Received My First $300 FPUC Extra Unemployment Stimulus Boost Payment But No Second Payment – Why Did it Stop and When Will I Get Back Payments?


This article was last updated on February 3

While most states have now updated their unemployment filing systems to accept new claims or reactivate existing PUA and PEUC claims to support the pandemic unemployment assistance programs rolled out under the CARES act and extended in 2021 under the CAA COVID Relief Bill, there are still many, many issues with making UI benefit payments. One common issue I am seeing across several of my articles on this topic and from the many comments below is where eligible claimants received their first $300 FPUC UIC payment but then don’t see a second or third payment in subsequent weeks whether they’re paid on a weekly or fortnightly payment basis. Comments I have received from people in New York, Florida and California confirm this. I have posted possible reasons (and solutions) for this based on what is being published on certain state unemployment and government websites. You can also see this recent video on on the $300 payment issues.

I’m in NYC ….I received $300 last Friday as a first payment … it weekly pay or biweekly because I didn’t receive nothing this week. (Khal)

I’m also in NYC and received my initial PUA payment. I’ve not received a payment yet for this week. Been trying to contact someone to get an answer but without success. It’s a bit frustrating. (Paul)

I live in New Jersey and i am on unemployment since last year. However I never received $300. I am getting upset now. New month new bills !!!!! (Julie)

I am living in PA and I am receiving UC because I was laid off. In addition to my biweekly UC deposit, I have gotten one $300 payment which I received on Jan 3rd. I still have not received the $300 payment for any of the other weeks this month that I was unemployed. I can not find any information after googling it and I do not know who to contact if I could even get through. Does anyone have any information that could help me? (Dani)

FPUC roll-out by state

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So why could the above scenarios be happening?

Remember the $300 p/week FPUC payment is for individuals receiving regular unemployment benefits, PUA, PEUC, or extended benefits. So while you may qualify for the FPUC in a given week, but if your job or eligibility changes you won’t get the extra payment for the following weeks. That is why you must certify every week to ensure you get your regular UI payment, along with the additional $300 payment till March 10th, 2021 (The original $600 FPUC payment ended back in July 2020, but his article does contain some lessons learned from that payment).

Slow Processing. A common and likely reason is simply that state UI agencies/departments are under so much pressure with the flood of new claims, while tying to update their systems to handle the new provisions, that they cannot process the FPUC payments first enough. This is especially the case for newly eligible freelance and gig economy workers. As the Ohio Dept of Job and Family services said, “We are behind schedule in payment distribution. Each claim is important to us, and we understand the urgency of providing you with the resources you need to support your family. “

Fraud and additional identity validation. The is now a big reason that unemployment claims and especially payments are being delayed. If your state UI agency suspects a fraudulent application or weekly certification then your entire unemployment (standard and enhanced benefits) will be held up while this is investigated. Because of the volume of claims and surrounding issues, it could take several days or weeks for already short staffed unemployment agencies and departments to process your claim and get your payments out. Trying to contact them around this may also be hard given the fact your claim or payment has likely been flagged as fraudulent so an agent will be careful what they can say. The only option in this situation is to check your account regularly and wait for the agency to contact you. If your claims were legit you will get a lump sum payment for backdated claims.

Unemployment system glitches. Because the roll-out of these programs was so swift, there wasn’t sufficient testing done by many state UI agencies. Hence the ongoing glitches where payments were made for the first week – which should have included retroactive payments – but not made for subsequent weeks. A few comments on related posts also had some readers surprised at receiving a payment when they thought they were not eligible. Sounds like another glitch.

PUA exceptions. Kimberly from Buffalo, NY said she got a mystery $300 payment for one week without getting any of her other benefits, but didn’t get that $300 again in subsequent weeks. When she called her local news station to help chase this up after getting no response from the NYC Department of Labor. They finally responded and said the initial payment was for a limited group of people who applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) stuck in the PUA application process before the state streamlined going forward. People like Kim should be receiving regular UI and the $300 payments going forward.

PEUC and Expanded State Benefit program changes. Many claimants may have received their initial $300 payment while claiming regular state unemployment. But if their claim balance reached $0 (i.e expired) they may only be eligible for extended benefits under the PEUC or Expanded state benefit programs. However in many states they will have to reapply or re-certify for these new programs, for which they should have been contacted by their state UI agency. If they don’t follow the instructions received (make sure you check your mail and online junk mail for any missed instructions) then the $300 payment will also stop.

Debit Card Issues. Most states allow eligible claimants to receive unemployment benefit payments either by debit card or direct deposit. Direct deposit is the fastest payment option, but lots of people who may not have ready access to an active bank account or for other financial reasons prefer to receive their unemployment benefits via a state UI agency provided debit card. However several people are finding that getting paid via debit card can cause delays due to receipt of the card, fraudulent use or expired cards. This article provides more on this, including what to do.

What to do now?

For those who have gone more than two weeks since receiving their original FPUC payment, the first step is to confirm your job/eligibility situation has not changed (i.e. continue certifying) and to contact your local state unemployment agency (see links by state here). But it is hard to get through to someone so you will need A LOT of patience. Also ensure you check your online unemployment account, email and junk mail to ensure you have not missed any communication from your state UI agency.

Ultimately, state agencies should retroactively catch-up on payments and you will be made whole, but that won’t help those already behind on bills and need the money just to make ends meet. I’ll post some more solutions as I find them, but please share your story below and hopefully the community of readers on this site can answer your question or make you realize your are not alone.

400 thoughts on “Received My First $300 FPUC Extra Unemployment Stimulus Boost Payment But No Second Payment – Why Did it Stop and When Will I Get Back Payments?

  1. I have been receiving the additional 300 for 3 weeks now this week it is not showing it is showing $0 in that section and then showing my regular payment I don’t understand what is going on I’m about to be homeless

  2. I filed back on april 14 2020 when I lost my job due to covid 19 down here in florida. They had issue after issue and I finally started receiving payments in nov. But they never gave me the 600 payments from march to july or the 400 in aug. I was owed around 20 grand or more in back pay. While they did send out a good amount it was nowhere near what I was owed and then dec came and they said your claim expired till they extended but I lost that 3000 they wont pay me which should have been sent in a lump sum back payment. So I understand ppls frustrations I totally got ripped off.

  3. So I applied for unemployment in may i received my benefits for the month of june . i then receive a letter to contact such person at a given number n to do so by a certain date n time. So i tried n tried n still trying to get thru but successfully unable to do so . So since I SUPPOSLY failed to contact her by the given date my claim was then changed to ineligible for payment.. My fustration is why would they request that we contact them when they personally know they are unreachable . why cant they contact us leave a voice mail if we missed the call or provide an email for us to reach them n if they need documents y would they not say so in the letter . instead here i am going on 3 months w no cash n a toddler to care for . i am able to wrk however the places that contact me are only offering PT wrk which i dont mind but they are 30 plus miles away so should i try n accept the job n only have money for gas to get to n from wrk.. I honestly dont know what elde to do. I am completely out of cash now had to spend wat i had saved up on school supplies n what i think the most important bills ..abt to loose car, phone , internet, .. What other way can i get thru to this agent so that they can re eligible my claim. So unfair when they know we cant get thru.. Selfish of them i say. Help.

    1. 833-352-7759 or 1800-204-2418
      Have to keep at it unfortunately.. I wish u all the best and god bless.. My prayers go out to you and your family.

  4. Louisiana,I got two payments of the $600.00 then stopped due to it been July_30.So I want to know when will get my back pay benefits.I LOST MY JOB BACK IN MARCH.Still waiting!NOT GIVING UP.NEED ANSWERS.

    1. It ended on July 30th. So whatever you got that’s it. You will only get you unemployment if you still have weeks left

      1. i never got my $600 for the weeks i was eligible since end of april. do I not get it because they stopped at july 25? i never even got mine from end of april to middle of june. i got my regular UC lump on tuesday but that’s only regular unemployment. Am i not getting the 4.2k in back payment from the federal?

      2. That is not correct If you are filed before 7/25 they owe you from 4/4 through 7/31 thirteen weeks of back pay at $600.00 the program ends for new people signing up on 7/31 there are a ton of people that tried to get filed but the system would not file them. I signed up 6/5 I did not get filed until I called every politician in New Jersey. Finally I was filed 7/19. I was told I would be paid back pay from 4/4 it seems they want people to think it ended for everyone not true. You can get back pay PUA and Back pay FPUC thirteen weeks. It is not your fault there system is slow. I received one payment of $600.00 I will pester them for the next twelve they owe me it is a shame nothing happens unless you make your self a pain in the ass.

        1. hi im still waiting an self employed I uploaded my tax and all not asked to how long in pa do we have to wait its xmas I have kids got sick with covid due to becoming the soul bread winner I also wait on the phone for hours an hours any advice?

        2. Hi Jay
          I have exact same issue and have gotten no where. If u get results love to know.
          Wish you the best n hope u get the retro. Stay safe. Jacque

      3. That is not true you have to keep calling to get your backdated claim money if you were out of work during the time frame from January-July even currently but the 600 week only payable March-July 31,2020. But even if you couldn’t apply for unemployment or were not approved by end of July. As long as you lost your job in the time frame due to covid19 you will be paid retroactively but must call and be persistent to your state unemployment Agency some states automatically paid people from their actual last date of work unlike New Jersey pays from date filed then you have to fight for it but according to federal guidelines you are entitled to it.

    2. It’s too late with all due respect
      it’s called a time frame – window of opportunity you have to apply & once it’s expired you will not take wages away from those that applied on time. I waited on my cell phone for 14 hours 5 days straight..

  5. Hi Claire from Miami, I filed the beginning of April, have only received four payments of $212 and three payments of $530 ($600) less tax biweekly, I like so many others thought I was going to get a federal check every week ? If they’ve stop the federal check then I should get back payments…..right ?
    The DEO is so messed up and it’s frustrating that you can’t get through to anyone to help with questions.

    1. Good afternoon Claire,

      The only way to get your payments is be persistent and ask for supervisor and or claims specialist.. I had an issue that lasted since March and i called everyday not accepting any or no answer as these times aren’t to be taken lightly might take many hours of your day but atleast you will get results for your persistence.

      God bless u and wish u the best!!

    2. The system is so messed up I applied April 6th everything went well for 4 weeks and they keep changing the system and haven’t seen a Penney since May

  6. Florida here, we were denied after being put at zero hours but still employed working for a catering company. Denied since March 11th. Finally got approved a week and a half ago having 3 kids to house and feed got regular payment and $600. This week they put us on hold for 3 days, then only gave us the initial $175. Figures, Florida has handled this all so super duper well as the whole world knows.

  7. I’m in Georgia. What’s is going on with the week of 7/11. I have been receiving the extra $600 up until this week. Does anyone know why it just stoped. I have been claiming and certify each week the same way since March. I see the deposit of regular Pua payments but not the $600

    1. I have not received unemployment in 5 weeks! Was told by a rep to keep filing and it will catch up? I am at poverty at this point. I am in VA!

  8. I live in PA, I have been receiving my regular unemployment every 2 weeks and 600 a week since the end of March. This week I only got my regular unemployment. Has anyone else just had the 600 stop? I had no warning. Does the 600 ever show back up? I see posts for other states but none for PA.

    1. See the following page specific to PA UI issues, but did your regular state UI claim expire (zero balance)? You may have to re-apply for regular benefits under PUA, PEUC or Expanded benefits (depends on your work history). PA unemployment office should have contacted you via mail or email for this adjustment. Otherwise you need to keep trying to contact them –

  9. Hey so i recieved my first payment for the week ending may 30. But every week after that I havent recieved anything. This sunday will make week 4. (I have recertified weekly ever since them). When i check the status, it just says my request for payment has been recieved. What should I do? I am in the state of Georgia and no one in the unemployment offices have been answering the phone. I have left numerous messages. Smh. I dont know what to do anymore.

  10. GA here my $600 stopped yesterday cold turkey. All my autopay options are going crazy currently.

  11. Nothing since May 19th. Finally rcvd State FL payment Wed 6/10 but not the $600 Boost.

    I can “almost” accept that everything is so messed up and how the whole system was incapable of handling thousands of applicants hitting their system at once which was probably still running off of Windows 95. (LOL)
    What I CAN NOT accept is no communication. We are having to figure it all out all we go along like this? I mean, this is the State that has the audacity to remain silent or when forced to reply it’s sugar coated with canned responses.

    My final thought is…. “We can put a man on the moon”, so why can’t they just mail me my check?! It shouldn’t be that difficult for the professionals and computer programmers to do who were paid millions to fix it!
    It’s just criminal and the State of Florida should be held accountable.

    not that difficult in this electronic world we live in.

    1. Please Help Everyone!!
      I’m in Norfolk Virginia, I filed unemployment 06/01/20 I was processed and recieved my monetary determination with 17 weeks at 165 and the additional 600. i Filed my first weekly claim online and i filed my second claim this past Tuesday and I’m signed up for direct deposit I’ve recieved the way to go card in the mail as well , I HAVENT RECIEVED ANY MONEY this.far ether on my way 2 go card or on my direct deposit I’m so frustrated and dependi mg on these funds. I’ve called over 80 times and the line continues to say there open additionally on Saturday but you cannot get threw to a person no matter what. unless you file a new claim and the lady will not give out any information but to file a claim only so you cany get any verification or help and I’m so upset I dont know what to do at this point but to keep filing every week and praying, IF ANYONE CAN PLEASE HELP THE DATE IS 06/19/20 16 DAYS since and 3 days since 2nd week claimed.and nothing. thanks so much everyone !

    2. I’m in the situation and I’m extremely frustrated, worried, and anxiety ridden. I received three checks and as of one month ago they have stopped and my attempts to communicate with anyone at the department are all unsuccessful. This is how I feel about holding them accountable- We can by our vote. I personally have done my research and feel as though our governor when asked about the plethora of issues has consistently ushered the blame on user error (plain insulting), he has blamed the website creators, and he has blamed an understaffed department which from only some 30 employees to Over 200. Which might be true only the hirees aren’t there to help people with claims they are there to call people with job referrals and if you can’t accept due to transportation they stop your benefits.. the state has a history of trying to deter and decline the outflow of benefits but I am still unsure as to WHY???? what corruption is this dam state up to and for gods sake if it means we Floridians need to pay state income tax to stop this nonsense then let’s get it on the ballot!!!! The last point is just an idea seems like the state is really short financially since it’s pilfering from its citizens federally granted Pandemic unemployment assistance.!!!!

      1. It’s insane Josh alot of us in the same sinking boat… I have tried calling or emailing the governor, news stations, the DEO and just running into walls. I think this was the plan all along… Let’s give a few payments and stop everything. Covid-19 cases going up so instead of paying people let’s send them out there so they can possibly die… Great job Florida wtg!! July 1st no payment and out of a place to live and I already lost my car insurance so what the hell could be next smdh

        1. I feel your frustration Tyler as do I! I am in Newport News and I received my first payment and back pay within a few days of filing then 2 on time payments there after. Did not receive last week payment for June 20 to be deposited on June 23. Just filed my weekly claim for this week being for June 27. A simple email would be comforting for those of us not receiving! When I put in my SS# & pin it just states “No information for my account available!!” Perhaps they should HIRE & EMPLOY more people to handle this situation!
          Hopefully you have received your benefits or info since your post. Keep me posted as I will you with any updates.
          Cheers! (to being in the same boat!)

