Oh no….I just bought $16K worth of Apple and am already down $300!


I bought the 85 Apple (AAPL) shares this morning at $186.88 (see screenshot below) based on what I have been reading over the last few weeks and on the potential growth from their upcoming new I-phone, launching next week. The stock is now below $184, three hours later so I am already down $300+. Did I pull the trade trigger too early and make investing mistake 101 by buying at the top of the market and into the hype like I did with Visa a few weeks ago (luckily that stock has recovered a bit).

I am now watching the market and this stock very anxiously…..perhaps this was too big an initial investment, given it is now making up almost 40% of my current portfolio. I still like it for the medium term though and believe it is a $225 stock by the end of summer.

[See an Update to this post here : My shiny new iPhone and why I bought Apple]

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Thursday 3:41 pm

You would have been up $30,000 if you still held the stock. From your later posts I saw you sold them at $190. You must be kicking yourself now.

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