Why The $300 Cut to the Original $600 FPUC Unemployment Stimulus Benefit and 2021 Extension is a BIG Deal


This article was last updated on January 4

Congressional leaders and the President have now approved a $900 billion stimulus plan that includes funding for extending federal pandemic programs (PUA, PEUC) and providing another supplementary unemployment benefit (FPUC) of $300 per week for millions of unemployed or underemployed Americans. This new $300 payment will be made to eligible recipients between December 27th, 2020 and March 14th, 2021.

Unfortunately this is only half of the original $600 FPUC payment, but had to be cut to keep the overall stimulus package below $1 trillion and get Republican Senate support. While the $600 weekly payment provided nearly full income replacement for 73% of Americans, the lower $300 will only cover about 42% of Americans (assumes regular UI is also being received). The the new 2021 $300 FPUC provides the same extra weekly benefit as the $300 LWA program, the good news is that it only requires a claimant to be getting $1 in regular UI (vs $100 under the LWA program).

You can see this article on actions claimants will have to take to get these extended benefits. States are updating their systems so will take time to get this payment, but will be retroactively caught-up for eligible weeks. See how your state is tracking with this payment.

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[October LWA Update] Most have states have paid out the $300 weekly LWA unemployment benefit. See the full and update list of states and payment dates.

The limited funding for this program means that the states who sign up late may have limited funding to implement these programs. The FEMA website, which this program is being rolled out under, has the latest updates on states enrolling in this program.

President Trump’s executive order on extending extra weekly benefits looks like it will provide much needed relief to millions of unemployed and under-employed Americans given Congress’ inability to compromise on a new stimulus bill which was supposed to include an extension of funding for the FPUC benefit (which was $600 p/week until the end of July 2020). Based on recent Department of Labor guidelines, Trump’s executive order will be enacted through the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program and have the following features:

The LWA program will extend the extra weekly unemployment payment until the end of the year, or until funding runs out. Under the program the extra UI benefit will cut the overall weekly payment to between $300 and $400, depending on how much states can fund of their obligation (up to 25%) of the extra weekly unemployment payment versus federally owned funding (75%). The payments will be valid from August 1st 2020 to the end of December 2020, subject to funding availability.

While the federal component of this weekly payment ($300 or 75%) will be funded under the FEMA program, the states can fund their $100 component out of the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF), provided under the CARES Act or other state funding. Alternatively, and importantly under DOL guidance, states may count funds that are already used to provide regular state UI payments toward the state match. If this is the case then the revised extra FPUC weekly UI amount will only be $300.

This is BIG deal because many states will likely just count their existing UI payments towards their state match, leaving the extra weekly payment to the federally funded $300! Which is a 50% drop from recently expired FPUC levels. While this will be in addition to existing state UI payments, it will still be a large cut for many families and jobless workers who relied on the earlier $600 FPUC payment.

[July-August 2020 update around 2020 $600 FPUC extension] Despite all the payout challenges with the enhanced unemployment benefits, millions of Americans have been benefiting from the $600 FPUC payment (detailed below in previous update) while they survive Coronavirus induced shutdowns or job losses. But with the $600 payment officially set to end at the end of July 2020, many Americans are asking if the $600 payment will be extended?

You can see a more detailed analysis here, but as with everything government related nowadays this has become a political issue. Republicans have indicated that they don’t want to extend the $600-a-week UI benefit past its current expiry. They feel the economy is improving and now want to encourage workers to go back to work versus relying on the generous enhanced unemployment benefits. This is why they are pushing for either a cut to the current $600 weekly amount to something around $200 to $300 p/week and/or providing back-to-work bonus payments. The argument here is that the current $600 weekly federal unemployment payment on top of regular state unemployment benefits is 133% more than the average income for most jobless Americans. They want to move to something like 60% to 70% of the average income, which will encourage people to go back to work (assuming their job still exists).

House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have confirmed the importance of the $600 weekly payment for the millions of unemployed by passing putting a new Stimulus bill in the House, called the HEROES act, which includes an extension of the $600 per week extra unemployment payment (FPUC) through to January 2021. However it is likely they will have to compromise with Republicans to get something passed.

My bet is that a compromise will be reached where the unemployment benefits will be extended to the end of the year, but the amount of extra UI payments will be reduced and/or progressively tied to the states unemployment. There will also likely be a matching incentive to workers if they go back to work. But stay tuned for more updates.

NotePUA unemployment benefits will continue to the end of the year while retroactive $600 payments will also likely continue into August as state UI agencies catch-up on payouts to eligible recipients.

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[Previous update] Under the latest Coronavirus stimulus bill (CARES act) unemployment compensation insurance has been extended by 13 weeks and boosted by adding $600 per week for up to four months, on top of what beneficiaries normally receive from states. It also expands eligibility for unemployment checks to self-employed people and independent contractors. More details and specific state payment dates shown below.

When will the $600 Unemployment Benefit Payment Start?

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has now provided guidance to states for implementation of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) programs and the $600 per week extra unemployment (FPUC) approved under the CARES act. While most state labor departments and unemployment agencies have implemented the enhanced unemployment programs, they have been very slow in getting payments out due to issues with updating policies and systems to accommodate the mandated changes. As a result state UI agency websites are behind on processing the additional $600 p/week payment to eligible recipients. Payments to those already receiving unemployment should be automatic, while others or newly unemployed will need to (re-)apply for the UI payments. The table at the end of the post shows states who are now paying the $600 payment based on their State Labor/UI website.

Will I get the full $600? The $600 is added to whatever amount you are currently getting in terms of regular unemployment insurance compensation (UIC), whether it’s the minimum or the maximum. So for example even if you are only getting $50 a week in unemployment benefits today you will still get the full $600 through the next four months (July 31, 2020) which is mandated in the stimulus bill. Note: regular state unemployment compensation includes UCFE, UCX, PEUC, PUA, EB, STC, TRA, and DUA.

Also note that the $600 weekly FPUC payment is paid retroactively. The DOL has specified that states who agree to participate and take the federal funding for the enhanced benefit program under the CARES act must provide retroactive payments to individuals eligible for FPUC for the weeks they would have been entitled. So assuming your state agrees to take part in the DOL program at the end of March (and most states have done so) payments would be effective starting with the week ending 4/5/20. So, if it takes your state UI agency until mid-April to actually start the payments, they will be retroactive back to 4/5/20.

