IRS Tax Changes for 2018


The IRS has released its 2018 tax updates via Notice 2017-64 and revenue procedure 2017-58. Highlights are provided below. Remember these updates are for 2018 taxes filed in 2019. For the upcoming 2017-18 tax year, I have included links (for filings due next year by April 17, 2018) where applicable. Personal Tax Brackets The standard deduction for married […]

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2018 401k and 403b Plan Contribution Limits Could Drop Precipitously Under Trump-Republican Tax Reform


401K and 403b limits have held steady or moderately increased over the last few years with more and more Americans using these tax advantaged employer sponsored vehicles to save for their retirement income. However this bastion of American retirement savings is under attack from Trump and GOP tax reform proposals. Basically to fund proposed tax […]

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2014 401K and IRA Contribution and Income Limits


The IRS has released updated 2014 limits for defined contribution (or pension) plans such as 401(k) and IRAs. This was delayed from the usual mid-October release due to the government shutdown. The annual limits are tied to Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) figures and based on these the updated 2014 limits and contribution amounts are shown below […]

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