Part Time Workers Eligible for Partial Unemployment Compensation Will Qualify for the $300 Weekly FPUC Stimulus Payment


This article was last updated on January 4

[Updated for new $300 FPUC payment in 2021] I have been getting this question across several articles published around the recently extended enhanced unemployment benefit programs now in place for 2021 and enacted to address the COVID-19 induced economic slowdown and job losses. Fortunately the Department of Labor (DOL) has issued additional Unemployment Insurance guidance confirming the fact that individuals who are entitled to receive any portion of their state’s regular unemployment compensation (UC) will also receive the $300 flat weekly payment through to March 14th, 2021. The original $600 FPUC payment approved under the CARES act had expired on July 31, 2020.

The $300 weekly FPUC supplementary payment is payable for weeks of unemployment beginning on or after the date on which the state enters into an agreement with the Department of Labor. In states where the week of unemployment ends on a Saturday, the first week for which FPUC may be paid is the week ending January 2nd, 2021. In states where the week of unemployment ends on a Sunday, the first week for which FPUC may be paid is the week ending January 3rd, 2021. The cost of the additional $300 payments to eligible individuals each week is 100% federally funded, but administered by the state UI agency.

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Now many states, like PA and CA, offer Partial Unemployment Benefit Credits to offset the impacts of reduced benefits from part time work, but in many higher income states this won’t make much of an impact. Also with the extra $300 FPUC weekly payment now in play, many people who don’t qualify for even $1 of unemployment insurance won’t get this supplementary payment for the next four months it is in effect. Which could make them worse overall.

One important note in the DOL guidance letter is that individuals whose underlying benefit payments are intercepted to pay debts (e.g., over payments) are eligible for the $300 FPUC, even if 100% of their weekly benefit amount is intercepted. Benefits intercepted to pay debts are considered to be compensation for the week. Child support obligations however must be deducted from FPUC payments in the same manner and to the same extent as these obligations are deducted from regular UC.

Also the DOL is clear that the $300 payment is taxable and will be included in the year end 1099G. Beneficiaries may be required to withhold taxes for this payment.

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218 thoughts on “Part Time Workers Eligible for Partial Unemployment Compensation Will Qualify for the $300 Weekly FPUC Stimulus Payment

  1. I live in RI and only made 67.00 every week. Am I eligible for the 300.00.

    1. i am living in va. state and after closed down my work place by the employer for my survival pray to un employment comm.and they kindly approved me to getting weekly benefits. when my work place open on end of june/2020 joined my worked place .i 72 + years old and worked as part time employee for my survival live hood. as above circumstances am i continue to get unemployment weekly benefits as very very ill paid part time employee? please let me know this is my prayer before the concerned authority through your honour for my survival in my old age living in virginia state. after join my work in falls church, va. i am not getting or not apply for my weekly un employment my kind question is am i continue my unemloyments as above circumstances as part time aged worker which was approed by unemployment comm before my join on june/2020 .pl.let me know for my survival under the above quaries of circumstances.

  2. I live in Arkansas and I draw the PEUC..I only draw $81.00 a week after taxes it’s $73.00..Am I not eligible to draw the extra $300.00 a week because I don’t draw more then $100.00 a week?? Can someone please help me understand this!

    1. Unfortunately you are correct. If you don’t meet the $100 threshold for a given week you won’t get the extra $300 payment

      1. The $300 is only for 3 weeks and then after that it has to be approved on a week by week basis; as long as the funds last for, according to Florida DEO.

  3. I worked two part time jobs when Covid hit. I lost one of the jobs. I filed and received one payment then a disqualification notice stating I had a full time job which isn’t true it is part time 25 hours per week. Does anyone know my chance of winning the appeal. I don’t exceed the amount that you can make per week either. Found that out from a congressman’s office when I called for help

    1. yeah it took me 3-4 months to get a payment , also this was when trump gave an executive order on the edd

  4. Hello, I just found out recently that I would have qualified on May 4th, probably even earlier. I applied just before July 29th. I would have applied sooner but I could not get ahold of the UI office by phone. Do I qualify for any retroactive? It has been a struggle because my customers did not want me coming out. But the bills do not stop.

  5. I have recently been diagnosed with cancer putting me on Chemotherapy which has put me in short term disability. I have lost mandatory OT. Would I qualify for the federal stimulus without qualifying for state unemployment without screwing up my std ?

    I have also considered trying to work part time but due to the drug symptoms I am too sick. My immune system is running at 50%.

  6. ❓❓ i did my bi-weekly claim this week & in PA the last day for the extra $600 is this Saturday the 25th. Will i get the extra $600 next week since i am suppose to get regular unemployment this week . please help ❓❓

  7. Hello. Good news! I recently was from pending to paid and then noticed on my claims that my workplace address and city were incorrect. Calling is a hassle so I faxed the correct workplace address, City and zip code last weekend. I’m so paranoid I’ll be disqualified for an honest mistake. Has anyone had computer cliches while filling out an unemployment application online? The drop down box to select the City, State and Zip code has issues.

    1. Yes I had to call them to fix it. They did fix the problem when I was on the phone with them

  8. Many people (including me) think that no matter if a person is not working, working part-time, working full-time, being self-employment etc…that they will get the $600/week no matter what. I went back to work part-time and I put that amount in when I certify every two weeks. My self-employment + part time work one time came to about $500-I didn’t get the state’s $198 (that’s fine!) but didn’t get the $600 either. In fact I didn’t get the $600 2 or 3 times although someone I work with claims what he makes and gets the full $600/week. Does anyone know the answer or where I can go to find it? If I am entitled to it and haven’t gotten it what then?! Don’t say call the unemployment office LOL!!!!!

    1. I just found out that because I make over $125.00 gross, I am not entitled to the cares act.

  9. I used to work 5-6 hours a week, now i only need 2-3 hours to complete my weekly work, or even less. But My employer never indicate how many hours i should work after I work from home as long as I keep track on my work and report to accountant how many hours I work every shift. It’s now like automatically less work hours for me. Does this situation qualify for “hours cut”? It’s not like a rule from my employer, it just happens. Can someone help please.

