Free Money From The Government – More Stimulus Checks and Tax Credits in 2020 and 2021

[Latest Update] Lawmakers have passed legislation – known as the CARES act – that will provide stimulus payments of $1,200 per adult or $2400 for couples. For families they would provide $500 for every dependent child. The full stimulus payment would be made to those earning less than $75,000 ($150,000 for couples) and would phase out to zero for those earning less than $99,000 ($189,000 for married couples filing jointly). SSI and Disability recipients are also eligible for this payment. Families with no earned income or no federal income tax liability would still be eligible for a minimum payment of $600.

See additional details in this article which is updated with FAQs around when this will be paid out and how the IRS will know were to pay this out to based on your 2018 or 2019 filings.

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With the economic fallout from the Coronavirus continuing to affect millions of Americans directly or indirectly, President Trump is pushing congress to approve immediate cash payments and tax credits. This is part of the overall economic stimulus package under consideration and is aimed at providing an immediate financial boost to those Americans who may have lost a job or at high risk of losing it.

Cash payments could range from $800-$2000 based on several different options, with the most likely a $1,000 cash payment followed by tax credits in 2020 and 2021 tax returns. These stimulus payments would be done via direct payments (2 weeks from when the bill is approved) with likely no repayment obligation. Rules will be attached to ensure that these payments only go to those who need it but this is a fast moving situation and official details are still to come. See this article for further updates.

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[Obama Stimulus Update] Is a 2012 jobs and stimulus package on the cards? As discussed in this article, President Obama has indicated that his new economic recovery plan will be released soon; which will aim to provide benefits for a number of groups struggling under tough economic conditions.

No New Taxes with Tax Extensions Approved. President Obama has now signed into law a bill that covers a temporary extension of all the bush-era tax cuts. The new bill also contains extensions to some of the 2008 stimulus tax breaks, and even has some new tax cuts. You can see more on these extensions here. With this legislation he has essentially created a new 2011 Economic Stimulus package, estimated at around $858 billion.

Further, there will be no $250 SSI payment in 2010. See this article for the latest developments on this payment into 2011.

[Updated for 2010-2011 payments] All the tax credits/deductions and payments provided in the massive 2009 economic stimulus package will no doubt be hard to top in the years ahead. However the good news is that there will be more credits and deductions available to most Americans in 2010, 2011 and beyond. These will continue to be funded from the $700 billion stimulus package, with additional funds coming from President Obama’s ten year annual budget. From previous posts on the stimulus tax credits and the over 400 comments, folks are clearly divided on the payment of these credits with many complaining that these payments and tax breaks are just more wasteful government spending with little real impact. However, for many Americans, young and old, these payments are a big and much needed boon in tough economic times.

Whatever your stance as it relates to the stimulus payments, many of these tax credits and deductions have been passed by Congress and signed into law by the president. So if you qualify, saying no to what amounts to free money is just bad personal finance. Therefore plan ahead and make sure you take advantage of these credits.

Recently Updated Articles and New Stimulus Payments

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The Making work pay tax credit provides $400 for individuals and $800 for couples, phasing out completely at $190,000 for couples filing jointly and $95,000 for single filers. Because the credit is refundable (people can get it even if they owe no tax), most low-income workers will also qualify for the full credit. If you’re eligible, your payroll administrator will make the withholding adjustment automatically and thereby increase your take-home pay. The average worker will see this tax credit in the form of a $10 and $20 pay rise per year based on your tax rate. You may prefer not to adjust your withholding amount and can get your stimulus in a lump sum payment as a tax refund when you file your 2009 and 2010 taxes.

Home Owner Credit Extended (now expired): While you could have claimed the $8,000 stimulus funded new home buyer credit this year, many Americans will be claiming it in their tax returns. Here are some of the updated provisions in the extended home buyer tax credit

– The deadline for qualifying home purchases has been moved from Nov. 30, 2009, to April 30, 2010 (and possibly moving to Sept 30 2010). Additionally, if a buyer enters into a binding contract by April 30, 2010, the buyer has until June 30, 2010, to settle on the purchase. (see this post for details on a further extension into 2011 of the home buyer credit)

– The maximum credit amount remains at $8,000 for a first-time home buyer – that is, a buyer who has not owned a primary residence during the three years up to the date of purchase. The new law also provides a “long-time resident” credit of up to $6,500 to others who do not qualify as “first-time home buyers.” To qualify this way, a buyer must have owned and used the same home as a principal or primary residence for at least five consecutive years of the eight-year period ending on the date of purchase of a new home as a primary residence.

– The new law raises the income limits for people who purchase homes after Nov. 6. The full credit will be available to taxpayers with modified adjusted gross incomes (MAGI) up to $125,000, or $225,000 for joint filers. Those with MAGI between $125,000 and $145,000, or $225,000 and $245,000 for joint filers, are eligible for a reduced credit. Those with higher incomes do not qualify. For homes purchased prior to Nov. 7, 2009, existing MAGI limits remain in place. The full credit is available to taxpayers with MAGI up to $75,000, or $150,000 for joint filers. Those with MAGI between $75,000 and $95,000, or $150,000 and $170,000 for joint filers, are eligible for a reduced credit. Those with higher incomes do not qualify.

Mass Transit Fringe Benefit in 2010: Employees may exclude from income $230 per month in commuter transit benefits in 2009 and 2010 (adjusted for inflation). These qualified transportation fringe benefits are excluded from an employee’s gross income for income tax purposes and from an employee’s wages for payroll tax purposes.

New Vehicle Tax Deduction in 2010: In addition to the working tax rebates and home owner tax credit, the stimulus bill provides tax breaks for new vehicle buyers by giving them a federal-income-tax deduction on local and state sales and excise taxes. It enables taxpayers to buy now and get cash back later on in their 2009 tax returns (filed in 2010). It is applicable to the sales and excise tax on any new vehicle up to $49,500 of the purchase price. The car, SUV’s, light trucks or motorcycles must be purchased after Feb 16, 2009 and before Jan. 1, 2010 to qualify of this tax deduction. This provision that can only be claimed when filing 2009 returns, but is unlikely to be extended into 2010 or later given the improving fortunes of US automakers.

Energy Credits in 2010 and 2011: Given the President’s strong focus on the environment and clean energy, it was not surprising to see additional tax credits for home energy efficiency improvements. The Stimulus package provided for a uniform credit of 30 percent on the cost of qualifying improvements up to $1,500, such as adding insulation, energy-efficient exterior windows, and energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems. The credit can be claimed via your tax returns in 2010 and 2011 for improvements placed in service during 2009 and 2010.

Education Credits claimable in 2010 and 2011 – The new American Opportunity Credit modifies the existing Hope Credit for tax years 2009 and 2010, making it available to a broader range of taxpayers, including many with higher incomes and those who owe no tax. It also adds required course materials to the list of qualifying expenses. Many of those eligible will qualify for the maximum annual credit of $2,500 per student. It also adds required course materials to the list of qualifying expenses and allows the credit to be claimed for four post-secondary education years instead of two. The full credit is available to individuals, whose modified adjusted gross income is $80,000 or less, or $160,000 or less for married couples filing a joint return. Many of those eligible will qualify for the maximum annual credit of $2,500 per student, so make sure you look into it, to help with rising college costs. There are also provisions in the 2010 budget to increase the maximum Pell Grant for college students, from low income households, in the next school year to $5,550.

2009 and 2010 Social Security Payment. President Obama has proposed another $250 one time stimulus payment to social security recipients in 2010 as detailed in this article “An Extra $250 Social Security Stimulus Payment in 2010 for Retirees, Veterans and the Disabled“. If you have not received your 2009 payment, make sure you visit the SSA website and follow up via the provided phone numbers. There is still no word on the final status for the 2010 payment. However, this has been offset for a a number of seniors with the $250 Medicare Drug Coverage Gap (doughnut hole) Rebate approved Under Obama Health Care Reform

The bulk of tax provisions in the stimulus package affect tax year 2009 – individual tax returns due April 15, 2010 – and tax year 2010 – individual tax returns due April 15, 2011. So it is important to plan your 2009 spend to ensure you qualify for the credits and deductions.

Health Care Reform Credits and Payments – The now approved $940 billion health-care reform bill which extends health insurance coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans, also has lots of credits and tax breaks over the next few years. This includes a $250 payment to seniors on Medicare. The $250 payment to offset the Medicare drug coverage gap – known as “doughnut hole” – a big, expensive gap in coverage that affects millions is among the first to be addressed under the new health care law will be in effect in Autumn of 2010. In 2011, Medicare eligible participants would also receive a 50% discount on brand name (non-generic) drugs.


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97 thoughts on “Free Money From The Government – More Stimulus Checks and Tax Credits in 2020 and 2021

  1. My wife and I have lived in Australia for over 48 years and we receive Social Security benefits monthly. Are we entitled to receive the $1,200.00 each stimulus check from the US Government. We normally receive our Social Security via direct deposit on the 3rd day of each month. Cheers! Dennis & Mary Piller

  2. Thankful to be well alive not homeless , children ok and our Trump keeping it from happening.So God Bless and Thank you Trump

  3. Yes im disable& at high risk when wii i get my stemaless check & how much will it be for ? Im on ssi i dont even draw enough to even live on month to month! I worked all my life& and payed ih federal & state taxes it a crying shame what they let me draw a month & what little Medicaid wii do! But let every other people in from all over the world & give them all kinds of federal government assistance! God help us in the good ole united states of America!

  4. Nothing is FREE.

    We should stop calling them all ‘ENTITLEMENTS’ Get it straight: Welfare, food stamps, wic… ad nauseaum are not entitlements. They are taxpayer-funded HANDOUTS, and shouldn’t be called ENTITLEMENTS at all. Not a single person receiving welfare is ENTITLED. Get it right welfare recipients. This is a handout to help you while you look for work to be a self sufficient citizen. Social Security and veterans benefits are entitlements because WE the people receiving them are ‘ENTITLED’ to them. They were earned and paid for by the us the recipients.

    1. Wow i am on welfare and i have worked my ass off since i was 16 and i am 43 now i have put into the system pretty much all my life. Who are you to point your dam finger acting like you are better then me or the people tht are on welfare now i know there is alot of people who miss use the system but thts not my fault but you might want to change your narrow minded brain cause you are nobody special then me so kiss my ass

    2. You go!! Exactly. Every working taxpayer had deducted from their paychecks social security taxes. I worked for the Feds for 23 years, paid into the system the whole time and my sons now complain that social “dues” are being taken from their paychecks to support “deadbeats” who are milking the system by relying on these “perks” that are taking money from their pockets. I never would’ve predicted that after those 23 years, I would become disabled and forced into retirement by going on disability. As it stands, I have had no choice. Irony here: my older sons live with me, I pay all of the bills, they supply only moderate amounts of food that I have to subsidize too. And they have the nerve to tell me that I am milking from them and all hard working Americans by being on SSI. My husband died prematurely 4 years ago and their brother, his then 12 year old son, receives SSS. These (just being polite) “working taxpayers” like my two older sons, should be ashamed of themselves. I paid into social security for my entire working life and I am sorry but disabled is disabled and thank God I had social security to fall back on and thank God my younger son had social security to fall back on since he lost his father, my husband. My ungrateful sons would do good to realize that without their disabled mother’s financial planning and her generosity in ALLOWING them to live under her roof and pay all of the household bills; they would be on “Handouts like WIC (as one of them has children, isn’t married and his girlfriend and their children live here also) and now unemployment (not a handout) due to coronavirus. Who’s the SPONGE NOW?!

