Will Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impacts Delay my 2019-2020 Tax Refund Due to IRS Processing Slowdowns


This article was last updated on May 13

2020 Coronavirus Tax Refund Delays

(This is a live article that is updated regularly) As the Coronavirus impact widens we are already seeing major hits to the real economy that will take the US into a recession in 2020 and into 2021. While stock markets are falling rapidly (don’t panic and sell!) people should start expecting governments to focus on battling this deadly virus. In fact Congress and the Administration have already passed a massive stimulus package, unemployment insurance extensions/boosts and additional stimulus payments. However because of these new Coronavirus relief programs and enforced staffing constraints it is also likely major government agencies, like the IRS, will shift focus and resources to execute on these programs to battle the fallout from the spread of the virus.

In fact the IRS recently announced it has stopped processing paper tax returns, with much of its staff now working remotely because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The IRS has recommended that taxpayers file their taxes electronically during the three-month extension (to July 15th, 2020) period for this year’s tax season. Congress is also discussing a further postponement of the tax deadline into October!

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Further in compliance with federal mandates IRS live assistance on telephones and responding to correspondence were essentially suspended until further notice. All of the IRS’s in-person Taxpayer Assistance centers have also been temporarily closed along with many volunteer tax preparation sites until further notice. The IRS has said however they will prioritze and keep paying out the stimulus check payments to the 100 million or so Americans eligible for them.

The above IRS closures will most certainly mean slower processing times for tax refunds, especially those with more complicated tax filing situations or where they experienced delays in prior years. While this was not officially stated on the IRS site, I cannot imagine that the IRS will get things done on time. The hundreds of comments on this article and related ones confirm this.

The IRS has announced, under the national emergency provision, that they will postpone the April 15 tax-payment deadline for millions of individuals, giving Americans an additional 90 days to pay their 2019 income-tax bills in an unprecedented move intended to ease the economic pain inflicted by the Coronavirus. The delay is available to people who owe $1 million or less. This push may also affect 2019 tax refund payments. The latest data from the IRS shows almost 60 million tax returns have been filed with refunds averaging $3,064. A Treasury Department spokesperson has said that there are currently no delays at this point, but is a fluid situation. Note – the IRS has temporarily closed all Taxpayer Assistance Centers and discontinued face-to-face service throughout the country until further notice. The IRS is continuing to process tax returns, issue refunds and help taxpayers to the greatest extent

Source : IRS

Leave a comment with your thoughts on this topic if you are seeing delays in getting your refund.

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363 thoughts on “Will Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impacts Delay my 2019-2020 Tax Refund Due to IRS Processing Slowdowns

  1. I e-filed an injured spouse joint return Feb 6 and I received a letter March 16, 2020 with a VERY minor adjustment(we had bought a house in 2008 with the tax credit/loan to repay $480 back every year and every year that amount changes. Now it’s $498.66) The letter stated we should receive the return in 4-6 wks. I keep checking the irs.gov where’s my refund and it still says it’s processing and then says from 6- 8 weeks to now 8-12 weeks. Today would now be the end of the 12th week. I have a vehicle still sitting at the mechanic shop waiting for an engine that I can’t pay for even with the small stimulus we received. We are also a paycheck to paycheck family. Very irritated!!

  2. Filed a paper return first week of march because my filing with turbo tax was rejected because you said the AGI shown for my deceased husband(6/24/19) was incorrect, which it wasn’t. Was told to file by mail- in and we have heard anything but the IRS “where”s my refund” website says the returns are being processed. Why cant IRS go on national TV and explain it’s position with 2019 tax filing so that we can at least know weather our returns will eventually get done this year. As a recent widow I can certainly use my refund asap.

  3. My husband and I filed our tax return for it to be taken. Right now we are struggling to even make our mortgage payments because of all that’s going on. It’s been 15 weeks since they said they recieved it yet the IRS aren’t working and have been temporarily closed. What about mine I filled for injured spouse right after they sent us a letter saying they took it. I worked hard last yr doing doubles and working every weekend. That was time away from my kids so that I can give them a better life than what I had. I’d rather have my income tax check then the stimulus checks. I wouldn’t even need it if I had mine.

  4. E-filed in early March with TT ( my first time) still being processed in May, no letter has come in the mail. Also no stimulus check just tells me NEED MORE INFORMATION when i use the IRS stimulus tool. But if i filed in March shouldn’t they already have my DD info?. Also claimed my daughter and grandson, but my fiancé e-filed after me ( a week later) and he got both……. What the hell is going on !!!! Haven’t heard anything from my Tax Advocate either, called them a month ago even left messages.
    IRS NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER !!!!!!!! OH, BUT IF WE OWED THE IRS, THE THINGS THEY CAN DO TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL !!…. But why shut down the irs at tax time ? And leave the job of getting out stimulus checks to them as well?!!!! I’m an essential employee and my job took strict safety measures to ensure our safety. I believe this should have been done for the irs too, or had them work from home….smh…… This country is so ass backwards.

  5. Wife and I are classified as Essential Workers. Filed Taxes with injured spouse for Student Loan collection Feb. 17

    No Return yet No Letter from IRS last letter said 60 days now its been 87 days. Nothing.

    Bankers & Sales are Essential Workers but IRS isn’t. WTF. Then Devos said they would refund collection on loans. AGAIN..Nothing. So I got that going for me.

    This is the. Kicker..guess What IRS… I would NOT need a Stimulus or a Second One if I had my Tax Return OR even half of it.

    Shut down schools pay extra day care cost we are both Essential Workers. But our Tax Return is not Essential. Thanks Guys.

  6. I filled on jan 24 got a notice it was under review wait 60 days and its now May 13 and still nothing

  7. I filled my taxes on March 7, 2020….it was accepted and they said it was direct deposited into my Acct on March 25, 2020 and still it hasn’t hit my acct….here we are May 12, 2020 and still nothing, can’t get a hold of anyone at the IRS to give me a reason to ask why it hasn’t hit my Acct

  8. This IRS crap is ridiculously insane. I filed back on January 31st with a injured spouse allocation like I did last year due to my wife owing student loan debt. It takes 11-14 weeks for you to get a refund. Back in March I got a letter stating from the IRS your refund has been adjusted and will receive the adjusted amount in a couple weeks. “That was back in March”. It is May 11th, 2020 and IRS website still says processing and it has been well over 14 weeks. We have 3 children and starting to go through financial hardship. I have contacted, left a message and even faxed over a letter cover head with a copy of the letter from the IRS to the tax advocate services in Cincinnati Ohio cause that is my local office and I haven’t still heard anything from them as well. This is insane. I am a hard blue collar labor working citizen, pay my damn taxes and then this shit occurs to were the government can’t be on the ball with refunding Americans there hard earned dollar, but best believe they will take your money in the blink of an eye regardless of a pandemic or not.
    One frustrated, pissed off American

  9. Has anyone had any luck talking to anyone? I filed 2/24 and website still says its still being processed , Meanwhile i have not gotten a letter or anything stating what the problem could be , I already got my stimulus so i am confused on what exactly could be wrong on my return … I just want an answer , of course i do want my ish like now but i just wanted to know a date , or the words accepted something ugh this is just ridiculous

  10. I’ve replied to a few comments posted before, but just wanted to give an update. I e-filed injured spouse and it’s been processing since Feb 5. Been checking the IRS website and had no bars for 13wks. This morning i checked and the website finally told me i would receive my refund the day that marks 14wks exactly. As far as the stimulus goes, child support has already offset mine for back child support. I contacted them and they said the IRS sends them the full stimulus amount, at which point they will take my husband’s $1200 and mail me a check for the difference. Still waiting on that one though. Hope this info helps someone.

