2020-2021 vs 2019-2020 Tax Season – Average IRS and State Tax Refund and Processing Times

This article was last updated on February 16

The table below shows the average IRS federal refund payment over the last few years.. This is based on IRS filing statistics and can change over time as late filings or refunds are processed.

Tax Season (Tax Year-Filing Year)
Average IRS Refund
2020-2021 (current tax season)
$2,800 (estimated)
 Here is more refund information from the bigger online tax providers – > TurboTax ; TaxAct

Generally, if you e-file and use direct deposit, the IRS estimates that you should receive your federal refund between 8 and 21 days after they accept your return, unless the IRS does not send you a notification requesting additional information or an audit notice). The IRS has stated that it issues more than 90 percent of refunds within 21 days (see estimated refund schedule).

Also note that for the current tax season the IRS has announced that there will likely be tax refund payment delays. In particular for taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) refunds may not be processed until a few weeks into the tax season in order to perform further identity verification checks.

If you did not select the electronic deposit option, getting a paper check mailed to you adds about a week.  If your return was filed by mail, then your refund can take 4 to 6 weeks from the date the IRS receives a complete and accurate return. Once your return is accepted by the IRS, the IRS processes your refund based on the IRS E-file Refund Cycle Chart. Exact refund dates are based on IRS processing times and can be found in IRS Publication 2043 and IRS Topic 152 for both e-filed and mailed returns.

To find out online when the IRS currently expects to issue your refund, check the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” tool or IRS2Go mobile application which  is updated every night (3am to 6am EST) You’ll need to provide the following information from your tax return : social security number, filing status and the exact whole dollar amount of your expected refund.

Should I call the IRS if I haven’t received my refund?

Unfortunately calling the IRS won’t do anything to speed your refund since their call center staff are not the ones who process the (over 140 million) tax returns. The best option is still to use  check the “Where’s My Refund” page or IRS2Go application. See this article for how the IRS WMR and IRS2Go works and what each status means. If you do need to talk to a real IRS agent, this article contains some useful numbers based on what has worked for others.

When to Expect Your State Tax Refund

State refunds are processed by each individual state, so processing times will vary. As a general rule, you can expect your state tax refund within 30 days of the electronic filing date or the postmark date. To get the current status of your state tax refund, contact your state tax agency or search online for your state’s taxation website. See the table for some standard state refund processing times. Processing begins when the return is received and ends when we post the refund to your account. I will update as states release their latest processing cycle times.

Latest update : The IRS is conducting significantly more ID verification checks to deal with the increase in online tax fraud, which is also causing state tax agencies to add additional security measures resulting in delays in state tax refunds. For example, Hawaii’s taxpayers could see state refunds delayed, while a number of states are telling tax payers not to expect refund before March 1st.

StateE-FILED Return, Average Refund Processing TimePAPER Filed Return, Average Refund Processing TimeState Refund Checker
Arizona (AZ)Within 10 days of filingUp to 12 weeksAZ Check Refund Status
California (CA)Up to 2 weeks10 - 12 weeksCA Check Your Refund
Georgia (GA)30-45 business daysUp to 6 weeksGA WMR Site
Illinois (IL)2-3 weeks6 to 8 weeksIL Refund Checker
Louisiana (LA)Up to 60 days12 to 14 weeksLA Refund Status
Ohio (OH)Within 1 week6 to 8 weeksOH Check My Refund
Kentucky (KY)2-3 weeks8 to 12 weeksKY Refund Checker
Maryland (MD)Within 1 week~ 30 days to processMD Refund Checker
Michigan (MI)14 days6 to 8 weeksMichigan Taxes
New Jersey (NJ)4+ weeks12+ weeksNJ Refund Status Service
New York (NY)Up to 3 weeksUp to 6 weeksNYC Refund Checker
North Carolina (NC)Up to 8 weeksUp to 12 weeksNC Where is My Refund
Pennsylvania (PA)Up to 4 weeks8-10 weeksPA WMR Site
Utah (UT)7 to 21 daysUp to 90 daysUT Refund Checker
Virginia (VA)Up to 4 weeksUp to 8 weeksVA Refund Checker
Wisconsin (WI) Up to 4 weeksUp to 12 weeksWI Refund 123
Average Refund by State
Average Refund by State (Source : Business Insider)

I’m not going to be able to file my taxes in time. What should I do? If you can’t make that mid April deadline for filing your taxes then file an extension. The IRS says it received requests for 11 million extensions, which amounts to about 8% of all tax returns. Taxpayers who ask for an extension get an extra six months to file—your new deadline will be in mid October.  However you still need to make any expected tax liability payments. See this article for more details and restrictions on filing an extension.

