Eligible For PUA But Do I Get Back Pay and the $300 FPUC From The Date I Lost My Job Or From The Week That I Filed?


This article was last updated on January 3

This article was updated following Enhanced UI extensions and $300 FPUC Payments from December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. The legislation for the 2021 UI extensions limited back dating for claims to December 1st, 2020 and the extra 11 weeks of funding for PUA and $300 FPUC weekly supplementary payments would only be over the extension period. I have updated the example to reflect this.

Anthony posted this comment following his recent eligibility for PUA, “Hi guys I just found out about the PUA. I filed for regular unemployment and was denied. I got a email stating that I was eligible for the PUA and today was my first day to claim it. I claimed for 2 weeks no problem. My question is about the $300 enhanced unemployment (FPUC) and if I get back pay from the date I lost my job or do I just start getting the 300 from the week that I filed?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the state in which you claim unemployment, but generally speaking and while the PUA and FPUC programs are subject to different timelines, if you qualified for the PUA program between when the extra $300 FPUC or $600 FPUC were available, you would be eligible for the supplementary weekly benefit which is payable during these period. This includes backdated payments for coverage weeks you were eligible for PUA due to COVID-19 related reasons. The $600 FPUC, originally funded under the CARES act, was available from Mid-March 2020 to the end of July 2020. The more recent $300 FPUC is available between the week ending December 27th, 2002 and March 14th, 2021.

Because you can only get the supplementary FPUC payment while you are getting some form other other unemployment (E.g. PUA) and you need to certify weekly for enhanced unemployment benefits, you can only go back to the date you filed your claim. This should in most cases be backdated to when you lost your job, because one week waiting periods have been waived to get the pandemic unemployment benefits.

In most states retroactive PUA and FPUC payments will be paid in one lump-sum one to two weeks after you are deemed eligible for benefits. If you only recently became eligible for the PUA program, you may receive you FPUC payment separately the week after your first PUA payment.

You should get a formal PUA benefits determination letter or award notice from your state unemployment agency stating the weekly benefit amount and backdated payments you are eligible for. Please pay attention to additional information that may need to be provided or certification steps to be undertaken to actually get the unemployment benefit paid/processed.

In many states, like New Jersey, unemployed workers must explicitly certify for their PUA claim for past weeks, even if they previously certified their regular unemployment claim for the same week. In other words, because PUA claims are processed separately from regular unemployment claims in several states, certifying information must be completed separately.

PUA claims filed after December 27th (when new funding was made available) can only be backdated to December 1st, 2020 or to the first week you were unemployed due to COVID-19, whichever of the two dates is later.

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257 thoughts on “Eligible For PUA But Do I Get Back Pay and the $300 FPUC From The Date I Lost My Job Or From The Week That I Filed?

  1. I’m from NYS and I applied back in November 2020 and was approved but I never got my backdated Benefit and so I called to change the date to when I first lost my job self employed in February. I was able to certify benefits all the way back from Feb instead of November. The Special agent told me it will take 28 days and that I will received a docusign by email or mail that’s very important to sign and send back. I never received that letter and so I called today abd now they said I have to wait up to 10 weeks . I’m counting from Dec 15 that I fix backdate that means I h ava e to wait until Feb 15 2021 . I dunno I’m crossing my fingers I will get it sooner . also the agent I spoke to today said it doesn’t matter if you get that letter to sign as long as you certify every week which I have faithfully been doing my part. Should I be escalating my case?

  2. I didnt know i could file for pua till october as im self employed in ohio the next day i sent in my backpay request which i have sent numerous times with no response. I do get my weekly 171.00$ then yesterday i got a correspondance for adjudication for back pay i had to submit proof of address and bank and 2018 and 2019 taxes and the reason i cant do my job and it gave me a week to do that. Mind u this is after my govner called them 3 times on my behalf. So hopefully i appeased them and i hear something back soon about my backpay. Hope this helps

    1. I just got deemed eligible for Back pay after waiting almost 4 months..8 emails later one being to Ohio Senator and I finally got approved on 1/11/21.. I’m now just waiting for what’s next? It seems like to me they must not make you actually do all those claims because nothing has popped up yet for me to answer anything..I think in 1-2 weeks I’ll get it in a lump sum. Is one of the many things it says online, but depends on the state also it says. I’m in Ohio. Im hoping it’s with the enhanced 600$ weeks and 300$ but I don’t know and at this point I’m just thankful ANYTHING IS COMING ANYTIME SOON?! Will post when I find all this out.

  3. If I didn’t get paid my PUA retroactive payments by Dec 26, will I still get it after that date??

  4. Hi I live in Virginia
    I was approved for Pua. My first payment was $758 and then that stopped and went down to 158 I’m just wondering in the state of Virginia they’re saying they’re paying backlog payments out Tuesday is that for back pay too

    1. hello there I also live in Virginia in about three weeks ago they told me I was going to get my p e u c what’s back pay and I’m still waiting I’m just wondering if I’m going to receive my back pay along with the $600 back pay in the extra $300 weekly bag pay along with my regular weekly pay I’m just wondering if I’m going to receive it this week since they did say that everything will be fixed by Tuesday anyone please help me out what’s this information I’ve been receiving regular unemployment which is UI but it stopped a couple weeks ago but I was told that I was going to receive a one lump sum back pay and I’m still waiting so just wondering what I received that any day now.
      because I really need the money to really catch up on my bills and take care of my family I am a single father doing everything by myself so I can really use some good news.

      1. I’m from va I got 9558 158 then 1800 3 days in a row but I had to file 30 claims starting in June on my gov 2 go dashboard amd 3 days later I recieved then deposits mon tues then wed ! Hope this helps I waited 6 months with a outstanding issue and it was a wrong date but it was well worth my waist good luck

  5. I was approved for PUA (pandemic unemployment assistance) just three days ago I got an email asking my specific dates that I stopped working because of covid 19. Which was the week of May 2nd 2020. I then got a letter stating that I am eligible. I called and spoke with someone and they confirmed that I will be getting back pay in the amount of $448 from the week of May 2and 2020 until now, December 2020. What I’m wanting to know is will I also receive the extra $600/week for the weeks that it was given out in my back pay?

  6. Hi. I’m from Brownsville TX, my question is does DUA issue backdated payments? My last day of work was March 24th and I wasn’t able to submit my application until August 17th. Can someone please help me? I’d really appreciate it.

  7. Hi im from florida and im confused .. Ok i jus got approved for pua benefits i stopped working april 1 2020 due to covid but i didnt apply till like may 17 so can i get the 600 back pay from when i first lost my job or not.. I was getting the UI then the PEUC, BUT THEN IT SAY APPLY FOR PUA I DID GOT APPROVED SO PLEASE HELP WILL OR CAN I GET THAT BACK PAY FROM APRIL OR NOT

    1. Hello my name is Jaime
      And I just applied for my p e u c unemployment and they are giving me back pay going back to a tour 2020 now I would like to know the status include a $600 weekly will I still receive that for the
      p e u c
      And are they going to go all the way back to April 4th for 2020 and give me do that back pay so can someone please let me know I would really appreciate it because I got to catch up on my bills and take care of my family

        1. So I am going to receive all that back pay including the $600 well thank you so much for that information it’s a big help hopefully I received my pay this week
          For my P.E.U.C. back pay.

      1. How ever far the approve you for on the retroactive pay if it is before july31 you will receive the 600.00 and 6 weeks of 300 after July 31

        1. Thanks
          Hopefully i will get my back paid soon
          Here in Virginia.

        2. Will you get unemployment along 600 or just unemployment money like 250 a week

  8. I asked Ari a question a free days ago regarding one of his posts and it went unanswered. It was a pretty simple question. .

    For any of you that did not qualify for state UI and were turned down and were then able to apply for PUA, calling your state unemployment office will accomplish nothing. You can put in a request to have your case backdated and they’ll do it because they don’t seem to know better but PUA is federal Gov and not state Gov and they have no control over when your case will backdate. If you receive UI from your state then yes you need to contact your state UI office and have them put in your request. I was told in Florida that it could take up to 8 weeks. That being said, I don’t receive state UI so her information in my regard was irrelevant. If you’re receiving state UI you should see that update hopefully in the timeframe you’re given. It still has nothing to do with any federally provided pandemic relief. I was told two months ago that the government was well aware that they had a major issue with backdating millions of claims. Grasp that millions part. She told me they were already working on it and started as soon as they realized it was an issue. They could not provide any kind of timeline and those unclaimed weeks along with your date of filing changing could show up on your UI site any day. Mine finally showed up this last Monday. It could have been before Monday because I actually forgot to claim my two weeks the week before. When I logged in it showed that I had weeks to claim and there were four of them which would be correct. My two recently past due didn’t show up and that made me concerned of course. I got the four filled out and submitted and after that was done my recent weeks showed up and I claimed them as well. Mine has been backdated to march 11, 2020 and only the last week was eligible for the $600. A couple of days later I received a deposit for $625 and then the day I received one for $125 (Florida’s minimal unemployment rate which is truly pathetic), and that’s it. That is why I asked Ari if his PUA and EPUA came at the same time. I’m not sure why they broke it up the way they did..5 weeks at $125 is $625 and the 6th week separately at $125 (I filed 6 weeks total) but the one week at $600 still has not been deposited yet. So, if anyone received their backdated payments, could you please tell me, in regards to PUA and EPUA, did you have any delay between those deposits. I helped a friend of mine that owned a business, wasn’t able to work and was going through a divorce at the same time after 25 years and was asking for help on Facebook, because he had no clue he could file for UI either. That was a couple of months ago and he went through the pointless backdate request through Florida’s UI about a week after I did and he’s seen nothing yet. He did get denied, applied for PUA and approved and his first payment within about a week and a half. I kept on his was constantly..Lol. I told my 22 year old son about it way back in April and helped him all through the process and he wound up filing a week before me and we both got our first payments the first and second weeks in May respectively and also our backpay going back from the month before. My friend did not receive any retroactive payments however because his case went through so quickly. I’m sincerely hoping his shows up soon. He’s owed a hell of a lot of money and desperately needs it.

    So…..please take this factually. If you are waiting for retroactive PUA or EPUA it will show up when it shows up. You won’t get a message or notice of any kind you’ll just log in one day and all of your missing weeks will be there and your file date will be changed. For those of you like my friend, I feel for you as it will take you a considerable amount of time to fill out all of those past weeks to claim them. I recommended to him to copy each written answer along the way while doing the first one and pasting them to his clipboard or whatever worked and pasting them onto each one after that. I do hope that this has been helpful and if anyone can answer my question I would be very grateful. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and I’ll try to help where I can.


    1. Yes, there’s state unemployment compensation, plus the federal government’s “bonus” $600/week for PUA = Pandemic Unemployment, on top of that, for the weeks of mid-March to the end of July. But each state usually administers both payments, because they had their own software system already, for unemployment. Therefore, every state has its own unique system, and what works one way in one, is different in another.