  11. I, Like everyone else am in the same situation. E-filed on March 20th. All I get is that it is still processing. Is there a petition to sign??? We work hard for it! How many people does it take to fall into a financial crisis for the government to understand? Thanks for the stimulus check. However, this is not Sufficient enough for the majority. They need their refunds. Give them what they are entitled to!!

    1. I too originally filed on Feb 5th and had a healthcare problem and had to fax info into them which i did on March 4th and still no money either and it says still processing also so i understand your hurt and pain… I have kids and no support or help.. W e should not have to wait for money that we worked for because would they want to wait…no no and no

    2. I filed the same day (March 20) and am receiving the same “your tax return is still being processed” notice. Frustrating to say the least.

  12. Filed my taxes electronically on April 4th. Website still states processing. Can not speak to a live person to discuss. IRS site still states electronic processed return should get their refund in 21 days. No update from the IRS. Now if I owed money you can bet they will be sending me letters etc!
    It would be nice if the IRS gave an update that they are behind in processing and give a realistic time-frame. SMH

    1. I’m in the same boat. I e-filed on April 1st, it was accepted on April 3rd and has said it is still being processed for the last 3-4 weeks.

      1. i filed 4/15 and it was accepted 4/15 but now there is no bar or anything and just says still being processed…ugh :(

        1. I also e-filed the 15th of April. It was accepted the same day. Where’s my Refund is still saying processing. What’s crazy is that I received my state refund on the 17th of April. No one is working and CT unemployment has been backed up for weeks. I worked 3 jobs to support my kids, as a single Mum, and count on my refund to survive. This is beyond nerve-wrecking.

        1. I filed on 1/27 and then they put hold on refund for missing a year which I’m owed a refund too. They send a cp63 notice. Then I don’t get stimulus payment either. I find out every tax payer who got cp63 notice will not get stimulus money until holds are lifted. This is ridiculous they are holding are refunds and Stimulus and we can’t do anything. I filed missing year too. Their laws even state they must release in disaster or state of emergency. There are thousands like me.

        2. Same. Filed on April 15th and to this day, IRS website indicates that my return still hasn’t been processed. Is yours being processed at least, I’m curious?

    2. Mine was electronically filed March 21 and the site says it’s still being processed. And mine was very simple as I am retired with no dependents or deductions. It would be so much easier to accept the delay if some guidance was available instead of the same stale information. At least it would give me confidence that someone out there was still paying attention.

      1. I e-filed Feb. 4 and it was accepted Feb. 5. March 5th I Called the IRS and was told a letter was mailed a week and a half ago. Received said letter March 16th stating they needed an additional 60 days ontop of the 45 they already had it. So May 16th will be 60 days and from what I’m seeing and hearing I’ll be lucky if I get my taxes at all this year.

        1. I filed Feb. 10 got accepted the same day. On Feb 21 it went into still being processed mode. I also got a letter saying that it would be reviewed starting March 16 and that they needed 60 days. As of now still nothing. In 4 days it will be the 60 days hopefully they release it by then.

    3. That’s so true I am still waiting on my tax return and it’s saying still being processed and a refund date will provided when available do you if I will get my stimlus check before my tax return because when I check the get my payment it’s payment unavailable

    4. Filed my taxes jan.30 then got a letter from irs 12c letter. I sent documents back , but then the pandemic happen . So my refund says still processing will give a date when available. It’s been 8 weeks since i turned verification in. And even longer since i originally filed. Got my stimulus check though. Anybody else going through something simular to me?

      1. Same exact situation. Filed taxes Jan 28th. Got letter From IRS saying they needed a couple forms. Mailed in requested forms March 15th. Then the pandemic hit. Been sitting idle ever since. No one to answer the phone to ask & sitting with still being processed status.

    5. I filed on 4/02 and it still says it is being processed. This is really sad

    6. I filed my taxes on April 15th electronically and was accepted by IRS on the 18th. To this day, my return still hasn’t been processed and I owe taxes. I’m even unable to check status of stimulus check since it wont let me provide any information since my return is on idle it seems

  13. I filed a paper return and mailed it on Jan. 22nd 2020. After waiting until mid March, I decided to call them and they told me, that they never received my return and to file another one. I did that and sent it again on March 19th. Now it is May and nothing yet. Even when I check;” Where is my refund” it gives me no status, even if they have received it. Especially now with everything getting tight, people need their money.

  14. I filed a paper return on the website it’s not telling me anything but to wait 6 weeks did that and still don’t have a refund date even no except date mostly everyone has gotten their refund before the pandemic what about us what are we supposed to do it very annoying and frustrating and you can’t call or talk to anyone.

  15. My situation is the same. Filed our taxes electronically April 7 and the IRS website says the return is still being processed. I haven’t received any letters from the IRS giving a reason for the delay. I feel the IRS should post something on the website stating how many returns have been processed up to this point and through what calendar date.

  16. I mailed my taxes 2/19 and haven’t received nothing all it keeps saying is it’s being processed and it’s been saying that since 3/29 can you please tell me is the covid 19 holding it up and when can I receive my money

    1. yes i had to admend mine i had got a tax advocate cause they had me under a 60 day review all to tell me i had to take a w2 off my return smh ‍♀️ so now i mailed them april 19 th. still heard nothing called my advocate and was told all the offices are closed and wont open for maybe the next two weeks so if anyone has mailed a return no need to look anymore its going to take a while and once they do open they are going to be backed up smh im very upset but its nothing i can do about it

  17. I still waiting on taxes and stimulus. I filed 3/18 was accepted the same day but it’s seen saying processed since then so I have the same question how are we suppose to receive the stimulus relief when our taxes are still being processed and you can’t get anybody just so nerve racking

  18. MY Husband filed his taxes in 2018 well the put a hold on it because they thought it might be fraud! Well there was no notice of any kind and since he old back child support we didn’t know they kept it until 7 months later! Well he went to the IRS office on February 13 and was told that since he brought all documentation showing he was who filed it they said to give them 4-6weeks to fix it and will have it filed and sent out well it’s now may and still hasn’t went towards the child support so now we won’t get our stimulus all because the IRS didn’t do there job even before the closure! And now for his 2019 taxes they owe my husband $7774 and haven’t filed it . All it says is we are still processing your refund please check back with a DDD, they never sent a notice or anything I mean nothing so now they owe us $4415.00 from 2018 and $7774 from 2019 and $2200 from the stimulus well he only owed $7500 in back child support which means they are just keeping and holding onto almost $8000 of our money that we desperately need really badly. And since they decided to just shut down and have no way to contact them which is ridiculous and frankly shouldn’t even be legal at all. I feel like they are stealing our money because why can’t they have email or something to where it might take a few days to respond back or something I mean any kind of communication would be nice but no they want there money still but don’t have to give the Americans there’s????? This should be protested where ever we can. By the White House or who ever has control to change this and get us our money!!!!!

  19. I filed my taxes in January and they said that it could take up to 60 days and it’s been 60 days and it still saying being processed

    1. Justin,

      Mine is held for 60 days as well. Because of the kids tax credit and COVID-19, hopefully we get it mid to end May.


    2. I file my taxes in Jan 21 2020 . I received a letter from the IRS that said i needed to wait 60 days so they can verify my income. I know 100% sure everything i submitted was correct! The 60 days was OVER on 4-13-20 its now MAY 2020 and my refund still says processing !! I also have NOT received my stimulus payment since my refund is still in processing mode. they have all my correct info so i don’t understand what is going on ? I really need the money and their has been NO updates. Taxes says processing. Stimulus says i am eligible for this payment and they will notify me once they have a payment date. it has been a month for the stimulus that i have been checking daily and NO updates have been made. how am i suppose to get my money ? their offices are closed ! NO ON is answering the phone! i’m so upset !! How can they just hold our money ??

