Where is My $600 Unemployment Compensation? COVID-19 Pandemic Stimulus Relief Slow Rollout Out By States

[Latest update] Most states have now implemented the $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. Unfortunately the payout of this has been very slow and fraught with issues with many recipients (see comments below) complaining that they are yet to receive payments. Per updates below retroactive payments will be made to the beginning of April (for those who were eligible) in most states.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has now provided guidance to states for implementation of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Compensation program that extends state unemployment insurance (UI) benefits and provides a $600 p/week Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) stimulus; all approved under the CARES act. The table below shows the increase in maximum unemployment benefits (for individuals) with the new stimulus payment (until July 31st 2020) and extended benefits coverage. It is also being updated to show when/if states are paying this $600 payment and which date is retroactive to.

State$600 Supplementary FPUC Payment StatusState Max. Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA)Max WBA with $600 FPUCPUA Amount
AlabamaActive from 4/11. Retroactive to 3/29.$275$875$275
AlaskaFrom 4/13 (retroactive to 3/29)$370$970$370
ArizonaActive week starting 4/13 (retroactive to 3/29)$240$840$240
ArkansasActive week starting 4/13 (retroactive to 3/29)
$451$1,051 $451
CaliforniaActive (from April 11)$450$1,050 $175
ColoradoActive from April 20th$618$1,218 $618
ConnecticutActive from 4/16 (retroactive to 4/4)$649$1,249 $649
DelawareFrom April 5th (first to roll out)$400$1,000 $400
District of ColumbiaFrom 4/27 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$444$1,044 $444
FloridaFrom 4/12 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$275$875$275
GeorgiaFrom 4/4 and paid 4/19$365$965$365
HawaiiPaid from 4/21 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$648$1,248 $648
IdahoFirst payment: 4/24/20. Available 4/28/20. Retroactive to 3/29$448$1,048 $448
IllinoisActive from 4/6 (retroactive to 3/29)$484$1,084$484
IndianaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to 3/29)$390$990$390
IowaFrom 4/16$481$1,081 $481
KansasFrom 4/23 (retroactive to March 29th)$488$1,088 $488
KentuckyFrom 4/4$552$1,152 $552
LouisianaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to March 29th)$247$847$247
MaineFrom 4/16 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$445$1,045 $445
MarylandFrom 4/17 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$430$1,030 $430
MassachusettsPaid from 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$823$1,423 $823
MichiganActive from 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$362$962$362
MinnesotaFrom 4/5$462$1,062 $462
MississippiPaid from 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$235$835$235
MissouriActive 4/12 (retroactive to 3/29)$320$920$320
MontanaFrom 4/13 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$552$1,152 $552
NebraskaFrom 4/17 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$440$1,040 $440
NevadaActive from 4/12 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$469$1,069 $469
New HampshireFrom 4/20 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$427$1,027 $427
New JerseyActive 4/14 (for the week of March 30th)$713$1,313 $713
New MexicoFrom 4/13 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$511$1,111 $511
New YorkActive (payments begin 4/5)$504$1,104 $504
North CarolinaFirst Payments by April 17$350$950$350
North DakotaWeek of April 14$618$1,218 $618
OhioActive from 4/23 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$480$1,080 $480
OklahomaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$539$1,139 $539
OregonFrom 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$648$1,248 $648
PennsylvaniaActive from 4/12$572$1,172 $572
Puerto RicoNo info$190$790$190
Rhode IslandActive from 4/14$586$1,186 $586
South CarolinaFrom 4/18$326$926$326
South DakotaFrom 4/10 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$414$1,014 $414
TennesseeFrom 4/14$275$875$275
TexasActive from 4/13 and being paid per comments$521$1,121 $521
UtahActive from 4/9 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$580$1,180 $580
VermontFrom 4/5 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$513$1,113 $513
VirginiaActive from 4/12 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$378$978$378
WashingtonFrom 4/18 (retroactive to 3/29)$790$1,390 $790
West VirginiaFrom 4/20 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$424$1,024 $424
WisconsinFrom 4/26 (Retroactive to 4/4)$370$970$370
WyomingFrom 4/27 (retroactive to w/ending 4/4)$508$1,108 $508

In most states existing claimants should be getting the extra $600 automatically and will be added to their normal weekly payment or sent as a separate payment to where the current UI payment goes. New claimants who are able to enroll and certify for benefits (which has been a challenge given the volume of new claims) should be seeing this payment in their upcoming unemployment check.

