Help! My Car Was Illegally Towed – How Do I Get My $150 Towing Charge Back


towing company illegally took my car - What can I doI recently visited some friends for dinner at their new apartment, which is in a large 300 unit complex. After dinner, when I got back to where I had parked I saw the parking space was empty. After a feeling of utter dread and panic, I frantically searched around thinking that perhaps I was mistaken about where I had parked; but after a couple of rounds of searching the parking lot I knew that my car was gone. Initially I thought my car had been stolen, but then noticed a small and obscure towing sign with a company contact number. Given it was a decent neighborhood and I was not in a resident parking space, I slowly realized the car was most likely towed rather than stolen.

So I called the towing company and sure enough they had my car. I tried to tell the company that I had legally parked, but could not negotiate with them since they said they were just working on the apartment management group’s instructions. Also, typical of most towing companies who rarely need to worry about customer service or satisfaction, they were rude and offered little in terms of recourse to resolve my situation. Given I needed the car for getting to work the next day, I went with one of friends to pick it up. After paying the $150 towing charge I was able to retrieve my car, but suffice to say I was not a happy camper.

I had definitely parked in a spot that was not reserved with no signs indicating visitor parking was not allowed; and my friends were pretty sure that when they signed the lease there were no parking restriction in non-reserved visitor spaces.  In fact they had parked, without tags or permits, in similar spots to mine over the last 2 weeks and never got towed. So after venting for a few days, I decided to look at my state’s towing laws, what rights I had and what people in situations similar to mine had done. Here’s a summary of what I found and things to keep in mind.

Check you did not violate parking rules : The first thing to check is that you parked in a legal spot. Make sure that there is no signage at the entry to the parking lot or in nearby spots that indicates you could be illegally parked. If possible check the lease of the person who is renting the apartment, which should state parking restrictions and visitor parking in the apartment complex. Finally call the apartment managers to log a complaint and ask them why your car was towed. They will likely be more helpful than the towing company, particular since they have to care about their tenant’s rights (like having visitors be able to park when they come over).

Proof of the towing: Get proof that the towing company followed state procedures regarding the towing. This requires that they take a picture of the car in the “illegal” spot and notify the local police department to ensure the car is not classified as stolen. Getting the pictures of the towing from the towing company is not easy and you will likely have to go back a couple of days later to get the digital photos. Expect a charge for this.

Call the local police department: You should also call the local police department where the towing company is located to check it they actually reported your car as towed. The police though cannot force the towing company to give back your car and can only come out to keep the peace if discussions get heated and act as a witness. However, don’t expect the police department to be much of an ally since this is a pretty minor item in their eyes and they have much more of a relationship with the towing company operators, than with you.

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Don’t be a hero: The number one mistake victims make is to take matters into their own hands by taking aggressive actions with the towing company. By doing that you make the other person (i.e the towing company)  the victim and you become the criminal. If you go to jail the tow company wins. So work with or through the police to make the initial complaint. Then follow local procedures to take the matter further if discussions with the towing company and apartment managers cannot resolve the dispute.

Predatory towing  is real: Once a towing company has a vehicle, they impound the vehicle and refuse to release it until a desired fee is paid. If the fee is not paid, the vehicle is not released, and storage fees begin to accrue until the surpass the value of the vehicle. At some point, the towing company will auction off the vehicle and keep their towing and storage fees. The typical vehicle owner does not understand the laws enacted to protect them, do not have sufficient vacation time to try to enforce them in local courts against an experienced attorney representing the towing company, and can’t get the local police to help protect their rights because the police are not familiar with this area of law.

Legal rights and local laws: Most states have towing laws that are supported by the auto insurance industry as well as consumer and government groups to prevent increased insurance costs due to negligent towing by towing operators, protect vehicle owners from abusive practices, and to help regulate towing companies. Most local governments have also passed predatory towing laws to help consumers. All they need to to do is spend some time searching for them.

