Obama’s 2011 Budget – Business Tax Cuts, Making Work Pay Extension, Social Security Payment, Pell Grant Increase and More Stimulus Spending

President Barack Obama has unveiled a multi trillion-dollar budget focused on creating jobs and reducing the nation’s high unemployment rate.The job focused budget would boost the deficit to a record-breaking $1.56 trillion, an increase of 5.7 percent for the current budget. It also forecast that spending would rise another 3 percent in 2011 to $3.83 trillion. Much of the spending surge started in 2008 and includes costs associated with the massive economic stimulus passed by Congress to deal with the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The surge in the deficits reflects not only the increased spending but also a big drop in tax revenues, reflecting the 7.2 million people who have lost jobs since the recession began and weaker corporate tax receipts.

Fast Insurance Quote Comparision for Your BusinessHere are the key financial aspects of the proposed 2011 Budget.

– Extending tax cuts for businesses, including a $5,000 tax credit for hiring new workers this year, help for the unemployed and $25 billion more for cash-strapped state governments.

– Extension of the popular Making Work Pay middle-class tax breaks of $400 per individual and $800 per couple through 2011. They were due to expire after this year. The budget also proposes making $250 payments to Social Security recipients to bolster their finances in a year when they are not receiving the normal cost-of-living boost to their benefit checks because of low inflation.

– The budget assumes enactment of a comprehensive health care program, the issue that dominated the president’s first year in office. Passage of that proposal is currently stalled with Democrats trying to figure out how to cope with the loss of a key Democratic seat that gave them the 60 votes they needed to overcome a Republican filibuster.

– Federal support for elementary and high school education would get what the administration termed the biggest increase in history. The Pell Grant college tuition program which would see an increase of $17 billion to just under $35 billion, helping an additional 1 million students.

– A boost in taxes on the wealthiest Americans, families making more than $250,000 annually, by allowing the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 to expire. The provision also aims to reduce the rate at which these same households write-off itemized deductions.

– The new Obama budget will also include a proposal to levy a fee on the country’s biggest banks to raise an estimated $90 billion to recover losses from the government’s $700 billion financial rescue fund (TARP).

– In a bow to worries over the soaring deficits and growing government spending, the administration proposed a three-year freeze on spending beginning in 2011 for many domestic government agencies. It would save $250 billion over the next decade by following the spending freeze with caps that would keep increases after 2013 from rising faster than inflation. Military, veterans, homeland security and big benefit programs such as Social Security and Medicare would not feel the pinch. In fact the budget requests increases for homeland security and veterans programs, with a 3.4 percent increase in the Pentagon’s core budget to $549 billion for next year.

– Obama also kills his predecessor’s signature space program to return astronauts to the moon. NASA had already spent $9.1 billion on the program, which was projected to cost $100 billion by 2020. Obama’s new budget said NASA will be “launching a bold new effort” with an extra $1.2 billion annually for five years, money expected to be used to encourage private companies to build, launch and operate their own spacecraft for the benefit of NASA and others. NASA would pay the private companies to carry U.S. astronauts.

[Update] The President’s budget was recently approved in Congress after much debate. You can see details on the final approval here, along with the 2011 deficit reduction plan proposed as part of future budgets.


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37 thoughts on “Obama’s 2011 Budget – Business Tax Cuts, Making Work Pay Extension, Social Security Payment, Pell Grant Increase and More Stimulus Spending

  1. natasha dyer`

    i think it,s bull crap that they would give crack heads money before they help people who really need help i am not greedy but i cant even get on section 8 i have tried since 2003 every time they tell you to call you get no body to answer but yet you have people that have kids to live off welfare and dont want to work because they are lazy me i need help bad all the grants they tell you to sign up for free you have to pay for just to get approve why do you have to get approve for a grant i need help paying rent i struggle every freaken day i budget my money the best way i know how buy going to threft store to get my kids close and other people that have kids they pass their close down to my kids and i thank god for that but instead of going after people who cant afford thing,s go after the people who got alot of money there is not a middle class family any more because of the econamy fix this before more crimes happen to alot of people that dont deserve it