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  1. The IRS is conducting significantly more ID verification checks to deal with the increase in online tax fraud, which is also causing state tax agencies to add additional security measures resulting in delays in state nj tax refund.

  2. Filed Illinois and Federal taxes Feb. 23rd, 2020. Both returns accepted within hours. Received federal refund within two weeks. It’s April 24th, 61 days since IL return was accepted and it’s still “processing”. No information provided. No contact info listed. IL advises tax payers to just wait. We are instructed NOT to call as we will be told nothing because the reps know nothing and cannot provide any info. Why are we paying for them to show up and know nothing? What ARE they doing on our dime? Seems the blue-er the state the longer the wait.

  3. I filed my taxes in February. Got my fed return fairly quickly. It is now June 18th and i have still not received my state tax refund. I’m in NY. This is absolutely ridiculous. This has never happened before. I sent my w2’s AGAIN through my tax preparer and still nothing!

  4. I filed my taxes Jan 19. Feb 12th I got a letter stating I had to verify my identity . I verified that day. They told me if I haven’t received my money within 9 weeks to call them back. of course I didn’t get my money so I called, the lady I spoke to made me re-verify because the first time I verified the girl never took the hold off my return. I re-verified on April 12th and they said it could be another 9 weeks. I keep checking everyday and the status never changes. still being processed. its now 4/25/19

  5. Called IRS, and NOTE that the only IRS call I made was for the following reasons:

    1. FIRST IRS PHONE CALL: FEBRUARY 6, 2019, which is what the WMR site says “to call for a status update when its over 21-days since your return it was accepted”. IRS agent advised to call back on MARCH 12, 2019 because my file was pulled for review and to give IRS time to process my return.

    2. SECOND IRS PHONE CALL: Called after 21+ days, around February 20, 2019, (earlier than March 12, 2019) which is what WMR site still say to call 21-days after processing which I assumed would be January 28, 2019. IRS agent did some research and asked to call NOT ON MARCH 12, 2019 BUT on MARCH 13, 2019. I have a record of the agents ID number.

    3. THIRD IRS PHONE CALL: Called 1-week early, MARCH 6, 2019 to check if there’s any update on my return, and the IRS agent said that my file was just inputted, TAKE NOTE, “inputted” into the system, NOT PROCESSED but “INPUTTED” on MARCH 2nd, 2019. And asked to wait 21-days before I call again or keep checking WMR site or my bank account for a direct deposit since I did an e-file. I asked the IRS agent if there’s anything I need to do or if there is any mails from IRS that is going out for me to fill-out or any action-items on my part, she said “No, you do not have to do anything but wait.” She was nice enough to say that there’s nothing that the IRS needs from me and nicely enough to say just wait.

    On MARCH 25, 2019, it’ll be 23-days from MARCH 2nd, 2019 where the IRS explicitly said that my return was “INPUTTED” into the system. CURRENT STATUS as of MARCH 21, 2019 4:30PM eastern time: Logging into my IRS Account, it says: “Your 2018 tax return has not been processed.”

    All I need to know is what’s going on with my return. And based on IRS Freedom of Information (https://www.irs.gov/privacy-disclosure/irs-freedom-of-information), where it says:

    “Enacted in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, gives any person the right to access federal agency records or information. The FOIA is based on the presumption that the government and its information belong to the people.

    A 1996 amendment to the FOIA, required federal agencies to make many types of records available online. Visit the IRS FOIA Library to learn more.

    New law, like the Open Government Act (PDF), as well as new policies, such as those issued by the President and the Attorney General, promote the spirit of transparency envisioned by our founding fathers.”

    So I’m guessing, that coming direct from the IRS should at thge very least update me even the very basic information I need regarding whats going on with my 2018 return and not just say a generic message: “Your 2018 tax return has not been processed.”

    Not sure what to do at this point, since every call to the IRS just keep delaying my return and they wont even give any specific information on whats happening. I dont mind getting a NEGATIVE return and paying whatever amount of money they asked me to, all I need to know is what to do to prepare for whats coming next.

    Thanks and hope someone who reads this can help give some lawful advice.


  6. i filed my taxes end of jan, me and my wife and claimed a dependent. i live in fl and i recieved the email stating they accepted it but it still shows your refund is being processed and its march 16. what’s the hold up?

    1. Did you mean it’s Feb 16th. I have 2 dependents and usually get mine the first week of March every year and I file mine by the end of January every year.

