Reflections on the Week

No president’s elected this week, but still a busy one as the media focus turns from Obama becoming president-elect to his cabinet selections. There is a lot of pressure and expectations on him to deliver change and get America of the economic crisis, some of it unrealistic I fear. While he will surely bring about change, the current crisis cannot be solved by one man or one country. It will require a global effort and time to clear the excesses. Still, it is a good move to know what Obama’s plans are for the future of this nation and if you want the financial details on his plan check the official Obama policy site (I’ll be doing a post on this soon as mentioned below). Speaking of government action, I wrote a couple of posts during the week on updates to the two major initiatives – TARP and the Home Loan Modification program – that are being implemented to try and get us out of the current economic crises. One looks like a big failure, while the other one seems to be a decent plan. Have a look and let me know which one is which.

Appearances and good reads this week

My post on 5 tips to avoid getting ripped off at the mechanics was featured in the Carnival of Personal finance this week, hosted at the Digerati Life. Excellent theme and clearly she read all the articles published. This detailed approach and thought put into all her posts, makes SVB one the best pf bloggers out there (in my opinion anyway!)

When Alzheimer’s Hits at 40. This was one of the most moving articles I have read in awhile. Something about this article spoke deeply to me and a must read. It puts one’s life in perspective and makes you appreciate what you know and have.

Budgets are Sexy admits that he is pretty jaded when it comes to work, but then goes on to list the reasons why he loves his job. I want his job – excellent benefits and perks!

Does the US have too many banks? Yes, if we are compared to the Canadians says the Finance Buff

PT Money shares some insight on Obama and Bush’s talks on the Second Economic Stimulus Check. Based on the reader poll I ran here on the timing of the next stimulus check, Dec/Jan looks like when it will be approved (and hopeful paid shortly thereafter).

Green Panda writes on how she saved some money on her cable/internet bundle. Always has the flexibility to upgrade later. Time to review my triple-combo.

The Dough Roller writes the first of what promises to be a great series on picking a lucrative online money making topic. I always learn something new when I read his posts on blogging and optimization. Clearly knows his stuff.

Also, wanted to mentioned the Finance Blog Network’s latest group network project titled “Advice For President-Elect Obama”. Everybody else is providing there two cents, so what not us. Look for my post on this topic early next week.

Don’t forget to buy your 2009 Entertainment book. Not only does it support a good cause, but has hundreds of great coupons for top restaurants and merchants. For less than $30 (or $25 and free shipping via this promotion till Nov 30th) it is a great buy for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Keeping with the talk of discounts and coupons I also wanted to mention a cool new site I was referred to this week – It has free shipping coupons to all the well know stores like JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Dell and Gap. Great for your holiday shipping and best of all it is free to use (they make their money from the merchants). Worth checking out if you order stuff online and want to get it delivered for free.

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