The $600 only applies to those who are receiving regular or PUA state unemployment benefits. If your state said that you don’t qualify for any amount of unemployment compensation, then you do not get the $600 either. The bill also waived the 7 day waiting period for new claims or if you lost your job due to any COVID-19 related reason. So you can file as soon as you get laid off or lose income as a self employed person.

Do part time workers or those getting partial UIC qualify for the $600 unemployment stimulus?

Yes. The Department of Labor (DOL) issued Unemployment Insurance Guidance Letter 15-20 (UIPL 15-20) that alludes to the fact that individuals who are entitled to receive regular unemployment compensation (UC) will also receive the $600 flat weekly payment through July 31, 2020. There is no minimum limit of unemployment compensation that is specified in the DOL guidelines, so even qualifying for a partial amount (i.e the case for part time employees) would qualify the employee for the $600 weekly payment. See more for part-time workers on getting this payment.

State by State Status on $600 payment

The following table shows how the current state administered maximums would increase with the supplementary $600 provision and which states are now paying these. However the roll-out of the enhanced UIC payments for those able to file new claims has been much slower than planned (see details). This information is changing daily so please let me know if you see an changes and I always recommend checking your local state labor or unemployment site to get the official payment dates specific to your claim.

(Click State For Details)
Maximum PUA AmountPUA State Contact Number
District of Columbia$444
New Hampshire$427
New Jersey$713North Jersey: 201-601-4100
Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340
New Mexico$511
New York$5041-833-491-0632
1-833-324-0366 (to certify)
North Carolina$350
North Dakota$618
Puerto Rico$190
Rhode Island$586
South Carolina$326
South Dakota$414
West Virginia$424

Naturally the above flat weekly increases are creating controversy as the new maximums could exceed what workers make from normal jobs and actually encourage employees to temporarily lay off employers while things are slowed down due to the Coronavirus induced shutdowns.

Will I get the $600 payment if I owe the IRS money or pay child support?

Individuals who currently have a debt with the IRS (or other government agencies) are still eligible for the $600 payment even if 100% of their weekly benefit amount is currently intercepted. Child support obligations however must be deducted from FPUC payments in the same manner and to the same extent as these obligations are deducted from regular UIC. Generally one-half of your $600 payment will be deducted and applied to your court ordered or voluntary child support or repayment of an UI over payment.

Since unemployment benefits are administered at the state level, please check your state’s UI website and file a claim to confirm your specific entitlement. Also note that the $600 payment is taxable and will be shown as income in your 1099G.

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593 thoughts on “Why The $300 Cut to the Original $600 FPUC Unemployment Stimulus Benefit and 2021 Extension is a BIG Deal

  1. I owe back child support can anyone tell me if I would be getting the 600 increase or are they going take it all or how does that work

    1. I am in NJ. My child support is taken out of my regular unemployment. And I have been getting the full $600 a week for the stimulus. As long as you have a payment agreement you should be fine and get the entire $600

      1. I have that same question. This process is so confusing and kind of unfair. I get we need to support our children, but we have to be able to live as well

    2. From what I just read they will take child support out of it up to half of the $600

  2. I’m a restaurant employee in Minnesota and have been receiving my regular unemployment benefits for over a month now. The $1200 from the stimulus Was deposited in my account. Many people are telling my they have receiving the $600 a week from the cares act for a while now. I haven’t received any payments yet. They are suppose to be deposited directly into my account without me doing anything because I’ve already claimed the regular unemployment. What do I do to find out when I will get the $600 payments?

    1. Hmm…that is strange. If you were getting UIC from MN you should be getting the $600 as well. I would check the MN UIC site to confirm you meet other eligible criteria and the try and get in contact with someone there. You should be able to get retroactive payments for the past weeks you were eligible for.

  3. I got this from the Nebraska Labor who issues unemployment. But as far as unemployment from the state I have zero coming. I had no earned income for 4 quarters because I was taking care of my terminally ill brother while being self employed. Do I still get the $600?

    *** We have completed a review and investigation of your claim for unemployment benefits referenced above. We have determined that you are eligible for benefits due to your employment being affected by the declared Pandemic Covid-19.The employer,***

    1. My husband was not medically able to work for the last two years. He started a job 2/17/2020. The company terminated all the new management 4/6/2020 due to the Covid pandemic. He is not monetarily eligible for state UI benefits in Tennessee. Will he be eligible for the $600?

      1. Thanks for the details. He may be eligible under the PUA program when Tenesse rolls it out (which allows UI benefits due to COVID). But you do need to qualify for $1 of UIC and he may need to reapply.

        1. Andy he’s not eligible because he doesn’t have the time on the job to have accrued up to a certain dollar amount

  4. I have worked full time and our hours were reduced by 20%. When we took the 20% cut in pay I received the stimulus. I also collect SS.
    Will I receive U/E and also the $365? Or am I disqualified because of SS.
    My paycheck is 20% lower now.

    1. I’m on ss and got my UI because of drastically reduced hours and the additional $600. In California

  5. Do I still get the $600.00 if I am furloughed in the state of Arizona and have applied for unemployment.

    1. You may qualify if furloughed for Covid 19 reasons. Once you apply and if you even qualify for $1 in UIC then you will get the extra $600 as well.

  6. I live in RI and have been on UI for 4 weeks and started receiving stimulus money last week. Now I am returning to work for 32 hours rather than my usual 40. Do I still qualify for the Cares Act stimulus money?

    1. Now that you will have reduced hours ,you still fall under loss of wages. Report upon returning to work. Continue to do your payment request. They will recalculate your new UI benefits. As long as you receive $1 in UI benefits you will continue to receive the PUC of $600 weekly until July31st 2020.

      1. If you Exhausted your benefits aren’t you suppose to receive extended benefits and $600 stimulus.
        I know 2 ppl exhausted on the 6th of April and they got no money none. It told them to certify on the 20th and the payment detail today showed no money and said that they wouldn’t received anymore. Im very concern cause mines end next week.
        None of this what were reading is happening

  7. I have a overpayment of unemployment from 2005 that is being intercepted for regular unemployment benefits but will I get the 600 separately ???

    1. I live in PA I have been collecting UI for 4 weeks due to the states shutdown now my employer has received PPP grant. Can i refuse to take the money Not to work from my employer and continue collecting UI which with the added $600 is more than my employer is going to pay me

      1. if Your employer calls you back to work you have to get off unemployment if you don’t do it and refuse to go back the employer will have no choice but to let unemployment know they have brought back your position and UE will cancel you and possibly penalize you for over payment. Not a good idea to play that game. They gave out those loans to keep people working not so you can collect more on UE.

