Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – Filing Delays, Back Payments and Amount by State


The PUA program provides up to 39 weeks of benefits, which are available retroactively starting with weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020, and ending on or before December 31, 2020. To qualify for PUA benefits, you must not be eligible for regular unemployment benefits and be unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work because of certain health or economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note – PUA benefits have been extended in some states by 7 weeks in several states like New York and Georgia, as part of extensions to state level enhanced benefit programs.

While PUA is open to all unemployed Americans, it was mainly intended as a way to provide unemployment benefits for those who were working and are now out of work and were generally self-employed (e.g. independent contractors or gig economy workers) and did not contribute taxes towards regular unemployment. Those who had regular/W2 jobs are eligible for enhanced unemployment benefits under the PEUC program. Further details on program differences below.

Delays in rolling out PUA program: State unemployment agencies and labor departments have experienced many challenges in rolling out the PUA program but all are now taking applications for individuals who are self-employed, seeking part-time employment, or who otherwise would not qualify for regular unemployment compensation prior to new provision in the CARES stimulus bill. This group of workers however may have a hard time officially proving their wages during the applicable 2019-20 wage based period, in which case their weekly benefit amount will be reduced based on whichever is higher – the record of wages already on file or the minimum PUA weekly benefit amount for the state.

How to Apply for PUA

To apply for unemployment benefits using the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) extension provision approved under the CARES act you need to apply via your regular state’s unemployment agency. Many states have dedicated website links and call numbers when it comes to PUA benefits.

States have mandated that you must first apply for regular UI before becoming eligible for PUA. This is baesd on federal law which only allows PUA to be paid to claimants when benefits are exhausted or if you were deemed not eligible for them – which will be the case for gig and contract workers. While it is a cause of concern for many unemployed Americans making new claims, it is the way their systems are designed to handle the new PUA coverage and provisions. So even though it may seem like the claim was denied in reality it just means that eligible claimants have been denied for standard unemployment benefits (in place prior to Coronavirus/COVID-19), but will likely qualify for the new PUA benefits. Unfortunately this makes the application process longer and could take a while for you to get your PUA claim approved.

The amount of PUA benefits are calculated based on your previously reported income and capped at the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA). PUA benefits may not be less than half of the state’s average weekly benefit amount as shown in the table below.

Eligible recipients must certify for PUA benefits weekly like regular unemployment. Individuals receiving PUA will also still be eligible for the $600 FPUC weekly payments (while available). Once they begin certifying for weekly benefits they will not have to take any additional steps, and will receive the weekly $600 payments along with their PUA benefits.

Below are some frequently asked questions and possible answers to common PUA questions I am seeing from readers on this site (see the comments below for more questions and answers).

Will my PUA claim be paid retroactively for back payments (including the $600 FPUC)?

This varies across states, but generally if you were eligible for PUA in a given week that retroactive UI benefits are payable, you will get the relevant payment. Backdated payments will be paid in one lump-sum one to two weeks after you are deemed eligible for benefits. Note that backdated payments will also include the $600 FPUC payment if you were eligible for PUA during the period the FPUC program was active.

How Long Does PUA Last in 2020?

For those who are eligible for regular benefits, they will get an additional 13 weeks on top of their state unemployment benefits. For those who don’t qualify for state unemployment they can get benefits for up to 39 weeks until the end of 2020.

Why was my PUA claim denied?

Most PUA claims that do finally get processed by the state unemployment department/agency are being denied or rejected because the claimant is eligible for standard, state-funded unemployment insurance rather than federally funded PUA. Because the PUA application process and/or link is different to the regular state unemployment application process, it is highly recommended you apply for regular state unemployment first. Only if you are denied for regular state UI (and you will be notified that you are) should you then apply for PUA.

Other reasons PUA claims are being denied are due to ongoing “glitches” in unemployment filing systems/websites that have required a lot more updates to support the new PUA provisions.

Fraud checks or additional document verification where many UI applications are being flagged has also been cited as a big reason for PUA delays/rejections. This is not surprising since may gig workers and contractors don’t have standard unemployment documentation and so require extra verification and fraud checks. If you are caught up in a fraud check, please ensure to provide the required information to your state agency (who will contact you) to keep your claim processing moving forward.

PUA vs PEUC and State Extended Benefits (EB)

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and State Extended Benefits (SB) programs are different to the PUA program and claimants cannot apply for PEUC or SB programs if they are deemed eligible for PUA. The PEUC is essentially an extension of regular state unemployment (funded under the CARES act) and allows for up to an additional 13 weeks of benefits added to the end of regular unemployment benefits. SB are an extension of UI benefits that occurs when a state meets the unemployment rate threshold for a designated period. For most states this provides up to 20 weeks of additional benefits.