  5. Please don’t give me any cost of living raises. The last one subtracted $6.00 from my social security
    check. They say we get 1.7 % cola in 2013 — That one subtracts $2.00 from my check. A COLA is
    susposed to be a raise. Now if congress lets the US government go over the cliff, take away all
    senators and congressmens checks for at least 6 months. That should include the president, cabinet
    and other people working in Washington

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  7. My husband died a few years ago and I was told about a vertrains pay that is due to spouses. How can I find out more about this?

    1. Go to your local Vets office and ask them to help you find out. I was married to a vet and I receive a payment because he was 100% disable. I think that there are a lot of different reason that a spouse to receive VA checks. I hope this helps you.

  8. I have looked every where to find out where my mother could go to sign up for this Stimulus Social Security Check and I have had no luck. I feel like this was kept from the majority of the people so that they would not make the dealine and they would not receive the money. why didn’t everyone receive something in the mail about this? This may not be a great deal of money, but to my mom this could help her more than you know. My mom’s name is Alice M. Gholston (DOB) 11-29-1940. Please respond back to me ASAP.

    Thank You

  9. I need help please! My neighbor at the shelter I’m staying at(I’m disabled with multiple sclerosis and on social security disability)told me and showed my a 500$ check his fiancée received because “she is disabled & on ssdi as well) they said by calling an 800# u could get this payment in 2 weeks; well they never gave me the#(I believe their on drugs big time) and I’ve been searching the Internet like crazy because that 500$ could basically change my life! If anyone on this forum knows about this or can help in any way PLEASE RESPOND! I’m in Louisiana. Thank u! Melissa bennett

    1. My cousin called me and said her sister received a $500 check in the mail today she draws disability and so does her boyfriend and he recieved one also. I can’t find anything on a stimulus check or anything like it anyone have any info on it. Just curious about it. thank you

      1. Hi Melissa, yes it is true and several people have been receiving the $500.00 checks in the mail. I know of several persons on disability that received it. It comes in the form of a Tax Refund Check from the IRS. I am not sure on how they calculated this but persons on disability is entitled to it. There is a number that you call and within four weeks you will receive the $500.00 Government Check in the mail. The process is quick and easy in which you respond to a few questions they ask you and then they will let you know if you qualify for the Tax Refund Check over the phone. I hope this information was helpful and pass it on to others that are in need of it before holidays.

        1. Sorry – I am not sure what 800 number Melissa is referring to. The IRS 800 help number is 1-800-829-1040 . You can also try the site for more information. I would be very careful about contacting “other” non-official sites which could be fraudulent.

        2. I would like the number also I could sure use 500 firast I heard of this

  10. I would say at this point nooo 250 check for 2011. Only Hope is a Rise of 30.00 in Jan 2012. If that dont Happen Good Luck folks Food goes up every week only so much you can do with pifff of a amount of 674.00 a month. Sure would like to see old Harry live on 674 a month for 5 years

  11. What the hell is going on? What website do we suppose to go on to find how to apply for it? Im tired of hereing bout it and not receiving it. Holla back soon and post the info.


  13. There are alot of you that should really be ashamed of yourself. Judging others without knowing anyones situation is wrong. Not all people choose the life they have. It is not like anyone asks to be ill and not everyone enjoys getting assistance. I have been sick my entire life with surgeries and illnesses and spent many years without health coverage.. ill be paying the bills back for the rest of my life. I have worked for most of my life starting as a teenager but sometimes your not able to. I am still struggling with going back to college again and im in my 30’s. I am married and have children and my husband works his tail off. I was not always in the situation where I have suffered financial hardship so I am insulted when people say well you shouldnt have kids then. That has nothing to do with it. Do some families deserve to suffer if there is an instant death that was unplanned and then they are about to lose everything? No. It happens and everything happens for a reason. Its all in Gods plan. Yes some people do take advantage of the system but its not our place to judge or be envious or hate. For years I was too worried to get any help because even when I had wic people would make rude comments because it took so long at the register, yet I was working three jobs and raising my children. Many of us have paid our taxes and still do. Some of us get denied total diability based on our sex and age, and this was proven in my case at one point, they came right out and said. I could not even walk or function in everyday life with an illness, so if there is a stimulus package or any help I see nothing wrong with that. Maybe it should just be monitored and people should have to turn in receipts for the things that were purchased so wreckless spending doesnt occur. I agree that there is alot of money spent on vacations from the president but I dont envy him at all. In fact, I would not want his job nor to be rich, I just want to be able to live comfortably. If I didnt experience all my struggles I would not be the person I am today. I would most likely just blow money on senseless things. I understand that some of you are upset because of the racist and negative comments that are written on here but that is their opinion and if it is trashy then that is something they have to live with and answer to, but stooping to anyones level does not make matters better. I think some people need to take a good look at how they present themselves and change their ways. Im sorry for anyone that really truly needs disability income and I feel for you believe me, life is not easy when your disabled and personally I would much rather have energy and be able to enjoy the things that I so long ago once did, and maybe I will. I have experienced many miracles in my life and seen many in others but this is our world and we are the ones that have to change it. We can make a difference if people choose to or we can sit back and complain back and forth and do nothing. God bless!

    1. Some powerful words. I agree you need to be the master of your destiny and not just a passenger of fate. However, at certain times, folks need a little help to deal with tough economic and life conditions.

  14. My mom is disabled. She has parkinsons and alzhimers,and cannot care for herself. I will have to leave my job ob 26 yrs. I will have no income or medical coverage but my mom needs me. Is there a way to recieve income and medical coverage for taking care of a disabled parent?

    1. im sorry to hear about your mother and that u have to loose your job…i am disable ang my mother is too and my brother get paid through a program to be our home care aid…there are programs where you can get paid as a home care aid from the state to take care of your family members. just google it for the state you live in and see what programs in your area

  15. Since one of the bailed-out companies has paid back their loan—— Now can seniors,handicapped,etc get a stimulus payment to offset the high prices of everything?????

    1. You changed your tune pretty fast, eh? And no, you will not get any stimulus. There must be an island somewhere that you can go to and won’t have to put up with all this crap from all these crappy people, starting with this administration that doesn’t give a hoot about seniors, handicapped, etc. Air Force one, the parties, the traveling is expensive.

  16. If there is some one that is rich and would like me to get house i have some one to
    give me a some land to put house it . I am on disability and i need help to get a house can
    you help me.


  18. I congratulate myself for not voting for Obama. This man has done nothing for the poor, the retired and the disabled. Instead, he gave away billions to Wall Street, the banks, Fannie and Fred. He has traveled the world with his wife, children his mother in law (a highly educated and knowledgeable woman), and an entourage of thousands at our expense. His wife spends like there’s no tomorrow on clothes for her and the rest of her tribe, State dinners, banquets, jewelry, etc. I thank Mr. Trump for having cornered that man re: his birth certificate and within a couple of days ”he” showed us a new and improved piece of paper, which we all know is another forgery. Did anybody notice the arrogance of that man? he ”told us” that he didn’t have time for ”silliness”, that he was busy, that he had things to do. Did anybody notice how he stuttered a couple of times? then he turned around and left, ignoring the reporters. And he was busy indeed, he and his wife took a helicopter that flew them to Air Force One, which in turn flew them to Chicago to pay a visit to their good pal Oprah. After that, they flew to NY and attended three fund raising for his ”campaign” although he’s still president, and after that, they met with the commie jew Myers who wrote him a sketch so ”he” could appear funny. I suppose it was their best shot considering that they were NOT invited to the royal wedding. Within a short time after that, he told us that Osama was dead. Too many coincidences, too soon. And like a real marxist dictator, ”he” decided not to show us any proof of his deed. Personally, I don’t believe that Osama is dead, why should he be? That man is hiding somewhere with the aid of the US, and will keep a low profile for some time, his family, although ugly tribal muslims, are powerful and very wealthy. I remember that on 9/11 that tribe were the only ones in the US allowed to leave the country in a private jet, although nobody was allowed in or out from any airport for a very long time. Now “he” will push once again for an Immigration Reform = Amnesty and if you think we are poor now, wait until the 15-17 million illegals become residents, they will raid Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and every other freebie they are not entitled to. For years I have written to ALL our congressmen and senators even Soc. Security asking them why do foreigners who have never worked a day in this country get SSI checks, Medicare, food stamps, low income housing, free utilities and now free cell phones with minutes included. Just because they turn 65 or they have an idiot for a kid they get all kinds of freebies. I congratulate Merkel, she has been deporting whole families from Germany and she doesn’t care if they were born there. She started with the Turks, now she’s deporting all illegals. President Reagan approved an Amnesty back in 1985 which was going to put an end to the illegals. That didn’t work out, that same day until the present the illegals keep crossing the border, the Africans come hidden in ships, the Hindus have taken over, the Filipinos, the chinks, Russians, do the same. Others come on ”tourist” visas but forget to go back when the visa expires. This country is upside down and the whole world knows it. I read foreign magazines and newspapers and we are the joke of the world.

    1. You seem to be dissatisfied with everyone and everything. There must be an island somewhere that you can go to and won’t have to put up with all this crap from all these crappy people.

      1. I don’t hide in an island or anywhere else. Thanks to people like myself things change. Either you are blind to the FACTS I posted or you are a hypocrite.

    2. do you have anything to back up your claims? because everything i read in your paragraph is just unsubstantiated rhetoric from the “tea party” as they call themselves. and by the way, your bail-out comment… uh, that was bush’s doing. the fact the economy tanked in the first place, uh, lets see, yep, under bush’s watch. and yes, we are the laughing stock of the world, but it is you and people who think like you that are being laughed at. how about being a good person and getting behind our popularly elected leader, or sit down and shut up. just admit it, you have nothing to back up your rediculous points of view. maybe your just a racist. and dont reply with some crap about how you have a black friend, so you cant be racist, that is an insult to your black friend

    3. stop hatten she is entitled to that, when Bush was president was anything said about spending issues then, no i dont thinks so, so why is it a issue with Michelle O. Bush messed everything up now expects obama to fix his bullcrap>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    4. Oh my goodness to actually have read all that bogus bull you just wrote. Lord have mercy on your dumb behind. Tribe indeed. Look at the regulated spending silly person. Obama and his family have to pay out of their own pocket for their personal spending. Look at the rules and such for being a president. They even have to pay for their own food they eat at the whitehouse. The only real benefit they get for his being president is not having to pay rent or a morgage for the time they live at the white house, unless of course they have another home in which they will again have to pay out of their own pocket. Stupid people such as yourself work my darn nerves with all the hoopla you speel out of your top poop shoot. Get a life please and let real people state their concerns and not your ignorant prejiduce self.

  19. I want to know if there will be a stimulis check for people that is on social security we are not geting a raise we dont even have the money to put groceries in the house it is like President Obama has forgotten the seniors something is wrong with this picture we put him in office now he has forgotten his promise.


