Federal Unemployment Benefits Insurance Extension Unlikely

[Latest Update] With the Republicans taking control of Congress and the Presidency it is highly unlikely that any further unemployment benefits extension will be approved going forward. Particularly as the unemployment rate drops and economy continues to improve.

I will though continue to monitor any new bills the new Republican Congress brings up and encourage you to follow this site via Facebook, Twitter or your other preferred social media channels.


[2014 Update] Republicans and Democrats have finally compromised and passed a bipartisan budget. Unfortunately the latest budget deal failed to provide federal funding for unemployment benefits (known as the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program) meaning 1.3 million unemployed Americans will lose their benefits at the start of 2014. Another 850,000 are expected to lose benefits through the first quarter of 2014.

Democratic leaders in Congress have vowed to take up the extension to unemployment benefits at the start of 2014 when Congress returns to session but are likely to face an uphill battle with Republicans who have long opposed further funding.

New applicants for unemployment benefits or those looking for alternative options should check with their state unemployment agency/commission which manages both the federal and state unemployment benefits.


[2013 Unemployment Benefits Extension – January 2013 update] Congress and the Obama administration have reached an agreement that will extend unemployment benefits into 2013 following the latest round of fiscal cliff negotiations. This means newly unemployed and those with time left on their unemployment benefits will continue to receive aid in 2013.

However the current deal does not expand the UI benefit duration (detailed in previous updates below), meaning those who have already exceeded the maximum allowable benefits (up to 73 weeks in some states) will NOT be able to receive additional benefits.

If you are already receiving benefits no further action should be required on your part. For new applicants or those looking for alternative options check with your state unemployment agency/commission which manages both the federal and state unemployment benefits.


[December 2012 update] Newly unemployed people will no longer have access to extended unemployment benefits in 2013.  As Congress and the re-elected Obama administration have not passed any unemployment extension legislation, unemployed Americans will only have access to the existing maximum of 26 weeks of state benefits next year. Federal extended unemployment benefits programs were extended for the remainder of 2012, as described in the previous update below.

The last payable ending date for all federal extensions is December 29, 2012. Unless Congress passes additional legislation to extend benefits , no further federal unemployment benefits (Tiers 1 – 4) can be paid for any weeks spent unemployed after this date even if someone may have a balance remaining on a federal extension claim. More than two million will lose access to federal unemployment insurance if the program lapses in December.

The re-elected Obama administration may put in place additional unemployment insurance in the new year and I will provide updates on any new legislation or proposals.


[Updated March – 2012 Unemployment Benefits Approved by Congress] Congress has passed legislation, signed by the President, that extends unemployment benefits into 2013. This is part of legislation that extended the payroll tax credit and doctor medicare reimbursements through December 2012. However the unemployment benefits extension has been changed to a tiered structure based on the recipients state unemployment rate.

Unemployment insurance benefits were extended to between 40 and 73 weeks for new recipients, down from a uniform 99 weeks under past legislation per the previous updates below. States with unemployment rates higher than 8.3% (currently Idaho, Washington, Arizona, Tennessee, Oregon, Indiana, New Jersey, Kentucky, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Rhode Island, California and Nevada) can extend benefits to 73 weeks while those in states with lower rates can extend benefits between 40 and 63 weeks. States are also allowed to mandate drug testing for unemployment benefits.


[Updated – 2012 Unemployment Benefits Extension] In his latest jobs plan, the $447 billion Americans Jobs Act, the President has called for more than $62 billion in spending to extend unemployment insurance benefits through 2012. He is also looking to fund state administered programs that will alleviate long-term joblessness for millions of Americans.

The President’s jobs plan will also provide benefits (a $4,000 tax credit) for business’ that train people who have been out of work for 6 or more months, by covering costs to the employer for up to 8 weeks. States will also be able to use unemployment-insurance funds to make up for wages lost by workers whose hours were cut back in lieu of a layoff and for those 50 and older who took a lower-paying job after a layoff.

The extended benefits will cover jobless workers for up to 99 weeks, but apart from the new training programs, the proposed jobs recovery plan provides little benefit for those unemployed for more than 99 weeks.

2012 unemployment insurance extenstions


[Updated August 2011] Unfortunately as part of getting bipartisan support for the debt ceiling deal , the President had to cut requests for extensions to various stimulus programs that included extending federal unemployment insurance. Federal unemployment programs, which kick in after the 26 weeks of state benefits are used, would have required an estimated $60 billion of funding. Democrats had only managed to keep the programs alive in Dec 2010 for another 13 months by attaching them to a two-year re-authorization of the bush-era tax cuts (see updates below).

Anyone laid off after July 1 is ineligible for extra weeks of benefits under current law. People who started filing claims in July who exhaust their six months of state benefits in January will be on their own. (People who are in the middle of a “tier” of federal benefits will probably be able to receive the remaining weeks in their tier, but they will definitely be ineligible for the next level up.) Since 2008, layoff victims could receive as many as 73 additional weeks of benefits, depending on what state they lived in. Nearly 4 million people currently claim benefits under the two main federal programs (known as Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits), according to the latest numbers from the Labor Department. Another 3 million are on state benefits. (Huffington post)

The White house has indicated it will keep pushing for more assistance to the long term unemployed.


[Updated April 2011] Representative Barbra Lee, D-CA, has introduced a new bill (H.R.589, Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011) in the house to further extend unemployment benefits. The proposal would add 14 weeks to the first tier of unemployment insurance benefits and make the additional weeks available retroactively to all unemployed workers who have exhausted all of their existing benefits. This bill is primarily aimed at helping the long term unemployed, or 99ers, whose benefits have or are close to expiring.

This bill is still the House’s Ways and Means committee for review and is likely to face fierce opposition from Republicans. Congress recently returned to session, but this bill and others is likely to take a back seat unless the government’s budgetary issues are sorted out.

Also, a number of states have recently extended or changed their unemployment benefits. This includes:

New York: Gov. Cuomo has now signed legislation that amends state law and allows New York residents to qualify for a third year of the state’s  unemployment insurance program.

Michigan: has become the first state to lower the number of weeks jobless workers can get benefits by passing a bill that temporarily continues federal benefits for people who are out of work now, while cutting state benefits for new filers from 26 to 20 weeks starting next year.


[Updated December 2010] President Obama has signed into law a bill that covers an extension of all the bush-era tax cuts plus some new and extended tax benefits. With this legislation he has essentially created a new 2011 Economic Stimulus package, estimated at around $858 billion. As part of this package, unemployment insurance benefits were extended once again, for an additional 13 months.  Over 7 million Americans were at risk of losing their unemployment checks if the insurance was not extended. The latest benefits extension is only for those who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state jobless insurance or who are working their way through the federal tiers (see details below). Further, the maximum for unemployment benefits is still 99 weeks.