      In PA, they built (by outside software contractors) a whole separate computer system just for PUA, which went live in May. But alas, the original design was corrupted, due to extensive FRAUDULENT claims. In PA, there originally was a drop-down option to click on, to backdate your legitimate claims, and get your backpay automatically, but PA deleted it, without warning, or explanation. Now, it appears you have to back date your claim manually, by contacting totally overwhelmed state employees, who NEVER answer their phone, nor chat, nor emails. This is driving everyone depending on that money crazy, and it’s happened in most other states too – just read all of the “cries for help” postings here. A simple boilerplate email should have gone out, telling people not to panic, as their backdated PUA payments are delayed, but should be processed by year end.

      To add to this confusion, all of us collecting in PA, were forced to use the Relia Debit card, despite asking for automatic deposits to our bank accounts. Now you have to manually log into the Relia system, and transfer your money from the stupid Debit Card, to your bank account, EVERY week. Then the Relia software was changed to flag a large amount being transferred as “FRAUD” and your Relia Card was automatically FROZEN, such that you could no longer access nor deposit your cash – again without warning nor explanation. Again, you had to call a single phone number, that never answered, to be told to FAX them your driver’s license, to prove you weren’t a scammer, just to unfreeze your card, that had been working fine in prior months. The person who finally answered my phone call (after my staying on the phone for hours, in the middle of the night) could do NOTHING to fix it, nor tell you exactly why this “frozen Relia Card happened” other than to give you a fax #, and apologize to the thousands of frustrated callers she was getting. A simple mass email should have been the solution in this instance as well.

      1. Sorry Maria. I didn’t not see your question. There’s a lot of people responding to other questions on my thread. What was your question if I may ask? What state are you in? I can say based on what I read on your last post is that I am unsure of what EPUA is, we don’t have that to my knowledge in my state of CA. Every state has a very different system that I have come to realize. In CA we are instructed to apply for UI and if denied we are automatically deemed eligible or not for PUA. Most of the time PUA is approved for self employed, scheduled to start work people, people who worked part time and didn’t make enough to qualify for regular UI or parents that are required to stay home with their children because of school closures. Ive seen it take one week up to sometimes a few months to be processed. And there’s is no explanation why it’s like that.
        Sorry again I didn’t see your question but if you still have one I will try my best to try and help you.

        1. 11/14/20 my reply to above: Thank you for your response, but I was not asking you a question. For the sake of others, I was trying to add on to your above post, to clarify it with details for the state of PA = Pennsylvania. I have already posted here, to share with what I’ve found out for PA, at least 20 times, over the past 4 months.

          As I’ve already said here many times in the past, it would help others, if everyone initiating a post, would put its DATE first, followed by what STATE you’re in. The we all can quickly skim for updates that pertain to our state, and not get confused by outdated information, for the wrong locale.

    2. HI,
      Backdated in August by calling and the date did change on the first screen on DEO site to the correct back date I put in but still no $600 per week of PUA which would be all March 29th – April 16th – zip – nanda – big zero – donut hole – nothing so far. They said if we were not able to get into file on time we could call and change our date back to the correct date of unemployment and that would be the start date for the backpay up to when they actually started to pay from. Hopefully they can catch up by Jan 2020 from what I hear.

    3. 11/25/20

      Hi Chris. Thanks for posting. So if your saying PUA is federal and not state then how or who did you contact. Ice called several times in ohio and being told to email. After emailing any of the 6 different ohio email address we’ve been told to email for backpayments and backdated claims always ends up as a dead end. If it’s Fed and not State then could you tell me who you contacted? Thanks

      1. It’s a federally funded program run by state unemployment agencies. You will need to contact your state UI agency or local Congressional leaders to get action.

    4. I lost my job on April the 15 did not get through until July 15 and I was approved for back pay 600 a week I only received 1 payment I try and go online to go to gov to file my weekly pua it won’t let me it has never let im wondering will I ever get my back pay I finally got to dleek to someone about this she told me to hold on and she never came back to me over the phone I was pissed I have put in like 5000 hours to pua but I cann never get through the automatic paymen on the phone they say wrong entry can someone please help me get this resved

    5. I’m from Austin Texas and I applied for my unemployment May 10. 2020 and I was quantified for regular UI . I received my first in June 3. 2020. Three weeks plus my 600. Federal benfit. So around November 3.2020 I call my State Unemployment office to back date my claim from April 4. 2020. May 2 . 2020 and I was denied. But there reasoning was because I didn’t show a good cause. Can someone please make me understand that. I realize that now that the State has nothing to do with the Federal 600 dollars. I just don’t understand why they denied me.


    6. I filed for Pua 5months ago and still have received nothing I called they told me to wait for a call fromthem after I get the call I will be cleared for payment but they never call what’s going on it’s been 5 months do you think I will get my money or not

      1. Yes you will don’t wait for there call I did a live chat online after waiting 6 months ! I will send it to you go to the sight and pic live chat and set up a chat and it will get fixed once I did this the next week I got 9558 amd 1800 and my reg pay http://www.vec.Virginia.gov/benefits/path.
        This is the only way you will get in touch with someone amd they were amazing after6 months of pure bullshit a 15 min live chat and I was paid within a week good luck

    7. I’m in va I filed for pua back in June and never heard anything just that there was a outstanding issue with my claim once I finally got in touch with someone and fixed a wrong date I was able to file and I had to do 31 claims dati g back to June I did all 31 weeks at one time and the next week bout 3 days after I put all the claims in I received 9556 then the next day I received 158 then the next day I got 1800 . Then after that it was just my reg 158 till this week I got1058 and that cuz the new 300 extra for 13 weeks ! Just stay with it I dealt with it from June till 2 weeks ago but it ended up being well worth my wait ! Good luck to u

  9. Is the PUA PIN number different from the regular UI PIN number? I have received my PUA approval letter but it has no Pin on it. I would like to check the status of the claims I’ve filed, it’s been a week now.

    1. Lisa I also live in Philadelphia got the award letter in march got the card no money on it they said processing now its nov and it says pending. So to answer your question once you get the card you call the number to set up pin number maybe someone can help me how long is pending take

  10. Hi so I originally applied for ui in april and because I am self employed I was denied so I never knew I would qualify for PUA. I submitted my PUA app on last Thursday and on Friday claims had populated on my timeline dating back to 4/18. My question is will I get the $600 plus regular amount back dated?

    1. Yes the $600 will automatically be added onto your normal weekly amount for the months they have the $600 out for. It did the same for me.

    2. I too, did not know about the PUA ins. I lost my contracted summer internship and did not apply for the PUA insurance until 8/16/20 even though my internship was from June 2020 to August 2020. I got the unemployment but the date of claim was 8/16/20 not the date of June 1, 2020 I think I am entitled to the $600 a week for the ten weeks I was unemployed but did not get it. I did get the $300 per week for three weeks of the extension. Emailed a dozen times no response. Am I to assume I will not get the retro active $600 a week

  11. I live in colorado recently applied for pua and got deemed eligible well 3 days later i filed the backdated claim on the site for pua i was deemed eligible on 10/20/20 i have received only 2 regular payments so far no boost or bad pay does the 2 weeks start on the 20th or the 23rd to get the back pay

  12. 10/19 Good news for NJ unemployed…………….per today’s Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper online:

    “Some New Jersey workers will start to see $300 in federal unemployment benefits deposited in their bank accounts beginning this week, Gov. Phil Murphy said, according to NJ.com.

    Anyone who received at least $100 in unemployment during the weeks ending Aug. 1 to Sept. 5 may be eligible for $300 a week for as many as six weeks, according to the news site, and most workers don’t need to do anything additional in order to receive the benefit.”

    1. I was let go after September 5, 2020 due to covid. Do I qualify for the extra 300 in NJ?

  13. It seems like everyone is having issues with the backpay. It’s upsetting that all the fraudulent claims seem to not have had any problems. I am in New Mexico. I filed October 7th. When it asked what my last day of work was I put March 23rd and that I requested backpay as of March 30th . My claim was approved but my effective date says October 7th and I can’t find any information on my retroactive payments. I can’t get a live person, the online chat is a bot and there’s no where to email anyone. It does say claims will be backpayed from when you last worked regardless of when you file but that’s it. I’m so stressed out and need to know what to do. I was unaware I could file and now my home is in foreclosure and everything is past due. I really need my back pay. If anyone can please assist. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Natalia. Same thing happened to me. I filed and they made my claim for September 2020-December 2020 when Infact put my out of work date on March 19th. So they approved my claim but I knew I was owed backpay for all of those missing months. So I went the Ask Edd page to submit a question. — “Visit Ask EDD to request to backdate your claim if you think it has the wrong start date. Select Unemployment Insurance Benefits, then Claim Questions, then Backdate the Effective Date of my UI Claim Due to COVID-19.”
      Follow those instructions on the ask edd page. I submitted my claim to receive back pay. Within three days my backpay was approved on my UI account and I checked my edd card and behold they paid me back pay for all of those months plus the $600. Seriously a relief. Hope it works for you!

      1. 10/17/20 reply to Ari = What STATE are you from? In PA, there is no option to “ask EDD” to change your last day worked. Advising everyone to use the solution that worked for you, is useless, unless you reference which state’s software system you’re using. Every state has a different system for unemployment.

        1. Rude calling her information useless. She didn’t say “use this method it will work!” she said, I hope it works for you. At least she had some information that led in the right direction. Maybe you can reference EDD in your particular state.

        2. 10/19 reply to Ang = Sorry, but no intent on my part to be “rude” – just stating the fact that every state has their own unique unemployment software system. In May, PA even has built their own new PUA software, separate from the state’s regular unemployment system, that’s been in use for years.

          So many here are desperately looking for answers, and our sharing information helps, but it’s only relevant to the state you filed in. Just wanted to remind everyone that leaving that (2 letters for your state) key piece of information out of your response, is therefore not helpful.

        3. A simple question asking what state I reside in would have been a lot more effective and not to mention, kind. I gave my state in another comment but simply forgot to include it in that comment. I understand many people are frustrated and looking for help and answers, but all we can have during this extremely difficult time is simply, Grace and kindness. Bless you.

        4. Reply to Maria Jacobs :

          I am also in Pa and on the initial login page( workpage)of the Pa Pua Portal it has latest information. Under number 2 is how to request backdating.

          When I filed in June you could go back, apparently now you can’t without calling 855 number or email.
          They are backlogged due to fraud
          It took me 20 weeks to get approved for backpay ,has the transaction number and the payment number as of Oct 1st yet still receiving only the 409 weekly I am eligible for so still owe over 19 grand.
          Below is the information listed on Pa Pua Portal:


          If you are looking to have the effective date of your claim earlier than the week in which you opened your claim, you can call the PUA Call Center at 855-284-8545 OR you can send an email request to UCpua@pa.gov.
          In the Subject line of the email, indicate BACK DATE REQUEST and in the body please indicate exactly when and how COVID affected your employment or self-employment and which weeks you wish to claim.

          (The effect of COVID-19 on your employment must be due to one of the COVID-19 related reasons in the CARES Act for PUA eligibility).

          For example, in your email you could tell us…”I want to backdate to March 22nd because I have not worked since March 20th and where I worked has remained closed due to the Governor’s closure orders.” OR “I want to go back to March 15th because I had to temporarily close my business until June 6th due to the Governor’s closure orders. Please note I don’t need to claim as of June 7th because I have re-opened my business as of June 8th.

