Where is My $600 Unemployment Compensation? COVID-19 Pandemic Stimulus Relief Slow Rollout Out By States


[Latest update] Most states have now implemented the $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. Unfortunately the payout of this has been very slow and fraught with issues with many recipients (see comments below) complaining that they are yet to receive payments. Per updates below retroactive payments will be made to the beginning of April (for those who were eligible) in most states.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has now provided guidance to states for implementation of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Compensation program that extends state unemployment insurance (UI) benefits and provides a $600 p/week Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) stimulus; all approved under the CARES act. The table below shows the increase in maximum unemployment benefits (for individuals) with the new stimulus payment (until July 31st 2020) and extended benefits coverage. It is also being updated to show when/if states are paying this $600 payment and which date is retroactive to.

StateMaximum PUA Amount
District of Columbia$444
New Hampshire$427
New Jersey$713
New Mexico$511
New York$504
North Carolina$350
North Dakota$618
Puerto Rico$190
Rhode Island$586
South Carolina$326
South Dakota$414
West Virginia$424

In most states existing claimants should be getting the extra $600 automatically and will be added to their normal weekly payment or sent as a separate payment to where the current UI payment goes. New claimants who are able to enroll and certify for benefits (which has been a challenge given the volume of new claims) should be seeing this payment in their upcoming unemployment check.

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Delays by States in Rolling out New Unemployment Benefits

States are responsible for rolling out the new UI benefits and many are in the progress of updating policies and upgrading systems to support the new provisions. Hence the delay many unemployed Americans are experiencing when trying to file a claim. It may take till mid to late April for unemployed workers covered under the new provisions to receive these benefits. Some states have already started providing additional information. Here are some pertinent items and useful information from the major state’s unemployment departments.

Qualifying New York residents will see the additional benefit payments from April 10th. In California and Missouri, payments will start going out as early as the week ending April 12th. Officials in other states have said they have not yet figured out when they will be able to distribute the money as they are upgrading their systems and policies to accommodate the new federal PUA changes.

California Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) UI

The CA EDD has announced it will start paying the additional $600 UI stimulus from Sunday, for the week ending April 11. Claimants do not need to do anything to receive this extra funding. The EDD will automatically add the full $600 to each week of current benefits that are paid every two weeks, as long you are eligible for at least $1 in a regular payment each week. So for example, someone receiving the most recent average Unemployment Insurance payment of $340 a week, a usual biweekly payment would equal $680. With the extra payment, that biweekly payment would increase to $1,880.

The first week the additional payments can be made is for the week ending April 4, not before. Separate retroactive payments will be automatically issued soon to those who had an active claim that week, and the $600 extra payments can continue to those who remain impacted and otherwise eligible for benefits through the week ending July 31, 2020.

Jaina, posted the following 5 items confirming issues the EDD is having in making these payments:

1. If you received your last benefit payment for weeks you spent unemployed between February 2 and March 21, but are still within the one year that your claim is good for, you could be eligible for PUA benefits for the weeks you are eligible for between February 2, 2020 and March 28, 2020. While you will not be able to apply for PUA through UI Online, the EDD will send you a Notice of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award and a separate document you’ll need to complete to give EDD additional details that we don’t already have from you to meet PUA requirements.

2. If you received your last benefit payment for weeks you spent unemployed on or after March 21 and are still within your benefit year, you will not meet federal requirements for PUA. But the EDD will automatically file an extension claim for you as soon as it’s available since we will already have your information needed. You will receive a notice from EDD when that claim has been filed and when you can certify for PEUC benefit payments.

3. If you ran out of benefits before February 2 and are still within your benefit year, you most likely will not be eligible for PUA because you have to verify your unemployment is a direct result of the pandemic. However, you may be eligible for the new federal 13-week extension.

4. If you have run out of your benefits AND your benefit year has expired, you are encouraged to reapply for benefits through UI Online. Based on the information you provide, the EDD will determine if you qualify for a new regular UI claim based on wage data or a PUA claim.

5. If you are unable to collect regular UI benefits due to a disqualification (such as you voluntarily quit, were fired or discharged from your employer), or you are serving a false statement penalty from a past claim, you could be eligible for PUA benefits. As with group one above, you will receive a Notice of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award and a separate document you’ll need to complete to give the EDD additional details that we don’t already have from you to meet PUA requirements.

Under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance page those who don’t usually qualify for regular CA Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, including businesses and the self-employed, may be eligible for the 13 weeks of extended benefits funded by the federal government. However the EDD is working through the eligibility provisions and so a lot of the newly covered worker types cannot currently file a claim since systems are not updated to accept their applications. You can see this page for the latest CA EDD filing details.

New York (NY) Enhanced UI insurance

The New York Department of Labor which manages the state’s UI payments published the following graphic which provides a good overview of how the enhanced UI benefits under the PUA and CARES act works. Payments for the enhanced benefits will begin 4/10/2020. See more information around the CARES UI provisions for NY claimants.

Texas Workforce Commission COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Update

The Texas (TX) WC provided the following graphic and timing for the enhanced payments. They are still in the process of upgrading systems but Texas Workforce Commission Director Ed Serna said that Unemployed Texans may see the big boost to their benefits from April 14th. See more information around the CARES UI provisions for Texas claimants.

PUA $600 Extended Unemployment Benefits

Florida (FL) Department of Economic Opportunity

See more information around the CARES UI provisions for Florida claimants. ​Eligible claimants typically receive their UC benefits in two to four weeks for their initial claim. Benefit payments are issued via a debit card provided by the UC office or through direct deposit. Florida has been one of the states with the most number of issues in paying claims.

Gerogia (GA) DOL Seeing Delays, but will backdate UI payments

The Georgia DOL has issued guidance for self-employed workers, gig/freelance workers and 1099 independent contractors to NOT APPLY until April 10th as they confirm eligibility requirements for these workers groups who were not eligible for UI benefits under existing programs. The PUA/CARES laws have changed this. They will however backdate payments for all eligible weeks beginning March 29th. See more information here and additional comments.

Regarding the $600 supplementary UIC payment the GDOL will begin sending this additional payment to those currently receiving state unemployment benefits beginning 4/13. This supplement will be an additional payment to regular weekly state unemployment benefits and will include all eligible weeks beginning with the week ending 4/4/2020. State and federal taxes may be deducted. Other deductions may include court ordered or voluntary child support or repayment of an UI over payment (one-half of your $600 FPUC payment will be deducted and applied to your outstanding over payment).