    3. Wow. Exactly! Haven’t received a check since may as well. I think they were trying to gain interest off our money before sending it out. Florida is terrible with unemployment and the worst at being prompt! But you better not owe anything that system works perfectly fine!

    4. I live in Florida too. I have been unemployed since March 11th. I finally received my first state check on June 16th. Never received any Federal. Now Florida unemployment says I have exhausted my benefits. The Federal stops in just a couple weeks. So will I get 14 weeks back pay? I am not holding my breath. Feeling the pain.

  12. Got it, fellas as many of you all i found in this page a lot of info and a light at the end, just give it time , BE PATIENT, they’re giving it all, perhaps the system issues, just repently happened

    1. I tell you this site has helped us all get thru this mess “People helping People”

      1. Thanks all. I have updated the article to reflect this but you need to monitor which program you are able to qualify for extended regular state unemployment benefits – PUA, PEUC and EB – to ensure you keep getting the $600 payment (till the end of July, unless extended). These new programs require additional certification steps and if you fail to do so, you may stop getting your $600 payments.

        Other than Fraud related reasons, this seems to be the most common reason for a stoppage in UI benefits (Regular and enhanced)

        1. I’m confused on it all I live in sc I get the extra 600 I haven’t exhausted but will I continue to receive the extra 600

  13. I have a update since I posted on here about two weeks ago. From NYC this past Saturday 6/12 I finally received a reply to my email about missing payments that I sent 2 1/2 weeks ago from the DOL website! They said that they would release my payments and it should be there soon. So I certified for my claim yesterday as usual and today I see a update on the payment history.All of the weeks that were missing showed up and it’s the $182 plus $600. It says the money was released today 6/15. So my money should be there tomorrow. Hope this helps for all the NYC people!

    1. Hi,

      Did you get an email confirmation of the additional 600 being direct deposited into your account like you do for weekly benefits? If so how long after certifying weekly benefits and receiving weekly benefits do you receive the additional 600?

      Thank you,


  14. Has anyone in Florida received anything yet as of this weekend ? It’ll almost be four weeks soon ! I still haven’t received mine since 5/19.

    1. Hey Sunday June 14th

      Nothing here and it’s been same for me almost 4 weeks.

    2. I was finally caught up on everything Friday. Received retro pay back from March 29th to make it current. Received some $600 payments but they still owe me some more.

      1. Jeff, this is Mike from NJ. I did not file until 5/17, stupid on may part since I’ve been unemployed since 3/12. My question is on the $600. Do you know if I’m entitled to retro back pay to 3/29 when NJ got the OK for Pandemic Funding? I’m not getting answers from anyone yet. Thanks & stay safe.

        1. Yes. But you will need to claim and certify for all the weeks you missed. If you get $1 of state UI you can get retro pay for the $600 payment

        2. Yes you are entitled I filled my friend unemployment claim on april 27 2020 and he did got his money back pay from march 22nd as the present and his still claiming his weekly benefics and and receive it every weeks in his checking account. But beside he was wating and wating after he was approved and getting his weekly benefics we still not getting back pay then I did an account with focusing and they sent me an email with the Introduction I open the email they asking mi for his social they ask me I think I’m elegible for weeks the list me I respond yes sign it next 2 days after money was deposited in his account.

    3. I’m in FL, mines also stopped on 5/19 like most people. Received my direct deposit of $1080 this Saturday morning (6/13)

        1. I used to get it every week on Tuesday or Wednesday and it was for $600 and then after 5/19 I was only getting the state. Also this week I received my state on 6/12 and the next day I received $1080

        2. So what’s the new thing wait to file weeks and then your paid next day? I’m so lost with all this Im going on 4 weeks nothing… It’s 6/15 and nothing since 5/19

        3. Do whatever you have been doing file for your week on time because if you don’t for sure you will get nothing. What we got this past end of the week/weekend was for the two past weeks they actually owe us from the last 3 weeks. Who knows if we will ever see that. If you report that we are missing week to you news station maybe they will get on their butts. They own many of us money!

        4. I have reached out to the local news stations here seems as if they are contacting DEO but not seeing any payment… Hope for the best and thank you for the input.

      1. I’m in Florida
        What exactly is the $1080 for or from?

        I started receiving my $247 unemployment and the $600 than all of a sudden nothing for a few weeks now I’m able to claim weeks again but I’m not getting the $600 I’m only getting the $1080 and what the heck is that? Cause $600×2 doesn’t equal $1080

        1. They are now automatically deducting 10% tax. See the other comments and FL specific UI page (via menu on home page)

        2. It’s 2 payments of $540 each. They are automatically deducting 10% for taxes- $60 for each payment. We are getting paid 2 weeks at a time

        3. They started taking taxes out in the last month or so. 10% of $600 = $540. Even if you did not request taxes be taken out of your regular UC they apparently are doing it anyway.

        4. It’s the right amount after taxes are taken out

    4. Yes it’s been the same for me. On the 19th makes 1month of me not receiving payment since may 19th. I hope I get lucky tomorrow..just to insure that my 6kids have a place to live.

      1. Question for you when your in connect on your weekly benefits does it say disqualified? Anybody??

        1. The only comments I have seen is Eligible, Active or Pending! My prayers are with you try and reach out to you house of worship maybe they have someone who could help

      2. hi i live in florida and i was recieving 600.00 for 5 weeks and then it sopped i havent recieved anymore of the 600.00 for 4 weeks and then on June 15th i recieved 600.00 and then nothing again since and i would always recieved it direct depoist on Tuesdays.. are we supposably getting back payments???

    5. Florida here. I received 2 $600 checks in May but nothing ever since (almost 4 weeks now).

      1. Known system issues causing this and you need to ensure you recertify regularly. See the FL resource page (from menu on top of site page)

      2. Florida here too. been unenjoyed since March. Never received any $600. Only two state checks. They are hoping people go back to work so they don’t have to pay that kind of cash out. And the $600 stops at end of July. If they back pay then they owe me $8400. Do you think they will pay that? Well, I’m not holding my breath. Best wishes.

  15. Florida here I’m having the same issues. Unemployment and the PUI money stopped in May and june 2nd i received 600 but no unemployment yet. I claimed it on time. I’m just freaking out my bills are due Now!! My Landlord just increased my Rent. I need a Therapist after all this extremely stressful. My job may not call me back. My Son unemployment is in Pending Status since March 22. No income at all. This is so F@$#ed up!!

  16. Question? Has anyone received the 600.00 payment as of today June 9, 2020? I was receiving this every Tuesday for the last four Tuesdays, but on 5/26/20 there has not been any payment since then. Also, I have not received any of my regular $275.00 payments since filing from March 20,2020. My claim shows Eligible and Active in Connect and I am current on claiming my weeks not due to claim weeks again till tomorrow but still not received any 275.00 have called and called even the Governor’s office and was told they would submit a form for me. But as of this morning, in Connect, there is no movement in my claim. I am getting very nervous as my landlord did not renew my lease and I have to be out in four weeks with no money to move or to find somewhere else to live. Help!

    1. Yes I am goi through the same thing. I have to pay my car bill and I need to find a place because I am 2 months behind in rent. I stop receiving my payment on 5/19 this was my last payment after receiving it for the previous 4 weeks this is really bad for my family. I have 6 kids and I am so afraid at this point.

      1. Omg I’m so sorry to hear this and at the same time so pissed that we have to go through this because of a faulty system that is not up to date… I myself have been waiting since 5/19 and nothing seems as if that was the cut off from what I’m seeing on here and also ppl are saying check your mail box as well sending direct deposits and mailing checks as well. I pray for all of us and especially ones like yourself with kids I cant imagine. Bless you and us all.

      2. Any luck today? I filed my weeks again yesterday and again nothing..

        1. I am in tears right now, they just towed my car Reprocessed it should I Say. This is so annoying I don’t know what to do at this point I have my six kids to worry about and I’ll top of that rent was due on the first and I am behind 18 days Lord please help us

        2. I am sorry to hear that Marcie. Please contact your landlord who should give you foreberance. Then local charities may be able to help you as well.

        3. I’m so sorry this is just beyond belief right now I’m praying for all of us.

        4. Just checking on you were you able to get any assistance?

        5. Hello that was very kind of you to check in. But no I have not gotten anything yet. I think Florida is just a messed up state. Nothing has changed I am so worried

        6. Still waiting myself and my car insurance is cancelled and my rent is past due

    2. My last payment was May 19, 2020, I was receiving it every Tuesday since I filed April 6, 2020 and it has stopped. Tried calling UI but no answer filed for my two weeks today and it shows Active and Eligible can’t get any answers. I have sent two letters to the Governor’s office and no reply. How do they expect for us to pay our bills. I can’t go back to work until the CDC allows. I only receive $157 a week. We need HELP many of the people have not received their $600 payment!

    3. Hello all, from Florida here, Im in the same boat got paid no worries for 4 weeks then nothing since 5/19. I spoke to someone earlier today 6/9 at DEO and they told me that they are updating the computer systems and there have been delays. DUH lol anyway she said to please try and be patient and they will get back on track and all back money will be caught up. Well I was born in Missouri so they will have to “SHOW ME” so hopefully all will come through. Good luck

      1. Thank you for the update maybe some light at the end of the tunnel but like you say… show us we all are waiting to see outcome.

      2. My last check was received May 19th direct deposit for $600. From what I have heard is that we will be receiving a double payment for $1080 they will be taking the tax out. They have excuses like the upgraded system they are now using caused the problem to they ran out of money. I am tired of the excuses and the mess-ups we need to pay our bills. I also heard New York, California and Florida is having the same issue??????? Let hope we get the$$$$ soon.

        1. The worst part is not telling people what is going on and we have to find posts ourselves to find out what is going on… Just goes to show when it comes to taking care of the people absolutely no rush whatsoever… I don’t know what to believe anymore just a wait and see situation I guess we shall see.

        2. Did you receive anything yet ?! It’s been since the 19th for me too! I’m so confused and getting desperate!

      3. Omg I hope so. I read somewhere that they said for Florida the $600 extra payments are gonna start being every 2 weeks total of 1200 but taxes be taken out.
        I can’t find where I read that. But it sucks cause so many government people lie to us just to shut us up. This is ridiculous this whole unemployment website thing should of already been fixed. Florida is collecting big interest on this Federal money. I never received the back money for the extra 600 they said we would get at end of March on.
        I can’t get anyone to answer my calls or return emails nothing!

    4. Okay everyone I read this on a news post that unemployment is checking there system for fraud and fraudulent claims. So if your information come back accurate then there sending your payments out. Sit tight it’s coming guys, I got mines finally this Monday on the 8th.

    5. I did my UI claim and PUA claim on the 2nd of June. I have just now got my first payment of $600 today plus a $149 payment, but haven’t gotten the other 8 claimed payments. It says on my Chime that I have received a regular UI payment, so this wasn’t the PUA but I know that im not elligible for regular UI. I was told i was supposed
      to get a lump sum of $6,500. I ,today got 2 payments direct deposited to my Chime . 1 payment of $149. I guess that is weekly pay? And payment #2 $600. I guess thats the PUA? Idk and am completly confused on all of this

      1. OK, I have noticed on our claim page where it says type of claim we were getting paid UI whatever that stands for I assuming thats regular unemployment. I notice on my claim it is labeled UC (my thoughts Unemployment Covid) this is where the whole situation may have gotten screwed up. People who where unemployed for other reasons got the $600 and where not entitled to it. Hopefully they will retro our $600 that we are entitled to. The bottom line is we need the money to pay our bills (my last $600 was 5/19) I will repost as soon as I get a payment!

        1. Same here ! I’m seriously going crazy wondering where this $ is . I was so discouraged when Tuesday morning came and nothing ! Please let us know ASAP if you find out anything else !

    6. I have not rcvd. Check either for unemployment since Memorial Day. Bit today in connect it shows I’m getting paid again onto my Waytogo card? The 600 check should come,Africa’s or sat following me getting paid so I’m hoping for the 600. Plus Retro pay in tomorrow or Saturday’s mail! Fingers crossed!

    7. June 17 as of today nothing since May 19th anybody receiving payment since the five days they said they would have us paid?

  17. Jeff from Florida. I have only received 2 payments of $226 since March 29th and now a payment of $226 today. Thats it since March 29th. No retroactive pay no $600 federal payments. I dont get it, cant get anyone on the phone, no response to emails, no response from anybody I have sent questions to. I guess this is all I get, wonder if I will ever even see any payment of $600 ever. Very discouraging and just feel like its pointless and wasting my time.

    1. Check out this page and comments for items specific to Florida UI – – Maybe some tips for you there that helps. But it is no secret that Florida is having massive issues and delays with making payments given their antiquated systems and decision over the last few years by various governments to not invest in UI. That’s why Florida has one of the worst unemployment benefit programs and payments.

    2. Jeffrey,
      FL here, I was let go the day prior to the lockdown ending. I filed 4/28. Just got a check in the mail for 169. No 600 in site. I did get thru on the phone and UI told me they cannot see claim specific info. I filed in fluid as DEO advised me to, that app has me as pending since 5.1.20 hang in there!

  18. Live in NJ. In mid May ran out of regular Unemployment benefits and moved on to extended benefits. Two things went wrong. One is the additional $600 stopped and the other is my WBR got changed to a lower benefit rate.

  19. I’m in NJ. Besides having a miserable time getting my UI Claim sorted out, I received the $600 for like 4 weeks in a row. Then missed a week and they gave me 2 weeks the following week to catch up. I’m now going on 2 straight weeks with nothing. I’ve been certifying benefits each week as normal. Anyone else having this issue and what the heck is the explanation?

    1. Hey whats up Joe! Nice Name :)

      Same exact thing happened to me. 4 weeks then today I look – I just have my normal deposit but no 600.00

      1. Hi Joe and Zee. I was wondering what happened to the $600 also so searched online for answers. I found a possible answer buried in one article. Apparently payments are processed on Fridays and then take two business days to appear in acct. Hopefully that is cause of our missing money. For those that haven’t received their money, could you have accidentally thrown away the debit card unemployment sent. It came in a plain envelope. I almost threw it out myself. If you never supplied them with your banking info, you will get paid in a separate acct and sent debit card (maybe try “lost my card” to get new one sent? I hope and pray that everyone is able to resolve their issues as soon as possible.

    2. Happened to me this week in NJ. I didn’t get the $600 this week and hoping I will get double next week. I’m wondering if there’s a delay. I saw there was a delay for some people at the beginning of June.

      1. What email did you send it to? I’ve sent emails and get the typical automated response.

    3. I filed at the end of April and just received back payments last week under PUA, but nothing about the $600. I just certified this week, the second one for me, so we’ll see what happens. It does say that the $600 will be 1 week behind because I certified on the weekend. My actual unemployment starts in March so I should get a huge back payment.
      Though I had a payroll job while doing Lyft in 2019, the payroll job ended in June of 19 so I did not get regular unemployment, but qualified under the PAU as an Independent Contractor/Self Employed. NJ says I still will get the $600, but guess we’ll see.

