Will Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impacts Delay my 2019-2020 Tax Refund Due to IRS Processing Slowdowns

2020 Coronavirus Tax Refund Delays

(This is a live article that is updated regularly) As the Coronavirus impact widens we are already seeing major hits to the real economy that will take the US into a recession in 2020 and into 2021. While stock markets are falling rapidly (don’t panic and sell!) people should start expecting governments to focus on battling this deadly virus. In fact Congress and the Administration have already passed a massive stimulus package, unemployment insurance extensions/boosts and additional stimulus payments. However because of these new Coronavirus relief programs and enforced staffing constraints it is also likely major government agencies, like the IRS, will shift focus and resources to execute on these programs to battle the fallout from the spread of the virus.

In fact the IRS recently announced it has stopped processing paper tax returns, with much of its staff now working remotely because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The IRS has recommended that taxpayers file their taxes electronically during the three-month extension (to July 15th, 2020) period for this year’s tax season. Congress is also discussing a further postponement of the tax deadline into October!

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Further in compliance with federal mandates IRS live assistance on telephones and responding to correspondence were essentially suspended until further notice. All of the IRS’s in-person Taxpayer Assistance centers have also been temporarily closed along with many volunteer tax preparation sites until further notice. The IRS has said however they will prioritze and keep paying out the stimulus check payments to the 100 million or so Americans eligible for them.

The above IRS closures will most certainly mean slower processing times for tax refunds, especially those with more complicated tax filing situations or where they experienced delays in prior years. While this was not officially stated on the IRS site, I cannot imagine that the IRS will get things done on time. The hundreds of comments on this article and related ones confirm this.

The IRS has announced, under the national emergency provision, that they will postpone the April 15 tax-payment deadline for millions of individuals, giving Americans an additional 90 days to pay their 2019 income-tax bills in an unprecedented move intended to ease the economic pain inflicted by the Coronavirus. The delay is available to people who owe $1 million or less. This push may also affect 2019 tax refund payments. The latest data from the IRS shows almost 60 million tax returns have been filed with refunds averaging $3,064. A Treasury Department spokesperson has said that there are currently no delays at this point, but is a fluid situation. Note – the IRS has temporarily closed all Taxpayer Assistance Centers and discontinued face-to-face service throughout the country until further notice. The IRS is continuing to process tax returns, issue refunds and help taxpayers to the greatest extent

Source : IRS

Leave a comment with your thoughts on this topic if you are seeing delays in getting your refund.

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358 thoughts on “Will Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impacts Delay my 2019-2020 Tax Refund Due to IRS Processing Slowdowns

  1. My Husband and I use Turbo tax. Apparently the IRS did not make it a requirement this year to include health insurance so as we were using the program it never asked us that information. Of course, the IRS is still making it a requirement so they have had our return on hold. We filed February 2nd. March 4th I sent them the proper paperwork for health insurance. As of right now I have nothing in response and no new update. I just tried calling them and they said due to the corona virus there would be no live individual to speak to. So it is news to me that they are processing payments and all without trouble when all I am hearing from them is that there is trouble.

  2. Does anyone know if they will still deduct from my taxes during this Covid-19 crisis if i owe on a previous year? I heard a rumor they weren’t at this time?

  3. I filed on February 2nd and have yet to receive my tax return! I really really need it! Thank you

    1. E filed March 8. Nothing received. Website simply states our return is being processed. Grrrrr

      1. I efiled with hr block on 1/23 and was accepted a couple hours later had one bar and code 152 for 2 weeks after 2/15 no bars and started saying return received and it is being processed and hasn’t changed. So I called in March and they said that there was a letter or anything the they can see that’s wrong they are short staffed and it just taking a little longer to process that was almost right at 2 months from when I efiled and been almost 5 months now and I really need my money I’m unemployed with no unemployment benefits coming in someone please help. GOD please take the wheel, In JESUS CHIRST name AMEN

  4. Yes. I have nothing on the website. We can’t call we can’t get any information about our money. We need help just like everyone else. If the IRS can send out stimulus money to people then they can process and send out our refunds. We are all suffering

  5. Same scenario here to. Filed feb 2. Got a letter to verify I got married and had a baby. Faxed it all. Nothing. I called some many times. One time woman answered. Said 8 weeks. On top of the 8 weeks it’s already been. This is nuts. All my research has told me that last year the IRS wad screwed billions of dollars due to these tax credits. Billions. So they implied (or red flagged) pretty much everyone with any sort of credit. So. Like everyone on here. A life event. If the irs had such a issue with identity fraud. There’s other ways to fix it besides screwing people that need a refund. I’m afraid this is gonna screw up our stimulus now as well. This sucks.

  6. Still processing since February 17,2020
    Hope all this is over soon..Need my money to pay my old debts!

  7. I’m glad I found this page . I was surly at panic mode but now unfortunately I see there are a lot of people out there that hasn’t received their taxes.. Mine is just saying the sane thing . I know IRS has to know . You wood think they would release a statement stating something.. I’ve been waiting since the end of feb on my taxes.. Help!.

  8. Me too . Irs We need our refunds . You say on your website that if the holding of our refund is causing finnacial difficulties that y’all can expidte the refunds . U better get to work because rest of people who didn’t get there refund in 21 day’s is out here struggling . Shame on irs . You’ll supposed to help the America people . Not make harder . Waive all reviews

  9. I filed my tax return March the 6th and it’s now April 13th and have yet to get my tax return back even though where’s my refund says it’s being processed for the last month. I can’t get a hold of anyone at the IRS to see when I’m going to receive my taxes back because of this whole Covid 19. Anyone else having the same problem and if so is there anything I can do to see when I’m going to get them?