    1. You are so right. They cut out so much on medicare/medicaid if you qualify at all, that it is impossible to live. They are not thinking, the people that are in need of help are the ones that paid it in. Not just lived off of what others have. They are killing the workers so they can
      take care of the ones that don’t want to work and have no intentions of helping anyone, not even theirselves.

  21. If we are bailing out banks and corporations then that means they are the welfare recipients. Only they get the million and billion dollar checks. If a single mother applies for the same she’s lucky if she gets an extra hundred dollars a month. Where are the million and billion dollar welfare checks for the people?

  22. If you want a job go to China or stop shopping at Wal Mart or Target. Support the Unions and US made products.

    1. Far as i know you can- One way to find out go to a tax service place and ask them but i think you can good luck

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  24. I collected unemployment 1n 2010, did not worked, my son is a 46 years old who is disable snd collecting disability, he lives with me. Can I count my unemployment as an income and get some money back?

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  26. “Extended till 2013 : The Making work pay tax credit …”

    When was the extension approved? If the MWP credit IS extended through 2013, then the net effect combined with the reduction in SS contribution (from 6.2% to 4.2%) will be better! I tried Googling this but haven’t found anything. Is there any way your posts could reflect the date posted? thank you! :o)

    1. well boo hiss! LOL. I thought I missed something there … oh well. Back to my big $8 a month extra income from the SS reduction! Thanks.

    2. yeh I agree with others. I have heard about the flags that get put on the bills and Obama is no different than any other! He lied. If I become the president I will send out stimulus package!! HE HAS APPROVED 2 SO FAR!! RESEARCH SHOWS THAT WITH THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF both stimulus packages, every household. EVERY HOUSEHOLD WOULD OF GOT 1 MILLION DOLLARS!! come on! Its all about the money. Everyone im sure, EVEN Obama has good intntions to do good things, but money gets in the way people do favors and in return you give their business 3 times the amount the helped. We need some smart people who actually want to save money in office, Obamas wife, not Obama himself. Took 100 friends in jet to Paris for a week and other places. Come on, I bet she didn’t have 100 friends before her husband was president. Not saying she didnt have friends. But I bet people are using her, for publicity, etc. We need to stop helping other countries because I have seen the first one help us. WE help them out and yet they sell our bill we owe them to CHINA!! People I dont like Chinese food, at this rate one of our presidents is gonna have to hand our COUNTRY over to them!! Come on!

  27. Well I wonder still will they do anything for the ss people on a low ss because we worked low wage jobs while we tried to raise our kids and get by as best we could.

  28. When you file your taxes this year (2010) Use Turbo-Tax Online… It will let you know if you get a Stimulus or not. (automatically)

  29. I would like to know how can one qualify for a stimulus check. I have Sickle cell diaease.I get less than half of ssi,(according to what i bring home from working) and i also work part time. i would like to move closer to my job. i have no money to move. i live 30 miles away each way.i”””m buying gas every other day, everydayif i have to go to the store, appointments, ect. i barely can make ends meet. when ever i go in the hospital(because of my age the crisis are getting worse) iget behind in paying bills. by the time i catch up i’m backin the hospital.i can’t get medical insurance because i only work part time and medicaide dosn’t give you dental ins. I need dental work real bad. i need clothes. it is not my fault i have this disease.but sometimes i feel it is.

    1. Debra sometimes I wished I was a millionaire. People like you would be the first on my list to help. I also get ssi, my problems seems trivial to yours. Wouldn’t it be easier for you just to leave your job and concentrate on your health? That way you can get a full check, full medicaid and maybe dental. I thought dental was included in medicaid, it is included in mines. Trust God always Debra and have faith, you have the will, so I know there is a way. Bless you and may your road get easier.

      1. Tersa, I wish there were more people like u in the world. This world would be a much better place. I’ve always had the same wish as u. But I want to help people like Debra and the kids of the world. I hate to see a child suffer.

    2. Sahara, you are one of the most ingnorant people I’ve ever heard of. Have you totally lost your mind or have you ever had one in first place. Hooray!!!! You are one of the very few who is actually capable of living without help from anyone. And that’s a bunch of BULL. Because the rich couldn’t be rich wihout other peoples help. It’s people like us that buy the products that them rich. I am so happy for you. But, you need to talk about what you know about and stop having diarrhea of the mouth. Spouting a bunch of sh**! What kind of people raised you? Or were you maybe raised by wolves? You are so uncaring and so self rightous and people like you make me sick! I actually feel sorry for you and your parents. Especially your parents, because they are the ones that have to claim you as their daughter. You said your Mom worked three jobs to support her family and that’s great for her. And I applaud people like her for making such a huge sacrifice. But in doing that, the children are the ones who suffer. Just look at how you turned out, educated but still stupid as hell. I want you to know that your right, it’s nobodys fault that people are born that way or have something to happen to them so they end up that way. But I am talking about having empathy not sympathy and compassion for people in these situations. Everybody needs help sometimes. My story is almost like Debra’s. I was born with sickle cell anemia and I’m 38 now. And jus like Debra, the older I get the worse I get. And for your information, I have worked. And I’ve worked quite a bit. So I have paid taxes, even when I’m not working I pay taxes for any and everything I buy. And I’m only eliegable for about $20 in food stamps and all I get from the government is $599.00 a month. Now you tell me how the hell am I supposed to live off of that. I have to pay for my own medicare and my rent was just raised by $207. I also, just like some of these other people, can’t afford to buy clothes or go to the dentist because medicare doesn’t pay for dental services and medicaid only pays to have all your teeth removed and they (the gov’t) took that away from me years ago. I don’t know about you, but I like eating my food, not drinking it. And I like working, but guess what, everytime I get a job I get fired because I stay sick and in the hospital. I was jus fired last week from a part-time job because of my disablity. Even though it was not the best job in the world and it didn’t pay much I loved it. But for every dollar people like me make, the gov’t finds a way to take half of it. And I am also educated. I have a bachelors in communicative disorders. Something I thought I was born to do, but while I was in school I went through so much because I missed classes when I was sick. I even went to class sometimes when I was sick. Walking on crutches because my leg hurt so bad I couldnt walk on it. For those of you who don’t know what this disease does to a person you should really educate yourselves. But guess what Sahara, even though I went through hell growing up and still do, my parents taught me that no matter what you’re going through, remember there is always somebody that’s worst off than you. So I don’t complain, I deal! But I also let people know what’s on my mind. And when people like you and Andrew start talking trash I have to say something. Some people take that freedom of speech thing to damn far. Didn’t your Mom ever tell you that if you don’t have something nice or positive to say, to SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!! People like you discuss me and you should never be given an opportunity to speek on any issues because the things you say are just straight up STUPID. It’ people like you that make other countries hate us. They think everyone is like you, out for themselves, selfish, materialistic and heartless! You should get a clue and take a hint from people like Teresa, who wants more money, not just for herself but so she can also make a difference in someone’s life. Like someone said earlier, what goes around comes around! And like you boo boo karma is a BITCH!!!!

  30. Nice post….When I read this post it reminded me of my class mate. He always kept talking about this. I will forward this URL link to him. I am very sure he will love to read it. Thanks for sharing. You are bookmarked!



  32. i am a mother of 2 and i had to quit my job just because i could not find a daycare who would take my youngest daughter with the health problems she was haveing and still is she is getting ssi and the sezuiers are getting worse and the trips back and forth to riley hospital from terre haute can cost if you know what i mean. i can use that money as well as a whole lot of people and i do aguree that some people do use the help to much and some people lie as well and for me and the ones who tell the truth deserve that money. i dont know where you heads are out but get them out from behind you and stop hideing and do your jobs.

  33. I am a working mom and I also take care of 2 disabled children who get ssi so dont tell me about I dont pay taxes I do. Have you ever tried to explaine to an autistic child that he cant get something in a store because you dont have enough money because the utility bills go up and rent is slowly increasing because taxes are going up. I am glad there is help out there for people who need it. Now I do agree that people do take advantage of the system and work it and they will get caught but you cant put everyone in the same boat there are some people that have to quit there jobs to care of loved ones because they cant afford to put them in a home so yes I do think they need a break every now and then and GIGI god bless you for takeing care of your dad because alot of people would not do that I help take care of my grandmother who is 87 and she trys to pay me but I tell her no because she took care of me when I was little now it is my turn but alot of you rich people should be ashamed of yourselves because what goes around comes around think on that for a while. What if it was your family( like mom or dad) that was like this and on ssi or ssd and needed help would you tell them TO GO GET A JOB or would you try help them????? cause if you did and you were my child well you wouldnt be my kid any longer because i would have brought you up better.

  34. To Sahara, who said We who are Disabled, should not get a Stimulous Check. and did not pay Taxes? I am Astonished at this Thoughtless Comment! I agree with Anonymous, Chatter too! How Dare this person say this about Us!!! I take care of my Dad, 96, For Free, with All My Love,Who Lives With Me, since My Mom passed away, 21 years now. Do You know what it is to Not Be Able to Work Anymore, or have such Bad health, You don’t know if You Will Be Living Next Year? I did pay Taxes, Worked to Support my Daughter, Self, and Parents. I Cannot Believe the Cruelty, of this Person! I don’t Smoke, Drink, or do Drugs! I am a Generous Good Person! No one knows what is in Store for them, or if something Bad will happen to Them and They Cannot Work Anymore, or Eat, or Live for that matter!! She Should Thank, God for HER Health! Think Before You Speak, and Judge Someone!!! GIGI


    1. It is a tax deduction, so it will be deducted from taxes you owe. Tax credits will also be applied to your IRS debt first.

  36. I’m trying to find information on an educational opportunity the government is supposedly offering, whereby they (the gov) will pay you to go back to school. If such a program exists, where can I find information regarding it.

    Many thanks,

  37. Pingback: » Further 2010 Extension of $8,000 First Plus New $6500 Existing Home Buyer Tax Credit From the Economic Stimulus Package. 2011 Extensions Available For Certain Groups | Saving to Invest
  38. I’m sorry, but all I see here are people complaining. What happened to “ask not what your country can do for you — ask what can you do for your country.” Everyone is asking for money and hand outs. I dont agree with the trillion dollars in bail outs. I think the govt should be more like the regular American people, if we need something we save up for it until we can afford it.
    I don’t mean to be cruel, but I also don’t think that people on ss and disability should get stimulus checks or refunds; you don’t pay taxes!!! You have to save up for retirement, if you can’t live off your retirement savings, guess what, time to go back to work. I’m gonna take it a step further and say that there needs to be a cap on welfare, something like you can only collect it for a max of a year every 5 years. My mom raised four kids, working two to three jobs and was NEVER on welfare of public housing. Why? She believed that welfare is for those that truly couldn’t take care of their families. As soon as we were teens and could work, we did, and gave our mom over a third of our paychecks to help her pay for bills. All four of us are college educated, homeowners, who can afford their life style. Americans have become lazy and want everything handed to them on silver platter. Its called work people, if you want more money, get a second job or third job. If you can’t work because you’re disabled please don’t complain that the government isn’t giving you enough. I know its not your fault that you are disabled, but it also isn’t everyone elses. And there is a lot of fraud in the disability system, so I wonder how many people are actually unable to work to those who are just looking for free money.