  7. I filed my federal and NY taxes on Feb 4th and still haven’t heard or seen any kind of update on them. I got my federal refund two weeks ago, NY is sitting on refunds for some reason.

    1. i filed my taxes jan 20, 2020
      i got my federal…. 10 weeks now and state is still processing !
      Whats up with New York ?
      i called and got nowhere !
      the lady at the other end said …You’ll have to wait !

  8. For those of you who are not receiving your refund within the allotted time you can search the internal revenue code to find additional interest that is owed to you by regulations found within.

  9. I filed I filed my income tax the end of January beginning of February I got my federal back but I’m still waiting on my state tax I’ve been trying to get information on what the holdup is of my state income tax I received the letter that they needed more information I sent the information and still today as of July 6 I still have not received my state income trying to figure out how do I go about trying to find out what the holdup is about my state income tax could you please help me and direct me in the right way in order to find out what the status is cuz I sent them all the information they needed and still today I have not heard anything thank you Donald Brown

  10. I filed april 14th ,recieved my federal and wisconsin refunds with in 14 days it’s now june 21st still waiting for my minnesota return

  11. Ti filed electronically in the beginning of February and it still says they received my returned and being processed no date of when it will b deposited

  12. I live in Austin Texas I filed taxes through TurboTax on February 3rd it’s already going to be May and I still have not received my refund.

  13. I live in AR. Both my Fed and AR returns were accepted 3/14. I received my Fed refund 3/21 by direct deposit. Today is 4/6 and I still do not have my AR refund. I have called two days ago to make sure it was approved and there were no issues, since I did have problems submitting it through Turbo Tax this year. They said everything looked fine and was verified, so I guess I’m just waiting till they decide to send me my money.
    I have no idea.
    Anyone know the refund cycle for Arkansas direct deposit?

  14. Damn Shirley I hope my state taxes come today. I’m n Maryland & it been a week my federal says its still processing, my refund amount is there but the status bar not. Its says its processing but a refund date will b provided when available like wat dat means???

  15. If the irs say that they deposited my state refund on the 5th why have it i got it yet

  16. Originally I filed both Fed & State returns through Turbo Tax at the earliest possible time for WI 2016 (Mid January). I was then informed that my return was rejected because one of my kids had been claimed by both parents. Following further review, this was not the case. His SS# was in fact on both returns, however, he was only claimed by me for Child Tax Credit purposes, as both of us alternate years that we claim our dependents. This required an amended return be submitted which I completed sometime in February. Following amending the return, and 24 weeks of waiting, (along with numerous phone calls to the IRS that are absolutely a waste of time because you never actually get an answer…or a person for that matter) I went directly to the IRS building. I was then informed that the reason there was no record of my amended return was that I had never submitted an original return, therefore my amended return was just thrown away basically. I would now have to mail in my original return that I had tried e-filing back in February. Please keep in mind that this back and forth has been going on since February. It is now October 27th, 2017 and although the “Where’s My Refund” tool, which I check daily, finally says that my refund has been received, that is where it has stayed for the past 3 weeks. What is the deal?! I am 2 months from filing for 2017 now and I still don’t have my refund for 2016? I am a single father of 3 kids as well as a hard working, tax paying U.S. Citizen. This refund that I have been waiting on is my hard earned money. When I owned my business and was late on my sales tax payment by 3 months, it turned into nearly triple the original bill due to penalties and interest. If I owed taxes and didn’t pay by April 18th, I would be penalized greatly. Why is the IRS not forced to pay me penalties and interest on the money that they owe me? I would like some answers, but I would really like my refund. How much longer is it going to take being that it is now 9 months after I originally sent the same information that I have now re-sent? It is not a busy tax time as far as I am aware. Please provide me with some answers. Thank you.

  17. I mailed by State tax to Hawaii on Feb 16 and it is now August 5 and still no return. When I called they said maybe it got lost so sent another on registered mail and still not response. Where is the accountability as this is just not fair.

  18. It is ridiculous how these states are holding refunds. I filed for the first time with the state of Illinois back in March and the status has been stating received and being processed for the last five weeks. WTF if I owed them they would be writing me.

  19. I filed my Minnesota state taxes April 11th and I still have not received the refund it it has been over a hundred days what is with Minnesota they got their heads up their butts I call and they know it’s still processing it’s been processing for over 3 months this is ridiculous somebody needs to step in and do something you call but they don’t have any answers because they’re not the ones who work on the taxes perhaps we should actually talk to people who do the work or part of me don’t do the work

  20. Got the federal fast, still waiting on Georgia state and was accepted 1/28/2017 and web site and phone call and still nothing more than “being processed”.
    Never had this much trouble before, clearly the Georgia DOR needs to be cleaned up, MAJOR fail this year.

