Reflections on the Week

What a crazy week in the stock market. Fear and panic seems to have gripped markets all over the world and for regular investors like you and me, it is an emotional roller coaster as we watch our (paper) net worth evaporate in front of us. Following Warren Buffet’s advice of “being greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”, could mean that this is an excellent time to buy for the long term investor. For most of us the best way to do this through our retirement accounts. With just over two weeks till the national elections the economy is taking center stage in the presidential candidates policy pitches. Obama is the clear front runner and I hope as our next president he is smarter about things than the current administration.

I participated in three blogging carnivals this week – Carnival of Personal Finance (@ Budgets are Sexy), the Festival of Stocks (@ Dividend Growth Investor) and the Money Hacks Carnival (@ My Two Dollars). Thanks to all the hosts for including my articles and here are some of the other submissions I liked:

How To Write An Effective Complaint Letter by Two Pennies Earned.

Losing Money In Your 401k? 6 More Ways To Make Some Extra Money! by Bible Money Matters.

Up, Down, and Around: Keep an Even Keel with the Stock Market by Uncommon Cents.

– FruGal provides some useful information for renters in
Don’t get screwed by your landlord:Top Tips.

Risk Management and the Imaginary Portfolio by No Debt Plan

How I Saved $2,000 by Being Creative and What Else Did I Discover by The Personal Financier.

Dealing with a Tough Economy by Money and Such.

– Ashley from Wide Open Wallet says Don’t let the news replace your reality.

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