For example in California, under vehicle code 22658 a tow company can not tow your car from private property with 15 or more units based on a blanket authorization order from the landlord or association. In other words a towing company operating in the State of California can’t just drive through a complex looking for cars to tow in the middle of the night. Someone has to call them. The person who calls them must be present at the time the car is being towed. They must tell the tow company why the car is being towed. They have to point out the car being towed. The have to sign the authorization papers at the time the car is being towed and give their complete name, address and phone number.

Many other states  have also passed similar laws to prevent abuses by towing operators during towing from private property. This includes maximum fees ranging from $125 to $250 and requiring towing operators to release vehicles about to be towed if the owner arrives. Apartment managers must also display proper signage at entrances are around parking areas giving certain notifying information to vehicle owners about parking restrictions, maximum allowed fees for towing and storage. A little known rule, which most people don’t realize and towing companies ignore is that no towing fee may be charged for the first 24 hours of storage. Further, towing companies must accept credit card payments and not restrict payments to cash only.

Next steps: Unfortunately I needed my car back and already paid the towing fine. But with an understanding of the law, I am going to go after the towing company and apartment complex managers to try and get my money back. Remember knowledge is power. If your car is towed you need to know the law to take the appropriate course of action.

I’ll let you know what happens with my efforts to get the $150 of towing charges back. Feel free to leave a comment or any advice if you have had a similar experience.

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Wednesday 11:15 pm
I started working on the road and left my car with my ex girlfriend. the car ended up breaking down and it was parked in a spot in her gated complex with her parking permit sticker in the window. Someone put a towing notice on ut, so she went to theapartment’s management and explained the situation and they said they’d allow it to be parked there and they would take it off the tow list.They did and the car went untouched for a while until yesterday, someone towed the car, they won’t say who and brought it to a storage place that clsims to be unassociated with the towing placem the storage place said it’d be 218 if taken out within 12 hours. after that, it’s 290 and goes up 20 dollars a day..and if I don’t pay, they auction it. I was just going to scrap it anyway, but… Read more »
Thursday 3:18 pm
My daughter’s car was towed from my aparment complex and when she called to see why they towed it, they said that because she was parked in reserve parking, that was a lie because where she was parked there was no t a reserved parking then they tried to say because she didnt have a parking permit. So I told them why would she have a parking permit if she is visiting? Then they tried to say that she had to have parked in visiting, but there were no signs indicating that where visitor parking is. When we went into the leasing office and asked them about the parking that is not covered can anyone park there. They stated as long as the parking space is not saying reserved and it is not under the shed anyone can park there. So when we told them where she was parked she… Read more »
Wednesday 11:07 pm

are you in Houston? thatvsame thing just happened to me.

Monday 8:33 pm

I stay in Florida and my car was towed for a flat tire which I had no idea because this is my secondary vehicle a notice was given on the 8th and it was towed on the 9th not parked illegally, tag is valid until next year and the insurance is still valid. If I had Ben notified properly like a call or a letter on my door I would have put air into it. Now the towing company wants almost 400 to get my call. When I spoke with the property she claims she had no idea why it was towed ad that she would have it brought back but day 2 it’s still not here. What is there to do a days notice is not time to do anything when you have other financial obligations. I’m so disappointed and know that this is not fair please assit!!

Lisa Wall
Friday 1:46 pm

My daughter’s car was towed last night from an apartment complex. She called this morning to find out where it was and how much the cost. The towing company quoted her $293 to release her vehicle! My daughter is a college student and works part-time. What an outrage! We are in the State of Texas… how do I fight this?

Friday 4:58 am

i have a car repair shop and i do rent a space for repair cars also i do rent parking space. When i was repairing my car they towed my other car from my rented space without letting me to know. They said it is towed because it did not have title. Is it fair i was repairing it. Is there any law with thus situation in maryland please, guys