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Delays by States in Rolling out New Unemployment Benefits

States are responsible for rolling out the new UI benefits and many are in the progress of updating policies and upgrading systems to support the new provisions. Hence the delay many unemployed Americans are experiencing when trying to file a claim. It may take till mid to late April for unemployed workers covered under the new provisions to receive these benefits. Some states have already started providing additional information. Here are some pertinent items and useful information from the major state’s unemployment departments.

Qualifying New York residents will see the additional benefit payments from April 10th. In California and Missouri, payments will start going out as early as the week ending April 12th. Officials in other states have said they have not yet figured out when they will be able to distribute the money as they are upgrading their systems and policies to accommodate the new federal PUA changes.

California Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) UI

The CA EDD has announced it will start paying the additional $600 UI stimulus from Sunday, for the week ending April 11. Claimants do not need to do anything to receive this extra funding. The EDD will automatically add the full $600 to each week of current benefits that are paid every two weeks, as long you are eligible for at least $1 in a regular payment each week. So for example, someone receiving the most recent average Unemployment Insurance payment of $340 a week, a usual biweekly payment would equal $680. With the extra payment, that biweekly payment would increase to $1,880.

The first week the additional payments can be made is for the week ending April 4, not before. Separate retroactive payments will be automatically issued soon to those who had an active claim that week, and the $600 extra payments can continue to those who remain impacted and otherwise eligible for benefits through the week ending July 31, 2020.

Jaina, posted the following 5 items confirming issues the EDD is having in making these payments:

1. If you received your last benefit payment for weeks you spent unemployed between February 2 and March 21, but are still within the one year that your claim is good for, you could be eligible for PUA benefits for the weeks you are eligible for between February 2, 2020 and March 28, 2020. While you will not be able to apply for PUA through UI Online, the EDD will send you a Notice of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award and a separate document you’ll need to complete to give EDD additional details that we don’t already have from you to meet PUA requirements.

2. If you received your last benefit payment for weeks you spent unemployed on or after March 21 and are still within your benefit year, you will not meet federal requirements for PUA. But the EDD will automatically file an extension claim for you as soon as it’s available since we will already have your information needed. You will receive a notice from EDD when that claim has been filed and when you can certify for PEUC benefit payments.

3. If you ran out of benefits before February 2 and are still within your benefit year, you most likely will not be eligible for PUA because you have to verify your unemployment is a direct result of the pandemic. However, you may be eligible for the new federal 13-week extension.

4. If you have run out of your benefits AND your benefit year has expired, you are encouraged to reapply for benefits through UI Online. Based on the information you provide, the EDD will determine if you qualify for a new regular UI claim based on wage data or a PUA claim.

5. If you are unable to collect regular UI benefits due to a disqualification (such as you voluntarily quit, were fired or discharged from your employer), or you are serving a false statement penalty from a past claim, you could be eligible for PUA benefits. As with group one above, you will receive a Notice of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award and a separate document you’ll need to complete to give the EDD additional details that we don’t already have from you to meet PUA requirements.

Under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance page those who don’t usually qualify for regular CA Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, including businesses and the self-employed, may be eligible for the 13 weeks of extended benefits funded by the federal government. However the EDD is working through the eligibility provisions and so a lot of the newly covered worker types cannot currently file a claim since systems are not updated to accept their applications. You can see this page for the latest CA EDD filing details.

New York (NY) Enhanced UI insurance

The New York Department of Labor which manages the state’s UI payments published the following graphic which provides a good overview of how the enhanced UI benefits under the PUA and CARES act works. Payments for the enhanced benefits will begin by 4/10/2020.

Texas Workforce Commission COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Update

The Texas (TX) WC provided the following graphic and timing for the enhanced payments. They are still in the process of upgrading systems but Texas Workforce Commission Director Ed Serna said that Unemployed Texans may see the big boost to their benefits from April 14th.

PUA $600 Extended Unemployment Benefits

Florida (FL) Department of Economic Opportunity

Has provided a useful FAQ for coverage of UI benefits under the PUA. ​Eligible claimants typically receive their UC benefits in two to four weeks for their initial claim. Benefit payments are issued via a debit card provided by the UC office or through direct deposit.

Gerogia (GA) DOL Seeing Delays, but will backdate UI payments

The Georgia DOL has issued guidance for self-employed workers, gig/freelance workers and 1099 independent contractors to NOT APPLY until April 10th as they confirm eligibility requirements for these workers groups who were not eligible for UI benefits under existing programs. The PUA/CARES laws have changed this. They will however backdate payments for all eligible weeks beginning March 29th.