Maryland (MD) has announced that starting Friday, April 17, everyone eligible for benefits ending the week of April 4 will begin receiving an additional $600 per week as part of the FPUC program. They have partnered with a third party vendor to expedite payments. Unemployed people will receive the $600 on top of current regular benefits. Marylander’s will begin to see the increase in their next regularly scheduled payment after April 17th.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has gotten instructions to pay the $600 UIC to qualifying Hoosiers. They will be paid retroactively to the week starting with March 29th and payable for any week of unemployment through July 31st. Payments will be added to your existing UI payment and are targeted to start from 4/20. The first payment will include retroactive payments.

Like other state UI agencies the DWD is experiencing a massive influx of calls, given how many state residents have become unemployed or partially employed for the first time in their lives.

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265 thoughts on “Where is My $600 Unemployment Compensation? COVID-19 Pandemic Stimulus Relief Slow Rollout Out By States

  1. hi can someone tell me will I ever get my unemployment?I think I been locked out for a month now every time I try to apply it said your password has been expired and I cannot reach anyone

      1. I received nothing filled out document received call from unemployment answered several questions and was told I would receive a letter still havent heard anything

  2. I filed in February, claim began Feb 2nd; in California before any executive orders implemented and before state of emergency from the coronavirus Pandemic. I had a phone interview with edd to determine my eligibility scheduled for March 4th..I recieved notice of determination on March 12th that I was denied for 2 reasons. 1) fired for misconduct and 2) unavailable for work. I didn’t search for work as I should’ve been even though I found open positions and recieved a couple of opportunities. They were outside the city and county; i don’t have a valid license and public transportation was not available to reach job opportunities so I could not accept. At the same time, I was set to begin a jury trial on March 13th which according to the assistant attorney General would last 2-5 weeks, which i made edd aware of during phone interview. On March 12th a state of emergency from the governor was issued, and on the 19th the stay at home order was placed. This is when edd eligibility requirements were modified to make qualifying more attainable. I didnt file for my appeal until 2 weeks after recieving denial, but still filed my appeal within guidelines. My appeal was scheduled until April 28th. The whole time I stayed on top of my claim and kept certifying online as soon as I could, and understood because of the stay at home order and increasing coronavirus Pandemic in Riverside county; searching for work was suspended but i was always certifying that i was available for work. After my appeal I recieved the judges decision on May 6th; I won my appeal for the issue of eligibility regarding being fired for misconduct, but was determined to be disqualified still for the issue of “whether the claimant was available for work”. I’ve since appealed that decision to the next level which is the CUIAB on may 8th. All the while still certifying online as needed when available. Today as of May 16th, I am awaiting final decision on my claim. At this point do I even have a chance to qualify for regular unemployment benefits; or even qualify for PUA?

  3. I am a working retiree. I was laid off on March 16 due to executive order. I am working remotely part-time. I filed for UI benefits as suggested. I have an Unemployment claim set up but am ineligible. Since I get a small pension from the company I retired from it has to be considered as a standard of eligibility in SC. Because my pension is more than my weekly benefit amount, I am not eligible for any benefits under the CARES act. I have exhausted every avenue pertaining to eligibility. SCDEWS told me I would have to be “drawing” at least $1.00 per week to be eligible for any benefits under CARES. So the scenario is I am not eligible for UI, so not eligible for Cares, but being told that since have a claim that I am eligible for I am not eligible for anything because the pension makes me ineligible. I have very little income from doing remote work, 10 hrs. per week. I have worked for this company for 8 years, so I am not just trying to hone in on something without being an honest, hardworking, tax paying member of society. Has anyone else encountered this situation?

  4. what in the heck is going on in New Mexico? They told me I was eligible for an extension so I applied, and nothing since!

  5. Georgia- I finally got an update of payment, I was approved back in March, will they be paying me the additional $600 back dated for March? Because I’m not seeing not one payment of the stimulus part as of yet. Is there anything I need to do on my end to be sure they are paying me what was owed before?

  6. I filed 3 weeks ago for my unemployment for self. Employed i received my regular benefits but still haven’t seen the 600 it doesn’t show anything about it on my summary page my son filed 3 days ago and got 4500 today so i don’t understand it and he alsois self-employed

    1. I’m not sure which state you’re in, but I’m in NJ. It took four weeks after filing to get my first PAU (Pandemic Assistance Unemployment ) via automatic deposit. I’m a substitute teacher, so I’m considered a gig worker. A few weeks – one or two- later, I received a lump sum for those previous 5 weeks in PUC money (the weekly $600 Pandemic Unemployment Compensation). I don’t know yet about next week, since the deposits don’t come together. I’m just hoping and praying it is a regular thing going forward so that I can pay my bills on time.

      Just keep certifying every week that you are eligible. I think they are really backed up and are honestly doing their best to get caught up. We’ve never experienced anything like this, and their technology is not equipped for this kind of volume. I know the not knowing is extremely stressful, but I hope this information helps.

      1. Hi, for PAU, I only received two, one in April 14th & April 20th, then it stops all of a sudden. By next week, they will owe me 5 weeks of $600 per week. Do you think they will pay me a lump sum? Thank you.

    2. You may have filed under regular unemployment instead of the Covid19 one. You should check. There is a difference unfortunately.

  7. i have a questions if any one knows about the following if someone worked part time and is not working
    at the moment because of the virus can they still collect unemployment they worked in 2019 and a couple of weeks in 2020 could they collect

    1. Yes. Under PUA you may be able to get unemployment due to covid. See my latest article on the home page for more on this

      1. Is there a number to call regarding 600.00 payment received 2 and never got another. Just stopped

  8. I was furloughed from my job at the beginning of April, and while I do not qualify for Indiana minimum requirements for Unemployment Insurance, I do qualify for the $600 weekly Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.  I have followed all of the DWD instructions, filing my weekly vouchers and submitting my PUA form stating my job was furloughed due to Covid-19. To date, I have not received payment of Federal PUA from the State of Indiana.

    1. Yes, states are quite slow in processing new claims. But things are moving so hopefully you see something soon.

  9. I received my unemployment check last Wednesday but never received the 600.00 extra this is since 3/24/2020 I love in pa what is going on

  10. That is the most articulate article on this issue since this nightmare started. I wait for his daily speech to see if a reporter asks a question about unemployment, and when one is asked, he dismisses the question, and goes onto other topics. Yup That one time payment was a “shut -up” be quiet deposit. Let him go 7 weeks without a paycheck. You mr. Cuamo-
    Don’t get it!!