    1. Has your corresponding income been cut? That’s the qualification for UI eligibility

      1. Hello Andy, thanks for responding. And yes , I’m getting paid less for less hours, it’s hourly pay.

    2. I was laid off from one job and received unemployment benefits because of Covid-19. I have found another job working part time. Can I still receive unemployment benefits with Covid -19 $600 even though it was not because of Covid-19 that I am working part time?

  10. If I’m a part-timer in NY and they called me to work for only 1 day a week, how do I answer the weekly claim question “ return to work” or “ NOT return to work”?

      1. you answer thgat u went back to work cause they will find anything to delay payment and dont nobody have time for that you must answer went back to work we ahve the same situation and i put went back to work and i only work 2 days a week they nwant to know trust me,,,

    1. Answer, yes. Then fill out hourly pay, etc. You will still get partial pay from unemployment.

  11. Can I work part-time and still receive $600 additional credits? I’ll be working in reduced hours and with a lower pay, but will I still collect the $600?

    1. I work in a school cafeteria shut down because of virus plus have a part time job at giant grocery store I have never received anything from FPUC am I entitled to any money

      1. You may. Part time workers who qualify for state UI (even $1) get the $600 p/week extra. Make sure you apply via your state UI agency ASAP

      2. I was working seasonly in Wisconsin and usually averaging 20 hours a week and I was also getting the 600 dollar per week stimulus. In about 3 of the weeks I worked about 30 hours and I didn’t receive any unemployment. For those 3 weeks will I receive the 600 in August after the program has ended?

  12. I am only allowed 12 hours a week until July 10 for now. I am fortunate to receive the $600 a week. All I can say is when you wake up in the morning smile for RIGHT NOW is all we have.

  13. I too am in the same boat I can only make 189 a week I go over then I’m stuck no up side on either my job of the !little bit they must of pulled out of a hate that won’t make nothing for food bills etc. If I go over a little….. work has also cut me ….to little brain both

  14. CA.
    My weekly benefit is $167+$600 PUA.
    I finally was called in for work at the library. I’m a library assistant 1 (hourly) part time. I use to work 19.5 hours a week, now I am working 12 hours a week. I make 13/hr. So if I calculate my gross weekly amount equaling to $156 I’ll continue to qualify for PUA until July 28? After reading everyone’s questions and comments I am understanding the calculations.

  15. Just qualified for PUA & hopefully FPUC. Question about reporting income: I’m a (currently nonworking) self-employed music writer and often get paid long after doing the actual work – via quarterly royalty checks or sometimes licenses for use of my music, both 1099-MISC income. If I get paid for work I did pre-Covid, do I report it in my weekly certification? Website says to report when it’s earned, not received. One upcoming payment is for a song made 10 years ago, for example. Any thoughts or guidance?

    1. Hmm. I think you can report as earned when received. Because your royalty is tied to when your music was consumed. So your earnings are tied to consumption date, which would be more current than when the song was recorded. I would certify to ensure your are eligible to receive PUA and FPUC. Let the state agency make the official determination.

      1. Andy thank you for taking the time to answer tons of questions from so many people who don’t know where else to ask. Your help is much appreciated! Tons of great info here for us to find out about more than just unemployment, and actually plan for the future. I’ll be looking around, and learning.

    2. I applied for Pua back in May I got approve they said I would get a 158.00 dollars a week plus the $600 but I have yet to receive a dime I’ll be glad when I go back to work cuz this is ridiculous I’ve pretty much done lost almost everything but my faith!!

  16. i have 2 part time job , one job will be open this week , i work there one day a week. If i start work one day a week, i am eligiable for PUA ($600.00) benefits?

    1. If you qualify for at least $1 in your state’s UI program, you will get the $600. You need to file for unemployment and to see if you qualify.

    2. It is important to note that the $600 payments are not PUA. They are under the FPUC program, Aldo under the CARES Act. FOUC goes through July 25 or July 26, depends on if your State unemployment week ends in a Saturday or Sunday.

  17. So in order to get any unemployment $$, you have to make less than what the weekly benefit amount per week is? My hours were reduced in the beginning (they have since been moving back to normal), I qualified for benefits but haven’t seen a penny and have had ABSOLUTELY NO luck talking to a person on the phone.

  18. yes my daughter had the same problem. They will catch up. Actually for some reason in florida they send you an actual check for the $600. They regular unemployment will go on the card. It will take them maybe another 2 weeks to get to you

  19. I was approved for 123 a week for PUA. I was getting 111 plus the 600. My employer opened but my hrs were cut. I worked 14 hrs and had to report it to request benefits. I made 154. Because I went over the 123, they stopped my benefits and the 600. I can’t live on that. Something is seriously wrong with this system. Did they think this through while slowly opening businesses back up. What can be done to help people in my situation?

    1. I’m in the same situation. My regular job is as a bartender but I also work IHSS (In Home Supportive Services) My client happens to live at my home. I make $294/week and they say that is excessive and have only paid me $164 for one week when he was gone, BUT I never received the $600 additional for that week!

  20. Let me get this straight. If you’re sitting T home on your butt and not working, you can get the PUA and the 600 a week. However l, if you’re working part time and qualify for PUA and get 131 a week for weeks that you haven’t worked at all you get the extra 600. But if you get the 131 a week because you only bring home 300 a week from your part time job you don’t get any weekly benefits; therefore you won’t get the 600. Boy this system is really screwed up. It’s enticing people not to go get even a part time job. The government needs to revamp their PUA and the 600 stimulus pack, how crazy is this. The people that is actually working a part time job and should be getting PUA and the 600. ENOUGH SAID!

    1. Yes it is… We can’t find people to even apply right now to our restaurant. Therefore, I’m stuck working way too much, while they collect from home. I’m already needing a vacation!

    2. I couldn’t agree with this more. I am back to work part time, worked 17 hours the past 2 weeks so I don’t get a penny but had I stayed home and not worked i would have received $847. How does that even make sense. I might as well not work at all, who can afford to pay bills this way.

