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How Financial Planners Charge And Understanding Their Fee Structure


A few weeks ago I began my search for a financial planner (or financial advisor as some prefer) to review my monetary situation and see if I am on the right track for a sound retirement.  I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to personal finance, but I think it is always good to meet with an expert for a […]

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Making Money Investing in Mortgages

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Income from mutual funds and stocks that invest in real estate backed mortgages has never been higher. With returns of 8-15% these alternative investments – when used appropriately – can substantially increase portfolio income and growth. Much of the success of these funds is due to the difficulty that Americans are having refinancing, despite low […]

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How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor or Planner


In light of the financial ups and downs over the last several years, it’s hard to know who to trust today for guidance about investing. Yet, even with all of the uncertainty, as each day passes, you still grow closer and closer to retirement. And with that, you need to know where to put your […]

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