Will I Get Retroactive Back Payments for PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Under Extended Unemployment Stimulus Funding in 2021


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With the passage of the new COVID relief stimulus bill many people are asking if the additional funding of enhanced unemployment benefits will mean retroactive or back payment of UI benefits to dates when similar programs expired or when benefit claim balances were exhausted. Based on recent DOL guidelines, the 11 week funding extension to these program will only cover payments from the week starting December 27th, 2020 (week ending January 2nd, 2021) However people who file new or corrected claims after this date can backdate claims to the start of December 2020; but retroactive payment for these backdated claims are not part of the funding from the COVID relief bill and there are some important considerations as discussed below.

Retroactive Supplementary Unemployment Insurance – $300 Extra FPUC

The new stimulus bill provides supplementary unemployment insurance via additional funding for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program. This was originally enacted under the CARES act for a weekly $600 payment. A variation of supplementary was then enacted via Executive order under the $300 LWA program. The new $300 FPUC payment for 2021, above and beyond what people get via regular or enhanced pandemic unemployment, will only be retroactive to the start date of the new program extension date in the same manner as the two previous supplementary UI benefit programs.

Given there is funding for 11 weeks, starting from Dec 27th 2020, it would be retroactive only to that date and for a maximum of eleven weeks. Some had thought Congress may make this payment retroactive to when the LWA expired (September 5th) or to the beginning of December, but in the final bill and per DOL Guidelines it only covered the weeks from December 27th to March 14th. You can see details of the payment in this article, including other eligibility criteria. Additional information is also in this video summary. Note you will need to certify for all current and past weeks to get the extra payment for the given weeks covered by this program.

Retroactive Back Payments for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)

Unlike the $300 FPUC program which is considered supplementary unemployment insurance, the PUA and PEUC programs provide Americans with extended coverage to existing (state administered) unemployment programs. The PUA program is for gig workers and freelancers who were not covered by state unemployment benefits in the past, while PEUC extends regular unemployment coverage for mostly W2 (i.e salaried) workers.

Both the PUA and PEC programs were funded/extended for another 11 weeks under the new stimulus bill to provide a total of 50 weeks of coverage (some states have additional weeks on top of this as part of state extended benefit programs). The current PUA and PEUC programs were due to expire on December 26th, 2020 so the current funding extension will keep them going to March 14th, 2021.

Eligible claimants with remaining balances (active claims) can claim final payments for until April 5th, 2021. They won’t have to take any additional action and will have their claim balances updated by state UI agencies once they update their systems.

If someone’s benefits had expired prior to or on December 26th 2020 (end date of previous program funding under CARES act) or if they need to start a new claim then it does appear per the recent DOL guidelines that they can request to backdate their claim date to the week of unemployment (due to COVID-19) beginning December 6, 2020 (ending Dec 12th, 2020). Benefits will start from this date if the backdated claim is approved by the state unemployment insurance (UI) agency. Note that backdated claims will be paid from funding under the CARES Act and not from the recent funding approved for the 11 week extension. You state UI agency will determine if you have enough “weeks” left to cover your backdated claim so likely will only cover new PUA applicants or those who have a correction to their actual claim date.

Applying for back payment of benefits will vary from state to state and instructions will soon be issued by state UI agencies per guidance (see state specific UI information here). Note that the $300 FPUC will only start getting paid from December 27, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. So any backdated weeks prior to December 27th, 2020 won’t get the new $300 even if you qualify for PUA or PEUC in your backdated claim.

Key Dates for PEUC, PUA and FPUC Programs

Enhanced Unemployment ProgramMax Weeks Available in ProgramProgram Effective Start Date (limited to maximum weeks available under program)Program End Date (no new claims after this)Payment End Date for Remaining Weeks
PUA Claims filed on or before Dec 27, 2020 (e.g. Active Claimant, getting UI benefits)50 (39 + 11)If active agreement in place, January 27, 2020March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
PUA Claims filed after Dec 27, 2020 (e.g. New Claimants)14 (3 + 11)If agreement in place, December 1,2020 (claim effective December 6, 2020)March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
PEUC24 (13 + 11)Date of agreement - effective March 28, 2020March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
$300 FPUC11December 27th, 2020March 14, 2021N/A
$100 Mixed Earner Payment (Optional)11December 27th, 2020March 14, 2021N/A

Notes to table:
1. Table does not include extended state benefits which could mean additional weeks of PUA in certain states (e.g California which includes up to 57 weeks)
2. You can only get PUA if you don't qualify for regular UI or PEUC, so those weeks need to be excluded from maximum weeks.
3. New Claimants or those who had exhausted benefits have to apply and get their claim approved for back dating to December 1st. Otherwise they only get the new 11 week maximum under the extension funding from December 27th, 2020

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27 thoughts on “Will I Get Retroactive Back Payments for PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Under Extended Unemployment Stimulus Funding in 2021

  1. These clowns know we have all exhausted our savings over the last 3 months in anticipation of retroactive PUA no wonder the GOP gave in, this bill does nothing to alleviate the suffering they caused.