      1. If you go to the IRS website and check your payment, it should ask you to enter your 2018 info. Also, your bank acct and routing number. That’s what happened to mine, after weeks of checking and no info. Also, it says, if you enter that info BEFORE noon on Tuesday, your check info will be show on that same page the next Saturday. That worked for me this past week and I’m supposed to get my stimulus check deposited into my account Wed. As far as my taxes…not a peep from anyone. Who knows then that money will come.
        I hope this helps.

  20. Filed my tax return “ e filed” 3/31/2020 received the state refund 2 weeks ago but the federal says “ it’s still being processed”on the app. No letter from IRS , no way to contact them as they say if you haven’t received your refund in 21 days you need to call and talk to them as there may be fraud and someone could have your check ! No way to call as they are still closed ! We all deserve our tax refunds and should not be left not knowing where they are especially if it is a couple grand !

  21. I filed my taxes February 10 it said my refund was being processed the bar disappeared I called and spoke to a representative the day before it closed told me that I should receive it in late March it is now May can’t talk to anyone I have a debt with the irs that supposed to be in a payment plan but I’m getting charged a late fee I’m upset because it’s not my fault I contact tax advocate and they are not taking calls or returning calls to new people I’m totally upset what should be done I also know people that filed after me and got their money this is not fair at all get it together

  22. Husband and I filed with injured spouse January 23. We have already received our state return but everyday I check for federal and it is still processing. I’ve seen some people say they are currently not processing injured spouse. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    1. Same! We filed injured spouse Feb 14th and still havent heard anything. We have been waiting for so long . The only reason we picked that option was because he owed student loans and now they deferred payments !!!! Lol

  23. So frustrated.

    My income tax Has said “being processed” since March 23, 2020.
    No one is available to speak to on the phone and I have emailed IRS and no response.

    The stimulus has my bank information but no date. This is ridiculous. Quick to take our money, slow to payout. Smh. The CARES package should have had contract workers or more people invested in getting the tax returns taken care of. We are reactive, not proactive.

  24. My tax return was filed and accepted on January 27, 2020 and the website says that it has been received and is being processed. I have never received a letter from the IRS stating that I need to do anything and I have never had to wait this long for my refund so clearly they are extremely delayed.

  25. Same here, e-filed on 1/27 and was told 2/20 it was being reviewed and after 60 days i could call IRS and they were required to update or say why it was being held and what needed.to ne done, if anything. Conveniently, the call centers shut down just before my 60 days and now there is no way to get any info yet my stimulus check was direct deposited on 4/15.. IRS is open enough to still be taking tax money but to understaffed to refund it…

  26. I mailed my 2019 federal paper return on March 3, 2020. I requested direct deposit for my $1110 refund. its now been over 8 weeks and the only information I can get from the IRS site is that they have no information on my return in their files. my son said he learned that the IRS is storing paper returns in a storage trailer. is this true?

    1. I filed my paper return on 3/10. Like you, I have heard nothing from the IRS and their site gives no info. I have read online in a few places that they are storing paper returns trailers. How safe is that? Am beginning to wonder if I will ever ?receive a refund.

      1. Same here. Filed by mail in mid-March and their website has no information at all. I don’t care that my refund is held up (it’s not much), but I do care about where my paper return is right now.

        1. I filed my paper return feb 18 and filed my sons on feb 25 and when I check were my refund there’s no info. I have read that IRS is not processing paper returns at this time sure could use that money uugghhh

  27. I filed electronically on 1/27 with Injured Spouse form. My account has been in process mode since 2/3/2020. My stimulus check along with my spouses was intercepted by his back child arrears from
    Over 30 Years ago I have no income he is on disability his disability is garnished each month for back arrears. I was counting on my stimulus money and yet it was intercepted and we have no way of getting it back or contacting anyone in the IRS dept.

    Their should not have been any holds or garnished money from these stimulus checks we all need the money right now the kids he are paying back welfare to are all
    Full grown adults and received their own stimulus money no one lost out of any support if my money or his was not intercepted.

    Injured spouses need answers STAT no one is answering these questions no one is speaking about the injured spouses getting their stimulus money or refunds.

    Stand up for #Injuredspouses and get us our money we all are in dire need at this time

  28. I filed my tax January 27, and my date was February 5. They sent me a letter saying I’m on a 60 day hold for my return and I haven’t heard anything from them and it’s still saying it’s processing. I’m getting tired of the IRS. I than got my stimulus check but no return when they could’ve sent it together. I have bills and alot of stuff to pay plus my kids need things also. Im still working through this pandemic,why they shouldn’t. They keep talking about the guidelines,why can’t they work and follow them also. I’m P*****!!

    1. They should be working from home. It’s ridiculous that their top priority at the moment are the stimulus checks, when our refunds can also help with financial burdens and hardships.

    2. Trikeyda,

      I am in the same exact boat. I got my stimulus. Haven’t received my refund. I was told I will be on hold for 60 days as well. Tax credit was going to be released April 27th, 2020. My wife and I are both hoping to get out refund in the next 2-4 weeks sometime in May at the latest. It is very frustrating.

  29. I received a 60 day hold letter to review my refund do to a mistake on the irs or due to the last company i worked for. I filed my w-2 but for some reasion my income is not showing up. I contacted the company and they sent certify letting with my info. But since irs is closed. Its been way over 60 days and i cannot reach anyone about my refund. Im a family of 5 that i solely support. I could really use my refund especially during these hard times. My family and i are in the dark and dont know what to do?

  30. I did not file 2018 returns. And I filed my 2019 on Feb 9th 2020 the IRS accepted it that day but it’s still processing. No letters or reason why? The Get my payment tool says I’m eligible and will get a direct deposit but it doesnt say when. I dont know what to do or who to call

    1. The stimulus payment dates are updated weekly so just keep checking back on the page. I was waiting about 10 days after they told me I was eligible. Its coming just hold on a little longer.

  31. I mailed my paper income tax forms on Mar 10. If the IRS is not processing paper forms, do I need to find someone with a computer so I can file electronically so I can get my refund. Nothing has shown up on their refund site to indicate that my forms were ever even received.

    1. Im not telling you to do that but that is exactly what I did and i received my refund 10 days later. No Joke !!!

  32. I filed my taxes with turbotax , jan.21 it says it was accepted. I received my state tax return, the irs sent a letter saying it will be 60 days to review my federal return. After the 60 days i get another letter saying they need an additional 60 days. What is up? Then my stimulus said it was deposited april 15th, but it never happened. I talked to someone at turbotax and they told me it got sent back to the irs and i would be getting a paper check. Its still my good bank account .Im still waiting. Why do i keep getting “the run around “?

  33. My wife and I filed out taxes back in earlier February and due to COVID-19, we have not yet received our refund we should of already received. When will we be expected to recieve out refund? It has been about 8 weeks now.

  34. What if the IRS website is saying that further information is needed and to call them? When I call no one answers. My tax refund was returned by my bank because my husband wasn’t on my account and both of our names are on the refund check. The website tells me I need to call but no one answers.

  35. Ugh why are people, myself included able to get their stimulus check and able to check on the status of their stimulus, but i cant even get a reason why my return is still processing and has been since Feb 24th ?? This makes no sense . I get the IRS is working from home but that is not stopping any company from getting their job done. Cant answer live calls from the building cool , let the IT people switch phone lines until this is over with, or let a couple of IRS employees in the office each day .. Somethings gotta give this is ridiculous… My return is cut and dry every year nothing major changes on my account .. still waiting on a letter or call or a logical explanation why my return is still being processed

  36. I filed my tax on 02/29. Until now where my return tool still stated : return received. It’s not come to the next bar. So it is make me worry and noone to answer the phone

  37. My accountant filed my tax returns on March 16….. Refund was around the beginning of April…. I still haven’t received my refund as of yet….. Still showing processing on the where’s my refund page….however I did get my stimulus check. I think priority is with the stimulus first tax returns second. The crazy thing is my friend filed the same day and she received her refund back…. not sure why mines didn’t process….Either way I would like to have my refund.