    2. I have the same issue and they took every cent. Not sure what to do next it’s not fair.

    3. Great question because I paid mines back but I’m in penalty weeks i wanna know will.i get the $600 my claim states UI allowed but my weekly claim isn’t being spent its just being withheld until.my penalty weeks are served.

      1. I am in the same boat in Oregon. I paid back every cent and am now serving penalty weeks. Will I get the $600 per week?

  8. I live in MN and my hours have been reduced from 40 to 30 which equates to a 25% pay reduction. I applied for unemployment benefits to which I was given a weekly benefit amount that I was eligible for. When reporting my wages at the 30 hour amount, I still made too much and my unemployment for the past two weeks has been $0. Since I have applied for unemployment due to decreased wages and have been given a benefit amount that I could potentially be eligible for, will I still receive the $600.00/wk stimulus?

  9. I live in Colorado and my regular benefits exausted two weeks ago the site says keep calling and requesting payment. I did this and called to check if my payments where extended or the 600 was issued and is says no payment was issued because I have a zero balance. No sites or even the Colorado web is clear on what steps to take or if I just keep calling in for payment. There’s no way to file a new claim. But my claim is open untill October 31sr even though my funds are exausted. What do I do?

  10. Hi

    I am self employed and got this email from my state of NE. My income was zero last year due to taking care of my brother who recently passed, so as far as unemployment I do not qualify. It is showing monetarily ineligible for the state UI. But, again got this.

    “We have completed a review and investigation of your claim for unemployment benefits referenced above. We have determined that you are eligible for benefits due to your employment being affected by the declared Pandemic Covid-19”

    Question is, it looks as though I still get the $600 Covid-19 payment weekly. Can you confirm? Also, where would I see it prior to them sending it? I don’t see it on their web page. They started processing a week ago yesterday. They are so overwhelmed they are not taking calls or chat now. Nowhere can I find anything specific to this on their page specific to me and my information.


    1. My husband had no income last year due to his own medical situation. He lost his job because of the pandemic but the state said he is monetarily not eligible for benefits. I don’t know if he will see the $600.00 or not. But I can’t find an answer or reach anyone and no reply to the emails we sent.

      1. You need to qualify for at least $1 of UIC to get the $600 stimulus payment. So he is in a tough situation as you do need to have some income in the relevant base year. But you should try and apply when the 13 week PUA is in effect as many states have not rolled out this provision. Otherwise you may be better of applying under your states disability program.

  11. I have been receiving UI for almost a month and still have not received the additional 600. I live in NJ and of course haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone regarding this. Has anyone else ran into this problem?

    1. I have same problem, Iam getting every week my basic amount but not extra 600 and I don’t know why , I opened my claim on March 15th is already 4 weeks.. there is no way to reach them and found out what’s going on

  12. I am a small business employer with 8 employees. All have applied for UI here in Arizona. With the added $600 bonus, where is the incentive to return to work? If they don’t come back for 39 weeks, I can’t reopen and I will eventually lose my business. Will the $600 bonus continue once the ban to close restaurants is lifted by our governor or will they continue? How is this sustainable? This will destroy small business more than the virus! I can’t find any one who knows this answer.

    1. Not sure of the legality but if they don’t come back I would hire some temps and deal with the employees later

    2. This is not a forever 600 if you accepted the small business loan you have to use 75% of it for payroll if your employees refuse to come back you have to let UE know and they will be cut off and penalized for over payment. You need to make sure everyone is accounted for that refuses to return in order for that loan to be forgivable. You may lose these employees but will be able to hire others that don’t have the sit on your butt and collect a check mentality. They will have a difficult time finding a new job when push comes to shove. Right now save yourself.

  13. If I go hack to work full time will I still get the 600.00 for the weeks I was unemployed?
    I’m in WI and they start retro 4-4 but first payment not till 4-26

  14. In Kentucky we file bi-weekly. Recieved the 2 weeks ui, and a week later got 600, but nothing since. KY payment lookup indicates the next 2 weeks ui is being processed, but there is no way to find out what happened to the missing 600 or what should be 2 weeks pending 6 plus 6. Did KY drop the ball or is the 600 coming from a federal purse?

    1. My ex husband and I both have had the same issue here in KY. We relieved one $600 deposit but it’s been over a week and haven’t received another. Our regular UI $ has been coming separately, bi-weekly, though.

  15. Question if you claim biweekly, is your 600 gonna be deposit biweekly???

    1. It is weekly and some states are paying it weekly as a seperate payment. But your state could be adding to your normal UI and you should then get $1200 bi-weekly

  16. I live in NY and ave been receiving UK benefits plus the $600.00 additional. This week I noticed that the Net amount I will be receiving will be $585.00 instead of $600.00. Are there taxes now taken out of the $600.00?

  17. CA-I have Been receiving UIB as of 3/14 but an overpayment came up and I was denied benefits Effective 4/12 For 6 weeks will I get the $600.00 If not would I be able to apply for PUA ?

  18. my son works as an emergency tech at a hospital, he makes less than 15.00 per hour how is it fair that he will work for less than the additional unemployment amount while working in a high risk essential job?

  19. So, am I understanding correctly? I am a nurse and have to cut to 24 hours per week. My income is over my states limit for WBA (barely a bit over 400/week). So, according to the states UI, I do not get any amount. With that said, does that also make me ineligible for the $600/week. If so, that is really messed up. That does nothing to benefit many of us in my situation. I am taking home about 30% of what I am used to making, still have to make bills and support my family…….

  20. I had a overpayment from pa UC they took the full amount with fees from my 2019 taxes. I owe nothing but I have penalty weeks. I opened my claim on 3/15 and I’m eligible for $169 a week. I’ve been filing my biweekly claims and they have been processed but I haven’t got any money. I guess these are my penalty weeks. Will I get the $600 since I am eligible and owe nothing?

    1. No you will not, Im in the same boat as you and since Unemployment deems you as not eligible for your compensation for your weekly claims it also denies you your $600

      1. I called unemployment you might still get the 600.00 because it’s federal that were not 100% sure on how this would work keep your fingers crossed this is EMERGENCY FUNDING

  21. I am self employed and didn’t have a good year in 2019. I had gross wages only over 20,000 but with work write offs and unforeseen Deductible bills my net went to 0. Am I still eligible for pua emergency cares act unemployment ?

