed and then I got paid 24 hours after the processing on Friday.

    2. The order was written expressly prohibiting use of any unemployment resources. So a whole new system had to be created.

  41. still waiting for my backpay since I filed for ui, now the lwa is delayed, are they going to pay the ui/ pua back pay shame on NJ, I wrote the ui office and the congressman but got no reply, sadly I did not vote for the congressman because he did not reply to my letter.

  42. Sooooooo…… is the latest update:”Processing these payments required new programming that had not previously been tested, and it is taking longer than anticipated for these payments to go through,” Labor spokeswoman Angela Delli-Santi said.”

    I don’t understand what the difficulty is. All these other states have outdated systems and they got it done fairly quickly. Coming up on 2 months since NJ was approved by FEMA on September 4th.

    1. Not only did the other states complete this rather quickly. I loved the fact that “that had not been tested” are they kidding. What bafoons would develop a system and not test it. They should all be fired.

      1. I know….straight out of a comic book. I would assume they are not using any type of Agile, Waterfall type project management methodology. I fear for all of us. It is taking them close to 2 months to figure this out. We are screwed. Deep down, I was hoping they would shine on this one and pull it off and maybe finally turn the corner and help us. I don’t think we are ever going to see the Retroactive Backdated Pay from April.

        You really want to go running screaming into the night. Look how awesome Arizona is. It appears it took them 9 days to figure this out. I would post link, but, I don’t think they like links here which is perfectly ok. I’m thankful we have a resource of information. We sure as hell not getting it on the NJDOL website.

        “PHOENIX – (August 17, 2020) Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Department of
        Economic Security (DES) announced today that Arizona has implemented the new Lost Wages
        Assistance (LWA) program to provide unemployment benefits of up to $540 a week, with $300
        per week provided through grant funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency
        (FEMA). Arizona received approval on its application to FEMA, and DES began issuing funds to
        claimants today.” On August 8, 2020, President Trump issued the Memorandum on Authorizing the Other Needs Assistance Program for Major Disaster Declarations Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019. This memorandum establishes LWA, which allows for temporary enhanced financial support to those whose jobs or wages have been adversely affected by COVID-19. LWA provides $300 per week to an eligible individual, in addition to the weekly benefit amount they receive from certain other Unemployment Compensation programs.

        1. I just check the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Twitter and they said that all lwa payments have been processed and sent to everybody’s Bank and to expect the funds I guess within 1 to 3 days. They just announced this one hour ago so if that’s correct then we should all be receiving our deposits by Friday I’m assuming depending on your bank and how quickly they make it available to you I usually will get mine the very next day so I’ll let you know if I have mine tomorrow morning

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I have been trying to make any kind of sense out of it and I’m just making myself crazy. Added stress, I have court tomorrow, and was hoping to be able to pay anything to them at all, so I can be done with them. I hope the Judge doesn’t throw me in jail, when I tell him I can’t pay. UGHHH!!!! Thanks NJ. You truly are the Armpit of America.

    3. This was a press release today, 10/21/2020 by Karen Price Mueller on new jersey dot com.

      1. Thank you. You definitely have given me a somewhat sense of calm for the night. We can only wait and see what the next few days will bring.

    4. I couldn’t agree more. When I explain to someone that is not on unemployment that other states received and exhausted their payments nearly two months ago we all agree- horrible!! Everyone on here has something very important they need this money for. And unfortunately after we finally (hopefully) do receive this payment we will just be sitting and waiting and praying for more help. Horrible endless cycle this state has put us in.

  43. iv exhausted my initial balance it was at 73$ i claimed thinking it will extend automatically but the claim says net payment 73 gross payment 73 now the balance is 0. will it just appear on my debit card.

    1. I have exhausted my 13 week extension. I really hope that the 20 week extension just kicks in. If not then Im fucked. Havent been able to go back to work due to lack of work and downsizing on jobsites due to COVID. Is anyone on the 20 week extension or about to be?

      1. Idk how the 20 week extension work but I’m on the 13 week extension and it automatically gave me a new balance after I exhausted my benefits.

      2. Last week I became eligible for 20 week EB. My claim was exactly a year old. There is a glitch when claim is year old. Received certification cannot be processed when I tried certifying. If you are lucky enough to reach an unemployment agent not a call center rep., they may be able to push out your claim date. I was not and had to refile a new claim. If you Google year glitch when claim is a year old, you will get more information. Good luck.