    1. I am having the same issue. Did my taxes on March 4th and I get the same message that it is being processed. I have done so much research to find someone to help me but there is nothing out there. IRS needs to get their shit straight and give the refunds and stimulus checks at the same time.

    2. You’re lucky. I filed a paper return about the same time, and I haven’t even received confirmation they have received my return has even been received yet. Where’s My Refund just says no information can be given….

      1. I papered mailed my taxes and according to the tracking # on the receipt i got at the post office, my taxes made it to the destination on 2/27/20. However, there is no info on the irs website, there’s no live person to call, and i havnt received any sort of letter stating whether there’s a mistake or its being held for review! I dont want the stimulus check, i just want my tax return and soon!

    3. I did my taxes Jan 30thand still didn’t receive them . It’s still saying it’s being processed and now theres Norway to get ahold of anybody . So its probably gonna be a little bit

  10. I filled our taxes with turbo tax 1/28 and included my injured spouse form. I called and spoke to someone in march who told me if i hadn’t received a letter or my refund in my account by april 13th to call the next day but the offices are closed due to corona virus to speak to anyone so now what do i do. I have waited 11 weeks and we need our refund!!

    1. We are in the same boat. They received ours on 1/30 and told me it would be 4/15 andddd NOTHING!! I have no idea what to do. You can’t call. I guess they expect us to just sit back and wait!

  11. I filed and accepted 2/3 no letters, nothing. Now IRS isn’t taking calls. Tax advocates don’t call back.they can keep the stimulus check. Just release my refund.

  12. I filed 1/18 approved 1/21 received a letter on 2/25 cp75 letter so on 2/26 I faxed everything the irs needed so here it is April after Easter an haven’t received anything not another letter or anything an I got told after 30 days my eitc part of my refund would be released so help me tell me what’s going on.

    1. That sounds just like my story . I got a letter from IRS took up my w2s and she told me it could take 12-14 weeks from the time I filed . I’m so pissed I just want my money

  13. Filed Jan7. Feb13 I was selected for a 60 day review. It is now the 60th day April 13th and I have not heard anything nor have I received any money. Needless to say we are suffering. This is horrible. God please make the government release everyone’s money that they worked hard for!!!

    1. Same thing here and there is no way to call and talk to nobody about it by tax guy said he dont know ti tell me so wth i need my money I work all year for …lord please help us

    2. We’re having the same issue. 60 day review my ass. The government just doesn’t want to pay people what they are owed. Now I have no idea if we’ll even get our stimulus check since our 2019 return is supposed to go to a different bank than our previous returns. I can’t get ahold of anyone and their website isn’t telling me anything.

  14. I just need my ip pin so I can file
    They ant send one in the mail so I do I get my ip pin irs ant picking up so what’s going to happen now I have kids that counts on my hard working money through out the years
    Tell me how can I get my ip pin please
    The tell me to go on line to the irs I did that no luck I call the irs no luck

    1. Try applying for your IP PIN online. If you previously registered and you’re still unable to obtain your IP PIN, you have to re-register. The IRS is not answering the telephones. Online is your only option during this period. I had to re-register and was able to obtain my IP PIN. My return was accepted today. Now, Let’s see how long it takes to process.

  15. I sent mine off 1/23/2020, took about 3 weeks for them to say they had received my taxes and that they we’re being processed. It’s April 10th, and still says my taxes are still being processed. No letters in the mail etc. would be great to know wth the hold up is.

  16. I too filed my taxes 1/21 and no refund as of first week in March. I finally reached someone at IRS second week of March was told mine was selected for random 45 day review of income. If no changes to be made I’d receive refund after 45 days of the day letter was sent to employer. Letter was sent 2/24…took a whole month, and it has been 45 days since yesterday…no refund. No change in WMR status at all. I cannot afford to wait. I’m in the worst spot ever…have gone homeless. Yet noone I can talk to anywhere. Left over 15 messages for TAS office no response. Irs phones are closed. This truly isnt fair. Who knows if I’ll get stimulus. Can’t even get transcript. Website won’t authenticate me. This is insane.

  17. I filed my taxes the middle of January then was told I was going to receive a letter which I did and it said that everything was okay and they didn’t need no more information and that was over a month ago and I still haven’t heard anything other than that and no tax refund back which in this time of crisis yes stimulis checks are going out or whatever but what about all the other stuff that we’ve been waiting for it to pay our bills stimulus will definitely help with some stuff but it’s not going to help with all what are we supposed to do when are we supposed to be receiving our refund somebody told me that we might not be receiving our refunds to the end of the year how is that even fair people need it now

  18. we filed 01/27, accepted 1/28. we had the bars on WMR showing accepted and processing until 3/15. I called and spoke to IRS , they stated that we were selected for 60 day review and that they’d send us a letter dated 3/16 and to not call them until may 12 because it would be wasting their time since they can’t tell us beforehand. we own a small business and have 4 children that live with us and 2 more that stay 4-5 days a week. Our car tags expire this month and my 16 y/o car finally stopped yesterday and we have no way to get her fixed or pay bills. IRS needs to start answering these questions and STOP hiding behind bad policies and thievery. Now i’m starting to panic about whether or not THEIR 60 day review is going to screw with this relief check

  19. I filed my taxes on Feb 12 with injured spouse I haven’t heard nothing yet talk to someone in early March they told me I should have my money by April 22 and if I don’t call on the 23 but all offices ur closed a can someone please help me.