When the benefits expired earlier this year (Nov. 30) about 1 million people scattered across all 50 states stopped receiving unemployment checks, which provide an additional 34 and up to 53 weeks of benefits based on the state’s unemployment levels under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), which was enacted in 2008. After state and EUC benefits are used up, unemployed workers can receive benefits through the permanent federal-state Extended Benefits (EB) program, between 13 to 20 weeks, if their state’s unemployment insurance laws call for it, according to the National Employment Law Project (NELP).

Under the new tax law, states won’t have to show that their unemployment rates increased during the past two years to keep the EB program. In addition, the new legislation gives 10 states — Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming — an opportunity to provide the EB benefit to jobless workers, if they pass state legislation. Currently, 977,000 workers are receiving extended benefits, according to NELP.

Overall, half of all states qualify for the 99 weeks, because the unemployment rate is at least 8.5 percent with some of the highest unemployment in California, Georgia and Rhode Island, according to Labor Department statistics. Of those 25 states, 12 have jobless rates at least as high as the 9.8 percent national level, while nine are mired in double-digit unemployment.


[Update November 2010] Jobless benefits for thousands of Americans are likely to expire following the recent blocking of a house bill (see Senate bill that was blocked in previous below) to extend jobless benefits for three more months (H.R. 6419). Republicans, in a replay of a dispute earlier this year, blocked the legislation because its $12 billion cost would be added to the government’s deficit. They demanded offsetting savings elsewhere in the budget.

The 258-154 vote fell short of the two-thirds needed under an expedited approval process. Voting against the bill were 11 Democrats and 143 Republicans.  Aid is set to expire Nov. 30 for some unemployed, and with Congress out of session next week for the Thanksgiving holiday, lawmakers will have little time to find agreement before then.

“This bill is like déjà vu all over again, and not in a good way,” said Representative Charles Boustany, a Louisiana Republican. “We all want to help those in need but the American people also know someone has to pay when government spends money, and it shouldn’t be our children and grandchildren.”  Representative Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat, said “ending unemployment assistance will not only be devastating for these individuals and their families but it will also hurt the economy as a whole by undermining consumer confidence and demand.”

About 8,400 Americans will see their unemployment checks cut off by the end of the first week of December, according to Labor Department estimates. By the end of the third week of December, 1.36 million Americans will be affected if Congress doesn’t act, the agency said. The unemployment rate last month was 9.6 percent. Jobless benefits were cut off earlier this year for some unemployed people after a similar dispute in the Senate led by Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning.


[Senate Jobs Bill blocked by Republicans] Unfortunately, Republican senators objected to Senator Stabenow’s bill (S3706, outlined below) and it was block in Congress from proceeding further. This means that Federal emergency unemployment benefits begin phasing out at the end of this month, which will reduce the weeks of benefits available to unemployment-insurance claimants

For the past year, eligible jobless workers could receive up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. This includes up to 26 weeks of regular benefits, up to 53 weeks of emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) and up to 20 weeks of extended benefits. With the end of EUC, people who are drawing regular benefits at the end of November and people who file new claims after Nov. 27 will be limited to 46 weeks of benefits.

“Although Congress has stepped in at the last minute and continued the program several times over the past two years, it doesn’t look like there will be another save this time,” said Employment Security Commissioner Paul Trause. “As a result, thousands of unemployed workers will find their benefits ending sooner than they expected.”

Emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) benefits are paid out in a series of four tiers. When the program ends, claimants will be allowed to continue claiming benefits through the duration of their existing tier, but those in tiers 1, 2 or 3 may not advance to the next tier. Instead, they would advance to the extended-benefits program.

Claimants are currently being notified by the expiration of the EUC benefits. After completing some final computer programming over Thanksgiving weekend, various state departments will send notices telling claimants which EUC tier they are in, if applicable, and will be able to tell them how many weeks of emergency unemployment compensation and extended benefits they have remaining.


[Update August  2010] Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) introduced a bill – s3706, Americans Want to Work Act – in the Senate  that would provide extra weeks of benefits to people who’ve reached the end of their unemployment insurance lifelines (Tier 5) in states with over 7.5% unemployment. The measure would provide 20 extra weeks of unemployment benefits and extend the existing HIRE tax credit for businesses that hire workers who’ve been unemployed for 60 days or longer.

“Across our state, more than 35,000 people who have lost their jobs have also exhausted their unemployment insurance benefits. I know that these men and women want to work and have been trying their best to find jobs in this difficult economy,” said Stabenow. “My legislation cuts taxes for businesses that hire new workers who have been looking for work the longest. My bill also provides 20 more weeks of unemployment insurance to people in states like ours with the highest number of people out of work.”

The Americans Want to Work Act extends through 2011 the successful HIRE Act tax credit which cuts payroll taxes for businesses that hire workers who have been out of work for longer than 60 days and also gives them a $1,000 general business tax credit for each worker employed for at least a year. The Stabenow bill also doubles the tax credit to $2,000 if businesses hire workers who have totally exhausted their unemployment benefits.

Recent reports from the Department of Treasury show that from February to June of this year, businesses hired approximately 5.6 million new workers who had been out of work for eight weeks or more.  This bill will have to be approved in the Senate before going to the house for congressional approval (assuming no other changes).  Past extensions have been tough to get approved amid complaints they would add too much to the deficit, which is likely to impede this bill as well.


[Update July 2010] The U.S. Congress and the President broke a Republican filibuster and approved legislation restoring unemployment benefits to 2.5 million Americans who lost aid during a political dispute over how to pay for it. Benefits will be extended for those who have already used their standard 26 weeks of unemployment. Republicans had stalled the $33.9 billion package (HR 4213) for weeks, arguing that aid should be paid by making cuts elsewhere. Democrats have maintained that jobless benefits are emergency spending that traditionally have not been offset.

The legislation would extend through November a program offering the long-term unemployed up to 99 weeks of assistance and provide aid retroactively to those whose checks were cut off by the impasse. It would push total unemployment benefit spending this year to more than $130 billion, a 50 percent increase from last year, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Democrats dropped other unemployment assistance provisions amid complaints over the cost, including a 65 percent subsidy created last year to help the jobless buy health insurance through their former employers (COBRA). There is no plan to extend them during this session of Congress even though it benefited 2 million households last year, according to the Treasury Department. The measure wouldn’t renew an additional $25 weekly jobless benefit (Federal Additional Compensation Program) that was part of last year’s economic stimulus. That means that all retroactive payments would be for $25 less than what they were before June 2nd, as will all payments in new tiers. Nor would it extend a tax exemption for the first $2,400 in unemployment aid.