    1. All of the delays have something to do with which service centers receive your return. Some of them work, and some of them do just enough to get by.

      1. So you got your stimulus check before your tax refund when it was still saying your refund is still being processed see that’s what I wanted to know I haven’t gotten either one I think that my stimulus check got stuck in the processing Dept with my 2019 tax return because either has no update or date of when will I get my money

        1. If you go to the IRS website and go to where’s my payment (for stimulus) you can add your 2018 info and get your stimulus payment that way. That’s how I got mine. Still waiting in my refund.

    2. Same!!! We filed feb 24th and havent heard anything from the IRS no letter nothing and it still says being processed . But we did get our stimulus no problem just so confusing especially at times like these

  38. I filed my taxes at the end of January, it was accepted on January 29th. The Where’s My Refund bar showed as accepted for 2 weeks, then it changed to “your return has been accepted and is being processed”. Its been like that for over 2 months. I’ve been waiting for 12 weeks with no contact from the IRS and no way to get ahold of them.

  39. The irs recieved my 2019 tax return on 12/31/2019 and i still have not recieved my refund it still say processing.. What is the hold up damn?? I should have revieved my refund in January or February due to i had to mail them in cause of Identity Theft.. I need my refund i have a child and lost my home due to this virus going on.

  40. I filed taxes electronically early Feb. Received letter they needed one more form. Mailed that immediately. Probably by Feb 20th to my local IRS office they requested. Sheltering in place order hit March 18th. So a month later. IRS site says 2019 is being processed. I just went in to stimulus page and put in info for 2018. Site said I was eligible for stimulus but they needed my deposit info. I entered it and it submitted and said my stimulus would be processed. Yay.

  41. I filed my Tax return electronically on March 6th 2020 and they were accepted on March 8th 2020. I should have gotten my refund on March 29th but I didn’t… in fact it is April 25th now, and still no tax refund. It still says that it’s still processing. There is someone that I know that is also in the same situation and another person that I know that filed after me and got theirs already. What I think is that since they are all working from home then it just depends on which employee got your taxes to go over. The employee may have gotten sick, have kids at home they have to work and take care of at the same time, or just slow as molasses… I have 3 kids, and am depending on that money since I can’t work right now but I do understand. We are all trying to get through this with our lives, and everyone has to do their part. If that part for me is patience then that’s what I have to do. Thank you to everyone that is putting their life on the line so we can have a future! And thank you to everyone who is doing their part and staying home!

  42. I filed my taxes on January 25th 2020 I had two dependents that I’ve submitted the proper paperwork showing that I was able to claim them that the IRS requested now I guess it was faxed so a human person has to physically remove it from the fax machine but because of covid-19 did that stop I can’t get any answers anywhere I received my stimulus which was 2200 because of the two dependents but I only received half of my state tax and I have nobody to contact nobody will answer any phones and I’m just left in the dark I need my money because I’m living in my car what do I do I really need help

    1. Nobody is manning phones or offices right now. I had to mail one form to them. I’m guessing they’re sitting in a bin somewhere. Mine are in a local office in Fresno CA. Not even the main office. Held up my stimulus check. Tonight I learned stimulus page is working to enter 2018 info and it worked.

  43. This is a bunch of horseshit. Where is my income taxes? I need my money.

    1. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!
      Go to the IRS website!!! It has been updated, and if your 2019 is still processing, you can enter your 2018 info.
      Also, adjusted gross income is line 6 on return, not line 1.
      Yay!! Good luck everyone!!!

    2. My return is being held up too and stimulus so I just went to IRS page entered my info for 2018 suggested bY anot her in comments. It said I was eligible but they needed direct deposit info. I entered it submitted and system took it. Said stimulus would be processed. Try that. At least you’ll get stimulus.

        1. I did that to…..2 weeks ago…still no stimulus check. No refund due to “still processing”….I am so discouraged right now. If I can work from home, so can they.

  44. I filed mines January 28 2019 at first I had a bar everything was well until my bar disappeared and only said your taxes have been received and they are processing keeping in mind around mid February I received a letter stating they needed 60 more days and I haven’t heard anything else I received my stimulus check April 15 but as far of my taxes I know nothing at all

    1. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!
      Go to the IRS website!!! It has been updated, and if your 2019 is still processing, you can enter your 2018 info.
      Also, adjusted gross income is line 6 on return, not line 1.
      Yay!! Good luck everyone!!!

      1. Just tried it and used 2018 info and it took it. Said stimulus,would be processed. Thanks for the info

        1. Go to IRS site, and click on about Stimulus payment, and click “get my payment” and it will ask you for info. Mine used to say they couldn’t verify my eligibility. I went back Saturday and it told me I was eligible, and to enter my 2018 info. Now it says to check back to see when my payment will be deposited to my account.

  45. I filed and was accepted 3/31. Was told by my tax filing company refunds would be processed on time. Haven’t received refund or the stimulus payment. Can’t talk to anyone at the IRS. Call the tax company and nobody has answers. The best she could tell me is “if you don’t get the stimulus payment this year, you can use it as a credit next year.” Next year doesn’t help us NOW. WMR had bars and the info “being processed” at first, but has changed to no bars and saying “still being processed”. The stimulus site isn’t helpful either. There has to be something us Americans can do. I’m glad to see we are all in the same boat in one way or another, but does anyone else feel like this is a fraud? It’s ridiculous! Can we protest? Rally? Contact our news agencies? We’ve got to do something. I would consider the IRS essential. People have bills to pay. They are to chicken sh*^ to go to work, but expect us other essential workers to have our butts in the workplace. What a joke!

    1. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!
      Go to the IRS website!!! It has been updated, and if your 2019 is still processing, you can enter your 2018 info.
      Also, adjusted gross income is line 6 on return, not line 1.
      Yay!! Good luck everyone!!!

      1. You don’t have to do that. I got my stimulus payment as did many others and my 2019 tax return is still

    2. That is very true! They are essential so why aren’t they at work? I rescind my other comment lol!

  46. I filed my simple tax return with Turbo Tax on April 10th. When I try to track my Coronavirus Stimulus, the IRS site says it cannot determine my eligibility at this time. When I check on my tax return, it just shows “accepted”, with no date on the IRS site as to when it will be processed. The Turbo Tax site says the expected date of return is on 5-1. I can’t find any answers, or speak with anyone who knows what’s going on. Does anyone know if the IRS is processing electronic returns?

    1. I’ve been waiting for over a month for my tax return. It is still being processed and I filed electronically in mid March. There is no one to call, no one to contact from the IRS that will contact me back, and no one from the government that will actually help.

      As for your situation, I would say get ready to be in the “processing” state of your return for at least a month from now, if not longer.

    2. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!
      Go to the IRS website!!! It has been updated, and if your 2019 is still processing, you can enter your 2018 info.
      Also, adjusted gross income is line 6 on return, not line 1.
      Yay!! Good luck everyone!!!