  20. We filed online with direct deposit. Our tax return was accepted on March 3rd, since then I have recieved my state refund but nothing from the Feds. I havent recieved any correspondence and when I use their app to check my refund it still says processing. Like many others, I need that money to get by while laid off due to Covid19

  21. I submitted an injured spouse form with my tax return through turbotax on Jan 31,2020. I got a letter from the IRS stating that our taxes were offset, and that they never received my injuries spouse form with my tax return. I also mailed the form in the same day I did my taxes and I received a letter on March 16, 2020 from them stated me and my husband didn’t sign our tax form. I resent the tax papers in and got tracker # put on my tax return just to make sure they received them. They received them on March 23, 2020 I have not yet heard from anyone. I tried to call no phone calls or nothing
    My question is did anyone that filed an 8379 form get their tax returns back yet? The reason I’m asking this is the first time I’ve had to file this form.

    1. I can’t offer much information other than we too filed an injured spouse claim with our tax return. Filed it electronically. Haven’t been able to talk to anybody about it but it still says being processed. I haven’t heard of anyone in the same situation with injured spouse filings getting their returns yet. Or any response to questions asked.

      1. We filed an injured spouse form after our taxes were processed as we were unaware of the debt. We mailed it in on February 12th and have yet to even get the information that it was received. They said 8 weeks to process but it has been much longer than that. The debt was my old student loans that I thought were paid completely paid off years ago. My husband paid all the taxes we were getting back. We usually pay but actually were getting a refund this year. I understand the delay in refunding. It would be nice to know if it was approved and he can get the taxes back he paid. Anyone have previous experiences with filing the form? Was it approved?

    2. My husband & I e-filed -married filing jointly- through h&r block at the end of January. Mailed injured spouse in same day. Refund was offset initially, but did eventually receive fed & state Tex return at end of March, although total stimulus was taken for offset child support..even though injured spouse was applied to tax return

      1. Our stimulus was offset for my husband’s CS and i filed injured spouse as well. CS says once they receive the funds, they will return the portion that does not belong to him via check.

  22. My taxes was taken in the middle of the pendemic and I have nothing. Rich people don’t pay taxes but they take all away from poor people. This country is gonna become a third world country the way I see the way they punish the poor for the rich. God is tierd of the injustice and until this goverment start doing better by its people Corona is just the beginning of the end of America if it Don’t change the injustice towards his poor

  23. I too still have not received my taxes. I use that money every year to put my boys in baseball and needed it to take my real estate exam I’ve been studying for, for abouT a year now. I can’t do any of that. I’m behind on my insurance my car payment I can’t even get my tags. Looking for a job because a At this point I have no choice and of course the virus hits now I can’t find a job am stuck at home have to wait to start my career I’ve been working on for over a year now! It is also frustrating. Reviewing my taxes idk why! It’s been the same every single year. Idk what’s goin on but I’m honestly fed up

  24. I am a single mom with a kids . I filed on 01/27/2020 received a letter from the IRS the 60 days letter on 02/14/2020 and haven’t heard anything back from them. This is so low down and wrong we are going threw so much in this world today and got to worry about how you going to get your refund that you worked for and slaved around all year for then the Rich and no careing Irs will continue to take from the poor and middle wealthy Americans. President Trump get talk about dog out by many Americans. But this is one time the president stood up and he didn’t wait around he sign off on money so it can help out at a time of need. Way to go president Trump. Can you please get the irs in control they are the trouble right now cause many Americans can be help if they lease had their refunds.

  25. we filed on 2/4 got a letter saying IRS needed more info, we sent in all the paper work after we got another letter saying if we agree to all the changes made sign and return and our taxes will be unfrozen and deposited to our account! by the way there was not one change made to our paper work from what we filed and what they “changed” so now our signed agreement is sitting in a now completely closed IRS office! we have called Irs with no live agents at this time? then tell me how the heck are people getting their taxes every day????? anyone know who we can call? or email? i pray all of this will be over soon!

  26. SMFH, I CAN’T believe this BS. I file the same way every year since I have been legal to file and have had no issues until this year out of all years. Filled 1/27, accepted 2/02, been waiting on some letter which should have been here sometime after I spoke to the irs 2/15. NO LETTER AND NO REFUND YET, and not to mention no idea on this stimulus check stuff. How about US Americans that haven’t got a refund. We PAY TAXES AND HAVE RIGHTS TO NOT BE LEFT OUT DRY LIKE THIS and not to mention no covid-19 help so far, and the government wonders why people commit crimes. They force people to lose it but GOD looks sits high and looks low and got our back do keep all the checks IRS.!