  11. My regular Virginia unemployment was exhausted at the end of March. I was told I would get the PEUC benefits. Still waiting…

  12. I haven’t got my 600. when will I get this I got call back to work for a month I was filing till sunday will I get the 600. please let me know

  13. I’m in Wisconsin got my first 600 plus weekly rate but no retro payment going back did anyone else get there lump some that’s owed back?

    1. Same here. I got my first $600 plus weekly rate but no retro payments going back. I’m also from Wisconsin. I’m still waiting for the lump sum as well.

      1. hello I have a question I receive my $600.00 dollars on april 4 and 5 of 2020 but retroactive but this week I that is the 10th of april I have not yet receive nothing it it because it should come next week by 18th april

    2. Was collecting weeks 14-16/20 went back to work haven’t seen the extra $600 ($1,800) retroactive at all!

    3. My hubby did not get his yet either. Did you get any info about it. We are wondering what is going on.

  14. I just got my first 600.00 on my unemployment. But I didn’t get the back pay to March 29th am I going to see that on a different day ?

  15. Dears,

    I’m in NYC ….I received $600 last Friday April 24 as first payment …..is $600 weekly pay or biweekly because I didn’t receive nothing this week.

    1. Hello Khal,
      I too received $600.00 last Friday but not today. Hopefully we can get a reply about this.

      1. Same here!
        I have tried to call but not response so I left a message on my account .
        I feel relief I am not alone done !

    2. I’m also in NYC and received my initial $600 PUA payment on 4/24. I’ve not received a payment yet for this week. Been trying to contact someone to get an answer but without success. It’s a bit frustrating.

    3. I’m in NYC also and got $600 on May 6th. How does the back pay work? Have you gotten anything for that?

      1. No, I still have not received another PUA payment, just the initial $600. I have not been able to get anyone to speak with via the PUA hotline. It’s odd that the automated system says I do not have a PUA claim on file, yet the online system clearly shows that my application was completed and submitted (and as I mentioned I did receive the $600). Very disjointed information. It’s frustrating not being able to speak with a live person to determine the true status of my claim. It’s just a waiting game with the hope that payments will be made eventually. Sadly, I do not have much faith in this system and something tells me the money will run out before payments are made.

  16. I am self employed I apply for UI in Illinois and receive a debit card with $0 balance I also certified twice and 3 days ago I receive a letter saying I am ineligible for benefits but the sistem is still letting me certified,I am confused I know I don’t qualified fo UI but I do for the $600 should I keep certifying ?there is still no money in the debit card they sent.dont know what to do.HELP

    1. I’m in Illinois and my experience mirrors your exactly!!! I have received anything as of yet.

    2. I had a similar situation. You need to appeal in order to get benefits. It took time but I finally was able to claim. Theysent a letter and email about a week later. I wrote a a letter with my 1099 copies to show income from 2019 and when I lost my job with a time line of claiming etc., but was eligible. Of course now everything is so delayed- I have to receive about 5 weeks of unemployment plus the $600 owed. Systems are slow. Looks like many are having same issue with delays

  17. I applied for unemployment for my part-time job I received a letter saying that I was not qualified qualified to receive unemployment because I didn’t have enough money in my account. Will I still be eligible for the $600 a week government check?

    1. If you don’t qualify for regular unemployment then you don’t get the supplemental 600 dollars either.

  18. I live in New Jersey and i am on unemployment since april 2. That is when I received my first check. However I never received My PUA. But 2 times out of 5. I am getting upset now. New month new bills !!!!!

    1. Robert is correct that you cannot receive both UI (Unemployment Insurance) and PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance). PUA is for contract and gig workers or freelancers who are not ordinarily eligible for UI.

      However, I think you may have meant PUC (Pandemic Unemployment Compensation $600). The PUC is supposed to be an additional amount available to both UI and PUA recipients. I am a gig worker myself (NJ substitute teacher) and have not received mine yet either. I am also homeschooling my two children in coordination with their teachers, so I understand and share your frustration. For many of us, these additional funds are an absolute necessity.

      Here is a link explaining the different benefits and how they are supposed to work. Hopefully, it helps because the similar names are rather confusing.

    2. I live in New Jersey filed unemployment on 3/18/20 never received a debit card and but they put some money into my account. Never got the 600 a week.

  19. Hey Andy,

    I don’t know where you got the information about the Florida Federal payments but NO ONE HAS SEEN THE 13 WEEK EXTENSION AND FEDERAL PAYMENTS!

    1. I can confirm this statement. Florida is NOT paying these $600 a week federal funds, especially to those who already have an approved/processed state claim. That money is probably sitting on Rick Scott’s boat somewhere in the Atlantic…

      1. I agree with you because I got a payment on may 4th and haven’t Received anything else I would like to know where my money is and I also receive unemployment as well and bills are adding up

  20. Will the PUI payments be paid on a Visa blue card that I get on my child support in Indiana or does it have to be paid through Key Bank?

  21. I’m in Virginia and I got denied for state UI for not being qualified ! but I received 600$ This week from the PUA vec UI! Thank god.. I have been just filling every week for claims what it says to do so and didn’t receive any notifications about my PUA claim! It just went into my account .. I hope this gives people hope ! I was a barista just starting my job and got laid off due to the covid 19 crash!

    1. I have applied for Virginia UI and was approved over a month ago and still have not received my regular benefit nor my $600 PUA. Still waiting. Call but keep getting disconnected.

      1. I sent my PUA application in April 24th, got all the emails, and filed all my claims for the last 7 weeks, and still have not gotten anything. Was suppose to get a state check, as well.

    2. When did you put in your first claim? I put 6 weeks worth last Friday, but still haven’t received anything.

  22. I live in N.C., my 40 hours full time have been cut to 20 hours part time to economy. Filed for unemployment benefits, after 5 days, finally got someone at employment office to answer my repeated messages. The lady said I have too many hours. How can 20 hours, be too many hours. I have applied again, thinking she was incorrect. Also will I BE ELIGIBLE for the $600.00 weekly cares stimulus payment for 12 weeks. Thanks for any reply.

    1. i live in north carolina as well i applied 8 weeks ago and i still havent heard anything from ui?

  23. I am living in PA and I am receiving UC because I was laid off. I began receiving UC the last week of March. In addition to my biweekly UC deposit, I have gotten one $600 payment which I received April 14. I still have not received the $600 payment for any of the other weeks in April that I was unemployed. I can not find any information after googling it and I do not know who to contact if I could even get through. Does anyone have any information that could help me?