    1. Yes under the new laws you would which cover self employed people. I suggest you lodge a claim with your state UI office ASAP.

      1. Thank you Andy,

        You are the first to be able to answer my question.
        My state has not started taking cares act pua claims yet. Claim to be ready tomorrow or so.

  22. What about the people who ARE working every week? I’m a nurse and get NOTHING extra while all those people are staying home safe and sound (or should be, but probably aren’t) and making MORE money than they would if they were working??? I agree that people need full unemployment, but what about essential employees are not getting anything extra and we’re on the front line!

    1. Kimberly I completely agree. You all should be receiving hazard pay and or the additional $600 per week. I know it’s not fair and I am so sorry so many are in this position. I hope you know you are appreciated though. To me, you are a hero and I really hope something will be done to compensate you all for your efforts during this time. God bless you.

    2. its called unemployment insurance… not full time work extra money for doing my job insurance. talk to your employer about a bonus.

    3. I understand where you’re coming from, and appreciate the fact that you are risking your life while others are staying at home, but you are still making money. Millions of Americans did not choose to lose their job and source of income. On top of that landlords are still expecting rent and mortgage payments due, there is still food that needs to be bought, kids that need to be taken care of, etc. 26 million people applied for unemployment and less than half of that are even receiving the unemployment benefits. Without the extra 600.00 everyone is only making a portion of what they used to make and even unemployment runs out. People NEED to stop worrying about what others are getting and be GRATEFUL about what you already have. The world would run a lot smoother.

  23. I live in WI. My employer just received a PPP (Paycheck Protection Payment) loan. We are back at work and will be paid our usual wages. Would we still qualify for the $600 stimulus UI payment?
    Also, how many hours a week can you work and still collect UI benefits? Thanks!

    1. No – if you are working full time and no cut in wages you would not qualify for UI. Every state is different so number of hours you can work is as important as your pay changes. You can always apply to your state unemployment office in any event and see if you qualify for anything under the PUA.

  24. hi I filed for UI in NJ . I am ready to certify for my 3rd week but I only received one 600.00 payment. Is anyone else in the same boat? Can anyone give me some feed back concerning my situation. I thought we were going to receive this every week . help!

    1. I received my first and only $600 payment last Wednesday, so I am confused as well. But according to the NJ DOL website. This payment will continue weekly through July 25th. I guess we’ll see.

    2. You are lucky that you have received one. I am also ready for claiming my 3rd week but have not gotten anything yet from the pandemic fund. My UE was approved from 3/29.

      1. My understanding is that the federal government as of last week 4/15 had not released the funds for the extra 600 and many states were paying out of their own funds with the anticipation of federal reimbursement. The funds for self-employed and 1099 workers have not been dispersed by the federal government yet so most states are waiting to approve those but they will be retroactive – the states just dont have the cash yet. Several state also do not have computer systems designed to handle all of this or their systems cant be easily modified to handle the extra payments.

        1. That makes the most sense, thank you! I couldn’t understand the start then stop. Kentucky is most likely waiting for the fed funds to resume payments.

        2. I’m just going to put this out there. Republicans wanted to pay companies directly to disperse the 600 funds to their employees. Democrats wanted it put out by the States. Explains soooooo much

    3. I had the same thing happen here in VA. I didn’t even get my regular unemployment for any of the last 3 weeks, just one $600 payment for last week

    4. you should be getting it every week….are you still certifying and active for your state UI? It seems strange to have suddenly stopped unless NJ systems are having payment issues – which is highly likely given the rushed/challenged roll-out.

  25. My husband is behind on child support but the arrears are taken out of his check every week, i know the weekly child support obligation will be taken out of unemployment. But I hear people saying that the whole 600,00 care act check was taken. And then i read that child support will take half of both checks.Can someone help me to understand?

    1. The $600 should be untouched. Mine was untouched I am in arrears also, but arrears are included in my regular unemployment. As long as there is an arrangement and arrears are included in that, he should be fine

      1. I have this same question. Does it matter how much in the arrears you are for them not to take the whole $600, or will it not be messed with as long as the arrears are being paid out of my weekly unemployment?

  26. Quick question. My unemployment check came in and did not include my dependent allowance. I put all the info in and even kids social number. It said my estimated payment at the end would be $684. When I actually got my payment is was standard $484. It said 0 in the dependent allowance. I have called, emailed, and do not know what to do. I have a wife, who has been a stay at home mom. She has been for years, and two children to support. Has this happened to anyone and does anyone have any advice? I’m just waiting and wondering. Yes, I claim both kids and wife on W-2. Not sure what happend… Thanks in advance!

  27. Hello I was already on UI in IL with taxes being taken out. Therefore, will the taxes on the weekly 600.00 be automatically taken out or do I need to set it up myself somehow? Thank you!

    1. Should be taken out automatically but you may need to adjust your withholding

  28. Hello from kentucky ..finally got my first two weeks of unemployment but NOT the added 600… when will ky be paying this out ? thanks

    1. Hmm…KY should be paying out by now. Please check your claim with the state UI.

  29. I live in NJ and have been receiving reg unemployment why haven’t I received the extra 600 yet??

    1. I am in the same boat-no $600. yet just the reg UE and I am on my 3rd week.

      1. NJ paying from 4/14 so you should see it by the week of 4/20 based on your payment schedule.

  30. I have received 3 weekly benefits, bot not the $600. From what I gather on the net, the states are behind rolling this money out. I’m figuring it’ll take another week or 2 to get it lined out. I haven’t received my stimulus yet either. I’m self employed and don’t have a bank account on file so who knows when I’ll get it

  31. Please help me! I have been receiving unemployment benefits in South Carolina but they recently exhausted on march 30th, 2020 and was issued my last unemployment check on March 30th 2020. My benefits are now exhausted yet Im still unemployed. I want to be able to at least get the $600 a week due to the Cares act/ extension of benefits yet it does not give me an option to file a new claim or an option to file for an extension of benefits. It still lets me claim every week but says non pay due to monetary exhausted since my benefits are exhausted. I dont know what to do and obviously cant call anyone. Meanwhile my family needs help. If you have any information about this and what to do I would really appreciate it.