    1. I filed 1/31/20 I called the IRS in 2/10/20 was told I’ll get a letter in March I got the letter on the 15th of March saying it’s being reviewed don’t call for 60 days I didn’t change anything been claiming my 9 year old son for 9 years now i know everyone who’s claimed a child is getting messed with I’m so mad right now I’m tired of waiting I need the money now

  27. I’m a single mom, lost my job I have nothing, I’m waiting on my ny state tax refund, I got chosen for audit for additional information. They ask the same questions about your own kid you take care of and that you provide for they whole lives, I’ve been audited before, why keep auditing for the same info, seems like my got a scam going on that’s how I feel. I sent all the info they needed now my case is just sitting there waiting for someone to review it to release my funds. NYC doesnt care about anyone we are literally down to our last, ny refund will help out a whole lot. The world is in a pandemic pep are without right now in it seems like nobody cares especially all the officials and rich pep that have alot of money already they good while we are out here suffering in asking for help, this world is so messed up it’s sad. It’s going to come to a point pep need help real bad they are going to start robbing, stealing and hurting people to get by in survive, it’s like every man and women for them self, please fix this world it’s so destructive its ridiculous.

  28. How is the IRS and treasurey even thinking about stimulas checks and I haven’t even got my refund REALLY??? AND I AM IN THE BiGGEST HARDSHIP EVER
    stop the madness !!!!! Think about the people that don’t own a buissness and have no credit cards and just been layed off or hours cut!!! Don’t u think our refund would help dughhh

  29. Filed for my son on 03/07/2020 and accepted 03/07/2020. Lost bars on wheres my refund on 03/14/2020. Received ID verification letter 04/01/2020. It will not let him verify online so he has to call. However, phone lines are down. He was able to claim himself this year so he would qualify for the stimulus check…however, since he cannot call anyone they will probably go off of his 2019 taxes and he will lose out on the Stimulus check. Plus it says if he can’t verify his ID 30 days after he received that letter they may not be able to get him his taxes? He is a First Responder who could really use his money. This situation is bad enough for our healthcare workers. He shouldn’t have to worry about trying to get HIS money back. Everyone should be pushed through this year in my opinion. Nobody should be waiting. Especially since there is no way to contact the IRS currently.

    1. Sorry to say, IRS don’t care about anyone. Like there website saying during covid19, that where help everyone, sure. I sent a email to a Senator in California about the problems with the IRS, holding everyone refunds this year, and because of the covid19, they should released the refunds to everyone this year, and take harder steps next time the people filed there return. If the IRS care, they should have release all the refunds when the bill was signed. The senator never reply back, its been about two weeks. Hope everyone gets there refunds soon, and stay safe from covid19 .

  30. We also got pulled for a 60 day review. We filed on 1/27 I called it’s 2/26 and they said we was pulled for a income review the letter would go out 3/09.;now the Corona virus has closed everything. My husband lost his job we care about to lose everything and on top of that I have to take in my 3 year old grandson. I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast cancer and can’t afford my insurance anymore. We have nothing and the it’s is holding our money. Now with the Corona virus it could take forever to get what we so desperately need. These returns are I read are done by hand so to speak they are not done by computers. Please please it’s release our refund.

  31. I filed an injured spouse form on Feb 27th. The irs received it that day. I used to be able to call to see what the status was but now i cant. I could really use some reassurance that we will still receive our check on April 23rd. We are in great danger of being homeless as we have lost all sources of income due to this virus. Please help!

    1. Have you gotten your injured spouse refund in eight weeks prior? For electronic processing, it typically takes 14 weeks. It took every bit of that for us last year. Just wanted to mention it, because I have never received mine in 8 weeks. I wouldn’t suggest banking on money to be received on April 23rd, and end up losing your house.

    2. Sorry to hear of your hardships. I also filed an injured spouse form with my return and it was accepted Feb 5. Just like you said, the progress bars are gone and it only says “processing”. At this point, im wondering if we’ll even get a stimulus if our taxes are still processing.

    3. I used to be able to call for the status of ours to but now I can’t.
      We filed on 1/28. They said they received on 1/30. I have waited my 11 miserable weeks and now nothing. They always said 11 weeks because we filed the injured spouse form with our taxes. Now I can’t get any kind of update. There has to be something that can be done. This is absolutely ridiculous!!

    4. UPDATE: Just as i thought… i did not receive a stimulus payment. Website says it was posted to my acct 4/15, but there is no deposit. Im not sure if it has anything to do with my refund still processing. We may have to wait the full 14 weeks for our taxes.

      1. At least you have some information. The get my payment site still tells me Payment Status Unavailable..

  32. I’m just trying to figure out why on God’s creation the IRS wants to review everyone’s tax returns this year? Did they know something we did not know? Because everyone on here that has left a comment is saying the same thing about having their taxed reviewed. It’s really funny that half of America is having their taxes reviewed. I know that they are working hard trying to do everything just like everyone else in this time of crisis, but when you file your taxed and do what you are supposed to, why does it have to take them 60 days to review something, especially when all the information is right there at their fingertips. We all have bills to pay and kids to take care of. I think that they need to hire more help if it is taking them this long to review things. I bet every single one of them have gotten their returns already!!!


    2. I am on a 60 day review Now the stimulis check now wont come do to the 60 day review right I most likely wont see any of my money till the end of summer. BS

  33. I filed In January it is now April due to the covid9 my job shut down I have kids to provide for I have rent that need to be paid I have been waiting to long and still nothing

  34. I filed on 1/29/20 and it was accepted. Made calls on 2/24, 3/1 and 3/9. Last call I was told on 60 day review as of 2/24 and awaiting W2 from 2nd employer. Tax preparer who was on call with me offered to fax over W2 immediately to expedite processing. We were told NO, IRS couldnt accept W2 info, UNLESS its requested by them!!!!! I recieved letter dated 3/23 reaffirming I’m on 60 hold review…..This is absolutely insane… How could the head of IRS consciously hold back REFUNDS of me and thousands of others during
    this PANDEMIC situation we are all in…..We could all use our refunds to pay for rent, groceries, monthly expenses in order to survive due to loss of jobs etc …..I’m blown away by the way IRS has handled this situation, by literally staying quiet about it…….And we are supposed to trust that the IRS will be sending out stimulus checks within 2 weeks, that they have been working hard to get systems I order to handle stimulus payments etc etc……Honestly I trust nothing the IRS says at this point, as they don’t seem to care about thousands of Americans they have literally forgotten about and left I the dark!!!!