        5. 10/22 reply to Roman: Thank you for trying to help me apply for my backpay, but I already did, following my PA state’s instructions on their PUA website, to “send an email” with BACKPAY REQUEST, in the subject. That was over two months ago, and it remains unanswered, although my email is marked as “received” on my PUA email’s dashboard. Of course, their phone number is inoperable too, but they wouldn’t be inundated with frantic callers if they would have just sent a mass email to keep all of us apprised of the delay, and when might we expect the funds we qualified for.

          My comment was meant to again remind everyone posting here, that each state has their own unique system for unemployment, so it is most helpful to mention your state in your post, when you’re giving advice. Also putting a date on your post allows everyone to skim the 200+ comments here, to find the latest.

        6. Hi Maria, I live in PA and how the same issue you do with the PA PUA claim. I opened a claim 10/18/20, as I had just found out I was eligible. That is the date on my claim approval, even though when filling out the app, I put 2/2/20. I sent an email to PA PUA requesting to Back Date my claim. I have heard nothing and the date of 10/18 remains on the approval page.

      2. Thank you. I wish it was that easy. Im in New Mexico and there’s no option for that. I googled it and it brought up California. I emailed my Governors office so hopefully I can get some help there. I’ve searched and searched but apparently there’s no way to do it here without talking to someone. If only I could actually get ahold of them. It’s upsetting that the website doesn’t offer more information about it or other ways to contact them… I appreciate your reply. Hopefully it can help someone! God bless

      3. Hi Ari. I live in Florida and called the UI help line and requested my beginning date to be changed back to the date i lost my job instead of the date i filed my claim because I couldn’t due to all of the problems here in Florida with their extremely antiquated unemployment system. One person said no problem and put in the change of date request and told me it could take up to 6 weeks or so to those weeks show up on the UI website. That was about 2 months ago. They finally showed up, not sure if it was this week or last because I forgot to claim my last two weeks but they were there and I took care of it and got my 4 weeks of PUA yesterday but still no $600 for the one week from the end of March when it started till the 5th of April. Did you get both deposited on the same date or did it take longer to get your FPUA?

        Thank you

    2. I called DEO and when prompted I chose 3( which is a live person to help people with language barriers, disabilities or any other reason for not doing it on line. If people who don’t speak English can get live help, I would think you should be able to too! Good luvkp

    3. I’m going through the same problem…if i find anything out i will help you immediately…let me knw also if you figure out a way have a blessed day…

  14. So I have a quick question. Let me give you a brief run down…
    I had NO idea PUA even existed. Until September, I know, I must live under a rock. I am self employed part time and qualified for PUA and was granted it, surprisingly pretty quickly. I just have not received my card yet but have certified for a few weeks so the money is just sitting in there until I get my card.
    Well, when I applied, I stated I lost my job March 19th. But when i was approved, it says it’s for the period September 2020-December 2020. So is it EDD’s fault that my claim wasn’t backdated to March? Should I submit a request to get the back pay for those remaining 6 months? Will it affect my current claim? I’m super grateful for even having gotten approved and everything but I worry that if I try and submit a backpay request, they may deny it and also stop my current weekly benefits. Any input on this?
    Thanks for all your help!

    1. I applied July 7,2020 an been approved for my credit an then disqualified me for not filling my 2019 self employment taxes when I have 3 school age dependents an have filed my 2018 taxes an jobs consist of Covid-19 pandemic laws that shutdown my works,places to apply for work also my workers received PUA an worked under me an I pay taxes on my self employment since 2008

  15. I have been taken through the ringer i still haven’t recirculation a dime I can’t get in touch with anyone to help me they have my address wrong for the card won’t change it i can’t get sent a determination letter i have responsibility also they are giving it to people in jail I’m out here struggling and I can’t get a dime or any help am I able to retrieve the money they with held on me i live in pa can anyone help me please email me Jeremiahdean1823@gmail.com thank you

  16. I am confused how to fill out the retroactive filing section of PUA… it says “List below all weeks following the date of the pandemic that you were totally or partially unemployed due to the pandemic and for which you are claiming PUA. Report gross earnings from employment and gross earnings from self‐employment.” Then has the drop down menu stating “Ending Week Date” then “Hours Worked” then “Gross Income”, and finally “Type of work”.

    Hours worked? Gross earnings? Um, the earnings are ZERO because I’ve worked NO hours for those weeks but then it’s asking for me to show the wages I’m requesting benefits for? This makes no sense. If I worked and got paid, I wouldn’t be asking for those wages… I’m asking for the ones I never got. Help!

    1. 10/6 reply to Mark: Which STATE are you filing PUA backpay with? Because every state has their own online system, and is unique to where you live. It would help others posting here, from your state, to know that.

      I believer your unemployment pay can be adjusted, to account for any part-time wages that you collected that week. People are picking up odd jobs with Uber, Grubhub, etc. They need you to certify that you had absolutely no other income in the week that you’re asking backpay for.


  17. I have posted here before. To sum it up, it has been 33 weeks since I applied for PUA and haven’t seen a penny. First, I had active issue for using same phone to file mine and my son’s weekly claims. Fixed. Then I needed to upload my I.D. and SSN. Fixed. Keep in mind all of my claims which included the 600.00 back pay, said payment issued, however there was no transaction number. After finally getting through to an agent on the phone because they had finally reviewed my case, he told me I was good to go, and at this point it was a waiting game because it was over 10,000 dollars. So, I waited and waited, then I checked my portal and….all of the payments issued are zeroed out and the backpay is all gone. Now on the 33 weeks, it just lists 117.00 all the way down. I once again spoke with an agent who told me I was missing the how covid 19 affected my job. Yet I have filled every one of my claims out the same way…”I was scheduled to work when. .” So now I have to wait for an adjucator to call me, and they said it could take awhile. WTF?????

    1. In in the same thing in Arizona I call they say here I do what they ask and still nothing. Haven’t received not one payment but I have a trans number and it say paid on this day but no payment number ….. I don’t know what to do?? Can anyone help???

  18. I need some help please! I filed for the PUA unemployment in May but stated I was jobless in March. Will I receive any back pay for the ten weeks from March to May?

      1. 10/1 – Update for California, and others, via this online article today:

        Nationwide, some workers have waited 7 months for benefits – and it may take until January 2021

        Roughly 1.6 million Californians could soon begin to see months of unpaid unemployment benefits finally reach their bank accounts. Their arrival will be thanks to the state’s Employment Development Department’s task force initiative to comb through some 600,000 jobless claims that have been stuck in processing for 21 days or more.

        While new system investments could bring welcome relief to many residents, California is far from the only state to have a crush of backlogs due to technology and staffing issues. For some residents who’ve already gone seven months without the benefits they’re entitled to, a January 2021 goal date won’t help them pay their bills now. The benchmark “sounds terrible, but it’s better than uncertainty.” The federal government has disinvested from state unemployment programs for years. Underfunding in state unemployment programs in general disproportionately impacts some of the most vulnerable workers. Even when funding is provided, most fraud prevention measures are adopted at the expense of making the filing process user-friendly for applicants.

        1. 10/1 NEW ISSUE with RELIA CARD:

          My last cash transfer from my Relia Card to my personal checking account, which I did online successfully in the past, didn’t happen mid-September. Without warning, there was a transaction noting that it was “cancelled.” Further, I see that this option (moving funds from the card to your own personal account) has disappeared from the Relia Card website. Since I don’t want to use my Relia Card like a debit card, I will now have to visit my bank, and have a teller do the cash transfer manually for me. And there’s a daily limit of about $1,000, I believe, so more than one trip will be necessary.

          Of course, I posted a complaint about this in their Feedback Chat box, but they tell you to not expect a reply! And the only way to contact them (to confirm this inconvenience) is a single 24/7 phone number, where it answers with a recording that they are overwhelmed with phone calls (even at 12:05 am EST on 10/2), so “please refer to their Relia Card website for help.”

          Unbelievable, but I wanted to spare others from spinning their wheels on this latest inexplicable issue.

        2. 10/10/20 = Follow up to my post below, about my ReliaCard:

          I finally got through to a US Bank’s Customer Service, after being ‘on hold’ for 15 minutes at 2 AM, the other morning. Yvette confirmed that my ReliaCard is FROZEN, due to FRAUD !!?? Therefore, I can’t use it at all, even to withdraw funds via a Teller – yet it will continue to accumulate my unemployment future pay, which I can’t access. And she could only apologize, as she’s incapable of informing me why my debit card was deactivated, without any communication to me.

          My only recourse is to “fax them my PA Driver’s License” but be sure it’s legible, and no resolution timeframe for this. Also, I could hardly hear Yvette, and she claimed she couldn’t hear me, and was ready to hang up on me, several times!! This is not an uncommon ploy, if you read all of others’ complaints posted on the ComplaintBoard dot Com, under Reliacard listings. I’m left to think that someone, somewhere, is profiting from all the interest on our “Frozen” unemployment funds.

    1. Back pay or retroactive is different from state to state so the best bet for what you need to do is call to the unemployment office where you live and they will give you the instruction exactly what you need to do

  19. Does anyone know what day(s) the NY DOL releases benefits?
    Every week I have to call them to have my benefits released and every week I’m it’s fixed and i will not need to call in again for that… last week I called on a Wednesday and I was told they were being held for review and they released it the next day… This week I certified on Sunday and I have yet to get my benefits…


    1. I reside in New York and I did file for benefits the beginning of this month online. Yesterday I was able to speak to a representative who did advise me that even though my claim was backdated to March, I would not receive any back payment unless I certified for those previous months, which we went ahead and did. Today, I spoke with a claims specialist that assured me both my weekly back pay as well as the $600 additional payments, would be deposited into my account this week. I was also advised to contact my bank and to explain that several deposits were going to be made, as banks have been freezing accounts and sending monies back to DOL. It was very difficult to get through to someone. I literally spent over 2 hours on hold, but it was definitely worth it. The representatives that I got through to were professionals and beyond helpful. I must also mention that I have claimed benefits every Sunday since filing (9/20 being the 3rd), and was told everything would be released in multiple deposits all in the same day. I hope this info helps someone.

      1. How do you certify for those back months? My claim should be back dated to March as well, but I’m not sure how I would certify for those months. Maybe I should call and actually speak to a representative…

      2. Yes thank you.. But how do I certify for the past weeks / months I need to recieve back payment??? Thank you so much.

      3. Hi ! Thank you for your message! What number did you call to get ahold of an agent? Thank you again.


      4. What number were you able to reach them on to certify for back payments? I have been trying to call and have tried a few different numbers but am not able to get a person on the line. They’re all automated. I’m also in Nys. Please help!! Thanks

  20. I am eligible for 10 weeks of back pay from 5/10/2020 to 7/13/2020… During this time they were also giving 600 a week pandemic assistance.. Will I get the 600 a week as back pay also on top of my regular ui benefits? does this mean I will get $6,000 + 10 weeks of my regular ui benefits as back pay?

      1. I hav filed my 6 week but my paper said i wil go back to april for the 600 extra but i havnt recieved my lump payment yet will i stil recieve it?

        1. It sounds like they made a mistake, I got my lump payment the same week I got my first regular payment. I’d call them to check on it. The only time I could get through on the phone was early morning or late afternoon. Don’t email them, they NEVER answer emails.

