Investing Lessons to Live By


Here are some of John C. Bogle’s, former CEO of the Vanguard Group and founder of the “index” fund, timeless investing lessons and market philosophies. I know it reaffirmed some of my changing views around investing and saving for retirement. 1) Beware of market forecasts, even by experts. As the new year begins, strategists from Wall Street’s major […]

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Simpler and Smarter Investing With a 3 Index Fund Portfolio. Choosing Between Vanguard and Fidelity Equity Funds


As discussed in earlier articles I am streamlining and simplifying my investing strategy. In a nutshell this means going from holding a bunch of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to just holding three low-cost index funds that provide the diversification and exposure I need. It is also a much more simple and dare I say, […]

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