  35. First, I had to call IRS because I didnt get my IP Pin…..to be told, it was never generated. Then I had to wait for a replacement(even though it wasn’t generated) 21 days….Find out the system glitched so I am FORCED to mail my return. And side note, the online account required information is full of sh*t…I had what was asked and still couldn’t get an account. I sent my return Feb 20….it was received Feb 24. Can’t pull up my information on Where’s my refund because it’s saying check my filing date. Problem is, I can’t give that because I don’t know what the hell date IRS has used. Call the automated, still no info. But I can’t call to see which date to use. I guess Ill get this Stimulus payment before my return since IRS workers are home and cant work….or will that be delayed too

  36. I just did my taxes but i owe. Money are they going to take it during this cov19 hard times..

  37. I e-filed on 3/21 and still haven’t been accepted yet. Wmr isn’t reliable cause it glitches. One day it says wait until after 24 hrs to receive an email acknowledgment.Then the next day it might say cant provide me any information please wait 21 days.I just need to know if I need to amend or if it’s processing?

  38. I filed my taxes on March 5th and it was excepted on the same day. They are saying that my taxes are still being processed. I need my money too. This is a bad situation on everyone at this time. They took my taxes last year sent me a cp74 letter in December saying that i would recieve last year taxes in six weeks. I’m still waiting on those taxes too. Where’s my refunds?????

  39. I filed for injured spouse because .y husband owes child support.we just got married in sep. Am I going to get a stimulus check? There’s no update or info on that.

  40. What about the injured spouse claims? Are they still being processed? I lost my job over covid and have two kids and three dollars in the bank? What can I do to either get my money owed to me or immediate assistance to get me through these tough times? I can not wait another three weeks for a small stimulus check. I’d rather you release to me my much larger tax return that is owed to me.

  41. I filed my taxes
    1-16-20. I was pulled for an extra review on 1-28-20. I have yet to receive any new information or my refund. Is our money getting dispures in other areas due to the colvid19!? WHEN IS VERIFICATION COMPLETE? This os not my review but EXACT situation…verifying sonce January how does this affect stimulus payment?

    1. I know this sux. But IRS is focused on getting economic stimulus payments out, so refund processing is much slower than normal.

      1. That is a bunch of BS. MOST people on here, myself included, filed months ago. The IRS is holding refunds for no reason. If I owed them as much as they owe me, you can bet they’d want a hell of a lot quicker than the three months I’ve been waiting. You can’t blame their incompetence on Covid when many of these issues should’ve been taken care of well before all of this. Never in over a decade of married with kids have I had any issues with receiving my refund and that’s with multiple jobs and states (one year was for jobs and three states). Now all of a sudden, there’s an issue with our income verification? Come on!

  42. I filed on January 23rd 2020. I’m STILL WAITING for my federal and my NYS taxes. I’m a single mother with my child and my niece to care for and I was laid off due to covid-19. I’m not happy at all. It’s been over TWO MONTHS since I filed. What the hell?

  43. DEAR IRS,
    The American people really do need our tax return during these times. A lot of family members has lost jobs, hours cut and been furloughed. Tax return help middle and low class Americans either pay off bills that they have accrued all year or just stay above water. PLEASE PLEASE send the AMERICAN PEOPLE THEIR MONEY. Its already bad enough to be dealing with a PANDEMIC but to worry about finances is way to overwhelming.

  44. I filed 2/17/20 and still waiting, this is the first time I’ve ever had to wait so damn long. All I keep getting is it’s still being processed and will give me a date soon. Smdh I just want my refund could really use it and pay a few bills , but I guess the IRS is closed down also due to Covid-19…

  45. I was wondering what will happen with my amended return I did it sent it in its been over three weeks still says no information How long will it take now with all of this desperate need out of work and children to take care of. My fiance has just been quarantined so we are to

  46. So it said due to the virus they would not be waiting for verification to release funds but my stuff is under random review and still no date….my husband had a brain aneurism two years ago and can’t work but still waiting on disability to make a decision and now I’m out of work bc of the virus and we have three teenagers at home…..we have no income whatsoever now I don’t make crap as it is so I have no savings and we seriously don’t have $5 left between the five of us. We r lucky enough to get EBT benefits but with kids home all day thats gone already and no car so can’t even get to the schools to get the free lunches they offer….it sucks and u realize what kind of friends u really have when u r in this situation bc no one offers to help even get u to the store or schools or food…. idk what to do but it’s now April I filed in January and yet they didn’t even start my review til mid March I’m at a loss

    1. It has been 42 days since my return was accepted by irs. Where is my refund? No one answers the phone when I call

  47. I filled on 1/27/2020 was accepted a couple days later hold bar gone called the IRS they say I was selected for a review letter was mailed out never got it the lady also said she didn’t find nothing wrong with return it was just being reviewed to make sure everything is correct and it could take up to 60 days it is 3/27/2020 still no refund or no one answering the phones now covid-19 is going on and I have no money job closed down I have 4 kids and no reason why my refund is being held I worked hard for my money and can’t take care of my bills because you holding it

  48. Hey my tax refund was taken due to students loan on feb 26 but the president states that the irs will refund anyone we filed after or on March 5…is there anything I can do to get my money back?

