2018 – 2019 Top Reasons for IRS Tax Processing and Refund Delays

If you are frustrated with delays in getting your tax refund and the inability to get a straight answer from the IRS, then take some small solace that you are not alone. In fact per the Taxpayer Advocate Services’s Annual Report to Congress this IRS’s Failure to Answer the Right Tax Law Questions is the #1 problem identified. The natural conclusion is that this harms taxpayers and undermines their confidence in the IRS. Here are other issues raised (which you may be facing yourself!)

  • Difficulty Navigating the IRS and reaching the right personnel to resolve tax issues (see some tips here)
  • Holding IRS Employees Accountable
  • The IRS’s Fraud Detection Systems Are Marred by High False Positive Rates, Long Processing Times, and Unwieldy Processes which Continue to Plague the IRS and Harm Legitimate Taxpayers by delaying their tax processing and refunds
  • Measures taken by the IRS to Reduce Improper Earned Income Tax credit payments are not sufficiently proactive and unnecessarily burden taxpayers
  • Math error notices from the IRS around tax payer filings continue to be unclear and confusing, thereby increasing Taxpayer burdens
  • The IRS does not proactively use internal data to identify Taxpayers at risk of economic hardship throughout the collection process

Source – TAS

2 thoughts on “2018 – 2019 Top Reasons for IRS Tax Processing and Refund Delays


    still waiting on my tax refund file on march 11th had to verify my idenity on the 29th of march still waiting on my refund didnt show in my direct deposit call the IRS they saying 9 weeks and another rep saying 6 weeks iam so confuse about this is there anyone else still waiting on there tax refund

  2. Mariama

    I filed my taxes on Feb. 2 and was accepted on feb.2 I’ve been processing for 34 days now with the 152 code. Why is it taking so long? When nothing has change except my job everything else is still the same. Any errors that was made was corrected. Why is it taking so long? I need real answers this is so aggravating and still can’t get a straight answer from real human voices…its so sad


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