    3. Yes, this was my situation in CA. Went to work part-time and if I’m over a certain amount of income, I lose everything. I was barely over! Apparently, if you qualify for even $1 of state unemployment, you get the whole $600. The bad part was that unemployment didn’t notify me I was over the limit – I didn’t hear anything and assumed they were just behind in sending out payments. I would have dropped a few hours at work. Definitely totally penalized for working, even part-time. A less honest person would not have worked at all. What a drag.

  21. I live in New York State. I have a return to work date on 6/15 as part of Phase 3 for our restaurant business. My hours, however, will be reduced from 14.5 to 10 hours per week. I doubt that I will continue getting the PUA since I was denied UI but will I get all or a portion of the $600 FPUC?

  22. I was furloughed as a server at a restaurant and I’m wondering if I get called back to work will I still qualify for $600 if my hours get cut? By how many hours/percent do my hours have to be cut for me to qualify for $600? I’m in California (fyi).

    1. best thing to do is dont talk to , answer the phone , open any letters from former employer , change your phone number if you can ..if employer cant get ahold of you , you cant be called back to work … if your job was something worth going back to like some high paying job..then i would go back.. but if working at resturaunt making less than being on unemployment then i would take unemployment , use extra $ wisely to get ahead on bills , debt, stash in bank for emergencies etc..etc.. then find a new restutaunt to work for

  23. my last regular UI check will be this week do I need to reapply for the 13 week extension or will it automatic will be added in DC.

  24. In gotten 2 unemployment direct deposits but not the additional 600$.I love in West Palm beach Florida why the hold up

    1. yes my daughter had the same problem. They will catch up. Actually for some reason in florida they send you an actual check for the $600. They regular unemployment will go on the card. It will take them maybe another 2 weeks to get to you

  25. I have been furloughed from my PT Retail job. My weekly UI amt is $205 + $600.00. I would like to know how much of the weekly $600.00 I should be saving so at the end of the 2020 year I don’t have major tax consequences. Please advise.

    1. Not sure how much you should save but I do know if taxes are taken out, they are taking out $60 each time.

    2. You have to let the Dept. of labor know that you want taxes taken out. If you don’t have it taken out its about $60.00 per check in taxes (owed). It’s better to have it taken up front.

  26. Hi, I am trying to figure out if I should base the amount I have to stay under in order to still qualify for the $600 given extra in unemployment. My regular WBA is $135 though I opted to get 10% taken out, which makes it $121 after that. So while working do I need to make sure I stay under $121 in a week or the original WBA amount of $135. Thank you!

    1. Hello its based on gross earning,example wba 100 ,earning disregard 10, you earned working 50
      that means 100-50=50+10=you should be entitled to 60 dollars benefit plus 600 federal,Check
      with your sate unemployment agency all states have different formulas,but basically the Florida
      is the worst

  27. I work for a company and have a W-2 am also self employed. How do I file this type of claim for unemployment in Texas when I have two kinds of income?

  28. I have a unique situation. Can someone advise me? I’m an independent contractor and my hours were reduced. I qualify for unemployment but make too much to get anything from the state(TN). Will I still get the $600?

    1. You say you qualify for unemployment. I assume that means you qualify under the PUA program? FPUC payments are still given to those who qualify for PUA.

  29. I’m really aggravated about this I am still working part-time as a caregiver nonetheless I was making before this happened like $800 every two weeks I live in Albuquerque New Mexico now I’m making about $200 every two weeks unemployment telling me that I can qualify for $132 if I make under the $200 so I have to make under 132 to qualify I don’t understand how is this possible we’re still putting ourselves out there and at risk and they’re not doing anything for those that are working everybody that is not still working is getting extra money and all the help Howe is that right? I’m falling so far behind in bills I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to get you and it doesn’t look like there is any help in sight.

  30. My weekly unemployment benefit is 163.00 My job said I could come back to work. I am part time at 30hrs a week. I get paid 10.50. That is 315 a week. So sense that is higher then my 163 that makes me ineligible for the 600 and 163 of unemployment correct? I would need to work 14 hrs for 147 a week to continue to get unemployment benefits. An if I deny my job that multi million dollar company tells unemployment or if they ask that I refused. leaving me jobless and no unemployment. Everyone should be eligible to essential workers to fired, fur low people and people going back to work regardless of hours.

    1. any word?? i’m in the same boat I’m a server, and they are paying us minimum wage, $11.00. he scheduled me 36 hours which is 329 after taxes, and is considerably less that we servers were making. I will loose my house over this, I”m sick, had 2 heart attacks within a year… who is going to hire me??

      1. If you are that sick, ask for your hours to be cut back, then you may be able to draw unemployment. It sounds like the owner is trying to help by offering more pay, for our minimum wage is $7.25. And in my state ALL restaurants are hiring, due to lack of interest from those opting to stay at home to draw more money. I’m a part time bartender and was making over $600 on most weeks before, now since we aren’t yet back 100% (lack customers, etc), I’m able to draw partial unemployment. There are ways to get it honestly… Use your brain!

    2. I was a part time worker bus attendant 174 a week life has been up and down had a house two weeks before cov-19 and still in a rental and unemployment only paying me 78 dollars I was going to drive this school bus this year then the layoff then stress been sick

  31. After 20 years at my job, I was furloughed in March with no pay, and I am struggling to make my mortgage. I live in NY and am receiving $504 in unemployment plus the $600 in federal money. This helps a lot, but it’s still not enough to pay my mortgage (single income home with NY taxes). I don’t know how long I will be furloughed or if my job will come back, and am trying to figure out how to make enough money to not lose my house. I’ve been looking for jobs in case mine doesn’t come back, but right now jobs seem to be nonexistent in NY. Out of the blue, a company looking to launch a new product asked me to spend a few hours providing them with expert advice about technology relating to their product (I used to worked in this arena before being furloughed), and they offered me a one-time honorarium of a $1000 for my time, which would be paid as a gift card. If I do this, I’m assuming I have to report this income (even though it’s a gift card, it’s still income), and am trying to figure out how this works with unemployment. Would I lose the whole $1104 for earning $1000? I want to do any work I can, but don’t want to lose money to work. I can’t seem to reach anyone at unemployment to answer this for me. Does anyone know? Thank you!