  49. We have not filed our returns as of right now, we generally wait until early April to file, will we still receive the stimulus check, I have heard it is done by taxes, so what about all of us who have yet to file.

  50. Hurry up and wait! I filed my taxes
    1-16-20. I was pulled for an extra review on 1-28-20. I have yet to receive any nea information or my refund. Is our money getting dispures in other areas due to the colvid19!?

  51. are tases was accepted February 9th and still have not heard anything all it says is still being processed we can real use it now my husband out off work and I’m on disabled

  52. are tases was accepted February 9th and still have not heard anything all it says is still being processed we can real use it now my husband out off work and I’m on disabled

  53. My tax return was accepted February 8 and its still saying still processing a date will be provided when available. I still have yet to receive any info on when I will be getting my return. In this time of need…during this pandemic this is so stressful and my family is left without that money is needed more than ever dont know what the future beholds as of now…no one is saying anything no letter no anything i just really want answers please

    1. Same situation.Accepted 2/26 looked at transcripts tc570.Processing date 4/06.Called IRS.Useless l.Told me that my taxes are under “review” starting 4/06/20 WTH! So it was flagged for review but IRS wont even start to review until 4/06.And then it can be 45 days AFTER THAT.but washington is talking about a stimulus pkg?What is wrong with these ppl?Process the TAX RETURNS STUPID…THEN WE WONT NEED A STIMULUS PKG SO FRIGGIN IRRITATED.

  54. I was an early tax dooer this year, january 28th my taxes were accepted. Waited and waited and nothing. I call the IRS in which they tell me my refund Is under review because of tax credits I did this year and I wouldn’t recieve my refund until mid May! I just got layed off from my job, I have 2 kids, both have birthdays coming up, bills need to be paid! Screw the stimulus package… just give me my money! Its MY money! My money i worked very hard for last year, and your telling me that my family has to suffer because you want to do an extra review?!?!?! Oh I am absolutely livid right now with everything going on.

  55. Okay so this is my issue. My taxes January 28th 2020 + I never received a letter until March 9th saying that I need to verify my identity and it’s been two weeks since I verified my identity and I don’t want to waste the whole 9 weeks to get my money I need a car I need close any app place to live and I need my money and it still says the same thing on the irs.gov sick they received my taxes that they are processing everyday I look at it everyday I do and I’m tired of it I need my money I tried calling the verify IRS place they couldn’t answer the phones I called the 24/7 place and they couldn’t answer the phones so what the heck’s going on with that cuz I want to know what’s going on with that because if I have any more issues and they’re not telling me about him or you know calling me or anything I wish they would call me and let me know something else is wrong because I’m sick and tired of waiting

  56. My tax return was accepted February 3 and put under review on February 19. I still have yet to receive any info on when I will be getting my return. In this time of need being self employed that money is needed more than ever

  57. My boyfriend’s taxes we’re accepted 1-27 and he got a letter of review 2weeks ago. His not seeing any changes online. Our twins need carseats and diapers. We’re with everyone else where’s everyone’s refunds they work hard for and taxes are usually the only way we get to fix stuff and stock up necessities!

  58. I filed my taxes and they were accepted January 27th. In late February I called the IRS whom stated I was going to be under review starting March 9th and it could last 60 days. I can’t do anything until May 8th. You would think with wanting to stimulate the economy they would push refunds faster. I am struggling to make it another 7 weeks. It should not take this long to verify income.

    1. I am in the exact same situation. I filed the same day as you. When I had not received My refund after several weeks I called and the only information they could give me was that I would receive a letter in the mail. Weeks later I receiveD the letter post marked March 9th with a 60 day review. I called tax payer advocate assistance and was told that my situation wasn’t dyer. Advocate explained a dyer situation is homelessness or imprisonment. I told her I am running out of money and an eviction isn’t unprovable. My partner owns a small business and isn’t able to work due to covid and my hours have been cut dramatically but I’m still employed. She told me that if I used the advocate services that it would increase the time to receive any information by several months and that I would no longer be able to ask questions regarding my return. Long story short, I have no idea when I’ll receive my return. I’m not worried that having a reviewed return could affect receiving the stimulus check. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

  59. Help!!! I have a TAS. I have called several times for another update as I was suppose to receive my money last 2 weeks ago. Yes, I am ex-military and trying to remain civilized. But I need my funds. I have a family of 10. I should be able to speak to my TAS and find out why my money has not posted to my account. I did talk to a gentleman at the IRS on 03/20/2020 and he said that my file was with injured spouse. This should have been expedited since I had a hardship. If I did not file the form with the taxes, I would understand that it takes some time to get the money back. But this was filed with the taxes. I have contacted FL Senate and Representative for District 19. Foodstamps are a joke $89 dollars. Someone need to make the IRS step up. My taxes was accepted on 01/28/2020. Laws need to be changed regarding CTC and EITC because this is hurting your people – remember the ones that votes and pay your salary.