  47. I filed my 2017 taxes but was sent a letter saying I needed to verify my identity. The letter was lost so I figured I wouldn’t gonna get anything back anyway so I’ll just fall next year.
    When I went to file for 2018 they told me that I was not required to because I had no income for the year. In 2019 I had a son and worked for myself cleaning homes. I went to Jackson Hewitt on February 16 and filed my 2019 tax return immediately it was stopped and they told me I had to verify my identity through the IRS to get a IP pin. They wouldn’t do it over the phone so I scheduled an appointment on February 26 with the local IRS office. She verified my Identity that day in person but could not give me my IP number said I could retrieve it online or it would be mailed. The IP pin retrieval tool would not work it said that I had to go to the IRS office and verify my identity again. So they did send me a notice from the IRS saying I would get my refund in 60 days, but, still no IP pin . Since this economic shut down, there has been nobody to help answer any of my questions regarding the situation. I have no financial back up with 2 kids. I have 2 refunds and a stimulus check that I now cannot get because of an IP pin that I cannot retrieve. IRS also said they’re not processing any individual tax returns at this time. I Can’t use the nonfilers tool because I do plan to file my 2019 taxes, they’re just pending, because of an IP pin that again…I don’t have and cannot get! It’s frustrating! Its causing a hardship financially and mentally and can potential he cause me to lose everything I have! What can I do to reach somebody to help me? I don’t understand why they don’t have anyone that can answer a phone call when all this is going on through the IRS with stimulus payouts! It baffles me and makes no sense that not one line is open for emergencies such as mine! I’m literally losing my mind over it!!!

  48. I filed my 2019 taxes and mailed them with my payment at the beginning of March and now, because IRS recently announced it has stopped processing paper tax, in fact the paper tax are being hold in trailers until the IRS staff returns to a normal schedule, which will take a long time… so I cannot get my Stimulus check/deposit because the IRS has not yet processed my taxes! My question is: will I eventually get my Stimulus check anyway if the IRS process my taxes past July or later?

  49. I have the same problem as a couple of you. Through Turbo tax I was approved March 19th,estimated dated for refund was April 9th since last week today being April 22 it is still processing. I can not get stimulus until this goes thru. I did not have to file last year. So is this normal? How much longer?

    1. This is definitely not normal. I wish I knew the answer about how much longer. Usually I get mine within 3 weeks. I’ve used TurboTax for the last 5 years, and it’s definitely due to the IRS staff working from home, in my opinion, because it’s never been like this. ‍♀️

    2. I am in the exact same position and still waiting, as are a few others I know. While this isn’t a normal thing during normal times, in corona time taxes this seems to be a very common thing. It makes me so upset because I need my refund and my stimulus check now, but can’t receive them until they finally finish my refund.

  50. I need a identity pin number to be able to file my taxes due to identity theft. I can’t get ahold of anyone on the phone and I also tried online to get it but that didnt work either.

  51. I filed on 3/24/2020 through TurboTax. I haven’t heard anything from the IRS. They just show it is processing. I filed a single,, 1040 form with refund.
    I also can’t get my stimulus check because my taxes are processing. How long are we supposed to wait? I have bills, like y’all do.

      1. Wow! That is the ONLY thing that could be holding mine up. I wonder why some people got theirs and others are being held? It makes me crazy that there is no one you can call to ask.
        Thank you for responding

  52. I have file injured spouse for the last 7years and usually have to wait about 8weeks to get our refund. I recieved a notice from the IRS our stimulus check was deposited on April 15th our bank had no deposit nor an attempt to deposit. The treasury offset department said they took half and we were supposed to get the other half. But have not recieved anything. Our regular taxes still are being processed and they were filed the last part of February. I pray someone looks into all of this soon for everyone because we all all depending on the stimulus checks and our taxes.

    1. I have a similar situation. This is my first yr filing injured spouse so I’m not sure how long it should take to receive the refund. Today makes 11 wks with no payment and my refund is still processing. However, my husband and I both received letters from TOP about our stimulus payment. Both letters stated that child support was taking $1950 from him and $1950 from me, which was the full anticipated amount divided between the two of us – $3900. I had to call because I know since I filed injured spouse they should only take his portion – not mine or our kids. CS told me that once the IRS sends them the payment, CS would then mail me a check for the difference. Idk what your offset was from but i hope this helps.

    2. I’m in the same boat. Get my Payment stated my DD Stimulus Payment was going in on April 15th. Wife’s Child Support for $1,200 taken and attaching my name to the letter some nerve. I supported her two kids so go after the Ex-Husband. So much with the broken promises from Mnuchin that no hassles for Child Support, Student Loans or anything else.I haven’t received a dime and filed Mid February So much for paying my taxes overpaid and early having Direct Deposit. Slower than 2 Turtles around the Race Track

  53. IRS was suppose have settled my injured spouse claim by April 11th, 2020. I have not received any information on this process and I have no way to contact them to inquire about it.

  54. I am in the same boat as most of you and it sucks!! I hope all of you stay well and we get our money soon. I filed on 2-5-20 and i have the child credits so mine was not accepted until 2-15-20. I called the IRS on 3-4-20 and they told me it would be another 45 days. Then on 3-23-20 I received a CP05 letter stating that they needed another 60 days. Like everyone else here I need my refund!!

  55. I filed mine either the last Sunday in January or the 1st sunday in February with an injured spouse claim. It’s been 14 weeks. Than, on top of that, Jackson Hewitt and Republic Bank, Amex serve card bank, didn’t enter in my direct deposit information, or are trying to get their fees from the stimulus before the tax return comes, on my 2019 tax return so I had to go onto the website to update it so my stimulus could come so now that it delayed also. I definitely need that money! This shit of having to depend on the government to live, really pisses me off!

  56. I e-filed to 30th of January. I filed injured spouse. I was approved to get mine. And I’ve not seen anything yet. So will I have to wait.

  57. We filed 2/2019 and have not received our refund yet, nor have we received our stimulus compensation. Our fear is that our filing has been frozen and that the IRS is going to go by our 2018 tax return. If they do that, we won’t get the stimulus as we would’ve made too much. Feeling very frustrated as there is NOONE to talk to at the IRS about this! Anyone else having this problem?

    1. My wife and I are almost at the same boat except our 2018 taxes was that we had to pay and we were at a different address. So idk how to even notify for the stimulus check?!?!
      Also, this year is different and we are expecting a return but nothing! we filed 2/28. I do not know what to do??

    2. I e-filed my tax return on 3/7 and after 14-21 of not receiving my refund, I received a letter from the IRS stating that they need 60 days to review my return and no steps are required at this time. I still check the WMR website and its still saying still processing and its been 5 weeks tomorrow since its been under review. I entered my DD when I filed, and recieved my stimulus check beforemy return. How absurb is this? Wouldnt it make more sense to release our money as well so that we could make it through this pandemic.

  58. I filed 04/07 and it’s now 04/21. Usually my refund gets approved much quicker than this, I feel this is the longest I’ve waited. We need this for rent!

    1. My refund was approved on 3/21 and expected refund date was 4/11 and still don’t have it or any idea of when I will. It continues to say “still processing.” And I can’t get qualified for the stimulus check until they process my refund so it’s extremely frustrating. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone at the IRS to find out what is going on.

      1. Same for me! I filed on that exact day and still says it is processing. At least I am not alone!

        1. Exactly same situation with me to! Sooooo frustrating not being able to get the answers we need!

  59. I e-filed my taxes through turbo tax in the beginning of February. Received my federal and stimulus. Got audited on my state. Sent the info in that they asked for. Since march 17th still says that my information hasn’t processed for review due to high volume of cases. This pandemic is really messing with a lot of things for a lot of people.

  60. I filed January 31st and when the ORS was still open they said they received it on February 4th because I had to file an injured spouse form they said it would take up to 11 weeks from the February 4th. Today is 11 weeks. Nothing. Can’t call to talk to anyone so how do I know of I will be getting my refund soon or not??