    1. You need to get a job since clearly you had months before covid19 to take care of this situation therefore you do not qualify nor will you again until you are fully employed and “laid off” again.

      1. Hey Brandon thanks for your RUDE comment. Let me enlighten you as to why I was on unemployment since you assume you know me but don’t. I had an Emergency Surgery you jerk, that preventing me from working! I have Ben recovering from the major surgery! I’m not lazy nor do I take advantage of unemployment. I’m in a situation where I need actual help, not a jerks response on a situation he clearly doesn’t understand. Anyone who can actually help me and not judge me would be appreciated.

        1. I agree, his comments were not only rude but meaningless. File another claim I’m sure it will be approved considering the unique circumstances with the Covid 19.

      2. You’re absolutely wrong! She can reapply for unemployment benefits since the Cares Act makes it possible for extension if still unemployed once original benefit year ends. The reason why the stimulus package was passed by the government is to stimulate a collapsed economy since millions of jobs have been lost during this unprecedented health crisis. We have all been negatively impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic causing countless fatalities and financial ruin world wide. Don’t give people false info. There is probably young children involved who depend on their mother to provide them with food, housing and other essentials and UI at this time is the only feasible option since there are no jobs! social distancing rules and govt enforced stay at home orders.

        1. It seems that few people have answers for all these questions. We are also at a loss…..

  32. I got my unemployment Wednesday, 4/15/20 but as of today Friday no additional $600. Last week I got unemployment and another deposit of $600, maybe it’s a one time thing? I don’t know who to reach out to, you can’t get unemployment.

  33. I live in Mississippi and just filed for my unemployment online. At the end it did not say denied, but the weekly and maximum benefit amount was $0. I work 32 to 35 hours a week but have only been doing this for about 2 months. I was an independently contracted insurance agent from January 2019 to June 2019 so no unemployment insurance was paid on me because I was 1099. From July 2019 to January 2020 I was unemployed. Does this mean that I want be able to get unemployment because if you go back to the base period nothing was paid in?

    1. That is likely the reason. But you should contact your State UI as under new rules (which they are likely still getting in place) the 1099 income can count towards your base period. This will qualify you for UI and the extra $600.

  34. so you get to collect 600 a week on top of your regular ui benefits and you got a stimulus check i’m sure. i still get to work but i don’t make 600 a week. what’s wrong with that. it can’t be true that you can collect more in ui benefits than your regular wages, albeit for only three months, while i always struggle with bills for an honest day’s work. omg.

  35. I have a question. I have penalty weeks for unemployment from an overpayment over 4 years ago. I paid turnover payments back but now lose 5 weeks of payments from them. I did recieve one week tho. Am I still able to recieve the $600 they are sending out?

    1. This is the closest i have found to my situation. I have overpayment from 2012. I know that needs paid back before i receive the $275 state maximum. But on the website it says the $275 went towards the overpayment and also the $600 amount was paid out. Meaning what? Do i still get the $600 relief money because it wasnt applied to the overpayment

  36. I have not received any 600 dollar payments yet either. I don’t understand this whole 600 dollar thing. I filed for unemployment March 27th got it the last 2 weeks. Never got my payment for this week today nor the 600 that I was told was coming today?? Why did I not even get my weekly benefit. I am still laid off and have filed every week.

  37. Hello, I’ve heard different interpretations about the “retroactive” $600 and wanted clarification please. Some are thinking retroactive means they will get $600 x the number of weeks they have been on unemployment (say starting 3/25 up to today 4/16) IN A LUMP SUM, on their next unemployment check (so $2400 on top of their regular weekly benefit amount), then just $600 each check until it cuts off in July. Is the lump sum part correct regarding the “retroactive” $600? If not, could you explain in detail the retroactive piece please? Thanks!

    1. when will PA start giving the 600. i have already received 4 uc checks and have yet to see the 600.00

  38. I’m so confused and stressed here in RI..my work was closed due to virus..I applied and was accepted for a weekly benefit of 166..got 2 weeks of that amount then a letter from state of RI and a weekly deposit of only 91.00 because my 166 was garnished for what is my court ordered amount of 75.00..ok that’s cool and just got my first extra 600 this week on my keybank card with my 91.00 ..so my court ordered child support payment IS being paid in full from just the RI benefit..and though I do have arrears I was never given a payment plan for those arrears..what they do is intercept my federal and state refunds every year for that..of course they intercepted my 1200.00 stimulus check as well but SWEAR TO GOD..I’m gonna be beside myself if they just latch on to this 600.00 TOO!! I have a 10 year old son from my 2nd marriage who I’m solely responsible for here as well..when is enough enough?? Seem to be no really concrete yes or no answers either..any HELP from anyone is appreciated on this ..thanks so much.

  39. I live in Maryland and was supposed to get my extra 600.00 in my check but I have not received it yet. When should I expect it.

  40. I’m deemed an essential employee and, despite my department being out of work, have been forced to work in another for the last two weeks and haven’t made a full week’s pay yet (barely over 30 hours the first week.) That’s just throwing insult to injury.

    1. You may be able to file for unemployment due to your reduced hours. Then, according to this article, if you’re eligible for any payment in a given week, you should also receive the $600 on top of it. That seems to be how it works in most states. It’s certainly true in California where I am.

      Of course, I’m just an Internet Person, and not any kind of expert on this stuff. You might want to look into it some more at your state’s unemployment office website. Good luck.

    2. My understanding is for PARTIAL unemployment you cannot work more than 3 days a week and a max of a certain gross depending on where you live. In New York it is a max of $504/ week. In California, it is something else. So, you have to see what your state requires to see if 30 hours a week and whatever salary you are making qualifies you for partial unemployment. THEN you can get the extra $600/week -if it actually comes!!

  41. What if I file an unemployment disability claim for coronavirus unable to work, can I receive the $600.00 too?

  42. I filed my UI benefits on March 21, saturday, 2020. But I have not received the additional $600 for the week of April 5. I only got $600 for the week ending April 12. Any idea why I’m not receiving that $600 for the April 5 ending week? Please any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. That could be a deduction for taxes, if you already opted to have taxes taken out of your regular ui, they might have taken it out of ther 600 as well.

    2. If you (or your employer on your behalf) elected to have taxes taken out, Federal taxes are deducted at 10% and state taxes at 6%.

  43. I was told I was monetarily ineligible for unemployment. Will I be able to receive the PUA or the 600 dollar relief ? you can’t get any answers anywhere for this.