  32. Hi I am a Server in Pennsylvania. I have been laid off since March 17th due to the Covid Shut down. My restaurant received the PPP loan and called and said we will be returning to work on May 26th and said I can not collect unemployment after that. But they do not know what they are paying me, and my hours will not be what they normally are . We will be doing curb side and cleaning I am told. ( I am not a cleaning lady I am a Server is that legal) How can I be expected to go back to work without knowing my rate. Im getting $199 a week off unemployment . If they calculate my hours the way unemployment does I will most likely only be making that and that is not a livable wage. I have never been on unemployment my whole life until now and am very greatful for the extra $600 a week. But as a Server I made a good living . Can I still get partial unemployment if this is what they are paying me. Im not sure what my rites as a Server are being recalled due to PPP are. Thank you

    1. same in Maryland…. i’m sick over this… My son is a server also, and has not gotten one penny yet so we are living off mine. I dont’ know what to do

  33. This is bull !!!! I am out here working & at risk & people working PT are sitting their butts at home & getting handed an EXTRA $600 a week, which is MORE than I make in a week working!!!! I am Soooooo mad about this! It’s like winning a lottery!!!!!

    1. I live in NYS and was furloughed from my job back in March. I filed my claim shortly afterward and have not received a SINGLE DOLLAR. My claim for UI Benefits has been in PENDING status for over a month and calls to the toll free call center are useless as the message “all of our reps are busy…please try your call again later” is repeated over and over again for those of us trying to get an answer from a living/breathing agent. Cry me a river!

      1. If you haven’t already, contact your local senator. They have had success resolving these issues. It seems like once they make a call on your behalf, you actually get a supervisor to call you back, even if you’ve been trying for weeks with no success.

    2. Hi Kelly, in most states the employer is contacted and if the employee is refusing to go back to work, they have to document why (they have COVID, or are taking care of someone who has COVID). In my state, if the person does not go back to work and can’t document why, then their benefits need to be repaid, or are discontinued. We appreciate the work you do!!

    3. I totally agree with you. My hours were reduced at work by 25% due to the coronavirus. I filed for unemployment and under the formula they use I make too much to receive UI so I can’t even get the 600 a week that would help me make ends meet. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that people who have never work qualify for UI+600 dollars a week

      1. How do you know you will not get the $600? I’m in the exact same boat. I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere on this.

    4. I agree with you kelly… there’s a huge flaw in the system. Now with this new Hero Stimulous the extra $600 will be extended till January of 2021. Why on earth will anyone making so much even make and effort to go back to work and make less. It’s not fair on people working reduced hours making less. That $600 should be for anyone whether furloughed or reduced hours. We need to get a petition going and get to the decision makers in the federal government.

      1. Nik where you get that info about extended $600 ??? THE HOUSE (Demrats) only Purposed that BILL and it passed THERE BUT , It Doesn’t MEAN the Senate ( REPUBLICAN S) will PASS ! It’s NOT A NEW LAW!

        1. Nik where you get that info about extended $600 ??? THE HOUSE (Demrats) only Purposed that BILL and it passed THERE BUT , It Doesn’t MEAN the Senate ( REPUBLICAN S) will PASS ! It’s NOT A NEW LAW!

    5. I agree. Part-time worker gets laid off is compensated at paid $15/hour, 40 hours a week. Why would they ever go back to work? My niece who is a full time student will make more money in 3 month than she made for an entire year working part time.

    6. Hi kelly so my hours were dropped from 40 to 28 but my reduced hours are more than the weekly benefit so I don’t qualify for unemployment or the $600. It depends on what state you live: NC uif is $350. ‍♀️ The entire system is a mess as far as I’m concerned. It certainly isn’t fair to people who’s hours are reduced or who are still working full time. We didn’t ask for any of this. People who are sitting home are getting rewarded big time. Yet the ones risking their lives are pretty much told to take a hike. Makes no sense.

    7. I worked 31-33 hours and I qualify only once (31 hours)
      not a full check and no extra $600 + risking my health or someone else’s ???

    8. Yes, would agree with you eciept for only going back to work for take out.. Nothing to what I made before..I finally received my unemployment which was only 200 a week .. and with after taxes I requested 188.and yesterday received my 600 also. Had some money saved before this happened. But was down to about $300 left in my account.. I pay for my own health bennys which are $500 a month besides a mortgage, food utilities and so on.. You want to blame someone .. blame the governor…. Sitting on my butt? Watching my grandkids because daycare is closed and they still work. Do I want to go back to work?? Of coarse! Miss it so much.. but to do take out? are you kidding me? I can’t survive on that pay.. Blame the states that are still doing this..

    9. I am beyond upset. The stories I am hearing are making me sick. People I know whom worked maybe 4 hours a week before quarantine (mostly teenagers, my friends children) are now making more than I am who is essential and working. This has got to end! Part timers should have never received the extra 600.

  34. hi
    i had applied for Unemployment Insurance COVID-19, as i was laid -off.
    My EDD account status says PENDING for the first two weeks of April 2020 and its almost a month however at the same time the status says PAID for the last two weeks of April 2020 and is $711.00 with federal tax withheld. Why is my status PENDING for the first two weeks.

    Today as of (5/4/2020), i got a job 16 hrs a week i make $256.8 in a week and the weekly benefit i receive from EDD is $123.00, so my concern is am i eligible for unemployment Insurance and also the $600 add stimulus.
    you reply will be a much appreciate.
    thank you

    1. If you had any income for the week that you are filing for then you have to tell them in that option. The amount you made is deducted from what you would have made and the rest is sent to you still. For example, if you are being compensated for a full time 40 hour job that you were completely laid off for and now have 16 hours working then they have on file that 40 hours as your starting point from your initial claim and the 16 hours is reported to them with how much you made in a week. So say you were making 200 per claim from the 40 hour lay off and you are making 150 per week at that 16 hour job then you would be sent 50 for that week rather than the full 200 you were getting before.

    2. yea you can collect your weekly benefit + 600 till end of july

      part time workers eligble , just report your hours every saturday night or w/e at midnight
      for the previous work week

  35. My husband’s hours were cut from 40 to 30 which makes a big difference each month. Would he be eligible in Florida to get the federal $600.00 per week to help?

