Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – 2021 Extension, Back Payments and Retroactive Coverage


This article was last updated on January 18

Updates to PUA under new $900 billion COVID relief stimulus package

The new $900 billion COVID relief stimulus plan has been approved by Congress and signed into law by the President. It includes funding for extending pandemic unemployment programs (PUA, PEUC) and providing supplementary FPUC unemployment benefits at $300 per week for millions of unemployed or underemployed Americans. Note that while President Trump had originally rejected the overall stimulus package, mainly for political reasons and due to request for larger stimulus checks, he eventually succumbed to public and political pressure and signed the bill. The Department of Labor (DOL) has now issued guidelines for state unemployment agencies on payments and eligibility (as done with the original program) and any delayed payments will be retroactively reimbursed.

For the PUA program specifically, which was due to expire on December 26th 2020 (originally funded under the CARES act), there is now funding for an extra 11 weeks. This now means that the PUA program would provide a base total of 50 weeks of coverage. Some states have additional weeks on top of this as part of state extended benefit programs (per earlier updates below). For those with remaining weeks, they will continue to be have their balances carried forward until they hit the new 50 week maximum. They will have until the week ending April 10th, 2021 to claim unemployment benefits under the extended PUA program.

How long is the PUA extension for?

After March 14, 2021, new claimants will no longer be permitted to apply for PUA benefits, but eligible individuals who have a PUA claim balance (or remaining weeks) as of March 14th, 2021 will continue to receive benefits until the week beginning April 5, 2021 until their claim balance is exhausted. Weekly certification will be required. Note however that the $300 extra weekly FPUC won’t be payable during the PUA phase out period (March 14th to April 5th). See which states are paying the extra $300 unemployment to PUA recipients.

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Do I need to reapply or submit a new claim to get the PUA extension?

This will depend on a state by state basis and if you had exhausted your balance prior to December 27th, 2020 (when the extension coverage period started). State UI agencies are rolling out the extended PUA coverage and need to incorporate new documentation and fraud prevention measures (see section below) to enable people to claim benefits under the the extended PUA program.

PUA recipients with active claims (remaining weeks/balance) as of or after December 27th. These group of claimants who had not used their 39 week balance at the start of the extended coverage period are already are already seeing the 11 week extension reflected in their UI accounts (including the extra $300 payment) and in several states can continue certifying and receive weekly payments. There may be a one to two week lapse in payments as state UI agency update systems but your account should automatically reflect the 11 week extension to the PUA program. Even if payments have not started, you should continue your weekly of biweekly certification (where possible) if you continue to be fully or partially unemployed. Payments will be retroactively made

New applicants or those whose PUA claims have been exhausted prior to or including the week ending December 26th, 2020 may need to reapply or reactivate their claim if they are unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work after December 27, 2020 because of COVID-19. State UI agencies are all implementing the new PUA program extensions based on DOL guidelines based on how their systems/programs can handle the extension and inclusion of new PUA program requirements. This has meant ongoing delays and limited transparency in payments for many who fall into this bucket of claimants (and it is the large majority of jobless workers). However state UI agencies are mandated to notify claimants if they qualify for the new PUA extension and instructions on how to reopen or refile their claim to enable them to certify to get their UI payments, including the $300 FPUC weekly payment (see this video for a summary on this). Please monitory your email, text messages and online UI portal for next steps and instructions. I will continue to post updates as well.

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New Fraud Prevention Measures

To address the significant fraud associated with the PUA program (due to it’s expansive eligibility and antiquated state UI systems that could not support new program rules) the new stimulus bill included some additional measures to tighten up eligibility and claimant verification. This includes the following provisions that are required to be in place by January 31st, 2020:

  • New applicants will have 21 days to submit documentation substantiating their employment, self-employment, or planned commencement of employment/self-employment. 
  • Individuals already receiving PUA benefits must provide documentation within 90 days
  • States must implement procedures to validate the identity of claimants and to ensure timely payments. 
  • Employers will be able to report instances to local state UI agencies in which a former employee refuses to return to work or refuses to accept an offer of suitable work without good cause (which renders the individual ineligible for unemployment benefits).