  20. It’s going on three weeks and still no 600. I’m in Florida and I just need answers. Please anybody know what’s going on with the payments for us. I see a lot of people saying the same thing.then people saying bi weekly. I just need these payments back on track before July 31!!

    1. Yes. Same here about 3 weeks and no 600 dollar payment. I certified my weeks and got the state UC but no federal.

      1. Hello Sheila, yes I receive uc but no 600 but mines usually come through the mail. I didn’t check it yet but I hope it’s in the mailbox today the 8th of June.

      2. Hey guys just want to inform you y’all that I got my payments from the weeks they were behind. It came in the mail today, so give it time it’s coming and like others were saying it’s every two weeks now. Hope this easy your anxiety and frustration.

        1. I am Glad you got yours . Thanks for the update . I Will hang on to hope (

        2. You’re welcome just give it two more days

        3. I’m in FL. This week would be 3 weeks no $600 payment. Got a $540 deposit this morning 6/9. I guess they’re taking taxes out now? Where are the other 2 weeks at? This is frustrating…..maybe they mailed them?

        4. Hey Alan idk how it work if you have d Direct deposit. But if it’s mailed then it could be Friday.

    2. Seems like 5/19 is the magic date that all the $600 payments stopped. I am in the same boat as all the other FL unemployed. Received weekly $600 payments 4X until 5/19. Have been receiving regular UE payments and filing as usual. Today is 6/9 and I have direct deposit but no $600 yet. Been getting my UE regularly in my bank account but last week for some reason I received a $247 paper check in the mail. I think that was for my waiting week. Anyway I will now have to check my mailbox regularly as well so as not to throw out a check I was not expecting. Only in Florida.

      1. A neighbor of mine was getting direct deposit and he go a 1 week UI check in the mail on Saturday. What are they doing. This is such a mess and frustration for us with no income.

      2. Tom B- Same exact situation as you. Also received the paper check last week and have been waiting on the $600 for three straight weeks. Uggh

        1. We’re all in the same boat it seems. Last 600$ was 5/19 I have been getting the unemployment but no 600$. I have written to the news channels, they are not getting any answers either!

      3. Florida here – Ive still been getting both my state and federal deposits regularly but it does seem they’re both now bi-weekly… and the days keep changing… I originally was receiving my Florida deposits on Wednesdays, and Federal on Tuesdays. But this week I still got my Florida on Weds, and thought I wouldn’t get my federal this week, but it was indeed deposited today (Thursday). I still think I’m missing some weeks from the beginning, but for now I’m just grateful to be getting anything. Hope everyone is safe, and is able to hang in there!

      4. im in florida to and everything you said to the T is happening to me my last 600 check was friday the 22

        1. I saw on News4Jax wensday that the DEO said there was a glitch in system an that everyone should get their 600$ boost money with in 5 business days.
          Before that I read that payments were gonna be every 2 weeks now. I don’t know what’s exactly going on but I got my last boost check in May but finally thank God got a check in mail today for 1080.00 that be 2 week payment I’m assuming if it’s for every 2 weeks. I still haven’t got retroactive back pay for boost I’m owed for whole month of April.
          I got a number for Governors office an called an left message cause I could never reach a person to find out what’s going on.
          It’s just frustrating that one person in office says one thing someone else says something different ya don’t know who to believe. I don’t understand how they haven’t gotten this fixed yet. We all are struggling to make it day to day it’s screwed up.

        2. Finally got some answers today, I wrote to the WPTV to see if they could get some answers: The good thing I finally got a deposit into my account. There is/was technical difficulty reading account #’s which cause some sort of crash supposedly they have it rectified and we should start seeing our money less the tax.

  21. Hi, I’m from Fl. I’m self employed, so applied for PUA. I’m getting the PUA state regularly, plus I got retroactive from the state too. I did get two payments of the $600 federal, and then nothing more until 2 weeks later, at which point I got $1080. Since then I’ve gotten nothing but continue to be eligible. $1080 is a weird number, not like it’s 2x or 3x , at which point I’d figure it to be retroactive. There’s no one to call, there’s nothing on my Connect page regarding anything about the federal $600 weekly. Kinda hard to make a financial plan when you don’t know when the next dollar is coming in

    1. That number means 10% tax is being withheld/deducted. $1200 (600x2weeks) less $120 in taxes = 1080. Unless you tell your state to change that amount will be withheld. Sounds like you are getting paid biweekly

      1. Yes, I
        After I commented, I saw that now we are getting biweekly instead of weekly! Did the math and realized there’s withholding , whereas the first 2 payments had none! Thanks for the confirmation!

    2. I finally received the $1080 – 2 weeks of federal. Why did they suddenly start taking taxes out? Is there anyway of changing that?

      1. Which state? You can adjust your tax withholding via your state UI agency (search their website)

        1. Florida. I chose for taxes to be taken out from the start and from the state level that happened right away. However, for the federal money, I wasn’t being taxed for the first weeks that I received it. And then this past time the decided to take out taxes. It’s fine, just confusing.

      2. What state are you in? And how long did u wait to receive fed payment?

        1. I’m in Florida. The federal money started coming about a week after I started getting the state. However, May 19 was the last time I received the $600. I finally did get it yesterday, and it was 2 weeks worth, after taxes

        2. What day were u normally receiving it on Mondays? Before the holiday

        3. Yes, I did. I posted earlier today. I received the $600 all five weeks that I claimed. NYC

        4. Ok I was wondering for Florida but I’m glad your receiving yours..

        5. It looks like it’s a waiting game…smh Hope you get your money soon!

        6. Oh believe me it sure is and I’m at a loss for words on all this.. but thank you.

      3. What state are you in ? How long did you wait to receive the federal payments ? Some of us haven’t gotten that since May 19.

        1. That was the last time I received it – May 19, I’m from Florida. But then I received 2 weeks worth on Friday. I was frustrated as well, but I think they’re probably stepping it up. My friends who I worked with also hadn’t gotten it since May 19, and very frustrated bc you can get an answer. Thanks why this is a great place to discuss. It’s the first place I found that others were in the same boat. I know you’ll all get it, they’re messed up. But if I got it you will all get it. I pray!

        2. David, the federal payments are basically random. The most recent federal deposit was on Friday May 5. However before that it was either Monday or Tuesday. I hope that helps. Again, the last time I received the federal before the 6/5 deposit (of 2 weeks) Was 5/19 as well, just like many of you. I’m feeling that they’re getting their act together and you’ll all receive it this week. Might be on a Monday or some other random day. I hope this helped and I pray that you all get it asap! Good luck!!!!

        3. Appreciate the feedback I truly hope so… Absolutely no reason for this. Thank u again for your response.

        4. David, typo! The most recent federal deposit was on Friday 6/5 not May 5*

        5. That seems to be the common theme, my last $600 deposit was on May 19th as well. I’m in Florida and hoping they get caught up soon. Self-employed so only getting the $125 a week regular unemployment at the moment.

      4. Well, technically if you asked to have taxes taken out for regular UC payments they will tax the FPUC payments. But I’ve read in Florida that people who did not request to have taxes taken out on UC are finding there FPUC payments are being taxed. So if you change it on your CONNECT account (Florida) it may not make a difference. You can go to Account View and Information, Payment Method, I believe is where tax withholding can be changed.

      5. I still haven’t received anything. I’m in Florida and I usually get it sent through mail. It’s been three weeks.

        1. I still haven’t received anything as of Monday , June 8 . I usually get it by direct deposit . I called this morning and the person who answered said that she was told to say that there are delays in May but that they will catch up . She was apologetic. Of course I know it’s not her fault . I was calling to try to get some answers or some HOPE . But tomorrow will be 3 long weeks since I got my FPUC , the 600. Last payment I got was May 19. Frustrating.

        2. Thanx for the info Nadine that gives me hope. We just have to wait now for it to come.

    3. Yesterday I got my 2 weeks of state i claimed thursday, that’s it. Today i got 540(guessing their taxing the 600 now which i allowed but first 3 over a month ago were not). Still due by my calculations 2 but hope they at least send one more this week. Also many people i know still get their direct deposits but then get random 600 checks in the mail a few days later. At first i figured it was just for the first time but friends of mine who already got their direct deposits 6 weeks ago and then a check, had the same thing occur last week. So check your mail.

  22. Hello readers and fellow unemployed workers…

    can someone help clarify my issues since i am unable to get any information from UI – Florida
    I worked 2 PT jobs in FL one in the school district and another at a accounting firm. Well as everyone knows the schools were shut down and i became unemployed from that job. However, am still working reduced hours at second job not making nearly same income as before. I applied for unemployment and my benefits claims all say
    “Excess Reduction”.. which means if i earn more that my allow benefit i dont get unemployment that week.
    However, since my hours continue to be cut the last 3 week i received my benefit amount but not the $600 extra.

    Does anyone know how this works and if i am supposed to get the extra $600 a week. I see lots of ppl stating benefit stop in early May so i am hopeing this is the case, or am i just not entitled to it.
    Kinda confused and wish I knew the answer so i dont keep hoping and looking at bank for monies that will never come….

    Emar – Florida

    1. Fl DEO says even if you’re getting just ONE dollar from the state, you’re entitled to the $600 . Anyone who’s eligible for state is supposed to get that $600. The $600 ends 7/31, but is supposed to be retroactive to beginning of April, so maybe you’ll get a nice lump sum.

  23. Hello my name is Rachel from Florida, wanted to know who can we speak to in regards to the $600 every week. I Have not gotten since 5-19 was my last seeing 600. Now I claimed my weeks for 5-27 now we in june 5 and still no 600. Some one please help. The unemployment people can’t help because they don’t know about it.

    1. I have the exact situation Iam in Florida as well my last payment was also on 5/19 . I figured it was Memorial Weekend delay and also heard the we’re going to change to biweekly if you hear anything please let me know I’ll do the same ok

    2. I am still waiting and hoping and get up every morning praying to see the FPUC money deposited in my account . But NOT as of Saturday June 6. I haven’t received the FPUC since May 19. I am missing 3-4 payments How come some people are getting it and continue to get it even after it was delayed 2 weeks . I am in Florida . Frustrating.

    3. Good morning, Rachel

      As far as talking to someone and that is if u can get through to someone basically you would be wasting your efforts because more than likely they will make up something or say we don’t know… I truly don’t think nothing really is concrete as to why we aren’t getting our payments. Some getting paid some not really makes no since for me at all. So it really is a wait and see type situation unfortunately I been waiting since 5/19 as well.

      Keep faith hopefully something soon for all of us.

  24. Good Morning!!! It is 6/5/2020 I was like everyone else and last $600 payment was on May 20, 2020. Lo and behold I received $540 in my account this morning. I certified for 2 weeks and it should of been for the $1080 but I will take it. Hopefully the other $540 will be in my account next week. If not, then I will separate my weeks and not do them together as someone above mentioned. I hope you all start to get your money. At least we aren’t alone in all of this. The frustrating part of all of it is that there is no one to contact to find out any information on the $600 or $540. You speak to one person they tell you one thing and then speak to another and they give you a different story. Lets hope things start to look brighter.

    1. What is the $540? Is that 2 weeks of $600 each less taxes? Bc I got a $1080 payment too, but prior to that I got 2 payments of $600 each…..

      1. Yes. Looks like your state has automatically (or based on your income from past claims) deducted tax.

    2. Same situation here, got my 2 weeks state deposit on Monday june 8th, then today got 540. Hopefully i see the missing 540 later this week. In Florida too.

  25. I’m going crazy!!! I was receiving the $600 until last week. I first thought it was due to the holiday and now is Thursday, June 4th and nothing for this week either. Who knows the website to look at my account?
    Unemployment- I received the first payment after filing on April 20th and never again. I have not been able to claim the 3 following weeks after April 9th. I have not been able to claim my weeks since May 2nd. I don’t get the option to do so.
    Please help me. What can I do to find out about not receiving the $600? Any website to look?
    How can I find the options to file for the weeks since May 2nd? I’m not given the option on my account but I appear active any on each week that I have not been able to claim it says “Disqualified”. Impossible to get someone by phone.
    Thank you for your recommendations…I look forward to receiving your answers

    1. Same here I was getting my $600 federal and FL UI but since May 19 I have not received the $600 but continue to get FL UI I am 2 weeks behind and still nothing on June 4. My bills are adding up and I need that money. I called the DEO and they had no idea what was going on and told me to call back next week. I am eligible and have continued to claim my weeks. This is a joke FL needs to get it together

    2. 06/05/2020 I called DEO this morning and was told that their internal computer system is down again and they are unable to process the $600 federal payments do to computer glitches on their end.
      They have no time frame to when their computer system will be processing the PUA $600 again then I was hung up on.

      1. This is incredible I can’t believe this is happening some get it… some dont… Completely makes since now ty for the update.

        1. I don’t know what else to do. I just sent an email to the local news station here in fla Channel 8 maybe they can get answers for us and I spoke of all of us not just myself because we all are in this together.. let’s keep faith and keep each other updated as you all have tried calling so have I too as well. Thank u everyone for trying I and everyone appreciates you and your efforts.

      2. Thanks for the info . But I don’t think the DEO pretend to know or are giving much reasons to why the $600 weren’t processed for some . It’s obvious from this thread that there are some / many people who got it even after the delay but they got it on June 4 or 5 .. etc . Some of us didn’t get it since 5/19. I get up every morning hoping and praying to see it but not yet !

  26. Hi all. I’m currently a gig worker in Florida that’s unemployed due to COVID, obviously. Thought I could being y’all some hope if you haven’t received your money already. I was deemed eligible for PUA after two times of being deemed ineligible for regular UA. I received back pay a few days after applying for PUA, and started receiving my state and fed payments regularly. I would receive my federal money Monday night/Tuesday morning for two weeks straight. After Memorial Day, on the 19th of May, the payments stopped coming. Around 4am this morning, June 4th, I received a deposit of $1,080. Here’s what I heard was happening from someone who got a hold of someone at the DEO said & I can now confirm this is true: They are now offering the state and federal payments bi-weekly. We all have missed out on being paid because they were reworking the system. On top of being paid bi-weekly, instead of receiving our fed money weekly like we were, they are taxing the $600 wether you’re opted in or not. So you will be paid $1,080 every two weeks. So if you haven’t received a payment since May 19th, like myself, expect to receive a payment for that much either tonight or Monday to make up for the last two weeks. Then you will be receiving another one next week, and from then on out, you will be receiving it every two weeks when you go ahead and claim your weeks. Frustrating, yes – but at least we will be receiving our money. I hope I helped ease some of your anxiety about your payments, can I definitely woke up everyday with major anxiety not seeing that federal payment in my account!

    1. Thank you again Kris! I just seen your detailed post!! : )

      I am sure it’s putting an ease to many folks! Be well!

    2. Wow, I can’t believe they’re taxing th 600. I also got my last 600 on May 19. Still haven’t gotten the 600 since. I did get my state this morning, oh btw I’m in Florida too. I hope to get it soon! You did give me hope!