Sunday 6:26 am
Hi. I wanted to share my experience. My car was recently towed from a gated apartment complex. I was visiting my mom and they also have visiting parking. Tenants parking have numbers on them and visitor parking spaces are blank. I was inside her home and when it was time for me to go I noticed it wasn’t their. I immediately knew my car had been towed. Sure enough I call the towing company and my car is their. I paid $230 to get it out. I understand that the towing company works with the apartment complex but it’s not the first time I park their and my car was not the only car. I was in visitor parking. We went through the lease and it clearly says I’m allowed to park their yet I spoke to the manager and she said it’s not allowed. Anyone know what I can… Read more »
Thursday 6:00 am
I live in Pennsylvania. Last week my car was towed away for parking in a private parking lot. There was a sign which read “permit parking only” but I ignored it since I parked there several times in the past and never got towed before. Anyway I called the towing company and was told I had to pay them $300 in cash to get my car back. I explained to the woman that I did not have that kind of money because I live on social security disability. She only repeated herself by saying I had to pay them $300 in cash. I borrowed the money from a friend, went to the impound yard, and got my car back within one hour. Is there anything I can do about this? Would this be considered price gouging? Is there some way I can get my $300 or at least some of… Read more »
Sunday 11:29 pm

This just happened to me. I’m determined to get my money back.

Tuesday 1:53 am
I got my car towed illegally and I found out about predatory towing and then, I figured it was that because my husband moved the van the same day it got towed. I went to school for about an hour and a half and I come back to it not being there and I thought my husband left, but I knew he wouldn’t because we have 3 children and he watches them when I’m in school and I just knew he wouldn’t take them all with him in the van. Anyways I come inside and asked him where is the van and he had a clueless look and then I knew the stupid tow truck towed it. Supposedly I violated the 72 hr violation, but I didn’t if it was moved by my husband the same day they towed it and I knew they towed it illegally, so I decided… Read more »
Thursday 5:21 pm
I bought a new car. As the office was closed for the night by the time I got back, I parked it in a Visitor’s space and hung a visitor hang tag on the mirror (I was given two). When I went to get a resident decal this morning, the car was gone. They claimed (and I have the receipt showing this) that my hang tag had expired on March 31. It does expire on March 31…March 31, 2017…nearly a year from now. They didn’t even bother to check the year. They made me pay in cash, which required me to get another Uber to take me to an ATM as the tow company was in the middle of nowhere and they said it would a 30 minute walk to get to an ATM. They also slapped on an additional “Gate Fee”, which no one seemed to be able to… Read more »
Thursday 9:49 am

Hey! So my car was parked in my apartment parking lot . there are no signs of the fire lane anywhere and everybody always park there because its big enough for three cars. I’m 9 months pregnant and 5 motorcycles took up all the spots in front of my apartment. The only parking spot was around the corner. I left my car like I usually do and took a nap when I went to go to my car it was gone. They had my car from 2pm-5pm and made me pay $300. Can I fight this because there are no signs ? I saw management parked in the same spot and I mentioned something to them and they said they are allowed to park there

Wednesday 8:02 pm

I should also note, here at least, the window to file a complaint is very short.

Wednesday 8:01 pm

That would depend on where you were towed from. Here, the state has a set of basic towing rules, and then each county has their own rules. Some counties have tightened the laws, especially after one predatory tow company stole something like 200 cars in one night while folks were shopping. Some require that signs be posted with lettering of at least a certain size and with specific wording, etc…They also limit the amount tow companies can charge. Here, they don’t allow any additional charges during the first 24 hours beyond the tow charge, though tow companies charge anyways and you have to file a complaint. You should probably Google your city/county plus “Towing Ordinance” to see what the rules are for where you are.

Thursday 7:35 am

my friends car got towed and people have been saying the private property that has been towing cars has been illegal because we did not hear any sirens or any type of noise to let use know that our car is being towed. my question is, is that is it illegal for a towing company to tow cars in the middle of the night without there sirens on letting people know there car is getting towed? we had our back door open because i know that when people tow cars they have to have there sirens/lights on. please respond asap. we need help.