StateMaximum PUA Amount
District of Columbia$444
New Hampshire$427
New Jersey$713
New Mexico$511
New York$504
North Carolina$350
North Dakota$618
Puerto Rico$190
Rhode Island$586
South Carolina$326
South Dakota$414
West Virginia$424

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423 thoughts on “Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – Filing Delays, Back Payments and Amount by State

  1. I’ve filed but stil have not received my payment check was wondering why not that’s all and it says still pending. 267-407-3314

  2. I live in Virginia and i filed for regular unemployment in August and because im self employed i was determined ineligible but was approved for PUA… so my question is shouldnt i receive back-pay?? Because didnt they change it now to where you can recive the regular unemployment, PUA, FPUC, PEUC,and SB-State Extended Benefits payments from the day you either were laid-off or you were positive for Covid 19 or a family member living inside the same household……or are they only paying you from the date you applied for regular ui, or.the date you applied for PUA?? Because i was approved for PUA also n August but was laid off towards the end of March because of me testing positive for Covid 19 n which isnt good for me at all cause i have terrible health issues. Thats my question though was about the backpay n if it would pay the extra $600 from the end of March when i got laid off and the thats roundabout when the extra $600. started until then end of July 31st when it stopped and then drop the extra and just pay me August’s months the regular amount that i should receive??? Please someone please explain lol

  3. In Michigan the system stinks!!! Still waiting in the end of September for my money everyone states a different answer when and if you get through to a person who doesn’t seem to know the answers to any questions. I think States trying hard to keep it all. No mercy!!!

  4. Help!!!
    The post office delivered my reliacard to the wrong address. No card, no rent money and now homeless. I tried to use a friend’s address but they want proof that I live there via a utility bill or the address should match my ID… I filed for unemployment several months ago so there’s a good chunk of change on it. I don’t have a bank account (no option to get one either) I would have a place to live if not for the damn mailman. I’ve called reliacard and the Texas unemployment office and both give me the run-around. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

  5. Can anyone help me? I’m in Texas and the mailman delivered my reliacard to the wrong address. Now I’m homeless and they say I need an address to have one sent to and a utility bill to prove my address…. hello??? I don’t have an address but I do have almost $10,000 in benefits I sure could use to a place. I’m so frustrated.!!

  6. I’m in OH, I filed regular unemployment 7/12 and was denied and had to wait til 9/14 to file an appeal. I did not due to needing to apply for pua next. My information was released and my social was. I talked to pua and they said I need to wait on a call or email from them saying I am ready to apply. I get the pop up error about not exhausting my regular unemployment but I was already denied. I called and asked about that and they said the pop up would be lifted when they review my name in the pua system. Does anyone know how long this will take . I going dry right now. Called multiple time to try and get it sorted but nothing. Is there a boss I’m allowed to talk to ? Or someone higher up that the call staff so I can get this figured out ASAP ?

  7. My fiance was displaced from work on 3/18/20 he was finally paid his back pay the second week of july and after having it for less than two hours and only making two payments netspend locked up my card for “suspicious” activity. Now the only reason he got a netspend card is because i referred him, we had one for about a year previously well we received stimulus check on it and it had been so well i told him get his own so it wouldnt get tied up and his unemployment money could stay seperate. When we called they told us that none of our verifications were valid, now my verifications were valid enough for the state and federal government but this two bit penny ante company says otherwise, his license had expired and to get a new one we had to express order a birth cert, costing 40$ we didnt have! meanwhile Netspend emails him and says he has a pending deposit, which was the next weeks ui check and to call them so they could unlock his acct, he did, they did and ill be damned if as soon as it hit we went to the store and bought pop and cigs then the darn thing shut off again!!! they unlocked it just to get the deposit!!! so monday when the cert comes in and i email it i get a message it had been returned to adws!!!!!!!!! like its been longer than three months and these ppl send it back are you kidding me, we were starving, btw netspend also locked up my card and caused me all kinds of issues, like now i cant get my second stimulus and i have moved, i updated with the irs but what a joke!! now we are going on 26 weeks calling every week still no paper check two days ago i was told he was put on a list and didnt need to call anymore………….im disgusted

  8. I got told DEO I was getting back pay from 7/2020-08/2020 and said they sent a check and it was returned due to wrong address and ive lived here for years at same address i filed with and still havent seen a check yet. i called 3 times and all i get told it has been sent to the finance department its been 2 weeks now. how long does it take send a check back?

  9. Aloha,
    I applied for UI and was denied. Reason was for not meeting minimum wage requirements. So i applied for PUA and they denied me for the same exact reason. Can PUA deny me for that reason? I thought that was one of the reasons i qualified for PUA. I read if you dont meet the wage requirement that you would get the minimum weekly. They did not even give me that..Anyone know if i can be denied from PUA for that reason And my other half received an approval letter dated 8/27/20 and his payments are still pending…

    1. AMBER,
      Hi Ii wanted you to know that the quality of workers they are bringing in is horrible for the different state PUA programs. I can say this make sure you dont wait to get your documents uploaded to the PUA website. Driver License front and back, ss card front and back, voter registration if you don’t have utility bill. Letter of explanation if your IP ADDRESS located on the bottom of the website page. When I pulled up my documents to review I went on internet to see where my IP address was showing up it is Sacramento I am in Reno Nv they will deny your claim under fraud. So I had to explain in a letter about my cell is my modem and the service provider address shows up not where I actually live. So keep that in mind. Also the lady that answered was nice but clueless about the PUA program. She asked me where my income documentation was I said to her what are you talking about? I understand in much of my research on this PUA benefits that people that work gig or self employed- part time get paid first BUT those of us like you and me do qualify if you cant show income. best to get a 1040 in for 2019. I did not make any money I was a caretaker and a student no income made right when i was going to get work this virus happened no one hiring when in my field, then I got CV 19 was in VA hospital. I have a feeling states are trying to hold on to these funds to help pay their bad management of their state funds like retirement funds. And they are using every excuse in the book not to pay us. So don’t wait around for them to tell you anything get your documents in and check your IP address make sure you get a statement in if its different than where you live. Call in wait as long as its takes write their name down and have them go over paperwork with you after you submit. blessings and hope you get your funds soon!

