2017 Tax Brackets, Standard Deduction and other Tax Updates


The IRS has published the latest 2017 tax figures (for filing taxes in 2018) reflecting minor COLA updates to federal thresholds. You can see 2016 and past tax tables here. No changes to tax rates with 39.6% being the highest marginal tax rate. Tax bracket income thresholds increase marginally in line with inflation. The effect of this (bracket […]

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2009 versus 2010 Federal Income Tax Bracket Tables and Standard Deduction Changes


2010 Federal Income Tax Rate and Brackets and various tax benefits will remain unchanged or change only slightly over 2009 levels as shown in the table below. Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), used by the IRS in calculating 2010 tax parameters, has been reviewed by many tax […]

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