    1. Am collecting unemployment benefits.
      I Have only received one FPUA extract $600.00 check Direct deposit 4/14/20 for $540.00.
      Have not received anymore. It’s there a problem with UC system. Will I get the rest of the checks up to July?

    2. I have the same issue. I got my first $600.00 Direct Deposit on April 14th but have yet to receive any more. I get an unemployment check every 2 weeks but just got the one 600.00 check. Shouldn’t I get 600.00 per week?

    3. I also live in Pa. I also receive unemployment that started in mid March. I received one check for $600.00. My payment also came April 14th. Many people I spoke with have received only one payment. One other person received 2 payments and they were sent in 2 consecutive days but nothing since. I am guessing the state ran out of funds.
      Governor Wolf’s office should be addressing this issue to fellow Pennsylvanians. The question is will they be sending the payments for all the weeks they have missed?
      I don’t have any answers for you I only wanted to tell you many people are in this situation.

      1. I’m also in pa I filed for the pua did all my certifications and I received my benefits and the 600 per week retroactive back to April 4

    4. I’m in Pennsylvania too receiving UC which I file Bi-weekly for and no problem there. But in the same boat with the Cares Act payments. I received a double $600.00 payment = $1082 after tax on 04/28 but nothing since.

  24. Louisiana is stating that you need to get $1 in unemployment benefit to get the $600 weekly stimulus check. Is that lawful? The Federal bill does not mention that and it says it is regardless of your income.
    My wife was furloughed and she gets one day furlough pay to pay for her benefit.
    Why would that prevent her from getting that weekly $600?

    1. The DOL guidelines confirm the $1 requirement. That’s how states are determining eligibility

  25. Is texas doing retro active? I applied march 25 and got 2 payments. But no additional 600

    1. I’m in the same boat. I applied March 27th in TX. Finally received my PUA this past monday for first two week period (3/15 and 3/22), but not the additional 600. I’ve been trying to figure it out and get through to someone, but for now I’m chalking it up to a backlog on their end. I’ll continue to try and get through, but probably won’t start to seriously worry until my next payment comes through and it’s still not there.

      Also, my mom got laid off and qualified for regular UI and is receiving the extra 600 with her payments, but didn’t receive it with her first claim. So…. yeah… ???

  26. I filed as an independent contractor in Oklahoma. The web site says they are waiting on guidance from the DOL. I filed on 4/12.

  27. Texas.. Submitted and approved. April 3. My hours were resduced.
    I worked the same hours both weeks. One week was approved and paid but the second was not paid because of my earnings. Can someone explain this to me.

  28. I live in Ohio. If someone is serving penalty weeks through unemployment, Are they still eligible for the $600.00?

    1. Hello, there is still nothing on new jersey dol site about 13 week ext, I’m tired of seeing the same as are awaiting guidance from federal government. The federal big doesn’t decide if you get an extenskion. The money was given to new jersey to help the unemployed.

      I’m very scared I run out in two weeks, this should have been addressed. All the answers here said the next would be given,as well as the enhanced benefit was that the wrong answer?

      1. To answer your question re NJ. They are still to roll-out the 13 week extension and like most states are way behind updating their systems. Federal guidance via the DOL has been provided. This is what their official site says (was last updated April 9th, so hoping this is resolved by end of april)

        You do not have to do anything except continue to certify weekly to receive the $600/week. Residents already collecting unemployment will begin to see their $600 supplemental unemployment benefit arrive April 14 (for the week of March 29th). This taxable $600 payment is issued separately each week – you may receive it at the same time as your regular Unemployment benefits, or a few days later. It will usually be deposited into your account on Monday or Tuesday. We are awaiting guidance on the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits. Please check back for details.

        1. Hey umm i live in NJ
          and I applied for UI, an I received FPUC for two weeks
          and this week I only received UI WB without FPUC,
          is it because FPUC they only deposit on monday or tuesday?
          because I feel like i am not getting this FPUC because I answered one of the question wrong,,
          the #6 which the question was asking if I am getting any Pandemic unemployment Pension and I answered “NO”. will this affect my FPUC payment? or its just getting delayed,, should I just wait till monday to receive it?

        2. I have been receiving my normal unemployment, but have not received any of the $600. I certify weekly and have been since March 26th. Wondering if they are just behind with some of PUA payments. Everyone I know who’s also collecting get the extra $600 like clockwork! Always on a Monday or Tuesday! I claim every wednesday. So not sure what’s happening but I hope they catch up!

        3. I have been receiving my normal unemployment, but have not received any of the $600. I certify weekly and have been since March 26th. Wondering if they are just behind with some of PUA payments. Everyone I know who’s also collecting get the extra $600 like clockwork! Always on a Monday or Tuesday! I claim every wednesday. So not sure what’s happening but I hope they catch up! I’m in NJ

        4. Woo,, Thanks Jill,

          I have a problem with my unemployment benefits,,
          I am getting a minimum payment($231), which is lower than 60% of my wage..
          but I am letting it go because I see many people are not getting any at all.. so.
          and I don’t think the labor department is going to fix it anyways..
          hope you get your FPUC soon! =)

    2. My husband is currently collecting Ohio unemployment since November due to seasonal work and was expected to go back to work April 1, and now cant go back until quarantine over. will he get the 600.00 on top of his benefit and will they back pay? Thanks

      1. I have updated article. Unfortunately Ohio is one of the 5 states to still roll out this $600 payment – well behind other states

    3. Patricia, did you find out the answer to this question? I am in Ohio and have the same issue.

  29. I live in the state of Nebraska I have tried numerous attempts to contact unemployment. Can not seem to get through extremely frustrating. Here’s my question I received my first 600.00 in the 2nd week of April. What happened to the 600.00 due week ending April 4th this would be retro correct. Can not get an answer. Please help if anyone knows the answer. Sincerely and stay safe all.

    1. Hmm..it will be retro if you qualified and certified for benefits that week. So if you only received your first UIC payment in the second week, you wouldn’t be eligible for that first week in April.

      1. I did qualify in the Week of April 4th. I received my regular benefits just not the 600.00.
        Unemployment stated that it started April 4th which began my 1st week qualifying for benefits plus the 600. Sorry this is all so confusing. But thank you for responding.

    2. Ok I recently submitted a question not sure I got my answer you replied back with information I saw On your website already. what I need to know is when will they roll out the retro Payments. Nebraska has not rolled it out yet. As mentioned earlier I received the 2nd payment where is the retro.
      Thank you.

  30. When is the beginning date for the 600 in Ohio? I was on unemployment for 4 weeks due to corona virus and started back on my second contracting job and now have been denies unemployment. Am I eleigible for the 600 for the first weeks I was unemployed?