    3. Thanks Kris ! I am glad That you got your $ 1080 on Thursday June 4 . I am still waiting and hoping. I haven’t received the FPUC since May 19. That’s 17 days ago and counting ! Frustrating.

    4. Thanks for sharing Kris. This kind of update is a ray of sunshine in these dark times for many of the readers on this site.

    5. It’s now Sunday and I still haven’t received anything. Like myself I was receiving $600 a week and now on 5/19 was the last time I have gotten it. I hope something comes through for me because I am going on 3weeks with nothing. This is really frustrating.

    6. I claimed my two weeks on 6/2 but only received $540 not the $1,080. I’m in florida.

    7. Omg thank you for your response too this because I’m in same situation and didn’t see my 600 payment and got so worried so I’m now looking forward too next week God bless

    8. Thank you Kris,
      That explains a lot, because I was getting my first reg unemployment on Fri, May 22,2020 after applying in April. Than I got the first payment of $600.00 on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. After that I haven’t received anything!

    9. It is June 10th my last deposit for the federal 600$ was on may 26th for 1080 (540) taken out the tax , it has officially been 2 weeks and a day and nothing I’m so stressed out I did receive 2 weeks of regular unemployment yesterday June 9th but that won’t cover my bills hopefully it gets in this week !! I did read that there was also A 2-3 day delay due to some banks having glitches and problems depositing I don’t know how accurate that is if anyone has any update let me know. (I’m in Florida )

      1. You see the Florida specific page (see menu on top of page or search) where your issue is similar to what others are seeing.

      2. I’m in Florida from what I know and people who I work with the unemployment has been coming in slowly however the BOOST I have not received since May 19th. From what I heard the whole system has been messed up when they supposedly improved it which also caused a problem with the boost payout. It is totally frustrating because we all have bills to pay.

  27. Hey everyone! So I first filed in 03/25, got denied twice, and then got approve for PUA benefits after my third attempt on 05/15. My effective date states that my claim starts on 05/17, which is incorrect, it was actually 03/25. I filed a claim to change the effective date for my claim on 05/21 and still nothing. Also, I received a payment of $206 from the DEO benefits for the first time this morning (06/04/20) but still haven’t received a single $600 payment. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I still haven’t received a stimulus check and when I check that all I get is a message stating that they cannot determine if I am eligible yet. Anyone have any insight on any of these issues?

    1. Same here. I am in Mississippi. I was out of work since 3/13/2020. I filed for unemployment on 6/1/2020 because i didnt know i could apply as i am self employed. Well i put my last day to work as 3/13/2020 but claim was started on 1st week of 5/24/2020. It didnt let me choose any previous weeks like others. I know some who filed same time as me and recieved 4,000 in backpay. I recieved nothing but the 1 week that it saus is my week. Who do i contact about this? I would like my back pay also from 3/13/2020 or when they 1st started giving the extra 600 a week. I had no income at all any of the weeks.

  28. Florida here…. I received a total of (4) $600 deposits on a Tuesday but ended on 5/19/20…. seemed to be a pattern but today is 6/4/20 and I haven’t received another $600 payment again. I tried calling the DEO and emailed them with no response. I am frustrated as everyone else here. My unemployment is $125 a week and I have received that today ($250) since I filed on 6/2/20 for my 2 weeks but again no $600 since 5/19/20…. Please, anyone else receiving the $600 after 5/19/20 let us know here!!!! Thank you. Dennis

    1. Hi Dennis! I stopped receiving my $600 on May 19th as well. I heard this from someone who spoke to someone at the DEO and can confirm that this is true – they are now paying us our fed money bi-weekly and taxing it. So we have missed out on being paid because they were reworking the system. So you should be receiving a payment of $1,080 either tonight or Monday to make up for the last two weeks, and then another deposit of $1,080 next week. Then you will be receiving that amount every two weeks. I hope I helped!

      1. Wow Kris!! Well thank you. I will keep an eye out my friend. I really appreciate it!! May God bless you and your family and please stay safe!! : ) I am so glad I found this site!!!!!!

      2. Nothing yet Kris, Active and eligible sign for my weeks yesterday UI is ok but nothing since 5/19

        1. I hope this helps and I hope it’s true but I saw on News4Jax Jacksonville news station an they did a piece on everyone having issues with their 600$ Federal payments just suddenly stopping in May like alot of us here including me. They said there was a glitch in the system an that everybody should be getting the back payments owed to them within or by 5 business days. If you download the app News4Jax you can watch it on there to see what they said for yourselves.
          I sure pray we get that money! Hope this boosts everyone’s hopes an pray everyone gets their money

        2. Thanks for the update… I’m sure we all could use a piece of good news let’s hope what they say is true.

    2. I was on reg ui when I got 2 checks in april but none since now im on the puec extended benefits and no 600.00 checks either. that approx. 7 wks @ 600. I see the governor desantis has accumulated over 25 million in interest from keeping citizens money. No incentive to hand it out to people with no food or rent money. AAAholes.

    3. I have the same exact situation as Dennis with receiving 4 payments of $600 but nothing since 5/19/2020, I also still receive $125 up to date…

      1. Hi Sam! Keep checking this comment section as this is the best and latest information I have found out there. What a joke!! We are all having the same issues/concerns and nothing updated to us from the state. Unbelievable.. Stay safe and God bless.

    4. It seems Florida stopped the $600 weekly the week of May 18th. Received two $600 deposits that week (one for each of the previous two weeks) As of this week when I claimed my weeks, there is no federal $600 for either previous week claimed. I did receive regular unemployment this week.

      1. Hey Allison! Just sit tight. Seems like we are all having this same issue. You’d think the state would update us. Stay safe and God bless.

      1. Hey Takema! Just sit tight too! Seems like we are all having this same issue. You’d think the state would update us. Stay safe and God bless.

    5. Hello, I am in Florida. I have filed unemployment and only received two payments of $600 on a (Tuesday) the beginning of May and in the last three weeks I have NOT received the $600. I cannot pay my bills whatsoever at this point. I am claiming the weeks as per the instructions but I am not receiving the federal help. Please we need the media to stay on top of this subject and push for answers as I have tried many times to contact unemployment in the State of Florida and I only receive a recording. This is not fair whatsoever and this state must do better now and in the future.

      1. Hey Laura! Just sit tight. Seems like we are all having this same issue. You’d think the state would update us. Keep checking back on this site for updated information. Stay safe and God bless.

    6. I’m from Florida and the last time I received the $600 was May 19,2020. Today I received the state UI for 2 weeks but not the federal $600. My fellow co workers are having the same issues. So we’re all in the same boat. I hope to be getting it soon!

  29. I’m from NYC and I applied for the PUA benefits on April 26th and I got a lump sum payment on May 24th via the debit card from all the weeks that the representative told me I qualified for ,which was starting from March 16th.So I received $182 plus the $600 for all those weeks and now since after Memorial Day weekend I haven’t received nothing at all. It’s going on the second week and I didn’t get no deposit which would of been this Tuesday 6/2. My husband gets unemployment too and he’s been getting his regular benefits plus the $600 with no problem! No missing weeks! So I don’t know what’s going on! I don’t know anybody else that hasn’t gotten their money! So I just keep claiming every week hoping the money will show up!

  30. 6/3, Florida.
    I’ve been receiving my state UI biweekly & the $600 weekly since monday, april 22nd. They came together at 1st then morphed into claiming on wednesday when we had to start claiming our weeks. Now its every monday for the $600, wednesdays i claim my weeks & they arrive thursday. I claimed my weeks today.
    Memorial day the $600 did not come but i received $1080 the next day on tuesday. This past monday nothing, well i DID get almost double last week so I’m hoping it comes next monday.
    All of my friends also received double last tuesday, a few $1080 & a few $1200. And none of them received anything this week. We all receive via direct deposit.
    Ive done a lot of info gathering & comparison since this all started & i have noticed the people receiving paper checks or the prepaid card have a lot more issues in general than those of us on direct deposit. I was not paid my waiting week and was not paid anything in retro, my friends all applied before me & started receiving after me so they ALL received payments in retro.
    That being said an acquaintance of mine is receiving her biweekly state benefits on the prepaid card, she received 1 $600 payment & then nothing else for weeks but gets her state benefits no problem. I will update asap if i anything changes. Wish you ALL the best.

    1. Very informative. Thanks ! Glad that you and your friends are getting your payments . I haven’t gotten the $600 since May 19 . It just stopped . Nothing to do but wait and hope to get it . Good luck to all .

    2. I had been receiving my regular UI with little issue(Thank God). In the last few weeks, they have switched up the certification times. If you miss the time and date you have to wait until Saturday to call. The best thing to do is to monitor the website to ensure your time and day haven’t changed. I do receive my funds within 2 days of recertification. My issue is the 600 extra assistance which really helped me out. Unfortunately, it did not arrive on Monday as usual. I have checked my acct every morning after 7 am to see if it has finally arrived. I just moved due to the homeowners sold the house. I hate to have issues paying my first month’s rent. I definitely don’t want to get evicted I just pray it arrives before the 5th. Good Luck everyone!

      1. Very strange that some people are getting or got their 600 with no issue and whoever didn’t get it on Memorial Day still got it few days later some got 1200 ( pr 1080) but others like me didn’t get the 600 for over 2 weeks since May 19 ! Anybody else this is happening to ? Is there a number to call to find out ? I think the DEO will not know or give answers about the 600 as I read in previous comments .

        1. Same thing her in Florida, haven’t received $600 since 5/19 and today is 6/3

        2. June 4, 2020. Florida. Made a comment yesterday on here about not receiving the $600 since memorial day. This morning I got up and there was another two week payment and the $600 payment. But they had taken out taxes so it’s 540. So I have received four weeks of regular unemployment and one $540 payment this week. Still behind on the extra 600. So I think there is hope!

        3. Hello Nadine, I, myself didn’t receive it. Payment literally stopped right after Memorial Day (05/28/2020) I used to receive it every week on Tuesday. So my thought was since they were closed due to the holiday maybe that could have been the factor for the abrupt stop. Once work resumed Tuesday (05/29/2020) I am thinking payment will continue as it was so I said it should be on my bank on Wednesday (05/30/202), well my anxiety was right from the start because dealing with DEO people any small thing could easily turn into a disaster not only I didn’t get the $600 I called them that same Wednesday the representative I spoke to told me the reason why it stopped is because instead of paying us on a weekly basis, moving forward it will be every 2 weeks in another word we won’t be getting $600 weekly it will be 1200 biweekly. As of today June 4, 2020 if I was to receive payment from DEO it would have been $1200 ( $600 for the last week of May + $600 for this week ) I didn’t receive any payment yet. Is it factual the information the representative gave me? I don’t know. Do I trust these folks down there in Tallahassee no I don’t. How can anyone trust someone ( or a group of people) that you can’t talk to when needing help, answer for inquiries that we may have whether you live in Florida or not. I scrolled through this site and I see pretty much this issue is happening in other state as well and coincidentally at the same period of time which is crazy because, if indeed it is true it would suggest that this was a state wide coordination or change whatever the case is. My problem is whatever they did or didn’t these people had to know how impactful it would be for us without any source of income and the timing is outrageous, come on!! How are you going to implement a change on the the last week of May when you know rent for the month of June is right behind us. Instead on focusing on paying people they find time to be creative I am referring to this new virtual login process where you have to wait in line just so you can get kick out because you only have 10 minutes so you would think that everything should be smooth because the implementation is simply put in place to reduce the amount people trying to apply for help at the same, man it’s the same crap the website is still not performing how it should have been, “ let me go “ because I am getting irritated right now, oh one last thing remember when the Governor said “ all hands on deck “ and that they hired other call center agency to have their employees helping with the call volume man I called numerous times yesterday and when I finally got thru my Waiting time was no greater than 2 hours and the 1-800-204-2418 is a joke ever since the beginning of this mess every time you call that number no matter the option you click on at the end just when you think you finally going to speak with a human being you will hear something like this “ All our agents are busy right now and sorry We can’t offer you a call back at this time please visit the website…………… blahhhhhhhhh. I don’t know guys it is what it is

    3. Like many the last time i rec’d the 600 was 5/19. Yesterday i got my 2 weeks state for gig worker(226 after taxes) then today i got a 540 deposit (1 week federal) so clearly now they are taking the taxes out of the federal, which i approved when i registered but they did not tax the federal the first 3 600 payments which is weird. I have some friends who have been getting direct deposits but then a couple days after the DD they get a paper check for 600 and it has happened twice now to them so everyone make sure to check your mail. Makes no sense why they are doing DD’s then sending paper check too. But it is what it is, i’ll take it. Blessings to all.

  31. I’m in FL and I’m in the same scenario as many have commented. I see many had to claim weeks but in my case, I never see an option in my account to claim weeks.

    I called unemployment many times and was not successful. One morning I called and after 4 hours waiting on the phone, I got someone and she heard me out and said let me see what my supervisor can assist with… After multiple times putting me on hold the call dropped.

    Wasn’t able to communicate with them again.

    Also my las $275 I received was in a check mailed to me when I have direct deposit.

    None of this makes sense!

    1. Hi iammarc,
      I just read your post, when I got through to talk to someone they said the paper check is the first check that you get from unemployment, meaning your first eligible week even though you have direct deposit.

    2. Florida has gone to biweekly payments and if you miss certifying you can miss up to 4 weeks of payments .

      1. I meant certifying, not recertifying. While I’m here, does anyone have a clue what eligible redetermine means?

      2. What do you mean by certifying? I’ve been claiming my weeks and have not received federal unemployment for 4 weeks.

    3. When you’re at your home page on Connect, there’s a note telling you you have weeks to claim, and you have a deadline to claim them. When you click on a week, you’re directed to a page where you have to fill out the questions regarding employment. After you finish that, you have to go back and do it all over again for the next week you’re claiming

  32. Eligible and Active since March 29th only recently as of last week received 2 small payments for a total of $452. That is all I have recieved since March 29th under the PUA benefits. I have not seen anything else and certainly not the $600 payments I am eligible for. Do those payments get direct deposit and will it show up on the connect website as being deposited or do you just have to check your account to see if anything went in? I live in Florida so most of it is a joke.

    1. Im from CA but they show up under payment activity and also on your UI bank card

    2. I don’t have a answer for u wish I did I’m in the same boat I have a question I was approved for put may 17 just claimed my 2 weeks yesterday and by the weeks I claimed it says payable also I have been claiming since march and have 10 weeks that say disqualified because at that point I was applying for reg ui so my question is will I get back pay for weeks I claimed since march and when should I receive card do they send it once u know how muck u will get and when u r approved also one more question lol sorry when the card comes did ur have money already on it

  33. Hi:I certified for unemployment every week since I got sick at work because of one of my patients, I was laid of and told by HR I only can collect unemployment. I start receiving my unemployed and the $600 for a few weeks but I never get my $600 for the first 3 weeks. Now this monday I didn’t get my $600. Is anybody in this situation? and did anybody start getting their $600 again? If yes please post it and let us know what to do to get the $600 again

    1. How long did it take for you to Receive your first payment once submitted? I’m still waiting on my first payment

  34. I’m in New Jersey. Same problem. Been on unemployment since first week of April and always got my benefits and the 600 usually the next day. This week, after memorial day, only got the regular payment. I am assuming if it’s happened this much, it must be the system is behind, or maybe the holiday caused some kind of glitch. Who knows

    1. I promise u all as soon as I hear something or receive anything as it seems we all are in the same boat no matter where we are from this is insane folks I’m praying for us all believe me…

    2. It’s also happened to me, no additional $600 payment on Monday June 1st. Hopefully it is just the system behind. I’ve not had an issue with receiving it before.