    2. Benny- when you go to your claim page it will say there is a 0 balance. But after you exhaust your initial unemployment all you have to do is file on the exact same day and time as you have been and 13 weeks of your unemployment will refill. It will never appear on your claim page for some reason however.

    3. Your extension will automatically kick in after you fully deplete your initial claim. You will get the $73 this week and then starting next week you’ll have to claim again and the 13 week extension will start and you’ll get a full benefit payment of whatever amount you were getting initially. But unfortunately for the extension to kick in you have to be down to $0 on your initial claim. No matter what the remaining amount is that’s all you’ll get that final week, and then like I said just start claiming again next week and it will kick back in. M

  44. Please I need a bit of clarification. A recent Tuesday post by Jeremy, indicated that in order to be eligible for the LWA one needed to REVEIVE over $100 in UI benefits as opposed to be “Eligible” to receive over $100 in UI benefits as the DOL documetation indicates. Employees on reduced hours are eligible to receive over $100, but occasionally have sufficient hours which would preclude them from receiving the full amount and consequently put them in a position to RECEIVE less than $100. But ELIGIBLE for more. SO WHATS THE INTERPRETATOIN? THANKS

    1. Means u have to get minimum of 100 during the 6 am period in order to get all 6 paymenta of 300($1800 lump sum). So if u got $99 1 week, $200 3 weeks, $70 for 2 weeks.. That would mean u are only able to get $300 for 3 weeks. MUST be $100 or more BEFORE taxes.

        1. Its posted on this site under LWA. Also if u Google requirements for receiving LWA it will tell u guidelines. Plus its on unemployment website. And just read some of older posts. PLENTY of people ask same thing. So there numerous answers throughout the commoents on here

    2. this may be helpful. Click the link under “Lost Wages Assistance Program” LWA Program at the beginning of this webpage.

      Question: Working part time or a few hours, will I qualify for LWA?
      This was Jonathan’s example: I qualify for weekly $117 PUA payments every week. This week I worked one day part time and will receive less than $100 from PUA. Will I still Receive the additional $300?

      Answer: The LWA program’s $100 cutoff is based on a claimant’s benefit base rate, which is calculated before any deductions or reductions. This includes supplementary job payments by working part time in a given week, which would reduce your normal UI benefit claim. Because LWA eligibility is based on what you are eligible for or your base rate, you can still qualify for the $300 LWA payment if your actual weekly payment (net of taxes and deductions) is less than $100.

      1. This is not true. You must receive $100 after claiming part time hours. I’m so mad I was expecting all 1800.00 because of this post, but I only received 1 payment of $300 Because I worked part time and all the other weeks I made less than $100.00 in unemployment after claiming my hours worked. My base rate is 300.00. So I does. Or go off your base rate.

  45. i am so glad i found this site. It gave more info than DOL itself. Also glad, although not i a good way, that all of us are just waiting. I did get the email. I did check the box, and now… i just…. wait. Thankfully i found a job in the beginning of September so i have been back to work but i am still playing catchup on things that had to go to the backburner during my unemployment from March. I wish also there was a way to check if you individually did get approved for LWA. When i go to claim status page, it just shows the date of my last week claimed and “filed”. Nothing about LWA. Like everyone else, i check my email and bank account, hoping to see the usual, “NJDOL has sent a payment of $XXX to your bank for processing” and then the next day it would be deposited. but of course as of 12:53 PM 10/21 nothing.

  46. Did anyone who have issues with certifying for benefits last week finally get through the UI system?

    I am currently in my 13 week extension period, and my benefit balance says $0, but im only in week 3 of my extension….any ideas? I tried calling them but of course still haven’t been able to get ahold of them.

    1. It’s going to stay at $0 because your on your 13weeks federal extension, it’s not from the state. But If you want to know your 13weeks balance call your UI number, in your area, enter your info into the automated system and it should tell you.

    2. LWA payments were said to be processed this morning/I hope this helps and was successful/ they shut the system down to complete the transfers/hopefully we get paid soon.

    3. It hasn’t happened to me but, I know of other people. It’s some kind of system glitch, you have to keep calling, start at 8 am.