      2. Jaime is my name and like about a week ago on my Gov2go app I received from the
        PUA which I already been receiving every week but they asked me to filled out 13 weeks worth off unemployment going back to March 21st of 2020 up until the beginning of June of 2020 does that means that I’m going to receive the back pay that I’ve never received doesn’t mean I’m going to receive my one lump sum for back pay that I’ve never received?

        1. I can really use somebody’s advice my
          Gov2go app asked me last week on Wednesday to filled out 13 weeks work off unemployment benefits,
          And now today which is Wednesday I just received on my app two also filled out my p.e.u.c
          Application which is for emergency unemployment I did that on July 29th oxytocin and 20 but now they are saying for me to figure out going back to July 31st of 2020 why are they asked me to do all that again on my app can someone help me out is it because I’m going to receive my back pay money that I never received,
          and when I call the unemployment online and I do my best to fill that out it says that I already filled out the emergency unemployment application so now I do not understand what’s into please someone help me out and let me know what’s going on thank you.

      3. Did you have to do anything separate other than file the actual claim? Or did it just automatically back date? I did file my claim and dated it back to my last day that I had worked which was the ending of March. Any help you could offer I’d really appreciate! I was approved on 9/24 for PUA but it just says last week worked 3/29 and 0.00 in net and total and date released 9/23…. I’ve never actually filed before so this is all incredibly new for me!,

        1. Yes! You must fill out and submit a back date request.
          I filed mine back in early Aug. & still waiting. I tried calling. No luck.virtual asst. Is useless. You can file the back date. Save copy for your records. Either print. Save or screen capture. There is no way to check status of your back date. It was submitted how do I know they received it. Or did receive it then got lost in the mix. To find form to back date just search Google. Example
          Back date form for pau for(enter your state) will pop it up. Do this ASAP!

      4. Chelsea may I ask was it pua? How did you get them to backdate you. I’m going through this now. Did you tell someone over the phone to backdate? Or did you have to prove something? Thank you!

        1. 9/30/20 for PA PUA: The PUA for Pennsylvania website, where I file my weekly claims, tells you to send them an email with the subject “Filing for my Backpay” – and NOT to send multiple emails, as this will only delay your request. I did this two months ago, and my email was read, but there has been no response. This is the only backpay “form” that I’m aware of for PA state. If anyone has more info on this, please post here and let us know – but strictly for Pennsylvania.

          Calling that one listed phone number just goes to a busy signal, no matter how many times I dial, so I can’t imagine how anyone can get through to a person, who will then ‘file for you, to get your backpay.” Pennsylvania has a deluge of claims, in comparison to some other states, plus there was a ton of fraudulent filings from prison convicts. There also was an issue with duplicate payments, and they’re busy making adjustments for these, to retrieve the over-payments.

      5. Have a question, since the new quarter my wba went up from 113 to 275 will they give me the 275 from when I was getting the 113 ?

  21. Hey can someone please help me I’m begging at this point I received
    received my lum some and then my benefits just stopped july 5th and I still havent recieved anything yet the one time I managed to get through on the 855 number they said everything looked good that was weeks ago I have contacted my state rep and got no helpful info from them. I’m at my waist end. Behind months in rent and other Bill’s phone is off I need help. Please if someone out there can help or has any suggestions please lmk I cant make it another week.

    1. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I was very lucky to have congressmen who helped me. The only thing I can think of is free legal help, such as pro bono lawyers.

      I hope this helps!

      1. Hey Chelsea I haven’t received my lump sum payment for my pua backpay yet, they said September 24th I would be getting the answer or at least possibly receiving it what do I do? I live in New Mexico btw

      2. My 1st claim was filed June 7, I still have not received payment, 14 weeks with nothing. Today I did what you did, and contacted Governor. Good luck to everyone. Praying for all.

    2. I just wanted to let you know that in my post to you about free legal help, I provided a link to you on where to get free legal help. Apparently, posting such a link is against the rules for this website, as that link was deleted, and a post to another person where I provided that link was also deleted. I will explain to you how to get to this site in this post, and hopefully this post won’t also be deleted! Anyway, here’s my instructions:

      Google “pro bono lawyer”. Click on the site that says “Free Legal Help-American Bar Association”. It provides lots of ways to get free legal help.

      1. Hi Chelsea! Quick question….i was just approved for PUA but have been out of work since 3/29, how do I request back payments? I’m also in NYS so I figured maybe you could help me. I don’t wanna mess anything up & I really need that backdated money!
        Thank you!!

      1. 9/21 = Scroll up toward the top of these postings, and read my long response, that begins: “9/`18 update from an online NBC news article: “Over $1 BILLION in unemployment aid is being threatened by fraud, in schemes ranging from lying about personal income to sophisticated cybercrime, state and federal officials told NBC News. The main target: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.”

        The fraudsters are the hold up in our getting our unemployment backpay. Pleading here, while explaining your predicament, is of no value, as we’re all just frustrated PUA applicants, stuck in a horrendous backlog of each state’s verification system. It would be better to get just the updates from those who are finally getting their overdue funds, and what they actually did to succeed in this.

    3. I hear you i only received my one lumovsum second week in july and then nothing its been 14 weeks. Iam loseing everything everything and dyeing of a slow painful death every time i file another weekly claim and get nothing . I also need help.

    4. Do you work in the school system? Benefits cannot be received during the recess months when you work in education. You’ll have to recertify if that’s the case. Hope this helps in the slightest way.

      1. My unemployment claim started on September 15th that was 3 weeks after I tested positive for covid and had to go into quarantine. I received two weeks worth of pay for 80 hours at my regular pay rate through the family healthy family workplace act…. So what I’m trying to figure out is for one if I qualify for lost wages assistance and if they are even paying Las Vegas assistance for the week of September 15th to the 22nd and between 22nd to 29th please let me know if I will be getting lost rwages
        s assistance…

  22. I applied for UI on April 19 I was deemed but the PUA link never showed up. Now I applied on July 1 and I was approved. So I called and added the back paid and it’s being 5 weeks anda haven’t received it.

  23. Anyone from PA that needs their claim back dated. I emailed them and heard nothing for almost 5 weeks. So, I called them at 8:00 on the dot, multiple times hitting redial until it rain (usually within 5 attempts) 855-284-8545 and i got thru to talk to someone. They back dated my claim to February 9th and it was approved. They stated that I should receive my back pay (including the $600) anyday now, to just keep an eye on my dashboard and account. The back pay amount will be deducted from the $7,605 it showed I was eligible for. Hope this helps alittle and good luck.

    1. Mine says I have $7600 credit what dose this mean, is that what they are sending me. I lost my job in April due to covi 19

      1. No, not until you have the claim backdated. That’s your weekly benefit rate x 39. Total.

      2. I applied July 7,2020 an been approved for my credit an then disqualified me for not filling my 2019 self employment taxes when I have 3 school age dependents an have filed my 2018 taxes an jobs consist of Covid-19 pandemic laws that shutdown my works,places to apply for work also my workers received PUA an worked under me an I pay taxes on my self employment since 2008 Alex. Louisiana

    2. I’ve been waiting for weeks and haven’t got a email or call ,does this phone number still work for pa . Thank you

    3. Did it show you owed overpayment when they did this ? I was finally able to get ahold of someone yesterday that backdated my claim til March when I lost my job. I applied for PUA on June 21 and been doing my weekly certification and getting my benefits, well no I go on the portal and it’s saying I owe all the payments as overpayment. I don’t know what’s going on ? I just talked to the representative yesterday and I don’t know if it’s still processing and will even it self out or what is going on and I can not get ahold of anyone

    4. Hi Renee May I ask you. How did you know you were approved? Did they send an email or did your claims for the backdated pop up? I backdated mine with someone over the phone last week and he said they will show up in my correspondence box. Still waiting. I was paid on my initial claim but that’s it. Also was your monetary amount correct. Due to the formula listed on the correspondence they sent me I should be getting 280 not 189 so I appealed this amount. They give you 21 days only to appeal if incorrect. Thanks

  24. I wasn’t able to complete my application, because of technical problems that PUA would not fix. I wrote all my congressmen, both federal and state. Within a few days of writing my congressmen, Jobs and Family Services called me, fixed the technical problems, and put all my backpay (including all the $600 payments) in my bank account. If PUA says you can’t get backpay for weeks before you filed, THEY ARE LYING. According to the US Department of Labor, “The PUA program provides up to 39 weeks of benefits, which are available retroactively starting with weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020, and ending on or before December 31, 2020.”

    1. Well I haven’t received my back pay from the Pua employment and I have gotten 4 pays from them but I have received my back pay from them and I don’t know who I can call or talk to about it because they said after you get 1 or 2 pays from them then they will send you your lump sum from when they had backdated but I haven’t received it yet and it’s going on my 5 pay from them

      1. My file date was March 22 of this year. I wasn’t aware to claim until beginning of May. I got 5 weeks of backpay if PUA and the $600.

  25. Firstly I feel terrible that we are in this situation and any updates I get from other sites I’ll keep everyone updated! I’m in PA and I filed for
    Pua 8/23/20 but on my application I submitted I stopped working 3/14/20. I was immediately shown on my dashboard that My weekly benefit was 195, my available benefit balance and credits both show 7605.00. Most people I know who have filed earlier their claim effective date shows the first day they stopped working not the date they filed, my effective date says 8/23/20 (which is when I filed) and also says my benefit year END date is 12/26/20 which is NOT 39 weeks or even close to 7605.00. I received my debit card within a few days and received my first weekly payment of 195 three days after I filed my weekly certification, and just filed yesterday for this week but there is no option anymore to summit backpay any more. My total they are showing of 7605.00 would be for 39wks so I’m beyond confused. I’ve read nothing that you had to file before a certain date in PA to be able to get the backpay and the 600 even though that’s over. PUA states clearly it’s for 39wks regardless to when you file and we should get the backpay. Does anyone’s dashboard say the same thing filing later like I did showing the 39wk amount? Hey at least I’ll definitely get the 300 and not late for that but very unfair to not pay us money that we deserve!! Any suggestions or similar situations I’d appreciate!

    1. I’m from Ohio, and they did the exact same thing here. I got my backpay my contacting my congressmen. I contacted all my senators and congressmen, both federal and state ones. Within a few days, Jobs and Family Services called me and put the backpay in my bank account.

      1. Chelsea I’m from Ohio too. I had to contact my senators office as well. For pua my monetary amount was even incorrect at 189. I worked all last year. Their formula that they provide I should be receiving 280. I wonder how many people they are trying to get away with this. I had to appeal the amount. Also waiting on the backdated amount. I’m so glad it worked out for you. Thanks.

    2. log in to pua scroll down to bottom of the page you wil see in the lower left saying clearing 261 or 424 issue under that is little dots numbered 123 click on 3 that will take you to a link to fill for backdated payments. i hope this helps i was in thr same situation you were it took me hours to find this out.

      1. 9/10 to Lewis,
        What state are you in? Every state has their own unique software, so what you described above will only work for your state’s PUA system.

