Even if You Qualify for Extended Unemployment via PUA or PEUC after July 2020 the Extra $600 FPUC Unemployment Stimulus will Not be Paid, Only the Regular State UIC Amount


There has been a fair bit of confusion around the three main and widest impacting enhanced unemployment programs put in place as part of the CARES act to deal with the Coronavirus-COVID related job losses and/or furloughs. The main payment from the federally funded enhanced unemployment programs is the $600 FPUC. This expires at the end of July 2020 and you must qualify for at least $1 in regular state unemployment benefits to get this payment. The actual weeks for the last payment will be between July 24th and 31st depending on your state’s unemployment benefits payment schedule, excluding retroactive payments. While there has been a lot of talk around extending the $600 payment nothing has yet been approved in Congress.

The two other major unemployment stimulus programs are more around extending unemployment coverage (PEUC) and expanding eligibility (PUA) for regular state unemployment to gig, freelance and contract workers who now make up a large part of the workforce and would not have qualified for regular state unemployment under existing rules. These programs now allow for extended eligibility for regular state UI benefits starting with weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020 for PUA and after March 28th, 2020 for PEUC. Both programs have an eligibility end date on or before December 31, 2020.

So under PEUC regular state UI coverage is essentially extended for eligible unemployed workers who have exhausted existing state and federal UIC benefits for another 13 weeks between April 2020 and December 2020. PUA is for up to 39 weeks as provides regular state UI and includes the PEUC extension but is back-dated to the end of January 2020 for eligible claims. Both these programs are available up to the last unemployment week in December 2020. This would be week ending December 26th or December 27th.

Will I get the $600 payment if I qualify for PUA or PEUC?

Yes and that is why getting regular state UIC (unemployment insurance compensation) under PUA or PEUC for many workers is critical if they have exhausted or were not originally eligible for state unemployment insurance benefits. But you will only get the weekly $600 FPUC payment in addition to your state UI until the end of July (retroactive to April in most states). After July 31st and unless the FPUC programs is extended, all you may be eligible for is regular state unemployment payments.

The key item to note here and what has caused concerns and/or confusion is that from August 2020 people will stop getting the $600 extra unemployment payment and limited to state unemployment benefit maximums. For many people this will be a considerable drop in unemployment income support and if they are no closer to getting their normal pre-crisis working income then would likely face some pretty severe financial hardship.

Note – Retroactive unemployment payments may still be made through the first few weeks of August but this will only apply to the weeks that you were eligible during April to July when the FPUC program was in effect. New claimants will not be able to get the extra benefits after July 30, even if they meet eligibility criteria.

The PUA and the PEUC programs will continue through the end of the year which will still provide support to many people but at much lower levels than they currently get with the extra $600 weekly unemployment payment. So plan ahead for this or pray for an extension of unemployment benefits (and another stimulus check).

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9 thoughts on “Even if You Qualify for Extended Unemployment via PUA or PEUC after July 2020 the Extra $600 FPUC Unemployment Stimulus will Not be Paid, Only the Regular State UIC Amount

  1. I’m just trying to get the 600 dollar a week be if it for the 4 months. I was going to be starting a new jobi. Arizona in March but the virus canceled any work I would of had. And when I tried to sign up for unemployment and the FPUC i had issues online but finally got it to work on July 26 button the site shows no 600 dollar benefits even available even though I should of gotten them at least till when I would of started my job back in March. Now I don’t know what to do. Does any one have any answers that can help m?

  2. It is sad. Our elected officials are so concerned about politics that they are willing to let the very people that put them in office go hungry , loose their homes, and watch their family suffer. I as a small business owner have been devastated by the pandemic. I have spent all my savings making payroll trying, hoping, praying, for some help.
    cant even get the PPP SBA loan but multi million dollar companies can, and do.
    might loose my business and home. where is the justice ?
    steve cumbee

  3. I applied for UI three times since March 21 nothing happened until this Sunday it had me certify for the last 2 weeks under Peuc was out of work since March 20 they have not paid me for April March or may and June I don’t understand everything I have I’m losing what is 2 weeks of payments going to do

  4. I was working at Chestnut hill Hospital as a contractor for property management . I been told not to come back in unless was called and never called .I filed pandemic unemployment the first week of June now I backdated my clean from my last day of work which was the first week of March but never received my back payment with the cares act nor regular payment only from that first week of June I’ve been collecting still owed the back payment from March till the first week of June but it is no longer in my claim summary please tell me what to do who do I contact because none of them are answering? my family my newborn son and my five-year-old we are in
    hardship for money and really need it

  5. Here’s a thought government makes everyone rich less crime everyone is happy spending money taxes are being paid, who cares there just numbers print out more money more checks , it’s not like the debt will ever be paid anyway , just get rid of everyone wondering what they are going to do next will they have the money to feed their family that week who knows it’s just numbers give it to the people

  6. I was approved for unemployment benefits as of 6/28/2020 and have certified and received payments for two weeks so far. I have NOT received PUA payments yet, even though the information in the system says that my 1st PUA payment was direct deposited into the bank of America debit card on 7/11/20. The debit card (customer service #) does not list a record of that transaction (nor is it pending). Should I follow up with Bank of America or try to get through to Unemployment (which is virtually IMPOSSIBLE)? Please advise

  7. Please have the Federal Govt. extend the PUA benefits beyond July, as I have a compromised immune system , I have asthma and am recovering from pneumonia (not related to Covid 19), and I will go back to work when there is a viable vaccine and or the state of emergency is lifted. I work as a driver for ‘rideshare’ (Uber/Lyft) and can not afford to get this virus. My previous occupation was outsourced (publishing), so this is what I do for now.

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