$100 Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation

Another new provision to address gaps with some of the original PUA rules is for those who got a mix of self employment and age income. Individuals who received at least $5,000 a year in self-employment income during 2019 now will receive an additional $100 weekly benefit, in addition to the benefit amounts they otherwise would be entitled to receive from regular state unemployment.  Previously, such individuals were not eligible for PUA benefits if they received some regular state unemployment benefits for traditional employment, and regular state law benefits did not consider self-employment in calculating the benefit amounts. The new federally-funded “mixed earner” benefit is in addition to the $300 supplementary FPUC weekly benefit under FPUC.

What if I worked in multiple states, where do I file for PUA?

The DOL has clarified that a self-employed individual must file with the state where he or she was working at the time of becoming unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work because of an approved COVID-19 related reason. If an individual worked in more than one state at this time, the individual may file in any of those states. So go for the state where you can get the largest weekly benefit (note that the minimum PUA benefit payment is 50% of the states regular UI maximum).

Origina PUA program under CARES Act

The PUA program provides up to 39 weeks of benefits, which are available retroactively starting with weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020, and ending on or before December 31, 2020. To qualify for PUA benefits, you must not be eligible for regular unemployment benefits and be unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work because of certain health or economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note – PUA benefits have been extended in some states like New York, California and Georgia by 7 weeks, as part of extensions to state level extended benefit programs. Further those who were getting PUA payments in August and September will have automatically qualified for the now expired $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) unemployment benefits program. Most states have now gotten approval and have paid out the 6 weeks of funding available for this program (see full LWA state tracker), including retroactive payments,

While PUA is open to all unemployed Americans, it was mainly intended as a way to provide unemployment benefits for those who were working and are now out of work and were generally self-employed (e.g. independent contractors or gig economy workers) and did not contribute taxes towards regular unemployment. Those who had regular/W2 jobs are eligible for enhanced unemployment benefits under the PEUC program. Further details on program differences below.

Will My PUA Benefits End in December Even if I Have a Balance or Weeks Left to Claim

Unfortunately yes. The program’s federal funding has a hard stop at the end of the year (December 26th in most states). So even if you have a balance or weeks of benefits left after year end, and millions of unemployed workers will be in this boat, you won’t be getting these payments in 2021 unless Congress extends unemployment benefits. Extended state benefits may however be available in states where unemployment rates are higher than pre-specified thresholds (see below for further details). See this video on some recent PUA updates and back payments.

Delays in PUA program payments: State unemployment agencies and labor departments have experienced many challenges in rolling out the PUA program but all are now processing applications and payments for individuals who are self-employed, seeking part-time employment, or who otherwise would not qualify for regular unemployment compensation prior to new provision in the CARES stimulus bill. This group of workers however may have a hard time officially proving their wages during the applicable 2019-20 wage based period, in which case their weekly benefit amount will be reduced based on whichever is higher – the record of wages already on file or the minimum PUA weekly benefit amount for the state.

How to Apply for PUA

To apply for unemployment benefits using the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) extension provision approved under the CARES act you need to apply via your regular state’s unemployment agency. Many states have dedicated website links and call numbers when it comes to PUA benefits.

States have mandated that you must first apply for regular UI before becoming eligible for PUA. This is baesd on federal law which only allows PUA to be paid to claimants when benefits are exhausted or if you were deemed not eligible for them – which will be the case for gig and contract workers. While it is a cause of concern for many unemployed Americans making new claims, it is the way their systems are designed to handle the new PUA coverage and provisions. So even though it may seem like the claim was denied in reality it just means that eligible claimants have been denied for standard unemployment benefits (in place prior to Coronavirus/COVID-19), but will likely qualify for the new PUA benefits. Unfortunately this makes the application process longer and could take a while for you to get your PUA claim approved.