  36. Has anyone questioned the wording of the act as opposed to what seems to be happening in real life? “Eligible” is not the same as “received”- why are they being used interchangeably in this case? (If anyone has any insight…?)

  37. Hi I’m working 40 hours normally now I work 30 hours with a gross of 500 a week applied for unemployment will I get denied because I’m still working 30 hours at my job

    1. You will be eligible but only get paid if your weekly earning doesn’t exceed the maximum weekly benefit amount you qualified for. Everyone who worked or works partially unemployed will be showing in the system as eligible. The amount of earnings you report each claiming weeks is what is going to decide if you get a check or not. It really sucks I exceed the amount but I am getting the 600 I do not even know if I am qualified for it since I don’t get the regular week paid for excess . Been waiting to get a hold of someone to see if its an overpayment or not. they just send the money and not even a notice or a record of it in the unemployment page it is completely separate from the system. So if you apply you might start getting the 600 without claiming weeks and no clue If your are entitled to it or not. I think a lot of people will be hurt when they find out they have to return that federal extra money . its a mess they have out of control apparently. that’s why I am not touching it until I know for sure.

    2. Depends on what state you work? In NC if you earn more than the weekly unemployment benefit then you don’t qualify. This is so unfair. Guess reduced hours means nothing to them.

    3. So my states maximum benefit is $326, if I make more than that at my part time job per week, I will only receive the $600, point blank (after being approved and out of work for 1 1/2 months). Which hasn’t happened to me yet, very slow going as a bartender. Each of you are from different states, therefore, maximum benefits will vary. Look at your states maximum, posted on this site, that will tell you whether or not you will receive benefits. From what I’m gathering, in my state, hours don’t really matter, just the amount of money you receive from your job weekly. Years ago, when I was unemployed, hours DID matter, so not positive on that, just going on recent experience.

  38. What’s going on? I live in New York State. I got my stimulus check on the 13th, but I have heard nothing about the PUA. The DOL says I still have a valid claim. By some miracle, I received $600 on Friday the 24th. Today, Friday 5/1, I didn’t receive another $600. I know that once you’re in the system, it automatically sends out the money. Not this time. I can’t get a hold of anybody at the DOL. I keep getting put into press this for this and press this for that. Is there something more I should do like filling out additional forms? I thought the $600 was guaranteed every week from the time you filed for unemployment. Can anybody help me with this?

    1. Yeah, calling the DOL these days is a fruitless exercise as “due to heavy call volume nobody is available to take your call…please try again later.” My claim has been PENDING for over a month and I’ve not heard a peep from the DOL nor have I received anything although I continue to certify weekly as required. I sent a letter to Schumer asking him WTH is going on along with a letter to the US Department of Labor in DC.

  39. Hi there, are college students who worked part time eligible for unemployment? I filed but was denied. I didn’t know if others have appealed and were able to get unemployment. Please let me know!

    1. That is the same question I have. Please somebody clearly answer this question.

    2. I think you guys are eligible for the PUA. The Pandemic Unemployment Application is a little bit more relaxed for people who normally would be denied UI benefits. Apply for unemployment that way and see what happens.

  40. Please help me .. I am from Pennsylvania and would normally work part-time . I currently just received for my first unemployment payment today 4/29.. Will i also be receiving the $600 bonus ? , and if so when would you think ill receive it (next week or the following week ?)

    1. Probably a week or so, then weekly with your benefits. If your state is up to date.

  41. My wife works part time and her pay was cut but not her hours (she is paid a salary). Her employer filed for the work share however she received zero. Can / should she still file unemployment for this pay cut even though her hours weren’t technically cut?

    1. Pay cuts are not covered under unemployment unfortunately. It clearly states that on their website that only hours lost are covered. I negotiated with my employers to cut hours rather than pay since they were not planning to pay the cut back to us so I at least had a chance of getting something back from the state.

  42. Im in California My husband was working 40 hours now is at 20 at $280 a week amd he got approved for 242 i heard they minus 25% so.makes it 210 minus 242 is 32 will i still get that and the 600

  43. I have been getting unemployment for 2 weeks and the extra $600 each week for the third week I was over the monthly max by $40 but did not work 40 hours will I be eligible for the extra $600 covid19 amount or no since no payment was made I do not receive anything for this week, North Carolina UI

  44. If I work in Texas and my wba is 370 and I’m making 330 a week will I qualify..
    My hours were cut from 40 to 20

    1. I’m self-employed. Just requested the money for PUA, but got $0 for the week before last week since I was able to earn $300 that week. Shouldn’t I at least get partial unemployment benefit and the $600 PUA?

  45. My job is offering a leave with a part time pay of 19 hours a month. Am I eligible for the 600 stimulus? I’m originally a full time
    I would get paid 9.5 hours biweekly

  46. Hello, I worked at kohl’s in California but due to COVID-19 the store is closed. I also worked at a chiropractic office and am working 15 hours a week instead of the 24 hours that I used to work because of lack of patients. Do I qualify for the $600 payment? Thank you!

  47. I have some part time wage and some self employment income. The hours for my part time job have been reduced but not to the level that is less than the weekly benefit amount. My self-employment income is zero now. So I do not get any money, including the $600 as I got $0 from the weekly benefit.
    I was not able to apply for PUA as I have a regular UI open.
    Should I ask them to close my UI claim so I can apply for PUA?
    Is the regular UI only calculated W2 wage?
    My weekly income is only two hundreds something now.
    I live in MA. I understand different states have different rules. But your insight will be very helpful.

    1. My company is calling me back to work but will only be working 32 hours instead of 40.. I make $20.85 per hour.. if I keep requesting unemployment benefits will I receive the $600.. I currently receive the $600 on top of my $485 weekly benefit amount plus $50 every week for my 2 dependents.. I work and live in Massachusetts

      1. From what I understand and read on the Massachusetts UI website, if you make more money than your unemployment benefit per week, you would not be eligible for unemployment and the extra $600. It goes by wages earned, not hrs. worked. For example, 32 hrs.x$20.85=$667.20. As long as your unemployment benefit per week is under $667.20, you still be able to collect the difference.