  60. Please send refunds my children and I don’t know what else to do. With no income due to job being closed down the is all I have to rely on. My car is needing repair so we have no transportation to get food and other necessities. Please help

    1. I’m with you on this, we’re in the same boat! My vehicle also needs repairing. I had to file a Amended Return, they received it on 3/5/20. And they say it can take up to 16 weeks to process from date received. What are people suppose to do when jobs were forced to close and the shelter in place order has been issued? I want my refund now!

      1. Same issue, the “Wheres My Amended Return” site indicated that they received it March 16, so it should take 4 MONTHS to process?! Hopefully that is on the long side and it will take less time than that. My accountant originally put the money towards my 2020 taxes, and I just need a refund instead… so I am waiting 16 weeks due to a minor glitch.

      2. Same thing happened to me, I filed my taxes then had to file an amendment. I included bank routing information but haven’t received refund or stimulus money. Does anyone know if filing an amendment also delays getting stimulus money as I haven’t gotten it and using the “get my payment” on the IRS site says its unable to determine my eligible but im 100% certain im eligible…

  61. I also filed and was accepted on Jan 27th. No update ever on the website, but I received a letter on March 9th, so 6 weeks later? saying they were holding for 60 days for income verification. I thought it was just me and so weird.

    1. I filed on 1/28 and mines said the same thing. Turns out I had to file a Amended Return that takes up to 16 weeks to process.

  62. I filed Jan single father of 4 can’t work covid-19 no more money also have my mom 78 who stays with me my refund is the only help in sight where the fudge is it

  63. Filed my returns on the 2/14/2020 still sayn processing dnt have a day either. Just pryn that the covid-19 dosen t affect the house hold..

  64. We need our refund!!!! While politicians quarantine from their summer homes and luxury Apts REAL PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING! Send us our freggin tax refund WTF!


  66. Yeah i filed my taxes on 2-25-20. Stlill says processing will give a date when they have one. Its been well over 21 days. Please help money is gone and need to move asap!!!!!!

  67. It’s not a refund, it’s my money. I’m still waiting since 2/24. I did mine last year and paid what I had to but didn’t send the forms in till this year but I did pay what was owed last year. Still waiting

  68. It’s not a refund, it’s my money. I’m still waiting since 2/24. I did mine last year and paid what I had to but didn’t send the forms in till this year but I did pay what was owed last year. Still waiting

  69. Filed January 29,2020 still saying processing they are a trip release people funds when jobs are closing things is happening and people need there money it’s ridiculous and then they got these millionaires and billionaires not paying taxes period but the poor and middle class is and the holding our funds release it.

  70. I filed 1/9/2020 receive on 1/28/2020 and accepted then a day later it’s says receive and still being processed got a letter from them 2 wks later stating income verification and has to wait for 60 days

  71. Update
    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/27
    Id verify 3/2
    3/20 got my deposit date of 3/25
    So it took them 2 full weeks to process, and im getting $$ the 3rd week.
    Idk y they tell everyone 9 weeks?
    Hang in there. Also, the forums @ igotmyrefund.com really helped me out.
    Hope this helps.

  72. A few weeks ago my income tax was withheld and sent to the treasury to cover some of my debt with student loans. With the new assistance provided by government it’s saying that garnishment will be stopped temporarily until the Coronavirus crisis is over, I’m just wondering will my income tax be returned back to me so that I may use it to help my family get thru this crisis? Please give me some insight on this matter if possible. Thank you.

  73. I understand the IRS measures of precautions because of identity theft, but there should measures put into place to assist Americans owed refunds. A stimulus package is a great idea, but the government can save giving away money when all they have to do pay the people they owe. Simple logic.

  74. Filed 1/27/2020, IRS sent me a letter on 2/27/2020 stating I did not file my 2014 return so my 2019 will be held.. I sent my 2014 return same day to 3 different irs address through usps priority, called multiple times until I was advised I can fax the proof ( wont be processed but atleast my 2019 gets released..) well it finally released on 3/11 and I’m currently still awaiting a status change from processing… I’ve called multiple times again and just being advised wait two weeks to 21 days. During this Covid19 crisis this is horrible to have to wait so long after I originally filed in Jan. My family is depending on this and we have not been able to prepare for this crisis, businesses are closing by next week and they know this and still taking their times. The government smh…

  75. I filed 2-17-20 and I’m still waiting. I checked where’s my refund and it says still being processed.

    1. I filed in December I got a letter mine is still in processing through the IRS where’s my refund they say 60 days I may not get it till April 24th and from what I’m seeing maybe not even then

  76. Due to the crisis. I wish they would expedite the Federal returns to people who have returns owed back to them. My family is depending on it and our small business is depending on the return. We were fortunate to file pretty early, they received it, but were still waiting…

  77. People are starving get them the money they deserve
    what you the government took from them!!!!!!!

    1. My husband is a barber and self-employed and due to him being self-employed we can’t get unemployment to do all together we’re pretty much screwed all barber shops in all beauty salons got shut down the other day he is our only income I’m on my last $20 and I am freaking out I don’t know what to do my cabinets are almost empty I have 3 teenager’s/ 1 College kid that is now home from college and other three from school I don’t know what to do I need my tax return

      1. Really sorry to hear that Andrea. Hard to say if you will get your tax refund anytime soon. I feel bad for your situation and want to help you and others in the same boat. As such I am going to put aside all my earnings from this site this month – around $500 – and give $50 to 10 people. So one for you and your husband. I can only do PayPal or Amazon. So please send me your email linked to either of these options and will send it to you. Email has to match name in some way to confirm identity. You can email me directly at saving2invest@gmail.com

      2. Andrea Molla My husband is a barber as well, and he was told to look into unemployment even tho its a process it is doable , We know a hair stylist who was just approved for it so double check before you count it out because i thought the same thing

  78. Everybody call ur local news about them holding our refunds this I’s Bullshit start protesting let’s get this looked at

    1. Yes and I agree with that someone. Should take a closer look at this situation because it’s not fair please let us know what is going on

  79. I filed 1/30 and i got the 45 day review. Last week it showed i have a deposit date of 3/18. Thats today and still nothing. Could they still be holding mine?