The amount of PUA benefits are calculated based on your previously reported income and capped at the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA). PUA benefits may not be less than half of the state’s average weekly benefit amount as shown in the table below. Note – There are no minimum wage qualifying criteria for PUA.

Eligible recipients must certify for PUA benefits weekly like regular unemployment. Individuals receiving PUA will also still be eligible for other unemployment supplementary weekly payments (while available). Once they begin certifying for weekly benefits they will not have to take any additional steps, and will receive the weekly $600 payments along with their PUA benefits.

Below are some frequently asked questions and possible answers to common PUA questions I am seeing from readers on this site (see the comments below for more questions and answers).

Will my PUA claim be paid retroactively for back payments (including the $600 FPUC and $300 LWA)?

This varies across states, but generally if you were eligible for PUA in a given week that retroactive UI benefits are payable, you will get the relevant payment for other supplementary enhanced benefit programs. Backdated payments will be paid in one lump-sum one to two weeks after you are deemed eligible for benefits. Note that backdated payments will also include the $600 FPUC payment if you were eligible for PUA during the period the FPUC program was active.

How Long Does PUA Last in 2020?

For those who are eligible for regular benefits, they will get an additional 13 weeks on top of their state unemployment benefits. For those who don’t qualify for state unemployment they can get benefits for between 39 and 46 weeks until the end of 2020. At this stage unless Congress extends the PUA program via a new stimulus package, PUA benefit payments will end at the end of this year.

PUA Unemployment: Moved or worked in multiple states

Generally, you should file your claim in the state where you worked or received income. Or your state of primary residence if income has come from several states as may be common with people who qualify for PUA. If you moved states you will need to reapply in that state for PUA, based on the process they have (varies by state). When you file a claim, you will be asked for certain information, such as addresses/location and dates of your former employment. This will allow them to make a determination of your partial benefit.

Right now state systems are not connected and rely on the wage income you provide so you need to be careful of PUA overpayment, which could mean having to pay or taxes or face repayment and penalties from one or more of the states you are in. The program is for 39 weeks to 46 weeks (depending on state) in total. You are not supposed to double dip across state lines and eventually will be flagged.

Based on some of the comments to this article, if you are having to apply for PUA across multiple states there is a good chance you will be flagged for a fraudulent claim. So be patient and prepared to go through a verification process based on the state UI agency guidelines.

Are PUA benefits taxable?

Yes, like all unemployment benefits PUA is considered taxable income and you may elect to have withholding taxes deducted from your payment (generally around 10%). You will receive Form 1099-G with form your state UI agency to file with your 2020 income taxes in 2021.

Child Support or Dependent Payments Deductions

Child support obligations will be deducted from PUA, as they would with normal state unemployment. You can file an injured spouse form to mitigate this.

Why was my PUA claim denied?

Most PUA claims that do finally get processed by the state unemployment department/agency are being denied or rejected because the claimant is eligible for standard, state-funded unemployment insurance rather than federally funded PUA. Because the PUA application process and/or link is different to the regular state unemployment application process, it is highly recommended you apply for regular state unemployment first. Only if you are denied for regular state UI (and you will be notified that you are) should you then apply for PUA.

Other reasons PUA claims are being denied are due to ongoing “glitches” in unemployment filing systems/websites that have required a lot more updates to support the new PUA provisions.

Fraud checks or additional document verification where many UI applications are being flagged has also been cited as a big reason for PUA delays/rejections. This is not surprising since may gig workers and contractors don’t have standard unemployment documentation and so require extra verification and fraud checks. If you are caught up in a fraud check, please ensure to provide the required information to your state agency (who will contact you) to keep your claim processing moving forward.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefit payment delays

Other than being flagged for Fraud, many readers are reporting PUA application processing and payment delays if you have multiple people using your address for UC, PUA, EB, etc. Or if you moved, bills in other people’s names, etc is causing delays. 

I cannot get ahold of anyone when I call for help.