  61. I’m a tax preparer hoping this helps answer someone’s questions . The irs they are still processing tax returns I transmitted some april 6th they gave a refund date april 24th they are slower then usual on most . They are now also are are processing the ones that can’t verify their identify .. The letters #4464C do nothing wait 60 days blah blah in many cases the reason for this letter is your employers has not turned in their copy the w2 or they are missing forms that go akine with the w2 or for example I have five or so clients who all work for the same place all receive the letter4464C . They have new owners of the business who said last week they had a issue with their efin and updated the information to correct the issue.This means that means the new owner’s had to apply and get new new efins numbers ( this is the company ID numbers on the w2) this number could not be processed with the irs yet therefore the irs will hold the return until the employer fixes or they complete processing the efin number . They will compare the copy from the employer w2 copy to what’s on your tax return . Being some people attempt to fraud by change the amounts on the w2 such as federal withholds to claim a larger refund the irs now wants to compare the tax return to the w2 sent in by their employer
    . I see many that say they dont know if they will get a stimulus check . Go to irs.gov click on get my economy stimlus payment get payment enter social number dob address hit summit. You may have to enter the address different then on the tax return go to usps address look up enter your address to see how it should be enter . Many with the income 0- 10k have the april 24rh date the next paper mail schedule is may1st.Btw only use the site once daily it locks up for 24 hours once you have checked it more then three times daily. Plus your not going to get any new information by checking more then one. Good luck to you all.

    1. What about a cp63 letter dated 2/24? I had to send in my 1040 from 2016 and the IRS received it in early March, but because of the pandemic, shouldn’t they just process my 2019 regardless of needing my 2016? I don’t owe 2016 and my 2019 is e-filed with DD. Thank you for the info!! Much appreciated.

    2. Thank you for this . I’ve been so worried but I see there are a lot of other people who has not received theirs…. the bad thing about it , it just says processing still when I check . I did have to send the healthcare form but they received that on March 9th

    3. Thanks for this … I haven’t received anything from the IRS not a notice or reason why it still says processing and its been 2 months .. You gave me some kind of hope with this comment

    4. I got a copy of my transcript.. I filed on Feb 24th 2020 but my transcript says it was received on 3/30/20 . Then its says i have a 971 notice issued 4/6/20. i have not gotten anything from them .. Can anyone help? I have a couple more questions about whats on my transcript can anyone help to ease my mind i am going crazy over here like many others…

      1. My transcript says the exact same thing! Dates and all! I would love to know why so many others that filed around the same time have gotten refunds and stimulus checks!

  62. We e-filed our 2019 taxes electronically in middle of (closer to first part of March)March 2020 and we have already received our refund electronically the first part of April (this month) and received our stimulus check electronically last week around the 15th. I’m guessing that both our refund & stimulus was done early because I am on Social Security Disability (been on social security disability for many years) and we have a child under 17 yrs old. Just a guess though. Or maybe we were just one of the lucky ones? Or Maybe timing is everything too? Different story for our adult son (single & no kids) who e-filed his taxes in later part of March 2020 (last month) to be deposited electronically and his refund still says being processed (he also received his 2018 refund electronically same bank) and he still has Not received his stimulus check either, but he did receive his state refund electronically already. I think the Government is grouping people together. For example our adult son is single & has No kids, and we are married with a child still at home and one of us is disabled. Just another guess, but it does seem like that’s what the Gov. is doing is grouping people into different groups depending on their status.

    1. I’m not so sure. I filed my taxes end of March filing as married but separate returns and I claimed our 4 year old. We do this because the government takes all my husbands taxes for his student loans. My husband filed his second week of April and has received his taxes and stimulus check. They didn’t take it this year because collections are on hold due to Covid 19. When I check on my taxes it says it’s still processing. As for my stimulus payment I’m receiving an error message. Really incredibly frustrating. I’m 6 weeks from having a baby and we really need this money.

  63. I filed 2/20 and it was accepted 2/20, I received a letter on 2/19/20 stating they’re reviewing my taxes and it will be up to 60 days from the date of the letter. It is now 61 days and I should know something. The status has been saying the same thing for 60 days: still processing and date will be updated when available, this is unacceptable!!! Got my stimulus but no word regarding my 2019 tax return. When you say an additional 60 days, you should have a response to let us know what is going on with the return before the 60th day.

  64. We’ve been waiting for our federal tax return for 9 weeks now. If they can issue paper stimulus checks on Friday then they should release my taxes. They’ve been processing it for 4 weeks now.

  65. I filed my tax return end of February, never got it, also never got my stimulus check! I had to mail it in but I put my direct deposit information on it! They need to have people finishing the tax returns and other people doing the stimulus checks!

  66. e-filed 1/27 using TurboTax with DD
    IRS accepted on 01/27 w/ both credits. Received notice to send my 2016 tax file on 3/3 and overnighted the next day 3/5.
    WMR shows still processing.
    Transcript codes 570 & 971 dated 2/24.
    “as of” date just changed to May 4.
    Cycle 20200605.
    No refund, no stimulus, no unemployment, no job, no business, no loans, no relief, nothing.

  67. This has gotten out of control!! I am in the same situation as many others. I filed my taxes on Feb 24th Never got an acceptance notification, and never got anything in the mail… It just says it is still processing and i will be given a date when available. The tax place i went through cant tell me anything because their system says the same thing. Hell im not even in a rush to receive my taxes i just want an answer a around about date that can tell me something anything … And i cant talk to anyone as you all know the irs is not taking live calls which is stupid all in itself , they can easily have their office phones transferred to other phones for the moment . I just do not get it , Past years 3 weeks at the most it took for me to get my taxes …

  68. We filed our injured spouse claim on January 23rd and still have not received our return. We filed electronically and the return was accepted that day. We received our stimulus to the same account but the irs website says our return is still being processed. We really need this and file the same way every year with no issues. We are over the 11 week maximum. Any suggestions on how to get this resolved? We can’t get in touch with anyone at the irs and I am laid off due to Covid 19.

    1. We are in the same boat. It’s like we were forgotten about. We filed on 1/28. Accepted the same day. I had called before the pandemic started and they told me our date was 4/15 for deposit. And nothing. There are to many people with this situation. They give us no update or follow thru. I’m going to start to try to contact them on every social media platform I can find them on.
      I have saw others suggest going to the news about it?

    2. I filed injured spouse January 27th and was accepted same day. The website said feb 16th it was finally processing and been saying we have received your tax return and it’s still processing. I have yet to even receive a stimulus.

      1. Same exact dates for me as well and I filed injured spouse and my stimulus says April 30th deposited but my husbands says check mailed may 4th. When I called offset line it says they are taking $1700 for child support but nothing it says on my end when I called so where is the other $1700 I am supposed to get going to go? Many people I have talked to have said they didn’t even get their portion either and why is it cut in half anyways? I have myself and my 2 kids so should be $2200?

        1. When I called CS they told me the IRS sends them the full amount. From there, CS takes husband’s portion ($1200) for back child support and mails injured spouse a check for the difference.

  69. I filed 3/15/2020 got my state in 5 days then got an ID verify letter in the mail and I can’t verify my identity because the irs isn’t taking calls and I can’t do it online because in or to create an account I the irs site you need a credit card or mortgage information which don’t have not use so I’m basically screwed smh

  70. I got my stimulus check I didn’t think I was gettin got bc I got a letter stating my refund is under review til this day it’s been 60 days and nothing I have no change in the status but I’m calling the IRS they are not gonna make me wait another 60 days bc of their bs here I am no job bc of the pandemic yet they want to give us a check as an advance loan for next years return we’ll if u gonna give me an advance give me my 2019 refund first !!!