  21. Filed NC April 1, it was accepted. It’s been stuck in stage 1 now for almost 2 months. Does anybody know what’s going on with NC tax refunds? This is utterly ridiculous!

    1. I filed end of January, received my federal return mid-February and my NC state refund has been processing in stage 1 since mid-March. Others I know that filed at the same time have received theirs, impossible to get anyone on the phone…and forget the compensation for it taking more than 45 days past your file date, nobody I know has seen any extra $$$. Beyond irritating….

  22. Um I live in mass and filed my state taxes by mail maybe ten days too late from the due date in april. It is June 5th now and it still says th ey haven’t received me state. What do I do who do i call?

  23. I filed both April 9 from Minnesota. My state is still checking for accuracy. Getting kind of irritated because since I filed late I would have expected it back with no delays. Wtf and every time I call just says I don’t know

  24. Why are some state taking a long time to complete state refund? and it take them less then one week to accept refund? Aren’t they doing the same thing just reviewing it again? I don’t understand what else are they doing? And it shouldn’t take more then 8 weeks just to review and account after id verification, if it took them 1-5 days to accept all refund that mean they should accept within another week with a complete refund. My refund status been sitting for 2 weeks after id verification I’m not filing federal tax I’m filing homestead Credit witch means federal don’t care spoke to them they said they have nothing to do with state so again why is my homestead taking for ever it’s not like I’m waiting for the whole USA it’s just a state homestead credit tax it’s should have been here Monday but called my state Monday and she said wait 12 weeks how when I e-filed and direct deposit with American Express the fastest way to get direct deposit I really was supposed to get on Friday but no Date or no letter in the mail and status still some can someone give me advice or something I wish I was rich so I won’t have to worry about it and just e-file without having to worry because I have money. When I get that refund it’s going into investment because this is a whole bunch of nonsense

  25. I filed around Jan 18 and still no refund. Close to 4 months now.
    Got my state refund within 2-3 weeks but the big one is still pending. It sucks.. Maybe I should pay taxes at the end instead of waiting for a return.

  26. My husband and I filed our taxes back in January of this year we did e-file. We recieved our fed refund but haven’t received our state(Utah) refund. It says it has been recieved and is processing. I have called but they were very rude & said you have to wait. What is going on??? We need our money !!!!

  27. I filed feb8th and got federal back within the time frame, march 1st i got a letter saying i needed to send the state(NY) a copy of w2 and so i did and 2 months now i still havent recieved anything! Ridiculous. And it was e-filed

  28. I think the money is being used to build the wall or start the new Trump Care. LOL I don’t know anyone who has received their refund.

    1. Wrong, this tax delay started in 2009 1 year after Obama came in office and is just finally getting corrected by trump. 40 percent of people’s were delayed every year for 7 years and it dropped to only 10 percent 1 year after trump came in and is suppose to be down to 5 percent this year in 2019..

  29. I filed my taxes ( both federal and state) via turbo tax on 4/7 I got my federal 4/19 and as of today 5/2 my State refund went from “checking for accuracy” to ” being processed”. I’m in Minnesota.

  30. I e-filed my taxes on Feb 4 with state of a Mass, says they are accepted and being processed..it is now April 11th and still have not received my state return, has this happened to anyone else in Massachusetts?

    1. yea feb 3 I filed and its the 19th called 2 weeks it was still being reviewed. that’s all they said no letter or notice , I have debt to pay and bills would be nice to get a courtesy notice at least

    2. I got my federal on the 3rd of this month but I’m still waiting for my state refund. When I check it says “it’s being processed” I was giving them until the end of this week I’ll be calling Monday to see what excuse they give me.

  31. My husband filed his taxes in early February he got his fed back but not his state yet they said it should’ve been sent out Feb 14 but here it’s April 13and still no check here in Mississippi any comments on when he’ll get his money

  32. My states (Colorado) website told me my state tax return was mailed out on March 7th to The address I gave them. I e-filed on turbo tax. It’s now April 11th and I still havent gotten my return. Does anyone know if this is normal to wait this long or if I should have another one issued???

    1. I filed 2/8 and am still waiting. According to their site, its processing in stage one and should take up to 15 days but it’s been in stage one for 3 weeks now. My friend filed his 2/4 and got his refund 2 weeks ago. So I don’t know what NC is doing. Probably ran out of money.