Despite dedicated phone lines for PUA claims many readers are reporting it is nearly impossible to get a hold of a live person to speak to at their state UI agency regarding their unemployment claim. You can see the comments below for some ideas to try, but generally will take a lot of patience and calling in “off” hours to get through. Because of the pandemic and record high call volumes, you may need to try alternative methods like social media or going via your state congressional leaders to try and expedite your claim.

PUA vs PEUC and State Extended Benefits (EB)

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and State Extended Benefits (EB) programs are different to the PUA program and claimants cannot continue in the PEUC or EB programs if they are deemed eligible for PUA. The PEUC is essentially an extension of regular state unemployment (funded under the CARES act) and allows for up to an additional 13 weeks of benefits added to the end of regular unemployment benefits. EB are an extension of UI benefits that occurs when a state meets the unemployment rate threshold for a designated period. For most states this provides up to 20 weeks of additional benefits.

Please note, if you had received UC or EB benefits and then apply for PUA, any week of regular UC benefits or any week of state extended benefits (EB) collected since February 2, 2020 will be deducted from the weeks of PUA you are eligible for. 

(Click State For Details)
Maximum PUA AmountPUA State Contact Number
District of Columbia$444
New Hampshire$427
New Jersey$713North Jersey: 201-601-4100
Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340
New Mexico$511
New York$5041-833-491-0632
1-833-324-0366 (to certify)
North Carolina$350
North Dakota$618
Puerto Rico$190
Rhode Island$586
South Carolina$326
South Dakota$414
West Virginia$424

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745 thoughts on “Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – 2021 Extension, Back Payments and Retroactive Coverage

  1. I just reactivated my pua claim, like I was told to. Sent back to my homepage, tried filing my weekly claim, but it had said to reactivate my claim..again. I’m assuming they have to review my claim(can someone verify that for me?) And if so… does anyone have an idea as to how long it would be to either be approved, or not?
    I’m in hell hole Pennsylvania.

    1. I applied for this weeks payment which totalled $445 minus taxes but cannot file for the backdated money which is supposed to be December 27th, 2020. Anyone know what is going on and why online it showed we would get January 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd, plus back to December 20th, but we cannot file a clm for the backdate?

  2. I was filing PUA and it stopped in December. I thought okay, well that’s it. Nothing I can do about it, I didn’t appeal. I am self employed so that’s that. Just keep trying to find clients (hard during Covid) I got an email that said I could claim again so I filled out all my back claims, but am confused because I haven’t received anything – NOTHING. Was I supposed to file the appeal? Will I receive the rest of my weeks? I have seven weeks left. This is so confusing. Anyone have any answers out there? OHIO

    1. I’m in same boat..I called yesterday and they said that there isn’t nothing we can do and to keep filling every week everyone will be paid by February 26th hopefully sooner they just say that due to not knowing when..

  3. I’m Fouled in WV it’s saying my money is in process it’s been in process for going on three weeks,How long dose it usually take from process to deposit

  4. I also was receiving PUA until the 26th. I had a to do for UI so I filed that for whatever reason. It got denied because I’m self employed. My PUA say expired and when I click it sends me to dwd secure witch wont allow me to upload anything. Now what..?

    1. I am getting the exact same thing on mine. It’s freaking me out! I need that money. We’ve already waited long enough!!

  5. Someone please help guide me so I can stop stressing, pleaseeeee. I filed in April got 39 weeks total. Two weeks ago on December 28th I was able to claim my prior weeks. Buttttt two weeks later (today) it’s time for me to file and nothing is there for me to claim. Pua expires on the 26th so I understand that. What I don’t understand is how are half of the people still able to continue certifying for benefits now up until the second week of January? Shouldn’t everyone’s claim be sitting in water while we all wait for the claims to get updated with extended weeks? Half the people on here are filing this week, the other half including me can’t file. Please anyone with knowledge guide me because I am so stressed and jealous of all of you still getting paid lol. I can’t find a article explaining this and idk what to do because I am broke now.