    1. Ohio is one of the few states behind on getting the $600 payment rolled out. I couldn’t find a date on their government website. You may be eligible but you would need to talk to someone there since you don’t have an active claim

  31. My California claim was opened in December. It appears that everyone that was already with open claims receiving benefits should be getting the $600 addition, even if their reason for unemployment is unaffected by COVID. However, finding full-time work and getting interviews is very difficult because of COVID.

    So my question is, is the $600 extra being paid to every UI person with an open claim, or just those whose started getting UI benefits after COVID started.

    1. It’s open to everyone with an existing or new claim that that was in effect from week ending April 4th.

  32. Apparently this site has been negatively affected by the pandemic, a t least the writers of systems are, cause they aren’t answering questions. It’s the same thing at the new jersey dol site. I check every day, and I don’t know how to get an extension, I have two weeks left. Also nothing about the back payment since they didn’t start paying in the 29th.

    Any users know?

  33. If you read the CARES Act and more importantly the Secretary of Labor’s guidelines to states, they are supposed to pay retroactive to the date of the agreement with the states. I’m assuming that would be when the bill was signed or put into effect, March 27th??, all claims that go back to that date or after. I also somewhere saw March 13th. Unless each state agreed on different dates, which doesn’t sound probable. It would be nice if someone could clarify that bit of the information. They were also to ensure everyone’s unemployment balance, is equal to their weekly benefit x 39 weeks. The non reduction rule. And, pay us the waiting week. None of the above had been done for me, in Texas.

    I filed March 22, last day of work was March 6th. The chart above does not show accurate info, as I have yet to see but one payment of 300, based on 150. per week. My benefit says I am eligible under the “Pandemic Diaster”, but my benefits balance after a previous claim 3 yrs ago, is now 2887.00. The non reduction rule or FPEUC, has not been applied, I have not yet received the 600 per wk assistance, a family member just received their 2nd benefit payment that only included ONE 600 additional amount. She filed in March as well. My waiting week still shows unable to be paid. Nothing concerning the CARES Act has been applied to my benefits, yet apparently some people are receiving theirs, although not retroactively. Its my understanding that states that are not following the guidelines, will have the agreement cancelled.
    None of those requirements are ever spoken about when I see updates online or tv news. I’m very upset, and hope that others with the same issues in all states will email the Dept of Labor (found at bottom of most any page of their websites), contact or email your governor and someone in your local news tv stations, that is reporting on unemployment in your state. I have done all of those, and then some.

    1. Ok Debra… I am out in Texas too. I applied on March 22and I went on to request payment on April 6., which was the date given to me. I did not request the waiting week ,but received 2 weeks on the April 10th. One of which was the waiting week. I read waiting week comes automatic. Received the Stimulus of $1200on the 13th. And shockingly received one $600 payment from PUA Pandemic Unemployment Assistance ,which is Federally funded however they took out taxes. If you sign up for taxes to be taken out then it automatically comes out of the $600 too. Texas takes $10 per hundred and that is their scale. I read that the PUA $600 must come weekly where as the unemployment portion comes every two weeks. Hang in there they are very jammed up and recently took on more employees as well as volunteers to accommodate the massive amounts of applications !

      1. My wife applied around the same time but it still says its pending that they are still reviewing her claim. Anybody got any explanation of why. She has a letting saying she was laid off due to recent events effecting the conpanys production of trailers. But they dont let you fax it or attach any documents to your claim. That to me just henders the process. It took us forever to file becauae we couldnt find where we put the id and password so we couldnt remember it and couldnt even start a claim because there way no way to reset it from their site. It had the option available but it would say to call them when we tried to reset the ud and password. And do they pay back pay on payments you would have recieved if everything was in working order with the twc’s systems.

  34. When will ui extension be avikable, I have seen similar questions but no answer. It’s important to me because I will run out of his in twobweeks, what happens if the extension is not set until I exhaust my balance?

    1. I’m in Florida and facing the SAME situation. I’m emailing reporters to ask them to ask that when they go to the daily briefings. I don’t know which State you’re in but maybe try to reach out to reporters/news stations and continue to check blogs/youtube/your State UI website to see if anyone has that answer. I know it’s pointless to call the unemployment line here because they’ve shut down access/there’s never an answer; so yep trying other ways to get those answers before it runs out.

    2. See my comment above. Its goes against the CARES Act and Dept of Labor’s guidelines if they do not do that. Contact one of the sources I listed above, and complain. They were all quick enough to take the money, but not to give it out! I understand if they need to update systems, that really shouldn’t take this long, but at least let people know about the particular guidelines being addressed and when!

    3. Vanessa….Go on your state’s UI site and look under benefits and payments. Perhaps it will show the ending date. Also you can look under the Department of Labor website for information. There are so many questions and different scenarios then having differences between states can make this process so confusing. Under your states UI they should have a question and answers page. Good Luck!!

  35. Why isn’t new jersey paying retro?

    Got one payment but was supposed to be back to match 29

  36. im in sc and still haven’t received any payments at all I was made eligible on the 28th of march they made the decision on the 10 of april It states I have met the eligiblility of the state requirements and law My benefits are allowed but none have been issued

  37. I received my regular unemployment benefits but not the extra 600 like the said we should….and I filed back in March when are we suppose to see the extra benefits

  38. I live in Maryland and my unemployment just exhausted last week 4/4/20. I have not received any notifications and you can’t get through the phone lines at all to ask questions do I reapply? Or do they automatically generate the additional extension and I have to wait to hear something? This is so confusing. Please help!? Thanks in advance

  39. Does anyone know if NJ is definitely going to give the 13 week extensions to people whose unemployment is reaching the end of their 26 week benefits between now and next month or longer if this continues? Mine stop may 10th roughly. I’m looking and doing what I’m supposed to even signed with temp agencies but everyone’s hiring is on hold either because offices closed or no employees there to train a new person so they said suspending interviews til May. Any insight? Will NJ give us extensions for our continued unemployment being virus related????!!!??? Praying, scared, anxiety…..hate this!!! I want a real job again!!!!

  40. Live in Virginia , received unemployment check for 2 weeks so far. Today I received my first additional $600.00 amount for week ending April 11. Will I received retro $600 for the week of March 29 to April 4?

  41. What happened to the extra unemployment being retroactive starting the week of marth 23rd for everyone? Now some states are only going back to week ending april 4th some eve and later. Why are some states getting more backdated than the others. The bill stated that it would go back to the last full week in march and now each state gets to decided the dates? What a joke, just get your shit straight.