Regarding the $600 supplementary UIC payment the GDOL will begin sending this additional payment to those currently receiving state unemployment benefits beginning 4/13. This supplement will be an additional payment to regular weekly state unemployment benefits and will include all eligible weeks beginning with the week ending 4/4/2020. State and federal taxes may be deducted. Other deductions may include court ordered or voluntary child support or repayment of an UI over payment (one-half of your $600 FPUC payment will be deducted and applied to your outstanding over payment).

Maryland (MD) has announced that starting Friday, April 17, everyone eligible for benefits ending the week of April 4 will begin receiving an additional $600 per week as part of the FPUC program. They have partnered with a third party vendor to expedite payments. Unemployed people will receive the $600 on top of current regular benefits. Marylander’s will begin to see the increase in their next regularly scheduled payment after April 17th.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has gotten instructions to pay the $600 UIC to qualifying Hoosiers. They will be paid retroactively to the week starting with March 29th and payable for any week of unemployment through July 31st. Payments will be added to your existing UI payment and are targeted to start from 4/20. The first payment will include retroactive payments.

Like other state UI agencies the DWD is experiencing a massive influx of calls, given how many state residents have become unemployed or partially employed for the first time in their lives.

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249 thoughts on “Where is My $600 Unemployment Compensation? COVID-19 Pandemic Stimulus Relief Slow Rollout Out By States

  1. I live in P.A.I had no issues applying and recieving regular UC benefits. I recieved my very first regular UC benefit payment on May 20th. I have yet to recieve any $600 FPUC payments. I was told the $600 would be deposited a week after my UC benefit but its been over 10 days and haven’t received it. Do you think the FPUC payments will be mailed by check or is that just for PUA and not regular UC. I recieved my UC benefits via D.D so I wasn’t sure if the $600 + would be mailed by check or D.D. Anyone know of this?

    1. It’s been 8 weeks and my and I have yet to receive a penny from both the AZ State unemployment and the PUA. We have both been approved but they haven’t sent a penny. It is impossible to reach any body by phone as they have a message that the cues are full and to call later. We start callat 8:00 on the nose and have even tried at 7:58 and all through the day and it’s the same. They do not respond to their email help desk on the website nor the chat. No communication has gone out as to what the hellmis happening. Never seen such a cluster in my life.

    2. I, too, am in Pennsylvania . It has taken a number off weeks to receive the regular unemployment compensation. Furloughed on March 22nd. I have not receive the $600 for any week.

  2. Does the FPUC originate from the Treasury? I recieved a direct deposit of 1200 from the TREAS IRS 310. It is not the stimulus because i recieved that in April, and the amount is different, due to having a child.

  3. I live in Georgia & work in the movie business building sets. We were completely shut down in early March & I filed an unemployment claim but did not certify until early April after finding out we would be paid 40 hours a week until April 13 at which time we would be laid off.. So at that time I certified and very quickly began to receive my unemployment benefits followed not long after by the $600 payment as well as $330 a week for the State Benefit. It shows my most recent determination was on 4/8/2020 and I was approved but for whatever reason it appears the claim was assigned to a previous claim because I received a letter saying my benefits are exhausted after only a month or two of payments. It is showing my claim was filed in 2019 & now expired. My first question is shouldn’t my previous claim have been closed when I went back to work for about 3 months before the covid pandemic hit? If not then it appears I lost those weeks of eligibility even though I was working at the time which doesn’t make sense… Second, even if that is right am I not entitled to the 13 week extension of benefits for covid-19?? Now I have been cut off after only a handful of payments which is frustrating but it said if I was still unemployed To bring my letter into a Career Center which isn’t possible since they aren’t open… So I call over & over & leave message after message with no answer & no return calls to advise me on what to do! I feel as though I was cut off in error b/c of it being attached to a claim that was left open while i went back to work… Even if it isn’t an error shouldn’t I get the extension? Should I file another claim even though it shows my recent determination was decided in April 2020 but the claim it is attached to when I certify is from 2019?? I am very confused and currently without an income and with no answer via my email requests or voicemail requests for someone to call me back & explain what is going on & what I should do to reinstate my weekly payments! I don’t want to start a new claim b/C I thought I just filed a new claim but it wasn’t treated as such?!? I’m very confused & would greatly appreciate any help or advice you guys may be able to kindly provide to guide me in this craziness

  4. Hi my name Sam from NJ I received the $600 for 3 weeks, after that I didn’t receive it again even I still under unemployment. I must pay my bills and my rent. Do I have to do anything.