    1. I agree they are just worried about fraud instead of paying us. I to have claimed six weeks and have went without pay and continue to wait . It is the most hardest thing especially when having four children that do not deserve any of it. Bills being disconnected, eviction letters like I can go on n on. Sad that people try and steal from the government they will catch you sooner or later ugh so frustrated

  6. I received pua and like everyone else my payments stopped on dec 26. I have now filed my weekly clam and it allowed me to do several weeks but then on the 4th week it said terminated or canceled. Why would it say this and could it be a glitch or what should I do to continue to receive pua as I am still not working due to Covid.

    1. I had the same problem and thought I should file a new claim. Now I have no clue what I did or what is going on. When I do the weekly claim for my payment is says denied or something. Everything is just a mess

  7. I as a self employed person in PA held off till Mid Aug to begin filing for weekly PAU. I uploaded everything asked of myself. Called every two weeks (after 100’s of redials and over 2 hours on hold each time to get to speak with a rep) Was told an Examiner was needing to approve it, next was told the first 3 months more info was needed. I kept uploading the new documents they needed each time that no other rep had said was needed previously. First week December I was told my claim should be good and is just waiting for an examiner to review and approve it still. I had as of 12/31 17 weeks showing in progress on my claim summery. I logged in early this week to check up. No claim summery found. No open claim found. I called 213 times to get through, waited on hold 1 hour and 54 mins to speak with a rep. She said they have no info. That old unpaid claims may be paid when the new extension claims are open for application?????? So a bill that was to extend the PUA now closed the claims and she could not say when of if the back PUA payments i been waiting on while i live on credit cards and prayers will be paid now. Called my Congressman, Senator, and Gov offices. No one has any official word. How can some states be paying out the on the new bill PUA and others (yeah you PA) have no idea and have closed the claims in progress for last year????? Its total BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well my pay says I’ve been disqualified because I didn’t send my needed info on timely manner. I apeeled the determination in Nov. Still no response to my appeal. Now my appeal was withdrawn, system then issued an appeal for timeliness. But I’m still being disqualified for each week I’ve certified for all the way back to March. How do I get the needed info for what I need to do for my PUA in nevada.?

  9. hi. my status says active in my PUA page, will i be able to file my weekly claim again or is it over? in ohio. it will not let me file weekly claim.

  10. Been waiting for 12 weeks and haven’t received a dime !! What is going on , do they have a time line for pay. I call every day and keep getting incompetent workers. They don’t know what’s going on and can’t answer any questions. What are we supposed to do? this is wrong to make us suffer. it doesn’t take long to click a few buttons.

    1. Same.switched to ohio relia card Dec 1 and every week since unemployment says and shows it was the card but relia card employees say they havent received it. I’ve been back and forth for over a month trying to find my funds and Noone knows. Keep referring me to the other and this shad become my full time job. It’s horrible. I am being told the same things every single day. Latest was told to wait longer. Lol. Seriously? Wld they wait this long and go with absolutely no money? Because I have and now I’m waiting on stimulus just to be able to eat. This is horrible times 100. Bills aren’t paid..I’m walking the thin line and am gonna be pushed off soon because of the incompetent ppl in the got workplace.

  11. Hi I have a question do I have to reapply for my benefits stopped December 26th or are they going to just keep going over being extended I’m not sure what to do

    1. No if you were eligible for pua then you just keep filling. I am reading these terrible things from all different states and that is terrible!! I’m in mass and haven’t had any issues at all. You should’ve continued to file weekly online it may say no benefit of something to that affect if the additional weeks aren’t set up but it doesn’t matter, still file!! Once your state gets set up for additional weeks then . You’ll get retro. I have already gotten 2 weeks retro and wed I’ll get my third. EVERYTHING IS DONE BY YOUR STATES UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE! My poor father didn’t know he could file as a independent contractor so I applied for him in December back to April and they told him they couldn’t verify identity even though I sent them literally 15 documents!! So I appealed and 7 weeks later still no word. He still files every week though so he can get everything retro. He’s up to like 24000$!!! This is terrible

  12. Well I filed august the 2 and received my pua first pay and they told me in 2 to 3 days I would get my lump sum and I haven’t gotten anything and I had called my senator and they sent them and email with all my information and know ones has gotten back to me yet and we are getting ready to enter into a new year this crazy and I don’t know if I should keep filing my pua if I still have money in my claim or not can someone help me

  13. I was approved months ago!! I than talked to so many people that said I would get my money the next day and I’m still waiting now my pua says processing waiting on a adjudicator and has been for 5 months! How long will this take! And will it be done in time to do taxes ?!!

