Food Stamp SNAP Benefit Increase under 2020 Coronavirus Stimulus Packages

[Update] Under the recently proposed HEROs act House Democrats have included a provision is to boost the maximum SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) payment benefit by 15%. This is designed to help low income earners deal with the rising cost of food as a result of supply chain disruption and production shortages.

The HEROs act and included provisions will likely go through a lot of debates and changes due to strong opposition from moderate Democrats and Republicans who worry about the ballooning federal deficit. But if the economy does not improve and unemployment does not fall or there is a significant resurgence of the Coronavirus later this year then it seems almost certain a second stimulus package will be passed. I will post updates as they come to light.

Additional funding has been provided under the CARE stimulus bill, that provides some critical program funding for many middle and lower income American families. Key provisions include:

Child nutrition: $8.8 billion was provided for schools to give more flexibility around providing meals for students. Most areas where schools have been closed are now offering up to 2 free meals per day for school aged children. Another $450 million was provided for food banks and other community food distribution programs.

Food stamps/SNAP: $15.5 billion is going to the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to cover the cost of new applications to the program as a result of the coronavirus. Note however this does not increase monthly benefits, rather it just provides additional federal funding for the likely surge in new applicants. Many wanted the wanted the minimum SNAP benefit to be doubled (to $30 per month) and a 20% raise in the maximum benefit.

It is likely that more relief will come to the above program in the next stimulus, so please subscribe via the options below to get the latest updates.

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12 thoughts on “Food Stamp SNAP Benefit Increase under 2020 Coronavirus Stimulus Packages

  1. A promise is a promise Mr. Govenor. This increase really, really helped the seniors that only get around $42. a month. We don’t get a $600. check weekly. So this increase in April really gave us a chance to have real food instead of soup and crackers. Enjoy your steak and Lobster Mr. Governor.

    1. I feel they give the wrong ones full benefits the people laying up having all the babies get hundreds and thousands of dollars snap and the seniors only get 15.00 to 16.00 to eat off we are the ones that have worked 30 and 40 years and 16.00 is all we get i think at least 75.00or 100.00 would be better, just think about it Mr Govenor

      1. I agree worked 40 years need help after I retire 16 dollars in food stamps you can’t buy one meal with that I do appreciate the extra stamps to get us through this COVID 19

  2. snap food stamps taken away month of may in full because they added $600 stimulus weekly payments to income! What a letdown in these economic hard times of being unemployed with only $78 weekly + $600. cant get ahead in these trying times! Beware SNAP recipients. You will not qualify for food stamps wth the $600 weekly stimulus payment! This is not fair at all !!!!!

  3. Maybe Mitch McConnell should be remembered of the benefits he received at a young age to help with his medical problems, I do believe it was polio? He should also be reminded his state, has the highest by county welfare roles in the country.

  4. Hello we are a family if 6 in Michigan. We receive SNAP benefits even before Covid-19. Their Father works full time and I’m self employed. 3 of our 4 children are (were) in school and therefore eat about 1/2 of their meals/food at school for free with the free/reduced lunch program. Since March 12th they have been home 24/7. Therefore are eating here more than they ever have, on top of the fact they are bored and eating more lol. So our weekly grocery shopping total has tripled. But luckily for us Lapeer Community schools has came together and is handing out lunches daily to all the kids (that receive free and reduced lunch) here in Lapeer County. And that’s parent teachers the National Guard volunteers. Passing food out In a drive thru like style. The unemployment!?! The stimulus checks?!?!? Wow we have been handed a lot and all for us to be able to survive!! This is
    Exactly what needed to happen quit complaining it’s wasn’t fast enough and what About XXX like come on we are blessed to be America citizens!! Does that mean every decision that was made was the best made one?? No because our government is also human and FYI cannot see the future. I’m grateful for everything that everyone has done. Keep it up!!!
    Grumpy….Judgy haters……imagine if u had to do this all on your own without any help from anyone….. Would u make it??? Your kids??

  5. I think it’s messed up how people who are already getting the maximum amount of food stamps for there house hold can’t get them early I get them at the end of the month I have three kids home alday eating twice as much by the time I get my stamps there are no food left in the stores..

  6. I receive social security disability each month. i was previously enrolled in the NJ Work ability program which informed me I could earn a certain amount of extra income per month and additionally was placed on Medicaid until age 65 which also paid my part B Medicare. My question pertains to NJ unemployment. I have been working part time and have never exceeded the monthly income by social security law, this income helps me with living expenses such as groceries, gasoline, part B medicare, auto repairs, etc. The office where I work has closed down due to the Corona-19 virus. I work for a temporary agency, hired for the office. I receive no other compensation from the temporary agency. I work 16 hours @ week @ $19 per hour netting approx $980 per month. Am I able to file for NJ unemployment due to the office shut down? Thank you.

    1. HI Maria ;0

      I am not sure about your state, but my Father lives in Colorado; he too is on social security, he is 70. He works one day a week and apparently he got the unemployment. I am also on ssi/ssd, I did not even know he could get unemployment while on ssi, but he did! So, while i cannot tell you Yes, I can say ‘my Father did’; check it into it!


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