  33. I filed my taxes last week of January 2017 and still haven’t received my state taxes for Minnesota. When I check on them it says, checking for accuracy. It’s been 11 weeks and I e-filed. what is going on???

    1. Same as me I filed on Feb 10th and still checking for accuracy I don’t get it I’ve called numerous times to be told it’s just taking longer this year

      1. Same here. I filed on February 13th and got my federal back but not my state. Isn’t there a certain amount of weeks that they have to give it back?

    2. I’m in the same boat. Sounds like they are doing additional security checks.

      1. My MN just moved off of checking for accuracy to processing refund does anyone know how long it takes for them to send the refund actually???

        1. Janay….could I ask when you filed yours? Curious as I filed mine beginning of February and it is still in the review phase. It is so unfair of the state to do this to tax payers…if we were owing money, they would have wanted it yesterday or else…ya know? ugh…just frustrating….hope yours works out okay for you! :)

  34. I file my tax in February 8. I haven’t received mine either in CA. I been 2 month now of today I still waiting….

  35. I filed on 2/10 and I still haven’t received any of my state taxes, and it will be 60 days on Monday ugh and I never have had to wait this long for my state

  36. We filed ours 1/24 in MN and still haven’t received it… anybody know what’s going on

    1. Same here.. Also MN… Looks like its taking much longer for them to process state refunds this year..

      1. I also filed in MN on March 23 and two months later, still waiting. . . . . . Unable to talk to a real person, when I try to call.

      2. I e-filed at the end of March and still haven’t received anything from Mn state taxes! So frustrating!!

  37. I’m in IL, filed taxes on March 14 with H&R block, both were accepted same day. Received federal back March 20. State still says processing. Weird thing is I called to see if my state was going to be intercepted, I was told no; I would get my entire return back. Called back last week after 3 weeks and was told it was due to be intercepted!!! I had to send over documents to prevent that. Just my opinion but I think in addition to fraud the state is trying to hold tax refunds for organizations to collect on a debt (e.g red light tickets). Still waiting on state refund. Same children have been files year after year. They see its not fraud.

  38. Minnesota is moving like . They better hurry it up, people RELY on their money!!! That’s just disrespectful and selfish of this awful state!!

  39. Anybody know the hold up on Minnesota state tax refund! Filed one month ago and is still in the “processing” stage.

    1. I filed mine back in January and still haven’t received it. I think it’s happening with a lot of people in Minnesota

    2. I filed MN state taxes anf STILL haven’t received my refund. I filed it on 2/3!!!! ???? Ugh!

      1. Filed online MN tax return on 2/24 and still waiting – most of my colleagues got it within a week.

        1. Same i filed 2/15 still in the checking stage. Everybody i know that has filed has received theirs except for me :(

    3. the same problem… I got my federal refund in 3 days and MN state has been “reviewing” for over 2 months now…

  40. Have anyone mail there tax return in get there$$ back before six weeks?????

  41. I was just wondering. If you mailed your taxes and it’s not been processed yet can you go in and change the status to have it direct deposited?

  42. I’m in NC. I filed on 2/1 recieved my federal taxes on the 2/23. I called for my state tax on Friday 3/10 and they said it was mailed. I received my taxes today. Hope that helps.

    1. When u did ur state and it said check has been mailed how long did it take to get it

  43. I e-filed ny state 2-6-17 got my federal a week later…now its 3-6-17 and my state is still processing!!! What is going on!

    1. I also e-filed NYS, but on 2-4-17; got my federal within 10 days. I usually receive my State refund around mid to late-February. But for some reason, this year (and I don’t claim the EITC or the Child Tax Credit) my status for the last 4 weeks has been…. “We received your return and it may require further review”. I have NEVER had this issue; something else is going on!!

      1. I am going through the same thing and its been a month where is my money that I worked for

        1. I filled electronically on Jan 28. I was getting the same message as Ginger. I am now getting a message saying it has been processed and will receive notification within 30 days.. I’ve never had this issue.

  44. Massachusetts has been processing my state refund since February 6th I do not claim any income credit or have any dependents

    1. Linda, I live in California and filed the same status as you, and am receiving the same message. This is getting a little frustrating! My boyfriend claimed our kids, the credits etc…he got his back in 4 days! Hopefully we get our returns soon.