    1. I haave been waiting a little over 5mths myself since my account has been froze. Due to this whole fraud thing. I have sent several emails. Called I dont know how many times. And I have not heard a thing back. No nothing. And with no pay… How long is it going to take? Any ideas??

      1. Guys email your state representative office you’ll get a call and you tell them what’s going on I had been waiting to hear something since June and couldn’t get anyone with pua to so much as call me back. I messed up on my first 13 weeks claim with the question are you able and available to work they allowed me to go in the system and change it from no to yes someone should have called me instantly because I should have had my case flag for review and I did not I emailed the Arkansas state representatives they called me within 3 days because it was the holidays the day they called me pua called me instantly within 3 hours show me my money would be in my account in 2 to 3 days and it was another very next day.

        1. Can you give me the email address to who you had to contact. Im in the same boat & it looks like no end in sight. thank you!

        2. How and where would I find that email address for my state ( Virginia) my claims stopped showing on my Gov2go app Dec 16th accidentally found out that we were now required to phone in our claims been with no payment for 3 weeks and I need it like yesterday. PUA person taking claim just keeps sayn’ should be this week still no payment sick to stomach need that email address

  14. Hello. My question is about the denial of PUA since it is ending in Dec 2020 UNLESS a new deal is reached, which it has been. The letter I received said “Ineligible Indefinitely’ and says I can appeal within 21 days. Did everyone get a similar letter? Since the new deal has been passed will I still have to make this appeal?, or do i need to refile? or will my benefits restart without me doing anything as of now and I just wait until when they get caught up on the new package deal? I would have to refile. Thank you for any help and sugestions.

    1. Sandra,
      If you were found “ Ineligible “ for PUA benefits, you can only appeal. If you have been receiving unemployment benefits in 2020, that tells me you may have just answered a question incorrectly. Go back and re read the requirements ( not being rude). You may have been denied because you may still qualify for regular state benefits.

      1. You can also claim outside of the 21 day period ! My first denial was in June,I filed an appeal in October finally got my benefit Nov/Dec time

      2. I received the same letter, but it also referred to the fact that PUA was stopped on Dec 13 because Ohio’s unemployment rate has reduced since October. That’s great for the people who have jobs, but sure doesn’t help those of us who haven’t gotten one yet! So the same question stands: If Ohio ended your PUA on Dec 13 before your benefit amount ran out, will you be eligible for the 2021 PUA? Will we have to reapply?

    2. Call them ! I had a ineligible indefinitely notice in June when I first claimed after continue d wrong information from the helpline .after loads of calls and emails I did an appeal with them in October on the phone and never heard anything about my hearing .
      I certified each week and sent as many emails as I felt up to !
      Eventually I summoned up the mental strength to call unemployment in late November about my hearing !
      I was very lucky the woman who answered my call was well,she really knew her job .
      She told me to always phone in ! They are swamped dealing with regular unemployment appeals as well as covid appeals.
      She did my ruling with me on the phone ,in five minutes.
      I got my benefit two days later,as well as all the extra amounts of $600 and $300 ,I thank God she answered my call.