  10. Hello all!! I am in Co and am beyond frustrated so I’m reaching out to you all to see if anyone has been through this same situation and if you resolved it, HOW?? I applied and approved early May got my payments in full and then was put on payment hold in beginning of June to verify for fraud… called got my verification done and payments continued until July 24th my account was placed on a hold payment for program integrity?? I’ve called and submitted tickets and was told they have up to 21 days to provide me some info after waiting 21 days I called back and was told no ticket was ever issued on my account so I was again assured there was a ticket but had the 21 days to start over… again 21 days later no nothing I’ve been filling every week still to certify and no answers of any kind the people answering the pua calls said there’s no apparent reason why I’ve got the hold on my account but I have to wait for an agent to call or email, so I call back after the 21 days and again says There’s not been any tickets submitted for my account???? Assured there was one now and spoke to her supervisor and supervisor asked if I’d called in before about this issue and yes duh and she responds with there OSs no Given time frame of when this issue has to be resolved so to be patient??? Umm I’ve been extremely patient while all my bills are backing up I’m facing eviction can’t take care off my family all at no fault of my own it’s been 8 weeks no pay no nothing!! I asked their virtual assistant what was my claim status she replied saying I hadn’t signed up with the workforce center Erick I had but apparently didn’t hit the save answer on the unemployment section so I did all of that confirmed it was completed and figured that must be my hold up well that was 3 weeks ago still not a word?? I am literally about to lose my mind! Last night checked with virtual assistant and it’s now saying my account was closed and I need to reopen my claim??? Seriously, like wtf!?!?! This should be illegal and they should be held accountable for all this nonsense we didn’t ask for this I’d rather have my business still running because I worked my butt off to get it where it was and now it’s nothing!!! Ughhh someone anyone please help me in doing what I need to to continue my payments coming in!!! This isn’t fair at all!! Good luck to everyone else also having many issues with their pay and this stupid pandemic that’s causing so much harm to so many!!

  11. Can someone please help me? I’m in Colorado and have applied for the PUA benefits and it has been a nightmare. When I first filed it said eligible and then all these remarks about pending issues and so I call and they can’t tell me anything so they put in a ticket for a call back but nothing, no call no help no answers. Then all the sudden , not the first week I applied for benefit certification week but the very last one I put in for payment was labeled ineligible!??? Now the others that I applied for those weeks are still pending issues but the other one denied? I had to shit my mobile coffee shop down due to lock down and couldn’t properly maintain the equipment so my espresso machine froze causing me to not be able to operate my business as well as I am the main care giver of my terminally ill mother who has been ordered by her doctor to be quarantined. They denied my claim for the last week I put in for but all the others are still in limbo? I don’t get it I can’t get any answers and no help no call back no money nothing. I’m frustrated I applied all the way back in July and still they have me hanging. Please can someone help and tell me what the heck is going on maybe.?
    Thank you!

  12. I was receiving payments from PA since the beginning of COVID and now I did not receive anything since July 11th. Nine weeks now and they all say In Progress. I don’t understand what’s going on and why all of a sudden the payments stopped. They still owe me some weeks of the $600. I need my money!!!! Any one else having this problem? I’ve emailed and nothing and getting thru by phone is impossible. If anyone have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance coming from someone desperately in need of money

    1. I havent received my PUA checks since July 18th, i have three checks payable, sent but never got them and now three LWA checks sent and still not getting to me, weird, like you two months! I have sent a email and waiting for an answer

    2. I also am in the same exact boat. It’s been 10 weeks now and all payments say in progress..last payment was july 14. I uploaded my drivers license social security card and b certificate to my dashboard as I was told to do and I emailed to let them know I uploaded the documents.after 10 phone calls to them and hours spent to get through I’ve been told that I’ve done all I can on my end and I just have to wait. I called again last week and the worker said I dont know what’s going on and why it’s taking this long and said she was sending it in for review. I was told that it was sent for review 5 weeks ago. This is a disgrace. I know they are back logged but absolutely unacceptable. They flag all these peoples accounts and then take forever to do anything and noone knows anything. They cant connect me to anyone else. Its easy for them to tell you to wait as they have they cushy little jobs and a paycheck coming in. Funny they ask you if you emailed them..emails never get answered. Other than automated emails sent saying they received my email. I’ve been emailing for 10 weeks and nothing. I heard from someone to call the state reps and that they can email pua. I dont kno. I dont kno who to call. But very frustrated. I have a ton of bills not paid and soon no electric and cable and thank God for the rent halts or I would be out in the street with 2 kids. This is sickening.

  13. I filed for pua arkansas and was approved for 21 weeks, 12.957$. My payment was processed on August 26th. I have called MULTIPLE times both pua hotline and usbankreliacard customer service. PuA is saying my funds were sent to us bank to be put on a debit card. It’s been over two weeks and I have called usbank reliacard customer service and spoke to 3 different people and they are all saying they have No account under my name, nor any funds sent from pua regarding my name. I called pua and they keep telling me they have sent the funds and to contact us bank. They both keep telling me to call each other and nothing is getting solved. Can someone please help?