      2. Thank you. If you dont mind me asking ,how long did it take to get your back dated pay after you emailed them?

      3. 9/15 = I did exactly what Lewis Yoder stated above, on the PA PUA website, but that is NOT a way to get your backpay – it only brings up a page telling you how to ASK for your backpay, via an EMAIL, which I already did, over a month ago. And still no response from PA PUA. I don’t think higher-ups realize, that the earlier automated method to get your backpay, was since DELETED from the PUA software – with no explanation, nor recourse, other than a hard-to-find page, that only tells you to request it via an email, that then goes unanswered, for MONTHS.

        This morning at 7:55 am, I started calling their posted phone number 1-855-284-8545 and I dialed incessantly, over 100 times, non-stop for 30 minutes. I would only get a busy signal, except for SIX random times, the phone rang ONCE, then silence for 45 seconds, and then, a busy signal. They would not be flooded with a million phone calls, jamming the line, if they took a few minutes to answer emails, using a simple form letter.

        It seems that PUA is woefully understaffed and under-trained, if after getting someone to answer the PUA phone (as a poster stated below), they only tell you to “send an email” – which doesn’t get a response, no matter. They could at least put a recording that assures you backpay will be forthcoming SOMEDAY, if you got their approval letter, after you filed your initial claim.

        I did get a recent email, but it only stated that the FEMA funds ($300/week for 3? weeks) that Trump promised for August unemployed, would be forthcoming in September’s payments, without my having to file anything extra.

        1. PA is the worst. I am terribly confused. I filed in July was fired in May, I have no idea what to file so I filed for everything. Can’t get anyone on the phone or the chat and don’t even bother emailing!

        2. I live in Ohio, and I was able to get help by writing all my congressmen, both federal and state. However, I have heard people from other states saying no one would help them. If your congressmen don’t help you, I would look into free legal help. This site won’t let me post a link to a page about free legal help, so I’ll tell you how to get to it. Google “pro bono lawyer”. Click on the site that says “Free Legal Help-American Bar Association”.

        3. 9/`18 update from an online NBC news article: “Over $1 billion in unemployment aid is being threatened by fraud, in schemes ranging from lying about personal income to sophisticated cybercrime, state and federal officials told NBC News. The main target: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

          The widespread fraud is plaguing unemployment systems nationwide, hampering states’ efforts to get money into the right hands. The U.S. Secret Service has launched over 500 investigations in 40 states as part of a multiagency effort to protect taxpayer dollars. In Colorado, cybercriminals took advantage of the unemployment system so aggressively that over the course of one month, 75 percent of applications were ruled fraudulent. In Pennsylvania, thousands of inmates applied and qualified for benefits (over $100 million. in total) before getting caught. In California, officials suspect fraud is behind a recent spike of more than 100,000 extra claims. California is now partnering with federal law enforcement to investigate, and has stopped automatically backdating PUA claims, and will limit multiple payments to the same address when suspicious activity is detected.

          Nationwide, the fraud is also siphoning resources from state unemployment offices struggling to pay out benefits to legitimate applicants. Millions of laid-off workers are having to wait weeks or even months to receive their unemployment benefits, with some even at risk of losing their home due to the delay.”

        4. I have a question on Saturday the 26th of September I received on my Gmail address that’s how I was going to get a raise from $71 a week is going to go up to $158 a week I’ve been receiving only $71 since the beginning of May of 2020 does that means that I’m going to receive all that back pay?
          And they said that on Monday they are going to notify me on my Gov2go
          Do I have to send my W2 then an order for me to receive that race of $158 or am I’m just going to get that automatic and I don’t have to send nothing in and again and I’m going to receive the back pay that they owe me since I only been receiving $71 going back until the beginning of May of 2020 but now they saying that starting September 30th of 2020 I’m going to receive $151 weekly hopefully I receive the back pain please let me know I am from Virginia if anyone have any info I can really use it thank you.

      4. thank you so much for the information because I’m still waiting for my back pay and last week on Wednesday my
        Gov2go send me some information on that website asking me to fill out 13 weeks off
        PUA which it took me back to March 21st of 2020 all the way up until June 13th of 2020 they asked me to fill out now I have a question does that means that I’m going to receive my back pay?

        1. 9/23= You do have to self-certify when filing your unemployment claims, every week. So I would say that this is a step in the right direction for you – to BEGIN to certify for your backpay. Every state has their own system, so no one here can tell you when you’ll receive the money, however. It would help if everyone posting here would start with the date of their comment (as I have been doing), and next mention their state. Those looking for answers from others’ experience, can then quickly skim these posts for their own state, and not get confused by conflicting information – which is only relevant for where they live.

      5. Wow, I have clicked on everything except this!! Did you send an email or call..they are my 2 options. I will do both! Thank you!!!

        1. 9/27 reply to Jenn: Don’t hold your breath waiting for your backpay. I sent two emails over two months ago, using the exact words, as the PUA instructions spelled out. Nothing has happened since, in terms of my getting my past unemployment amount from mid-March. When I check my PUA email, there is an indication that my message was received – but no response at all. So we’re all in the same ditch, just spinning our wheels here.

      6. I’ve only been receiving $71 we lost him when he was from my Pua unemployment here in Virginia since the beginning of May of 2020
        Am I’m going to receive my back pay that is owed to me because I went on my Gov2go
        And I was asked to filled out 13 weeks worth of unemployment going back until March 21st up until June 13th of 2020 does that means that they are going to give me my back pain,
        Fifth Harmony still receiving $71 weekly for my Pua unemployment when I should be receiving $158 weekly an extra please I can really use some good information and some advice.
        I also signed up on July 29th for the CPU a emergency pandemic unemployment and I’m still waiting to hear something back and I’m going to receive any good news back?

    3. Hello Olivia I moved to Indiana in December and started a new job the 2nd week in January. When the Pandemic hit my daughter daycare closed down and my children school also. I had to switch my shift to 3rd shift which didn’t come into affect until end of April. i had to cut my hours of work from working 9-4:30 to 5pm-8pm. Until 3rd shift came available. my ob didn’t pay me hazard pay nor did I get any assistance. So when I got on 3rd shift it still was hard because I didn’t have anyone to care for my 2yr but leave her with my 13 yr old daughter. So things started to get tough and now I’m living with my siter until things get back to normal and kids go back to school. So I file d for unemployment and got denied. But then I filed for the PUA and got approved. I had to update my new address. I havent recieved any amount of anything yet and I got approved for the PUA on 7/31/2020. I filed on 6/12/2020 was my last day of work. I had to explain what had happened and when was my last day. I recieved a leter from the claims department wanting me to seen in my identification which I did. I’m not understanding why I haven’t got my weekly pay and it also states that my back pay is a lilttle bit over 5 grand. They are still having me claim my weekly voucher eventhough I haven’t receive any pay.

    4. you need to call the unemployment office and they can manually back date your claim. You should as well receive the additional 600 for the weeks ending 4/4/20 thru 7/25/20

    5. Yes, my claim effective date is 9/6/2020. My Benefit Year end date is 12/26 2020.
      Available credit 7605. Which is from September until end date in Dec. I had originally wanted direct deposit and was waiting for it, until I received an email in the 23rd of this month saying a card was being sent.
      No sign anywhere about back pay. I have spent day after day trying to figure this all out.

    6. I’m in that same situation and don’t know what to do. I want all my money that’s owed to me.

      1. The start date of your claim will be the Sunday of the week you applied for unemployment. You can request to backdate your claim date to the week you became unemployed due to COVID-19. If approved, benefits will be back paid based on your last day of work. February 2, 2020, is the earliest start date for a PUA claim. To change you claim:

        Write what needs to be corrected on your Notice of Award and mail it to the EDD address on the notice.
        Visit Ask EDD to request to backdate your claim if you think it has the wrong start date. Select Unemployment Insurance Benefits, then Claim Questions, then Backdate the Effective Date of my UI Claim Due to COVID-19.
        In your UI Online account, select Contact Us to request a change.
        Call the UI Customer Service line at 1-800-300-5616, available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Pacific time), seven days a week , except state holidays

    7. people are getting confused about retro act and back pay …. they have to verify your taxes income and verify employment to back date …. it now has to have supporting documents as to why you waited to file and now requesting back pay to a later date. They are now cross referencing when you first applied for Reg UE to when you applied for PUA. Thats the biggest issue for funding right now, and thats the call for Fraud investigations. Now that the system as upgraded the verifications required are very strict. And also keep in mind that this program has a begin date and end date. So benifits rely soley on those times. If congress didnt exhaust the funding in that program by the exp date any funds left had to be returned :( and alot are seeing that nightmare now. Countless people have balances left owed but wont recieve them now. The program didnt get extended this time which shuts off the entire system, but its no mystery this is how the government moves they know they was gonna do this from jump and all reason why they argued for more funding for 8 months now its over and so many innocent families will lost there jobs homes ect.

  26. I’m in idaho applied mid July and I was denied back pay to May (when I lost my job) Due to “filing untimely“. Does anyone have a link to the cares act wording that says you can receive retroactive pay despite timing?

    1. Go to the US Dept of Labor website. “The PUA program provides up to 39 weeks of benefits, which are available retroactively starting with weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020, and ending on or before December 31, 2020. The amount of benefits paid out will vary by state and are calculated based on the weekly benefit amounts (WBA) provided under a state’s unemployment insurance laws. Under the CARES Act, the WBA may be supplemented by the additional unemployment assistance provided under the Act.”

      1. Hi Chelsea im from ohio and in the similar situation. Filed twice for regular unemployment was denied then tried pua and approved but that was the last week of june. I’ve been unemployed since March. I did the emails follow up emails called the pua hotline etc. Nothing. I’d like to try congressmen etc could you give me the directions on who to contact or where I may find that so i can try. I’m sure the site will only let you post certain things but anything you can do would be a great help.b

    2. I’m in Idaho and I also applied Mid July. I was denied backdates even though I explained to several workers at EDD that I was completely unaware I could file as a small business owner.

    3. I need the answer to that same question I have to file a appeal for my back pay because i filed after July 25 in Virginia smh they said I won’t get it because i filed late

      1. I also live in Virginia & I was told the same thing! I filed in 8/20 & was told they wouldn’t back pay. (Became unemployed in March) I need advice on how to move forward from here. What should I do now? If you’ve had any luck finding answers…please let me know?

  27. Hi I’m in pa. So we have to apply for regular unemployment before we can file for pua and we have to be denied regular to get pua from what the website says. So I did I waited for my denial letter then I applied for pua. I filed for regular unemployment on July 7th I didnt get my denial letter until August 5th so I file August 5th for pua. I’ve been out of work since March 22nd because of covid19. I sent a email requesting my back pay like their website says to do. I haven’t received a response the only email I have received is my monetary determination letter. Their website says you should receive a responses within 7 days. It’s almost been 4 weeks and still nothing. The number they list to call doesnt work. I dont know what is going on I would appreciate any info. I would like to know if I am eligible for the $600. I know I filed after July 31st for pua but I had to wait for my denial letter from regular unemployment. Does anyone know. Thank you in advance.

    1. I filed first and directly to the PUA site in mid-July. It was a new stand-alone computer software system. I never read that you had to file on PA regular Unemployment site first, to be denied, then PUA. Perhaps that was the case in March and April, until the new PUA system was activated in May. You definitely missed the July 31 deadline, and will not get the extra $600, unless you file an appeal. Good luck.