Also, Democrats don’t plan to extend aid to the growing number of Americans who have already received the maximum 99 weeks of allowable aid (Tier V or Tier 5 provision). 99 weeks (Tier IV) would still be the maximum amount of a time a person could receive benefits for in states with high unemployment rates, and 86 weeks (Tier III) would still be the max in states with low unemployment rates.

A number of other jobs-related provisions, including plans to send additional aid to state governments, that once comprised Democrats’ election-year agenda were jettisoned amid complaints they would add too much to the deficit

The unemployment benefits extension debate will be reread over and over again in the coming months as part of the talking points in the platforms of both Parties as they campaign toward the November elections.  Republicans will accuse Democrats of wasteful spending tendencies, steering the country in the wrong direction, crushing the nation’s grandchildren with massive deficit spending. Democrats will accuse Republicans of a lack of vision, not willing to tax the rich but perfectly willing to deny the poor (and unemployed), and press the idea that it was 12 years of deregulation and profligate spending under a Republican-led Congress, plus the disastrous economic policies — continuous tax breaks — of the Bush administration, that led to the current economic situation.


[Update Mar 2010] Congress and now the President have approved a $45 billion plan to expand a tax credit for first-time home buyers, extend jobless benefits and provide tax refunds to money-losing companies. The bill (H.R.3548) will be funded from the $787 billion stimulus originally approved in Feb 2009.

Unemployment Benefits Extension

The government is proposing to spend $2.4 billion to extend unemployment benefits for between 14 to 20 weeks, enough to cover the upcoming holiday season. States with the highest unemployment would get the highest unemployment benefits. The extension will benefit nearly 1 million out-of-work people who will run out of benefits by the end of the year. If HR3548 passes with the proposed amendments unemployed workers would generally get the following additional benefits:

– 14 weeks extra for everyone in any US state (up from the 13 initially proposed by the house in the unemployment compensation Extension act, S. 1699)
– An additional 6 weeks, for a total of 20 weeks, for those in states with unemployment at or over 8.5% (3 month average)

With enactment, the jobless in the hardest-hit states could receive up to 99 weeks of benefits, which average about $300 a week

Extended Home Buyer Credit

The $8,000 home buyers’ tax credit enacted earlier this year and slated to expire on November 30th 2009, will now continue until April 30 and contain the following new provisions.

– First-time home buyers who close before April 1 would get the full $8,000, and the credit’s value would be reduced by $2,000 in each successive quarter until expiring at the end of the year.

– The plan would extend the credit, due to expire Nov. 30, to home purchases under contract by April 30, 2010, with borrowers allowed another 60 days to close the sale, according to a person familiar with the details of the agreement.

– Current Homeowners looking for a new home could also qualify for a $6,500 credit if they have lived in their existing primary residence for at least five years

– The home buyers’ credit would be available to individuals earning up to $125,000, or $250,000 for couples, up from $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for couples under the current law.

– Tax Credit Exclusions: Homes that cost more than $800,000 aren’t eligible for the credit and you must be over 18 years old to claim the credit. Those who sell their new home or stop using it as their main residence within three years would have to repay the credit.

The Treasury Department estimates that more than 1.4 million Americans have taken advantage of the home buyer credit at a cost so far of about $10 billion. Democrat leaders say expanding the credit to those who already own homes would help create jobs because “the move-up buyer is more inclined and capable of buying that furniture, maybe building a porch, putting a garage on, a new roof” and making the “kinds of investments I think is going to be a job-creator across the country.” Republicans, called the tax credit a waste of money, saying studies show that most of those claiming the break would have bought homes anyway.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said in a research note yesterday that the credit probably spurred 200,000 home sales that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred. Extending the credit to people who own homes wouldn’t reduce the excess housing blamed for the slump because “every buyer taking advantage of the move-up credit would necessarily be a seller,” Goldman Sachs said. It said the plan may increase housing prices by 1 percent because “sellers are likely to incorporate a fraction of the credit amount in their sale prices.”

The senate approved legislation also would expand provisions in the stimulus package allowing companies to apply their losses to previous years’ income, thereby reducing their tax bills and allowing them to claim refunds. Banks and other institutions receiving assistance from the Treasury Department’s TARP program wouldn’t be eligible.

Lawmakers are still considering whether to extend several other elements of the stimulus package, including subsidies to help the jobless buy health insurance and increased funds for food stamps. Obama has also called for sending seniors $250 checks because they won’t get a cost-of-living increase next year in their Social Security checks. I will provide updates on these and progress of the above bill through Congress, and encourage you to subscribe (free) via Email or RSS to get the latest news.

References : Bloomberg

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    When the unemployment extension was pass and republicans would not let it pass. The Democrat such have took the 5 month extension and work on a long extension. People are hunting from that decision today. I think they such give the American people 5 months of unemployment benefits regardless if they are working are not. President Obama can you please help became you leave office it would help the American people to get back on they feet.

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    Just ran of of unemployment payments from Ohio. Engineering Director been out since August 2014. Its now March 2015. Several problems, #1 over 55. #2 Live in Cleveland. #3 Don’t have Masters degree. Have sent out over 150 resumes…..

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    1. Maggiemay

      I completely agree, the last thing I wanted is to be unemployed. I have put out so many resumes and don’t receive a response. I’ve had 2 interviews in 2 months, not sure if that’s good or not. They take “forever” to get back to you when they’re getting a great deal with my experience. I cannot believe people could collect and feel secure for over 2 years and we get 6 months or nothing. It’s not right, this government is screwed up.

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    America can not continue to give people unemployment for ever. There has to be an end sometime. Our unemployment rate is so high because of our illegal immigration. There are so many illegals here that the Amereican citizen has to figh fo the jobs that bare available. Oue entire economy is in the tank due to illegal immigration. Thy usedto sa that th illegal was just here to work the jobs that Americans would not do, but tha is no way the truth, they have taken ove the construction industry, trucking, food service, janitorial, retail, and more. They think they are too good to work in the fields anymore. Our social services are bankrupt due to the illegal as well. Hell, they have even bankrupted States, closed down hospitals etc., Wake up America, or we are all doomed. Report and Deport !

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      thats the dumbest argument. Limit Welfare not unemployment, we are actively looking for jobs not just collecting our whole lives. total bullshit.