  2. Donna & Mary Ann

    What about all the non US citizens living and working here free of charge..they get a full paycheck while their US citizen co-workers take home barely enough to survive because of the taxes taken out..only US citizens pay taxes..I’m sorry, but if you live and work in the US you should become a citizen within 18 mos…that means taking citizenship classes..including learning to speak, read and understand our language..you pay taxes like everyone else and if you aren’t willing to do that then bye bye..I know a Korean woman who has been here over 20 yrs..she can’t speak or read our language, yet she works with me, takes home 100% of her check, we do the same work…actually I do her work as well as mine she just takes credit for the finished work, and she has a drivers license?? The US gov. is a joke and a bad one at that they hand money to foreigners hand over fist and let their own kinsmen do without…

  3. Jeff

    My son is Autistic and lives off SSI. So to Rudy below, SSI is meant to live off of for people with disabilities. In California the $830 per month barely covers all his expenses. He can’t have more than $2000 in assets and money; if he has more, his SSI is reduced. He can’t save money due to this rule. He can’t earn or receive in gifts more than $60 per month, or his SSI is reduced.

    As SSA payroll taxes are lowered, I worry he will have even less money each month. He started out at $845, 2 years ago. Now he is at $830. I am hoping SSI is somehow separate from these taxes, but I don’t know.

  4. Julie

    The thing is Obama proposes a bill but congress has to pass it and it is ultimately their decision.Obama can pass it by them but they have to approve it. As far as Obama has done this or that wrong well we had Bush in the White House and looked what happened. Bush came in and was pissed about what happened while his father was in office,started a war that we can’t end and now half of our American soldiers are dead and the ones still over their fighting for something that Bush created is losing. Our country will never be the same. 911 was blamed on this and that and the blackbox was retrieve but the voices on it will never be known. Obama is just a man and etleast he has made an effort to do something besides sit on his ass all day or fly around NY while the Pentegons ass got blew off. This isnt a presdidential issue this is a racial issue because if the man was white then the world wouldnt be pulling his birth certificate up nor would they really dislike him.Bush didnt give anyone any kind of stimulus now did he! Obama has already changed history. The SSI deal well I am on SSI too but for working people in furniture and other jobs we are all suffering here in America and until positive changes happen we will continue too.I would like some kind of raise if it happens then it happens if it dont then it dont eaither way no matter who the next president is your screwed deal with it believe in God and thats all you can do.

  5. Anthony

    I’m currently on SSI and attempting to do whatever it takes to become financially stable. Living off SSI is a struggle when everything is going up but folks want to blame Obama but its not his fault. Republicans claim they are fighting to protect Americans but it seems to me all the care about is protecting the wealthy. If Obama losses in 2012 and a republican becomes president things are gonna get even worse and they will destroy this country from within but if anyone truly believes a republican can do better, by all means put one in office. Just remember people, if a republican assumes power don’t complain because we are the ones who put that person in charge. Personally, I believe a republican wins in 2012 the recession will be making a comeback followed by another Great Depression and when that happens, politicians will sit behind closed doors and laugh and a few minutes later appear on TV attempting to lay blame on someone else. Obama may not be the best but I’d rather have him for four more years then see a republican put into power. Donald Trump in my opnion is a joke.

    1. Rudy

      310 million people live in the U.S. Of them 155 million pay federal income taxes. It seems the Republicans want to protect the wealthy (umm… tax payer) and the Democrats want to protect the welfare class (umm… the non-tax payer). I’m ready to hear the story about tax fairness. In a “Free” country you can choose not to learn and/or not to work if it’s lucartive to do so. Please Mr./Ms. Democrat (liberal), stop lining the welfare class with my tax dollars and then tell me you need more to broaden your voting base. Stop buying votes with taxpayer monies. SSI was never intended to live off of, so stop convincing the welfare class its a retirement fund… (It’s not big enough!)