  48. I am a self-employed worker in New York State and was laid off from my job. I applied and qualified to receive the max amount of state unemployment ($504) plus the additional $600 from federal which I have received the past few weeks. My employer is now offering temporary work in which I may have the opportunity to return to work for a week (my compensation would be higher than what I am receiving from the state so obviously I would not file or receive unemployment for that week). My question is, can I then return to unemployment the following week and continue to receive the additional 600 federal assistance?

    1. Yes. But you still must claim benefits for that week, and the amount that you earned for that week. Then you won’t receive a check for that week. You have to continue to claim benefits each week to prevent problems, even if you have worked.

    2. Yes – you can re-certify and get the standard and extra $600 UI payment. Note however you may experience delays in getting paid (2 to 3 week lag)

  49. We are in WI. My 18 year old son is a high school student about to graduate. He has worked for his company about 8-9 months. (since Sept 2019).He normally works 24 hours a week and now they are scheduling him zero hours for the last few weeks. Will he qualify for unemployment? regular or PUA? It’s very vague as to what limited employment is. He has worked plenty of hours since September but hasn’t worked a full year.


  51. Illinois here. Small business I work for thought they would get grant money, but didn’t. Want us to work 6 to 10 hours per week instead of usual 32. Will our unemployment be cancelled for working 1 day per week?

  52. I got cut to 20 hrs a week in healthcare and unfortunately I make $4 more than I qualify for. I’m better off being laid off because 20 hrs just about only covers my insurance.

    1. That’s what I think. It’s not right for people that have reduced hours to not get at least the federal 600 benefits.

  53. Its certainly the loophole, that a good portion of the laid off workers are making out on. My feelings are mixed. The extra 600 will save alot of people by allowing them to catch up on Bill’s, or possibly save a couple dollars. On the other hand, where’s the incentive to go back to work, and for some making far less. Strange set of circumstances.

  54. I was denied for Unemployment benefits in Michigan and would like to know if I qualify for FPUC. I have tried 28 times to contact my local unemployment office but it just hangs up on me.

    1. READ THE ARTICLE!! If you don’t receive at least a $1 in unemployment, you DON”T get the $600.

    2. Contact your state or local city rep ( you can e-mail them & can find that info on your city website) tell them your story & that you cannot get through to the unemployment office; they will contact them for you, I just did this after hitting nothing but brick walls for a month, unemployment called me within a week. Good luck!

  55. We live in Ohio and I have received unemployment payments but not the $600. Is there something else I need to do?

  56. So in other words, I still have reduced hours and still making less than what UI will pay me. I am still going to file this Saturday and state I only worked 20 hours making $210.

  57. My two employers laid me off due to Covid-19. I worked 20 hours and one job and 20 hours at the other job
    I haven’t work for either jobs for over a month now. Unemployment is pending deposit tomorrow for my regular benefit amount that is $304. I also have the $600 pending too. Here is my question: My one employer was able to hire me back because she qualified for a forgivable loan due to Covid-19. So I will be getting 20 hours of work making $210 gross each week. My other employer is still shut down. Will I still get unemployment along with the extra $600? I also have 4 children that I support. Thank you!

    1. Update: I just got notice that I will be getting $94 in UI benefits. So, from what I read above, I still qualify for the extra $600? Correct?

      1. I don’t think that’s right …. some say yes you will get the extra 600 but from what I see on other sites it’s only if you furloughed or laid off NOT reduced hours. It’s super confusing. I too am waiting to hear. Got called back to work this coming Monday at reduced hours…

  58. I will be dropped down to 24 hrs per week from 40 hrs. Will I be eligible for the $600 payment?

    1. If you qualify for even one dollar in unemployment you will be eligible for the entire $600 stimulus

    2. Yes, you should be entitled to benefits. Here’s the only catch. You must make sure you dont make more money working than your Weekly benefit amount + allotted %. In PA its 30% and in other states it’s up to 50%.

  59. Hi, I just wanted to see if I’m entitled to get $600 from unemployment.. I work 16-20 hrs a week part time which exceed my benefit amount of $78 weekly. Will I still get the $600 ?

  60. I got approve for partial unemployment but I didn’t receive the extra $600 what do I do to qualify for the extra

  61. Work part time I’m 64 years old . No work since March. I also receive Social Security Would I be Eligible.

  62. i work 18 hours per week as a part time in the state of NY. i still get my salary, so will i get the extra $600?

    1. Unfortunately not. You didn’t lose any money or hours, so you will not recieve any additional funds.

  63. My husband got laid off from his full time job due to Pandemic but he also works part time he got denied Unemployment due to part time income was $6 higher then What Weekly Unemployment Was going to give him before $600 extra. So will he still qualify for the $600 extra stimulus?

  64. Hi, I live in the state of California
    I currently work as a part time employee working 24 hours per week and have missed a few days from work due to school shut downs. Do I qualify for partial unemployment and do I qualify for the the $600 weekly if I work part time ?

  65. Hey everyone! Hope everyone is staying safe!

    Thanks for all the useful info. I pretty much understand what you are saying just a few quick questions based on your knowledge.

    I filed in NY state and got approved for $337 weekly and of course it triggered the $600. I may work 1 day a week and understand my state UI will be reduced by 1/4 of the total rate but will the federal $600 also reduce? And if I do certify week to week that I work 1 day a week will it stop the $600? Some weeks I will certify 1 day worked and some weeks 0. I know the state will be able to keep up with the right amount but how is the federal $600 affected?

    1. I work part time and one week I’ll work 3 days and the next week I’ll work 4 days. The week I worked 3 days I received one day benefit rate and received $600.00. The following week I worked 4 days and didn’t received a benefit amount which is understandable and didn’t received $600.00′ my question is if I work 4 days will I be able to collect $600.00?

      1. You will get the $600 for any week you qualify for any amount of regular unemployment or PUA. If your wages for a given week meant you couldn’t certify for unemployment then you won’t receive the $600 for that week either

  66. I have been reduced from 40 hours to 32 hours weekly which means I am losing almost $400 of my normal pay every 2 weeks. In the state of Kansas we are allowed to file unemployment for the unpaid 8 hours, but my question is if I will qualify for the additional $600 per week.