    1. Sahara – Let the truth ring loud and clear!
      Our children are being born into this country’s overwhelming and growing debt. Eventually, someone has to pay for it. Obama is turning this country into a socialist disaster. Where does everybody think all this money is coming from? The money tree? Grow up people! It all comes from us, the working class. We aren’t paying enough money in taxes right now to cover this but we will. If you work, your going to pay for every nickel of it or your kids will. It’s like taking money from a baby – literally. Remember all of this when you vote in 2012.

      1. want the truth go to and learn about our debt under each president what you will find is that almost all of our debt $9.2 trillion of it was racked up under the watch of President Reagan and the twoPresident Bush’s mostly under W. They spent us broke ran the bus into the ditch and are now fighting off the tow truck untill they can slither back into power without the republican party’s obstruction things could be fixed sooner to say the least

    2. WOW! what a cruel person you are…you must be wealthy and don’t care about the people that worked all their lives and put onto ss…..I agree with some of the things you say about some people becoming lazy – but….not all of them….try to get a job at 75+….you are certainly an UGLY person…hope someday you experience some of the things that the people who are really in need are experiencing

    3. so why do people pay into the system because you are gonna get mess up one day .what about people that have x on they back they have family so they applied ssi because the people don’t want give other folks a chance somebody gave them a chance?

    4. so why do people pay into the system because you are gonna get mess up one day .what about people that have x on they back they have family so they applied ssi because the people don’t want give other folks a chance somebody gave them a chance? we need mr.obama to get it right bush couldn’t

    5. Sahara im sorry but what you siad is very rude and discrminating you dont know what it like to live on low income all your life untill youve done it your self my husband make 1000 amonth and some time less and in the winter when it snow or rains he cant work he works lanscapping this last mont in january we payed da rent late which is 649 a month plus our lights are about to turned off cuz we only had enough to pay the rent plus we still have left to pay the car ins& also my 3 yr old & i both have asthma& my medicaid was recenlty stopd & now they r denying it to me &we cant afford health ins my son was sick sept oct nov dec & jan &3 times in the er w/ fevers of 104 we live paycheck2 paycheck& r cars are breaking down but we dont have the money &i have to worry on how to feed my family i recieve ebt but my benifit are gettin ready to decreas so dont tell us to stop complaing& remember im not the only 1 struggling to live lots of people r and theres little work u have $ to pay ur bills we dont

      1. Oh Nicki….
        I am sorry things are hard for you but I feel I need to give my two cents seeing as you have offered yours. I was raised majority of my life low income so I DO understand what its like. My mother was single and worked two jobs. I like Sahara also had to contribute my paycheck to our household when I was a teenager. That being said, I would like to offer some advice. First you need to sell a vehicle!!! A family of three can survive with 1 vehicle. We have for years and you can to. Stop wasting your money on the internet and go visit your local library and lastly please stop acting like you have been wronged because you are not receiving every program out there. You would be very surprised to find out that the majority of Americans suffer severe health conditions. My husband suffers from end stage renal failure. We are extremely low income but we have NEVER asked for a handout or ever received a government program. I walk to the grocery store or take the bus. I coupon and do all kinds of odd jobs to earn money. When you have no choice but to survive you do. I worked at a hospital and unfortunately the ER is abused by parents of Medicaid who bring their children in with “non-emergent” issues simply because they can. Those of us who have to pay for our insurance choose to not abuse the ER. Stop asking for handouts, complaining and get to work!

    6. i know a lot of people that rather drink/smoke and live a low life of being on drugs and that are truly using the system, which is just sickening/im tired of paying taxes for people that are using the system, please hurry up and evaluate these people so they can stop getting away with this.

    7. Disability is different from the regular welfare system. These are people who have illnesses that have them bedridden, crippled, in daily unbearable pain to the extent that they can not work. The thought that you believe that we should not be helping them is revolting. That is pitiful. You should always offer a helping hand to some one who needs you. These are not lazy Americans who sit around watching TV just collecting checks. You can’t be healthy and live off of this wage and enjoy life.

      My grandmother just past away a few months ago at 67 years of age. She worked full time over nights stocking at a Walmart until the doctors told her to stop working; because she was passing out at work. With her Chemo treatments she had dropped down to part time and use ssi to help make her car payments, and pay for her other bills. But she had to stop working entirely several months after because the cancer in her body was killing her. This wasn’t from smoking or other bad habits, but a cancer she got from her childhood job working in a factory around asbestos was preventing her lungs from functioning. She’d never been unemployed her entire life until the end. A state program even sponsored her stay in a very nice hospice house. Because of programs like this we were able to afford end of life care for her. Not everyone on these programs is some one abusing the system.

      The only changes they should make for this system would be to increase the pay out for disability. Then for all programs like it (including and mostly the welfare program) is that people should have to pass by yearly randomized drug testing to be on them (mostly the nastier drugs like heroine, cocaine ect).

  39. 153 Comments (from old blogger blog)

    Curt said…
    Tax cuts are a better solution – only if they are followed by massive government program cuts, rather then increasing the national debt and pushing the dollar closer to the edge of the cliff.

    And that is going to be very hard (perhaps impossible) for a liberal president to do, who is pro-government expansion.

    Therefore, if the tax cuts are not followed with government spending cuts, then they will only make the problem worse and lead the economy into a much deeper recession and push the dollar over the cliff.

    January 5, 2009 12:19 PM

    Kyle said…
    My opinion is we’re screwed no matter what we do. If the private sector can’t pull us out of this, I don’t see anything the government can do about it.

    January 5, 2009 1:46 PM

    Anonymous said…

    January 6, 2009 7:16 AM

    Anonymous said…
    I am an unemployed licensed school teacher in NC and realize we may be going down the inevitable path to depression.

    Maybe we all would be better if corporations went bust and “mom and pop” shops open up, then instead of employee ID numbers we’d have names again and be a people!

    January 6, 2009 8:22 PM

    Andy said…
    Curt – I think Obama is not even thinking about cutting government spending as he has put reviving the economy (at all costs) ahead of longer term debt issues. The Fed’s printing presses are going to be working day and night printing more US$.

    Kyle – Bleak scenario, but I do not disagree. I think it will take time to work through the whole mess. The only hope is that government action speeds up the recovery.

    Anon – Yep. That’s politics. But I think Obama had no choice given the worsening economic conditions. But as always, never believe everything a politican says. No matter how smoothly they say it.

    Anon 2 – I think the consequences of what you could say would be much worse (anarchy almost). Mom and Pop shops still need consumers to spend money, for which you need jobs. Corporations and the government are the biggest employers in the nation.

    January 7, 2009 7:50 PM

    Anonymous said…
    The sound of government giving me money is great, I mean I’ve definitely paid in my share, however, what is this supposed to accomplish? Give me $500 and the first stop is going to be WalMart and stock up on house supplies and groceries and this and that. I’m not gonna go make a payment to the credit card company that I’m thousands in debt to b/c frankly, what good is it gonna do considering the interest they charge…nothing! To our “educated” politicians…wake the hell up. You shouldn’t be bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, you should be bailing out the consumers that these two corporate giants put in the whole to begin with. You want to boost American economy then you better start handing out thousands to each household. Our economy is not made up of retailers. You shipped all those jobs over to China, remember? Our economy is made of credit card companies and mortgage companies, so us consumers need big bucks to boost this economy. Stop giving the bailouts at the top of the chain…you have to start at the bottom with us little people first. If you gave me $20,000, I’d be out of debt and probably getting myself into more. I mean, this is what you have to do if you really want to BOOST the economy. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and our money boosting China’s economy.

    January 13, 2009 3:14 PM

    Liz said…
    Honestly, what is $500/$1000 going to do for people? Allow them to pay off one bill? Go grocery shopping for two weeks worth of decent groceries, instead of living off of Ramen noodles? $500 is going towards home heating oil to finish out the rest of the winter…and that will take the entire $500. That’s all it will do for me, and then I’ll immediately be back to square one again. No change in my situation.

    How about if you provide a severe tax cut in my paycheck every week…not just for a week or two…I’m talking for like 6 months to a year or so. Give people the money they need to make the payments they need to make. By doing so, these lenders will get their money back. Make changes to the crooks at financial institutions charging ridiculous interest rates. It is those thieves that do not allow people a REAL chance to pay their debts off reasonably.

    By giving a longer tax cut over time…and I’m not talking $10/week or anything…I’m talking like $100-$200 every pay check for an extended period of time. By doing so, you’re allowing people to still be responsible and pay their debts. The companies are getting their money back, which will allow them to stay in business and lend back to others.

    People right now are struggling for the necessities. Only throw a couple hundred bucks at them, all they are going to take care of are the necessities – temporary things (food, toilet paper, etc.) Everyone is SO tied up with bills at this time, who has the extra money to spend? Give people the chance to pay things off and get into a good place financially. Yes, will you have people that will still be financially irresponsible afterwards, yes. But you will also have a lot of people who learned a lot. You will have a lot of people who have gotten their credit together with the help of extended tax relief, which will allow them to get lower interest rates, which will allow them to be able to afford the things they put on credit. Let people get to a good place so that they can put spending back into their weekly budget…so, that they can go to Target and spend $100 on just “stuff” because they have it. Or so that they can pay off that credit card bill and then not have a monthly payment anymore, which will open up money to be spent and put into the economy.

    January 14, 2009 8:46 AM

    Liz said…
    In addition…I think about the people who are running large corporations that are making millions of dollars. I’m certain they are losing money at the stock market themselves…but how many of them have bitten the bullet…taken one for the team…and maybe taken a pay cut themselves to possibly save someone’s job?

    I dont know about you, but my bring home is a little less than $3000/month…and I make decent money. I see all of these jobs being lost…and some of them at in the $10-$15/hour range. Come on — you tell me that some of these business owners and CEOs of big companies aren’t willing to take a pay cut themselves to save a few jobs? What is a $15/salary to them? What they probably make in a month, these people make in less than a week.

    A friend of mine in Balitmore who works for the University of Baltimore was told that she has to take X amount of days in the beginning of 2009 unpaid to help with the state’s financial problems. I’m wondering – what is the governor or Maryland doing? Is he taking his unpaid days too?

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe some of these highly paid executives should do their part for the greater good and take a small pay cut to help save jobs for their people. Maybe they have to actually go to the grocery store and cook food as opposed to eating out every night to compensate for the smaller income. Maybe they have to keep their BMW for an extra year as opposed to buying a new car two years later!

    January 14, 2009 9:01 AM

    Anonymous said…
    How about the American Public gets bailed out! Enough of these fiscally unsound companies get billions upon billions of dollars to do what with? I work in the financial industry. No one and I mean no one is lending money, yet these “major” banks have been doled out all this money. Makes you wonder were the money is going.

    How about the government bails “us” out. Every US citizen above the age of 18 gets what they made last year, W2 or 1099, and cant claim a teax return for the next 3 years. Sounds like a good plan to me. Put control of this country back in the hands of the people. What it cost to bail out AIG is in the ballpark of what it would cost to do that. 80-90 billion.

    I know I am struggling immensly due to this, I used to be able to pay my bills on time all the time evry month. Due to this wonderful economy, I am behind on every bill, car, house, credit cards etc.
    I used to make 70-80k a year, not anymore.

    Something along those lines needs to be like yesterday, but having faith in our esteemed government to do that would cause me to be called a fool. Folks get ready to revisit the great depression our grandparents told us all about, because its knocking at all of our doors.