  6. Mrs Smith

    sorry some of my spelling was wrong I tend to think ahead of what I want to say. The Obama’s have spent nearly twice as much as the Bushes look it up people. Were do you think our money’s going on the illegals that came here and those from over sea’s and all the money the Obamas are sending to Palinstan for their Military and he wants to cut our Military as he says he wants are money to go to all these people that didn’t earn. They dropped the GPA and the test scores for being police officers and why didn’t they lower things for the American Citizens thatgot good gradesno wight for the illgals then will lower every thing. Stop all Amnesties-No Dream Acts- No Reparation-No Totalization Agreement’s and no more Treaties for any thing with any one over sea’s,we have beeen waithing ove 60yrs to have clean energy and great American Teachers andclosing ouur borders like everyone has done and jobs for are Americans and training for Black Americans and those that really will protect us and America. We want people in office that shows their legal Birth Certificats to all and have some one test them,that Goes for Obama too and some one that don’t know any of them very much. We must freeze their spending on stffers and trips and vacations and parties and night our and that s for everyone one from the White House down and every person must pay their own ways back and forth to work like the Americans did and do. Late night dinners or snacks they pay for and No President should be going out for lunches and bein in the lime light so much as these two. We want everyone From the White House down to pay taxes on every thing they get like we have to. Now they take out again from our SS AND THEY JUST KEEP GETTING MONEY FROM INVESTMENT’S to royalties and only God knows from where ever honest who really know’s any more. We should not be paying for Secert Service people for those already out of the White House or cars or drivers they should pay for their own trips and all the rest we used to pay and stilldo it must stop now if they can’t live with in a budget too then they shouldn’t be in any position in Government.All these loopholes and sweeping things under the rug to take more from the people and our Children education and safty is dam wrong . If any Lanuage get’s mandated it should be our offical National Language English and our Hoildays and Holy Songs and religion should be are choice and history of America and if are Children wish to learn a language it can be the one their Country Mndates in our Consitution I believe it says the Language of the Land and it was and is English more people are learning it evey day don’t let it die just for others NO sHRIA LAW IN aMERICA,WE DON’T LIKE PEOPLE THAT STONE OR SHOOT THEIR CHILDREN OR WOMEN NOR KILL THEM. sO IF mUSLIM WANT TO BE A PART OF AMERICAN HISTORY TAKE AN OATH OF WILL YOU HELP AMERICA TO STOP TERRORIST FROM DSTORYING OUR PEOPLE AND YOURS . WAKE UP mR AND mRS oBAMA RIGHT NOW YOU CLIM YOUR TRYING TO HELP THE mILITARY AND SOME OTHERS TO WIN VOTES AND THEN YOU’LL GO BACK TO STABBING US IN THE BACK LIKE ALOT OF SENATORS-REPS-GOVERNOR AND LT GOVS -MAYORS AND ARE SCHOOLS TOO . our flags should be flying every where and are schools need dress codes that won’t hurt some children that can’t afford all the mode clothes out their and no tight clothes or tops or low neck in schools and the work place earrings belong in one place look professional not showing off your body even short skrits and dress should be stopped and guys statr looking neat instead of trashyand no earring on the face tonuge eyebrows in nose or all over ears one set in the ear for all and not over bigger than a dime in length and around that guys a lot smaller some of them look very un professional. God Bless and read back wht Obama said he was going to do for America and the Citizens. God Bless America and those whom love Freedon of speech religion reading writeing and good time and respect for family and parents and working together all times families pulling as one and friens too, Get are people farming instead of working about everyone else and stop giving secrence pay to those whom make outragoues salries,they don’t need it it’s just Greed and extravgant.

    1. tony

      If you learned how to spell, maybe somebody would pay attention to the message you are trying to send. I got as far as 3 sentences and realized i cant go any further. Im sure there are some “illegals” that have better spelling and grammar than you!

  7. Dolly

    April 3,2011

    I think we need a new president, i don’t get any help from the government .But i see people that need help . I say send them back across the border make work for americans . People need to not buy gas for one day and not buy milk or bread see if the price comes down?

    1. kim

      we dont need a new president we need for the republicians to stop trying to cut spending. the republicians was the ones to deny the 250 stimulus check in november of 2010. obama is trying to give the people money. the republicians are trying to stop him. remember we had bush as president and he ran our country in the ground. we went to war when we didn’t have to . we lost a lot of jobs, banks homes were going dowhill. we were in a recession. and obama is trying to fix bushes mess by truing to get us out.