Monday 9:12 pm
At the end of the day, you did not live in the complex and I have a hard time believing that they have extra parking spaces considering you said it’s a 300 unit complex. The tow company does work on behalf of the residential complex, they come out and tow vehicles based on the request of the complex. They do not care if you parked legally because someone at the complex could not park in the space that more than likely belonged to them and called to request their services. I work in law enforcement and people always assume that they can park anywhere, that they should get verbal warnings (when written/posted warnings are everywhere), and the law doesn’t apply to them. This doesn’t sound like predatory towing, I have seen cases of predatory towing (they don’t just stop at one car). This is someone who thinks it’s okay to… Read more »
Sunday 5:23 pm

My apartments have 256 units and it has over 100 spots for visitors. Visitors just can’t stay in the same spot for more than a couple weeks. It also has a covered spot for each unit. Every apartment complex I’ve been to has covered for renters and uncovered for guests and the condos and town homes at least have numbers or something showing it’s for residents. She talked to the landlord so they would have told her if she was wrong.

Ryan S
Monday 4:46 pm

I live in a Condominium complex with over 150-200 units but only 3 visitor parking spots.

I recently had my vehicle towed because I did leave it in a 24 hour towing spot for longer than the allotted 24 hours.

Even more recently (approx. 2 weeks after the initial incident), after I had paid to get the car out of impound, my car was towed from basically the same spot but I’m 100% confident that my car wasn’t parked for the full 24 hours.

What can I do? I’m an Oregon resident.

Thank you!

Thursday 4:36 pm

Hi Thursday morning I wake up but my car was not in the parking lot. Manager told me my car tow away.Here is complex and my driver licence shows that I live this address .I had to get sticker but they send last year which is I I have to fill it out and send back last year i did not but later they did not send any paper to fill it out and send them back.And I called the company I tried to tell them,they did not send any paper since last year but they did not listen to me.I believe that it is not fair because I live there but they can tow away my car.Finally I paid$250 and I got my car from vito’s towing.Worst part is that I am unemployment.Can someone help me please to get my money back.

Nicky\'s upset
Tuesday 7:42 pm

Hi I wanted to share my experience I need some help, i purchased a car on 2-21-2016 at 8:30 pm parked the car at my complex guest parking directly next to my home because my other car that I still owned was in my private reserved spot. I woke up at 6 am 2-22-2016 and my car was towed !! Without waring or anything I was livid ! I paid the $150 to get my car ,can someone please help me what can be my next step to get my money back and more importantly make the hoa know and understand you cannot treat people in such a way we are all a community and should look out for one another and hope he don’t do it to anyone else ever!

Sunday 2:25 am

Just got taken by a towing company. Parked in a clearly marked parking spot with no signs anywhere. Came back and found my car gone. The man admitted on the phone that they put a sign up AFTER they took the car.

Wednesday 3:20 am
In apartment complexes, you have to be especially careful where you park. Even if the parking space appears not to be assigned, it may very well be assigned to a resident. If your car goes missing, it’s likely the apartment called security services to have the car towed because you parked in an assigned space, which is an illegal space. Not all assigned spaces are marked properly and I agree that they should be. However, you should never assume any space is designated for visitor parking unless marked as such. Some complexes may even explicitly disallow non-residents from parking on the property at all or the complex can require visitors to put their license plates on file with the office in advance of parking, which explains why your resident friends could park in open spaces without being towed (i.e., their license plates are on file with the office). In reality,… Read more »
Alex Palma
Friday 11:36 am

This happened to me this morning. The problem is it happens every 5 months or so.
$300 just like that.

Sunday 8:42 am

Hello there,
I had a kind of same experience. But i would like to know that if i hv lease on my name and i park my rental car on open parking sopt in my apartapartment less than 24 hours still how come they can towed away my car?????
My car broke down in my allocated parking so for my daily work i rented a car . On 2nd night only they towed my car from apartment visors parking. I had to pay 400$ to get my car back. I didn’t break any rule or 72 hours parking law or something. I am going to take action agains towing service and leasing management.
Anybody help??