    1. Call reliacard and tell them that you did not receive your card, that you would like a new one sent and if they could expidited it. They will charge you 15 dollars once you activate the card, but I got mine the next day and all my money was there.

  14. Anyone here from MI having issues? I applied on July 5th was approved the next day for PUA and was eligible from April 5th on. I have 14 weeks of back pay I have yet to receive. It still says Processed-Pending Payment. It is now September 11th. In 3 days it will be 2 and a half months. I received 2 weeks of the UIA and PUA which was the last two weeks of it. Now I am just receivijg the minimum state benefit.

    1. When it says you were able to receive benefits since april 5th .. that does not mesn you get benefits all the way back…. that is when the extra 600 in benefits started ! You didnt apply for the unemployment rol july 5th… therfore you only get the extra 600 and your benifits from july 5th on…. had you applied back in april then you would have received.. so again the date April 5th is meaning that thats when the 600 extra was available… for example .. i applied for normal unemployment on April 14th and i was denied… I had to wait til the PUA application was available. Once it was i applied for PUA which i believe was sometime in March.. i was approved for it with the extra 600… however unemployment sent me a notice … since i technically first applied for unemployment back on April 14th i was able to go and fill out the back weeks from April 14th til the day i signed up for the PUA and i recieved the 600 plus reg benefits fron those back weeks… so if you applied for the first time on July 5th … then you will only receive payment from July 5th on.

    2. Justin, I have the exact same issue.. I applied the end of July and still waiting. Says the same thing Processed-Pending Payment. I received 4 of the minimum state benefit payments of regular starting August 6th, but did not receive my regular one this week. I try to live chat numerous times a day with them, but always busy, I have left them 3 messages, no reply, I have tried calling, always busy. You can’t get a hold of anyone. We all need our money. I didn’t want to file, but I ran out of funds and my accountant told me to file, so I did.

  15. I have my card and the money that it says should be on my card is not but it is taking money away from my balance ,my PUA is approved and I haven’t seen one penny of the money my card reads a zero balance and none can tell me where it is not a supervisor or assistant I have Transactions numbers meaning that the money has been transferred to my account but it’s not on my card from the bank so how do I get t who do I talk to ? Then the pay date reads in process for a month now !!! Wow

    1. Hi Valarie,
      I would start with your bank – they likely have less call volume than the state and may have seen this already with another member.

  16. I hope you get it worked out. Just keep calling. I eventually got thru. But idk how accurate the info I was given was so I’ve been trying to get thru to confirm again the previous info I got

      1. So I finally got through to a gentleman yesterday named Ryan. He said that most of the unemployment insurance workers for working from home therefore there was little support and who they could ask when problems arise that they are not familiar with which was not very encouraging for me as somebody who needed some verifiable information. Do I explain my problem with my case and he put me on hold for several minutes and then came back on the line and sounded as if it was not too sure of what to do for me. After about 40 minutes on a call of him huffing and puffing on the other end of the line and constantly apologizing and telling me he was trying to see what he could do for me, he finally said that he had closed out several of the existing tickets that were open on my behalf and that he was going to send my case to his executive director on Monday morning before noon Eastern Standard Time. I asked him if we had to wait until Monday and he said that his executive director would not be available until then. I didn’t ask him how he would remember to remind himself to send my paperwork in and that’s when he said that he would be sending my information and along with a list of others that have had the same problem as I have. The problem being that I am 27 weeks certified with three active issues on my account that they have already received the information to resolve for instance one of them was wage information and validation of work to resolve this I needed to send in my wage information and my 1040EZ or Schedule C tax returns which have been uploaded since July 15th. I asked him, if I had not continuously called would anybody be looking at my case right now?, and I kid you not, this was his response,” probably not ” . I asked him what would happen once my information was sent to the executive director and he said I would either receive an email or call or my case would then be sent to a UI service worker to try and get my case processed. He also told me to reply to the email that I would receive two make sure that my information was sent to the executive director . Apparently when you reply to the email sent that allow you to rate your experience with your customer service representative via the the phone call , it is a direct email to the customer service representative and they will receive it immediately , therefore I can email Ryan via that link that was sent to my email to rate our call and remind him to definitely send my information to the executive director on Monday which I will be doing . So right now I’m a Sitting Duck until Monday, but as always I will keep all of you posted on my progress. Good luck to you all, I wish everyone the best in their endeavors and if anyone has any advice for me, I’m all ears.

  17. What do processed payment pending means first it said stop payment indicator now it’s saying processed payment pending im so confused please help if you can

    1. Hi Sheresa,
      Is this from the UI site or your bank? If your situation is similar to Valarie’s you might want to start there.

  18. I had set up my direct deposit thru paypal to receive my lump sum of money ($12,439) but they rejected it and sent it back to DETR this was July 13 2020. So i changed my direct deposit to Debit Card from Bank of America and was told i should receive my payment August 15 2020. I havent received anything yet i called and they told me i had to send documents so i did and they told me by September 1st 2020 i should get it and now its September 6 2020 and i still havent got anything and no one from pua seems to know where my money is at. Can someone please help me or give me information to whats going on with my payment.

