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Fiscal Cliff Deal and What’s Ahead in 2013 for Taxes on Income, Capital Gains, Dividends and Estates

Congress and the Obama administration’s fiscal cliff deal means that 2013 federal tax rates will remain fixed for nearly 99% of the population. Only those earning $450,000/$400,000 (married/single) AGI will have… Read more »

How Will Health Care Reform Affect My Employer or Company Sponsored Benefits?

Even though President Obama and Congress have signed into law sweeping health care reform many employees are still in the dark about how their employer sponsored health care benefits will… Read more »

$250 Medicare Drug Coverage Gap Rebate for Seniors To Be Paid in 2010 Under Obama Health Care Reform

[Update] The government is starting to mail out the tax free $250 medicare gap  checks to seniors who fall into the program’s gap in prescription drug coverage. This so called Medicare… Read more »

2010 HIRE Act – Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, Payroll Tax Incentive and Business Credit For Employers Hiring and Retaining Unemployed Workers

[Updated with New IRS provisions] The IRS has released more details on tax-saving opportunities included in recently enacted HIRE act federal legislation (see details in previous update below). A variety… Read more »

Obama Health Care Reform Rules and TimeLines, Medicare Rebates, FSA/HSA Changes, Family Coverage and Lifetime Caps

With the Supreme court decision upholding the passage of health care reform, the Obama administration received a major political boost. Americans will finally start seeing the actual impacts of many… Read more »

Claiming the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit plus Employer Fines, 2010 Tax Credits and Employee Subsidies

[Update Dec 2010] The IRS has released final guidance for small employers eligible to claim the new small business health care tax credit for the 2010 tax year.  The IRS… Read more »