  2. will child support take the extra $300 from my unemployment.
    And another thing I saw that the irs said that some people won’t get there $600 simulus check til they file their taxes. Now my question is if we don’t get it til we file our taxes then say I file my taxes and I do that recovery whatever it is to get the stimulus money added onto my taxes but the state takes all my taxes every last penny of it for child support now they going to take my stimulus money to cuz I thought the stimulus package included child support not taking the money

  3. In my opinion mitch and nancy screwed around so long those two and those two alone have cost the american unemployed an ungodly amount of money , we need retro payments from aug 1 2020 .those two should be tied to a stake .I have no use for those ugly individuals they suck big time .they shouldn’t hold those jobs !!!!

  4. So because I was not unemployed soon enough due to covid, I get screwed over!! thats bullshit! I was unemployed from august thru end of November. I’m a healthcare worker and 300 something a week is obviously less than what i earned, making paying bills a real struggle. So everybody else, especially those normally earning way less get to reap benefits of additional 600 or 300 a week, while I get screwed over?? Seriously who the hell do i need to cuss out in the government because this is serious bullshit!!

  5. It is very disturbing that those that sit up high and look down low on citizens who were unemployed suffered losses etc. during this crtical season that already only received 6 weeks in sept retro but now are not entitled to retro. So we the citizens are not worthy of but return to the work field where companies are paying 3.00 plus dollars less because they know people need jobs n settle for less than n still not worthy of retro. Ok okay, wish someone could make it make sense.

  6. so i really messed up , i could of got 600 per week. iwas really stupid, i thought maybe i would get help from a family member, but i didnt ,it seems they really didnt care to share that information with me, realized finally , sucks having family that dont give a shit. so im not computer savy, i guess its taken me more than twice to actually type this . im wondering if i can request backpay. i am getty puea, finally , so now i have less stress sord of , WHAT A DEAL I GOT IN COLORADO. ………….URG………

  7. I agree that this unemployment boost should be retroactive to Sept when many people like myself were only receiving a VERY SMALL Unemployment payment through no fault of their own. $131/ week! We were all counting on something. How are you going to go from $600 a week to nothing?!? Just like when a woman gets divorced and is entitled to alimony because the judge says “that is what she is used to” .. Well the unemployed were “use to” a $600 boost and were not expecting to be totally cut off. It’s just not right. I have accumulated a debt I’m not sure I will ever be able to pay now. So many people will be affected when these bills cannot be paid. The stress is making me sick honestly. I pray that the new president can fix it.



  8. Yes my name is Chris and I was just able to finally file for my unemployment on the 13 of this month but I had become unemployed on 06/10/2020 cause I wasn’t able to travel.i just got my fist payment how or what do I need to do so I can get my back pay from where I stped working

    1. Hey go to your unemployment login. Go in the inbox and compose an email to ask Labor Dept to retroactive or back paid all the payment since June .

      1. I have not receive any stimulus check for last year this year I receive unemployment first check October 2020 I have received no $1,200 stimulus check from last year and if it’s possible can somebody contact me or email me and let me know what I need to do 312 399 2913

  9. If u/e payments ended Dec 19 Do I have to reopen a claim for the new 11 week round of payments
    Thank you

    1. I have not received a payment since December 8 because I missed a question I got in a queue to be called back no one has called me back my phone number 312 399 2913 claim ID 2990942

  10. This government keeps playing with the American people livelihood. Everybody deserves to receive their money Retroactive from the end of Sept. Till this current date. This would help people significantly n boost the economy back up once people start spending to pay Bill’s n get groceries to feed their families.

    1. I’m just in awe over these politicians careless and wanton behavior. Clearly not working for the “American People” (that did elect them)…. Corporate America that’s what they recognize and nothing else matters.

    2. I’m 100%behind you on this I was really looking forward to catching up on my bills,besides they were the ones who decided to play politics with our livelihood

  11. Mine ran out the last time. I’m a first responder and still unemployed. I’m broke. if it wasn’t for my fire house. helping me with food and some money I would be out in the streets.
    I have been filing every week. says my claim is not payable at this time, but I will be credited . does this mean i will get my retroactive pay when the new bill is passed.
    I emailed NJ unemployment countless times no answer nor any letters.

    thank you

    1. I agree we got messed over from August the first till now and we get no retroactive payments that’s not fair because they waited wow maybe the new administration will take that into consideration

  12. As I’ve mentioned I applied June 21 2020. I haven’t received anything at all and my claim just got completed and approved 2 weeks ago or so. I’m in AZ. The reps are kind and keep tell

    ing me it will be payed. Will it? I’m crushed . It’s my entire balance which is large.

  13. I need to know why I haven’t received my pua unemployment. I sent my identification in. I’ve been waiting on the appeal to come back since July.

  14. I exhausted mine, so you no longer get state. So I don’t get anything going fwd? I also was waiting 8 months for a new deal and they waited till I was exhausted to do it?

    1. The same thing happened to me. Literally. Mine was exhausted the week of Dec 19th. Does that mean we get nothing??

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