  19. I filed for Unemployment/Pua on
    July 12, 2020. I backdated my claim to March 1, 2020 which is when my self employment was impacted. I did have a employer based job for a small part of 2019 that was also added to my claim as income along with my self employment wages. I received the monetary determination forms via email on July 15, 2020 as well as a few other documents. It had all my wages listed both self-employed and regular employment, stated that my estimated weekly amount would be $120. It also said I needed to email or upload a copy of my most recent 2019 tax returns so I uploaded and I emailed them to the email address that was provided for the state of Tennessee. I have been certifying every week since I filed my claim on July 12th. There has been no change in the status of my claim, it continuously is stuck on the second processing block saying, “claim in review”. I have called unemployment half a dozen times and each time I am routed to leave a voicemail. I left only one voice mail because the message also States leaving more than one voice mail could result in taking longer for an unemployment representative to call back. I have also reached out through chat support online but I’m always reverted back after reaching number one in the queue I’m sent back into the hundreds in the queue. After no contact from unemployment for months, I received a monetary REdetermination letter at the end of AUGUST stating my claim amt total and weeks allotted had changed, but my wages an amounts did not. I never received an approval or a denial and once again I am still stuck “in review”. It has now been almost 3 months without any contact or information on my case and I am becoming desperate. Has anyone else been experiencing issues like these? Does anyone have any insight or help they can offer me to give some clarity as to what is going on? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who take the time to read and respond to my comment.

    1. Keep calling…leave a message demand to talk to a supervisor…then call the US Labor Department about the unemployment issue…hopefully you have kept diligent records of your efforts at correspondence. Online…look at every detail…write a letter to your state…contact your governor..this is bull!

      1. So I just finally spoke to unemployment today and the guy that I spoke with said that I was approved and that all I was waiting for was deposit but that the system was severely behind and processing those claims. But I don’t think he was very well informed because I still have not even received an approval letter so I’m really not sure what is happening I am going to try to call back again tomorrow and speak to somebody may be a little more knowledgeable

      2. I just wrote the governor of Colorado about my claim being in pending issue status then the last week I filed for the certification for payment was marked ineligible but all the previous weeks are still pending issues. Now tell me how I’m the help is it you can deny my last reported week but all the other prior weeks are pending issues??? It’s bull crap what I have been going through and so I hope to hear back from the governor. Probably not but we will see. I would contact your governor. Let me know if yours gets heard please and good luck to you

    2. Yes! The same thing here except been waiting since April. Finally had to her in touch with two TN State Senators and two TN US Representatives before could find out anything but was told it would finally be expedited in 10-14 days and last Friday was the 14th day and unfortunately still don’t have money on the card. I would email Senator Mark Boyd and Senator Marsha Blackburn so they will do a legislative request to get them on the ball. It’s been an act of God just to get this far. Good luck and hopefully it’ll be in soon. I know they don’t seem to care that electric, phone, food etc is not existent now and what are w suppose to do. We still haven’t even received our stimulus.

  20. I was erroneously approved for UI (which essentially made me inelligible for in the systems backend server infrastructure for backdated PUA vouchers). I later was denied regular UI benefits and subsequently approved for PUA with my last day of work being February 2, 2020. However, I am not being given the option for backdated vouchers until then. I am only allowed vouchers back until the day I initially applied for UI. This is a glitch I am experiencing, correct? How might I go about getting them to resolve such an issue? Indiana here.

    1. Hi Tris, I Applied for UI March 12, 2020. I too was wrongly approved for state UI after 5 months of being paid. I was told by the person on my appeals call that I would qualify for PUA. So I immediately applied. Since I was denied UI technically I owe the state back all the money I was paid. My question is, assuming I’m approved for PUA will that backdate to the day I applied for UI? Any information will help, thank you

  21. Hi, my husband got unemployed in may 15, he applied for unemployment, i have been certifyn him and all it says is oending. He owes money to unemployment, for june july and august but we have no way of paying without any income. We are a family of 5 paying on a home have a yr left on our home so it could be our, and my husband has applied everywhere no luck , so if anyone can help give me advice thank you

  22. I was approved for pua on 8-17-2020 and it gave me the date to file a appeal for 9-2 my pua was going to be finalize so will I be getting back pay and if so how much longer do I have to wait I live in Columbus GA and will it post my payment summary can someone please help me this my first time thanks

  23. I received my confirmation email on July 14th of my claim weeks. I filed my weeks from April up until June and still no payment. Do I still need to go back every other week to file? If anyone knows the answer thanks.

    1. You have to claim the coming weeks as well, so yes, you have to claim your weeks, every other week.

  24. I applied and received PUA but now it says pending issue and it has for awhile now. I called them and was told to email them so I did. I called 3 weeks later and was told to submit my comments under tax upload, so i did that. I still have yet to receive any communication about what my “pending issue” for the week of July 06 is…. Not sure what to do from here. Yes, I am now back to work but could use that money to pay my bills up to date.

  25. SC here. I was fired from my job back in December 2019 for misconduct due to being sick and missing days. having over 53,000 in unemployment funds but was penalized for 20 weeks leaving me with a 0$ balance in funds All my funds were exhausted. I have filed for PUA PUEC and EB funds but have yet to receive anything it’s been well over 2 months since I’ve heard anything I have 2 open claims and one is still pending will I even be qualified to get anything? I’m at my last hope here.My penalty was up on the 29 of August.