Saturday 11:51 pm

Hi…i just got “played” by towing company. I parked in shopping plaza, 15 minutes later my car was by gone. Please help. 954-861-9590

andrae mosby
Monday 8:35 am

My car have been towed from the public train station they did not place no orange or green sticker on it so can I tow your car if you on a free parking lot without warning

kevi glenzinski
Sunday 4:27 am
My mustang broke down sep 29 2015 3 1/2 weeks ago i had it towed by american towing. They told me at hookup it cost $60 but when dropped off at auto shop they wanted $120 i said we agreed to $60. we had disagreement i called police driver took off. leaving my car when police arrived i called tow number telling them i wanted to pay them. The owner said if you dont pay $120 i will send someone back when you are gone and tow car away. So feeling strong armed i gave american express credit card for $120 next day owner at shop said thats wrong for them to charge that much and told me to dispute it with my credit card for $60. I hadnt heard if i won dispute or not. Today Oct 24, 2015 3 1/2 weeks later. I go outside and my mustang… Read more »
Tammy Pegues
Tuesday 7:25 pm

An automotive shop allowed a tow company to tow our car and tow company sent auction without notice from either company. This was after speaking to tow yard and automotive to get cost to pickup. When we went to pick up car.The Tow yard told us they sent it to auction.
Please help. Thank you in advance.

sheila davis
Monday 3:39 pm
I live in Tustin California and my car was towed out of my assigned parking structure because they were fixing the asphalt in the parking lot of which they just did a couple of months ago . I asked where my car was and management told me they did not no they did not have any cars towed that they were calling people and knocking on doors after calling Tustin police I was told my car was towed along with many many others from that same property which is walnut east apartments owed by Arnel property management . I went back to the office and informed them they had my car towed and she still denied it she does not towed cars she hands me a phone number and tells me here they can answer all your questions I called the number and it had been disconnected these people are… Read more »
Wednesday 7:19 pm
Monday 3:45 pm
I think my husband tells me lies! I was driving his car , I was parking it in the mall parking lot and when i got out surprise ! The car is not there anymore. Ofc i start to panik and i called the police and my husband. He told me i should not call the police before he was there. Anyway the police came my husband too, he pleased me to go in the car he came with cause he will resolve the problem. The next day he brought me my purse that was in the “stolen” car, telling me that the police found the car. I didn t insist with questions about what happened cause he just become agitated all the time i bring this subject. Now after 4 months, i ask him again what he knows about that car and he just told me it was ”… Read more »
Saturday 1:40 am
My car was illegaly towed from my property my HOA, claiming that I parked on my lawn which was not true. I had parked my car on my expanded driveway adjacent to my paved section. Upon reviewing the HOA By Laws, I discovered that the By Laws only pertains to the use of the Association Property and not my Personal Property. I brought this to the HOA attention, froze my monthly payments pending resolve of the matter, and claimed reimbursement of the cost to recover my car and they have refused to pay. Instead they had their Attorney wrote me changing the claim to unregistered vehicle, which is pertaining to use of the Association Property. My family and I no longer feel safe in the community, our quiet enjoyment of our property is damaged. The police is of no help. I am thinking of a major lawsuit and relocation. My… Read more »
navkaran singh
Wednesday 5:30 pm
i had recently purchased a car from a little dealer in my area and the registration had not gone through yet.. so it was still in the process and the dealer was supposed to take care of that, I had a little slip in my windshield that is good for 90 days from the day of purchase that pretty much stated that its a car that was just purchased and in the process of being registered…. I take this car to school everyday and yesterday I come back to the parking lot to find my car missing so I call the university police and they tell me they towed it because the registration wasn’t valid for a long period of time. Officer that started the tow didn’t see the paper slip i had….so i had to go to the UPD office and then car and get the slip from my… Read more »
Sunday 6:30 pm

Yes itll be a civil lawsuit against the university and towing company for which ever state you live in

Wednesday 4:10 pm

Sounds like Jessica may be joining Luis in Hell soon if we are lucky :)

Tuesday 8:59 pm

Luis you are a asshole and your industry preys upon poor disadvantaged people. I hope you see hell soon