    1. most people are planning on paying bills with the additional 600 per week and will be greatly dissapointed
      if this is not retroactive to March 29th as initially prescribed. It’s federal money, not the individual stastes, so should be paid out as the federal government intended!!!!!!!

  42. I’m in Virginia and got my first $600 added to my regular payment today, so VA is now paying out.

    1. I’m in Virginia, filed March 16, 2020, was approved and still as of today 5 May 2020, I haven’t received any payments.

  43. I received my unemployment benefits last week. This week I received the $600 but I have not received my unemployment benefits. Does anybody know why that is?

  44. I received my unemployment benefits last week. This week I received the $600 but I have not received my unemployment benefits. Does anybody know why that is?

    1. Patricia Jenks…IDK what state you are in as they vary a bit. In Texas when you do the request payment for your UI ,it pays every 2 weeks. The PUA $600 comes every week as that is how it was written into the stimulus bill. They do not have to come together ,which is good . You’ll get a little something each week.

  45. Is there any update for Florida? The FAQs on the website are vague regarding the PUA payments . It says that payment will be retroactive from March 29th, but doesn’t say when we should start receiving payments. Also the Governor said that the payments will come in the form of a hard check and not direct deposited…

  46. Yesterday, the Florida Governor stated that we would receive the extra $600 in the mail in the form of paper checks, not thru direct deposit or debit card and it does not get paid thru the regular state ui payments. Is this true?
    Also, when does this payment start in Florida?

  47. I filed for unemployment 3/28/20 and was paid my first check on 4/2/20. I haven’t received my check for week 4/4/20 and when I go on GDOL website there’s no new information. Is there anyone else with this issue ??

  48. I fillup for unemployment in CA as independent contractor in 4/5 so 4/14 I received a email said new account has been created whit this information
    Claim balance $0.00
    Weekly benefits $0.00
    I assuming I get nothing.
    I don’t if someone has the same situation

    1. I have the same exact issue as an independent contractor. I received an application in the mail to complete and also completed the online application. I’m clueless what this means.

    2. Says exactly same thing on mine. I’m in NY. That being said I think it means were eligible and you have to be eligible to get the 600 maybe? Not sure I just signed up and this is my first week but they actually deposited zero into my direct deposit LOL

      1. I am also a freelancer in NY and had the same thing happen- $0.00 deposit and my account saying Claim balance $0.00. Weekly benefits $0.00. Last week (3 weeks after the $0.00 deposit) I received an actual deposit for the $600 PUA. I got excited and thought things were finally working but should have known better… this week I received no deposit! It’s May 1st, was counting on that money to help with bills.

    3. You file the regular UI claim and get denied as a contractor. They will then send you a email with any information they need for the PUA claim. You then have to wait until that is approved. My husband has been waiting over a month. He did get a debit card in the mail but no balance on there. He just keeps certifying like instructed every week. This is in Ga and they are really behind because of staffing. But they will pay back to the date you submitted.

  49. I live in TX, I submitted the application for PUI on 3/29/20, I got the answer on TX Work Force Comm.: “You did not earn enough money to establish an Unemployment Benefits claim. Check the wages on your Statement of Benefits that was mailed to you and if it is not accurate, call a TWC Tele-Center toll-free at (800) 939-6631.” I called many times a day, but it is too busy, once the automatic system told me to go online. I am so confused, any one could help?

  50. So my first week of unemployment benefits I got the extra $600 but today I got paid just the benefits and not the $600 I just want to know why if anyone has an answer?

    1. Same here been trying to figure out why and cannot get in contact with anyone! ugh

      1. Not sure if its the same as your state, but Hawaii’s waiting period was waived and that benefit amount with out the stimulus is supposed to be for your waiting period week.

  51. Any idea when Hawaii is supposed to receive the additional $600 weekly supplement?
    Are we supposed to receive the supplement as a lump sum from April 04, 2020 to current?

  52. I’m in California my benefits were exhausted back in November. I’m still waiting in the 13 weekend extension to come in along with the additional $600. Will I automatically get this ? When will the money start to come in?

    1. I have the same question for FL. My benefits regular reduced hours benefits will be exhausted in a 2-3 weeks max. If anyone has the answer for these states please let us know.

      Thank you!

      1. I recieved my $600 check mailed to me on 04/16 But it was for $540 because of $60 in Fed tax taken out by the state of Florida. Your benefits should be extended automatically if you are all ready in the system.

  53. My job – Dental office closed due to the virus on March 18. I have received 2 unemployment checks but nothing for the $ 600. Additional benefits how would I check the status on the additional $ 600.00 cause with my husband on disability I could really use that additional benefit since I am getting half of my pay thank you

  54. Hi, i live in Rhode Island and I’ve recieved my benefit for the week ending on 4/11 and I have two questions:
    The benefit I received was $651 as opposed to my previous UI benefits of $126. I expected my weekly benefit to be ($126+$600=$726) since the benefit is supposed to be 600 additional dollars. Is it normal for my benefit to decrease with this? 651 is more than I earned weekly at my job anyway and I’m grateful, but I’d like to know if this was an error.
    Second question: since this was the benefit for the week ending April 11, I thought we were supposed to receive a retroactive check for the week ending April 4? Is it normal to not have received the benefit for that week yet? I thought they both would have come at the same time..? I have been on unemployment since March 22 so I was filed for unemployment within the correct timeframe.
    Also noting that I have not received my stimulus check.. I’m hoping that’ll come soon.
    If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

  55. I live in Texas and applied for benefits and don’t qualify because of not making enough money. Will I still receive the $600 payment and when will it start?

    1. You need at least $1 of UI to get the $600 payment. So if you don’t qualify for regular UI you likely won’t get stimulus

      1. Hey, I’m in NC and just want to know What if you are granted benefits with reduced hours, but one week your benefit amount is reduced to $0 due to going over the allowed earnings because you worked four hours more than usual ( rotating 16hrs one week 24 the next) haha, should I still get the $600 for the weeks it is reduced to $0? Thanks in advance :)

      2. Are you referring to regular unemployment or also the New Self employed status too?


  57. I live in Texas and I have been receiving UI benfits since Feb 2020, do I get the $600 as well, if so when is Texas excepted to see the increase and are they back paying from March 29th?

    1. I dont know if you do, sorry. My wife applied on march 13th and it still saying pending reviewing your claim.

  58. Been on unemployment in Ohio for over a month now and just start receiving my unemployment checks so wanted to know if the $600 will be backdated from time I started my claim or not.