  26. I am in West Virginia and It’s been over 2 months since I filed and I am Still processing. I waited until I absolutely needed it trying to let others who needed it more get first dibs but now I have done everything I can do. God help us. I hope they get it figured out because we literally have no food, someone broke into our home so now we have no cloths or anything… they stole everything down to The plunger in our bathroom! Now I have no money to get these items again and I have used savings on rent. I can’t even afford to get toilet paper. I hope they get moving on fixing this it feels like waiting a lifetime when you have a hungry family and no way to work

  27. I’m in NJ applied for regular unemployment. On 8/4 and was denied but was eligible for PUA….website says $10,000 first date to claim was August 21st so i did and also let me claim for back weeks….when I log onto the website it says only have 8200$ left and havent received a single penny. No pending transactions or anything they keep taking the money from the $10,000 but it’s not going to me. I can’t find any info on whats going on and it really is frustrating

    1. hi i am in pa so not sure if it is the same but it takes a bit to get the benefit card but once you do all the money they are showing should be on your card.. so if you have not received your card yet that could be why..

  28. I applied 4/5 and just now 2 weeks go got my denial from ui and entitlement letter from Kentucky pua and one payment of 176.00 at that time. When I try to request payment it it has date of 4/19-5/2 states payment has processed but never changes and never process’s and no payment for those weeks. I have not received back pay and cant request current weeks. No one answers phone or messages back and I don’t know what I am suppose to do. Any help would be appreciated it.

    1. same for me in CO. It has all the weeks listed that I did indeed declare and it says “processed” but I have never received payment and its been 2 mons nows

      1. Once it says processed that means payment has been issued ,check with your bank and ask if they did reject any payment from cdle and if you’re using the issued card the I guess that’s where the problem lies .

    2. You have to call over and over again (I called 8 times in a row Monday) sometimes, just to get through to someone.

  29. I’m in the same “In Process” boat as everyone else and I am sinking with 24 weeks of no money! I originally thought it was something I did wrong or I missed something? Come to find out there are several facebook groups with thousands of people in my state that are going through the same thing. Not to mention the class action lawsuits and protests that have been going on for months here as well, to no avail! What other recourse do we have? This is absolute bull@$#% that our states are allowed to do this to us and then the politicians run ads or do TV interviews touting about how they are helping the American people get through this crisis! Its infuriating to watch the news report that “over 32 million are currently on employment”… why don’t they ask how many are actually receiving unemployment money out of those 32 million? I read that most states have only paid on average 27% of claims filed! I guess the other 73% are “In Progress”?? They are sitting on millions & millions of dollars given to them over 5 months ago, while innocent people lose their homes, their cars, their sanity and even their lives. They need to be held accountable! It’s just not right!!

    1. I sent in my app. for PUA on 6/27, got a letter that said I will be getting $181.00 a week and still haven’t received a dime. I got another letter the end of July that said my case is under review, it could take another 30 days. That was a month and a half ago! I finally got through to someone on the phone and after looking at my case, said there was no reason why I should not be paid but it still says “in progress”. Tomorrow when I send in my claim, it will be 22 weeks. I am on the verge of becoming homeless! I am in NV, unfortunately it is Democrat. I can’t help but think they are trying to put off paying us until the election because if Biden cheats his way in, they don’t have to pay us. Civil war might be on the horizon.

      1. i have the same problem with Pua i was getting paid till 2 weeks ago they stopped not just me , also my husband and couple other people that we know, wen i get hold of someone she said there is nothing wrong with you account it look active and i still have plenty of benefits with them, she told me to keep on filling, and im still waiting we have bills and we need to pay it, i don”t know what to do?

        1. Same Exact thing happened to me. I haven’t received a payment since July 14. In Georgia. This is very frustrating when all they tell you at the dept. of labor is that your acct is active, nothing wrong with it but they can’t do anything you have to email PUA

  30. I’m in Connecticut I applied for regular unemployment after working as a home health aide and taken off my case on July 18th and my employer told me there are no more cases for me to work. I was denied regular unemployment saying they had no wages on file for me even though I’ve worked for this company since 2018. They told me to apply for the pua. I applied for the pua and they told me I was potentially eligible for regular unemployment and to submit a continued claim. I submitted a continued claim for regular unemployment and was told to start filling my weekly claim. This is the second week of filling my weekly claim and Everytime I go to inquiry to check my status everything says $0 for payment and everything. I try to get in touch with someone and of course I’m directed to the website for the assistance help. I tried to get in queue to speak to a representative and was 99+ in line when it got down to me being the next to speak to someone it said transferring for over an hour. I’m getting a run around and it’s getting so aggravating. I’m a single mother and I’m going through so much right now with everything. I’m being treated to being kick off of section 8 because my ex employer will not give me a letter stating I haven’t been working since July 18th. I’m getting the run around from everyone. Bills need to be paid trying to make arrangements but don’t know if or when I will be able to keep up with these arrangements because I don’t know when I will be getting any money. I’ve applied for jobs. Had 1 potential job offer but even they are giving me a run around. I don’t even know what to do right now. Country is just messed up. You try to do the right thing but get no where but the corrupt people in this country get everything handed to them. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why try to be an upstanding citizen when there is no way for you to get a head.