    1. You need to get $1 of UI to get the $600 stimulus per DOL guidelines outlined in that article

      1. I just started mines from Missouri on the 29th and I still have not received my $600

  44. If I’m only getting $18 back from the unemployment do I qualified for the federal $600 ?

  45. What about people on social security or disability? we generally make much less than the average working person. ( I know I do ) How fair is it for some to get 600 a week help but we get nothing? Just because we are disabled doesn’t mean we don’t need help. The 600 a week alone is over double what my ssi disability is.

  46. why am i not receiving the extra $600? i filed my claim on march 25th, 2020. is it because the claims filed after or on march 29 are only eligible? please answer.

  47. I live in North Carolina. I was recently approved for unemployment of 174 a week for 12 weeks. what happens after 12 weeks if I cant get back to work because of Covid-19? Do I qualify for the 600, too? how do you get the 600? How do I know if I get it? I cant survive with 174 a week for only 12 weeks if I am still out of work. I hear so many different stories. Anyone know?

  48. I live in PA . I have a part time job at Dollar Express as a cashier. I also have Severe COPD, my Dr advised me to Stay At Home she gave me a excuse to Stay out of Work until the COVID Guidelines are lifted. I have applied for Unemployment,when you put in your initial claim it allows you to make comments which I did,told them about my situation,I went to file my bi-weekly claim and answered the questions . The one question says are you able and available for work. In my case that’s a 2 part question. at the end it says more info needed to call a # but if of course they are busy so can’t get through. Have you heard anything about people with disabilities getting UE

  49. I was denied due to excessive wages. I made a little more than the $450 max. in CA. So now that $600 is added to that will they go back and reverse the denial?

  50. According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development that extra $600 will be paid retroactively back to the week ending 3/29. They did a Facebook video event outlining all of this. They expect to start rolling it out on April 20th.. I’m trying to find out if benefits for the first week, which they held back, is going to be repaid to me since the “Cares Act” said they have to waive that one week waiting period.

    1. Thanks for letting me know this. You are in a grey and will depend on IN rules. But you should appeal if they don’t pay it out.

  51. I owe unemployment They have took my last for checks. I haven’t seen the 600.00 yet Im really worried. I cant get any answers and I shouldn’t owe much more, People are really suffering right now. Im from Arkansas Im just wondering will I get the 600.00

  52. I was let go because of state nonessential workplace order. I am getting Mich unemployment + started receiving $600 coronavirus … fed additional help. My ?, when I get my 1200 stimulus is that going to make me ineligible for that week of unemployment. to put it another way, they ask ?s on money received. Do I or am I supposed to enter it. I do not want to do anything unethical. Thank you, Mary Anne Nizio

  53. I would to like to know if i can still get the extra $600 even if i have penalty weeks and a payment plan for my overpayment? I cannot get a hold of edd. I live in California. Please help!

  54. My fiance got laid off due to covid19 and filed for unemployment here in ohio and was approved but it says he has 18 penalty weeks to serve which has now went down to 14 because he has been approved now for 4 weeks since he has to serve penalty weeks with no payment will he still get the extra $600 a week??

  55. My fiance got laid off due to covid19 and filed for unemployment here in ohio and was approved but it says he has 18 penalty weeks to serve which has now went down to 14 because he has been approved now for 4 weeks since he has to serve penalty weeks with no payment will he still get the extra $600 a week??

  56. I know people that have received the 600.00 for the past two weeks and I haven I guess I don’t qualify since I owe unemployment back pay.

  57. Hi got the enhanced benefit yesterday, but only one, shouldn’t it be felt to include two for the first round? In New jersey

    1. I got my first payment as well. The NJ DOL website says it is the for the week ending March 29th and will continue through July 25th. But no mention as to when the payment for this week will arrive. I am wondering the same thing.

  58. I am an essential worker in Michigan, I am still working full-time however, I have a part-time job that I am self-employed at I have been unable to do my part time job, which is a huge hit to my income, will I qualify for pandemic unemployment?

  59. I live in Illinois and We get unemployment every two weeks. I finally got my first check and the 600$ was on there but I got 108$ for my unemployment. Are they only giving us 600$ every two weeks? I thought it was supposed to be every week? By the time I got food and paid bills I’m completely broke and have another week to go without money. Why am I not getting 600$ a week?

    1. the $600 starts the week of April 4 certification… so even if you were getting the unemployment prior to that week for a weekly benefit the $600 per week will only be added to the April 4th certification and moving forward through July 15 or you exhausted your UIA benefits… whichever comes first

      1. sorry correction to above post… July 25 (not July 15) as I mistakenly typed…

  60. I got layed off from a resort in Missouri, in Nov, I have almost exhausted my benefits, 479 left, will Missouri extend the benefits, or can you just collect the gov 600?

      1. Florida’s UIC site has been very opaque about providing when they will start the $600 payment. I would imagine if would be in the next week or 2 at the latest.

  61. I live in Pennsylvania I received my first $600 yesterday now I’m wondering cause I know they said per week for the extra $600 what I’m trying to figure out is when will I get the other 600 because this upcoming sun is when I file my initial claim will it come for that week or will we just be getting 600 every week cause they said it will be issued separately from our normal uc claims I’m just a little confused please explain if anybody can I just need clarity

  62. I live in NY. This is my first time ever having to file for unemployment. I was laid off when my workplace closed in late March and since I had been there under 6 months at the time of the closure, I don’t qualify for traditional UI benefits. Currently my UI claim is in “pending” status and I am waiting for them to deny it so that I can begin receiving PUA benefits. Also, do you know if the $600 will be retroactive to 4/5 when NY started to pay it out or will I lose out on the extra $600 due to the extremely long processing delays? The representative I spoke with gave me no information about next steps, how long this might take or any kind of information at all about when I would actually begin receiving benefits. I am a single Mom with two young daughters so any information would be super helpful. It’s almost impossible to get through to speak to someone at the NYS DOL…

  63. I live in california and im on partial unemployment and I am not getting the extra 600 they are a bunch of liars

    1. That’s strange. Unless some other situation or CA systems are not up to date for PUA, you should be getting the $600 if you even get $1 in UIC.

