21 Signs You are Losing Interest in Your Job That Could Get Your Fired

At some point in time most of us have been through periods where we lose interest in our jobs or vocation. This is only a problem if the lack of interest persists for more than a few weeks and noticeable changes in behavior occur. So if you are feeling this way for weeks on end then it maybe time to take some action before things are taken out our your hands.

With that in mind, here are 21 sure signs that you are losing interest in your job indicating that it maybe time for a change in your attitude or to start looking for a new job.

1. You no longer feel challenged in the work you are doing. It is either boring or of little interest to you and your only goal is to get it done as soon as possible, as opposed to doing the best job possible

2. You cannot concentrate on a particular activity for more than an hour or without first having a caffeine or chocoloate induced buzz. This includes getting easily distracted by other’s conversations or general office noise

3. You feel that you are always getting the crappy assignments and others in your team are getting the good ones. This could also be a sign that your employer is losing interest in you!

4. You cannot remember the last time you got a promotion, above average raise or a special achievement award, and you have stopped caring that you haven’t got one of these in a while

5. You get too work late and leave early for no real reason other than you want to minimize your time spent at work. Overtime is a painful word to you

6. You look forward to the social interactions at work more than the actual work it self. This is reflected when everyone comes to you for the office gossip and management gripes, and you are more than happy to discuss and complain about how bad the current conditions are

7. You feel that things have to be better elsewhere and that it is only your job/company that is bad. This is called the “Grass is greener on the other side syndrome”, and is rarely true, especially if this is the second or third job/company in a row that is making you feel this way

8. You spend more than 2 to 3 hrs a day on non-work related stuff like checking all your social media sites, surfing the web for the latest political news, celebrity gossip, blogging, stock trading ideas, online shopping or on message boards

9. All you care about is your paycheck and not about professional growth, future projects or where the company is headed

10. You can’t be bothered participating in any after work related social or sporting activities. These are some of the best networking opportunities and committed employees make the time to go to these

11. You tune out in a majority of meetings you attend and can’t remember the last meeting where made a constructive contribution

12. You never volunteer for projects or activities that could mean extra work for you, but could also have resulted in recognition of your work by senior management

13. You blame office or organizational politics for everything that is bad in the company, and think that you could do things better but just don’t have the authority

14. You feel like everyone enjoys being at work, while you don’t and start resenting your colleagues who are doing well in their jobs

15. You only do enough work to get by and to avoid detection of your lack of interest

16. You actually look at the spam emails talking about made up jobs that look to be too true, like professional chocolate taster. All they want is your email and phone number, to put you on a master distribution list. This also extends to the excessive amount of time you spend on Linkedin or other professional networking sites, to see what your “connections” are doing. Networking is good, but not when it becomes your main activity while at work

17. You feel really depressed on Sunday evenings at the prospect of going to work the next day

18. You are only in your job because the economy is bad and so you justify to yourself that there is not point in looking for another job

19. You stop mentoring or helping junior colleagues and feel resentful of the fact they are trying to do your job without the years of experience you have

20. You take one or more sick days a month when neither you nor anyone in your family is really unwell

21. You have read this entire list a few times over and can relate to a majority (15+) of the items!

If you met the criteria for point 21, then it is time to start looking for a new job because you are in a rut with your current role and on your way to becoming a disgruntled employee. Either look within the company (if the issue is only with your current role/department) or for a fresh start look at moving to a new company.

Don’t wait for things to get “better”, because in most cases they won’t. If you find the same signs have emerged in the past 2 to 3 jobs you have held, it could be time for a career or even more importantly, an attitude change.

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14 thoughts on “21 Signs You are Losing Interest in Your Job That Could Get Your Fired

  1. JLynn

    I Love This Article! Too Spot on. I smiled and Laugh silently as i read through each reasons.
    Here’s my share of the story. I work in hotel, a part of the finance department for 5 years.
    I get tired as years past by..
    My unhappiness in work are because:
    -I work independently. Others had their very own team. I envy them. But it’s okay, i can still cope.
    -The whole accounting teams are not supportive. When i need volunteers for a big project, i get no response until the big boss intervene.
    -Even the big boss is a bit over reacted. In fact, he is too worrying that he won’t sign documents that easily. Even just a simple documents….It frustrates me as he is making my work more difficult.

    Sometimes I wonder, why am i still here? I’m always so moody everyday going to work. I have no interest in socializing with others within the team, but i am talkative with colleagues from other departments. i try finding other job, but deep inside i am afraid it will be just like here. What if the grass is not greener on the other side? I don’t want to go through that again. I hate it.

  2. Winifred ken

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  3. smm

    i bet im too lucky i found my current job..
    gotta work at 2am,
    all i got to do is to pick up the phone, help grandma and grandpa reset their online account passwords,
    wait 30minutes to pick another call,
    no bargaining, no cursing, no hard selling, (no stress?),
    movie and food at work..
    then i can set off at 11am and do any thing after shift til 6 or 8pm..
    i really still have a lot of sugar to burn for the day..
    collect $500/month just for being old-guys’ superhero..
    this job is definitely a ‘utopia’ for any one out there!
    yet, here i am typing my comment.. (seeking some help? uhm, some answer?)
    i am not really sure what i am going through..
    always being late and absent for a while..
    consistently slacking off from my attendance (+RiP)
    like 98,97,96,95 – 88,74, to 68.9% ?!!
    it’s obviously beyond being unreliable, tsk tsk..
    and worst? i seem not to give a damn! tho, i politely listen to my supervisors’ concerns about my recent behavior..
    but, man, i honestly don’t give a damn..
    i know i should brush off this feeling,
    alarmed with my ‘*kay’ response,
    but i think I’ve been trying for almost a year..
    im turning 30 next month, and i should be slicker not slacker..
    and remember i got this one in a million job, i might still celebrate a 2nd anniversary 4months from now, couldn’t get much or something like this outside..
    this alone should sound motivating..
    yet, still im here, leaving my comment instead of trying to fill in at least the half of my day in the office tonight.. sometimes wishing im 15, and reboot, and cringe, and burst, and stuff, fly to another dimension, i dunno @_@
    guess im getting bored? am i?