      1. I Were blessed. I switched from direct deposit to ohio state debit card (relia card) and for every week in December I’ve received nothing. None of my payments have been sent to me tho unemployment tells me as well as I can see the weeks have been paid and they say it has been sent to my card. And to call relia card. I did. Relia card says they havent received any deposits.and keep referring me back to unemployment. I’ve made this..well it has become my full time job. Every single day for 4 weeks now 5 to 8 hours per day on the phone trying to find my funds. I have no correspondence pending and no issues. Yet Noone can tell me where my funds are. My card has had a zero balance since received and activated. I’ve done everything I can and the jobs of one’s who shld be helping me. Absolutely no money this entire month because of this and no straight answers. I’ve contacted the BBC and filed complaints. Next attorney I guess. I just want and need my funds. If I can’t receive weekky..what will happen with the additionAL 300 comming..I won’t get that wither because someone somewhere did something wrong and won’t fix this issue. Anyone else having this problem? I’d love to know how it was taken care of or any info that may help my situation. Thanks!!!!!!!

    3. We all received that letter. I asked today and you don’t need to do anything. just file your weeks and you should get your back weeks when they start up again in February. We are part of the PUA 11 week extension. I finally got answers today.

  15. I finally was able to filed my PUA claim in June 2020. However, my last day or work is Feb 2020.
    I’ve requested verbally several times for back date pay from my last pay of work in Feb 2020. I don’t know what the true status on why I haven’t received or heard from NJ UnEmployment.
    The only thing a call center rep says is “I Just Have To Wait, they cannot give any additional information” (Each Person I call says something different)… not sure if i’m even speaking to to right person or dept.

    If anyone has any additional information that will help me is Greatly Appreciated….
    Very Stresssful…

    1. My state Representative’s office got through to the GA DOL office to have them call me about backdating my PUA for full 39 weeks if pay, i just filled out the paperwork (which is identical to online payment request) for each week to be backdated. You may have to do the same, but do it quickly!!

      1. how did you send in your back payment requests? I read that I needed to take it to the career center but they are closed and I don’t know what to do since I was finally able to get a response after applying several times and now they are about to end the payments.

        1. I had to fill out by hand backdated weekly request forms (that are identical to the request for weekly payments online) for every week I was missing, in addition to filling out the request for backdated payments request form. I got the forms from the GA DOL contact that emailed them to me after I got my State Representative, Houston Gaines, office involved!! GA DOL only reached out to me after the State Representative office contacted them!

        2. The DOL Representative sent me the 2 forms I needed 1. DOL-5168(10/20) and 2. DOL-5158(10/20)
          The first is a letter to request backdating payments and the second is the 2 page form you need to fill out for each backdated week you are requesting payment for (identical to the online form). It has to be submitted to he DOL claims dept but I don’t know how to do that as the DOL Representative that contacted me did that part for me! Call your state Representative ASAP!

    2. Hi. I filed the end of May but my last date of employment was March 13th, 2020. I’ve been reading what some others have done to get NJDOL to backdate their claim. Of course all this crap with NJ’s unemployment is so damn frustrating. Telling people they just have to wait. Well, you can’t do that. I swear they put your claim in their virtual in-box where it sits in an invisible line and gets forgotten. After months of this nightmare, (Oh and they actually backdated my claim but neglected to put the money in the WBR section and in the balance left, which was plenty). Talk about incompetent. They made it worse. I went to my congressman. I sent him an email back in October and by November (can’t remember exact dates but it hasn’t been that long) all those weeks of unemployment benefits were deposited into my checking account and a couple days later ( or close to it), the retroactive $600 a week was there. One lump sum for each. It was taken care of without me having to certify for any back dated weeks. Hell, they knew what I was owed. Please try to find help outside of DOL. I wish you the best of luck Kalippo. Trina

    3. Make sure you call the pua helpline and also unemployment as UNEMPLOYMENT seem to know more due to pua being a new set up .

      1. It’s been 50 weeks already since I filed my pua and still have not seen a dime I call everyday and the same stories it’s in prossess .how long does it take for these people take to push a few buttons

        1. Wow. That’s nuts! 50 weeks? What do they say when you call? You should contact your local representative or congressman.