    January 14, 2009 6:07 PM

    Anonymous said…
    In all fairness a stimulus check
    covers the broader range of lower income and individual taxpayers.,Giving a tax credit excludes, veterans, SS recipients, the unemployed, and those who do not file, Change is encompassing all the masses,
    Not a select few.!

    January 22, 2009 11:06 AM

    Anonymous said…
    hey! how about us poor souls, widows, who live on social security alone, stayed home to raise our own kids! i dont pay taxes, so, where does that leave me when every one else getting tax breaks instead of a check?????

    January 23, 2009 4:22 PM

    Anonymous said…
    To all the people that wrote in I do understand what you are saying.

    Now, to the point I was injured on the job and now can’t find work because of a hiring freeze. There fore, tax cuts and stimulus checks won’t help much. I am well over 75,000 dollars in debt with house payments and such. Credit card companies are after me and hospitals,doctors, etc. so this tax cut will not help. Stimulus check might bring me out a little but,it has to be a big check.

    January 23, 2009 11:38 PM

    Anonymous said…
    When are the common people going to get a break? I am retired and living on social security only. I worked for over 50 years paying federal income tax, into social security, state taxes, local taxes and gas taxes. I’m not getting any tax breaks because I do not have any other income now and really need a stimulus check. By the way I am still paying gas taxes, sales taxes and taxes on anything else I have to buy.

    January 24, 2009 8:22 AM

    Anonymous said…
    i think its all bull!they promise you this n that and then they get elected and boom,they forgot about everything they promised you! chatter

    January 24, 2009 11:13 AM

    chatter said…
    last year the checks we got,well nobody got the ammount they were promised!

    January 24, 2009 11:14 AM

    Anonymous said…
    IF everything goes well to whatever obama promised when he was promising things this yr and boost the economy ill vote for him secondterm..ive never voted to anything even for presidency..its my way of saying lets see what u got if u fu*ked up shooting blanks..NEXT!

    January 24, 2009 10:34 PM

    Anonymous said…
    What about the disabled parents who still have underage children. With that being our only income. We don’t qualify for EIC. And the welfare is a joke on getting help. By their guidelines, we make TOO MUCH to qualify. In one way or another, We ALL still pay taxes.

    Disabled Parent!!

    January 25, 2009 1:42 PM

    Anonymous said…
    If the census bureau is correct, then there are a little over three million people in the u.s., including children, illegal aliens (yes, they count them) and so on. If the government was truly concerned with the economy and Main Street being helped, why not give the money to the legaltaxpayers who need it? Even if they were to give 500,000 to each working man and woman or those who have worked (if you have social security retirement or disability you still qualify), it still wouldn’t have added up to the 350 billion they handed ou the first time to those big corporations who aren’t lending it back out. It did nothing to help those people who were losing their homes, why weren’t the mortgage lenders made to refinance those loans or get no bailout? It’s still not doing anything for those of us who aren’t within the top ten percent of the wealthy. The money, had they given it out, would have most likely (at least in my case) paid off my mortgage, credit card(s), car & truck paid off, and still had some left to invest, whether it be in land or whatever. Yes, there are those out there who would have “blown” the money, but yet again,, it would have gone into the struggling economy, wouldn’t it? Sometimes, politicians have to think like real people with real problems and bills. If you don’t have it to spend, don’t buy it. This nation has become one of I want it and I want it now, leading to one of the largest debt to earnings ratio in history. Now the government is doing the same.
    As far as the welfare system, it needs a complete overhaul. Many are riding it for as long as they can. I work in retail, and for the most part, the ones that come in with food stamps are as follows:
    they drive better cars,
    they have more jewelry,
    their hair is always done,
    their nails are always done,
    they almost ALWAYS have a cell phone or blue tooth they are talking on,
    and they can afford to buy the groceries I can’t.
    What happened to welfare being a hand up and not a hand out? Used to be, you had to sell practically everything you had before you could even qualify for a dime, then there were the “home visits” where they made sure you didn’t have anything…but that’s another blog, isn’t it?

    January 25, 2009 5:00 PM

    Anonymous said…

    January 25, 2009 7:40 PM

    Anonymous said…
    The gross generalization about welfare is ridiculous. Look into it these days and you won’t see a soul sitting on their butts not working for what they get. You have to put in a 40 hour week doing some kind of volunteering or such for cash assistance. Try being disabled and getting those benefits!

    I was disabled for 3 years and raising 2 children by myself before I was able to receive any Social Security because it kept getting denied. I lived on my child support of $340 a month and food stamps. Thank God for public housing.

    Now back to the stimulus package. I think the tax breaks for working people are a wonderful idea however, how does that help those of us who are disabled and on Social Security? I can assure you that I worked my behind off, sometimes more than 80hrs per week while raising 2 children alone, before I got hurt at work and became disabled. By not including some kind of stimulus for the disabled and retired, the government is discriminating against us.

    January 26, 2009 12:22 PM

    Anonymous said…
    29 months ago I had a staff of 9 in my department, and I had difficulty finding new staff to keep up with the work. The market was at 14,000, unemployment was at less than 5%. Then you people decided you wanted CHANGE. So, we got a Democratic Party controlled Congress and for me, during the past 24 months everything has gone into the toilet. I now have a staff of 1, the market is at 8,000 and unemployment is skyrocketing to Jimmy Carter era numbers. Thanks for the Change

    January 26, 2009 2:33 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I just hope that people of all income ranges get a releif. I was reading an article about these checks that we are supposed to be getting this late spring, and whom they will all go out too, and the article stated the need for these checks to be sent to people “who can’t afford to save it”. I am a fourth year college student, living and going to school off of student loans, with a few credit cards too. I work a less than minimuum paying wage job that DOESN’T take taxes out as it is a federal workstudy job and I felt my purse strings tighten just as much as my average middle class working parents. AND I was in the group of people who DIDN’T recieve any check last year…Hmmm, not so fair to me and other college student’s who were ignored…We felt this economy go to down the drain too, and of course all of our credit card company’s upped our interest rates and minimum payment rates. Thanks for another slap in the face!

    January 27, 2009 9:59 PM

    Anonymous said…
    i am a college student, so does that mean i will get $2,500 towards college? this entire thing is confusing. and i only work like 20 hours a week and get paid like 6.50 an hour… do i make enough to get the $500?

    January 28, 2009 11:38 AM

    melpol said…
    Stimulating the economy is on every persons mind. Every stimulus package has failed. Getting money into the consumers hands is the big problem. The government is running out of ideas. But there is a natural resource that is being overlooked. Millions of body parts can be sold and converted to cash. This would put billions of dollars into the hands of consumers and jump start the economy. Selling a part of the body is a morbid way of making money; and it is outlawed in the U.S. The sale of body parts also has provoked fear in many donors because many have multiple parts to offer. But the government can get involved by encouraging and comforting those that need the money. A human cornea sells for as much as 10,000 bucks and a kidney for a little less. People in ill health are happy to pay the price. The exchange of body parts is best done on a personal level. The donor and the one that is receiving the body part should remain in touch with one another for the rest of their lives. There is no better way of establishing a real life connection.

    January 28, 2009 2:21 PM

    Sarah said…
    So should I wait to do my taxes until Apr 15th, so I can take advantage of this tax cut?

    January 28, 2009 8:27 PM

    Andy said…
    This post has been very popular and I am truly surprised at the strong sentiment people have expressed. $1000 is a lot of money, but is it life changing?

    Sarah – You do not need to wait to get the money. From what I undertsatand (details are limited) you can change your paycheck witholding to get a higher after tax return. If you don’t have a job, you can wait till you do a tax return or I hear that the IRS is going to setup some facility to get the monies sooner. But wait and see when the bill is signed by the president (feb 16) for all the details.

    Anon College Student – Everyone who earns less than $75K (not how many hours) will qualify for the tax rebate. Couples limits is $150K

    To all the commenters, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I know some people have different viewpoints on this issue, but I think some action is better than no action. The stimulus itself will not solve the economic problem and get us out of a recession (after all money lost to date is in the trillions!), but I think it is a step in the right direction.

    January 28, 2009 9:11 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I am so thankful that this was passed yesterday. But is $1,000 enough for any family to feel good about themselves again? That is all going towards our heating bill we owe. So that will heat our home for a few more weeks of this cold cold winter here in Minnesota.

    Why can’t the government help us? Like everyone else said those who make top of the scale you take a break or get cut from your job and try to live on unemployment. And then try qualifying for food stamps and see how tough it is. Though there are plenty (too many) people out there who just take advantage of this. That think they expect to have food stamps. If you have had a steady job and a family and something happens in life I think you should be able to qualify. But no you are turned down. So please help us. We need something to get ourselves feeling good again. And I will be thankful if we do get $1,000. That will help. It would be nice if they just looked at us, the little guys, trying to make a living, but can’t keep up with the economy.

    January 29, 2009 12:18 PM

    Anonymous said…

    January 29, 2009 1:09 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Some people are right…Just don’t have us pay taxes for a year..that way we can bring home more money to our family… We can pay our debts and boost our economy..Giving stimulus check once won’t help us..Not unless it’s 10k or up..which i doubt…

    January 29, 2009 2:27 PM

    Sarah said…
    Hi Andy – Thanks for your feedback. I’m still “confoosed” though. If one were to do their 2008 tax return today, then it would seem (to me atleast), that they would not get any benefit from Obama’s stimulus package $500 tax cut? If one were to wait and do their taxes Apr 1st, then if the they would get the benefit of the $500 tax cut??? I dunno, does my question make sense or do I sound like an idgit?

    January 29, 2009 4:02 PM

    Anonymous said…
    mostof the comments are right on target, but a few are ridiculous rantings of a few right wing bush supporters. the thing that bothers me most is the feds are not taking a sincere look at the plight of the american citizens that most need a stimulus check for 2009. These people are the low income seniors on ss only and low income families. Please President Obama, do something to help these people.begging for help,a poor law abiding american.

    January 29, 2009 4:24 PM

    Anonymous said…
    It is imperative for each individual to have ATLEAST 6 to 8 months worth of expeses sved at all times. In this way, we can avoid complete and total despair during times as hard as the ones we face today. We must learn to take care of OURSELVES, instead of relying on Credit, Government, Others to do it for us.

    If you struggle with saving because you struggle controlling your spending you may find help in debtor’s anonymous. It has helped me greatly and because of that program, I am now well on my way to building a substantial savings account. I suggest it to anyone and everyone.

    January 29, 2009 10:12 PM

    Anonymous said…
    What about the people on disability? will someone be honest and say if we are going to get one or not.What if we don’t have to file taxes what do we need to do?

    January 30, 2009 4:50 AM

    Anonymous said…
    They take from low class and middle class.Middle class is taking the biggest hit in taxes,we aren’t getting back a fourth of what my husband has paid in federal.The rich get nice tax breaks,why not give it to the people who need the most.The one’s who are paying all the taxes,low and middle class.Illegal aliens more here they are tax exempt,they shouldn’t get the help,American people should the legal ones.I think our gov needs to listen to the people,the American people who are footing out the bill for the bailout plan.They would rather give so called tax breaks yet the tax bracket is way up this year,we get back even less this year then last year.The American people suffer from jobs lost because out gov is spending money foolishly,who in the hell can buy a car with no money no one can.You can’t buy a car if you’re credit s shot yet the gov steals it from the people to bail out crooks who get a nice salary.That is wrong,those crooks should be in prison!