  47. It’s Wed Oct 21st, still nothing in my account. ANYONE? I’m starting to think this is coming next week (26th!?).

    1. Is there anyway to Certify for LWA now? I thought I needed to do nothing, then found an email with a link to certify. It was past the deadline! I’m 64, lost my job after 17 years and this is the first time I have had to struggle with all of this.

      1. Really sorry to hear about your struggle summers. I can only suggest that if you have been receiving unemployment or already partially revived the $600, it should be automatic (covid related checked previously when you certify for the week) . BUT, the NJ unemployment website update notification (that pops up when you first visit the site) did also say that an email might be sent out with instructions for LWA. I would suggest calling today if you can and suffering through the wait time.
        Website :
        “Only those claimants who have not yet certified that their unemployment is COVID-related must now do so. We will be emailing these claimants with further instructions. They will need to attest that their unemployment is COVID-related in our online Check Claim Status application by checking the appropriate box in the “Self-Service Options” section.”****

      2. Hi summers, did you find anything out? I didn’t know about the email either as I always certify over the phone. They sent me the email on 10-15 at 4pm and deadline was 10/16z. I had my son at the hospital during that time and when I got home it was too late. I called and spoke to 3 reps but none had an answer for me, they all said it is a new program and they don’t know.

        1. Oh, I’m so sorry. I wish I had an answer. If I should get through, I’ll reply to this again tomorrow with the number that worked. Or if I receive it in my bank account, I’ll also reply to let you know. God bless.

    2. Same! This is an absolute nightmare. I check my account every ten minutes between 8am and 10am. Such a sin.

      1. AG
        I find myself doing the same thing.
        We both have to stop.

        It’s not coming today. Accept it.
        Not good news, I know.

        Maybe tomorrow. We are all in a waiting game. We all need it.

        Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better.

  48. Sadly to say, I am somewhat comforted in reading testaments that I’m not alone in this strenuous wait for what I thought was only me as part of the few that had yet to receive the LWA benefit.

    I received my regular UI benefit yesterday, as scheduled @ 6:30am, direct deposited to my Valley National Bank account; and obviously, still no lump-sum payment.

    As I’m sure everyone else is, eagerly anticipating hopes to waking to it tm, 10/22.

    Nice having this ‘forum’ where we can rely on one another for real-time updates.

    Much love and best wishes to all during these trying times.

    1. Just to update, I have the same bank (Valley national) and haven’t received my LWA yet. I receive unemployment benefit Tuesdays… If thst helps anyone.

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        I’m the same as u. As I’d mentioned, I receive my benefits like u— every Tuesday. Ur about the first I’ve read anywhere having Valley too.

        Hoping u continue to touch base as I’ll be doing the same.

        1. Hey SurfinJerzy… Yes definitely will be! Nothing changed here but we shall see in the next fee days.

      2. Hey ‘T’… just woke at 7:38am and, unfortunately, still nothing to my Valley National Bank account; was hoping to hear from u.

  49. Well, now it’s middle of the week and still nothing. Anyone at all know anyone at all who received there payment? This is total b’s.

  50. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think Davey Boys post should be removed, as it’s spreading false information and hope, and someone is going to be looking through these messages for that line that someone got it. I know I was starting to fall for it, but in the back of my head I knew, I had a feeling, but I couldn’t help but be a little hopeful. Don’t do that to someone else it’s ten times more devastating when it turns out to not be true.

    1. I just went to certify for my weekly UI benefits and received the error message “The UI web application for claiming weekly benefits is not available at this time. Please exit and try again later”. Just GREAT !! No LWA payment and now I can’t even certify for my lousy weekly benefits. What are these people doing? These are peoples lifes, not just numbers on a spread sheet. Has anyone else experienced this this morning??

      1. Yep. Was supposed to certify at 8. This is ridiculous. NJ just doesnt care that its fucking with peoples lives.

        1. I attempted using the phone and received message that there was a system problem. Same Ol Shiz !

      2. Has ANYONE been able to certify successfully for their regular unemployment benefits this morning? I was scheduled for 8:30 and received the error “The UI web application for claiming weekly benefits is not available at this time. Please exit and try again later”.
        Just want to know if the system is back up.

        1. I was supposed to certify this morning at 8am. Got the the same message. Just checked. System is backed up. Just gotta wait til 7pm now to certify.

