Gold: A Sound Investment or Overrated?

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You’ve probably noticed by now that gold, and more specifically skyrocketing gold prices,  is just about the only thing people talk about these days. Buying gold has become the new trend in investing as the “gold-boom” continues. With the stock market looking as risky as ever, bonds at the mercy of impending inflation and savings […]

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US Dollar Rising and Outlook


Despite global economic woes, one positive aspect for main street America has been the relatively rapid rise of the US dollar of late. The dollar index (DXY), a measure of the greenback against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, has strengthened by over 20% in this time. However, the question is will this trend […]

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US Dollar Update, Outlook and Opinions


“Dollar declines to new low”. This statement could be applied against any number of currencies as the US dollar or Greenback keeps trending lower. The dollar declined to $1.6038 per euro, the lowest since the Euro’s inception in 1999. It fell to 104.97 yen, from 106.14 yen yesterday. The U.S. dollar also declined to a […]

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US Dollar Outlook as Euro Troubles Persist


[Updated for 2012-2013 forecast] The US dollar continues to strengthen relative to the 17-member Euro currency, which has been on a downward trend as concerns over European sovereign debt crisis and Greece’s uncertain membership of the Eurozone grows. The Euro fell to as low as $1.24, the weakest since its multi-year low in July 2010 […]

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