  71. I did my taxes this year on mid February, got my state return in less then 2 weeks , I still haven’t got my Federal return , it says it’s still being processed and it’s mid April already and I when I try to check for my Stimulus check , they don’t know my if I am eligible for one smh

  72. Well my husband filed his 2018 taxes and the IRS held them for a whole 8months once we realised it wasn’t sent to the child support department we had to call the IRS and ask them why it hasn’t been processed? They told my husband they wanted him to identify who he was in case of identity theft. He went February 13th 2020 to prove he was the one who filed his own taxes. The IRS said give us about 4-6 weeks to get the issue taken care of and expect our refund within that time frame well it’s been 8 weeks and no way to check on our taxes and it hasn’t been sent to the child support department either. Now our 2019 taxes were filed February 18th and for the first 2weeks it said excepted on the IRS website then now for the last 3weeks it just says your refund is being processed please check back for a date at a different time. And now for where my payment it shows no information at all for where’s my payment for us to get a stimulus check. If the IRS would have filed last years taxes and this years taxes and do there job we would have received the stimulus for uncle my 2kids and me plus my husband who claimed 4 people not including his self to which we probably won’t ever see a dime of any of that money ! And why cause the IRS can’t pay there employees to work from home and answer those tax papers for who’s money they decide they want to keep until they feel like getting it done. It could be going on a 3rd year before we see any of our Taxes and that’s if they reopen for us to tell them about it and if they don’t reopen by next years taxes then I guess we the people are giving them permission to straight rob us and steal our hard earned money plus my children money. If people want to sue or take this to the news then I’m Down. Let’s do this.

    1. For 2020 I am single and will change my withholding to 3 or more. Have not received my federal tax refund for almost 10 weeks now and if never received I will be filing a 2019 tax year credit to be applied to my 2020 form next year. That way the IRS will be at my mercy and forced to apply my 2019 refund credited towards my 2020 tax liabilities.

      1. That is such a great idea! I’ve been waiting for 2 months now, and didn’t get the stimulus either because my return is being “processed “

    2. I filed mine on Feburary 4, 2020 and my has said the same thing that it’s still being processed. It’s now 10 weeks later and there’s nobody to call at the IRS to find out what’s going on and my refund a stimulus is sitting in limbo and I can’t pay my rent or most of my other monthly bills!!!


  74. I am in the same boat as alot of people here. I first want to wish everyone here well and hope your in good health. I filed my taxes at the beginning of February along with filing injured spouse and its just a whole waiting game. I have to file injured spouse due to my wifes child support so im able to get my portion of the refund. But!!!! Her stimilus check was taken and mine has been held due to this fact. Its just so much waiting in processing time its crazy. I was laid off last week as well because of this pandemic. If the Government wanted to really help they should take care of their tax payers. They should speed these processing times up. No reason i should have to wait 3 months for injured spouse to be verified to get my refund from taxes i over paid for one and my stimilus check to paid to me for two. I am in need of this income badly at this point. Im not asking for any handouts but do want what is mine that ive worked for and paid taxes for. I am hoping it doesnt take long for my unemployment claim to be approved. Ill end it there. I hope everyone reading this stays in good health and just that we all do our part to help get past this rough time in the world. Prayers out to you all!!! This too shall pass!!!

    1. I too am in the exact situation (refund still processing from 2/20/2020. I filed injured spouse and have been for the pass 3 years. My husband is disabled and has not worked for the longest. I am the sole wage earner every single year. Why can’t they pay attention to those details so that processing of these type claims can be expedited because the situation has not changed for a particular time span. It is a difficult time for all of us, but our government should be able to respond during a time of crisis a whole lot better than they are at this late point in the game. Folks, we are in trouble. Are they going to continue to play the blame game and leave the majority of us hardworking Americans pending forever. Come on, somebody up there ought to know something about what to do under pressure. They should have had a plan of action in place already on how to respond in case of an emergency. Thanks for your ear. Maybe somebody will figure it out soon. Hope all of you reading this comment are healthy and able to sustain during this very serious time in our lives. May God bless and keep you.

  75. I filed January 29, still no refund. I am on a 60 day review. I also have the child credit. Yet, I am not able to talk to someone about my taxes. I am getting close to my 60 days. This is causing a problem for me and my family. The system is not updating online.

    1. Same thing with us Filed on March 2, got a review letter. When I log into “Where’s my refund?” it says it’s still being processed and they’ll let me know .

  76. We need to take this to the media bc there is too many of us all in the same boat! And most of us got the 60 day review letter before COVID 19 broke out. Something doesn’t seem right. We the people are the ones in power to make things happen if we united together. We need to make some noise about this!!!

  77. I filed my taxes Jan. 9th. Pick them up from my job early. I got a letter about the 60 day review. The letter was dated Feb. 19. But ironically I called that same day earlier before I checked my P O box. They guy informed me that they haven’t received anything from my job yet (which I have been working at the same place for 3 years) and it looked as though I was over reporting. 4-20 my review time will be up. 2 days from now and nothing. I haven’t received federal or state. And you can’t call them. I don’t understand this. They should have been gotten the information from my job and given me something by now. I understand the covid 19 situation but I have received NOTHING. AND I HAVE BILLS. Just like a lot of you guys. This is really sad.

    1. To LOVE The exact same thing is going on with me right now even the same dates as you!?!!

  78. I filed my 2019 taxes using a tax preparer on 2/1/20. I received my state refund on 3/15/20. I received my stimulus on 4/15/20. But have not received my federal refund. I tried checking my status on IRS but it’s saying that I have entered something wrong and can not find me. I tried calling the tax preparers office but they are telling me the IRS is closed and there is not much they can do.closed. I need my federal refund I am already late on my bills! What can I do???? Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  79. I filed my taxes January 22 and I haven’t heard or gotten anything from the IRS they were accepted but it says they are still being processed I’ve been homeless for about 2 months now I haven’t received a stimulus check either and I have direct deposit this has been one of the roughest things I’ve been through is there anyone that can help me with finding out something please

  80. There needs to be a number for us to call and find out why we haven’t received our tax returns? I E-filed on March 2nd and was told 21 days or less, well here I am 7 weeks later… I got my state back and I even got my stimulus check so why in the hell havent gotten my tax refund??? The app just says “still processing”…. something needs to give here.. like what’s really going on? We need to be able to speak with reps. If McDonalds, dollar stores, auto ones etc, are open then why in hell isnt there a division for the irs for ppl to speak to. It’s causing more panic and that’s not good!!

  81. Filed Feb 4th, lawyer did not filed until end of February/early March. Married in 2019 this year we filed as Married filing together, I had filed previous years with ITIN since didn’t have a SSN, this year I am a permanent resident and I have a valid SSN. State refund was direct deposit in my account on March 19th, I received letter 5071C from IRS on March 27th, asking to Idverify my identity since it was first time with a SSN not an ITIN. Called the 800 number but IRS had already stopped help over the phone. Since the other way to Idverify is doing it online but I don’t have any credit with the ITIN. My Federal return is on hold and no stimulus check. Does anyone knows, when is the IRS opening back ip their Idverify offices in Austin, TX?

  82. I am self employed, I didnt file taxes in 2018, i did not work. I filed for 2019 online, using HRB software, and was accepted by IRS on March 27th. Its been 3 weeks..its still being processed..I have 8 yr old son who receives a survivors benefit( SSA), and ive reveived nothing so far. Nothing from Social Security, not one letter or email. I am poor, fr. Made under 14,000 in 2019. I cant use non filers app, cuz my taxes still processing. What the hell can i do??

  83. See now I’m worried!! I filed on February 4th, received the 1250$ refund advance and then 8 days later my bars dissapeared. Got no info or notices until march 16th saying I was under a 60 day review to verify my income!! Now still no stimulus check or even my income taxes! What do the people in my situation do just deal with it and die? All I know is when it’s all said and done I will never use Jackson hewitt ever again!

  84. I filed my taxes in January and still I have yet to receive my refund. Then at the end of February they sent me a letter saying my taxes was one of the ones selected for an audit and I should expect my refund within 90 days. That’s a bunch of BS and they know it. Now since this COVID-19 my refund should be available immediately but its not. They are also holding my stimulus payment when the president should tell the IRS to release all those who are due a refund be released to them immediately. I have no job, no money, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is wrong what the IRS is doing to people especially during these critical times. They act like they going into there own pockets to give people there money and when you call them they have a very nasty attitude. Their pay and refunds should be held and then they will see how others feel.