        2. I read it was down so they can supposedly do the lwa. It should be up now. It said if not claim on the other days. I need my lwa for rent this is bs

        3. I certify on Tuesdays at 10am, which I did yesterday. I bank with Chime and my deposit usually goes through by 5:30am the following Wednesday. Today I woke up to no deposit. Checked my email, I got the email from NJDOL saying the deposit was made/payment released at 6:13am this morning. I usually get this email around 2:30 or 3:00am and then another email from Chime saying my deposit is available around 1-2hrs after that. Well, it’s almost 11am and still no deposit. Really messes up everything for me even though it’s only $200 but I depend on that money. Not to mention, still waiting for that $1800 too. I wonder if the system being down has anything to do with why my deposit isn’t available to me yet. Who knows at this point. Anyone else having issues like this today?

        4. Just certified they at least fixed that hopefully they fixed the LWA as well. We shall see.

        5. FYI… There’s a LATE certification time if you look past the scheduled times. It’s later in the day. If you don’t plan on calling that is. Also, Friday everyone can certify at a designated time depending on your social of course. So it’s not the end of the world if it’s down.

      1. The LWA benefits? I got my regular $208 on Tuesday (I qualify Sunday 10:30-11). Thank you for thinking of me however!!

  51. I understand how everyone is beyond frustrated with how everything was and is being handled. As well as the overwhelming lack of state officials,past or present,taking responsibility for how system failed.
    Here is a make you think moment:
    You’re appointed a position in 2018 and gained knowledge that the system was in massive need of repair/update. What would you do? The normal response would be to fix it. Since that is part of the job and what you’d get paid for. Yet this is not the action that was taken. The response was cut backs,site closings, and case overloading. And they still got paid. If it was any us normal hard working folks we would be fired right fast. What makes this person so damn special not to be fired for having knowledge of a failing system and doing nothing about it till March 2020. Oh,that’s right they are a State Official who is above taking responsibility.
    Now this vague answers on LWA being paid out. First response blame the system,second response give a blind estimated date,only to change it again and again. When that fails,put the fear of losing their job into staff members to repeat the second response to everyone that asks. And again we pay these State Officials to hand us blinders and tell us don’t look over here at the mess they made. Makes you ponder on the thought do they even give a rats ass about those who where/are waiting on the first response to unemployment claims,about families struggling week to week,or even preparing for any future events that could take place. My answer is HELL NO. They only care when its convenient to them. Do the State Officials think we are all going to take this spoon feed BS any more. We require real answers not fake cookie cutter PR responses. And my personal feeling on the ass dragging is waiting on the election. Bc if a new president is elected they could over turn any former presidents executive order. So those states who have not paid out could most likely be able to keep the allotted funds. And this is people we pay with our state tax dollars. Did any state official say allow me to help the people by giving up part of my 5 figure salary? If they did i missed it. If a state official did that i be inclined to make sure they where re-elected bc that shows me that they are willing to go through the same hell we are.

    1. Ms. Marple: Well stated. It is hard to think that human beings can be this cruel to one another; not to mention that we are talking about our own tax money. Not a peep out of NJ politicians. They will lose their jobs via vote next year and follow Murphy right out the door. All Democrats from Assemblyman to State Senators. ALL OF THEM. NJ cares nothing for us. Becoming more evident now. They are not even trying to make a difference. No communication and cryptic public statements from NJDOL speaks volumes. They are just bullshi**ing us. Anytime you have someone tell you you will receive something the “week of” and not a specific date is a Red Flag. I fear we may not see anything this week for the sake of interest income or whatever the fu*k they are doing. Probably looking at next week at month end. Again, I’m not sure about this interest conspiracy theory, but, it sure seems like it is the case. One would hope at some point, a law firm will step up to the plate and represent 800,000 NJ Residents.

  52. As a life long jersey resident im not even upset… im just genuinely tired of our state doing us wrong… pot holes galore/the medical marijuana program sucks/ were not receiving our money on time/ the infrastructure sucks! The governor terrible… but hey the bagels are good!

