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Why Vanguard and Fidelity Money Market Funds Are a Money Losing Proposition. Go For A High Yield Savings Account Instead


I recently got an email saying that my Vanguard prime money market fund’s expense ratio had increased from 0.16% to 0.17%. Not such a big deal because even with the higher expense ratio, Vanguard’s prime money market fund fees are still amongst the lowest in the industry. But what caught my attention when I went […]

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Choosing a High Interest Savings Account Over My Low Yield Money Market Account For My Short Term Cash-Emergency Savings


I have been using my Vanguard money market account as a place to save part of my emergency (short-term) funds, and when checking it recently I saw that the rate had fallen to a miserly 0.13%! This was the lowest I had seen the rate since opening the account a few years ago, and with […]

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High Yield, Money Market Account Savings and Mortgage Rates Rising


Rates on all things financial are heading up. This is good news for some and bad news for others. Savings rates on high interest savings and money market accounts are up after falling to multi-year lows. However on the flip side, new home buyers or those looking to refinance are seeing mortgage interest rates rise […]

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