    January 30, 2009 1:55 PM

    Anonymous said…

    January 30, 2009 7:12 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I am appalled that because I am on SSA, I do not receive any help. The pawltry amt. in a so-called “cost of living” increase was immediately eaten up by an increase in medicare premium and my medicare part D premium in addition to the amount of increase in my co-pay for medications. I would love to meet the person who believes that anyone on SSA due to disability can come up with enough money to survive the “donut hole.” I have often been forced to choose between food and medical needs. I have had 23 surgeries in the past 11 years, which startead with a repetitive injury to my forearm. As an aside, I was a legal secretary and typed until I could no longer move my dominant right fingers, hand, and forearm. Stimulate my package will ya Mr. President?

    January 30, 2009 11:37 PM

    Elizzy1977 said…
    I think that with the Economy the way that is, and Fuel prices destined to rise again, a Tax Rebate would be extremely beneficial to us Tax payers.

    January 31, 2009 3:31 AM

    Anonymous said…
    give us the bail out money verses these damm banks that use the money on themselves not helping the economy. I am so tired of promises made by the adminitration and yet millons of americans are losing their jobs and been penalize by early withdraw of their 401k. When will open up their eyes and see what is going around in the U.S. BAIL US OUT

    January 31, 2009 9:32 AM

    Anonymous said…

    January 31, 2009 9:38 AM

    Anonymous said…
    hello im kinda confuse about the tax rebate. now what i have been reading are the gonna take so much taxes out of our pay checks until we reach that 500/1000 pay or how long is this suppose to to last president has not signed the bill yet but i believe it suppose to take effect in march. please help me understand this tax rebate.

    January 31, 2009 12:19 PM

    NASH said…
    Meet the new boss same as the old boss–This whole thing is BS. Becoming President is nothing more than an ego trip for these yahoos. They are all cronies, scratch each others backs and don’t care about normal everyday Americans. Tax rebates whatever thanks for the extra gallon of milk I can buy every week. Soon the banks around the globe will be nationalized, with their countries economies in the tank(ala Iceland) and there will be no one left to buy our debt and then finally we will tank. I hope everyone realizes that this $800 billion stimulus plan is us going $1.2 Trillion in the hole with interest, the debt being sold to other countries like China and Japan. We will be owned by communists. The Ameriscam dream in full force!!@!!!

    January 31, 2009 2:10 PM

    Anonymous said…
    what abn out us on Social Security? We are being discriminated against in a big way. The second Bush to me.

    February 1, 2009 7:44 PM

    Andy said…
    And the comments keep on coming. Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment.

    Here are some answers to the questions that were asked:

    I am amazed at the variety of responses and uses of the stimulus money. The good thing is that we get it twice (2009 and 2010) so a lot of people are going to grateful for the money. I know a lot of critics are lambasting the Obama adminstration for its wasteful spending, but just reading some of the comments on the use/need for the stimulus checks should open the eyes of our GOP lawmakers

    Sarah – Good question. As the bill has not been signed yet, it is not in effect. So if you file your taxes now you won’t get your credit. Depending on how it is structured the IRS may allow people (including those who don’t pay taxes) to submit a seperate claim for the stimulus. Otherwise, like the last stimulus, you can claim in future year tax returns. If you claim the stimulus through your paycheck, your withholdings will be adjusted so that you get the $500 over a few pay periods. Look for more details over the next few weeks.

    @ Anon with the disability question. You can also get the stimulus via your paycheck witholdings. The IRS does want people to file, so they will probably be the quickest way to get the stimulus for non-workers. You can file for free via the IRS. However, once the stimulus is approved we should know more details on how to claim it.

    @ Confused Anon: The stimulus will be paid via your paychcek by reducing the federal taxes withheld. So essentially you should see a bigger paycheck. This may happen over one or multiple pay periods depending on the stimulus details, your payroll policy and how much you earn.

    February 2, 2009 1:30 PM

    Lea said…
    What in the world are people such as myself who survive somehow on SSA (Disabled Person) income?
    We obviously don’t pay taxes to Big Gov’t…but that does not mean we don’t pay any taxes at all.
    There are taxes added to utility bills.
    There are taxes added to the grocery store bills.
    In the rare event we feel “rich” enough to eat a meal somewhere other than home, you bet there are taxes there on the charge slip.
    No taxes on your gas bill for your car, you say? Bull. The taxes are already included at the pump which is one reason I don’t have a car.
    Taxes are added to the price of medicines…that’s a biggie for me since I’m ill and must pay out of pocket for medicines that are not covered by my so called insurance.
    “Insurance:” that’s when a person pays and pays and pays premiums, only to discover that when he or she needs the insurance company to step up and help, the same old B S about pre-existing conditions comes up.
    Now I’m sorry for ranting for so long but I do need to know this: What are we who do not work because we cannot work to do in this supposed ‘no stimulus checks, tax breaks instead’ situation?

    I need a real answer. Every agency I contacted because I thought I might get a real answer either wasn’t able to tell men anything or else sort of patted me on the head and advised me not to worry my little mind about it.

    Neither one of those things helps me one bit.

    February 2, 2009 9:07 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Well were we fooled. Stimulus checks are a joke. My husband and I are on disability. Can not afford to even fill our tank up. Buy milk or prescriptions. Make 20 over the limit for food stamps. No medicaid.Tax cuts for the wealthy and middle income , everyone I know is low income and or in poverty. Not by choice. So all the seniors and low income people should be helped too. GOD BLESS US

    February 2, 2009 11:06 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I like Huckabee’s plan.. give every tax paying citizen one million dollars.. it would equal roughly 700million. The government was willing to shell out that much to bail out wall street and the auto industry. If every taxpaying citizen got one million dollars they would pay off their mortgages (end the housing crisis) buy a new car (end auto maker dilemma) pay off debts and invest (hello banking crisis) and spend, spend, spend, boosting retail, airlines, hotels, restaurants and small businesses. Will, they ever do it? NO They’ve got us right where they want us…

    February 2, 2009 11:40 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Thanks for explaining this. I didn’t think there was going to be another stimulus check heading my way, but a lot of misinformation out there completely confused me. You’ve explained it wonderfully.

    February 4, 2009 4:38 AM

    Lea said…
    Hello to everyone….

    I’m still confused as to whether people surviving somehow on SSA or, worse yet because of lower $$$ in the check, SSI.

    Are we going to be eligible for one of thse stimulus checks?

    I saw that one writer-in said there was also going to be some sort of stimulus check in 2010 and that’s the first time I ever heard that.

    So. Back to the original question: What about people whose income is SSA/SSI?
    Should we as one person said wait until Feb 16 to file a non-working persons’ tax return? There was a mention of waiting until “the bill” was voted on and passed…

    Will there be a Special Line on that return for the person to fill in, with whatever info Big Gov’t will demand before issuing said checks?

    If anyone can figure out the conflicting messages coming from WA DC and explain it in words that make more sense than those messages I’d certainly appreciate it.

    February 4, 2009 10:53 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I could have used a stimulus check but if its going to be a rebate and I have already filed was I supposed to have done anything special to get the rebate??????????

    February 6, 2009 9:56 AM

    Anonymous said…
    To those who are talking about the American public needs a bailout, I yell out a loud “No, I don’t think so!” Many of these people facing foreclosure knew they couldn’t afford a house without saving but they jumped in anyway. I know people who make in the 50K range. They bought two houses, 2 cars while their wives don’t work and they have 2 kids to support. I also know retired people who just filed bankruptcy to get rid of their 100K credit card debts, lucky enough to get to keep their house, yet turned around and bought a brand new car over 25K. Oh, did I forget to mention they also have serious health problems so they will probably have to file bankruptcy again in 3 years?!

    I don’t like the fact the government is bailing out the greedy corporations and their CEOs. Nor am I happy the super rich are taking advantage of the tax loopholes to save themselves money. It is time to raise the capital gain tax to its 80’s level 30%. Unfortunately in this country irresponsible people are getting rewarded for spending carelessly.

    February 6, 2009 8:44 PM

    Anonymous said…
    to sarah the tax cut for the 500 hunderd dollars for singals or 1000 for couples is not something that will be recieved on your 2008 tax returns it is money that you will see little by little on your pay checks by reducing the taxes you are charged each check. so you’ll see for example an extra 5 bucks per check not a lump sum 500

    February 6, 2009 11:45 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I’M with huckabee, give every american citizen 1 million dollars. That will solve our problems quick, fast, and in a hurry. who saids it can’t be done. Treat the people like you would a huge corporation and we will be rocking and rolling again. smiles and more smiles for the people that keep this united states runnings. NOt congress, not the republicans, not the senate, not even the democrates and the liberals(THE LITTLE PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY THE &*&*(& SMARTEST PEOPLE. HOW BOUT EVERYBODY MARCHING WASHINGTON,AND IT’S NOT MR.OBAMA’S FAULT, SO STOP BASHING HIM. HE’S JUST AS BAFFLED BY WHAT THE IDIOT DID TO THIS COUNTRY AS WE ARE.

    February 7, 2009 9:58 AM

    Angry American Woman said…
    Stimulous in our pockets is about ignorant, My husband is and hasn’t been working only about 8 hours a week since the middle of November, The future doesn’t look any better. So how is this going to help those that are on umemployment? They need to be in the real world where we have to struggle to put food on our tables and to pay our bills. We don’t qualify for any govenment assisant to help with food or electric maybe they should consider raising the limits on those goverment benefits so people that are unemployeed could get some help also instead of the dead beats that don’t want to work!!!

    February 7, 2009 5:30 PM

    angry american woman said…
    isn’t and hasn’t been working

    February 7, 2009 5:31 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I think President Obama’s Tax Rebate idea is utterly ridiculous. This does not help struggling Americans, if I see an additional 41 dollars a month for 12 months in my pay check he might as well keep it. I can not stimulate the economy with 40 bucks sorry. I liked President Bush’s stimulus better because it encourages consumers to go out and buy big ticket items like computers for themselves or their children. If this is a mirror of how President Obama is going to handle things during these hard times for Americans…we are in big trouble.

    February 7, 2009 6:05 PM

    anoriginalamerican said…
    Scrap it all and start over..Everyone back to trading goods and services, raising a garden and hunt! Why must we want for so much and really need for so little. Get back to family values and working and playing together as units instead of one giant servant to an overgrown machine.

    February 8, 2009 2:26 AM

    Anonymous said…
    what about people that dont pay taxes,with four kids and two jobs and still cant get by,there is no tax break when you dont pay already,do you realize how much 800 hundred BILLION dollars is,you want to boost the economy give me 50,000 and i will show you how,screw your 500 and 1000 checks that will stimulate me for 1 min,if thats what it is they can keep it,tax cuts ,uhhh there is no tax cuts cause five years from now they will go back up and your kids are going to suffer paying more….all for what?consumers are called consumers for a reason we spend not invest we dont make enough to invest,the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer doesnt make any sense any more why bother relying on hope from the gov…..maybe we should just stop paying taxes and see who gets stimulated then….