  8. Mrs Smith

    We believe the obama’s want to be remembered as the only people that ever did any good, well in a lot of peoples minds they’ll be remembered as the most extravagant greedy people in the History OF AMERICA them as hero’s .We lost jobs and what did he do let the Mexican’s in with NO background check or health records or speak-read-write- and job skilld was having too many kids because they heard they’d get a lot of money for them and they ruined their country now they are taking from are poor and a great education for our children and jobs that those American’s that were out of work and on the streets could of taken but no like D.Feinstein and others hired Mexicans so they’d have cheap labor and they’ed get richer. well to a lot of people we want to stop paying for everyones vacations- night out- and the places they stay in or at- we don’t want to pay for their childrens schooling or their exspensive parties for any one the money the make at dinner’s or parties can be used to pay for them and they can pick up the rest. we don’t want to pay for theirr trips back and forth to work or planes, or childrens medical when their married or any ones rental or lunches- or people deaths we don’t know them and shouldn’t foot the bill you people should and everyone of you from the white house down should pay taxes and the colleges your children went to and you didn’t pay ,they aren’t are kids and what happened to nobaody getting their money getting stashed over seas’ or out of the usa to get away from taxes no body should get away with that even if they do back andy one it’s time America Citizens wake up and say no more trips and wages get cut back by all staffers for sure and czars an other and bernake and those like him too all big shots and ceos and loan companys as well as banks an those in the stock money don’t need to get outrages wages like emanuel or mwhitman or cforina or newson feinstien and all of you say you love the USA well then put your money where your mouths is and stop bringing down the USA and the middle with your agenda’s and put are flag at every business and school private or not this is America and make are English manditory now. stop taking and taxing those that are legal Americans that don’t make ahundered thousand or those at 200,000 and stop sending so much of our childrens future and money to arbics or any other muslim people stop helping muslim teachers to go away for three weeks while children need every great american teacher to help are children learn more and stop paying for other countries over seas to be rebuild because of age they people clost to those over sea’s should stand up and tke care of these lands it’s time for us to let them help out instead of every one calling us names while we have terrorest jidhadist here since 2001 and nobody has done a theng about it not bush clinton obama. n plesosi just had anther trip to hawaii it was time she too pays for her extravagant vacations and rooms no more for the people of america are country is being torn apart why toomany people trying to stop what we believe in are hisstory culture and holidays that must stop we don’t want sharia law in america and we don’t want to pay for muslims trips or any other that won’t vow to protect America and Her Citizens. Arizonia and Oaklahoma are right it’s time to stop illegal entery into our America . THEY all should get checked out before they come in and they must have the money to support their families and health records and nobody gets to sponser any one unles they have means to take care of them and be responsabile for them in every way- no more mosque or arbic communties with rehabilation -no reparation -totalization agreements- no dream acts or amnsety- (this all costs us way too much moeny) any more it stops here and we don’t give away our land or seas to any one over sea’s . Wake up AMERICAS WE’RE BEING STABBED IN THE BACK and we don’t have Senators in California that are even sticking by us all and possiably the same way every where else in Americaso does all in are white house on down. God Bless America lets make her better in how we treat our people in America and our Military

  9. jo ann Lambright

    Its a sad day when the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can not take care of its elderly especially when they worked hard all there lives and then reach what some call the GOLDEN YEARS and we
    are at the point of choises between meds and food.I whould love to be able to take my grandchildren on a little trip my husband has passed away and before I go that is something I so want.But then there we go back to meds. and food.I can eat beans and cornbread.Thank GOD I have a son who is disabled and raising two children and helps me as he can.Dont get me wrong I love the USA my Dad fought for it I am a flag flyer.

    1. AB


  10. Rosa

    It is not the people who build this country that are using the public benefits. Everyone is against Obama and he is only trying to help something he did not create.

  11. Gwen Martin

    Man I can’t believe these politicians. We all know when you live on a budget and can’t afford everything you have to cut back on certain things. Well listen up Obama, Congress and all the others on Capital Hill. Start cutting out things that we don’t have to have. Cut out all the foreign aid, travel into space and all the unnecessary things we Americans don’t have to have. Take care of the American people first. Our government is just ignorant when it comes to spending money. Guess what if the American people don’t work and pay taxes Congress won’t be eating. China now owns 40% of America. If the people of the United States will get these so-called politicians out of office and put someone in that knows what it’s like to earn his wealth maybe we can balance the budget and they will see that our elderly will be taken care of. Just remember guys the American people can take control of this country again if they want to. Bring our troops home and worry about AMERICA for once.

  12. G Curry

    thats crazy how the congress think about there seniors who help build this country. I wish it was something we can do about that. I know who im voting for next time.