  81. Mailed 2/7, processing 3/6, still processing 3/13. Never has it taken this long even with mail. No updates. No job and was relying on this to get by for a while. Now the kids are home all day…
    Would love to hear if anyone has updates. Please get our refunds processed!

  82. I filed 1/24 got put on a 60 day review and am still waiting with two kids and a newborn haven’t worked in two months and was about to go back but every restaurant is shut down here. I got a tax advocate but now no one is answering at the office . They need to just release the taxes for people. All the food is rapidly disappearing and I have no money for food or toilet paper. I don’t know what to do. My older kids are out of school now so I can’t have them eat there anymore. This is just insane!!

  83. I filed 1/30 and I am STILL WAITING! IRS says it’s being reviewed, allow them 60 days to finish! I can’t BELIEVE THAT!! I was relying on my refund for a vehicle, and now all the shutdowns! It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS! They need to give people their money IMMEDIATELY!! This is definitely not the time to hold refunds! Very upsetting

  84. I filed on 1/28/2020 and was accepted , it’s March 17 and I’m STILL waiting on on refund with 3 kids and 1 otw and no work due to Corona virus. I need my refund to survive!!!

  85. Filed 02/28. Had to mail in because of a stupid dependent issue. Would not allow e-filing because of a mistake by another taxpayer that couldn’t be undone. It is now March 17th, and my tax return has not yet been considered accepted. I know it isn’t technically “late” yet but seems to be taking longer than normal based on the research I’ve done.

  86. The IRS has delayed processing refunds before the announcement of Covid-19. There are so many people receiving 45to60 day reviews/holds. Our money should be released ASAP. We need more complaints to be heard regarding this issue.

  87. I E-FILED my tax returns , i have received my State but have been yet to receive the FED. I filed on Jan 28th and still no FED. If i owed the Fed’s They would have garnished my already small wages days after i filed. This is a forum to vent i believe and no one from the IRS will be reading this at this point . I love my country but i am not thrilled with this government at all. So sad land of the free home of the taxed.

  88. Filed 1/24
    Had to verify id this year since i switched banks. Irs says it takes 9 weeks to process after id verification! Kids r out of school and everthings shut down as of midnight tonight! I literally just got my last unemployment payment of $300! FML! I need my $$$$!

  89. I filed my taxes 1/27/20… I’m still waiting. I remember when Rapid refund actually meant rapid refund when you get it back within 24 hours times have changed a lot…
    I’m not sleeping up late waiting for 12 midnight to check refund status… just for it to say they have it and it’s Processing even if I want to go grocery shopping for the coronavirus on my household items in case they do I lock in I won’t be able to even afford it… there is no food left in stores and I’m really eating noodles after a 12hour shift… and that’s all I have for my kids… not only that I would grab a burger here or there but it’s closing down for a few weeks. By the time I get paid I will have money no food‍♀️‍♀️

  90. Foodstamp allocations during coronavirus. Emergency funds for water juice and etc. Whomever have a card should received help. No one should have to go to office for aid in fear of getting sick. We need first aid kits for health n safety asap.

  91. I work at hotel an have lost wages due to coronavirus an irs still holding my refund i filed 2/17/2020 an im still waiting

  92. Filed 01/27 and still waiting. I may be out of work due to the virus and IRS holding returns

  93. Have been waiting way 2 long for my refund which was filed on the 7th of February …I filed electronically,with direct deposit which is supposed to be the fastest way to get it back 3 weeks,they claimed it’s now been a month

    1. I filed min Feb 3 I contacted the IRS and they told me mine was selected for a 60-day review.

  94. Still waiting on mine as I filed 1/24/20?
    It’s now march 12th ,2020
    At a time of need with the coronavirus

  95. I heard it would delay for 2.5 – 4.0 months from the day it filed. Not bad at all compare 4 yrs ago. Usually it only takes 10 – 14 days. Our economy is a little bit down, stocks, etc due to corona virus (Covid19). Politic issue has also an effect etc etc..

    1. I would think with recent crisis
      They could wait on wage clarifying it will come out the next year then if person is found to owe they can pay the next season you say you will help American people but no help here been since February and no refund due to much wages was entered

      1. I totally agree with all. We filed our taxes prior to COVID-19. We filed bc we need our money just like the government think it will help those others. Well, what about us? Give me my refund I filed in February because that was going to and will help me as much as the stimulus will help others. I asked that question because they should have thought that will feasible for us, as well. I get the same message processing and haven’t received a stimulus payment yet either. Got a message they will notify me with a date. So so so so so frustrated with IRS. TRUMP SHOULD HAVE MANDATED THEM TO GET MORE HELP WITH SOMETHING THIS HUGE TO PROCESS DOING TAX SEASON.

        1. Can they not work from home like others have been doing? The fact that we cant even contact anyone is making it worse. We should be able to get a hold of someone who can give us answers.

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