    February 8, 2009 9:16 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I’m on social security and was disabled for the 6 years prior to making the age qualification. I live on less than $980 per month.
    I can’t work more than a little, without it killing me. Why can’t
    we get the right to work a tiny bit,or sell strawberries, or pet sit to make a few hundred extra a month tax free, and just file a postcard stating compliance with the HIGHER income limit. That would be a permanent stimulus, and would cost nothing from the government.ALL OF THIS WOULD BE SPENT TO BUY,SHOES,VITAMINS, GAS, OR BETTER THRIFTSHOP CLOTHES! Let me scratch out an extra, say $3000 to $5000 a year with work, or a micro THIRD WORLD vending activity.
    Obama “bought” millions of votes from seniors with a proposed $50K BOGUS tax threshold for SAA seniors. Our needs and situation hasn’t even come up in this BS stimulus bill! And don’t get me going about the AARP as a SHAM lobby organization!

    February 9, 2009 3:53 AM

    Anonymous said…
    How come we always hear about the mortgages & foreclosures with them, but you never hear about the HIGH property taxes! Many people lose their homes due to the property & school taxes as well. I have heard some monthly payments for those taxes almost as high as the mortgages. Here in NY they are even cutting back on school budgets, but our taxes will still go up. Kids are not educated well as it is. But lets not give them anymore education. Why are we not rewarding the middle class for working their butts off? We are always rewarding the people who do NOT want to work and wont or who want to bare 4 kids and cannot even afford to support themselves. $8,500 a year is all you have to earn for the Child Tax Credit??? But I earn & contribute to the Social Security system at least 4x that and I have to pay! I thought we would be rewarding people that actually wake up each morning and work all day just to make ends meet. Not paople who take advantage of the system!

    February 9, 2009 6:20 PM

    Anonymous said…
    In reviewing some of the comments on the second stimulus check, and in particular to those on Social Security, I live on 885.00. However, do the medication that I take for a heart attack it is much less. I also live in a relativly nice low income apartment building, where many here live on LESS than I do. Maybe you should ask yourself, how many republican presidents ever gave you monies that you did not have to pay back? Before you comment, think about those that do not have what you have.

    February 9, 2009 6:24 PM

    Lea said…
    Obama “bought” millions of votes from seniors with a proposed $50K BOGUS tax threshold for SAA seniors. Our needs and situation hasn’t even come up in this BS stimulus bill! And don’t get me going about the AARP as a SHAM lobby organization!
    Anon, you are right. I didn’t vote for Obama because I didn’t see any How to go along with all the What that he kept promising us…but that doesn’t mean I did not hear him exclaim during his campaign that we residents of this country would get a Second Stimulus check.

    I’m constantly receiving mail from such scam-shams as AARP in which I am urged to contact my Senators and Representatives to tell them to keep after Obama and make him keep the promises…lies…that he gave us.

    Contacting someone to tell him/her to see to it that someone else keeps his/her word is so wrong on so many levels I can’t even get my mind around it.

    Regarding the person who said we should not bash Obama, I do not think that saying a liar IS a liar falls under “bashing.”

    ANON: SSA/SSDI (Disabled Person’s Income) at least formerly allowed a recipient of SSA to work for nine months each five years to see whether they could go back to work permanently.
    I don’t know if this still applies nor if it applies to people receiving SSI.

    The program was called “trial work period” and the SSA recipient would still get the SSA checks and any other benefits such as MedicAid/MediCare for the nine months.

    Anon if you feel capable of working for a few months it might be better than the stimulus checks we were promised and will not get.

    February 9, 2009 6:58 PM

    Anonymous said…
    OK let me get this straight the stiulus will be in our paychecks.. LMFAO most of us are laid off due to the economy. So we dont get a paycheck… Ok tell us now where our money is going to come from?????? Helloooo anybody home

    February 11, 2009 12:10 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Oh yea and further more hitting pavement everyday looking for new job.. NO ONE IS HIRING NOT EVEN RESTURANTS!!!!!!!!

    February 11, 2009 12:13 AM

    Andy said…
    Wow, the comments keep on coming and folks have some strong opinions. One thing to note is that you do need to be working to get the credit (as mentioned in the post). All you need to do is file a TAX RETURN, even if you don’t owe taxes.

    Now if you don’t want to file a tax return or change your paycheck withholding, it will be difficult for the IRS/Government to pay you the rebate, but you will have to wait for the bill to be finalized to see all the provisions for how the credit will be distributed.

    February 11, 2009 9:24 AM

    Anonymous said…
    The $1,000 tax rebate works this way: If a couple is entitled to a $500 tax refund check already, they will receive a $1,500 check instead? If they owe $500, the $1,000 tax credit will result in their receiving a $500 refund check? And if they already owe $1,500, the tax credit will result in their only paying $500?

    Is this correct?

    February 11, 2009 11:22 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Money needs to go to the people in the LESS than $75,000 a year bracket – especially less than $40,000 a year – those folks are spending all they have and falling behind.

    I’m blessed to still be working. My brother is disabled with diabetes, lost both legs. My baby sister got laid off at 49 – its been 5 months and it looks like she will loose her house which is where she sunk $40,000 – all her savings. It makes me sick, she worked hard and put in a pellet stove for heat all by herself. Her ex was never good with child support, she brought up two great girls all by herself, worked HARD all her life.

    February 11, 2009 10:40 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Hi, I’m the “Anonymous” who wants to work a little bit, or sell a tiny supply of goods, like flowers or strawberries to earn a few hundred a month. Since our money was cut in half since 2000 by little c.o.l.a.adjustments,I may die from the salt malnutrition, that comes from “99 cent store” canned groceries. Bastardly, cheapskate kneejerk conservatives, think, you have to pay income tax, currently, to be worthy of any breaks. I worked for 40+ years and paid lots of taxes.I simply can’t live in California for $980 a month! I’m not asking for money, just the right to work,a few hours each month, probably doing a micro job, nobody here legally would do. I can’t stand around or
    walk far, due to my diabetic feet, and weak heart…but by God, they
    should NEVER be able to prosecute me if I were to work a little, like any peon is free to do in the THIRD WORLD. Braveheart said it best…FREEDOM!!! Let me file just a postcard to comply with a special IRS waiver, on this tiny subsistance activity.

    February 12, 2009 2:13 AM

    Anonymous said…
    I am on SS Disability,too.You are actually allowed to work some every month,you can make up to $900 per month ,if you are able to.Whether or not you would need to to pay any taxes is dependent on your own financial situation,but if you are only wanting to make 3-5 thousand per year,you should not need to pay.You should go to the SSA website and look up the information on working while on Disability.

    February 12, 2009 9:05 AM

    Anonymous said…
    I’m not any longer paid for disability, as I’m old enough for
    retirement SSA. I am disabled, now,
    only under DMV oversight, for parking. I get a few dollars SSI,
    which is not enough to offset the
    food stamps that I’m not allowed.
    After being homeless in my car for
    14 months, I have a reduced rent, which brought me in from the cold. That is at risk if I were classified as SELF EMPLOYED…So I can’t earn anything from casual
    work or even selling strawberries,
    or collecting used soda cans. That
    is considered a “small business”

    February 12, 2009 10:56 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Does the 2009 tax break translate to p. 2 of the 1040? I do not work for wages and my only sources of income are Social Security and one 1099.

    February 12, 2009 2:35 PM

    Anonymous said…
    my husband and i are on social security disability,it is not our fault that we becane disabled,but we have bills to pay the same as working people.we feel we deserve the stimulus rebate check also.i feel elderly people on socail security should receive this also.alot of the gas worked hard for many years.alot of them had to move to smaller places to live because thay couldnt afford taxes,but now they have to pay rent.alot of these people on social security and social security disibility can hardly make it month to month.i really do not think we should elimnate certain individuals because of there age or there medical problems ,whoever is going to judge these people better pray that one day something bad could happen to them or their spouse,and your whole life can change in a second.we never thought that we would become disabled,and i really do not wish it on anyone.we lost our home,my husband needs surgery in his brain,but we have no insurance for two years after we received social security be careful with what you say and do,because it could happen to you

    February 12, 2009 5:46 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Why not keep printing money and not stop until there is enough to put our economy back in shape ???

    February 13, 2009 10:57 PM

    ca21595423 said…
    To Anonymous
    February 13, 2009 10:57 PM who wrote this comment:

    Why not keep printing money and not stop until there is enough to put our economy back in shape ???
    Because US dollars are not backed up by anything and haven’t been backed up by anything since this country went off the Gold Standard so MANY years ago and should not have done that, that’s why.

    Continuing to print un-backed money creates a thing called inflation. Besides greed on the producers of both so-called “durable goods” AND fast-vahishing things such as food runs a country into an economic depression such as thse un-United States has been in ever since Reagan Era 2, money basically printed on air causes the economy to gurgle down the tank ever faster and faster.

    People are losing their homes and cannot, economically speaking, afford even enough $$$ to live in shared housing with other people. Being economically forced to share housing with other people can cause resentment and emotional depression because of our seemingly endless economic depression.


    February 14, 2009 12:36 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Wow, Andy and readers and posters, the Rebate seems to be reducing very rapidly, doesn’t it? I do feel, though, that a little less is better than nothing at all. Of course since my income is through SSA, Disabled Persons Stipend, people who are able to work might feel differently about the “a little less” opinion.

    Copied from Andy’s page:
    I also received some questions regarding whether this payment would be available to otherwise qualified retirees or disabled people. The answer is that it will, but in a reduced fashion. Because there is another provision in the overall stimulus bill of a one-time payment of $250 in 2009 to retirees and disabled people receiving Social Security benefits, income-tax credit (rebate) will be reduced by $250.
    I’m sorry to be so dense but as I subtract $250 from $250 I get a total of zero. Could someone help me see where I am going wrong? I do not have a job so ostensibly do not have any claim on the Rebate. I thought the Rebate provision was for people who were able to work.

    The reference to “earned income” is, I think, slso part of what is confusing me. I don’t have a job. My income is not “earned,” so I don’t know how to subtract 6.2% from what I don’t get.

    Copied from Sndy’s writings:
    2007/2008 Stimulus payments – The Bush administration did mail out stimulus checks last year and many people did not claim their share or didn’t qualify. If you didn’t get an economic stimulus payment in 2008, you may be eligible to receive the recovery rebate credit in 2009. See the 2008 tax forms or use automated tax software (such as turbo tax) to determine your eligibility.
    Alas, Andy, I don’t recall Bush Jr generously handing out any stimulous checks last year. I do have memory issues but wonder whether any reader who also survives somehow on SSA income could give me a brain-jog, please?

    SIDE NOTE: It seems a great number of people are writing under the pseudonym “anonymous.” Are at least some of those people trying to reply to a previous post? Is there some way that could be indicated, either by copy-pasting what the previous writer said and then going ahead with a response, or some other method brain fog won’t let me figure out just now?

    Thanks to all who try to make their messages clear!