  4. meg

    I tick all of the 21 signs listed above. I know I’m having problem in this industry, because I loathe my work everyday for the past 5 years and yet I am still here. I can’t leave because I need the money and if I leave the industry, I would have to take a huge paycut and no employer would want to hire me as I have no experience in other industry besides what I’m doing now. I feel like I’m stuck.

    1. Andy (Author)

      Sorry to hear that…and I can say I was in a similar situation. But a major life event forced me to make a choice and yes I had to take a significant pay cut. But I can tell you it was the best decision I ever made. I like what I did and within a couple of years I was back making more than my previous job – because I was good at what I did (since I liked what I did) and I got opportunities I never even realized. SO my advise is, life is too short. Take the plunge and if you are happy, there is a high chance you will be successful.

  5. aty

    I knew I need to find new job, since almost all those things you stated above are my situations right now, actually before this I’ ve been unemployed for 3 years, and after that my cousin invited me to work in her company (I’m the only one employee though), however the job is different field in what I studied in university which is science and the job is property management, actually I never imagined I venture to business field but, I really desperate to get a job though, so I joined her and moved to city (which I believed things got better). and now I working here for almost 2 years, at first, I think I did well and I did think this is suitable for me, however things get worse in 2nd year. I’m the only one employee from the start, and now my boss (which is a women) getting real busy with her personal matter (the family matter coz she just giving a birth) so its really hard to discuss things and I think the teamwork is lost (not like in 1st year), and my motivation to work is lost.

    and now I’m in dilemma too, I still loved science field (I do part time tutoring for science subject at night), should I make a comeback to this field?, now business field just like suck my life force but I dont know I can make it because I left science field for almost 5 years.

    I knew people impression of gen Y that they said we are too spoiled. However I cant ser myself developing if stay here any longer.

    1. Andy (Author)

      Thanks for sharing your story. You are in a tough spot but honestly you need to look longer term (rather than short term). You still sound relatively young and do have your future ahead so don’t stifle your passion. You will be working for 40 yrs in your life so do something more rewarding and in line with your interests (science). You may have to take one step backward to take 3 steps forward. Also your boss seems to be moving on with her life and not focusing on her sole employee…which is not a good sign.

  6. Victor

    Very nice Article Andy.
    My story is similar. It as been 11 years for me doing same line of work and 8 years for me in the same company. I have lost the interest, over 15 items in the list above applies to me. I have a small business on side and wife is working, plus substantial saving that I could live off of for years. So finance is not the issue but I am thinking that If I continue doing the same things for next 5 year then, We can become a financially independent family and no longer have to do Job in future. Current age is 33 years ( Male )and we planning to have our first baby next year. I know sticking with the current job is financially wise decision, also it supports our future plans for a baby, but it is becoming difficult to stay focused. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Andy (Author)

      Victor – Thanks for the comment. Glad to see you have your finances together, but honestly if you don’t like what you do find something you do or that will challenge you. 5 years is a long time and you can become very bitter if you spend 8 hrs doing something you hate. Look around you may be surprised with the opportunities out there and you sound like an organized and smart guy. Don’t waste your 30’s doing something you dislike. I was in a similar boat until I changed my job and only now wish I had done it sooner.

      Good luck!

  7. Sree

    This Is a great article! There are few points that I agree with and need to work on. Recently, I’ve been losing interest in work and was wondering why it is happening! Perhaps that’s what happens when there’s nothing to challenge! Will have to think over and try a different approach, so that I can inject some fresh thoughts and ways of doing the routine!

  8. GT

    I work as an automotive mechanic doing slight and minimal work. When I got into this business 4 years ago, I thought it was the right call for me. My interests were high and my energy was great. Recently, maybe 3-4 months ago, I noticed that my work performance declined, my passion for working on cars dipped, and I always was depressed and unhappy at work. Unfortunately, this last week has been the most difficult as I began working for a new shop doing the same thing. As a man with many many bills, I cannot afford to quit or go back to school. I also have 2 children that depends on my income for food, clothes, school, and etc. Did I mention that my position only pays just enough to get by with food and bills, not enough to save and have a little time off. But, I think back and say to myself…I only have myself to blame. I think back to things I wanted to do or become as a kid and I kick myself for not pursuing it. I know the grass is greener on the other side, but how can I get there?

    1. Andy (Author)

      GT – Thanks for sharing your personal feelings and story. Here are my thoughts on how to “get there”

      1. Education for reskilling is key. Look at doing an online course may be the best option for you given your busy life
      2. Volunteer at other places to get a feel of other things which may make you more passionate
      3. can you move to related insustries where your skills will be valued, but the work would be different?
      4. Mentor someone younger, this can be fulfilling
      5. Network, network with other people to see what drives them. Ask for feedback and don’t be scared of critisicm – others can sometimes see your strengths/weakness’ better than you,
      6. I started this blog as a hobby and at night since I had a day job. It now provides a nice, albiet not life changing, income on the side. And I just learned as I went.

      Hopefully this list gets you started.

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