  59. Allie: What was your usual day to claim benefits before the virus? Mine was Tuesday and I still haven’t received my $600. Thank you.

  60. When will i receive my 600.00 in unemployment in Tennessee? It shows the 600.00 is there and my 156.00 weekly benefit is there but hasn’t paid me out yet.

  61. I’m in Virginia and when I checked the Unemployment Benefits automated line this morning it said the $600 benefit will be in my weekly deposit tomorrow. However, it said nothing about back pay. Isn’t Virginia supposed to back pay for claims submitted on March 29th and forward?

  62. When does Washington state receive the 600 dollar weekly benefit. ..Maximum weekly benefit here is 780 not bad at all plus 600.❤

    1. I agree. Their website says from April 18. I have updated table with link to their relevant page.

    2. Read the article: it says the money will kick in after April 18th retroactively pay back from March 30th

  63. Hi I get my regular slotted UI benefits in Missouri but not the $600 yet…do you know when the payouts will be?

    1. You should start seeing it this week as the state UI website says active now. I have updated table in the article with link.

  64. I’m in Texas and my 600$ extra was added today. I haven’t even gotten my first payment or my card. It shows the first week of 275 and then 787 for this week

  65. In Illinois will the payment of 600 weekly be added to your bi-weekly payment? So you will actually receive 1200 on a biweekly check I’m guessing.

    1. Per IL DES, “Individuals receiving unemployment benefits beginning the week of March 29, 2020, will receive an additional $600 each week above what they would receive in regular unemployment benefits until the week ending on July 25, 2020.” t could well be in the same payment, but some states are providing it as a separate payment to the regular UI payment. Either way you should be seeing the total amount this week assuming you qualify for it.

  66. Does anyone know where Missouri is to start getting there’s in the site it says active but I have yet to receive any on my account it only has my regular benefits

    1. Should start from this week Per MO website – “The FPUC is effective the week beginning March 29, 2020 for those eligible to receive a regular unemployment weekly payment. The Missouri Department of Labor expects the payments to begin going out to eligible recipients as early as the week of April 12, 2020. Payments will be made retroactively for claims filed on or after March 29, 2020.” I have updated table. Also note, to get the $600 FPUC you must be eligible for at least one dollar ($1 US) in regular unemployment benefits during that week.

  67. I live in Montana and was wondering if there is any info on when we might see the $600 added unemployment

  68. Hello, I received my enhancement benefit today from New Jersey. But I haven’t seen any information about the extension. I have been on UI since December 19,will they automatically extend this for me?

    1. Congrats. The 13 week extension is still not finalized in NJ systems. That should be rolled out by month end.

      1. Thank you. Will the 600 hundred enhancement benefit stop it my extension is not done yet?

    2. I’m in same boat as you just about 3 weeks before you…so I’m monitoring if you get a response. I was told since we are unable to get interviews and in some cases I had interviews lined up that had to be cancelled due to the shutdown I was told anyone who will run out of the normal 26 weeks between now and as the shutdown continues we will he extended since its not our fault we had our ability to define employed taken from us and we get another 13 weeks or something like that. In 2013 I was on unemployment back when ext er nations still existed and when my original 26 weeks ended it rolled me right into an extension….praying there are no delays mid may when this hopefully should happen if the shutdown is still going on. I have companies that emailed saying they have my resume but cant mive forward until their businesses open back up. I work in a nonessential field.

  69. I also would love to know when Maine will start the extra 600$? It states on MDOL that it will be retroactive going back to April 5th but it doesn’t say when it will begin…

    1. Maine has yet to implement the expansion of unemployment benefits. They are saying should be in place within a couple of weeks but are understaffed and system upgrade is taking longer than expected.

  70. I live in Michigan and I still haven’t received my unemployment benefits and I applied March 15,2020. I still haven’t received my $600 and after I did my certification it said my account was $0

    1. My wife and I did our claims 1 and 2 weeks after you and we are still waiting for payments.

      I am getting the max amount but my wife claim was $0 so we applied for the PUA claim. Still awaiting both payments.

      I am reading online that we have to physically call into the UIA or initiate a chat. If you do not call in at 8AM on the dot or do a chat then you will most likely not be able to get in.

      After you initiate the chats or call in there is a wait of up to 4 hours for someone to get to you that is why the chat with an agent option is better but still painful to wait around for.

  71. If you were denied unemployment insurance in Arizona because you only worked part-time and you don’t have enough income or employment history over the past 18 months, do you still qualify for the $600 COVID-19 UI Benefit Relief? My job at the Phoenix Convention Center came to a halt because of the corona virus.



        1. That is incorrect, I live in Wi. And they just held my first week back for last week

  73. So I’m in jersey just got first $600 last night. If they are back dating it till March 29th shouldn’t there be another one for week of April 4th? We are week of 11 th now

    1. Hmm..you should have gotten the back payments if your UI was active then. Check with the UI office (which is hard to get through to).

  74. Will the 600 increase be applied to this weeks checks? If not will we be reimbursed for the 600 when they start submission?

    1. Same question I hv and I’m wondering why if it’s supposed to be back dated why I only received $600 I hope when I go to file sun everything be the way they say it’s suppose to be I live in pa so ours was sent out yesterday for anybody who just opened a claim if it’s your first time like it was for me and you were sent a card you have to set that card up a.s.a.p so you can get your money cause I thought when my card came it came with money on it but I had to set it up first and make sure if you hv ur own card set that up later like before your next payment cause the first one for some reason I was told has to go on the card they send but I love my card I file on sun and always get it on mon I pray everything works out for you guys please stay encouraged GOD is in control GOD BLESS

  75. My son only worked part time he is a student and was laid off due to covid 19 he filed unemoyment and it says 0 balance 0 to be paid out. Will he be eligible for the stimulus $600 weekly when it starts?

  76. When will Tennessee receive the extra $600/ week for unemployment? Will we receive back pay to April 4? I am already receiving the base pay. Thank you!

  77. Can you please tell me when Wisconsin will start to release the $600.00 cares act unemployment benefit?

  78. I am in Tennessee and I have been getting unemployment since Feb, 2020 and it wasnt due to Covid. Do I still qualify for the 600.00 a week in benefits?

  79. I’m a 1099 in NJ and applied for unemployment. My status says Filed and the weekly amount says $0. Anyone knows what that means? I’m confused because it doesn’t say ‘denied’ and the amount is $0 so I’m not sure if it was approved or not. Thanks!