    1. I am in the same boat
      I filed on 2-25
      It is only $381.00 but still.
      My issue now is that my wife got her stimulus yesterday.
      When I get on the IRS website to verify the status of mine it shows it can recognize my ssn, but when I check my refund status it shows it is still processing.
      So dealing with the same thing.
      I was wondering if you had received your economic stimulus relief??

  85. What about the tax payers who didn’t file in 2018 but filed in 2019 that aren’t getting their refunds due to Covid 19 delays? We can’t even get the stimulus check because 2019 is still processing! How fair is that? We ALL should at least be getting the stimulus check after all they can see our returns on file or they wouldn’t know to put us under review audit etc. Come Irs & Government release our money! But yet y’all want our votes!

  86. Filed mine on February 9th and I’m still waiting as well. Been looking for in the mail every day for the past six or 8 weeks. When the life time I spoke to the IRS they told me 5 weeks. Still waiting and I need it now. Especially with this Coronavirus going on.

  87. I am in the same boat as the rest of you are. Filed March 4th. IRS still saying processing but I was able to pull up transcript and it said received April 15th. Which means it may take longer then is should have.

  88. I was sent a letter to verify my identity. Tax return says still being processed. IRS closed its doors so now I cannot verify my identity. No tax refund for me, no stimulus check either because IRS says I haven’t technically filed until my refund is fully processed. Can’t file twice. Tax return stuck. So no, every American did not receive their DUE help during this very trying time.

    1. I am in the exact same boat. My taxes were being processed when all this began. I will not receive the stimulus check because my 2019 have not been fully processed. So the help that was offered to Americans sure isn’t helping every american that is for sure.

      1. Same here. I made s total of 4200 in 2019, and sent my return 2 weeks ago. So we are usually the poorest that get overlooked.

    2. I’m in the same boat as you. Filed electronically on Jan 30th, but because of that, I got a letter asking for my 1095R form, which I sent the same day as I received the letter. Now because it’s “not processed” because of this form, I can’t get my refund or stimulus check. Sucks all the way around!

  89. I was wondering if anyone knows or has had the same issue.
    I filed my 2019 return with direct deposit info on February 4th it’s still being processed though o.o still haven’t received my stimulus check even though I am eligible so my question is does IRS have my direct deposit info even though my refund is still in process

  90. I have filed in February and they sent a letter stating I send in information for my children that I have been filing since they were born. I provided all documentation that was needed beginning of March. I still have not heard or received anything. Everytime I call it said office is closed. No body answering phone at all . Called number on letter sent as well like told and still stating they are close. I would like to know what is going on with my federal refund because at this point I am in need of it bad. IRS please let me know something .

  91. I filed January 24 in the hopes of being able to get my refund back as quickly as possible to help me pay my bills. When I hadn’t gotten my refund I called in the middle of March and they told me that if I didn’t get it by April 15th to call back. Now come to find out that they are closed til further notice is crazy. So now I’m (like so many others) going to be wondering if and when I’ll be getting my money. I want to know what’s going on with my refund and when I should see it in my account.

  92. E-filed beginning of March. Sent an amendment the next day. “570 Additional account action pending” on my account transcript as of end of March. You can check if yours says that too here: https://www.irs.gov/payments/view-your-tax-account

    As of last night the IRS refund status checker won’t even recognize my details. On the app it says “Refund Status Error: Information does not match. Please reenter your information.” On the site it says “You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.” I then verify my filing date and method but they still cannot provide any info about my refund, instead asking me to reverify my info.

    Is everyone having these issues? Looks like their system is broken.

    1. Yes I am having the same problem. mailed my federal tax return in on 18 Feb.2020. an I got the same answer .

    2. same here morning of 4/16 – also having same problem with ga tax refund status.

  93. I filed my returns March 1 and just as everyone else in this post, it still says processing. I am an essential worker with a dependent wife and 2year old and I am working in the public daily during this pandemic as I am an essential worker. As I gear up for each day, I can’t help but to find it very cowardly of the IRS to not at minimum be available for a phone call too see what is going on with all of our returns. Not to mention that I had a change of address and bank account from 2018 to 2019. The only way to update your info with the IRS is to file your new info on the 2019 return. We’ll come to find out that the IRS did not take my 2019 info into consideration but instead they sent the stimulus check to the old closed account on my 2018 returns. My bank has told me that the payment will bounce back to the IRS and they will send a paper check. But when? So I now sit here not knowing where or when I will get my refund or stimulus package, yet I will continue to have provide the essential services that I am employed to do as I wait for this much needed money. The American people are relying on the IRS and the additional income at this time, but they are greatly failing us as we can’t even talk to anyone in the IRS.

  94. I thought I was the only one with this problem. I filled March 4th and it’s still saying being processed. The people need they refunds and stimulus I have rent and my car note due. This isn’t fair at all. I’m borrowing money to by food at this time. For me and my son. I pray for everyone that we get our refunds back Soon as possible.

    1. I filed Feb 22 and still have not received. I thought maybe it was in review but no its “Still processing” with no refund date!!! but they got all the stimulus payments out on time which i am very thankful for but i want my damn refund too!!!

  95. Filed March 16. Where’s my refund showed bars at top for 3 weeks then status bar went away and now says refund still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. WTH??? Stimulus payment deposited today but still no refund.

  96. Will my stimulus check be interfered if my husband owes back child support? Meaning will I still get me and my kids portion? And if I filed an injured spouse form will my stimulus check be delayed like my refund has been? And if so will it be direct deposited like my taxes or will I receive a check after my injured spouse form is approved? Thank you

    1. If your husband owes back child support, they will take his portion of the stimulus to pay on his child support. If you filed and injured spouse form with your last tax return you won’t have to do anything. It will be direct deposited into the account that the IRS has on file.

  97. Has the identity theft department closed due to covid 19? They have received my information on feb 3,2020 and it has been 10 weeks and still nothing. People have gotten their federal and stimulus and I haven’t received a coin. Please let us know something about our money. Do I need to update my payment information even if I have filed For 2020 but still have not received?

    1. i got my stimulus on the card i signed up for direct deposit in 2018 but still haven’t received my federal tax return even though i have not used that card in over a year almost 2 years it came on that card and the only way i knew was i got a email saying it went on that card so e on the lookout for that

    2. Same here got accepted 2/3 of course have children so had to wait for the path act or whatever . Then my bars disappeared called irs probaly like towards end of feb. said I was selected for a 60 day review and no action needed but wouldn’t begin until I received the letter on 3/16 . So who knows when I will actually get my refund

  98. While everyone is so anxious about when they will receive their Stimulus check there’s people that still haven’t received their tax refund so yes COVID 19 has caused delayed the processing of tax returns. I filed mine electronically on February 1 and it is April 14. At a time people need their money the most the Government sure is keeping us from receiving it

    1. I agree. And some, like me, paid $460 to a tax company and the only answer I can get is “we don’t know”. And I know they don’t. It’s just frustrating.

  99. I E-filed & received confirmation they were accepted March 10th. I received my state refund on time. But no Federal refund which is about 3x as large & much more important to me. I keep checking the refund tracker and it keeps saying “processing” but gives no date. I never received any letters either. I wish they would get their act together as I have credit card payments due in a couple weeks & I’m counting on the return. Of course with Covid-19 I can’t reach anyone!

    1. I filed mine on March 11 and it was accepted. I just received my stimulus payment (I changed bank accounts between 18 and 19). I find it odd that they were able to make the stimulus payment (which is a fraction of my refund amount) to the correct bank account that is listed on my 2019 return, but it says that my return is still “being processed.”

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