  45. Hello everyone. The NJ state taxation dept os issuing letters for those who filed early as like my self, for verification of EITC. The state is asking for SS # numbers for urself and dependents, birth certificate, w-2 forms and also 2016 IRS Transcripts. Got my letter today this is a first time for me. You can upload your documents through there njportal online. What a dam headache. Just giving heads up

  46. I never received my state refund from Colorado for 2015. I refiled in December of 2016. As to date, their web site says “Not yet received”. Can I go ahead and file 2016 before the prior year is processed?

    Thank You

    1. You have to file even if last year’s hasn’t been processed. Sounds like you need to get in touch with the state revenue department about 2015 issues.

  47. I live in texas and and none of my information has changed since the last time i filed my taxes, i filed my son the same as last year ,i pay for health cover every month my refund has shown processing since january 27th and it is the 23rd of feb and it is still processing. Should i call the IRS?

    1. Same here filed February 29 now it’s March 10th and still processing. Do you happen to know when they let you know you’re being audited??

  48. I live in MI. My state was excepted Jan 30 and I have yet to receive anything… And no information is in the system when I check….???

  49. Hi I’m in NC and i filed federal and state on feb 6 2017. My state for some reason hasnt even started processing yet. What in the world is going on with NC state taxes?

    1. We filed Jan 30th. Its February 22nd and my husbands state just started processing today. In the message it also says that it may take up to 15 days to go into the next stage. Its all going to take awhile to get back cause of the new laws. I hope this helps.

    2. Same here. I filed mine on Feb 13 and it hasn’t even been processed yet. What’s going on with NC???

      1. Filed 2/15 and just checked today and its states it was mailed out. Lets see how long it will take for it to arrive. Also in NC.

  50. Hi I hope this helps anyone. I am in Texas and I filed on Jan 25 2017 and was accepted Jan 27 2017. I carry 3 kids and had to wait until Feb 18 2017 to see an update. Well the bars did change I should receive my DD by Feb 28 if not sooner. Also if the IRS has issued you a pin# number please use that when filing so they know its you to move the process along smooth. Again I hope this was helpful to some. :) be blessed

  51. I filed and was accepted on January 27 2017 and with the crazyness of the path act I finally got a update saying processing. Omgosh this is getting on my last nerve!!! I don’t understand why they couldn’t have moved along people who claim their own true kids and gave us our money damn!

    1. Amen to that Ebony! I filed the exact day Jan 27 and finally it says being processed!! I’m not with the fraudulent crap and I only have 1 child with my the same last name so why i have to wait smh

  52. Did any body who filed a child last tax season get there refund back early this year 2017

    1. I did, I filed with 3 dependents on January 24 and got my federal January 31st. Now my state on the other hand is still processing!

      1. I got my IRS tax refund within 8 days.I claim 2 kids, I e-filed Feb21st and got my refund early morning
        morning as a direct deposit March 1st. I was very happy & really surprised! This is one thing to be happy about with the federal government in the middle of all the current political turmoil. I never thought I would be thanking the IRS but I am grateful. My husband had open heart surgery and we really need it! However, my state of Missouri like most states is taking longer. So state refunds are taking a while.

  53. i was just wondering why my SC was accepted 2/6/2017 but still says it’s not being processed on the website? We efiled with H&R Block on 2/3/2017 and out federal & VA were accepted immediately, pressed and ready for direct deposit by 2/15/2017. We owe NC but SC still shows as not being processed. How long does it take to start the processing?

  54. My state and federal was accepted 1/28/17 qnd still is processing so tired of waiting this is bs

    1. Mines too. It makes no since my siblings we all file same day 3 out of 5 got theirs alreadu

  55. I e-filed 3 Indiana returns on Feb 1, 2017; mine, and 2 other single standard deduction taxpayers. The two I filed for have been accepted, approved, and given a date of Feb 10,2017 for direct deposit. My return was accepted on Feb 1, 2017, but nothing has changed on WMR status since, still displays “accepted’.

    1. My Indiana state was filed electronically on January 30th and was accepted immediately. Has been “in processing” ever since, with no other updates. I called and was told the same thing that the website. It’s frustrating because the website says that returns are being processed in less than 2 weeks and I’m going on week 3 with no updates.

  56. I filed 1/28/17 in the state of VA, on 2/1/17 it stated return has been received and being processed, when will it post to my account? I filed electronically.

    1. Yup mine is to. I called and they told me they haven’t started mine yet. And it was accepted on 01/25. I don’t understand the holdup

      1. no I still haven’t received mines yet. This is ridiculous. They are saying give it til the end of Feb

  57. I filed on 01/30/2017 and my state (Ohio) is processed and being sent I efiled btw.

  58. I filed my Ms. State Tax 2015 in February of 2016. To this day, I still have not received my state tax. The automatic recorder keep saying it under review. Give them 90 daya. It has been 90 days and over

  59. Useful writing ! I am thankful for the info – Does someone know where I might be able to grab a blank a form form to work with ?