    3. Does anyone have any updates on this? Second week without receiving the $600 and cannot get through on the phone. Let me know if anyone has any updates!

      1. Today is Friday 12th an I finally got a check boost after 2 weeks my last one before was end of May
        Someone said they were making payments every 2 weeks now not weekly idk
        I saw on News4Jax in Florida
        That as of this past Wednesday they said there was a glitch in system an that within 5 business days everyone was supposed to get their back boost money up to date.
        Idk what’s going on but hopefully it’s true an we all will finally get all money owed us. It’s not cool to be messing with people s lives like this makes me stressed out like everyone else

  35. I was eligible for 5 weeks from the date I applied till the time a was approved. When I was approved it was for only $125 a week I received the retro on this in the amount of $625 2 days after I was approved then got a random 3k deposit from the 5 weeks of the 600 they were behind on and this was on 5/19 and I have not gotten anything since then the $125 nor the $600 payment. I called and spoke to a women and she said to do my biweekly submission on the connect site for FL and I will then see the 2 weeks prior be paid out. She could only say this in regards to the $125 payment though. She was unable to tell me about the $600 payment i am owed for the last 2 weeks that I have not received. She also claimed that the $125 and $600 is biweekly payments which I was under the impression they made the $600 payments weekly. If anyone gets any updates in Fl please lmk.

    1. Same problem here, and I got the same answer when I finally reached someone. I would be interested in knowing if your 600.00 comes through. This is so ridiculous. I logged on to connect today and now you have to wait in line…on line…. there’s a little guy walking very slowly to show where you are in line. (Florida)

      1. What is the phone number to get in touch with the DEO? What did they say when you talked to them ? Any answers about why some people stopped getting their federal payments after May 19 , then others started getting it and others are still waiting ?

    2. I didn’t get any retro payments I applied on April 3 . I got only 3 payments for regular unemployment so far . The $600 stopped after May 19. It’s confusing whether it’s better to certify each week or both together . I read some comments ( in Fl) saying if certifying for 2 weeks at once will get only one payment but certifying the 2 weeks separately in 2 different days then will get 2 payments ! Did this happen to anybody ? As for the 600 who knows if one will ever continue to get that . I got 3 payments of 600 and that’s was topped after May 19

      1. Same thing happened to me, I’m short a week only got 600 for 1 week. I was suppose to get 1200. I did get 2 weeks pay of regular UI payment.

    3. I’m in Florida too. I collected the same as you with 125.00 because of being self employed. I received the 600 weekly for 4 weeks and now nothing for 2 weeks. You can’t get through to them so it’s sit and wait. I read online they were only going to pay the 600 bi weekly if you didn’t apply online. If you did it would stay weekly. My last 600.00 was on 5/19 also.

    4. Yes I heard 600 payments are now to be biweekly.
      Also heard on News4Jax that this was on this past Wednesday . Today is 12th Friday. That There was glitch an within 5 business days that everyone would be receiving their back 600 payments owed them in full. Idk
      I just today got check for 1080 that would be 2 week check for boost with taxes taken out.
      My last one was around end of May.
      I live in Jacksonville Florida
      It’s all messed up

      1. So is this what their doing sending checks instead of direct deposits for the ones that have it setup?

        1. Mine were always checks my unemployment came on a card I tried direct deposit but my bank screwed up or something an declined the 1st deposit so they put my unemployment on a payment card an I just left it that way.
          I would assume everyone who had direct deposit before would remain getting theirs the same as before

        2. Ok thank you for the input hard to say anymore how things are going to be done.

  36. Hi everyone.. I live in Miami, FL and I can’t believe I am in this mess too. Full time wedding photographer here of 10 years. I am totally without income as you can all imagine. Every wedding has been cancelled. But, that’s not what’s sad or upsetting…

    FLORIDA IS THE WORST STATE IN THE USA when it comes to Unemployment!

    It has been a full-time job just to cope with their prehistoric website. Finally after 6 weeks I started to get the bare min. UI. ($226 a week, $113 net). whoo hoo. But, then I also got the $600 a week.. and this was at least a big help. I was excited until this am..

    This am.. only the $226 was deposited. Nothing for the $600 :-/ This is when I found this post.

    So far, I have claimed the 6 weeks that I had on the site.. (This was $226 x3 payments) and I got two payments of $600, and then one last week for $1080 (which was weird). Then today, only the $226 with nothing else. Worried now my ride is over and this can’t happen. I NEED this!

    I think the $1080 was two payments of $540 (now they are taxing the $600) So.. was this for past week.. or future week? No idea. All I know is it stopped.

    I am entitled to about 7 previous weeks too! and then until 7/31! I need this money. This is crazy. You cant call them, you cant do anything online, you just have to hope.

    1. My understanding is the additional $600 has went from weekly to bi-weekly. And I think you’re correct about the $600 now being taxed, mine was the same scenario / same amount. So if you got those last week, then you didn’t this week, you should get the $1,080 again next week. I got two $600 payments two weeks ago, nothing last week, and then the $1,080 this week. Where my normal benefits / claim weeks are the opposite week (I was paid last week, not this week).

      Hope this might help set your mind at ease a bit. I searched for the bi-weekly change and this was the only page I came across, but seems like a lot of people are in a similar boat. :-/

      1. I was also getting the $600 weekly on Tuesdays until 05/26/2020. I claimed my weeks and received my regular benefits today but nothing for the two weeks of $600 weekly. I hope that I get it this week as I have bills to pay.

      2. Thank you for giving me some hope! I was receiving state UI biweekly & the fpuc $600 weekly until 5/26 i received $1080 but nothing this week i truly hope you are right, it makes sense, why else would we be overpaid?!

    2. I did a new claim I don’t know what else to do at this point they tell u email and etc… But no answers. I don’t get it? Won’t be long I’ll be out on the streets. I understand why not give us an update tell us something.. anything… Anybody receive anything so far after memorial day?

    3. I’m going through the same thing. Im in florida as well. I’m trying to get through to find out what is going on

  37. This is so frustrating. I received 4 $600 payments then nothing after May 19th. Further I spent a month trying to apply in April and finally able to apply April 29th…yet only received $336 total of PUA. What is going on? This is not ok! We have bills to pay and children to feed!

  38. I am missing 5 weeks of payments in CT they owe me 3,225$ and I haven’t received any of it I’m behind on bills and have no car cause it broke down and I have no way of paying for repairs and I call the department of labor and they say I know more then they do.

    1. I live in Ga. Was receiving the extra 600 and now this week nothing. Just trying to see whats going on?

      1. Same here in Florida for me, my mom and sister. I read they are still backed up due to holiday last week.

      2. I live in Fort Lauderdale. I got approved for unemployment. I received my first bi weekly state pay of $550, and then the following week I received just one week of $275. I received $600 Federal for one week, and then a second week, but did not receive it this week and not sure why? I am dependent on this money. I thought the $600 was to be paid weekly not bi weekly? And I had read we are supposed to get retro pay of the $600 but have not seen that either, does anyone know if that will be happening anytime soon? If we are going to be getting the $600 federal bi weekly I wish they would communicate via email with us and let us know. Not being able to speak with someone on the phone regarding this is unacceptable.

  39. North Jersey, same here. After the holiday weekend no 600. Hoping things get back on track for all!

    1. I Receive my first 2 600 FPUC but nothing the last 2 time I have certify for my unemployment benefits,I been callings can not get through.

    2. Me too in Florida. I’m wonder if if it’s because i claimed the 7 hours i worked, the prior week.. i wonder if it made me ineligible fore the PUA

  40. Hello raphael from NJ here! I was receiving the $600 up until last week but now I’m not receiving the $600 last 2 weeks and I have 4 mouths to feed besides my own and I have bills to me! Why is this happening? I mean why would I receive payments and for the last 2 weeks it stops! Cmon man what’s going on! I need to pay my rent to keep a roof over my children’s head! Please someone with some type of info please let me know as I’d appreciate it! Please share

  41. (Florida here posted 5/30/2020) I was receiving the $600.00 PUA for the past 3 weeks every Tuesday morning via direct deposit. The Tuesday after Memorial I received nothing. Its now Sat 5/30 and still haven’t received the $600.00. During the week I was able to get through twice via phone and spoke to 2 different people. None of them had any idea why the $600.00 was not processed this past week. They were guessing that the system is backed up, but who knows? They could not offer any other info. I asked if other people were having this problem and they said that 1 out of 10 callers are asking the same question. If someone here is in the same situation and starts receiving there $600.00 please keep us updated. I am also desperate for help!

    1. I was able to submit for 6 weeks of PEUC here’s in Florida this week on Monday (5/25)… I received my regular states payment addd to my card. Received a check today for one $600 (actually $540 after taxes). Maybe the other weeks will come later?

    2. Same here !! 4 weeks receiving $600.00 FPUC benefits every Tuesday and after Memorial day stopped. Don’t have any idea why!!!

      1. We’re on the same boat, haven’t seen any $600 in my bank after Memorial Day !

    3. Hey Paul, I see I’m in the same boat as you. I also live in FL and I normally get my deposit of $600 on Monday but never did… just my $191 a week from unemployment on Tuesday. I figured there was a delay because of Memorial Day but still nothing… I wonder if I’ll get two $600 deposits on Monday ‍♀️. If you get yours please update us. Thank you !!

      1. Update me too please , I’m hoping I’ll get the payment tomorrow as well

      2. Wondering if you received anything on Monday? I have not received the extra $600 since May 19 and thought it was a delay because of Memorial Day as well but still nothing. I was getting it direct deposited into my account every Tuesday up until then.

    4. Florida, same here, I thought it was the holiday but my regular unemployment when in but not the $600, some of my co-workers got theirs on time or a little later. Maybe the system has to catch up, I don’t know, I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    5. Florida- I received 600 for 4 weeks on every Tuesday Morning. Since Memorial day weekend ..NO more 600 only my state benefit. So stressed, checked bank this morning (6/2) and nothing.

    6. Hey Paul, I am confronting with the same issue and I live in Florida near a State agency dealing with unemployment benefits I asked them the same question and the answer I received it was simply due to the DEO office being closed that Monday (Memorial day) to me that made perfect sense, so I was told I would receive it during that same week once the office is back to business as usual, well my friend not only I never receive the $600 for that particular week, as of June 2, 2020 at 7:45am which is Today I should have receive $1200 for both weeks (Memorial + this week = 0) I was so anxious to wake up this morning as I was afraid of not seeing anything in my bank account well my anxiety didn’t fail me at all, because I receive nothing mind you it’s already 05/02/2020 the rent is up and as renters we only have by the 3rd Which tomorrow so I guess we have to go back to the landlord to beg again for mercy. so frustration, anger, are nowhere near to what I am feeling right now. I hope this message help because you are not alone Paul it is a huge number of us dealing with this new mess. Ever since the beginning we ( the working class citizens) have been dealing with not old but new problem with DEO system every single day. This is the most transparent testimony of a system clearly that was built to fail us whenever we become vulnerable and in immediate needs

      1. Same thing happened to me. I received 3 wks of $600 a week, then Memorial Day came and nothing since. I am trying not to panic but this is crazy, they are 2 wks behind as of today.

      1. Nope,,,, normally it would have been today June 2, 2020 because jus like Paul here I used to receive mine every week on Tuesday, but since that Memorial Day nothing zero

    7. Same situation here. Got two weeks of $600 in FL and then after memorial day havent seen anything. Normally gets depsoited on Monday so assumed it was the holiday… havent gotten anything since. $1200 and counting…

    8. Name’s Jay. I am currently dealing with the same situation. Filed my unemployment at the beginning of April and got denied Florida unemployment due to lack of work history(recently moved here), and applied for the PUA the next day. About three weeks after I started getting the $600 but not anything else. Then Memorial Day rolls by and I look for it in my account Tuesday morning to find nothing there. Figured it was the federal holiday. Its now been two weeks since I saw the $600. Granted i received the PUA in between but $250 is nowhere near as helpful as $600.

      1. Honestly I think we should just build a group here file a petition and get a lawyer to sue the state, my sister live in Pennsylvania I spoke to her last night she told that’s what most folks up north are doing and she just did hers and guess What they have seen so far tremendous results… the state are issuing live check to them once the court approved their case. For those of you who might not be familiar with “ live check “ I used to work in payroll in Florida for Broward college, once payroll is done any faculty members who did not get for whatever reason instead of having them to wait to get pay till the next payroll we use issue them a manual check. Let me know what you guys think

    9. Me too in Florida. this Monday was my 2nd Monday without a payment. Im desperate too. I did claim my weeks last week, and i worked 6 hours, the week before. I’m not sure, if working 6 hours a week made me ineligible fpr the PAU. i cant get an answer from anyone. the last person i spoke to was down right nasty. telling me.. they had recieved no payment, themself, at all.. before they started working for the DEO. and that the payment does not come fomr the DEO and they cant help you or give you an answer.. they wont even tell you who you can call.. crazy.. seriously crazy

      1. For those of us who has been sharing our frustration here, I have news later today I was able to get in touch with one of my folks with direct information from inside. This is what I was told the main reason for that sudden stop is because the state has changed the distribution from weekly to biweekly now, from my understanding instead of $600 weekly it will be $1200 every 2 weeks. Within myself I have no other source to confirm whether what he said is actually true but I did speak to a representative and she told me the same thing too she even went further by saying she doesn’t know when this new implementation will begin so once again let me be clear whether it’s true or false I cannot give you guys a final definitive answer as I don’t have any other source to draw any conclusion. I hope this will help in decreasing our anxiety level. And if anyone of you guys can get in touch with anyone outside this platform ask them if they are aware of such information and see.

        1. Thank you, for the information, are you in Florida?

        2. Same problem here, and I got the same answer when I finally reached someone. I would be interested in knowing if your 600.00 comes through. This is so ridiculous. I logged on to connect today and now you have to wait in line…on line…. there’s a little guy walking very slowly to show where you are in line. (Florida)

        3. Has anyone received anything this week 6/1 or later? Today is 6/3 and nothing since Memorial Day? This is insane, and the new website “running man” is a joke and a way to further frustrate Floridians. Just trying to keep from crying in front of my daughter!

    10. Hey Paul Florida here also I was receiving mine as well but since the holiday nothing. Have u received anything as of yet? Anyone??

    11. Hi it is June 3, 2020, I too have received the $600 payment for four weeks I stopped receiving benefits the week of the 24th. I was able to talk to someone and they also said the $600 on when you get it makes no rhyme or reason. I told them that it was consistent, And now nothing. Along with going without the $221 from the DEO. I was able to log back on to connect on June 1 submit two weeks and today I have deposited from the DEO $442, but no $600 .
      Was eligible for unemployment April 1, started receiving my DEO payment and my $600 payment April 28 April 29 I have received four consistent payments. Now not so much! Just hoping that it will mend in the next week. Hang in there you’re not alone.