  5. I am independent contractor from NJ I been out of work since 03/20/20 I applied for unemployment on 04/13/2020, I didnt hear anything from NJ LD until 05/16/20 via email allowing me to start to certify for my weekly benefit witch I did I was able to get NJ PUC $231 for each week I certifY for but no 600 pmt from the FPUC not even once $00 I have a family of 4, kids r out of school …..HOW CAN I SURVIVE WITH 231 WEEKLY IN AMERICA? THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHERE IS THE REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS?

  6. *I’ve filed in VA in early May yet have recd ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FR VA despite waiting patiently; it’s like*WTF IS WRONG WITH EM, HUH?!!*Even thought Cust Serv told me I’m disqualified till late Aug 2020, STILL, THIS PARTICULAR PROGRAM is 4 those who DO NOT QUALIFY 4 reg unemp!!! So where’s the justice/due process/et.al.4 ALL OF THIS, HUH?!!

  7. I don’t see any information about Texas. I’ve been receiving state unemployment but not the extra 600 where do I apply for that?

  8. I received a letter from Ill. Department of Employment Security stating that their records indicated that I met the criteria. I received a deposit on 4/28 but nothing since then. I have been trying to call in to certify ,at 312-338-4337 , but it will not let me do it, instead the machine tells me to call 800-244-5631. When I call that number its always busy. What can I do? Please advise.

    1. Try to certify online if you can’t means that that there is a problem with your application. If you dont certify weekly you dont get paid. It’s a disaster

  9. I live in New Jersey , have been out of work since March 18 Due to covid 19 have received all of my unemployment benefits to date .But only received 4 payments of $600. Missing 3 payments of the $600. Now I am supposed to go back to work the week of May 25 th will I every see those missed payments of $ 600 I could really use those payment do to my husband is on disability for his heart and I only work part time ,the amount I got on unemployment alone was least then $ 250 a week ( I made more a week working ) so with the extra money from the government really really help out but please advise me on this matter thank you

    1. You should get those retro weeks if you were eligible for regular or PUA Unemployment. Probably just ongoing systems issues that are likely delaying your payment. Try and call them if you can, but otherwise just hang in their and wait.

      1. It’s very hard to reach them via phone calls they dont take any call. They have 3 offices in NJ one in Freehold 2nd in Trenton not sure about 3rd. Good luck

    2. Similar situation here, been collecting both the UI and the extra $600 and everything was fine but for the past two weeks the $600 hasn’t come in. I’ve looked everywhere for a phone number but no luck. Please respond back if you found a way to contact them

    3. Try to fight for it dont give up you may have to wait longer but keep trying . They didnt pay a lot of people that $600 not even once this is a disaster!!!!

  10. This is horse pucky, filed since march, should be getting $900 per week and have received a bit over $700. This is guv. bureaucracy and red tape at it’s best. This is the deep state. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

  11. I am receiving my weekly benefits in Florida finally, but have not received all my $600 payments. Will they catch it up or is it going to be a loss. My weekly is only $139

    1. I just received my first payment from unemployment, $244.00 no $600.00. This is a total nightmare. They want me to report bi-weekly yet they can’t help us. I have been out of work since March 20th and the system didn’t let me get my application in until April 23rd. Still struggling through this. I call and leave my phone on speaker hoping to get a person. Keep trying.

  12. I have finish my unemployment on 4-21-2020 and have not received federal stimulus check for $600,00, where I can check my status, still not working,

  13. self employed, filed unemployment 4/1/2020, informed to report income regardless of whether I make more than allowable for the week as I will get the 600.00 weekly regardless, as of 5/18/2020, NOTHING! My income is at 25% of income prior to the lockdown (and no I am not a major income earner when it comes to realtors, far from it)…I am a realtor, self employed in Texas. I have a rental property (I am not the owner) that I am managing that is listed for rent…I have applicants trying to use their unemployment as wage info to qualify as they “will get it for more than a year” that were making minimum wage prior to being told to stay home that are now making 900.00 WEEKLY and I cannot even get a dime that I was told I am eligible for…..WHAT A GOVERNMENT!!!. I have discussed with Texas unemployment and verified eligibility for unemployment under the COVID guidelines, have an active claim, report wages as required. Cannot get through the phone lines to discuss the 600.00 payment however I have sent multiple faxes and have confirmation of them being received, have submitted a document with the question attached regarding where is the 600.00 multiple times using the submission form that they provide and NOTHING. WHAT A GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hi can someone tell me will I ever get my unemployment?I think I been locked out for a month now every time I try to apply it said your password has been expired and I cannot reach anyone

      1. I received nothing filled out document received call from unemployment answered several questions and was told I would receive a letter still havent heard anything

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