  31. I apply for unemployment in June denied for unemployment and PUA is still pending, I have submitted all the requirements but still hanging I have been in touch every week with the DES all they say is to wait and wait every time, it’s hard enough to be unemployed for months and I have been looking for work because I can’t rely on unemployment but haven’t been call from anywhere, I hope to get a job soon before I don’t think the decision for PUA is gonna come before I get kick out of my apartment.

    1. I feel you. I also applied in June and every week says “In Progress”. I am on week 22 with no pay from 4/8/20. I am not going to make it. My car battery went out and I live to far to walk anywhere. I live in NV so it’s above 100 degrees everyday and I have spent all of the money I had, just surviving. The PUA office I finally got through to, looked at my folder and said there is no reason I shouldn’t be paid, even though on one line it says there is issues and the next line it says no issues. I can’t help but think they are waiting for the election. If Biden cheats his way in, they don’t have to pay us. I pray I am wrong.

    2. Make sure in Nevada PUA you upload to PUA site-your Drivers license (front and back ) your SS card ( front and back),
      If you had Covid any documentation to the pos results, verification of residence (voters id) or utility bill, Tax return if you have one. And any other documents right away. I sat for 6 weeks the website said I owned the nothing, the clerk I spoke to three weeks ago said I didn’t owe anything . So I called Sept 19th and this PUA clerk says to me were is all your documentation? I am like what ! I said to her. So instead of arguing I just up loaded
      All the requested paperwork, don’t wait get at least the pertinent information in to them ASAP. Don’t wait for them to tell you. What sad is the high possibility most blue states are using our Care Act money for themselves for greed and bad management.

  32. Hi Paula I applied August 2nd and already on my 3rd payment bc it says to not take direct deposit bc of fraud if you go back and change it to the debit card then they will send u a debit card in the mail I filed and got my debit card from them in exactly 11 days but also make sure u file every Sunday until you get ur card so at least it will all be on there when u do get it good luck

  33. How do you do a pua certification? i never got info on how,online just says i need to certify after 10 days of filing confirmation and 10 days from that is tomorrow! so willi just miss it and be delayed in funds again!

  34. I applied and got denied for regular unemployment. And still haven’t got the option to apply for pua … Someone who has already got his money said I showed have had the link show up in my alerts. But nope!! Why do I not have the option to file for the pua ?? What went wrong?

  35. The 400.00 has not been allocated yet. The requirement is that the states must apply to FEMA for the additional 300.00. VA governor just announced that they are preparing to apply to FEMA and it will take up to 3 weeks to receive the additional funds in the checks. He is also trying to figure out a way to pay the $100.00. The President’s Executive Order was really confusing to the states. Only 11 states at this time have submitted and received their approval to disburse the 300.00.

  36. Hi same here I called after two months and they told me that the weeks I have been certifying was never processed! And the issue was resolved and I should be getting funds soon because SC is backed up but it’s been 3 weeks and I’m still getting a pending message! SC is Ridiculous and I know people that filed and got their money immediately in SC & NC. But I can’t get mine after 5 months

  37. I live in PA and filed for pua earlier in August and I just did my first weekly certification and it gave me a payment date and everything but no payment is shown up in my bank account. I called my bank and they told me I have no upcoming transactions. I called and emailed twice and no answers from anyone. I have no idea what I should do now. I just need an answer from someone and it’s frustrating that I am not even getting a response from people.

    1. Hey I am in Phila PA I filed for PUA on 6/29/2020 I was approved and I resolved all my issues I received my relia debit card and when I activated it it had a $0 balance when I checked online to see my PA-PUA claim summary I have a Payment Date for 8/25/2020 and a Trans Number & a Payment Number So when I checked my debit card Today 8/26/2020 it still had a $0 balance I don’t understand I filed my weekly certifications every Sunday and I have not received a Penny yet from PA Dept. of Labor and tried call the PA Treasury Dispersement unit but No one Answers that number this Shit is Crazy hell the best thing you can do is contact your local PA state Senator and explain the Situatio cause we both are in the same Boat Got Payment Date But NO payments what kind of Mess is that its a outright Shame

      1. I’m in Jersey. I applied for UI, was denied. Then I applied for PUA July 12, 2020 and was approved on July 31st. I was able to get the 600 every Monday for 3 weeks in a row. As of August 24th, I haven’t recieved anything and I’m still certifying every week. This is so overwhelmingly frustrating.

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  39. I am in ax and was approved for benefits from March 15 forward I was given a date when the money was to be in my account. I had the payment numbers and everything the date came I recieved my weekly but my back payment date changed I recieved two more payments another date change with no payment numbers anymore but in progress along with my weekly benefit I’m now living in my 92 year old neighbors garage help

      1. Mine says in progress too here in AZ. Tomorrow weekly will make 7 weeks unpaid. I think in process is a good thing, just no clue when it will be issued.