Thursday 2:26 pm
Please be wary about parking your car at the shopping plaza located at 8520 Leesburg Pike (Starbucks, The Tile Shop and Ethan Allen). The owner of that property has implemented an extremely aggressive parking enforcement policy that resulted in my car being towed even though I was a customer of Ethan Allen’s. On Tuesday, October 7th, I drove to the Ethan Allen furniture store and parked on the east side of the parking lot in front of the store. Before heading in, my daughter asked if she could get a milkshake at the McDonalds that one store-front away. Upon our return to Ethan Allen less than 10 minutes later, I saw that my car was gone. A woman drove up and told me that the minute I walked away a tow truck pulled up and took my car. She attempted to intervene and told the tow truck driver that I… Read more »
Monday 9:12 pm

for the guy that is complaining i am a owner of a tow truck compani and like many others, we all know that we as a tow trucker we are authorized by the appartments which we are not respnsible for that matter we are just told to pick up the car and thats what we do and the one here in fault is the appartments if they didnt give you tags but if you want to get your money back i would judt go after the appartments and try to get your car asap out because evry day you lose you get charged storage fees good luck and well this is for every one that think that the tow truck companies are there just to gve you headaks lesson learned

Monday 11:21 pm

Are stating that if an apartment complex asks you to tow a vehicle, you will come tow it without the proper sticker being placed for the owner to know that they might be in a violation? I am still trying to figure out some of the words that you people use. I’m not even sure where your thoughts end and begin. Is that even a sentence that you have posted?

Friday 7:30 am
I live in Independence, Missouri, at an apartment complex. Yesterday I discovered my vehicle was missing from the designated resident parking area behind my building. I’ve lived in the same apartment for 12 years and never had a problem. Sudden!y within the last six months some company hired by the apartment complex , as I am told, started an assault of sticker slapping tow notices for all kinds of stupid shit, like backing into parking spots, having a flat tire, expired tags, etc… You name it , at least 50% of the residents have had a sticker slapped on their car for one reason or another. Excessive. This is a low income HuD complex. We don’t have money or we would not be living here. We scrape to get by. But yet this apartment manager has hired a company to cruise our parking lots looking for any dumb reason to… Read more »
Monday 2:09 am

So if registration is expired then it don’t matter, you were parked illegally. All states require a vehicle parked on private or public property to be registered, unless parked at a storage facility

Tuesday 12:01 am
I can fell your pain. I parked my truck in front on my apartment door in a parking space. There are no signs stating any kind of towing fee for any type of parking. I forgot to place a sticker on my tag although my tag is valid with the state. I come home after work and park my vehicle about 3 pm. The management office or leasing office does not close until 6 pm. I went to sleep only to find my vehicle gone the next morning by 4 am. Within the 3 hours that I had been home and went to sleep to get ready for work the next day, I come to find my vehicle gone without a trace or notice. Not once had the apartment complex placed a yellow, green or orange sticker anywhere on my vehicle. If they tow company or companies are to report… Read more »
Tuesday 12:12 am

That is suppose to be, I can feel your pain. I’m not sure what is going on with my fingers and eyes. I’m trying to catch all my typos. I’m also wondering if the system has a way of shortening what is written to make a person seem so uneducated.

Sunday 11:40 pm

My vehicle was towed before 9pm and I had my parking pass in the my console of my vehicle and I lived at my complex for over 15 years and I wasn’t able to get my car back until the next day. I feel my rental manager need to give my money back.

Friday 7:35 am

Oh and I forgot to mention this tow company is not even in the same state I live in. They are 50 minutes away in Kansas.

Monday 11:24 pm

That message was to be posted under Luis’ ad and I’m not sure how it got down here. It is not intended for you Lunar.

Friday 10:22 am

Get a real job easy to leech off people’s money I guess or not good with anything else except carrrrrrsssssss awwww boohoo , and take responsibility for taking possession of people’s property’s if there at fault I understand but don’t sit there and tell you you guys are always right ,, ….ps… u scum bag

Monday 10:36 pm
In Arizona there is a law that states nobody can hold your car for ransom! Plain and simple you tow my car you just lost that time and gas because if I didn’t authorize the towing i’m not going to give you a penny, I’ll be there with the cops to pick up my car, you can put a lean on it or do whatever you want, last car i had I drove it for 300k miles and owned it for 20 years, how long you gonna be in business for? I’ll be parting this car out just like I did with my last one! you will see nothing ever, if I don’t sell the car with the title you will never see your cash you low life. Oh yeah i had my car towed right from my driveway with my HMO’s permission, only thing is they have to provide… Read more »
Monday 12:08 pm

What if I paid to park, posted the parking ticket in front window and still got towed?? I parked in a bank parking lot. There was 1 way into the parking lot and I had to pay in order the get the parking ticket that I placed in the window. My car was towed. The tow truck driver said he was called to pick up my car because I didn’t pay. The tow truck driver even stated that he saw the parking ticket through the front windshield.