  64. So I am a server and have been filing weekly since 3/15. I just found out last week all of my weeks amounts have been put towards an overpayment amount.. all except one the one I filed last says pay held when all other three went from pending to offset. most recent says pay held and I don’t know why Because I filed the same as others. And my overpayment balance is not payed off yet ? I was told I would still get the $600, but not sure until I see it also scared now Because the change from saying offset to payheld for last week?? Anyone know anything please help!?!

    1. Yes you will get the $600 if you get the standard UI. It is still taking time to process in several states, so hang in there and will be applied to your offset.

  65. People in Louisiana are seriously hurting right now! People that owe overpayments are getting all of their money seized and taken! Not even allowing us to get a dollar of our $600 stimulus check! I don’t know if other states are doing this to people but this needs to be reported! There are people that are laid off unable to get food stamps and now unable to get unemployment to! this scares me because if people aren’t able to feed their family and buy what they need for their household the crime rate will go up in the state of Louisiana!

    1. Who are you going to report it too? You cant…if you owe money…rest assure they are going to take their first. Happen to me and there is nothing you can do about it…but the good news is once they get all that they are owed…they will send out a check. I am not sure how the foodstamp program works in your state.

  66. If I lost my weekly child care do to covid19 and have to cut my hours from 10 days a month to 4 days a month am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

  67. I have applied for unemployment benefits due to my company shutting down due to COVID- I9 haven’t received any benefits due to 3 weeks of vacation, My question is, will I received my 600.00 dollars or will I have to wait until my vacation is paid out? I shouldn’t be penalitized for receiving my vacation. Most of my co-workers don’t have any PTO and they are receiving benefits and the 600.00 dollars. I feel that my 600.00 dollars should take effect immediately. I shouldn’t be denied until my 3 wks vacation is paid out. Can you please get back to me and let me know if my vacation is going to penalize me before I am able o get the 600.00.

    1. I believe that PTO is Paid Time Off, so if you are paid ,although not working it is still considered income and you are not able to file for unemployment insurance. Technically you are not on unemployment, you are on paid vacation. When you return from vacation you will be able to file for unemployment and will start receiving the $600.00

    2. [disclaimer: this is only my opinion, please verify accuracy independently, thanks]

      Hi Denise Braun,
      Yes, based on what you mentioned here, you shall be paid your $600/week. However, UI benefits personnel are overloaded with tasks now. It may take a while before you see it arrive. Your PTO (Paid Time Off) shouldn’t affect your UI benefits at all. PTO typically doesn’t affect UI benefits. UI would generally want to know if you get a payment and what it is for. Normally, there shall be no effect to your UI benefits when you report those when they come in. You shall not be penalized for reporting PTO pay. Also, the PTO pay is not the same as you going on vacation. PTO pay is just money that is owed to you and it is considered like back pay, something you earned to receive when you worked. Therefore, it doesn’t and shouldn’t affect the periods after work reduction / discontinuation. It was earned before then, not after. Hope that helps.

  68. Hello! I live in Vegas And I’ve been fortunate to to receive a check from my employer of $600 bi-weekly during the shutdown. I filed for unemployment and qualified but I get an EU check one week and no check the next week when I claim my paycheck. On the weeks I don’t get an EU check will I qualify for the $600 stimulus check?? Thanks for your time

  69. I live in Alabama. I collected my UI since march 22 do to COV 19 I did not get the $600 yet I wonder why?

  70. Just FYI. I live in NJ and I’m collecting unemployment. I received my first $600 in my direct deposit this morning.

  71. I live in Louisiana I am eligible for $247 a week but they have been keeping my check due to an overpayment I owe from a previous claim. I filed for my weekly benefits since 3/15/20 which is when I was laid off due to the coronavirus. I just received an email stating that the paid me for this week plus added $300 for the stimulas money which all went to my overpayment. I don’t understand how they can keep the stimulas money for an overpayment since the IRS isn’t even keeping the money if you owe them. I am so upset right now because I have no money coming in at all because I was a server and no restaurant are hiring at the moment for servers. So I didn’t get the stimulas money owed trombone last week and they only applied $300 stimulas money for this week. Louisiana is a crooked state but we are all going through this together. I am so upset right now because I don’t even qualify for food stamps because I am able to get unemployment even though I haven’t received $1 yet from unemployment. I don’t know what to do. I am having a hard time. Meanwhile my bills are piling up and I have no money for food. I thought that this week I would finally have the stimulas money. My overpayment balance is now only $325 but that means one more week of no money. Which with the stimulas payments for the past week and this one. My balance should have been paid and the worst case I should of received $620 in my pocket. I emailed them but haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

    1. I would contact your state representatives office, I’m in California and our rep for district 18 is anna eshoo. from what I understand they have the power to push stuff thru immediately, a friend a few years ago was having an issue with social security and 2 or 3 phone calls back and forth and his social security payments went into his bank account the next day retroactively. This is probably a good place to start I hope it helps and I’m sorry for your situation. Watch out for those overpayments, if you think you’re getting overpaid, notify them and don’t spend any of the money bc they will want it back. And they will get it back.

    2. I would look into this as your states DOL website says they are issuing the approved $600 per week, not only $300

  72. I live in spokane wa and worked part time. Didnt have enough hrs for unemployment benefits. Applied week of april 5th. Laid off because of coronavirus. Do i get the 600?

  73. “Only the weeks of a claim between March 29 and July 31 are eligible for the extra $600 payments”
    If I apply for unemployment insurance on March 25, can I get additional $600?

    1. You will get it from the week the program starts eligibility in your state. if you have an active UI claim it will automatically be added to your unemployment payments.

    2. yes I got the $600 today and the date of my claim was 03/15/2020 but no retro yet the first $600 is supposed to be for the week ending 3/29

  74. If your on workshare in ca. Will you still recieve the additional $600 a week?
    Thank you.

  75. You said Connecticut is active for the $600. Unless it’s happening this week, I have not received it yet.

  76. I filed for UI in NC on 3/16 and was approved. I did not select that the reason was due to the Corona Virus. After reading this, I assume I will still get the extra $600, as it looks like it is added for anyone currently approved for UI. Is this correct? Also, will I get paid for the one week waiting period? This seems to be covered under the Federal Care Act for Covid-19 as well, but I am not sure. I was not paid for this week and was wondering if this would be paid when the $600 payments hit for the first two weeks in April?

  77. Hi, I’m currently unemployed and and have 90$ taken out of my unemployment each week for childsupport. I have some arrears but they take that from the 90$. I’m wondering will I still get my 600$ each week?

