Roth IRA Early Withdrawal Rules For After Tax Contributions, Traditional IRA Conversions and Investment Earnings


A Roth IRA can provide a great way to build up savings for retirement. These accounts allow funds to grow on a tax-free basis. And, provided that the account owner meets just a few requirements, all the money contributed and earned in a Roth IRA account may also be withdrawn without taxation at retirement. Oftentimes, however, […]

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Using Your Roth IRA as an Emergency Fund


Have you considered using your Roth IRA as an emergency fund? In this era of tight budgets, a lot of people are finding it difficult (if not impossible), to save for retirement and maintain an emergency fund. Because of this, it’s become trendy to recommend using your Roth IRA as a sort of de-facto emergency […]

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401k Cash-Out For Loans vs. Hardship Withdrawals – Penalties and Taxes


Despite a more stable economy, many Americans are still finding it hard to make ends meet and find that they are having to tap one of their most important and final saving vehicles – their company sponsored 401k or 403b (tax advantaged) retirement plans. There are 3 ways that cash can be taken out from […]

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