Wednesday 2:22 am

As for a comment above a amount can be charged as of hook up but storage charges can not be charged until initial 24hors has passed. (ie: tow fee before 24 hours, towing and storage after 24 hours)

Saturday 2:33 pm
My car was towed recently from the apartment complex where I reside. When renting the apt., I was NOT told I had to rent a parking space for $10.00 per month. But, I could park anywhere where there was not a red and white restricted parking sign. I parked in a spot where there was NOT this sign, but was towed away. The actual resident who was renting this spot, (not the apt. personnel) called and had my car towed. There is a conflict of interest, since the person who had my car towed is the Office Mgr’s nephew. There is NO documented resident parking policy, which I requested from the management. I also read my rental agreement with a fine tooth comb and again – no parking policies as were verbally told to me. If a person rents a parking spot – there must be a red restricted sign… Read more »
Tuesday 4:52 pm

Small claims baby, small claims.

It is inexpensive and a painless process.

Thursday 5:47 am

While you are going through the process, can’t you also phone up the credit card company to dispute (or even request a charge-back) the towing charge?

Sunday 8:43 pm

John – Towing companies are always cash-only. This often means you have to go to the ATM first since you may not be carrying $200+ ( I’ve been towed twice, $280 was what I had to pay each time ) on you when you are towed.

Thursday 10:55 am

A towing company is required by law (at least in California) to accept credit cards.

Monday 11:08 pm
Arizona you don’t ever have to pay for any unauthorized towing, I found out that you need to ask to see their pick up paperwork before you announce that you want you car immediately and will not be paying a penny to get it. This way you can see the condition of your car as they described it when they picked it up. I didn’t do that once and the scum bags kicked a dent in my door before they gave me my car then added a dent to the door in the description. You could see my car was covered in dust and there was a fresh foot print smudged clean right were the looser kicked my Mustang GT. I called the cops and the cops said if I didn’t see him do it They could only take a report and if others do the same they might be… Read more »
Tuesday 2:36 pm
You and I have the same mindset. I would be taking it to the fullest. Although, i have a pretty hot temper. I think what you’re doing is great. Not only will you most likely walk out of this with a smile but its like a slap in the face to them. It’ll also help other people in the neighborhood, so this never happens again. If anything i would definitely take it to small claims court. Only because the complex management didn’t follow the guidelines, as to which your friends were “mislead”. Every time I hear the world “mislead”, I think lawsuit. Definitely check into this. Also, check in with the company and see if the followed all the rules and regulations as far as the procedures go for towing cars. i.e: Get proof that the towing company followed state procedures regarding the towing. This requires that they take a… Read more »
Will Concord
Tuesday 6:12 pm

Get a lawyer to write you a letter to send to both the towing company and the apartment complex that you will be suing for conversion of property (taking and depriving of your property) if they don’t return the funds plus attorney’s fees. They’ll be quick to send you a check once they see the nice letter on a lawyer’s letter head knowing that you mean business.

If not, then just make a complaint to the state attorney’s office and call it a day. Think of the time you will be stressing and losing over $150 if you do what you proposed in your article.

Good Luck!

Tuesday 8:31 pm

Thanks Will. I am actually pursuing the apartment complex managers from now, because they did not provide the right permits to my friends. The towing company has been completely unhelpful, and I may try the lawyer letter. The $150 is not the issue, it is the principle. But yes, after a while this whole thing may not be worth it.

Tuesday 3:06 pm

Your fight is with the apartment complex management, not the tow company. They authorized the tow. I doubt that you will win in either situation. As for criminal prosecution, it won’t happen. You can sue anyone, anytime… take it to small claims if you choose.


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