    1. You will get in your UI check, but deductions will follow your normal arrears schedule.

    2. They have to give you as you are equally impacted by the situation as others. And, it is a federal law that requires federal money to be distributed to all unemployed. Even the extra $600 must include all current as well as newly unemployed for 4 months irrespective of any situation other than t hat the person is employed or secured a job in the interim. If they start late they will still provide be patient. You won’t be left out…LoL

    1. No. See the chart, it starts when your state is active, for my state, California, it is retroactive to the week ending on April 11th

  78. In the new jersey website they have an update that talks about who can get unemployment, and enhanced benefits, but being already on unemployment since Dec 2019, is not on the list. so, Is this why everybody keeps telling me I won’t get the enhancement? I have three weeks left but so far no indication if I will get the enhancement or even the extension. Except people here, have said I will get it.

    Any closure on this?

    1. If you are on unemployment you will get the $600 a week. Starting Tuesday April 14th according to NJ DOL website. However they are still awaiting guidance from the federal government on the extensions.

    2. Mike. This is from the NJ DOL website “ Residents already collecting unemployment will begin to see their $600 supplemental unemployment benefit arrive April 14 (for the week of March 29th). It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. We are awaiting guidance on the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits. Please check back for details.”

      1. We’re in NJ, if my daughter exhausts her max benefit for the year, will she still get the $600 from the Care Act and if so, what does she need to do to collect that amount?

  79. I live in California and Maxed out on my unemployment benefits. “Maximum Benefits Paid: You have received all benefits payable to you at this time. You cannot file another California Unemployment Insurance claim until your current benefit year ends. ” Benefit Year 06/02/2019 – 05/30/2020 last payment was 3/30/2020. Is the 13 week extension for those who have not maxed out on their benefits or is it for those who have as well.

    1. That’s a good question. Technically you’re not on unemployment anymore so you might not get the $600. You should contact your EDD office and ask about the extension soon because I’m sure there will be extra paperwork to file. Hard to imagine maxing out unemployment during that time period while unemployment numbers were so low. I’m truly sorry for your situation and I hope everything works out for you.

  80. I received my first unemployment check this week but it did not have the 600.00. Am I not eligible? I live in Virginia

  81. I owe unemployment and is still on my penalty week well I still receive my extra $600
    State of California

  82. What is wrong with this government to give people on unemployment 100’s of $$’s more than there normal weekly check, and the poor “essential workers” are working just to get their paycheck. That is 24 weeks X extra 600.00 is about $14,500 again of free money. How about taking care of the essential workers who HAVE TO GO TO WORK TO EARN THEIR PAY. Disgraceful to treat the working people that way. You want to help people.. THEN HELP EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY (THEY NEED IT TOO..

    1. Before you mock others learn how to add. Since when is there 6 weeks in a month? 24 weeks for 4 months?

    2. Right??? I could make more money if I just asked my employer to lay me off and stay home than if I continue to work. This is insanity, and the stimulus should be based off of a percentage of what you are usually making.

    3. I so agree. I’m in the same boat but lost my part time job, while continuing to work my full time job, without getting any extra like those that aren’t working at all, not paying for gas to get to work, but benefit the most. It’s hard to keep up the great “essential worker” attitude. I’ve lost income too. Where is my benefit?

    4. No way! I’m getting paid over $4k a month to sit in my underpants and drink beer! I’m never going back to work! Not until I’m dragged back kicking and screaming lol

    5. That is how it’s supposed to work. Right now, essential workers have a paycheck. Non-essential workers are staying home so the essential workers can do their jobs and stay ahead of the virus. Essential workers will get hazard and bonus pay, but it might be in the 5th round. It’ll happen, we all know you essential workers deserve it. (PS- For many of us, the 600 isn’t over our regular paychecks. Added to our UI amount, it’s still less than our normal weekly pay.)

  83. Hi I live in NJ I owe unemployment money from when I had my daughter 14 years ago
    My employer took advantage of the situation because I was hurt during my c section… the epidural was put in wrong spot .. and now because they say I owe I get nothing ….
    so will I get at least the 600 a week … I have children and bills…. very scared …. so every week I file and get nothing .. I tried to call you can’t get anyone …. please help clarify or advice welcomed
    Thank you
    Stay safe and well

    1. iTs very unfortunate but yes if you owe they will take their money first. . They took mine and there is really nothing you can do about it.

  84. Hi, I way laid off from my job July 2019 and I did receive unemployment for 26wks. I just started a new job in March. I am now laid off due covid19. I tried applying for unemployment but was told I’ve exhausted my benefits. Will I get any type of unemployment or extension? In Alabama

  85. I usually work 40 hours but my hours have been cut to 20 hours per week due to the COVID19. If I file for unemployment will I be able to draw the weekly amount plus the $600.00 extra. I live in Texas

  86. Will I still get the $600 a week if I have an overpayment and they took my first 2 weeks and credited it towards my overpayment?

  87. I retire from the military in 1997
    and get a monthly check… I work now untill i got laid off… Do i get the full unemployment benefits and the 600 ..
    If I go on ss because I’m 66 do i still get unemployment

  88. I retire from the military in 1997
    and get a monthly check… I work now untill i got laid off… Do i get the full unemployment benefits and the 600 ..
    If I go on ss because I’m 66 do i still get unemployment

  89. I filed in early March with an open unemployment case. I only had $67 left in my benefit account. I’ll get the 13 week extension because my case is still open (until end of May) I’ve filed every week even though I’m being told I’m not eligible because my benefits are at $0, when my 13 week extension is given, will I also be getting the additional $600? I’m in Minnesota. I apologise if this has already been asked and answered. I just think I’m in that “unusual” circumstance group…

  90. I chose to leave my job to take care of my mother January 4 of this year because she was very ill and then passed away he beginning of March and not due to the virus. I had savings and comfortable. I needed to settle her Funeral, estate, etc. Please keep in mind I have worked 2 jobs and 80 plus hours a week for the last 31 years. I filed for unemployment and told them the truth. They approved me for benefits. It says regular unemployment on my benefits for 26 weeks. I am having a hard time finding a job now and was wondering if I would still qualify for the 600 stimulus. It’s very confusing but most important finding security for my future getting back to work.

  91. if I had a job a year ago, and have not worked since then and just applied for unemployment and was excepted. will I receive the extra 600 per week?

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