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    For those of you who has this larger than life attidude because joblessness hasn’t kicked your door down yet, and keep referring to the “lazy person” on the “couch.” Let’s see what you think after that lazy persons’ survival mode kicks in because they can’t take it no more to look at their 2 year old who haven’t eaten in 2 days because the unemployed worker is torn between buying meds or food, gasoline or pay the light bill (care taker for their 85 year old mother on machines that require electricity) and let’s see if you still think they are lazy while they climb the walls of your house to break in to steal all of the food you have in your frig. Let’s see if they are still lazy if they see you walking and rob you after being tired of sending out thousands of resumes only to receive one interview only to compete with 500 other “more qualified applicants” for that ONE job so they walk off feeling inadequate (despite the fact that they may have worked their asses off for that Master’s degree). So, now they still don’t have a job so go back to the drawing board we now call a computer to shuffle through all of the false advertisements, bait and switch tactics promoted by school ads, who are just about ready to knock you down and steal your purse or wallet so that they can continue their job search being able to buy the high priced gas to do so. Now, go ahead and times that by a million unemployed job searchers who all at one time don’t have ANY money coming in who are exhausted, broke, fed up, turned to the bottle, hungry, tired of short stringing it and are now on the streets and have given up and has simply said fuck it and start to rob and steal. I’m talking folks who have never been in trouble with the law. Because survival mode will kick in. Trust me on that one. Let’s see how you feel when you get “jacked” for your loot or your diamond get snatched because to them all of that bling starts to look like a decent meal, cloths, money for bills and a way to save their house. You see these are people who haven’t gotten quite use to their new found poverty. This is everybody’s problem. Everyone should get together on this and try to solve it together (write proposals for on-the-job-training programs, send applications for patents, new ideas, new products, home based jobs for example resume writing businesses, restructure how hiring companies hire). This is just off the top of my head. Presidents are optimistic, but realistically, create jobs for everybody, come on… really. Any of them will say what ever they think we want to hear to get elected or re-elected. “We are the People” we should start acting like it. Just some information for some of the ill informed. We wanted to work. We demonstrated that fact by having a job in the first place. Unemployment don’t just give you a check if you quit or are lazy. They assess first the circumstances. It has to be determined that you are now without a job for “NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN” to even receive a check. Picture this if you are still puzzled about the tragedy that would be inevitible if the jobless benefits are not extended…people are going to eat. Period. People are going to jail trying to make that happen. They will go to the already overcrowded jails, government of course, will slap your ass with the bill, that’s if you haven’t been let go or laid off yet your damn self by then. Robberies, looting, assualts, check bouncing will happen and that is just getting started. The govenment will call on a militia, lock down the neigborhoods, and they will be safe because him and his family can just conveniently go to his underground bunker. Wake up, and be realistic and pass the damn law to give earned money to workers. (by the way, it is a JOB to look for a job and unemployment makes you be prepared to report all job searches ramdomly or you’ll lose those benefits) As, jobless americans, (yes we are proud americans) we got our shit together and we deserve to get help after all who has for years participated in contributing to the thousands of lifetime welfare recipients who we KNOW, some of them, not all, sat on the “Big Fat Couch.” Or even worst, paying for all, some of which could be some of your family members who have gone to jail. Who do you think paid for that shit. The recently unemployed workers. Now, we need help to GET BACK ON OUR FEET, not a hand out. There is a difference. I don’t think you know who you are referring to when you say lazy. I’ll tell you, firemen, social workers, constuction workers, police officers, engineers does that help, you idiots.

    1. linny

      I was laid off in my fifties after 23 yrs after a buyout and made 26 an hr now i grab what i can but companies have friken nerve to offer 10 an hr and want you to have a degree wtf! Ive been ableto grab good paying temp jobs but have to be back onn edd and make a whopping 272 a wk after it ends. Dont think it cant happen to you quit being smug

    2. jodi

      Been looking for a job for 6 months my unemployment is ending where are the jobs Obama.

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    For those of you who are against the “EUC” that our President has helped to establish, it is apparent that you are receiving a check from somewhere. If you would like to give up your job I wouldn’t mind taking over your position or is that alittle scary.
    People are aways against something until it affects their pocket book. So all of your ethics will go out the window when when you are jobless. Think about it.
    Wake up! Companies are now laying off workers and are out sourcing to on-line “freelancers”. They can get the work done at a fraction of the cost. They don’t need you sitting at a desk anymore.

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  18. Tim

    MCP down the comment line…

    STOP BLAMING BUSH- ” THE TAX CUTS BLAH BLAH”. DO THE MATH! THE TAX CUTS, IF WERE NEVER IN PLACE, WOULD HAVE NOT EVEN RECOVERED 10% OF THE DEFICIT CREATED BY BUSH AFTER ONE YEAR. SO THATS NOTHING. ITS CALLED BALANCING A BUDGET, like your CHECKBOOK or hmm “I have a 10 dollar bill, i can ONLY spend 10 dollars or less… BUt i prefer not to spend it all”… im not surprised though, i wonder how much money problems Obama has had in his entrie life… typical isnt it- does he owe for child support too ??

  19. Austin

    Yea, Obama is the worst president, and if you don’t think so… you are the ingnorant puppet that shouldn’t have gone and voted for the guy in the first place. He has done absolutely NOTHING but ruin this country, and if left to another term- this country is going to fall apart- that is a FACT and nothing could be closer to truth. Im sorry that the first black president and representative of democrats is such an embarassment, but he really is- and even more pitiful of a human being to not realize how badly he has messed up. Unfortunately people are really dumb these days and follow everybody’s word like it was their last, and further more, shoot down any common sense and badger the people that actually have a brain just because they aren’t democratic puppets.
    Did you know Obama never really had a REAL job? He was a “neighborhood organizer”… whatever that is- certainly not qualifying material in my book…
    If you want America to be around for your kids, or even for you to retire in, it doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat- it matters if you have the slightest ability to think for yourself and look at what is happening all around you, and process a cohearent line of logic and intelligence and realize this guy is a clown, and of all the other presidents who did- Obama is the only one worthy of assasination insted of a real American president like Lincoln. So, do yourself a favor and everyone else in America, and in the entire world (as they are dependent on us) to vote for ANYBODY other than him next election if your a democrat… ’cause frankly, if you want to vote for him, you are mentally retarded by the very definition of the word and should NOT vote in any case as you are unable to make an intelligent decision, much less one for your own survival.