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  14. jean

    mr obama. would you please fight for us you fight for the middle class and the rich , why not the poor people we help you to get in the office , we need someone to stand up for us so we can be heard also . i know everyone in office dont have the worries we have , they have no idea what it is like to live on 674.00 a month and have to pay rent , electric,gas, food , medical, and find a way to fit cloths in a tight budget, we really need someone to stand up for us to be heard …..i know you can they listen to you mr, obama i know we are the poor people of american that alot would like to forget that we are alive, they sure would not give up their income for 2 months to help us …. that for sure …. we need help just like the middle class people thank you have a nice day i know you have alot on your plate with all the other stuff going on just dont forget us the poor ……

  15. Marnetta Yelverton

    I am a 53 retired/disable Nurse. I began sick in1994 and had a stroke. I was out of work for 7months. I had to go to therapy for many months. I wasnt recieving assistant. I had money saved and doing this time i had ahusband. Be i returned to work andworked up to December 2002/I have diabetes and i been diagnose with neurapathy(damage to your nerves. I cant stand a long period of time. I also have been diagnosewith High Blood Pressure. I returned to work and work 10years longer. I wanted to work, but today, i not able to hold down a job for 8hrs due to this neurapathy. It’s very painful. I am asking for Pres. Obama, Congress, HR to please give others and myself the 250.00 stimulus check to help us with portion of our cost of living. Lot of us have to pay Prescription Plan and in the year of 2011 premiuim are going up a lot.Example , begining in Jan 2011 i will be playing 85.00 verse 38.00. I be getting a 50.00 decrease in my monthly disability check, but will not be getting an increase in my 2011 check. I am now divorce and i takes care of myself. I am asking Pres. Obama, Congress,Senator, and whoelse are in power of helping others and myself to recieve the 250 stimulus check and remember that we are all God Children in Christ Jesus name and He doesnt want you to hurt His children(us)/ It seems that preminum are going up but our checks are not Please find in your heart to help us. You know if could be you today and tomorrow. We are in trouble in helping the disable and the elderly. Please Help Us, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. Maria Fesler

    I don’t understand why President Obama won’t fight harder for his people to get a stimulus check in 2011 . He’s helping everybody else why not people that are disabled and can not work due to medical conditions. My Fiance and i are both on SSI and were struggling just to make it day to day and to buy food when we hardley get any food stamps and have to depend on food banks to help us. Come on help us out and consider getting us all some help the cost of living is going up how we all suppose to make it .

    1. Mary Cowherd

      Im a single mother ,that cant work anymore.Im raising a 14-year-old son,and,paying bills out of 1 child support check.I do get food stamps,and,i appreciate what i get,but,the older kids get,the more they eat.Im waiting to hear about my hearing from my lawyer.I hope i hear something soon.God bless me with it.Amen!

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  21. Darwin v smith

    i think bailing out banks credit cards and any farmer with 2 thousand acres or more should onlly get money for up too 2 thousand acres not 10000 or 100000 acres ,because that was made up for family farmers not big business . and for social security NASA SHOULD PAY THE MONEY BACK THEY TOOK OUT TO MAKE THE MOON MOVIE, AT 30PERCENT A YEAR AND WHAT A PISS POOR MOON MOVIES .THEM IMBREAD FOR GOT TO TO PUT THE STARS IN THE BACKGROUND SET .STOOPED!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. me

      probly not because obama and his wife needs it more than the people do for her spending money and unneeded vactions that they take . he needs embeached for he lied to all the people of America

      1. kim

        obama and his wife had money and takin trips before he became president. what about all the money bush and his wife spent. oh i forgot since he is white and a republician that doesnt matter. well i think obama is doing a good job. obama and the dems. was fighting for the stimulus check but the republicians voted no. he cant do a lot if everybody are siding and voting for the republicians. and i live off social security and my boyfriend has a good job.

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  27. natasha dyer

    i am a single mother i am taking care of 4 kids one who lives with my mother in detroit michagan and three boys who live with me why are we not getting a stimulus check this year its not right me and my son did not ask to be disable at all its hard to find a job i want to work but do to me having health issues and i have two sons that are disable only me and one of my kids are getting ssi my oldest son have adhd severily and i have been trying to get his ssi started for 2 years and been denied twice i have to hire a lawyer i,m staying with a familiy member do to i have no car i think it would help if people who cant work get the stimulus pay this year to

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