  42. was getting the 600 and 125 weekly for about 4 week but now the 600 has not been deposited in my account not sure what going on and cant get a single person to tell me why this is

    1. And that’s the part that enrages me the most the fact that we have no choice but to depend on this money and yet once something is not working there is absolutely no one that can help you. The 1 800-204-2418 that they keep telling us to call for more assistance is a joke, because it is always busy ( Sorry we cannot offer you a call back at this time you can login on the website for more information) this automated system has been like this from the beginning of this mess.. You know they open on the week from 7:30am to 6:30pm I literally used to call that number exactly at 7:30am sometimes 5,10 or 30 mins after they open as always the same thing. I don’t how you just open at 7:30 am and I call around 7:36am and literally hearing the same crap..

  43. I live in fl, I’m partially unemployed, I applied April 5 for reduced hours, may 15 I got two weeks ($250) and one payment of $600,then may18 I got another$600 and may 19 $68 and may 27 $540,I’m due to claim weeks on 6/3 again, I’m not sure if I’m getting $600 biweekly or weekly in Florida. It’s very confusing, but I’m grateful for what I’ve gotten this far, believe me! I haven’t called them because I don’t want to tie up the phone lines.

  44. Florida-I filed unemployment on 3/24. I was stuck on pending for five weeks. By the seventh week all of my state UI was processed ($247/week after taxes.) I recieved my first $600 hard check on 5/15. I could not choose direct deposit. I elected the state offered debit card.

    Florida Connect account shows all regular UI payments made but nothing about the FPUC is mentioned.

    How should I expect further FPUC payments (future/retroactively?) By mail or on the EPPICard? Or at all?

    Sidebar; I heard Florida was sitting on the federal money so as to collect interest over the course of processing payments. Does this seem right?

    I lost all of my savings, my apartment, my relationship and obviously my job due to this awful mess. I feel for everyone else who feels bamboozled during all of this.

    1. Wow I am owed 8 weeks of uc as of now my claim says active and eligible but on my payments it says disqualified on all 8 wtf I am eligible. Can’t get ahold of anyone from unemployment can’t even email and when I did email I never got a response. I got the $600 for a few weeks but the last 2 weeks NOTHING! I’ve lost my job due to covid 19 March 21 SOMETHING MUST BE DONE I LOST MY APARTMENT ALSO AM UNABLE TO PAY ANY BILLS AND HAVE NO MONEY FOR ANYTHING

  45. My last day of work was March 14th 2020, I am definitely unemployed for now. I was showing symptoms of a FLU/VIRUS not knowing whether it was Covid 19 or not… contacted my general doctor and she told me to stay Quarantine indefinitely , also contacted my part time employer to continue to keep in touch , to tell them, will not be coming into work, I nursed my way back to health Thank GOD, it took about 6days … I also received a job at a Gym as I am a (Yoga Instructor) and of course Gym is closed until further instruction from Governor. So.. I received my last pay check April 17th from my regular opened unemployment file and then it was exhausted and eligible ,but still open till August 2020. I proceeded to fill out a initial PUA because( I was exhausted).. ( when prompted) submitted that, then waited …still nothing. So had spoken to some very nice staff on the unemployment lines( long waits). I had filled out another PUA with her assistance, just in case I had not finished or made a mistake on my previous PUA, that was done about May 4th… I have been doing research every day on my file and from what I have gathered , I am completely eligible for my extended pay PUA and PUEC $600 ( which is the two together). I have been having a lot of trouble getting on the phone system now, it is now May 27th, yesterday I filled out and submitted a PEUC application ( I was invited to fill that out from my unemployment file ). I now have a negative balance in my bank account, I am on food stamps and still have not received any $ except my of course stimulus check and the last bit of unemployment funds. I have a tremendous amount of Patience but now I am a-bit upset….. Oh just for a-bit of info I had to change my mailing address it was not correct on my file It said that would take 5 business days to correct…maybe that was the problem ..but do have a auto pay on my file. Forgot to say I am in Florida…

  46. I just received 250.00 for 2 weeks which ive waited for over 6 weeks for and i have not received the 600.00, i live in florida and have spent hours everyday trying to get answers on the phone , only for them to disconnect me. will i get the 600 and the 125. backdated to the first week i applied back in april?

    1. It will come, mine did, I’m in fl also, just try to be patient. I never even checked on it, never called anyone, I just waited, and BOOM one day it was there in my account, and what a great feeling that was. Just hang tight, it’ll happen soon

    2. I am in NJ. I applied online April 2nd. Nothing but problems online and could not get through to anyone on the phone for a month and a half. Finally, somehow I got 185 one week and 600 the next week. This was a week ago but what about my retroactive payments that go back to APril 2nd…. Ive emailed the dept of labor in nj 3 times with a generic response that they are working hard and i’ve even emailed phil murphy …. HOPEFULLY, I will get all the back payment I am entitled to… Going almost 2 months with NO pay and bills is insane. I am grateful for the extra 600 but would rather go back to work as at least that pay is on time and guaranteed.

  47. I’m in FL. I was unemployed back in February, exactly two weeks before the pandemic hit full blown. When the FPUC hit under the CARES Act, I initially received two of the $600 FPUC checks by mail, and then two weeks later two more $600 payments hit my bank account since I was already in the reemployment system (we are on a biweekly basis in FL). It has now been three weeks since the last payment, rent is coming due, and I am freaking out. I tried calling the state unemployment agency and literally got a voice recording saying “our phones are busy and currently we are not offering a callback option. Please see website for contact by email” and then got disconnected. Attempted to email several times, each time I hit the submit button I get an “error processing your request” screen. Umm…so fingers crossed my daughter and I don’t get evicted? Basically?

    1. Same situation here…wife lost job mid Feb has received FL state payments but only 2 600 payments…wtf??!!

    2. This is actually what is hapoen to me. You are the first person I’ve found saying the same thing. If you find out anything please let me know. I’m lost. I even filled out a new application today since I applied before Apr. Not sure if that has anything to do with anything or not.

    3. I’ve been receiving bi-weekly payments and everytime I do, I receive ONE payment of $600. It’s as if FL is skipping a week when it comes to the $600/week PUA. Hm……

      1. That Happened to me but one time I claimed just one week, then I got my unemployment regular$ & 600,then a few days later I did the other week and I got that weeks money plus the 600., If you file for two weeks at a time it seems you will only get one 600 payment, but if you file two separate times every two weeks then you’ll get two separate 600 payments. At least that’s how it seems and how it’s happened to me. First I claimed 2 weeks & I got one 600 payment, then 3 days later I claimed a week I had missed and I got that week and another 600., Then yesterday out of the blue I got another payment, this time for $540.idk what going on

        1. My husband filed (Florida) and last week and the week before he got the $600, then this week he got $250 but no $600… Very frustrating as it seemed we were on the right track but now it doesn’t

        2. I live in Miami, Fl . I claim every 2 weeks , the only option I have when I log in on connect is to claim one week . So I get one week benefits and But not even the 600 for that week yet . I read your comments That To be able to get 2 payments , you claimed 2 separate times every two weeks . Question first how do I claim the week that I missed . And how to claim 2 weeks ? Thanks . It’s frustrating.

  48. I got my first $275 from Florida April 22, and my first $600 from the feds April 27.

  49. So first and foremost MY job closed on March 15th I applied for UC benefits on April 1st. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be eligible to even receive benefits considering the fact that I had an overpayment of $1300 that I owed in Pennsylvania. I got my Pin on April 15th, i was considered eligible and was to receive 260 a week in reg UC. filed for the ALL ending weeks in April. Got no money at all so i checked and discovered PA took those checks to cover the overpayment. May comes. I’m still filing so I check again. Overpayment is paid and I received whatever overpayment didn’t take from the last check which was 96 dollars. That was for the week ending May 2nd. That payment wasn’t to be issued until the 9th but I got it on the 12th. and received my first and only 600 dollars on May 19th.
    My thing is, even though I had an overpayment I was still eligible for benefits for all the weeks in April I filed. I read that I should still be getting a back pay of the 600 I didn’t get in April. Somebody help.

  50. I am also in Philadelphia Pa. I applied for regular unemployment on March 15th and recieved my 1st check on April 7th for one week. After that time I received 2 full biweekly checks and 1 payment of $600 and a payment of $1200. I haven’t received anything after May 5th. My last regular unemployment payment came on May 2nd. The $1200 came on the 5th and I’ve filed on the 10th… nothing that week. No extra $600 weekly payment… I have to file on Sunday the 24th. So I’m just sitting here checking the website everyday and nothing is showing up. I cant get through over the phone and the email response is going to take 44 days at least smh. I know alot of people are in this position but it would help us ALL with just an email update on what’s going on. We as people have real life situations… rent to pay mortgages car notes kids groceries bills medicine etc… so to put our minds at ease some type of communication would help. It’s sad that we have to go through this when we didn’t create the problem we are all dealing with right now in this pandemic. I side for the people and I speak for the people… WE JUST WANT OUR MONEY OR SOME FORM OF COMMUNICATION ON WHAT’S GOING ON.

    1. Hey Eric,
      Its Crystal from Pittsburgh PA…
      Any luck yet with your situation?
      (Sunday, June 1st, 2020). I haven’t received my Regular UC in 2 weeks, but did get a Check for $600.
      Since we are both in PA, just wanted to ask what’s goin’ on there with you in Philly ;)
      Crystal in S.W. PA :)

  51. Additional Comment: NYS Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon state: “Those claims that have been outstanding for weeks are ones that we simply cannot process — we have already attempted to contact all of these New Yorkers, and we will continue to try get in touch with everyone who applied so we can connect them with the benefits they are eligible for.” ( I have never got in touch from no one as of today, and i have my contact telephone, and address current otherwise I will never got a text confirming that my claim have been aproved, but no pay as of today “almost three month waiting and bills keep pilling up!”)

    The numbers for applications submitted pre-4/22 are as follows:
    * 1,194,933: Paid
    * 20,801: Not Paid – Need Certification
    * 7,580: Not Paid – Partial Claims missing Information Needed to Process

  52. I live in Staten Island NY. As of today i did not receive any of my UC and NY PUA Benefits. I have only got one time mystery payment of $600 on April 24th. I have try to contact a live rep severals time at UI DOL: 1 (888) 209-8124 and Pandemic Assistance: (833) 324-0366. I have also send text messages via DOL message inbox and direct contact on DOL website. No response as of today.

    On my research for anwers found this web:

    In there is stating as follow:
    Backlog Includes Applications that are Missing Critical Information and Cannot be Processed, Duplicates, and Abandoned Claims

    Additional 20,801 New Yorkers’ Claims from Before April 22nd have been Processed, but Cannot be Paid Until Federally-Mandated Weekly Certifications are Submitted. (I have always faithfully certify every Sunday!)

    The numbers for applications submitted pre-4/22 are as follows:

    1,194,933: Paid
    20,801: Not Paid – Need Certification
    7,580: Not Paid – Partial Claims missing Information Needed to Process

    In my case I have received a text message on May 11th as follow:

    “Thank you for your patience. We have determined that your claim can now be paid. If you have not already, you will soon receive a letter in the mail telling you how much you will receive each week. If you provided bank account information, your benefits will be deposited there. If you did not provide bank account information, you will receive a debit card from KeyBank by mail within three weeks.

    It is important that you continue to certify every week to claim your benefits.”

    As of today I did not receive any phone calls or any letter or any update. Im unable to reach anybody. Im in the state of limbo. This is my third month not having anything of any payment. I feel victim this Pandemic situation. I am Citizen and I have paid all of my taxes without failed. Now that I need help from DOL i am totally ignored! I hope this help answer some of the people question and I will appreciate your comment if you go through similar experience and please share it tot he public!!. Thanks!

  53. Read this article and I think I will answer your question. In short they are out of money due to a lot of back payments and they are reporting that last week and this week they will hold payments. They also said that they will send a lump sum back payments for the PUA …
    hope this is helpful.

  54. In Florida, it took two months before I received anything. I have now received 7 regular payments and 4 $600 payments. After two months I feel lucky to have gotten anything.

  55. I live in Virginia and I qualified for UI & PUA since I was an Uber driver. I initially received $5000+ ($158 UI & $600 PUA) in retroactive payments. The following two weeks I have only received the UI payments. Thank you for this article because it is the ONLY thing I can find on the web concerning this issue.

    1. When do you got $5,000? I dis not get both PUA And UI. On 3/30/20 i got an email on the unemployment invox that my unemployment was aborve abd was completed and I no need to contact an Agent . As of today I only got one time $600 payment…NO UI payment since March. Then I have check they have processed the week waiting period of 3/8/20 on 5/8/20 and the comment says Last Week Worked when the reality I habe never work at all. I Send another message to them I have proof of my bank statement I did not receive a dime nor I never work last week. Not sure if making excuses since they owed me almost 3 months and is a lot of money ,but right now this is becoming agravated. at least you been blessed with 5K ,I got nothing!

    2. i am also in VA. i am dealing with the same exact situation..have you received your weekly payments at all in the last 7 days?…im hoping you have bcus then i feel like i may get mine

      1. I am in same boat as u and nm i am in Mississippi. I havent worked since 3/13/2020. I didnt file a claim until 6/1/203 because i didnt know i could apply as i am self employed. Well you wouldbfogure i be able to claim the weeks back to 3/13/2020 but nope. It put only 1 week for me which was 5/24/2020. So y am i not able to go back to when i stopped working? Where is my backpay for those weeks and how can i go about claiming them since i had no income at all. This is insane. I know alot who got over 5k n stopped working same time as me. I dont understand. I have bills to pay. If they gonna screw everyone on money,they need to make a law to cancel utility payments and all rent/mortgage payments for atleast 6 months. This is crazy.

  56. I receive regular unemployment which is 425 a week but I haven’t got a payment issue for my regular unemployment I received the 600 3weeks in a row but now my fourth week I have not received a payment and I am in New Jersey can anybody tell me why

  57. I’m in NJ and my job closed for good at 8pm 3:16/20 and I filed for unemployment the 18th and started certifying the following week. I’ve been getting $600 every Monday since except this week- nothing Monday nor Tuesday; the days the site suggests they’ll be deposited. I know others having the same issue, but I’m wondering why?! Why did it stop? Is it because I certified in a Saturday (which is late ; tues is my day). We are only given a half our to certify on our days so it’s been hard to keep up considering they’ve changed the schedule several times in the last 3-4 weeks. If you miss your day you have to wait until Saturday. I’ve been told I’ll get both payment next Tuesday since Monday is a holiday but I suppose we will see bc $252 I can’t live off of. I’m not going back to work. I’m going to nursing school and this couldn’t have come at a worse time. I hope it gets straightened out but if anyone has any info for me I would greatly appreciate it☺️

    1. Hi Elm, I was relieved to see your post. I certified on Saturday also and did not receive my $600 but received my regular pay. Monday I certified for the new week..received my regular pay but no $600. I to am concerned. I have always received it together now nothing 2x. I suppose you spoke to someone saying you should get both next Tuesday?