  60. Has anyone received a refund on an amended Minnesota return? I know it can take up to 6 months, but am curious to see if anyone has received it sooner.

    1. I filled Feb 15 2016 for my regular taxes and found out it could be end of July before I get my state refund.

  61. I’m from MI, and I filed my taxes on March 31 on TurboTax. I got two confirmation texts saying my state and federal both went through. I received my state probably 1-2 weeks after filing, and I still have yet to get my federal.

  62. Anyone from MN and still waiting? I use my tax returns to pay summer daycare money as I am a fulltime student/part time worker—-I thought it may be hard to SAVE it for the Summer but its still not here….therefore in just a week I will likely lose my job….It doesnt fit the criteria for MN to expedite my return since I am not facing foreclosure or having my electricity disconnected, I pay my bills! ……………………..filed 2/24 and NOTHING, wondering if there are more from MN here with the same story.

    1. Yes..im from mn i filed feb 20,th nothing yet..im conviencei will never get it ..over 4 months..half way through the year

    2. It’s august 1st and I filed mine electronically Feb 1st. I’m still waiting for my return. Kinda frustrating

    3. My sister filed hers in January and finally got it 4days ago. I filed mine in april guess I’ll get it at Christmas. Sucky.

    4. I filed mine Feb 7 (mn) and still nothing from state, just says processing, federal cleared n in my hand but no state…

      1. I filed mine on Feb 8th and got federal but still waiting for state!! I’m in MN too!!

      2. Me too file 2/4 for both fed and state got fed but no state I don’t understand the hold up smh

    5. We filed on 2/3 and the website says still checking for accuracy BUT we’ve already received our Federal return 2weeks ago. Seems weird we usually get them within days of each other

    6. It’s March 8, 2017 and I still haven’t gotten my MN state return. It still says checking for accuracy. This is ridiculous. Anyone else still waiting???

      1. I filled mine February 24th here it is march 16th I called and it says my state still hasn’t been processed

      1. Filed on Feb. 11th and still waiting for state. Checked online and said received but checking for accuracy. My taxes are simple, not sure why this is taking so long this year. Just frustrating-glad i’m not the only one.

    7. I filed my taxes and they were excepted on 1/27/17 for mn and it still says it’s checking for accuracy. It’s now 3/12/17 and still nothing it’s driving me crazy

      1. I filed mine through H&R Block and when I first submitted my Minnesota tax return it wouldn’t go through and said I had to mail it but when I went in to print – it said “issue resolved” so I filed and Minnesota accepted it on January 22nd – still in “Checking for Accuracy” status. Just wondering if any else here filed through H&R Block and experienced the same issue.

        1. I filed on 2/20/17. I got my federal within a week. My Minnesota state was accepted but still is in “Checking for Accuracy” status. This seems odd because in the past, the state has been about a week behind the federal.

        2. I posted on March 17. I have an update. My refund was received through direct deposit on 3/23. Yeah!

  63. I e-filed on Mar 9th!!! with a very good financial firm….NOOOO refund as yet!!! It is May 5th…I had to show my health insurance coverage which I went through my papers and faxed it to them immediately and they e-filed AGAIN….Ive done everything correctly, how long do I wait??? I had to pay back around 5 years ago, and boy did they get on me by a deadline….When is the government going to be held accountable with their deadlines!!! We aren’t billionaires dodging taxes, we are ordinary hard working middle class people…Come one now, REALLY

  64. I filed my taxes on 4/14/16. It’s 4/27 – received my federal last week but didn’t receive my state yet (maryland). Anyone else in maryland seeing delays? Mine still just says processing.

    Seeing the posts here, perhaps 10+ days is not so bad yet…

  65. I filed my taxes on 4/14/16. It’s 4/27 – received my federal last week but didn’t receive my state yet. Anyone else in md seeing delays?

  66. What “booming economy?” Slipping into recession…slowest growth out of a recession and heading back into another one. Lowest LPR in 50+ or so years. Wow. Came here to find info, and you start off by saying something you have no clue about.