    1. Hey I’m from CT as well. They just updated the FAQ’s as far as the stimulus help will begin. I had a question though. I was receiving unemployment benefits since January but before coronavirus happened. Am I still going to receive the $600? And also will people who were already on unemployment receive the help faster than those who filed in like February or March?

  80. My Colorado UI benefits were postponed due to a decision from the UI appeals division. Do I still qualify for the $600.00 per week benefit before the postponement is over?

  81. I was wondering when Ohio will start the covid-19 stimulus package payments

  82. I live in green bay virginia, I have not received the increase for employment benefits, when can I expect to start receiving these extra benefits

  83. What is going to happen to the Florida people that have been out of work for 4wks and still have to wait another possible 4+ weeks for unemployment?? How are we suppose to survive? But food? Gas? Medications? Try to pay some bills? This is total crap!! This FL UI should never had been allowed to be “designed” to make it impossible for us!!

  84. I live in NJ. My unemployment benefits ran out in October of last year. I’m still unemployed. Do I qualify for the $600 weekly benefit and the extension?

  85. I have been unemployed since November 2019 and my benefits here in Wisconsin are scheduled to reach 26 week maximum in a couple of weeks. I have not received the additonal $600 per week nor have I been made aware of the 13 week extension of benefit increase. Patiently waiting for both.

    1. Hang in there. Wisconsin likely still updating their state unemployment systems. This is the message they have as of April 13

      “Because our system is not yet set up to accept your application. We are waiting on additional guidance from USDOL. We expect those changes to be complete by mid-to late-April. We understand how important it is to get these payments to you as quickly as possible, and we are doing everything we can to get you the help you need. There is no need to call the Unemployment Insurance Call Center at this time. The department will announce when you are able to start filing your initial claim. We will have the most up-to-date information at https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/uiben/caresact.

      *It is important to note that benefits will start from the time you became eligible for unemployment, not from the time your application is submitted or approved. This is also true of the additional $600 per week.

  86. I live in North Carolina, and just lost my job. I received 6 weeks of severance, but in NC, that means I will have to wait 6 weeks before I start to receive my unemployment benefits. I am wondering if this means I will also have to wait for 6 weeks to start receiving the $600.00 weekly supplement, OR, if I can at least earn that $600.00 per week immediately, even though I won’t be getting the state portion?

    1. You have to get some level of UIC to get the $600 payment. The Division of Employment Security anticipates making the first payments by April 17, 2020.

      1. Hello…I live in Louisiana…I received my $600 today but no back pay…Can you tell me when will we get the back pack from the week ending 4/5

        1. I have the same situation and wondered how I can claim that, too. If somebody know how and answer here that will be great!

    1. I also live in FL and my weekly amount only reflects the normal $275 maximum payment and does not have the added $600 a week.. I would also like to know when FL will start paying the extra $600 we are entitled to.

    1. I live in Oregon do we get the $600 and is there one week waiting. To receive your unemployment benefits

  87. I have a question. I started a job mid Dec, 1st pay was in Jan 2020. I was furloughed April 5th. My claim for unemployment was accepted, however, I received a letter saying I have $0 in unemployment benefits. Does this mean I will only get the $600 top up….or, once KDOL have the Cares Act program in place, will they take my last 3 months earnings to calculate my unemployment benefit? Also, I have not received the $1200 stimulus yet either.

    1. I was under the impression that even if you did not qualify for regulat unemployment you would still get the extra $600 but from what I’m reading for other people you need to get something from regular unemployment, even if it’s $1. I dk if it depends on the state you live in but it was originally suppose yo be for anyone that filed for unemployment whether they got money or not. BUT i cant believe anything because it was also said that the payments would be retroactive starting the week ending march 28th, but now many starts r only going back to april 4th. Even april 12th. So I think things are all messed up. I know it’s hard right now but maybe try giving them a call?

      1. If you qualify for PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance), you will get the additional $600 per week just like people who qualify for regular unemployment assistance. Someone with limited work experience, like in Barbara’s case, wouldn’t qualify for regular unemployment assistance (hence the $0 in unemployment benefits she mentions) but WOULD qualify for PUA. It’s just that in a lot of states, there is a uncertainty about when these benefits will pay.

  88. When is NJ rolling out the Caronavirus stimulus package. I have not yet received this. I have received my fist unemployment direct deposit but I also received a debit card with a 0 balance. Can anyone help?

    1. This is according to NJ DOL website “ Residents already collecting unemployment will begin to see their $600 supplemental unemployment benefit arrive April 14 (for the week of March 29th). It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. We are awaiting guidance on the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits.”

  89. Hi I’m in New jersey, 3 weeks left of ui, people keep saying that because I’m already
    Getting benefits since December 2019, that I won’t get the 600 increase, is this true?

    I have 4 weeks, will I get the extension and the increase, I’m not seeing it laid on on the website

    1. This is according to NJ DOL website “ Residents already collecting unemployment will begin to see their $600 supplemental unemployment benefit arrive April 14 (for the week of March 29th). It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. We are awaiting guidance on the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits.”

    2. You should have seen the $600 this week. I’ve collected since then too mine went into my account monday and my regular check came wednesday as I filed Monday per the new schedule. Scared about extensions no one is confirming its happening….I’ve been submitting resumes even had interviews cancelled mid march due to shutdowns I wNt yo have a job but if I dont get an extension I’m going to lose my home, car. Everything and it’s not my fault. If this never happened I would have had a job by now I’m sure. I was getting lots of call backs early-mid march before they all closed and put hirings on hold!!

  90. I live in Virginia. I received my first unemployment check today but the extra 600.00 was not included. When does it start in Virginia

    1. I’m also in Virginia. I’ve received 2 unemployment deposits already, but no “extended” amount yet either. As I’m looking around different websites, your answer is a “it’ll be this date” but another site says “a different date”…so it’s up in the air.
      I DID, however, receive the $1,200 direct deposit Friday (April 10) so at least I have that going.
      Stay safe, my friend. We’re all in this together!

      1. My husband received one payment for unemployment last Tuesday after we filed his first weekly claim. We filed his second claim on Sunday and he has not received payment yet. What day of the week are you usually receiving payment into your account after a weekly claim is submitted?

  91. I live in Alabama, if my hours have been cut do I get the additional $600.00 on top of my unemployment amount or do I have to be completely unemployed to get the additional $600.00 per week?

  92. The maximum weekly benefit for Minnesota residents (without stimulus) is listed as $740 according to MNUI.

      1. Hello, I am just a reader trying to find out more information about this Stimulus payment and I really appreciates you helping out and answering some questions from concern readers. It is very nice of you.

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