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    1. Another week goes by. Another week in progress. Contacted the help line finally. I was put on hold approximately 20 minutes the gentlemen said it looks fine it just had to go thru processing. In other words . I do not know I’ll send it somewhere else goodbye. I’ve emailed ive been on terminal redial. HELP in ARIZONA Twice honorably discharged veteran living in my neighbors garage at 57 years old I Supported a system that has failed me miserably. Ladies you believe man is your partner this is what your ancestors or ansisters say about that.
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  40. I applied for pua back in May I started receiving my weekly payments,, but never did receive any of my back pay that is supposedly owed to me,,I have emailed multiple times called every number I can find but can’t not get anyone on phone
    Does anything have any advice for me
    I could really use that backpay

  41. I Live in Virginia and receive PEUC I only receive $137 dollars. Why am I not getting the extra $400?

    1. The 400.00 has not been allocated yet. The requirement is that the states must apply to FEMA for the additional 300.00. VA governor just announced that they are preparing to apply to FEMA and it will take up to 3 weeks to receive the additional funds in the checks. He is also trying to figure out a way to pay the $100.00. The President’s Executive Order was really confusing to the states. Only 11 states at this time have submitted and received their approval to disburse the 300.00.

    2. The $400 payments haven’t started yet. The extra $600 ended the end of july but they decided to do an extension with with a smaller payment which has to be approved by Congress and then will go into effect hopefully soon but could be a few more weeks is what I am understanding. I’m still waiting for my retro check to be resubmitted. I’ve been waiting for that for over 2 months and I’m drowning in debt right now. $158 a week doesnt go far and I cant get an answer anywhere! Good luck to everyone waiting.

  42. If anyone is from Massachusetts and having trouble call a tier 2 agent from unemployment. I had gotten denied and had to appeal and wait to send my ID in because they said what I sent the first time wasn’t enough and once I talked to tier 2 next day I had the link and it says payment in progress the numbers ‭(267) 846-5113‬ it may hang up on you after talking if it does just keep calling back and 1 of the calls will get thru I got the number from someone on reddit because every time I would call and they would put me thru it would get disconnected hope this helps!

  43. After receiving 4 weeks of PUA Az. payments, for some unexplained reason my 22 weeks of back payments along with the last 2 weeks I’ve claimed are now showing as “in process”. What’s going on here? Why is it that I’m still waiting for 24 weeks of owed payments to show up in my bank account? How much longer will it take to complete the “in process” process? This $#!+ is getting old quick.

    1. I am in Nevada and have been waiting since June to get my money and it just says in process and they don’t return calls or anything. I am almost homeless. What the hell are they doing.

    2. I have the exact same problem it said I was approved from mar15 on I recieved 2 weeks at 717.00 and one at 117.00 and the date my arrears check was to be deposited has changed 3 times and now says in progress. No way to contact anyone. Help I am now living in a garage

  44. Help, I tried signing up for regular unemployment, got denied; then got accepted for PUA. I been getting it for 4 or 5 months no problem but I just got DENIED they sent me a letter saying it was cause I tried signing up for regular UI, but the declined me…. Has anybody else had this issue

    1. I’m in pa I’ve not received payment going on 9 weeks I’ve called an spoke to someone at pua they keep telling me the same thing we’ve are sending your info to someone higher up to release your money I uploaded all my documents over a month ago I spoke with someone today they told me they were working on my case that again I should be paid by Thursday it’s funny how the homeless people that has not worked a job in years and are absolute drug addicts can get 12,000 in back pay from pua but people like me and you that have worked our whole life can’t get one dime and we are going to lose everything because we are honest the government need some to fix who they’ve help on top of that it’s not looking good for the governors for re-election

      1. Daisy how did you get a hold of someone working with PUA in PA? I filed back in July and I certified for all my weeks and it never changed from the “in progress” status. I have sent emails and still no response. This is so frustrating!!

      2. What number did you call that you were able to actually reach someone? I’ve been unsuccessful for 7 weeks and counting to move from in progress status or reach anyone on the phone, via email or live chat. Any help or advice on what I can do from here would be much appreciated!

      3. What number did you called? Cause I have been trying to call and no answered, I tried the online chat and they are always busy. Not sure what to do!?

      4. Its so frustrating, live in PA ,mine stated in progress for 7 weeks now and 1 open issue ,but I think the issue has been resolved which was based on me not receiving my back dated payment but after the issue was resolved it states monetarily ineligible and all my claim summary record is missing it says I have no unemployment insurance claim on the system,and am yet to receive my back dated payment. No one to speak to ,been calling since June no answer. Anyone in the same boat?

        1. Same. I see an Eligibility Review Date in the payments transaction numbers. Its set for this Sunday, so I am hoping that is what I am waiting on at 7 weeks.

    2. Absolutely.. Im in the same boat.when the pua program expired it asked me to submit a new application for standard benefits and upon being denied standard ui i would automatically be put back on the pua program well i have done all that was asked and now they stopped my payments and tell me i do not qualify for standard ui. But has given no option to apply for plummeting head first. Single mom and no income.

  45. I’m in South Carolina I filed for pua on june 8th and have been certifying my weeks all the way into august. I called and was told my back dates were approved but my claim is closed and i would get it in the mail in 7-10 business days. It’s been 10 days and nothing what do i do.

    1. I’m in SC…received approval letter for PUA 8/17/20. Said to certify weekly but I haven’t been able to certify not even one week. Website shows no weeks to certify for. Said I was eligible for back pay from April. How do I certify weekly if there’s no link?

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