      1. How do the appeals tend to go for that issue? I just filed one. I waited until UC denied me. I filed in May, never received any correspondence, then had to request a new PIN. The offices are unreachable by phone, email takes 20-some days to get any reply, and long story short, it took nearly 3 months to receive a PIN and learn I was denied. When I filed for PUC, it was past July 31. I’ve been out of work since April 15. I was kind of depending on the back-pay because I’m 4 months behind on everything. What irks me is that I don’t know the system, I’m not trying to work it, I find it humiliating, and really wish I didn’t need to do this. I’m being 100% honest, that was my job and sole source of income that I relied on to live and I’m going about this as best I can and as honestly as I can. What about all the people who know the ins and outs of every system, how to exploit them, and never worked a day in their life and received 11 grand in “back-pay” to buy drugs and a car they drove with no license, then crashed. That’s a true story and I know 4 people who haven’t worked at all, or since the 90s, who did that. I’m no snitch, and even if you wanted to report it, 1) the phones don’t work and 2) you’re too busy with your own claim to worry about it . . . again, I’m no snitch, so whatever, but it aggravates me that I lost my income that I depended on to live, have been with nothing for 4 months, tried my best to honest file a claim, and the incompetence of the system I’m not exploiting left me no way to file until after the deadline.

        1. I just wanted to let you know there is no deadline. The U.S. Department of Labor states that PUA is supposed to be backdated to the day you became unemployed: “The PUA program provides up to 39 weeks of benefits, which are available retroactively starting with weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020, and ending on or before December 31, 2020.” https://www.dol.gov/coronavirus/unemployment-insurance

          I got my backpay my contacting my congressmen. I contacted all my senators and congressmen, both federal and state ones. Within a few days, Jobs and Family Services called me and put the backpay in my bank account. They also fixed the technical problems that were preventing me from even completing my application.

    2. How infuriating is the contact number? I’m in the same boat. I couldn’t file for PUC until after I was denied, I had to request a new PIN because I received no correspondence after filing on May 5, it took 3 months to get the PIN that they insist they have to mail, and the phone numbers listed are an endless and pathetic parade of busy signals. I just did the appeal, so we shall see. Meanwhile, I’m 4 months out of a job I depended on to live, and I know of a handful of people who never worked a day in their life who already burned through 11 k payments on drugs and cars they drove with no license and crashed that they had no right to receive at all, but they know how to exploit a system, and I wish I didn’t even need to do this.

      1. 9/5 – I just got several pages of paperwork in the regular mail, from PA Unemployment, confirming my PUA benefits. There was also a note “How to File an Appeal” – which I don’t need, but should help others.

    3. Hey I had this same problem.I sent an email as the site says to do but didnt here anything back within the 7 days. So i took the first fews hours of one of my days to call the number back to back starting at 8am until I got a ring. Finally I spoke with someone about the process to get claim backdated. Yes, PA does back date but the email directions they give is not the way to get the backdate pay. Someone listed above that on your PUA home page once signed in you’ll see Clearing a 261 or 424 Issue and once you click that it will tell you how to go about getting back dated funds. I checked after I read their comment and yes its basically the same process they tell you over the phone. Just be sure that once you follow the steps it tells you that you don’t do it more than once or it will affect the timing of the response. hope this helps.

      1. 9/15 to Nicole:
        Thanks for your advice above, but sending emails to PUA is an exercise in futility, as I sent two, months ago, with no response. So it seems that dialing the 1-855-284-8545 number is useless, as their reply to “send an email” is ludicrous at this time. Probably because they are too busy answering phone calls, to even begin to respond to our desperate emails.

    4. Your claim can be backdated you need to actually talk to a representative and they will manually do it

  28. Hi. Im from New York. When i filed for my claim last Monday, I was asked when I lost my job due to Covid. I put in the date and then I was transfered too certifing those weeks before i even was able to certify for the week i started my claim. All my info and claim was accepted the same day, and i had a debit card made for me. And was then sent out 2 days later. I received my card the following Monday with the prior week i certified. With this week, which i certified ready to be released the following day. As far as backpay, i called the number they provided. And they told me i had properly certified for the weeks i was without work, leading up to me actually putting the claim in. And told me i would receive the backpay 7-10 business days from when I was accepted. Yesterday was the 7th Business day and i received two emails from the DOL where i had too sign virtually for those weeks. The lady i spoke with said the backpay would be here by Monday at the latest. I understand all cases are different, and i may have just got lucky. But make sure youre checking your email for the letters you have to virtually sign for. Or you won’t be receiving any back pay. And in the letters are links to the documents you need to check “I was elgible” for the weeks they ask. The DOL cant help you if youre not finishing and sending the emails back.

    1. Did this include the additional $600/week, even though you filed after that program expired? I’m from NY and just filed, and was wondering what I could possibly expect.

    2. Did u receive your back pay in one lump sum or in increments? I was told I’d be getting it in a lump sum but have only received i minimum back payment so far and now am being told 3 to 6 weeks in increments

  29. I am in GA and got approved for PUA in June with an effective date in September (must be a mistake). I have spent two months trying to get this resolved and got nowhere. GDOL themselves say they cant help and just send in requests to the PUA unit! I have received no money despite being approved and don’t know what to do anymore. This is horrible,

    1. Hi Jon,

      I am from Ohio and had a nearly identical situation. Finally, I contacted all my congressmen, both federal and state, and they basically nagged Job and Family Services until they took care of it. My problems were solved within a few days of contacting my congressmen! Hopefully that can work for you.

      1. How did you get ahold of the congressman and I filed sept 18 2020 will they back pay me from feb 2 2020 til now I called them and they put the back date in for me

  30. I am in Arizona and I filed July 7th and completed all back weeks. Since then I have filed a weekly claim, received $600+ for 2 weeks. (It ended) then 1 week of just $117 benefit. Now in my summary page it showed all eligible weeks including $600 with transaction number and total check to be paid only date kept changing. All of a sudden it now states partial check, no date and I haven’t even received my regular claim amt. It list all weeks, all money amt’s. But nothing, no reason, not closed, no correspondence of any kind. I’ve sent questions and no answers. I can’t find anything. Does anyone know anything about what might be going on…. Please help

    1. GOODMORNING I filed July 19 and haven’t heard anything and haven’t received any money I’m given up it’s been three weeks I’ve sent messages but haven’t heard anything yet

      1. Contact your congressmen. I wasn’t able to finish my application, due to technical problems that PUA would not fix. I got these problems fixed (and my backpay) my contacting my congressmen. I contacted all my senators and congressmen, both federal and state ones. Within a few days, Jobs and Family Services called me, fixed the technical problems, and put the backpay in my bank account.

        1. I contacted my senator today and they replied if I dont hear anything in 7 to 10 days to contact them again. my response was almost immediate.. been requesting my backpay for march 20th to july since july 8th.

      2. Contact your congressmen. I wasn’t able to even finish my application, due to technical problems that PUA would not fix. Within a few days of contacting all my congressmen (both federal and state), Jobs and Family Services called me, fixed the technical problems, and put my backpay in my bank account.

  31. Hm, I just got into my UI benefits for KY back on the 9th. I’m labeled as PUA but I don’t really think I’m going to get any backpay, because I didn’t see it mentioned in the letter I got nor in my account summary. We’ll see, though, this coming weekend.

  32. Hello Im in Missouri. Filed on the 17th of July. Didnt know I could file for self employed. Received two payments from PUA. Now minus the 600. Never received back pay. Who should I call? Is there a email i could use to contact them? I called MO unemployment in KCMO. I was told it was coming. Still no back pay.

  33. Each state has their own unique computer system, so my comments pertain to Pennsylvania only. Here they created a whole new system in May, just for PUA unemployment, and mostly it works well. However, they did not address how to apply for back pay to March – a feature which most applicants need. (Dates given are this week only, pre-filled for you, and inexplicably can’t be changed.) And if they did initially, they’ve since deleted this option – which is causing endless confusion, since earlier applicants got their back PUA pay, but the method they describe is no longer there!

    Perhaps deleting this feature was necessary, due to recent fraudulent claims, but the least they could do is put a banner on the page, advising you to wait, rather than leaving everyone to panic, thinking they can’t get retroactive $$ I’m sure this simple Alert would put an end to the thousands of calls/emails/chats that has since put them in gridlock. It’s unfortunate that all of the info published to date, explains the simple/obvious application steps, but totally neglects this most important critical piece – how to collect their past lump sum worth thousands.

    1. so for PA they are giving retroactive payments automatically but there isnt a way to certify for them individually online?

      1. There WAS a way to get retroactive payments online initially in the PA PUA system, based on “SELF-certification,” but this feature has since disappeared – probably deleted in June, to the present. From comments posted here, every other state has done the same. because of too many fraudulent claims. I’m guessing they just realized that the states themselves will need more time to certify these large retroactive amounts, for those thousands who are claiming unemployment since March, and did not apply until recently. Everyone is complaining, while no one is explaining this, leaving the legitimate applicants panicked. Due to overwhelming demand, they don’t reply to our chats/emails/phone calls, so posting on this site is helpful with sharing what little we know, but I’m no expert, so pursue your options on your own.

        If you applied before the July 31st deadline (when the government’s extra $600/week bonus expired) and got their first reply email saying that you qualified, and for how much, (which I did), then you’ll just have to wait until they release the backdated coverage amount. Just be sure you attached your required paperwork to your initial application; I scanned and used my employer’s forms, and my filed income tax sheets.

        For those who applied after July 31, you won’t get the extra $600/week no matter, but you’ll still get your state’s unemployment amount, which varies by location. Going forward, Trump has promised us an extra $300/week from the fed, retroactive to August 1, for a few more weeks, at least. But each state must first apply for this, then get approved, before that bonus money flows. Pennsylvania is currently applying, but a dozen other states have already been approved.

        1. As of today Wednesday 8/26, Pennsylvania has filed, and been approved for these extra $300/week FEMA funds, as mandated by Trump, earlier this month – and retroactive to your August 1 filings. But it might take a month for the money to flow to the prior PUA applicants, while they program the Pennsylvania PUA software to dispense it. And this new $300/week bonus, will only last for 3-4 weeks, until this FEMA money from the Fed, is all used up nationally. About half the states have applied and been approved so far.

        2. Hi. I’m in Rhode Island and I didn’t know I could apply for PUA benefits until the end of July. I applied and was approved on August first, but it says my claim is effective on 7/26/20. Will I recieve the 600 retroactive payments?

        3. 8/31 reply to Chris in Rhode Island: Although the initial application deadline for the extra $600 was stated as July 31st, in my PA state’s software, they were counting from that Sunday to Saturday before, so July 26 was the effective cut-off. This was deemed in some national online articles, an unintended “glitch,” but I did not get the extra $600 when I filed on Monday 8/3 for my week of 7/26 to 8/1 – and these dates were pre-filled for me, by the PA software, and I couldn’t change them. You should have gotten an email response to your initial claim, stating if you qualified, and the amount and date; double-check that as it’s unique to your case. So unless you file an appeal, looks like you missed the boat – sorry ;~(

    2. Yes finally thank you I know it sucks butt glad someone else is in the same boat so ok speak. I just emailed the pua when I’d like to backdate to and I try to call butt never answered. Did u figure this out ?