  20. 99er

    More and more people join the rank of a 99er each week. When will we end up rioting like the other countries? Our stock market is all over the place. How are these people suppose to feed their children or live with no jobs and no income? When is the government going to realize that them allowing our jobs to go overseas created this problem? I for one am preparing for a riot here in the US. What is them giving 16 billion to the Unemployed going to hurt? They are giving more than that to other countries.

    1. Michael andrus

      We will have to riot if we want something done congress or the president can care less about us they get a salary whether they work or retired what the raise they got when they had no .money for the unemployed

  21. BJ

    I think it’s shame, that you work all your life and find your self without a job. And the goverment decides your not entitled to unemployment to maintain your household. But the powers that be are feeding there kids, sending them to college and paying there bills ect. In the mean time peoples lives are sysmaticly being torn apart, there losing everything, and peoples health is being compromised.

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  23. the BIG Picture

    This should be easy enough for all to follow.


    Rick Scott (Gov of Florida) has created 76,800 jobs since he took office in January 2011 (Total of 8 months).

    There is atleast 394,500+ Florida college students during any given year.
    Lets assume 1/5 graduate that particular year. That alone absorbs the available jobs market – solely college graduates. Where are the other 1million currently receiving unemployment and the other 1million unemployed (99ers) who are no longer eligible to receive unemployment benefits therefore aren’t counted in the Bureu of Labor Statistics suppose to find jobs?

    Florida unemployment: 10.6% (receiving unemployment) + 8.1% (undocumented unemployed) EQUALS 18.7%

    This path is unsustainable. The US has got itself into a very difficult situation.

  24. allison

    you know what stop whinning yall been getting ue checks for like 3 yrs really get off the couch and work o well u have to work 2 jobsthats what grown ups do and there is jobs pick ur boobs or penis off the ground and go to mcdnalds,bk,walmart i have 2 jobs i had the first one for 2 yrs andjust recently picked up a 2nd I’M TIRED!!

    1. ak

      Maybe if you learned to spell and write a simple sentence correctly – SPELLCHECK?! (never mind a classier demeanor and that big chip on your shoulder!) you might get a job that paid enough so that you didn’t have to get a second one…

    2. Illegalsrfellons

      Can’t ge a job McDonalds, Walma, etc, thy are all taken by the illegal alien. When I was in high school, evrybody that wanated to work forthe summ would just go to McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’, etc, Hell you can’t even get an interview now, they are full of illegals. Wake up America, we are going down………the illegal immigration laws must beenforced, a country can handle only so many extra people. Report and Deport !!

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  26. Michelle

    I was laid off October 30, 2009 and have been unemployed since. I applied for Unemployment Insurance and received it through the week ending April 2, 2011. After receiving UI through Tier 3 here in (Metropolitan New Orleans) Louisiana I was informed that I am ineligible for any more benefits.

    I began an aggressive Job Search August 2009 when informed that the Youth Occupational Skills Training program that I was working for would shut down October 2009. My aggressive Job Search has continued to no avail. I can count the interviews that I’ve had on one hand and am looking at more than a pack of copy paper for positions that I’ve applied for from Pensacola, FL to Baton Rouge, LA. I’ve also applied for positions in NJ, NY, and TN. I am an experienced 56 year old female with a Graduate degree and feel very strongly that I am going through AGE and EXPERIENCE DISCRIMINATION.

    I applied for and was receiving $50 in Food Stamps monthly while receiving $245 UI weekly. I have no income now and will get $200. Food Stamps monthly. I also applied for Energy Assistance which will not be credited to my electric bill for 90 working days, if the funds are available and the workers input the request by their deadline! Assistance with my mortgage is available if I can provide my two most recent check stubs. PLEASE TELL ME who sat at table and developed this policy!!! This is utterly ridiculous. Meanwhile my home after paying notes since 1986 is in ACTIVE FORECLOSURE! I have nowhere to go and have been trying to sell some of my household furnishings.. NO LUCK YET.

    The unconcerned Louisiana Legislature has done nothing to request monies from the Federal Government to assist us. I see that some States requested and were approved for UI Extensions through Tier 5. Traing funds have also been cut when DISPLACED and INCUMBENT WORKERS need training and/or re-training.

  27. BD

    This is all Obama’s fault. He is the worst President in history. He sends billions overseas but does not get jobs started in this country. He broke all his promises. He makes enough $$ why don’t he and Opra donate there millions to the unemployed in this country, believe me that won’t happen, creed is good if you are Obama and Opra!!!!!!

    1. MCP

      Your grossly misinformed and I believe if you can get past the Presidents color and your hang up about an African American president, you may be calm enough to pick up a legitimate source, like a news paper or catch the news to listen long enough to see that there are many legitimate reasons to personally disagree with the current president but the country was already in financial trouble BEFORE he took office and whether you agree with the decisions made to rescue the stock market or not you surely have to agree that there needed to be some action. Tax cut of the last administration did not benefit you and created a deficit and was a result of a president that was more concerned with his political base and its contributions to care about the effect of those tax cuts in the long run. The tea party flyers are not a political non-biased resource for accurate information nor are birther’s information pamphlets. READ A NEWS PAPER, NY times, Washington post, Chicago Tribune, US Today, any official source will better inform you. And open your mind about the 21st century and the equality that we are all striving for, this shoudl not be about a BLACK president but a president.

  28. UP YOURS


  29. Jodi

    When 13.9 million people in this nation are unemployed, and with approximately 1 in 10 workers under-employed at this moment, it defies logic to say that we do not have a national emergency that demands to be treated as such

    1. mary jo geddes

      It is really a sad day I am on my last check with no job no home and this country will go out of there way to help countries overseas. What about the people here what happens to them I see people living on the street and the only thing I hear get general relief, well without children goodluck and there is no more section 8 to help people.
      What are we to do I do not blame Obama directly he walked into a mess but he also has not helped much in my eyes cleaned up the mess we are still struggling to get by.
      I worked for a company that laid me off where I was the only US Citizen, the majority of the workers were here on Work Visa or Green Cards lets not have this, they also told me when the lines were long for voting I could have 1 hr to vote. Because they did not have the rights to vote.
      i tried to move overseas they said they could not take us because they wanted to get their people back working with out a foreigner. So why do we not do this.
      You have to add more weeks to the unemployment and I do not even know if I would get it this is the last check I will be getting. Oh well the govt does not care once again.

      1. MCP

        Talk to the republicans that are cutting those progarms that may have benefited you but are giving those same compareable savings of taxes dollars that were cut right back to the top 10% earners in the form of tax cut benefit extensions…yes that is where the democrats have failed…not having a back bone to stand for the beliefs they ran on – but listen to the news to see what cuts were proposed and supported by which party.