    February 14, 2009 12:55 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Ventura County, CA – This “anon”
    hails from that area. I have posted twice in the last week. The political point I am advancing is that you can be a nontaxpayer, now,
    yet have paid plenty of tax over the years prior to illness,injury, or dibilitating old age. Everybody who is hard-up, in an unhealthy old age is not necessarily a dole sucking flake! We are not allowed the flexibility of poor folks in the THIRD WORLD, to scratch out
    a slightly better living standard,
    by our own efforts. People who collect aluminum cans,sell apples from a basket, play the banjo for tips, or just feed a traveler’s dog, for a few days… are ALL CONSIDERED CRIMINALS in the eyes of both the mean spirited welfair bashing RIGHTISTS or the
    ZEALOUS means testers and gov. tax collectors, on the LEFT, if they want to make a little more
    than SSA alone, pays. They both wish you’d just disappear, with you need to eat,ETC! I’m just saying,let us file a simple TAX POSTCARD, once a year where we say our total taxable income is less
    than $15K to maybe $18K INCLUDING
    ALL SSA, SSI, and food stamps! If
    that is true, and we say so under penalty of TAX EVASION or FRAUD, that should be it, for any poor retired or disabled persons! If that is socialism, than this conservative free market guy is a “Marxist”! Keeping perfect detailed accounts of the many
    ways of surviving, a few bucks at a time, is a burden on sick old folks, who likely have no family to help, like the richer, smug,
    “Middle Class Retiree” most likely has, as a “safety net”.

    February 14, 2009 2:25 AM

    Anonymous said…
    I told you Gov would not betray big business. Thats where their bread is buttered. Now everyone hang on, because this ship will be sinking fast now. Your watching the fall of a great nation. Just like Rome, the fall is caused by greed and coruption.

    February 14, 2009 1:46 PM

    Andy said…
    Okay, I am going to have a shot at answering some of the questions I have recieved online and offline. I have updated the post as well, but just want to remind folks that a lot of the details of the income tax credit/rebate still need to be worked through via the IRS. So please do not what I say here as the final word. It is only based on the current information and research I have done.

    Anon – Since the credit is “refundable,” people with no federal income-tax liability will get money back. So you can either offset it against your owed taxes or get the cash back if you have no other tax liabilities and meet the income qualification. As long as you have some earned income, you will qualify for this credit. There is also a $250 credit for SSA which will be added to the regular payments. However if you claim the $400 tax credit and are eligible for SSA, then you will have to reduce the credit by the $250 (which you will recive seperately).

    I also agree that we should not be making disparaging comments about the disabled here. Like one of the commenters said, “Your whole life can change in a second.we never thought that we would become disabled,and i really do not wish it on anyone”. Just be greatful for the health you have.

    Anon (with the benefits declining rapidly q). Just to clarify. The income tax rebate of $400 and the SSA credit of $250 are seperate payments. However it is not fair that some people could get $650. So to avoid a double credit, you can only claim the maximum of $400. If you don’t qualify for the $400 working tax credit and are on SSA, you will only get $250.

    Bush did send out $600/$1200 checks last year (see the IRS site and search for stimulus). Most Americans were eligible for this.

    Lea – thanks for your great comments. Also, yes it would be good if people used a pseudonym or initials to their name so that I could get back specifically to them. For those not familiar with the comments form, you can enter your name be selecting the “Name/URL” button. Only enter a name, as URL is optional.

    In reagards to the SSA/Disabled benefits here is what is offically in thee bill:

    – Economic Recovery Payment to Recipients of Social Security, SSI, Railroad Retirement and Veterans Disability Compensation Benefits. The bill would provide a one-time payment of $250 to retirees, disabled individuals and SSI recipients receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration, Railroad Retirement beneficiaries, and disabled veterans receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The one-time payment is a reduction to the Making Work Pay credit.

    – Refundable Credit for Certain Federal and State Pensioners. The bill would provide a one-time refundable tax credit of $250 in 2009 to certain government retirees who are not eligible for Social Security benefits. This one-time credit is a reduction to the Making Work Pay credit.

    February 14, 2009 3:56 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I don’t understand something. If there are only 3 million Americans, then why not just give each one One million dollars. Then instead of bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, Hell I can pay off my house and Fannie and Feddie can stop blowing up my phone. I could buy me a decent car and the Car industry would be saved. For once I could pay off my twenty thousand dollar student loan helping out the education lending. I could catch up my child support and my children’s mother would be able to buy groceries. Of course I’d have to get me some decent clothing lending a hand to the retailers. Finally, I’d be able to get myself some insurance and go to the doctor for all the ulcers I have gotten from the stress of not being able to pay my bills, helping out the medical industry. Just looking my single sitaution, must have open up at least 10 more jobs. Now imagine if 3 million Americans had the same opportnity. I really don’t understand, because you said you bailed out the banking industry. My credit has gotten so screwed up they still aren’t going to lend me a dime. I doubt seriously that AIG is going to give me any free insurance, so next year I’ll still have ulcers. I really don’t believe that Ford or the Chevy dealers are going to give me a free car so instead of most americans being able to help the auto industry we are still going to have to patch up on our old rides. I hate to let you know this but gasoline is on the rise again, but I don’t see the CEO’s of EXXON standing in the foodstamp office. I supported Sen. Obama, but when it’s all said and done at the end of the day, The rich get’s richer and the poor get’s fucked even harder.
    I wonder is it that they are afraid of what the world would be like if we could all lay down at night not having to worry if the re-po man will wake us up in the morning. $800 rebate! WOW! That sounds so enticing, but guess what since I’m about to be in forclosure anyway and $1000 isn’t going to catch up my payments I think I’ll just stick mine in a jar since the bank closed my account because of NSF. That way atleast I’ll be able to buy some of that $2.00 / gallon gas and go from family member to family member when my house is gone. At least until they are soon in the same situation as I am.
    My hat is off to our government leaders. They are stimulating the hell out of the economy. I’m grateful cause at least I’ll get an extra $20 on my pay check. Atleast until my job like many others decide that now that they got a bailout they’re going to get the hell out and move to Mexico or China. Boy talk about stimulating the economy.

    February 16, 2009 1:07 AM

    Andy said…
    Anon – Clearly you have some issues with the way the stimulus. Also there are 300 MILLION americans, not 3 million. So your numbers don’t really add up. Dividing the $800 Bn* stimulus, into 300 million, gives you about $2,666 per person. Much less than your numbers and while more than the current tax breaks, I don’t think $2666 will save people from foreclosure or create new jobs.

    *$800 Billion has 11 zero’s, and most standard calculators cannot handle a number this big! Also just to show you how big this stimulus is, if it were a country the stimulus would be the 15th largest nation in world based on GDP.

    February 16, 2009 9:44 AM

    sdeming said…
    My husband and I are both drawing social security disability checks. We have no earned income. Do we need to file a tax return to get the $250.00 stimulus bonus. Please answer. Thanks

    February 16, 2009 1:30 PM

    Anonymous said…
    What is $13 per week supposed to accomplish? Will it make you go out and spend more? Not me, and probably not most Americans, WOW we have enough money for an extra value meal! Our children’s children will be paying off the error of our ways, let the economy fix itself, stop providing “bailouts” for those that are in trouble, and provide incentives for those of us that act responsibly. My wife and I bought a home years ago that was reasonably priced within our means, it is not extravagant, one of us has lost their 6 months ago, and we stretch every dollar to its limit, no missed payments ever, on anything! What is our incentive to continue to do so if everyone who was irresponsible is going to get bailed out one way or another, by the govt. or the banks revaluing their loans! God help us all!

    February 17, 2009 5:23 PM

    Anonymous said…
    hey andy wasnt there two 800 billion stimulus bailouts?you should get your numbers right……..and oh yea and auto bailouts 25 or so billion… there is going to be a trillion dollar bailout ….give me a break you shmuck…….its never ending but apparently you dont need it so just keep paying it….

    February 17, 2009 11:36 PM

    Anonymous said…
    stimulate billions everywhere and the gov…..ment gives me 13 bucks ,,,,,are you kidding me ,,,,yes i am sellfish ,,,,,,i feel no remorse….i pay taxes show me something better than 13 bucks…..i think obama was a mistake…..sorry
    not only that what the h…are you doing by letting terrorist go free?yet we keep 2 guys in prison shooting a drug smuggler in the ass…..da i am now going to find that steep cliff to jump from….i am at a loss…..

    February 17, 2009 11:46 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I have a question about how the Stimulus will effect dependants.
    I am on 100% disibalty (SSD) with and do not work at all. My son is also on disadility (SSI) I think I understand about the payment that I will get but will there be any tax credit (for the dependants) of the working people, laid off people and will the be a a on time payment for people like me and the other in my SSD and his SSI monthly check. Last years had this $300 payment for the dependants.
    Also will the people with no earned income have to file a tax return like last year to recieve their Stilumus?

    February 18, 2009 9:17 AM

    Anonymous said…
    so what is the stimulus payment ultimately going to cost me as a taxpayer? 787 billion paid out, who by/ Yes, by the tax payer!!! We amy think we’re getting a great deal of $13 per week, but look at the additional taxes!!!!!\
    And why are car dealers getting payouts, why not cut jobbs, put on pay freezes and cut benefits like every other employer, so what if they are Union jobs!! My employer has Union jobs too, but we still lost 800 people, pay freezes for a year, high reduction in bonusues, so what makes car manufacturers different, it’s not as if more people can afford to buy cars!!!

    February 18, 2009 9:59 AM

    Anonymous said…
    What I want to know is why are all of these criminal rappers and athletes getting paid so much money for a talent??? Why does that make any since? I think that Law officers,teachers,and people who protect us should be the highest paid. Everyone is struggling here and the government is “trying” to help, but what they need to do is help everyday hard working people that can’t even afford to make ends meet living from pay check to paycheck.

    February 18, 2009 1:04 PM

    j1963herr said…
    Want to know what happened to stimulus checks last year? The oil companies got all of it. Didn’t anyone else notice the sudden rise in gas prices when the checks began to come out? Then, once they were all out and spent, oil bottomed out. Wake up people, it was a handout to the oil companies under the guise of giving something to the people.

    February 18, 2009 1:29 PM

    Tara said…
    I make 27k per year. I have raised four children into adults. We all struggle just to get by. I would really like to know what the government thinks $13 per week is going to do? I will buy a gallon of milk, bread, eggs, cereal, lunch meat and cheese to last each week. Wow, that’s really stimulating the economy right? I honestly don’t know what the heck they are thinking. It’s going to take a whole lot more than $13 per week for me to able to make a “large” purchase of an item that will actually stimulate the economy. How about sending me $10,000 so I can put a down payment on a house? The whole idea is just idiotic.

    February 18, 2009 3:54 PM

    kasandra said…
    13 dollars ok wow! Right. Now how in the long run does that help us? Now you can feel your gas tank all the way up and you can afford to buy more milk in the week. It doesnt help me at all. Im a wive of a Solider and the 13 dollars wont reach me. Now some of the plans seem like good ideas but come on really how is any of this help. We need help now not a year from now 312 dollars is a big insult to us as tax payers.

    February 18, 2009 7:48 PM

    Andy said…
    sdeming – If you are already getting SSA, you should get the additional $250 automatically later in the year.

    Anon – $13 = $52 a month. That’s a lot o

  40. is there going to be a stimulus check this year or a ssi credit was just wondering

    1. Perhaps. However no word of an official payment yet. Per the post, this provision was removed from a recent jobs bill, but could be back later this year. I will update as soon as I hear anything.


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