      1. On 8/27 Thursday: Still no replies to my email posted on the PA PUA website, asking how to apply for my unemployment backpay – (which WAS approved in their initial email sent to me, in July, confirming I qualified.) Someone posted below that the contact phone number listed for this, has probably been disconnected, as I always get a busy signal. Their online CHAT doesn’t seem to work either. It just keeps you in an endless queue, then tells you to try again later, and disconnects.

        I’m just sitting tight and waiting for my past lump sum to be released. I am getting my regular PA PUA unemployment amount each week, via the Realia debit card, after I apply online every Monday.

        1. On 8/27 Thursday: “Nearly three weeks after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to boost unemployment aid, states are moving slowly to implement the $300 federal supplement to unemployment benefits. The federal government has approved a majority of states to set up the program. But only four states started paying out the money so far: Arizona, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas.

          Each state has until September 10 to decide whether it wants to take part in the initiative, which is financed with $44 billion in disaster relief funds from the Federal Emergency Management Administration. For most states, additional government aid will start going out in mid-September or later, The New York Times reported.”

    3. What is the story with back-pay? You seem to know, and the offices are totally unreachable by any means, so I’ll ask if you don’t mind. I filed in Aug, because it took that long to be denied UC. I’ve been out of work since April 15, and after 4 months, I was relying on the back pay lump sum to get caught up and get the entities I owe money to off my back. I filed an appeal because I thought maybe I filed after the deadline, but I wouldn’t have if regular UC wasn’t so slow and impossible to communicate with. didn’t know what to do and the website explains nothing, and the phone is one busy signal after another. I know they’re flooded with calls and I try to put myself in their shoes, but if they explained anything on the website, maybe they wouldn’t be. I hear you on the fraud, what kills me is those people were paid huge lump sums they had no right to and I’m legit out of work for 4 months and lied about nothing and would prefer if I didn’t even have to do this.

    1. I’m in the same boat, is there any way to find out if we can get back pay. Ifilled out the P.U.I but didn’t include my back pay. I hope Arizona is one of the states that has it retroactive. some one please halla and let us know the deal!!!

      1. Purnell, you have to call and speak with a representative to enter in your backdates. I literally called 79 times in one day before I got through and spent 2 hours waiting.

  34. I got an email last Friday stated that I can start Certified on the week of Sunday Aug 9 but in NJ the got by you last 4 number of your ssn so that mean I have to file on Tuesday in the email it also told I’m eligible for the $600 but it only let we certify for one week will I get the back pay for the $600?

    1. I am going through the same thing. I was approved for N.J unemployment on July 17th. A week later I recieved 2 $400 payments and 1 $600 payment. Since then I’ve only recieved my regular UI. I never recieved an email or letter stating I was getting pua. I’m just assuming the 600 was it.

  35. I have not yet received my back pay from April 4,2020 to July25,2020 and I filed for the PUA at the end of March I only received 2 checks with the PUA and called unemployment to ask when and no response


    2. There is alot of fraud going on they are investigating so basically everything is held up they have to go thro people’s apps and verify the proof of employment alot of ppl are making up jobs and writing receipts when they haven’t worked in years so whoever hasn’t received anything yet it could be a while they are going through claims with a fine tooth comb making sure people who really need it are getting it and weeding out the people who may have made up a job eventually that will catch up and all those people will end up having to pay it back it already happened to someone I know not saying u did anything wrong I’m just giving example of why it’s taking a long time they are making sure it’s legit some people that been waiting especially if they made up a job or whatever they may just not get it there is a reason if you haven’t gotten it might just not be eligible idk just some insight ..good luck to all hope u get it soon

      1. Lindsay thanks for you insight!! With the PUA you didn’t have to work if you had children that was out of School due to the Pandemic you qualify for PUA. If you where unemployed which will also make you qualify for the PUA. Whoever put false information really did not have too. Oh thank me in later!!

      2. I meant Self-employed, and also if they would have just read each question correctly and seen there was no reason to even lie I hope I can help someone with my updated information.

        1. I been waiting since april approved everything is correct they keep saying we sent it to the pua department smh somebody filed mine can my daughter file she 18 had her first job they shut down but i claimed her on my taxes

        2. Thanks that sounds better I got one are self employed and have children also I filed back In July and haven’t heard anything yet

  36. How do I file for my back claim for March april way and June I started my claim in July need advise thanks

    1. Hey John, when you certify just go all the way back to March 22,2020 until now.

      1. Kesha i’m in North Carolina. Where are you? The reason I ask this is because I believe every state has different ways they are processing everything. They keep asking me for more documentation and more documentation and the agents I talk to at the call centers give me different information every time. I have uploaded everything, from a spreadsheet showing income breakdown (I’m self employed) to my taxes to links to my website, newspapers that interviewed me about my photography, TV interview, and a letter explaining everything. Then, this week I was told to go ahead and do my separation, meaning on the employer end. Nobody told me about that before and I got that done as well. But I’m still pending, I have 25 weeks of certification that I’ve completed.

      2. Kesha I did it that way in June when I did mine but when my wife did hers in July she couldn’t continue like you and I did .

    2. Can someone please explain to me I filed for PUA in mid July and got approved . But why can’t I backdate to April when I lost my job due to COVID. My claim states 0 unresolved issues. Will I still get back paid from April or am I doing something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

      1. From reading all comments below, no one who recently and correctly filed for PUA payments is collecting their past backlogged unemployment pay – from PRIOR to their date of applying. This option DID exist in earlier versions of the PUA software, but has been removed, with no warning nor explanation. This seems to be the case for almost every state, and probably happened by government mandate to the states, from July 1 to the present. However, we are being assured that we are still eligible to collect this lump sum, sometime in the future. Why this fact isn’t being made visible is causing a tsunami of upset applicants, left thinking they did something wrong, and will not be able to collect their past sizeable sums. With everyone trying to contact their state’s unemployment for an explanation of when they will get their money, the state employees probably can’t keep up with the deluge of calls and emails – and is adding fuel to this fire, by not responding at all, keeping everyone in the dark, and posting their upset on this site ;~(

        Everyone needs to calm down, and just review their very first emailed correspondence they got back from PUA, which should state that you qualified, and from what dates = for how much. It’s unfortunate that PUA isn’t putting a warning on their website that this lump sum payment is being delayed, and this would alleviate the current communication crunch. Those who aren’t in this situation, and have a legitimate need to contact PUA for other reasons, then can get through, and resolve their unique problem.

        1. I understand the frustration from both points of view. The PUC office is the one with control of the situation, and a simple banner or statement on the website would resolve the issue. Why somebody there can’t exercise a little common sense, especially knowing they’re dealing with scared, upset, frustrated people, is beyond me.

  37. unaware that i could get unemployment for being self employed i just started my claims 7/19/2020 my letter for PUA says at the bottom that i may receive up to 39 weeks of pua beginning with week 04/04/2020 to 07/25/2020 im in va does anyone know if that means ill get back pay to that date??

      1. How do I apply for my retroactive pua when I got paid from april 26 when I my job went out on march

    1. I read the web site, it looks like we will get it in a few weeks. I could be wrong though

    2. My letter said the same thing that I will get paid from April 4 2020 to July 25 2020 and I’m in Virginia I’m still waiting on my back pay I’m waiting to

      1. Im in virginia also. I read online u get back pay 1-2 weeks after u apply,not true. I applied in july was eligible all the way back. Ive heard nothing from them. And when ive tried to call i get only automated cant get real person at all.

        1. So as of this morning 8-24-2020 i just got off the phone with unemployment the lady on the phone said we will not get back pay and that it officially starts now the day you apply not from your last date you put in that you worked. they no longer have the option to file back weeks. You can appeal your case to have the effective date changed but she also said that it could be months before it’s ever fixed and it’s a long process. if your past your 30 day mark you can’t file an appeal at all. so i hope this helps guys.

  38. I only recieved my uui benefit of 120 last week no pua payment and backweeks say rejected why

    1. Your answer is in your paper work. We can’t see so we would be guessing

  39. Denise, that was funny. it always starts at that date because you have to tap the month the day in the year to change it yourself if you don’t want to claim the current week you can change it and claimed a prior week but you can only do it once in Georgia so be careful because your claim is usually automatically started from the date of your application or attested to the fact of the date that you last w were employed. but that button does exactly what it says it does its claim your weekly benefits

  40. arizona is a joke i applied june 1 and never seen i dime. They make it sound like i am a bad guy. They owe me 21 weeks now. 717 a week. Arizona is all about the money not the people. just like the traffic laws what crooks

    1. Their crooks because they aren’t giving your lazy ass 15,000 which is insanely OVER the amount u need or qualify for lol… I bet ur real job didn’t pay that much and you mad at them why?

  41. Since the program has ended does anyone know if they can still pay out for unclaimed weeks? My daughter is in NC and through negligence or confusion did not file several weeks and did not get the PUA, but somehow got the regular unemployment. I have been trying to help her get these back weeks filed and literally been going in circles. I finally get someone on the phone and they say she can’t file and recieve payment for these weeks because the program ended last week! I have been trying to get a straight answer from someone since June!!

    1. I applied for everything in the beginning of July, and have uploaded every single document that they have asked me for. Spreadsheets showing income, link to my website, links to all the media appeared in which were newspapers that interviewed my photography business, a TV interview, my taxes, two letters, my bank statement, and finally today (8/19/20) Imam told my case is still pending. But I want to say that despite me starting the process a month and a half ago, I was still able to fill all of the certifications for every week dating back to mid March. The problem is that I don’t know when anything is going to happen now, but I didn’t have any issues filling previous weeklies. I believe it should give you that option when you’re doing the current week.

      1. Yes finally I’m not the only one in the dark I also filed in the beginning of July and nothing but I’ve been able to recertify every week I wonder how much longer it’s gonna take to receive this money

    2. That’s not true you can file for those weeks IF/ONLY IF they are before or after the weeks she got paid for. If they are after it will be difficult but doable. If before just open a new case.

  42. I’m pretty sure I might have the answer to a lot of people questions I just reviewed a document that showed the process of signing up and when you do your weekly claim at the end of it asks if you want to do any other claims or do you just want to end right now if you clicked in right now you can’t do all the backdated weeks but if you click do another claim that’s when you can start filling out all of your backdated weeks that are prior to the effective date at least that’s what I read I have to wait until Sunday to look at it for myself but I definitely saw it when I have reviewed that a little bit closer hope this helps

    1. Thank you for taking the time to inform people like me who are confused. My claim started june 7th however I became unemployed March 14th. Been desperately trying to figure out back pay.

      1. It really depends on what state your from. I read the federal guidelines sent to states yesterday and it says back pay should be paid for all weeks eligible, regardless of when the claim is made. If you aren’t receiving it then keep trying to speak to someone over the phone, or thru email. I’m quite sure they have to pay that back pay if you were eligible during prior weeks. Of course some states are reportedly trying not to.

    2. So how do I even get to that part ? I have helped someone else do this and I thought I did it just like I did mine but they don’t have the back dates claims to fill out?

  43. How did you do the back claims. I have 1 claim ending July 25. How do I fill out claims from March April and may and June?