  53. STILL WAITING for LWA its WEDNESDAY. also waiting for backdate for 5 months. It’s almost criminal that NJ leaders gloat about how the States Unemployment system is fixed, even great (lol). NJ makes interest $$ on the millions in the back pay every day they keep it from entitled unemployed people. Also, some people dont even know enough to request a backdate so does that mean NJ just keeps $$ they were supposed to get? BEYOND frustrating, depressing and nervewracking. When you get the “call center” your told ” just be patient “. Try saying “just be patient ” to your bill collectors, they repo your car, etc. TRAVESTY

  54. 5:17 am – no lump sum as most will see I guess. Another day of of worry and frustration I guess.
    Stock pile running low. Bills due. No response to applications. Depressing. This has been such a mind game and I feel myself losing. Each day it’s becoming harder and harder to remain focused. Went from worrying to depressed to out right scared what the next day will bring. Sorry but I know many of you are feeling the same way.

  55. Today its 3am wed. It is my day to recieve my regular unemployment. At 230am my regular UI went in. Which never happened before. Always goes in at 630am. Anyone else get their UI hours earlier than usual?

      1. How do I inquire about the backpay they didn’t pay me when I first filed, they started when I was approved.

    1. Thanks for saying something Jacky, I save all my emails from the bank and NJDOL, and while my day for deposit is Tuesday, it did go in almost two hours earlier than normal. (4am instead of 6-6:30). Not sure what, if anything, it means, but that looks like the first time that’s happened since I’ve been collecting.

      1. Yes. Definitely 1st time for me as well. Not saying it means anything at all. Just odd and figured id mention it. Anyone else notice this? Still no LWA tho. Bullshit

    2. Good Morning. No, I didn’t receive the LWA lump sum. I was scheduled to certify for my weekly benefits and the whole system is down. I took screenshots of it. It said that the application to certify for benefits is down(October 21st) and to check back later. What kind of bullshit are they doing here?? Has anyone else who had to certifiy had this problem? Why is NJ and Murphy trying to fuck all of us??

    3. Still nothing but the regular weekly payment! This is all a bunch of bs. They have not sent any payments yet and they should have at least started sending them on Monday. They have had over a month to figure out how to sent 1 payment and they still have not figured it out. What on earth could be the delay now!

    4. Mine would usually go through around 2 or 3am, well that’s when I would get the emails stating the payment was made. I’d then get an email from Chime saying my deposit is available around an hour or two later. Today I didn’t get an email from NJDOL until 6:13am though. And it’s now 11am and I have yet to see that money in my account. This has never happened before, it always was available to me on Wednesdays by 5:30 or 6am. Idk wtf they’re doing over there at NJDOL, if the system being down has anything to do with Chime not being able to verify the deposit to release it to me or what but this has really screwed up my day now.

    1. Cough cough bs bs cough sneeze fart bs bs burp sneeze fart cough, no one recieved it except there usually unemployment deposit

  56. Anybody in NJ get the lump payment yet who has Chime bank? I’m wondering cuz chime doesn’t hold deposits so we usually get all payments/deposits within a few hours from the deposit being sent to our accounts. I still haven’t gotten anything except my usual weekly amount. It’s nerve wracking since no is a mess with this whole lwa thing, but then even if I know I def am eligible for the $1800, I’m so nervous that min will just screw it up n missed people like they always tend to do. So many folks are still waiting since March for regular benefits, so I can’t help but wonder if I (or any of us) might just end up being passed lol ver. . It’s so horrible that this is even something we have to worry constantly about during such a hectic time in life. Good luck everyone, hang tight! Atleast we have each other

      1. Seems the NJDOL unemployment site says that there system is experiencing difficulties of some kind. Figures right?

  57. I also read that it could be be the end of this week or the beginning of next week which to me has become very concerning, confusing and I might add stressful. NJ has become so negligent and unconcerned.

  58. Hi how do you even check the status of the 300 u employment we are supposed to get this week I see everyone saying it’s pending how do you see that and where ? Ty

    1. Now is says “payment delayed” so I guess we’re waiting even longer! I do wonder what the problem is now?

      1. Did you ever get a link? Why wouldn’t he post it for the whole group as we’re all here for the same damn reason…..something to hide perhaps? Or is he trying to live life with some Regina George realness?

    2. Hey Angela,
      Did you find out where to see if it is pending or not? I’d really like to know also, so I can check mine.
      Thank you.

