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Creative Ways to See Your Financial Belief System in a New Light


We, as human beings, have a set system of beliefs embedded in our personalities: political beliefs, religious beliefs, moral and ethical beliefs. These have been formed within us since childhood by our upbringing, our experiences, and our environments. It’s tough to change these beliefs, and for that reason, when you decide to strive for a […]

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Carnival of Retirement – Tips and Topics For Your Golden Years


Welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of Retirement (33rd edition) where you’ll see the latest and greatest articles on retirement and related personal finance topics. Whether you are just planning, in or worried about being able to retire, you’ll find some useful perspectives and advice here. Shilpan @ Street Smart Finance writes Keeping […]

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Freakin’ Google Rewarding Pirate Sites For Stealing My Content By Giving Them Higher Search Results


Most people go to Google when they are searching for something and most websites receive their organic traffic from Google searches. So you can imagine my frustration when I found out that for the last few weeks all my new and existing articles have been copied (scrapped) to so called content-mill websites. This means that […]

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The A to Z of good personal finance (Part 2: L to Z)


My last post on the A-Z of good personal finance finished off on the letter L. Here now is the rest of my personal finance saving and investing philosophy “letters”. I have also embedded links back to posts that relate or provide more detail on the letter’s topic. Feel free to suggest your perspective on where […]

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