    1. There’s a file 4 Arizona’s Pua page you can download and it’s called Pua portal for claimants and when you open it it’s got like 60 Questions in the first portion skip past all of that and the second portion of it has to do with the weekly benefit claims and Skip to like number 14 or 15 and that shows you how you get the back payment this should help for people that aren’t in Arizona as well cuz at least shows how easy it is to miss something so freaking important. And all the websites are so deceiving in the way that they describe the way back pay is paid and not one of them did I notice mentioned what I’m saying right now which is ridiculous.

        1. I only tried filing for one week when I first put this post on and I was also waiting till Sunday to do it again and it doesn’t even give you the option anymore. For some reason they stopped allowing that option but that’s how people normally got it was after they filed their weekly certificate it would allow them to do their back weeks. But now after researching I’ve seen some things saying that you need to get ahold of somebody by phone to get your date changed to when you first were unemployed.

    2. How do I file for my back claim for March april way and June I started my claim in July need advise thanks


  44. Hi im still waiting on the back pay option they were supposed to have a couple weeks ago. I started my claim in June but my last day of work was March 13th. The website said a few weeks back that people like me (only allowing to claim 1 week) would be able to claim previous weeks which never happened. Im in Pennsylvania and would like some answers.

    1. I’m in the same boat. Same state. A friend applied a month before me (I applied Tuesday and just did my first claim Sunday) & I was rather confused. She was asked in her initial filing process questions I wasn’t.. mainly involving backpay. Shes approved & is just waiting for her debit card to arrive from them, & the backpay is included in the lump sum she has waiting so far. Why did the majority of us not get those same questions.. nor even any answers when we ask the question ourselves? I wrote them myself from my personal e-mail & through the little messaging center on the PUA site.. and got nothing in return. I would love this answer!

      1. I am having the same problem I also emailed them and no answer they just sent me a letter saying I was eligible but they sent the same thing to my email I can never get in touch with them also from Pennsylvania

        1. As of 8/26, see my prior replies above – that ONLY PERTAIN to PENNSYLVANIA. Every state is using their own unique PUA software, so you can’t follow suggestions from those in another state. However, it appears that subsequent to our initial July 1 applications, every state has REMOVED the online option of filing for AUTOMATIC back unemployment payments to March. That doesn’t mean you won’t get your lump sum back pay, someday – as long as you already legitimately qualified, before the July 31 expiration date, for the bonus $600/week.

      2. I was sent a monetary dessison that I could get 39 weeks starting in March that I would get the minimum of 157 plus everting on top of that so now that’s now what I’m waiting on my edd card. It’s been like 15 days now still waiting

      1. Same boat, same state of PA (go Pennstate!) I only got the email confirmation, and that was three weeks ago. I filed my first weekly certificate last week, and I am still waiting for that to deposit.
        Good luck getting a hold of anyone. I tried calling, emailing, live chat. : /

      2. Please let me know if you’re able to get ahold of anyone in PA PUA office. After weeks of trying to call and getting a busy signal, someone from our local employment office told me that the State decided to “disconnect” the 855-284-8545 number. We have tried chat (agents are too busy right now) & messaging through the portal and personal email. It states that a response should be received within 7 days … yet our first attempt to contact them was 7/21/20 and still nothing.

    2. I am in Pennsylvania too. I just filed july 19 but i have not worked since march 26. I have read that they will back date to the day you last worked. Then i read that you have to file your back weeks. Uuugggh. Not sure so i just emailed PUA. Good luck.



  45. I been waiting for my back pay of $600 for over 2 months. Not getting any help even wrote to the white house last month. I started receiving unemployment after 2 months but the second week they stopped and said I went back to work which never had that option. Then started collecting after another month but they are taking my weekly payments saying I owe them which I don’t. They are playing with our life. I’m sick and tired the president of unemployment and NJ Governor posting on news or website how they have fixed everything and everything is going smooth which is a big lie. I called and they said I will receive a call in a week which have been two months.

    1. We were told to wait in NJ to file until after the PUA was in place and would get back pay. I filed on May 4th, 2020 but lost my work on 4/1/20. I have only received and been able to certify for May 4th and beyond. I never even got an email stating I was certified and should start claiming. I had to go to the “check my status page” and said they only determined yesterday so I waited a day for the email and when it didn’t come I went and checked my status again and got the same message…and I still haven’t received an email but started filing claims the following day anyway.

  46. Hi. I was unaware that as a Lyft driver that I would be eligible for any UI benefits, so I didn’t even look into it or try. My last day of work was March 18, 2020. It was not until my mother’s friend told me about PUA and she insisted I apply. So I did. It is my first time applying for any kind of UI so the application was a little nerve wrecking to fill out, as I didn’t want to make any mistakes. Well, apparently, ( i think anyway) that I did make a mistake. When filling out the back pay part, I thought it said I could only request back pay for one week prior to filling out the application. Then I talked to my aunt(who has helped people out with filing UI, but in Washington; anyhow, she said that a guy she helped got back paid through March. Then upon more research about Colorado and FPUA, it seems that I would be eligible for back pay since my last day of work was March 18, 2020. Then I realized that my effective date is June 14, 2020, and this brought concern to me because even though I had selected back pay only going back to June 14, I do remember answering the question of “what day did work last?’ or something of that matter, and I replied, March 18, 2020. So I looked all over on the MyUI account for a way to edit my effective date as well as other resources that might be able to guide me to fixing this issue(if it is an issue-is the first part to my question) and I found no such luck other than finally finding a number I could call and talk to someone this issue with a PUA in Colorado assistant. WELL… started calling immediately yesterday morning at 7:59am(they open at 8am) and still waited an hour till I got a hold of someone. This person sounded very young, however I was not worried- I mean, how hard is it to change/fix an effective date? This was my thought anyway. The lady took all my identification security information once, then said to hold on that she had to ask her supervisor something, and I was patient and waited, she came back and asked me the information again, and then said the same thing- hold on I have to get my supervisor. I am not starting to worry a little, but confident my issue would be solved. Yeah! NO. She came back on the phone and told me she couldn’t help and that only her supervisor could and what is a good call back number for him to call me back. So i give her my number and then shes like, “okay you should get a call back within 20 days. TWENTY DAYS!! WHAT?? I am now thinking that she is trained to say this when she does not have a clue what to do or say. Part two of my question: Is this true? I am thinking of calling again this morning and hoping for a different person that can change a date. Am I being unreasonable with this logic, or am ignorant to something about the system and simply unaware of a certain protocol. I don’t know. Any suggestions on fixing my effective date, or is it even necessary; like do I already get the back pay because of CARES Act.
    Thank you so much for your help.
    -Melissa from CO

    1. Hi, I am in Florida and the same thing is happening to me. The PAU effective date is over a month later than when I initially filed. I was told two different things. The first was that it will backdate itself based off of my last employment date as listed on my application. The second thing I was told was that it will backdate to when I first applied. After reading other sites, I learned that there is a form that you can fill out to backdate the effective date to when you first became unemployed and attempted to file but were unable due to Connect (Florida) being down. I am thinking that if Florida has a site that enables you to fill a form out then perhaps Co has one too. The link that I found to backdate the effective date in Florida is: https://claimdate.myflorida.com/app/1
      Hope this helps.

    2. Hey Melissa,
      Did this ever get resolved for you? I am in Colorado and in the same situation. My last paycheck was in late April. I remember adding that April date to the application. I applied in late June and have been receiving a weekly payment since then, but haven’t received any back pay. My effective date is listed as one week prior to when I filed. I have heard so many horror stories about calling for help and I don’t see an option for emailing them my question. I am really hoping it is retroactive but I don’t know how to find out.

      1. I was denied my Colorado benefits because of an error in my income on their end. I sent in the correct paperwork and no one got back to me. The help lines were useless until I finally got a hold of a human in mid July ( I was laid off in late April!) and she said to send my paperwork in again and wait 4-6 more weeks!!!! Since then you cannot call a human on the phone anymore. Only set up a call back for 2 weeks to months in the future. Called a state representative. She said she could forward my issue through a back door and it might get taken care of sooner. My cousin called the state governor, my sister her state rep and both had their insurance within a couple of weeks. Pretty sad. It feels like Colorado is trying to avoid giving out benefits. I’m pretty sure staffing shouldn’t be a problem four months after the start of the pandemic…

    3. I’m in Ga..I’m self employed..just found out I could apply for benefits..my last day of work was March 20th.i just applied in June…I want to know do I have to request back benefits..I didn’t see anything on the website pertaining to that…only when was my last day of employment..I have recieved 2 regular payments…no back payment

        1. yes same situation, did this ever get resolved? i feel like i missed out on alot :(

      1. Do you mind me asking when did you start getting your payments I applied June 16th I was qualified for pua on July 20th and I filled out all the proper forms and I’m still waiting they sent me benefit determination and said I qualified and that’s as far as it’s went and I’ve heard nothing and it’s a joke trying to get through to him and sweetheart you answered your own question you do get back pay from the date you put down on your application as last worked that’s the determination letter you’ll get that says what date they determines you eligible to go look at your letter

      2. The certification page when u claim your week right above where it say enter social go all the way back to march date n claim each week it should be a sunday date claim each week make sure u get each week from the approval date

    4. When you fill out the application for PUA unemployment assistance it ask’s for the first day you started work in 2020. Usually in January . Then it ask’s for the last day worked and if it was because of the virus. You can file back to February as that is when people were starting to be laid off and companies were closing. You have to have got your application submitted before July 25 2020 to be eligible for the $600 payment included in the back pay. It stopped after that date unless they vote to extend it.

      1. So I filed before July 25 and it kept saying that I am monetarily ineligible for regular UI so I applied for PUA and that kept saying that I’m eligible for regular UI. So I just kept filling my weekly claims for proof and finally I was able to fix my PUA so will I get my 600$ back pay since I filed awhile ago and the system is a glitch and I even have a paper from des stating I am eligible for PUA

        1. I filed on July 17, 2020, was out of work March 20, 2020. My UI was denied and has the file date of July 17, 2020, but when I got my PUA approval letter, it says I am approved for the date of July 17, 2020. I put on my original claim the date in March due to Covid-19, but when I spoke with the lady at VEC, she told me to appeal my date to go back to March. I am so frustrated. It only gave me 3 weeks to file which started July 25, 2020. Does anyone know why I would not get the back pay since I did file before July 25? I am in VA btw. Thanks everyone.

  47. I filed long ago in Georgia because of COVID 19 and I was also denied regular unemployment but approved for the other benefits but yet to have received them I filed back in feb-March and still no payment I also still haven’t received my income tax because they are still closed in certain offices I’m just bummed out about it all

    1. Did you submit the financial records needed for them to determine your payment if awarded?

      1. I have been waiting for my back pay for 3weeks now and have yet to receive it
        What is the issue
        I sure could use that money

        1. What is the Button on the PUA site that says Request payment mean I did it and it went back to January 7 2001 ? I filed it thinking it was for back payments

    2. Upon review of all inquiries, I’ll say I went through the exact same thing. I have eight weeks still showing “Denied”. This is after I received my letter confirming that I was eligible. After hours on the phone and video chatting with representatives most are still new. I was finally able to get someone on the line that actually had some knowledge. To get the back pay, you have to submit for a weekly benefits review.

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