  67. I filed january11,2016 my taxes went into review the irs told me to wait 6 to 8 weeks my 8 weeks was up April 9,2016 now their saying allow and additional 12 weeks what’s going on somebody please tell me it don’t take 12 weeks 4real

  68. I did mine March 10th and it was accepted, but it is still being processed, it said within 3 weeks, but 3 weeks came, and still nothing. Im in OK

  69. I did mine Jan 22nd and still have not received a thing. A letter, something telling me there is a problem, no notice. I did receive my Federal though. I have tried calling, I have tried online chat, I have tried getting a pin number. Nothing Nothing Nothing!!!

  70. I completed my taxes on March 2nd but I still haven’t heard anything. I’m getting worried.

  71. So crazy…in California filed 1/23/2016 got our federal back but still no state….so frustrating

        1. Me and my husband also live in ms. We filed in January 2016 we received our federal return in February. They said it could take up to 90 days to get our state refund back. Well 90 days is up and still no check. This makes the second year of not gettin state back. Can they keep our state refund bc he’s a felon?

        2. Glad to see your review. Filed mines in Feb. of 2016 and still getting the same recording.

    1. Same here…. I check the CA Refund status every day! It says that it can take up to 2 months…but that was for paper file. I did an eFile!

    1. I filed the same day as you & I’m still waiting as well. I’m in GA. Frustrating!

      1. Thanks both. For GA processing times can be as long as 30-45 business days

  72. Did my taxes on the 19th, accepted same day, have direct deposit still haven’t recieved. As of today wmr stated instead of the bar that they have received my taxes and they are now being processed bs

  73. My return was filed on the 29th of January and I still haven’t received it. Does it really take that long ? It just says it’s being processed.

  74. Hey my boyfriend file is tax return on January 22 its start being process january 26 go to where is my Refund today day still processing wtf….this is a shame

  75. I filed my taxes at the end of January. Got my federal within a week. My state needed further review which could take 90 days. Which here we are 90 days later May. I called the IRS today n now they are saying it could take up to another 30 days for processing. I’m not sure what is goin on. What can they just keep adding time?

  76. Im not understanding how they haven’t yet reviewed my state taxes and getting ready to get more filers it really going to be a delay its not right to some of us we got to live to

    1. I filed February 2nd, and it’s now APRIL 12th!!!
      This is freakin Ridiculous!
      I called the tax advocates, they told me that I “should” have an answer about my money by April 13th, if not, they will contact the to see what’s the hold up, that they may need my 1040 x from my school..I asked if I can just send it to the IRS NOW so I don’t have to wait for that answer, they said no! Then they mentioned that even if I don’t get my money, the IRS has an additional 30 days to process after the April 13th date!! What??!!
      The government never sleeps on taking my taxes out my paycheck but yet makes me wait over 2 months to at least “get back to me about when my tax refund will be processing”?
      Somebody is going to hear from me and/or my lawyer if this return doesn’t come before may!

      1. That is why they say we should set up our deductions so that we break even and do not get a refund. If we are paying in more than we should be its like giving the IRS a loan, but we don’t get the interest from it…..however when the shoe is on the other foot and we owe the IRS, the interest rate we pay is RIDICULOUS! We should all try to break even, and not loan the government our hard earned money interest free!

  77. I filed electronically back in the beginning of February. It’s been two months and I have yet to receive my state refund. No one can give me any info other than “it’s processing” which is not helpful at all. Why so long this year?

    1. They say cuase some onliners from other countrys stealing information on irs.gov site but i have filed the jan 19 accepted the 20 of jan an still in processing they said lots were spit out cuase problems on there end i said well shit its aprl all ready wtf!!!

    1. I’m in the same boat as you. This is horrible! The government and the people in the powerful seats what Americans to be productive citizens, how can we? When the IRS is still processing over 100 millions tax returns months later without feedback. I’m just starting a new job, and I am a single mother. I have necessary things to do with my tax return “thats due to me” I need to survive in this cruel world where the rich gets richer and so what for the rest of us.! I’m truly disappointed n my government right now.

  78. I e filed 8 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything when can I expect it

    1. I live in Rhode Island and I filed on 1-28-17 and received my federal on 2-23-17. I have not gotten my state it says it’s being processed and that the are viewing certain aspects on my refund ….I was told if u didn’t pay car taxes that would be a hold up I just paid mine a week ago so I’m hoping everything will work out its so annoying already it’s also being mailed so I know that takes longer my husband got his state the next day after he got his Federal on his h&r blocked wish I agreed to that instead

      1. Kayla I filed my taxes in mid February, since refunds from IRS were being held until Feb 15th anyway, and still haven’t received my RI refund which was E-filed at the same time my federal return was filed. I filed electronically like your husband did, using HR Block. No idea what’s going on with these people this year. Never happened like this before…

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