    2. Michael andrus

      If all the unemployed rioted maybe we can get something done nothing will happen any other way because the president or congress don’t care about the poor only the rich we are never going to get any help from our government.



  31. samuel morales

    I hope im illegible for the benefits insurance tier 5 I have three children I only work 10 hours a week and get paid every two weeks on 9.00 hourly how much is that….. not enough I need benefits back thanks president obama………

  32. samuel morales

    I hope im illegible for the exstation tier 5 I have three children I only work 10 hours a week and get paid every two weeks on 9.00 hourly how much is that….. not enough I need the exstation thanks president obama………

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  35. Chris

    Hey Everyone!

    I am so angry and saddened that the unemployment benefits have not been extended. I collected unemployment for awhile so I understand and sympathize with all of you. I recently wrote a song, about greed in general but I was thinking of this when I wrote it. Please check out NYGUYCUTE on YouTube and the song is called “Burning”! Please feel free to check out my other videos as well. Chins up and soldier on, this too will pass!

  36. db

    republicans, donate a few of your paychecks to the unemployment fund. that should take care of that.

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  38. Hurting

    We need help… there are not enough jobs. We need another tier approved, those of us whom have run out of the 99 are truly suffering. Nobody is hiring older residential framers (carpenters). Our savings and retirement is exhausted, and past due bills that we don’t have money to pay have filed and won law suits against us in court. Please help us.

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    who really gives a crap anyways why just dont the goverment give these tier5 tier6 or whatever until thing pick up more better for jobs in this country isnt it for the people by the people? let the rich pay for the unemployment they dont pay taxes half the time anyways ; [

    1. Jen

      You need to work on your grammar! If congress read this, do you think that it would make them want to give YOU more money? There are people out here really hurting, going to school to better themselves, and looking in newspapers, on the computer, and asking complete strangers everyday for jobs! That is what my husband has been doing for the past 23 weeks, and now they are saying that he will be cut of at the end of November. He hasn’t even gotten to a Tier. Lets not take this so lightly, because to some families, this is basically life or death for us! We won’t be able to provide food, nor keep our utility bills paid. Thank God we at least own our home, or else we would be out of a home as well! I’m sure the rich pays their taxes, how would you know if they didn’t? I go to school for law, there is no way to get around paying your taxes, besides hiding money, and they find out if you have hidden money, and when they catch you, you pay four times the amount that you would have if you would of just told them the accurate account. They are just rich, that’s why they seem to always be okay! Because paying out $2000, is nothing to them, when $2000 to us, is a huge deal! Things can not be taken so lightly, and this is why things are the way they are!

      1. Rachel

        Hello Jen,

        It is not your place to speak on the above person’s grammer. Who the hell are you to focus on this person’s grammer. This person grammer is not the issue we are supposed to be concern about.

        1. JC

          Actually, the rich don’t pay no taxes around 83% of the time… according to Warren Buffett. :)
          I personally think that we should tax people based on what they do. For instance, if your job involves manipulating financial markets and inflating profits your personal income tax should also be inflated. However, if you are a productive member of society (like an engineer for instance), then your rate should be reduced according to need. Unfortunately, these types of programs create their own constituencies so perhaps the best thing for everyone is to abolish personal income taxes all together and let the market determine how much people should earn.

  44. gail

    The entire United States population, including the wealthy, need the Tier 5 Unemployment Extension much more than they need the Bush tax cuts. Why doesn’t the media focus on this more. Those that are affected by the bush tax cuts already have jobs!

    1. Michelle M. Blue

      I agree I have been out of a job for quite sometime no jobs in NC, but so far Congress has passed the extensions that has enabled me not to be homeless, or withut food. But I have done without alot of things that I would be able to get if I had a job. But God will provide

  45. Ryan

    YES WE Need a Tier5 that extends unemployment benefits until such a time as unemployment is below 5% for 26 consecutive weeks AND employers that discriminate against the unemployed are fined a total of 30% of their reported profits from the last 10 years. IF CONGRESS Refuses to ACT then the unemployed will have no choice but to march on Washington and shut the city down until such a time as the politicians listen to the concerns and take actions to eliminate unemployment

  46. Steven

    The latest reports from within Congress seem to indicate that the ‘Americans Want to Work Act’ or S.3706 unemployment extension bill presented by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) has NOT been included in the Senate’s schedule. Despite the fact that most people in America realize and agree that a new Tier 5 unemployment benefits scheme is now necessary even if it results in a higher deficit, Congress seems quite happy to delay any debate on this topic till after the upcoming mid-term elections. Congress insiders have also pointed out that there is no real point discussing Senator Stabenow’s bill or any other bill that proposes unemployment benefits extensions, as they are all dependent on the existing tiers of unemployment benefits, which are due to expire on the 30th of November.

    Advocates for the unemployment extension point out that in extending current tiers of unemployment benefits as well as adding a new 5th Tier of benefits, Congress will be throwing a vital lifeline to many families affected by the economic conditions, as well as putting money in the hands of these people which will in turn provide the the stalling economy with much needed stimulus.

  47. Roger

    tier5 once more we are going down a big hole the porta poty. this tier would be heaven sent and will help some of us get by until more jobs open up. so please MR. oboma are chef and comander will you do your best to get this going . what if it was your kids and wife would you do somyhing then. you know the answer. you would be tripping over your feet. just try and see no more trips to spain. the good life gone .all we do is cry and worry and worry,worry and some more crying and worrying. p.s. the spending will boost the econamy and are hope;s. do me a faver ask one of your girls what they would do. the congress have all the money and then some ask them if that money was all gone would they sit on there hands and laugh. we hav;nt laughed or had fun in years. lost all that we have worked are hole life for.

    1. Debra

      hey,do you realize that your president is the one fighting for the extention,so why are you asking him to direct a question to his child about this and he is all for the extention.I think most of the people unemployed could find some kind of job but at long as the check keep coming the more relaxed they will become.I am a tax payer and have alot of work that needs to be done around my house,but if they made the unemployed work for us to get the benefits most of you would still be winning because you would miss out on your favorite tv programs and sitting on the couch.so lets stop pointing the finger at the president and look at the fingers that at pointing back at you.the time ypu spend complaining you could be looking for a job.most of you may not want to but you may have to relocate to find a job.