        1. Thanks for providing this for all publicly and not by some secret email me only policy New Jersey is THE ONLY one in red and delayed the way this state sucks isn’t even funny

    3. On this site next to NJ it says payment pending delayed because it hasn’t been paid to anyone yet. NJDOL gives no updates so unfortunately we know absolutely nothing. People are saying…o the system crashed Friday because of so many people eligible to receive benefits. Theres no article I can find that actually proves that. No bank has admitted to having payments pending. Besides, its no suprise how many people are eligible for payments. NJDOL KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ON UNEMPLOYMENT at any given date. So why would the system crash because its so many? They KNOW how many before hand. So its mostly rumors. Nothing definite. Week of 19th could be SUNDAY AT 11:59PM. Of course NJ never said specific date cuz they knew they would screw it up

  59. This is some serious bullsh*t. I wonder if all the other states got delayed like we’ve been delayed? Out of sight out of mind. Governor Murphy’s good with his money so he can care less what’s going on with everybody that’s waiting on their unemployment. I wonder if it’s going to say its pending on my bank of America statement or if it’s just going to drop into our account? Because when I was getting my unemployment last month I always saw my money pending on Monday and it always hit on Tuesday but I still see nothing pending on the Bank of America statement on my online app. I keep coming on this site every day to see all of your comments I’m so glad you guys are letting everyone know what’s going on so that we know we’re in this by ourselves. I’ll be back on in the morning to check again to see what the status is with everyone hopefully we’ll see something first thing in the a.m.

      1. And it’s actually embarrassing that some rinky dinky small states have been paying out since September and here we are looking like some backward hillybillys because of he system is still old or if new with people trained in old ways and can’t get it right

      2. I figured that…so sad!!! Thanks for all your updates Marvin. I come on here every day actually looking for your updates. Very much appreciated…hopefully tomorrow is the day!!!

  60. I certified sunday and I use chime so my regular benefits came yesterday. Why wouldn’t the LWA come with my regular amount? Is it suppose to just randomly be deposited sometime this week??

    1. Its a different system/program and it appears LWA payments (which are delayed) will come separately later this week.

      1. October 21st est, payments delayed of course nj why would you want to release lwa deposits, oh and possibly could be next week, gtfooh

      2. Where do you see it saying “the 21st or possibly next week” anywhere? This is absolutely unacceptable. Possibly next week, no, definitely next week my phone will be shut off, but hey I won’t have to get all the collections call I’ve been getting. Creditors are only so understanding with this pandemic, and as much as I get mad at the calls, I know the other person is only doing their job but sure Gov. Murphy, I’ll keep waiting, I should forward my number to his office and see how they like getting all the fucking phone calls.

      1. Hey Marvin. Can I ask what “law” is which states payment is pending? To be honest, payment pending is a good thing. Means payments are being processed, but they are just pending. I wouldn’t confuse this with being “delayed” though I understand the negative thinking as I’m beyond anxious for this FEMA money my friend. Would be a weight off my shoulders like only you fellow sufferers could understand.

        1. Sorry Al, I typed LWA, don’t know why my keyboard thought that it was doing me a favor by correcting me.

        2. Its been saying payment pending for months now the other day it said paying now then went back to pending wat type of shit is this

    2. I’m the same as u! I was expecting them hopefully yesterday with my regular benefits. But, of course, nothing =(

      But, also like the $600 enhanced prior benefits, I’m guessing it’s obviously going to be a separate payment.

  61. By some kind of miracle I got through to North Jersey unemployment. They are supposedly sending my info to someone to “unfreeze“ my acct (which apparently was frozen because I was self employed ). Waiting for either my back pay to show up form March or some form of communication if they have questions. We’ll see but I wanted to post the phone number since I got through today: (201) 601-4100

  62. Just like everyone else on this site, I’d greatly appreciate anyone responding to my post that they received their lump sum payment. I normally don’t get my payment till Friday so I won’t panic till then but just knowing someone got their money would put my mind at ease. I appreciate anyone who replies with that good news.

      1. Hey Marvin,
        Where do you go to see that your payment is pending/delayed?
        I’d really like to check mine.

        1. not specific to an individual. It says ENTIRE state pending, DELAYED on the saving to invest link. It lists every state. NJ only one not paying yet. They make $ in interest every DAY they hang on to our $. inexcusable

      2. Well it’s Wednesday and no money yet it still says payment pending delayed I’m hoping it will be released tonight

  63. I haven’t received anything yet . If I was out if work for the eligible weeks and then found a job, can I still get lwa assistance money. I have so many backed up bills.

