2013 Debt Ceiling Debate – Spending Cuts, Soaring Deficit, Tax Refund Delays and Political Theatrics


As I was writing this article I re-read my original pieces on the 2011 debt ceiling debate/deal and got a major sense of deja-vu. After 18 months we are back in the same place with a dysfunctional Congress, who barely passed legislation to avert the fiscal cliff, trying to reach a new deal to keep the nation from the edge of […]

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How Our Tax Dollars Are Spent by The Government


Ever wondered where all our federal tax dollars go? I did and a recent report from the center on budget priorities and policies (CBPP) provided a very nice graphic on how federal tax dollars are distributed. With all the political rhetoric that abounds around the national debt, excessive federal spending and the uncertain future of […]

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Super Committee Fails to Reach Debt Deal – Automatic Triggers To Cut Defense and Discretionary Spending


[Latest Update]  As many had predicted, the debt Super Committee has failed to come up with a deficit reduction plan. Basically the not-so-super members failed to get past party line bickering and will now face the prospect of justifying to an angry public why they could not compromise. Further, the automatic triggers to cut defense […]

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