    2. steve h

      There is something sick and twisted about the attitudes and opinions of many of those who are employed in this country verse those who are currently long term unemployed and collecting. When did we become so hateful toward one another? So many of you working think the unemployed all love it. Yeah man we get to collect half of what we used to earn and lose our homes and cars and pride and “we love it huh?” isn’t it enough to just feel fortunate and happy you have a job without cutting up those who don’t. its like the old kick him when he’s down attitude. Its cowardly and quite disturbing. You seem to want to make it like your private lucky club where you get to talk about how lazy everyone else is and all the great things you have and how hard you work etc.. yeah you all shit gold nuggets, we get it already! These are your fellow americans and brothers and sisters, we are talking about millions, not handfuls. There may be lazy folks that just want to sit around and collect, there always have been and always will, but that does not represent the millions. What you are doing is labeling and its no different than labeling all muslims terrorists etc.. its piling on and making easier for you what you don’t understand or cant comprehend. Its ok not to get it because you have a job. that’s great for you. Its ok to feel uneasy because one day you may be like us.
      Let go of the hate and fear and anger. I always laugh when I hear people say to each other things like us working people pay their unemployment. No assholes. I contributed to my own unemployment insurance pay by years of hard work you dopes! I pay taxes on my pay just like you. See, see we are all alike. I am sorry you are so fucking miserable that you hate going to your pathetic job everyday while I sit home trying to find one and happen to get some money while doing so. Oh, I am so sorry for you! I am so sorry you hate your boss, and your life and you are busting your balls for 40 hours or more every week while I collect unemployment and seek a new job and have that chance. Especially all those greedy owners who let people go so they could still make a million dollars a year instead of a measily 700,000 or so instead. You are part of the problem also. Great owners would take a small reduction in pay to keep people afloat. Greedy bastards I wish your companies fold completely and you see how stupid you are. Yes I am unemployed, I am a 99er and you wait and see their will be a tier 5 and I will collect, and I will laugh at you while I sip my pina colada by my pool seeking the right job that makes me happy while you die a slow corporate death of misery in your 9-5 hell job thinking about my lazy ass collecting and you doing what you wish you could be doing. So fuck all of you!

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  49. DFatger

    Everyone keeps saying you get 99 wks. of unemployment. THIS IS NOT TRUE. you may get 99 wks. as long as there is an extension for you to claim those weeks. WITHOUT AN EXTENSION YOU CAN NOT MOVE ONTO THE NEXT TIER THAT YOU HAVE. THEREFORE, YOU ARE SCREWED OVER; NO MORE ELIGIBLE UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST. The government may see the unemployed people rise up as if they were in France, and DEMAND UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION IMMEDIATELY. People who have lost unemployment, there homes, and have children to take care of may begin to feel like they have nothing to loose. They have already lost it all. WHEN YOU GET TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN, YOU DO THINGS YOU NORMALLY WOULDN’T DO. PLEASE FOR EVERYONE’S WELL BEING ,PASS THIS EXTENSION NOW, AND STOP MAKING THE UNEMPLOYED PAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT’S MISTAKES.Put these people back to work, then the government can worry about paying off what it owes.

    1. Joe

      The NYS unemployment rate released for April, May and June was 8.3 percent, just below the 8.5 percent threshold to receive 99 weeks of assistance. This means New York State unemployment benefits will be extended for 93 weeks because the unemployment rate is down. While this is good news for New Yorkers now working, it is problematic for those who still cannot secure employment.

  50. Mary

    I lost my job in May of 2009 after a hospital that I worked at for 10 years was closed by a major corporation in Philadelphia. I immediately signed up for school and unemployment and have been blessed enough to receive the unemployment thus far. I have applied to countless jobs so that I can work AND go to school. Guess what! I have gotten calls, I have gotten interviews – but I HAVEN’T gotten a job! So, thank GOD that I have still been taking classes. Maybe by the time I graduate with a degree as a nurse, I’ll be able to find a job. I feel like I’ve been the victim of AGE DESCRIMINATION – in spite of having experience – other “more experienced” people have gotten the jobs………hmmmmm. Should we pass the unemployment extension? DUH!!!

  51. Common Sense

    Obama and the Democrats are to blame for this whole mess not getting any better. For all those who curse the Republicans, go ahead keep voting for Democrats and live off your piddely unemployment for the rest of your lives. We need sensible government and the Dems are not cutting it. I won’t even benefit from the bill because I already had my 99 weeks. And you know, I don’t even WANT anymore of their blood money. But I’m glad everyone is happy with Obama and Dems taking us down the tubes!

    1. Jen

      Well you know what, my family needs that “blood” money! My husband hasn’t even been on unemployment for his full 26 weeks, and they are going to cut him off until this bill is passed, if it even gets passed. You think we are happy that we have to rely on the government and their unemployment money? Are you aware of what people’s lives are like. My husband got hit, and then thrown out of a window (thank God it was the first floor), of his workplace, and that’s why he is on unemployment. Because his boss was having a “bad day”! He put blood, sweat and tears in down at Cellone’s for over 6 years, and that was the thank you he got! We went from getting almost a thousand a week, to getting $700 every two weeks. Our lives have changed dramatically, and our daughter is suffering because of this. All we want is for him to be able to get a few more weeks worth of benefits, until he finds a job! Every single day of our lives are committed to looking for work, we have resorted to asking complete strangers, mainly men in work trucks, if they know of any jobs. We find nothing! How dare you try and frown upon people you do not know, especially AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED UNEMPLOYMENT FOR 99 WEEKS!!!! How dare you! There’s no way we would ever stay on that long! He WILL find a job before then, but we sure do need a few extra weeks, once he is cut off in November, after his whopping 26 weeks. People like you are the reason that they don’t want to give out any more money! I’m glad you used the system to it’s entirety, and sucked every penny out of it that you possibly could!

      1. Jen

        I am just totally disgusted with you! I can’t get over what you said, after you have received 99 weeks of unemployment! Of course you don’t need it now, THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE TO YOU! You got all of your extensions! We haven’t even received ONE! I would really like to hear back from you, please e-mail me at proudmommi21@yahoo.com !! You are a piece of work, and I can’t get over your comment! SELFISH WOMAN!! YOU NEED A JOB! My husband goes on interviews almost every single day, the problem is, I’m a full time law school student, and the job’s he has gone for, would disable me to continue to go to school. You are a close minded person! How dare you! I would love to receive an e-mail from you! I really would, because I think, you know, you are WRONG!!!

      2. RIO Ranger

        Let’s see if I can recall my training at OCS…I got it! To defeat a numerically superior enemy one must look for ways to engage the enemy on more favorable terms..ie divided and conquer.