    1. Hi Deb,
      I am asking the same question.. I was unemployed as a school bus driver during the weeks from Aug 1 to Sept 5.. I was called to return to work on Sept 10th, and no one has any answers to this question of being eligible for the 6 weeks of LWA.. Please let me know if youu hear anything.
      Thank you,

      1. Karen – If you were getting over $100 in other UI (PUA, PEUC or regular UI) then you would be eligible for LWA if unemployed between Aug 1st and Sept 5th. And ensure you verify/certify for LWA why your NJ UI portal.

        1. Thank you Andy..
          I was unemployed due to Covid and was recieving more then $100 wk + $600 LWA.. But do I have to go back to the unemployment site and reapply again.. I haven’t had to claim for about 6 weeks now?.

      2. Hi Karen, still can’t find a answer. I just don’t understand how I would claim for this benefit if I have returned to work. I wasn’t sent any email or message yet. I would just like to know.

        1. Hi Deb, I haven’t recieved any emails or messages either.. Hopefully we will get an answer on this site.. NJ never makes it easy!

        2. I happened to see on the “Check your Claim Status” if you scroll down the page a checkbox you could click if you were unemployed due to Covid. I did it, but I still haven’t seen anything. They never even told people it was there I randomly found out when checking my claim. Everything with them is random, no process what’s so ever. If they can’t handle a claim they put it aside. It’s horribly unprofessional.

          Not sure if the link is still there where you can check the Covid Reason box, but do check. It’s not there for me anymore.

        3. Karen and Deb, if you certified during the weeks before you went back to work (Aug 1 – Sept 5 for Karen), you’ll get the additional $300 for each week you were unemployed (due to Covid). As long as your claim initially stated that your loss was due to the pandemic, you don’t need to do anything else.

    2. Does the $1800 deposit depend on what
      day of the week we receive our unemployment deposit?

        1. I also read that it could be be the end of this week or the beginning of next week which to me has become very concerning, confusing and I might add stressful. NJ has become so negligent and unconcerned.

    3. Yes, you are eligible as long as you certified that your unemployment was due to Covid.

  64. Gov Murphy said the payments would be early this week. As of tomorrow, early week is done. It will be middle of week..then late week. So I bet NO ONE got anything yet. And the status should not have changed from payment pending to paying now. Its not paying now.

    1. Gov murphy said its paying from the week of the 19th which was yesterday..on the site its paying now so we have not received anything because Murphy said it will take 1 to 3 business days from the 19th so between now and the 22nd of this month be the 1 to 3 days for the bank to deposit now lets keep in mine he still said it go as your regular unemployment how we get it in like 2 days once you claim so if you already claimed before the 19th you wont see the 1800 until after the 19th because again they started on the 19th so allow for the bank 1 to 3days but you claim your payments like a monday it still should come in as your regular payments you get on a Wednesday but no one see any money now because he said allow 1 to 3 days from the 19th which would be the 22nd the latest

      1. No. Tgats NOT right at all. Stop passing iff bad info. Yes 1 to 3 days to process. But no one said its definitely going the 19th and up to 3 days later will post. People have called their banks. There’s NOTHING PENDING. So nothing was deposited. So can’t even start 1 to 3 day count down.

      2. I claimed last Friday n recurved my regular payment this past Monday , I still haven’t received the LWA

      3. I claimed last Friday n recieved my regular payment this past Monday , I still haven’t received the LWA .

    2. I would think early week of the 19th would be considered Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday is the middle of the week and Thursday and Friday is the end of the week etc.. I read something that they tried to deposit funds Friday and system crashed and it guy’s are working on it or something

      1. Yea I saw people saying that too but no one can actually prove it. So I wouldnt believe that at all. Think about it..the system crashed before even 1 payment went thru? Doesn’t make sense

        1. I just went on the Department of Labor’s website and clicked on the link that offered information on the lwa payments and it said this in bold lettering:

          The money will be paid in a single, lump-sum payment during the week of October 19th.

          So they are promising that we will receive a lump payment of up to $1,800 as long as you are entitled to the $300 for the entire 6 weeks.