      1. Hi Elm, ditto… same exact scenario. Today I filled UI. claim exhausted. 29.00. I dont get any of this bs

    2. Hi Elm,
      The same thing happened to me. I certified on Saturday and didn’t receive the $600 on Monday. I received it 3 weeks in a row. My claim status has not even been updated. It states that my last week paid was 5/9 and my next payable week is 5/16. I was already paid my UI for that week on 5/18. This is really frustrating but now I lnow that I am not alone.

      1. Nope not alone, the same exact thing happened to me. I went to certify on Tuesday, and they changed my day to Sunday, so I had to certify Saturday and again on Sunday that is now, for the time being, my certify day. I received my UI but not the extra 600. I have to say I am one of the lucky few that had no problems getting on the site and applying for unemployment. My heart goes out to everyone struggling to get their benefits.

        1. Dez,
          Just wondering, what state do you live in? Did you apply recently, and also, do you file weekly or biweekly?
          I live in PA, they have waived the Career Link/Job Search requirements for us for the time being, I’m very glad about that! Don’t have childcare options, I’m sure that’s a big reason for lots of working families right now! Also, I file every Sunday, and I opted for Debit Card payments (although they have been sending me paper checks!?). I waited until May 15th to apply, PA UC was so backlogged before that, I was just able to stretch my Stimulus payment long enough, plus my little bit of savings. We were able to backdate claims to Jan 23rd, if necessary. BTW, anyone else Not receive their $500 for dependants with the Stimulus payment???
          ~ Crystal in S.W. PA

    3. I am experiencing the same exact scenario I will keep you updated with my experience, please try to do the same for me.
      Thanks good luck!i am Erik from New Jersey

      1. Just an update that I received 1200.00 deposited in my account today. I am still waiting on 600 from last week certification but at least I know it is coming. If you are still waiting for back money it should be coming soon.

    4. Same thing happened to me. I haven’t gotten the 600 for the last two weeks… i hope we receive it this coming week.

      Lauren from North Jersey

      1. Same here. Missed my 30 min window and processed my claim on another day. Got my regular unemployment payments, but no $600 check for two weeks. I thought it was automatic and was surprised that it stopped. I am from NJ.
        Was anyone able to correct this problem? Should we reapply for unemployment benefits again?

        1. Hello, do you have any recent info on the reason why Pennsylvania unemployment is delayed? I haven’t received a payment of any sort since May 5th. I don’t know what is going on… meanwhile my girlfriend just filed for unemployment last month and gets all of her payments on time. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thank you

        2. Hi, I live in PA too Eric. It seems that the people I know who filed later are getting paid (closer to) on time, and the ones that filed early are having the most problems. I am very lucky to be receiving the $600 weekly (so far I mean, knock on wood) but my $205 regular UC is not being deposited, even though online PA UC website lists the days they were ‘paid’.
          I can’t really complain, since my situation so far seems the opposite of most, I’m getting the federal and not the state. When I send messages through the portal, they never get answered, and I haven’t even tried the nightmare of calling them. I figured I better not rock the boat! I did read from Treasury dept that the payments will catch up, but who knows when. They said to keep a log of what you receive every week, and then what you are supposed to receive. Keep bankstatements, phone and email logs of every time you tried to communicate, and screen shots too, if applicable. If it’s possible to start a new claim, with the option to backdate, even though you already have an existing claim, that might be the way to go. I know it could backlog the system even more, but it also could be a way to bring your situation to their attention. Good luck & Hang in there!
          ~Crystal in S.W. PA

        3. Thank you Andy! Thanx for writing this piece, for informing us, for letting us have a place to express our concerns and frustrations regarding the situation at hand, and can give each other advice, empathy, and support ;)
          Much appreciated!! :)

          ~ Crystal in S.W. PA

    5. Same here, they say we should see the back payment. I waiting to see what happens this coming week as I too missed the window and certified on Sat. I got both UI Payment’s but no $600 payment on Monday. Was using it to pay rent. I’m so backed up. I’ve been applying for work and taking interviews but nothing else changed. I’m hoping to see it next week.

  58. I live in the state of Florida, and I received two $600 payments on May 4th. I have been claiming for 7 additional weeks now and have not gotten any of my other $600 payments. They also skipped two weeks of paying me for my PUA bi-weekly payments. I have sent countless emails to the DEO and the Governor DeSantis office , appeals and left comments. No one ever responds and when they do they just say it our fault that we must have left out some key information. The last time it said the state hadn’t received the funds. The funds obliviously has been given why else pay some out in April and early May, but nothing else ever since. Some people said it came in check form even though they had direct deposit.

    1. I had an existing claim when this was enacted. I received one paper check for the $600 (minus the 10% tax that was withheld) though my normal method of payment is direct deposit. I have received no additional $600 payments in any form since that first check several weeks ago though my regular direct deposit payments have continued.

      1. I also am in Florida I have received $600 but not consistent filed 3/28 and have only received 4 extra payments since getting approved in April and again nothing past 2 weeks after filing its very sporadic definitely can’t count on it to pay bills

  59. Im still awaiting for NY Pandemic and unemployment Insurance benefits….As of today I just only got $600 one time NYS DOL “pandemic” payment on April 17th. I have checked my status online and reflect $182 Weekly Benefits from last week. As of today I didnt receive those benefit yet. Not a penny! Im still waiting since beginning of March 2020. Nothing as of today. No phone calls…nothing! Only the system reflecting how much i suppose to receive and approved apparently 26 weeks….wondering where is my money. I have also received a letter from DOL that my SSN went out there to “someone else” address. Just wondering is this is an excuse so I wont get paid! This is frustrating this month of May is my third month not having anything at all…No unemployment benefits and no pandemic assistance. Im close to loose my car and also phone services, without mention other credit cards bills behind, rent, medical billsnand counting only .33 cents in my bank. This is now very overwhelmed! I am tired waiting but no where to go to find cash. I dont wish this to no one specially those who have children go through this.

    1. This is horrible that this is happening to you and thousands of others!! I have seen other cases where people call into their local news station. The news can do an investigative report and hopefully get the ball rolling. Good Luck .

  60. May 27th the EDD CA wiil begin automatically filling PEUC extensions ,for more information EDD california Latest News Release May 14.

  61. I live in CA and was on unemployment before the Covid-19 pandemic. I have not received any of the $600 payments, which are retroactive to April 2020. CA unemployment does not take any phone calls, does not respond to email and does not provide any updates, even a “pending” note on my account. Adding to this is that my 52 weeks of UI have been exhausted, which entitles me to an automatic 13 week extension. That hasn’t come through either. I have sent in a new UI claim just to keep things moving along, but like so many others, having zero income and zero answers from the agency who is ‘managing’ unemployment is really frustrating.

  62. I live in PA. I received my first FPUC deposit on 5/5 and then when I filed for my regular biweekly claim the following week and received that 5/12 with no extra FPUC $600. We have a family of four and we’re both non essential. The bills came in and I payed them with the regular benefits thinking the benefits would continue automatically as long as I file biweekly. Now I have nearly no money left and the $600 didn’t come in this week.

    1. I am in the same boat. I also live in PA with a family of five. We have not received the additional 600 since May 5th.

  63. I am in the same situation. I got laid off right before everyone started getting laid off due to the pandemic so my claim was approved fairly quickly. I got the three retroactive payments (split in two as well) on 4/28 and then one on 5/5. I am missing the last two weeks. I received the normal UC benefits payment for the past two weeks today but no extra $540 (tax withheld).

  64. So glad to come across this article! We were lucky when we filed our initial claim and literally received our pin on the last day the first biweekly could be filed so we didnt miss any weeks in regular UC but only recieved three retroactive $600, split into two payments. First week, $540. Second week, $1080. (We have the 10% tax withheld) and then nothing since April 28th. By the end of this week, we will be owed four weeks of $600. I think we were jinxed bc it was dumb luck our initial claim went thru without hiccups. Located in PA btw and have been eligible ironically the same week the 600 was supposed to start getting disbursed, April 4th.

  65. I live in NJ, I applied on 4/12, and I got an email said my PUA is payable. But I haven’t gotten any money,not $231 minimum per week, nor $600 per week. And my UC is not payable at this time. I certified every week, and answered the question according to the guideline. I know NJ is giving some people PUA and FPUC, so if you said I am eligible for this, why I didn’t get any money? It has been 7 weeks, and no one can help me. Contacted Governor, senator and DOL, no one tried to help. Is that because I am not citizen? I am legal, and work and pay tax here.

    1. You need to certify on your day. Look on the website and see what day you certify based on the last four of your social.

  66. I was deemed non-essential since 3/15 and received $600 on 5/6. Filed on 4/7 and that’s all I’ve gotten. Not exactly covering the bills.

  67. i recieved a few weeks 0f 600 dollars an 3 weeks short im in florida no 600 dollars for 3 whole weeks and i need to pay my bills

  68. I live in GA. My Employer filed on my behalf. I received 3 regular payments and one FUPC payment as of 4/17 then they stopped. My Employer said she is filing my weekly claim but it is not going on 5 weeks with out getting a payment. I just don’t understand whats going on.

  69. I am in MA. Got once $600 FPUC on april 9th and that is all. Still getting regular UI benefits all these weeks. Sent multiple requests via DOI contact form without aby response. What is going on?

    1. I am in MA, too. Received all unemployment payments due without issue (for which I am grateful). Received FPUC only 4 out of the 5 weeks so far. Didn’t get it week of 4/12. emailed DUA daily for 21 days with no call back. I finally got through on the phone. Their explanation boils down to “not their fault. FPUC is federal and comes from a different source. MA has no control over it and cannot help at all…” They couldn’t even give me anyone to contact!

    2. We’re in IL. My husband received is UI benefits, but didn’t receive the $600 FPUC for any of the two weeks and we can’t get through to IDES to find out why it wasn’t included in his weekly payment.

  70. I live in Staten Island, Im not working for the past two month! I have applied for NY Unemployment compensation and got a denial letter because apparently I didt not worked for a couple of month in the beg of 2019. However I have worked for EZPass for 6 months as a temp but got lay off. So I thought some point I qualify for unemployment but that didnt happen. I then receive an email that I am elegible for NY PUA in 4/17/20 which I have applied immediately. And certify my weekly certification on NY Unemployment web page. So far I have “Received My First $600 PUA Unemployment Stimulus Boost Payment But No Second Payment – Why Did it Stop? I have tried to call 1 (888) 209-8124 but unable to reach no one. I have google for PUA Customer Service: (833) 324-0366 but unable to reach anyone either. I will try to follow up to check what is going on. I have medicals bills behind, credit cards behind, a car loan to pay, car insurance, rent…name it! I only relying in SNAP food stamp but is not enough. I have to get food pantry to cover food/meals for the month as SNAP is not enough. But soon I will run out gas as I only have $50 left in my bank that im sthreching for past 3
    weeks. No entrance of any cash whatsoever as I have been denied for NY Unemployment nor I dont have a job. It is very frustrating when I will finally get all PUA Benefits payment behind for help but I guess I am not alone!

  71. Fort Lauderdale, FL, here – was furloughed March 29, and applied for unemployment April 1 (first day system said I was eligible to) – it was not easy, as many others have stated, the state’s CONNECT system is horrible – took me dozens of attempts but finally “finished”. Next day after dozens of attempts to log in, I did, system said “We are unable to verify your identity, call this number”. Tried the number 80-100 times a day for next two days. I then found an email address in an FAQ for something unrelated on the FL UI main site about identity request docs. I felt very uncomfortable doing it, but I sent copies of my DL, SS, birth certificate, and passport. The site advised me to call the same number after sending the documents. I did and was actually able to get a spot on hold!! Woot! Was on hold for over three hours, and when I finally got on with a person, I told her my issue and that I sent the docs… She said “oh, you should be good to go”, I asked, “are you sure?”, Again she said, “if you sent them you should be good.” This was not very confidence inspiring, and not my most productive 3 hours…

    Officially laid off April 14. Received first UI direct deposit of $275 (Florida’s pathetic max) April 22, and another $275 cheque in the mail the same day. Received first $600 deposit April 27, and another $600 deposit the next day, April 28. Fwiw, Florida deposits have been coming in since on Wednesdays, and $600 FPUCs on Tuesdays, at least for me.

    Seems like I’ve been luckier than most, but certainly didn’t feel very lucky at the time! Hope my experience helps, or at least gives hope to my fellow Floridians!

    1. You have been very lucky indeed! This was not my experience nor of anyone else I know in Florida. All my co-workers who were laid off at exactly the same time have every single one of them had a different experience, are getting different amounts, and we all made the exact same per hour (or are not receiving any money yet), are not receiving payments at the same time/on same days, or have receive the Florida benefit but not the stimulus or vice versa. None of us have had the same experience – not one! And none have ever gotten through to a live person on the phone. Frustration abounds. Be thankful that you’re receiving anything and that it’s the max, because that also isn’t going to happen for most Floridians.

      I feel terrible for anyone who desperately needs the money and/or doesn’t have a computer at home (many people in the U.S. don’t), don’t have access to WiFi (many people don’t) or aren’t computer savvy (many people aren’t). Very sad state of affairs in many states.

  72. I live in Jersey… and it is ridiculous. I applied for UI March 03 2020 . I am a paraprofessional… I started receiving my UI just last week. I have recieved all my backnl pay.. which is only 208 a week.. so I got a lump sum of 1I. But I have not recieved not 1 payment of $600. NOT 1 !! I am utterly stressed out. UI shut off all the phones. You can speak to noone . I have 6 weeks going on 7 weeks of backed PUA 600/Per Week .. I am on the verge of losing my car, house, my husband is trying to keep us a float but we are struggling. We need that extra 600 a week. And there not even telling NJ us anything!!! Just keep saying wait on it…. wait on what!?!?! I’m on the verge of tears….. I feel like we just lost ducks….

    1. Unacceptable. I’m hoping in the END we will all receive our money, but that’s of a little consolation to you now. I hope things turn around for you very quickly.

  73. Im in new jersey and i have receive six weeks of unemployment. The minimun for gig workers. But so far the 600 have not arrive. Im wondering if i ever will receive them? because the $200.00 a week wont cut it. And already the monthly bills are showing up …

  74. I live in Wisconsin and I got my fist FPUC payment this week with unemployment payment. I should be getting 4 weeks back pay. I spent 2 hours on hold with unemployment waiting for an answer ( i was 94 in line ) , When I finally got someone and I asked when would the payment be made the person told me “you will just have to wait for it “. Maybe these people need compassion training. A lot of people are suffering and they don’t care.

    1. Apparently they are understaffed cross the nation. Each state receives millions of calls daily from people desperately unemployed to no fault of their own. That man who answered your call has probably heard everything under the sun at this point. Step in his shoes for a moment , he has probably been screamed at , cussed at and cried too. Maybe no one is giving him the answers to tell all the callers as UI is still trying to figure things out as they process all cases. I feel compassion that these folks are still trying to help during these trying times. And in the meantime testing is impossible unless you are ready for ventilator , front liner or hang out at the White House. Don’t surrender !!