        After reading some of the above comments, it made no sense to me that those who might lose their current benefits and those who have already exhausted theirs (99ers) should be fighting. However, when I apply the “divided and conquer” tactic it made perfect sense. The bottom line is this we must all work together to get the attention of our elected officials.I say “we” because I too was a 99er, and even after I found employment ( not in my chosen field and 1/3 of the salary) I was laid off once again. I hold two degrees: one from West Point and the other from UNC. I also served in the Army as an officer (O-3) for ten years with one of the Army’s most elite fighting regiment. A unit that has a 75% dropout rates and is on a strictly volunteer protocol. I not saying this to come off as some tough guy rather, to show I’m NO stranger to hard work.

        The fact of the matter is there are not nearly enough jobs for everyone that would like to work, regardless of the position or salary! For those who find themselves making statements like “get a job ” I say I ‘ll be happy to take yours!” I am probably more qualified than you anyway.

        Our economy works off of supply and demand therefore, if the demand is low there is no reason for employers to add to their workforce. It is only when companies have more demand for their product or services will they add to their payroll, in order to satisfied the “demand” ie..increase production. This is just common sense people.Tax cuts to CEO’s or the top 5% will not do the economy much good. As of 8/2010 those same companies that stated they were not adding to their workforce until they see what happens to the Bust tax cuts, are the same ones sitting on 1.8 trillion in cash-flow surplus.

        Not only does extending unemployment to both those who will lose their current benefits and those who have exhausted their makes sense but, to those that are still employed. I own rental property so, when my tenants lost their jobs it hurt me as well, as I now have to pay the mortgage on three properties..not including the one me and my family live in now.Additionally it adds to the work load for those who are employed. Why add more workers when they can just make you put out more? Which in turn places a strain on your quality of life, as you work more hours for the same pay. Now, going to little Johnny’s baseball games does not seem all that possible..does it?

      3. Peter Johansen

        A boss having a bad day requires a further bad day. In other words, a multi-million dollar lawsuit should be equally justified for undue stress and emotional turmoil.

    2. Debra

      the type of person like you make me sick you are for who ever you can get a free hand from,you was all for the president and the democrats as long as you were receiving benefits,but no that you have sit on your lazy butt for 99weeks and can”t get anymore free money you want to be for the republicans ,people like you is why the world is so bad.you have milked the system so now you are saying you dont care what happens ,what about everybody else .

  52. TLS

    To everyone that is on unemployment and is responding to these blogs. I just contacted my unemployment agency and ask what do I do now that the president has signed the extension. They said it won’t go into affect for at least 2 to 4 weeks. So that is more time families go without because the GOP wanted to play politics with our lives. So we can sit in front of our computers and complain. That might make you feel a little better to let off some steam but the Senators that are blocking the extension benefit bill are not reading these blogs. They don’t care. What we can do is take action. Start calling every Senator that blocked this bill for two months. Most of these guys that opposed the bill are millionaires, so you can see why they don’t care. To find your Senators contact info go to Senate.gov. Once you get their DC office number and fax number blast their phones with calls everyday. Some of them are saying unemployment benefits is just an incentive to not look for work and h

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  54. Trinity

    Although the unemployment extension is beneficial, it’s not enough for the “Tier 5 to Survive” movement. The extension of the legislation is only a stepping stone. Those who have pushed and pushed their Senators to pass this bill are not going to be satisified with just this bill. Long term solutions are a must.

    What do I think needs to happen? First, think of unemployment as an infection. In a way, it is an infection in our economy. To fight an infection, first you have to treat the symptoms and then get rid of the root cause.

    The treatment is to give unemployment benefits to the jobless. To end this once and for all, the root cause – a lacking job market and a horrific economy – must be nursed back to health.

    Giving employers incentives to hire workers is one way to treat this ailment. Another way would coincide with one of Obama’s pet projects – clean energy. By pressing on with clean energy, you will create jobs. People must build nuclear power plants and wind farms – and then they must be maintained. High paying jobs such as scientists and engineers are necessary to make sure every thing works

  55. Mark

    I’m glad that the senate passed a benefits extension for those that have been unemployed for less than a year and a half. I’m not going to blather on about my bills, the tax’s I’ve payed and so on. But the congress did not pass a true extension. A true extension would have covered all people who lost their jobs greater than a year and a half ago.

    I’ve listened to and read many statements about the republicans being cold hearted and not caring which sometimes they are. Now Californias 99ers do a lot of Republican bashing when they should be looking to home ( Nancy Polosies statement that there will not be a tier 5).

  56. Pingback: Unemployment Benefits Extension For 2010 Passed by Congress. Tier 5 Not Approved.

  57. Unemployedand52

    As one of the mature long-term unemployed, I will be homeless in eight days. I average 35 resumes sent per week and two interviews per month. For 38 years I have supported myself, for twenty five I supported three children without child support. I don’t have much, but I’ve never wanted the designer clothes or expensive furniture or new car. I thought I would survive this too, I guess I was wrong. Come November I am going to vote for anyone who is not currently holding a political office (or recently was kicked out of one). The GOP wasn’t worried about the national debt when they were bailing out their buddies in the banks and on Wall Street were they? What happened to representing all the people? Someone needs to wake up Congress to the roughly 5.2 million people who now cannot pay their rent/mortgage, cannot buy gas, pay a electric bill or even buy food. Does that make good national economic sense?

    1. Debra

      god already has your resume ,have faith and you will be blessed,God always takes care of his children.i think you need to get in a good based church with this and prayer just sit back and count you blessings,good look

      1. jackjohnson2000@yahoo.com

        Debra, thanks for sharing your childhood fanatasy. Now how about sharing some of your blessings?

  58. Roger

    Beyond frustrated. I have been out of work since last August. Been trying to find work constantly, but jobs at my level and looking for my qualifications are few and far between. To try to balance the budget on the backs of the unemployed is political pettiness at its worst, especially when the Right whips up the assinine and insulting argument that extending benefits discourages recipients from trying to find work. Pure nonsense. Unemployment compensation is by no means enough money to live on, especially with a family, car payments and a mortgage, but it helps slow the rate that savings erodes. Plus, none of us CHOSE to be laid off–why should we be forced to grab jobs well below our standard of living out of desperation, setting our families’ finances back years or even decades?

    It is also extremely short-sighted to cut off unemployment benefits. There is probably no more efficient way to stimulate the consumer economy than to provide funds to those without any other income, who have to spend it right away. And there is no quicker way to choke off the economy by cutting off such funds.

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