    Thank you

    1. This is exactly what I have been wondered. There’s no definitions or formulas regarding $600 disbursement for reduced hours employees.

    2. I will say no. Based on the fact, if you do file. Your weekly benefit amount will be less than your weekly pay, which will disqualify you from from recieving UC. All states have different amounts you can make, and still collect. However, in no state can you still recieve benefits if your gross take home exceeds your weekly benefit amount plus whatever additional % you can earn and still collect.

      1. I’m confused by your responses conflicting with others. My employer says with a reduction of 10-40% of hours, you qualify for unemployment benefits for the reduced hours (which of course will be less than what you actually make if you work), but will also receive the $600 stimulus payment with it.

        I guess I’m confused by your response in comparison to what the article states which indicates if you qualify for ANY unemployment amount, then you receive the stimulus. ???

    3. As far as what I’m reading if you make more in a week (with reduced hours) than the weekly unemployment benefit for your state then you don’t qualify for the extra $600.

  67. I was put in the Work Share Program at my office in California and now have been cut from full time to 15 hours a week. Am I eligible for the $600.00 stimulus checks?

    1. Yes, you would be entitled to UC benefits. At 15 hours, you will recieve partial employment plus the additional 600. It’s a big win for you.

  68. I work part-time, 3 days a week and I’m an Airbnb host. I’m still working the 3 day a week job but have no Airbnb business right now with all bookings canceled due to travel ban. I was reading gig employment, including Airbnb was eligible for unemployment with this but I’m wondering if I can apply for it given I’m still working my other job?

    1. Hello, my hours have been reduced from 50 to 28 the past couple weeks and will continue to be so the next several weeks at least. I live in Colorado. I have read some articles about applying for unemployment benefits if your hours have been reduced and receiving the additional $600 government benefit. The Colorado unemployment website states: You must be unemployed or your hours are reduced to fewer than 32 hours a week and earning less than the weekly amount unemployment pays you because of COVID-19.” Can someone please elaborate on this? I make $17 an hour if that helps. Thank you for any assistance.

  69. I work in Oregon and my hours were cut from 34 to roughly 4 hours per week. Will I be eligible for unemployment and the $600 extra weekly? Or does working a few hours take away the benefits including the extra $600? I filed a claim 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing back :/

  70. I was working as a server in the restaurant field my restaurant got closed down due to the coronavirus 19 I am working for Walmart part-time 20 hours a week do I qualify for the extra 600 a week for unemployment

  71. If I work 30 hours per week with 10 hours lay off per week due to the COVID-19 and made excessive amount When I put in and according to unemployment claim will I still get any of the $600.00 stimulus money. With a loss of $180.00 per week. Thank you

    1. I was approved for unemployment ! I was getting all the benefits & I still should be ! But its been a month that i haven’t received anything ? Does anyone know why? -from pa

  72. I have been reduced from 40 hours to 10 weekly. This article indicated that I will get the extended benefit. Today the Governor said
    “To qualify for unemployment and this expanded benefit you can not choose to collect unemployment benefits if employment at your current place of work is available.
    My employer does have 10 hrs a week for me. Does this mean I won’t get the extended benefit?

    1. You can still get partial UI and $600 stimulus payment if your earnings are less than max WBA (less any partial employment offset). I recommend you definitely file a claim and see what you get.

  73. My college student lost her part time job due to the pandemic and is collecting unemployment. My question is, how do you justify the $600 extra a week if she didn’t take home that amount to begin with? And, is she exempt because she is a college student?

    1. Will college students who worked part time & are laid off get the $600.

      1. Yes if you work under 32 hours per week in MN, you get the $600 in addition to the regular unemployment. There is a stipulation if you are a student you may not receive any unemployment

  74. My question is the same as others still working. I work in a factory that ask employees if they wanted layoff or not. I stayed working because I was only there 4 weeks before the stay at home order. I do qualify for unemployment from past employer but thought I would get less if I took layoff. Then come to find out I would of gotten 3 times as much as I make now. Totally unfair…is the government going to issue us compensation checks for working? Also my employer is a small business and Will NOT file for anything from government so where does that leave me

  75. I have an overpayment with a payment plan with unemployment. I still have penalty weeks. Will i still be able to get the $600? Please help.

      1. I’ve been trying to get a definite answer on this for 2 weeks now on the 600 a week.If you find out anything let me know.

    1. I’ve been trying to get a definite answer on this for 2 weeks now. If you find out anything let me know.

  76. I paid my overpayment but have penelty weeks with PA unemployment.Will I get the extra $600 a week?

  77. Hi I’m from California I have a question I work part time 15 hrs a week will I qualified for the $600 Thank you

  78. CA EDD got my notice of unemployment insurance and it says my weekly benefit amount is $0 and my Max is $0 .I only made $320 on my last and highest quarter . And I exhausted my benefits last June . Will I still qualify for the $600 ???? They even sent me a debit card , I’m confused . Help!!!!

  79. My husband was reduced from 49 hours per week to 39 hours per week. His salary is dependent on the extra 10 hours per week at time and a half. So, in essence he is losing 15 hours (since it’s OT). so since salary is drastically reduced, will he qualify for unemployment is my question, even though he is close to 40 hours. If not, he is making less for going to work than his coworkers are for staying home. Any accurate info appreciated. Filed a claim 2 weeks ago, awaiting the results now. thank you.

  80. my hour went from 40 to 30 but i dont qualify for partial payment.
    will i still get the $600 ?

  81. I filed for UI in NYS on 3/25. I received a determination from the DOL stating that I have been denied UI due to my quarters, including the Alternate Base Quarter, being less than $2600. In the guidelines provided by the NYS DOL it says ” You can file for a PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) online”…but…”you cannot apply for PUA until you have been determined ineligible for UI benefits. You must apply for UI before you can apply for PUA.” That PUA estimate would be about $182 a week from now until 6/30. I haven’t been notified if my PUA application has been accepted or denied and have not received the additional $600 as of 4/13. Is this due to the backup of the system? Have I overlooked something? Will the PUA and the $600 be retroactive?