    2. hi
      my name is gloria I recently receive a letter for unemployment with the approval of my application, but the letter said that you have to certify you information every two weeks about you qualification, in another words : you have to log in in you EDD account and look for the option to certify your information, this is like a way to tell the EDD that you still unemployed .. I hop that this will help you with your process..

  75. I have not gotten ANY FPUC money and have been on unemployment since march 17th. My employer as of last week received PPP money to pay us….however its not my regular wage amount …its way less and I am still eligible for the Retro payments of the FPUC. I am behind in my rent my electric and I haven’t made my car payment in 2 months I need this money or I’m going to lose everything

    1. As long as you are receiving $1 a week in UI you will continue to build ( in your case RETRO)in the PUA. You must continue to do a Payment Request on time. In Texas the PUA became available to UI recipercant’s on April 4th. Each state differs. Andy the guy who runs this blog, had that info in each state posted last week. So if you are making less , then you have loss of wages.

    2. Hi Renne I really sorry to hear that you are going through all this bad things, all of the government offices are closed including school , edd, courts, social security offices etc, but the good news is that they will be open soon, by June 1st, 2020.. once they open you can go directly to an office and find out about your unemployment money , also as order by the government all your payments and rent are allow to be late, the president order that the renters should wait for their payment and the court will not take any case of eviction because of the COV19, it will be against the law , and about your car payments, all the finance companies are helping, all you need to do is call them and told them to push your payment , in another words is that you will no have to paid the following payment but they will add another one at the end of your contract..

  76. I have been unemployed since march 22, up to now i have not receive even one of the $ 600 FPUC

  77. I live in Florida. I received one 600.00 payment then I got an email today that says I have to claim my weeks. but in Florida, it says on the home page claiming weeks and work searches are suspended. I am on LOA for COVID 19 and not looking for a new job but you cannot claim weeks without listing job searches. I am a loss as to what to do. I tried to email them nothing on the website is working. Everything says technical issues.

    1. Job search is not necessary in Texas however when doing the Payment Request it questions applicant on how many job searches. I write O in each for each question. It allows me to continue.

    2. Initially it made me fill out the job searches and I basically said no I’m not able to look for a job when they ask the reason why I put State lockdown and covid-19 and it then repeats some of the same questions and you just say unavailable to work, no you haven’t done your work search and then at the very end it asks you what county you live in and was this for reasons of covid-19. But it is strange because after that one time they said you no longer have to claim your weeks…i don’t even have a button or anything to click on to claim the weeks …they’re automatic now.

    3. hi im also in florida, on wed i received 4 weeks regular ui of 125$ a week total of $500.. But zero in the 600? question how long after your ui week(s) came in did you get the 600? Also I have dd with my bank? did u also or did u get paper checks?? im so stressed, cant believe it $ 500, for 5 weeks of waiting!! im trying to stay positive! If you could respond to me that would be wonderful thank you!!

      1. Anisa the extra $600 is very sporadic don’t count on it weekly if you get it its a bonus for sure I also am in Florida nothing past 2 weeks for the $600 after claiming

  78. I live in Central NY and my unemployent claim still says pending, yet I got $600 on 4/24. Haven’t received anything else since and today is 5/7.

    1. sameee , I’ve been claiming for 2 weeks after 4/24 and I haven’t received anything after that.

  79. I received my first $600 check on today 5/6 but have been out of work since 3/12 will I get a check for those weeks too? I live in Saratoga Springs NY

    1. In New York they are making the $600 retroactive to week ending April 3rd. If you were eligible for UIC after that week you should get retro payment checks for those week(s)

  80. What I am seeing is that each state can decide when retroactively to start having the Cares act money added to the UI. It passed 3/29 but only a handful of states are paying the $600 from 3/29. (Floridas DEO claims ignorance but somebody in their office has to ping the Feds when to pay)Just saw Florida is paying retroactively from 4/4 yet Texas only back to 4/14. It all seems pretty random. If they initiated it 3/29…why wouldn’t they all pay it from 3/29…
    After reading this feel lucky I have gotten 3 payments of UI and 2 of $600…but wish I lived in Texas…Florida pays a max of $275…poverty…SAD

  81. I live in Miami Florida I am getting $494.00 for unemployment every third week into my bank account but I only get on check for 600.00 in the mail on April 18. Until now May 5 I have not receive another check.
    Florida started sending 600.00 check on April 13 according to the information but how is possible they can not be
    consistent sending the check every week. Beside that it is terrible the service you get when you are lucky and somebody answer the phone because nobody knows anything . It is frustrated and terrible to be in this situation.
    I really believe the past governor Rick Scott did changes to the unemployment system in Florida that hurt
    workers people in Florida and now governor DeSantis is not responding to the urgency that we need.
    Florida is the state that has only 12 weeks to claim . I understand because the emergency now has been extended for another 12weeks but when you ask to the Reemployment Assistance they say no. they don’t know?????
    Can somebody help me with this?

  82. Florida’s unemployment system is literally the worst one in the country. Florida became a 3rd world country with people waiting in long lines for food hand outs. Not only is Florida’s inability to write checks to people who desperately need them abhorrently embarrassing, the state is also the absolute worst in the country at performing this task. Why is Florida in particular having such a difficult time now processing so many claims? Even with the new updated system many are still waiting for their first unemployment benefits for over 6 weeks now. And what about the additional $600. a week which is no where in sight for most Floridians. One of the biggest reasons Florida never intended to process so many claims is because former governor turned Senator Rick Scott gutted the system back in 2010 and wore it as a ceremonial mask to scare off the poor. Now, we’re literally seeing exactly how bad things can get when states don’t provide a bare minimum social safety net. Thanks, Rick Scott.
    Actions Speak Louder Than Words and Excuses. Someone Please Fix the Florida Unemployment System and Pay IT People that know what they’re doing. They also need to hire Experienced People to process claims since the one’s answering the phones lately are rude possibly due to the high stress of their jobs working from home.

    1. Florida’s Unemployment System is the Absolute Worst in the Country. Floridians have lost jobs or were furloughed due to State Ordered Covid 19 Closures but the Florida’s system only helps a fraction compared to New Jersey, which has the strongest unemployment system in the country. The state gives 66 percent of its unemployed residents up to $713 for 26 weeks.

      As Coronavirus spread throughout Florida, the state continues to struggle keeping up with approvals but announced Tuesday 5-5-2020 that more than 407,000 applications have been approved.

      Almost 1.2 million applications that have yet to be processed and hundreds more new applications are coming due to cutbacks from Florida employers. Looks like a good time for everyone to apply for welfare and food stamps.

  83. Alarming to hear Governor DeSantis that state of Florida is lucky claiming victory over Coronavirus. Does he not realize that the real numbers of people testing positive and deaths are being withheld from the public so the state can continue their Phase 1 opening of the businesses? Does he not realize most Floridians haven’t received an unemployment payment after 6 weeks of waiting? Opening businesses and beaches to people coming to Florida from other states will only increase the Covid19 spread of the virus. Most Floridians can’t even get tested or are being told there is a charge of $85 for the test. The numbers will remain low when the majority of people working in Disney and other theme parks will not get the opportunity to get tested. Putting these people in harms way to open the state before everyone can get tested is an easy way for lawyers to get involved to sue employers for unsafe work environments.

    1. Hello, and omg, I love Florida, but the whole nation has been hearing and reading horror stories about your state since day 1! We feel for you so much, even our Governor has mentioned Florida, and why is this happening?? Everything you have said, withholding numbers, downplaying the Seriousness of the Pandemic, the testing (or should I say lack of it), waiting Way Too Long to take action, and so much more…
      I know I don’t have to tell you this, you are, unfortunately, living in the nightmare . It’s like, is Florida in the US still? What’s happening with the local and state government there?? I wish we could do more for your situation there (and other states in similar situation, like NJ and others I’ve been reading about) Maybe posts like this could turn to stories, then petitions to the right ppl, and so on. You guys (and many others) need the help Yesterday, and Now, not in the ‘indefinite future’. I, for one, will send an electronic letter to our Governors office. It might not help, but it’s a start. We are all in this together, we should not have to be divided by state lines when it comes to an Unprecedented Situation such as this. Hoping for Quick (or at least faster paced) Response, Action and Resolve for all of you <3
      ~ Crystal in S.W. PA

  84. I have been furloughed since March 15 and have only received 1 – 2 week unemployment payment of $249 after taxes taken out – due to the issues on the Florida unemployment site requiring a job search before being able to claim payments. So now 1st 2 weeks are still pending and no additional weekly $600. payments yet . How do they expect everyone in the retail industry to keep paying for essential monthly bills? Sure feels like a 3rd world country living in the USA. Can’t even get tested for the Covid19 unless you pay which is crazy since you can get it next time out getting groceries. Pence stated he gets tested every day without showing symptoms while I had symptoms, stayed home 14 days still feeling sick and can’t get tested for free. Proud to be an American where only the rich get the best healthcare. Lost my insurance during furlough since its too expensive especially for an otherwise healthy person.

  85. I certified in FL only one week’s claim. I received the First $600 and my unempl check. I never certified any weeks after that but the $600 keeps coming. How do I pay it back?

    1. Consider yourself lucky since most Floridians haven’t even received their first unemployment checks due to all the IT issues with Florida Unemployment system. Six weeks and still waiting for unemployment checks and have not received any $600. payments. Unemployment was approved but then pending payments with no reason for issues. Site wanted work search when none was required.

  86. I have been unemployed since mid march. I received 2 weeks of the $600 payments the other day. It says it starts the 29th of march. Shouldn’t I have gotten 4 weeks? im in Florida and there system is horrible.

    1. I’ve noticed so many of these posts are from Florida… I feel for you. I’m sure you might have seen this, it popped up on my phone, I’m in PA, I hope these articles that are gaining national attention will prompt some sort of investigation as to wtf is going on there and get the ball rolling finally (and hopefully quickly) to help you all out. Good luck & I’m praying for fast resolution for the ppl of Florida and any other state that is lax on payments for its hard working citizens.
      ~ Crystal in S.W. PA

      1. Florida runs on the ‘ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ theory. The unemployment system has been consistently crappy since its inception. It runs on COBOL, for God’s sake! When claims spiked and the system crashed, the state couldn’t find anyone to fix it bc COBOL is an ancient language that nobody knows how to use. There is also proof that Deloitte Consulting, and Rick Scott- the governor at the time- set the system up to discourage people. It’s so arcane and confusing that after months of trying, there are many who will just throw in the towel.

        With that said, I first applied in March- the 15th to be exact. Al I got was pending, pending, pending. Then the system was upgraded some, and as many Floridians will confirm, we all had to start back at square one, effectively erasing weeks of claims. In my case, it was 5 weeks.

        Now, the Connect site says NOTHING about directions on how to apply for PUA once you’ve been rejected 2 or 3 times. I’m self employed so I was rejected. By total accident , I found, where I learned about PUA. says you’re declared ineligible, a new menu item pops up on your Connect home page ‘Apply for PUA’. I then filed and right away became eligible. I have gotten retro from the state back to the time when Connect upgraded. So I’ve lost 5 weeks retro to March 15th. Which probably means no $600/ week retro either. But, I am getting both now, albeit sporadically. You just can’t give up.

        So now the fight is on. There is a whistleblower who says there’s proof that the Connect system here was rigged to discourage claimants. Former governor Scott and Deloitte are under fire and there was talk about getting DeSantis into the fray too, but that failed, bc he’s pretty much a victim of circumstances here.

  87. Please Note: The $600 is through a program called FPUC, Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. The US Department of Labor announced the publication of Unemployment Insurance Guidance Letter 15-20 (UIPL) providing guidance to states for FPUC. This program allows states to provide an additional $600 per week to individuals who are collecting regular Unemployment Compensation as well as for unemployment compensation programs such as PEUC (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation) and PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance). FPUC benefit payments are fully federally-funded.

    1. So who can we email to let them know that thousands of US citizens and legal workers haven’t received a single unemployment check since they were furloughed. The Florida Unemployment System is still broken – All the phone numbers are just people telling us the system is still down. When will we get unemployment payments and the $600. that some people are already receiving? Where is Governor DeSantis and the head of Unemployment to answer the questions so we can provide for our families as they can provide for theirs? All we keep getting is excuses and the Unemployment System is Still Down for over 6 weeks.

      1. I live in Jersey… and it is ridiculous. I applied for UI March 03 2020 . I am a paraprofessional… I started receiving my UI just last week. I have recieved all my backnl pay.. which is only 208 a week.. so I got a lump sum of 1I. But I have not recieved not 1 payment of $600. NOT 1 !! I am utterly stressed out. UI shut off all the phones. You can speak to noone . I have 6 weeks going on 7 weeks of backed PUA 600/Per Week .. I am on the verge of losing my car, house, my husband is trying to keep us a float but we are struggling. We need that extra 600 a week. And there not even telling NJ us anything!!! Just keep saying wait on it…. wait on what!?!?! I’m on the verge of tears….. I feel like we just lost ducks….

  88. On UI due to Pandemic. I received Fist UI payment including waiting week , so 2 weeks $ but no PUA $600. The next week I received the PUA of $600. This week was Request Payment week ,which I did on time, 3 days later received 2week of UI and 2 weeks of PUA $600 ( so dbl 600 is $1200 for 2 weeks ). I have read of internet that the PUA $600 has to be paid weekly but mine did not. I probably jinxed myself by telling about…hope not. Oh , I am in Texas !!!

      1. I am actually from Miami and my family is still in Florida. My sister in the Deltona area waited for 6 weeks but has now received one UI along with the one $600 PUA. Now has received a 2week round of UI and a 2 week round of the PUA ($600 ) Out here in Texas we must do a Payment Request on each persons assigned day. That is good for 2 weeks of UI and it never mentions the PUA ,it comes along with it. She says that Payment Request is not necessary in Florida that it has been deleted. It took her a few days of all day to apply. That was late March. The same for me in Texas. It is a horrible mess and its too soon to open USA !! Good Luck…

      2. YES! FLORIDA IS THE WORST! NOT TO MENTION THE $275 per week. That doesn’t cover an electric bill! RIDICULOUS!

    1. Im in Texas too and I’m really quite surprised that Texas actually disbursed that $600 FPUC money. Remember that Texas rejected the federal unemployment money offered under Obama in the 2010 Great Recession. Other states took it happily, but our governor decided (for All of us) that unemployed Texans would rather starve than take Federal money. HE DID however take 10 million dollars of that money -to remodel the governors mansion he was living in. But Trumps not getting elected again with worst unemployment in history, (due to the highest per capita death rate and poorest handling of Covid 19 in the whole world,we currently have 5 percent of the worlds population and 33% percent of the worlds Covid19 deaths despite spending more that anybody on healthcare) But Texas governor is republican and he wants more Trump management, so maybe thats why were getting the money -or some of it anyway. Good news, because I just lost my job 2 weeks ago and I’m going to need it too.

    2. I am in Texas too and have received all of my weekly UI benefits except the $600. I am still requesting a payment every 2 weeks, but not a single $600 FPUA. I wonder if I will get that as a lump sum since last week of April when I got reduced to 20 hours a week (which barely covers medical premiums and other payroll deductions). I have requested twice online for a Texas Unemployment representative to contact me either via email or phone. I am still waiting for a response. I guess I’m SOL.

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