Will Ordering an IRS Tax Transcript Help Me Find Out When I’ll Get My Refund?

Ordering your tax transcript is a technique a lot of folks use to get an update on their tax return processing and refund if they are not getting information (or see no bars) from the IRS WMR tool. But the IRS has categorically stated that being able to order your latest tax transcript does NOT mean that your refund has been processed or that a direct deposit payment is imminent.

However getting your latest free tax transcript (if available) may still be a good idea because it can give you some more information and clues. If you can view your  transcript online you will find out exactly why you are under review by the codes that will be listed. If your return is under review then that could be one reason your refund is delayed.

Common reasons returns are pulled and refunds are delayed include the following. You will see codes for these on your transcript

1. NEW changes this year compared to your last 3 years of filing? This will most definitely flag your return.
2. Address Change?
3. Did you file prior to receiving your W-2? (ex: did you use your last paycheck stub?) there could be a math error.
4. Educational Credit (e.g AOTC)
5. ID verification
6. Add/drop dependents?
7. Offset (owed back taxes for a prior year) which will not show up on the offset line.
8. Have you checked the offset line (800) 304-3107
9. Health Care Form (1095A) missing/not included

Reader question: I got to see my transcript. I’m not sure how to find the refund date. A few dates on there.

Response from another commenter: It will be the very last date on the ACCOUNT transcript….you will see 150, (806) withholding 766, 768, then the FINAL 846 Refund Issued. Could be other codes; you can google IRS Codes….if you want to know what they are. You don’t want to see freeze code 971, 570….or a letter has been sent…etc.,

If you can order and view the account transcript and the return transcript; that means that are done processing; but doesn’t mean the have completed the process and the refund can be held up. You can check to see if their were any holds, offsets or freezes on your account which could have delayed or taken your refund. If you can’t view your transcript online to see if there is any issues / codes that indicate something is wrong consider calling a tax advocate.

12 thoughts on “Will Ordering an IRS Tax Transcript Help Me Find Out When I’ll Get My Refund?

  1. I filed at the end of Jan. Got a notice stating it was under review and no action is needed at this time.. to top it off since I have a code of 570 I still haven’t gotten my stimulus. I’m suppose to get almost $5,000. I don’t owe anything. So why are they holding my stimulus?? I thought that was to help everyone get back on their feet..I just keep falling in debt. I was the sole provider last year to my daughter and her new baby. Which she gets no child support..don’t get me started on that issue. So I claimed both because she never worked that whole year and was going to college. I don’t understand this government. You would think you would send it out to the lower income first. Anyways, I called my governor, and emailed, I called the White House, and I’ve emailed anyone I thought that could help. No reply. IRS said I had to wait another 60 days. Times up!! It’s been since the end of Jan. Unemployment is growing so you would think they would hire people to train so they could get ahead of the game. Thanks for letting me vent.. good luck all.

  2. I have my tax transcript from this year. But on the WMR site it says that I may have an offset. Which I found out that I do and the date that it was to taken from me was on Feb 26th. But on my WMR no bars have changed I am still on the 2nd bar with Refund approved and the message. But when I pulled up my transcript it say Feb 26th refund sent but no other codes for payment to the offset company. What does this mean and the date that I have on WMR to receive anything if anything is on March 2nd but the refund has been issued with no other code showing it was taken.

  3. Angela I was told no. WMR will not update without your transcript updating to 846 code first. I asked the same question on a IRS fb group.

  4. I’m still waiting. Filed Feb 6 2019, it’s April 15th….on my tax transcript is shows refund amount due to be deposited on 4/15/19 but yet here we are and no refund. So I’m trying to figure out if it’s going to be deposited later today or if I fell through some cracks or holes somewhere because I haven’t received a letter. This is driving me crazy. I want my money. I paid for HR block to do my taxes so wth could of gone wrong???

    1. After “Where’s My Refund” finally updated to having received and processing my return it took about a week for my transcripts to update.

  5. Hi everyone it is me again and like I said before it is now May 9th and still no refund date and guest what they are still reviewing mind and when I call them they said that I have to wait another 60days in order for them to complete it. I ask them was it any information that they were still looking for and she told me that she didn’t know and that she had put in a request for them to send me what they needed. She said that they have 60days to let me know what the information is. I just don’t know what is taking so long. Is anyone else having the same problem that I am having please let me know. Thanks

    1. Hi I’m right there with you. I filed in February and waited the allotted 21 days. That’s when I got the first I have to wait 60 days. So I called back after that and they told me it was still under review. I haven’t changed a thing in all these years yet I still have no date. Just that it’s processing. I mean it’s going on in the middle of June. This is ridiculous.

  6. I can order my transcript and it say that I have the code 570 and 971 and it say that addition account action is pending and notice issue which has 2/16/18 and $0.00 on it and the IRS say to wait until the 4th of this month which will be this Friday to see will my refund will be in the bank. I have no date as of Monday the 30th of April they say when I call them that they do not need any information from me and that my I will get my refund when they finish the review. Look now they have been reviewing my refund every sense Jan of this year so it has been about 105 days or from Jan 7/18 until April 4/18 like I say Friday the 4th and I just do not understand what they are looking for, they also told me that if they need any information they would contact the third party so I am still lost, if anyone has any answer or the same problem let me know please. Need help in figure things out. Thank’s

  7. The assertions made in this article SOUND good, but aren’t at all true.
    I’ve personally had almost ALL of the bullet items listed as “will surely FLAG your return”, I’ve had one, two, or even three simultaneously (New changes, Address change, education credit, I mean who isn’t using an education credit and moving a lot these days??) every year for the past 5 years.

    Not once has my refund been delayed more than the standard 7-10 direct deposit days.

    1. I love this comment! So true. Who isnt claiming educational credit and moving lmao!!!! So true. And yes, several years myself.

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