  16. Still trying to get WV to update my income and send me the correct benefit instead of the minimum. Anyone else having this problem or know how to get it corrected? I’ve spent I very 20 hours on hold with them

  17. I got denied my PUA claim because i accidentally put my last date of my taxes of 2019 for my last day of work however self employed my last day was in march 2020 due to.covid and my kids not in school what can i do

  18. I’m not understanding how that I’m not eligible for the PUA benefits? I understand that I’m not eligible for the regular unemployment benefits because I was fired from my last job last year because of my tardiness at my last job. But then was told and I had received a letter saying that I had qualified for the PUA and for the amount of $355.00 per week and to start calling to certify for my benefits on October 12,2020 and I had done that. I have been calling unemployment and sending messages to them and never had gotten any answers from them. So I have been calling them as well I have been told many different answers and today on December 16, 2020 I had called and talked to a agent about my claim and as well as yesterday also, and was told that now I’m now qualified for any benefits at all because I had not worked since February or March of last year and that my 18 months was up and that I had not made anymore money since then called the “rework” basically I had to worked and then not worked and to have made around $5,600 in between from then till now. Well I don’t get it at all and I feel like I’m being screwed over cuz I had not worked in a year and can’t get any money and many other people that haven’t had a job since whenever or have never had a job are getting unemployment benefits. So why can’t I get anything from a federally funded program for myself????

    1. Those people are running a scam. I’ve been waiting for mine too. But they dont pay on absentees or late as reason being fired. It is based on quarterly income. Nothing in 18 months for income they arent obligated to give anything…sorry

    2. One of the requirement of PUA is that the reason for unemployment must be DIRECTLY resulted from COVID. Since the Pandemic Assistance Period started on 2/2/2020 and your last day of work was last year (haven’t worked for a year), you most likely won’t qualify for PUA.

  19. It’s been 6 weeks since I applied for my pua. Why is it taking so long to be approved

    1. Because of so many people applying but maybe the best way for you to get approved or have them look at your application call your local state Representative office & let them know what’s going on.They should be able to email Pua for you.

    2. Six weeks is nothing ! I waited from June to December . Don’t give up ,call instead of emailing if you can take notes of calls dates n times .and who u spoke with .
      Remember pua is new and call centre advisers are swamped ! As well as trying to get a handle on pua information

  20. Does anyone have any information or what to expect or how to check the status of a back dated PUA emailed request (PA) that could only be sent via an email as per PA PUA instructions. The phone number is seemingly always busy so there does not seem to be another way to find that info. Also do we know if the extra Federal $600 will automatically be processed with the backdated requests?
    Thank you so much Andy for your hard work sharing this much needed information! It’s truly appreciated!

    1. You will get all the backdated if u r approved. That’s the 600 extra and also the 300 extra for 6 weeks on top of what your weekly amount is. Hope this helps

      1. I called UE and spoke to someone yesterday 1/7/2021 and they said after December 31st 2020 there will be no more PUA back payments coming out.

    2. Keep signing in on the pua site and ck ur correspondence and determination. They are bad about assuming you know what to do.

    3. I am actually in the same boat. I cannot read the response to the emails I sent them. It says to do all these things that don’t make sense

      1. I have not received any responses to my initial email request. How long dud your response take and where did you receive them message? On your dashboard Or personal email.

        1. Hi JP,
          So when you log onto the portal you MUST do so on a laptop or desk top computer. It’s not visible if you log in on a phone. You will see a tab marked “ Correspondance” when it opens it will say “ No Records Available” in the same page you will see where it asks you what dates you are looking for. Just click the word ALL”. Once you do that the entire screen will populate with Every document you’ve ever had. I know it’s not really user friendly but all your info will be there.

    4. My pua exceeded the 39 weeks so what do I have to do in arkansas to get my 300 dollars

  21. Hi, can anyone help? My weekly claim says $0 after I finished applying for it. It says it has been filed, but I don’t understand why I’m not receiving anything this week? Last week (my first week) was fine. This is only my second week using PUA. My reported earnings are much lower than what I made in the previous week. Please help!?

    1. PUA ends At the latest December 26, no matter when you applied.
      Unless they pass a news cares act soon.

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