  82. i applied for unemployment insurance in march 2020, and received a letter stating i was monetarily ineligible. i started working my job 6/2019. You cant reach anyone to get answers so me and my family have no income. Will I receive the 600.00 unemployment stimulus payment. the system tells me to keep certifying for benefits.

  83. What about all the essential employees who still have to work 12 hour shifts in jobs the state relies on to keep running making less than 15/ hr? Will people living safely in the comfort of their homes now make more than us?

  84. I live in missouri.. Will child support take all of the extra $600 from unemployment??

    1. Only if you are in arrears by that amount. You will get the $600 and then any arrears or child support is taken from the total.

      1. so to clarify, even if you are currently making the weekly child support payment, the full 600$
        will be taken each week until all back support is paid in full?

        1. I found out first hand that child support will only garnish your weekly obligation (or what they normally garnish from your regular paycheck) from the regular unemployment and will not garnish the 600. This may vary per case but I do not believe so because many people including my self are receiving the full 600.

  85. I exhausted my regular benefits I’m from SC am I eligible for the 600 extended benefit

  86. I live in PA work part time but still get unemployement. Will I get the extra $600.00 a week?

  87. From Texas !! Heres a question i was self employed and had a par time job in march, however due to the virus i have no job now. i qualify for my regular benefits! Do i get 600 increase? how about my self employed ? do i get a increase along with my regular benefits? Also what if i decide to get a partime job now less than 24 hours will i still get my regular benefits plus the 600 increase? how will this apply

  88. I work a full time job that doesn’t meet my financial obligations. I was laid off from my two part-time jobs due to COVID-19. I’m not eligible for UI, so what are those of us that still work 40 hours supposed to do? I count on those other jobs to help pay the bills!!

  89. I work at taco bell In vinton i usually get around 37 38 hours a week. But since This virus I only been getting 20 or less hours a week. Would I be ed
    Eligible for partial unemployment or unemployment period.

    1. Yes. File a claim with your state UI agency to see what you can get. Even if you get $1 you get the bonus $600 payment.

  90. My hours have been drastically reduced and I had actually filed UI a few weeks ago at the first sign of reduced hours. My first request for payment was -0- due to the fact that I actually found some PRN work at another facility. Since then, these last 2 weeks my company states that no one is allowed to work outside of my facility (nursing home) which I get. When I request payment this Sunday, I am curious if I will be getting any payment again. I’m not sure how to find what Texas minimum pay is before UI will pay.

  91. I used to work part time I have been on unemployment since October and need an extension for unemployment benifits due to covid 19 there is no work available!!! Please help me get an an extention!! 4 13 weeks Thank you

  92. From California. My wife was instructed not to come to work as part time in one of her jobs which is Company A due to covid 19 crisis. She is still working full time in her other job Company B. Can she apply for unemployment under Company A? and is she entitled for $600 a week federal benefits.

  93. I have been reduced from full time salaried to hourly 10 hours a week. I am filing for unemployment. Will I still receive the $600 a week if I am partially employed?

  94. If my hours are reduced but my UI payment would be less than I currently earn I would not receive a check for that week. Would I still be eligible for the extra $600 payment?

    1. No. You need to get at least $1 in UI payments to get check based on what interpret from DOL guidelines

      1. That really sucks for the people trying to do the right thing. I might as well quit my job.

        My hours were reduced. My state limit per week is $247. With to hours I work, my gross weekly is $300. So, UI doesn’t pay me anything. Now you say I won’t even get the $600. Why should I keep working when someone that made minimum wage now going to make more that I do? Please answer that!

        1. Hours went from 40 to 24 my gross is around 350.00 before taxes and insurance is pulled out of my check. Unemployment says if you make 275.00 dollars a week even if your hours are cut you still will be denied unemployment and the added 600.00. How am I expected to live on $150.00 to $200.00 dollars a week and everyone else is getting 875.00 weekly. Not to mention the people still working still has the expense of gasoline to get to and from there jobs. Sad situation especially when you are in the healthcare field risking yourself to help others …

        2. Exactly! It’s not fair at all, I went from working 40 hours to now working 24-25, according to this I don’t qualify for Unemployment or the $600 because I’m working too many hours!! I’m better off sitting at home instead of working in a dental office that’s only open for emergencies because it’s essential!!

        3. I’m in the same spot! Hours are cut from working sometimes 60+ hours a week this time of year to now 30 or less and because I hit the $500 max there are no benefits which means I am losing 10 hrs regular pay plus my 20ish hours of overtime. I believe if you file a claim and it is under 40 hours right now they should be giving the $600. I am definitely better off right now not working!

    1. They should not take all of it as long as you have a payment agreement in place to pay, they should only take the weekly agreement amount

  95. Thank you for your reply. Florida unemployment offices are closed so he cannot go and apply in person. And phone lines are constantly busy or have lengthy hold periods. Governor news briefing on Monday states hevis adding more servers and personnel to handle the online claims. I will tell him not to give up, keep trying until he can get a claim through this muddled system.

  96. My daughter’s fiancée works as a Maintenance Supervisor for a popular corporate hotel chain. He was put on reduced pay a couple of weeks ago, a 30% pay cut. Then on Friday, April 3, 2020, he was told he was being laid off. So I told him he would be eligible for unemployment. Then on Monday, April 6, 2020, he told me the supervisor told him they would not lay him off but that his hours would be cut even further, as well as his hourly pay. He was told they would need him two hours a day, three to four days a week @ minimum wage. I told him he would still qualify for unemployment under the COVID-19 rules. Am I correct? He hasn’t tried to apply yet because he’s not sure if the corporate hotel chain will “approve” of it? Doesn’t he have the right to apply for unemployment without worrying about repercussions?

    1. Under new COVID-19 laws he is definitely eligible for UI and it is illegal for his employers to deny him this right. He should file and if his current wages are below UI payment he will get payment and he would also be eligible for the $600 payment. Tell him to go to his state UI agency and file.

    2. It does not matter what his company wants or doesn’t want. It’s about his rights as a worker. He should definitely file, and he should recieve benefits.

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