        2. If you go on Governor Murphy’s twitter feed, on October 15th, he posted saying that “Eligible claimants can expect to see this money as a lump sum in their bank accounts or on their debit cards early next week” [Tweet in article] That’s why everyone is so frustrated. He should’ve just given an approximate date range. And it would’ve been smart to even just say payments will be sent out between Monday and Friday of next week. He dug is own grave by specifically saying that we will SEE the money in our accounts EARLY next week lol. If he had simply been more vague, people wouldn’t be as upset right now.

      1. Hey Davey. That’s great news man. Just knowing one person got it puts my mind at ease. I’m with you that any positive response is better than any negativity. Thanks for letting us know you received your FEMA funds. Good luck with it man.

      2. Did you receive a notification that it was sent to your bank? I get one from the DOL for my regular PUA the day before it actually hits saying it was sent to my bank. I also got one when I was getting the $600 from the CARES act. I’m happy you got yours, but I still can’t help but be nervous because I haven’t seen anything saying that’s it’s been sent. It’s hard talking to my creditors, because they want a specific date of when I can pay, and I had already said Monday (yeah my fault for listening to some of the posters on here and believing them) and they don’t want to hear “well, I think it might possibly be *insert date here*”…..

      3. How do you use Chime as of last week Chime says that the DOL in NJ doesn’t allow deposits to their bank. I’ve tried so I use my BOA account.

      4. Oh no! Now I’m really nervous cuz I have chime too n haven’t gotten anything yet lol. R u regular UI or PUA? I’m really happy for u tho!!!! Hope they keep coming to everyone now lol. I hope I didn’t get skipped over .

      5. Only you got it ? Your literally the only person to be paid . You’ve been paid your LWA funding?
        Send a screenshot to me because its 6 hours later and still nooone else has gotten anything. I would love to be able to tell my facebook groups at least someone recieved a payment . but noone can show any proof this has been the main issue.

      6. Hi Marvin,
        Is there a way you can check your status? I keep reading people say there status is pending. Where can I find out about my payment?
        Thank you!

      7. Njdol would not let me use my Chime bank account but my cash app was accepted so Im confused like are you giving false info?? Your the only person that is claiming you got the1800, but why the payment saying
        pending/ delayed. I think your telling a fib sir.

      8. Yea.. U can’t go by what the tracker of this site says. He has no inside info. He knows NOTHING we dont know. Its switched to delayed oct 21st cuz the 19th and 20th didnt happen. So next will be 21st. Then 22nd and so on

        1. I am struggling if I dno what to do I been unplowed since June 28th my family struggling we living like shot these people don’t giveafuck about us for real these mothersfuckers didnt back pay my shit I was waiting forth weeks didn’t get back date I got regular payment Fter month can any one say please if they get this payment I know y’all struggling and got family we need this bread to survive New Jersey one the most expensive states please let me know any one got

      9. No u didn’t. I find it amazing that people lie about the dumbest thing. We all know u DID NOT get 1800. Why would DOL decude to pay only 1 person out if 800,000? So shut up. No one wants to hear ur bullshit.

  65. I still have not gotten mine eaither an it’s oct 20 th now I’m so in desperate need for this man

  66. Andy,
    I see it says Paying now for LWA NJ. Is that actually confirmed? Or is it just going by the date of the 19th? Have u been able to find ANYONE who has received the 1800? Doesnt seem like anyone has been paid, as of yet. Just curious if its based on fact or just based on the date NJ gave.

  67. Has anyone as of Tuesday October 20 at 9am received their payment? Still very confused as to exactly when we are supposed to receive it. Paying out “the week of October 19” is obviously self explanatory but very curious if anyone has sofar. Thank you!

    1. I still have not received anything. I noticed it says paying now. Has anyone received payment ??

    2. So far nothing has been deposited into my account. I’m hoping it’ll be in my account by Thursday. I know that for some banks it takes 1 – 3 days for the deposit to show up in your account. I would like to know if we’ll get an email letting us know that the money was sent to my bank like when they send my regular unemployment money. I plan on posting a comment as soon as I receive the money so in the meantime I’ll continue this 2 month long waiting game.

    3. Nope nothing yet i wish they werent so vauge like we already have anxiety from the virus now i have anxiety on when im going to get paid

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