Florida (FL) Unemployment Insurance Compensation – Reemployment Assistance Benefits Program – $600 FPUC with PUA and PEUC


[Update] While Florida has started paying the $600 FPUC payment – which has gone from being paid weekly to bi-weekly – it is well behind in processing new claims and making retroactive payments. This is a known issue as their systems are having several technical glitches and struggling to handle the volume of claims. However the good news, per the many comments from fellow Floridians below, is that some people are getting the $600 payments on a more regular basis. But it is also clear that many more are still waiting or unable to get clarity around the intermittent payment of their benefits or when they will see their expected benefits. Also PUA and PEUC claim and extensions processing (details below) has picked up and been streamlined – though numerous issues being reporting around continuing claims.

Based on the many comments below, which have lots of questions and helpful suggestions (thanks to all those helping answer) here is some updated information on the enhanced benefits currently being paid in Florida. See the original details and details to file a claim in the updates below.

  • The $600 FPUC payment is payable until the week ending July 25, 2020 to individuals who are collecting regular state Reemployment Assistance benefits, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and Individuals receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).
  • To modify the date of your claim – in order to get retroactive/back-pay for eligible weeks – must be made by calling the Reemployment Assistance Customer Service center at 1-833-FL-APPLY (1-833-352-7759 and choose option 5).
  • Floridians who have already exhausted their benefits or have a Reemployment Assistance claim that expired after July 1, 2019, will also have to re-apply. Through PEUC, Floridians may be eligible for up to $275, in addition to the $600 through Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), in weekly benefits. All claimants participating in PEUC will still be required to claim weeks on a biweekly basis (via Connect), certifying that they remain unemployed and are able and available for work during the weeks they are receiving PEUC.

  • Make sure action DEO request around Quarter Change. If you are currently receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), the DEO must confirm that you are ineligible for state Reemployment Assistance (regular state UI) benefits quarterly. This routine task, often referred to as the Quarter Change, will determine if you could now be eligible for state Reemployment Assistance benefits. If you are, you will receive a link to submit an application for state Reemployment Assistance benefits in your CONNECT account. Otherwise the DEO will send you a Quarter Change Questionnaire to confirm/continue eligibility for PUA benefits.

  • Getting in touch with someone at the DEO is still a challenge. You can see contact options here, but if you cannot get through try contacting them via Social media (twitter or facebook). You can also complete the Reemployment Assistance contact form found here. See other options or suggestions in the comments below.
  • How long will it take to get paid my benefits? Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, it took three to four weeks (assuming there were no issues with the claim) to process a claim. Given the surge in claimant volumes you can expect it to take at least 4 weeks to get your claim processed and payment in your bank account or debit card.

Are Reemployment Assistance benefits retroactive to the day I lost my job?

 If you were not able to submit your application because you were prevented from doing so or because of system issues, and you would like to request to modify your claim filing effective date, you should call the Reemployment Assistance customer service center at 833-FL-APPLY (1-833-352-7759). If eligible, your claim may be backdated to the date you first attempted to file your application. The effective date of PUA claims are made retroactive in the CONNECT system.

Thousands of Floridians have recently stopped getting $600 federal unemployment payments; state blames ‘technology concerns and errors with implementing CARES provisions. The DEO has blamed technology issues/concerns and said the department is correcting the issue. Affected workers should start receiving payments soon. Two main issues are causing delays. One is that some workers were mistakenly not issued federal payments for their “waiting week” – which was actually waived under the CARES act for the extra unemployment payments. The other issue is around backdated payments which were excluded from recent payment files for the federal payments.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) manages the states’ Reemployment Assistance benefits program, formerly known as unemployment compensation.

CARES Act Unemployment Compensation Enhancements for Coronavirus / COVID-19 Relief

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020, expands Reemployment Assistance benefits. Benefits will be paid from the date they became eligible under the CARES Act. This now covers individuals who are self-employed, independent contractors, certain non-profit employees and gig economy workers, as well as to individuals working part-time, or who otherwise would not qualify for regular state Reemployment Assistance benefits under state or federal law or PEUC. Those who apply for Reemployment Assistance whose employment was negatively impacted as a result of COVID-19 will follow the same application, review and payment process as all applicants for Reemployment Assistance in Florida. Programs included in the CARES Act are:

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) – provides an additional $600 per week to any individual eligible under Florida law for Reemployment Assistance. This benefit is available for weeks claimed March 29, 2020 – July 31, 2020 in addition to the funds owed under Florida law to individuals. Floridians who received their $600 check will receive their state benefits for Reemployment Assistance via direct deposit or prepaid debit card based on their selection made. [Paid from April 12th, retroactive to March 29th]

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – provides up to $275 in benefits per week to those not ordinarily eligible for Reemployment Assistance. This includes individuals who are self-employed or contract employees.

  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) – allows for an additional 13 weeks of benefits added to the end of regular Reemployment Assistance benefits. This means claimants may collect unemployment benefits for a longer period of time than under normal circumstances. Floridians will need to apply for PEUC benefits once the balance of their current claim is exhausted. Floridians who have already exhausted their benefits or have a Reemployment Assistance claim that expired after July 1, 2019, will also be able to apply.

Through PEUC, Floridians may be eligible for up to $275, in addition to the $600 through Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), in weekly benefits. This brings the maximum unemployment benefit to $875 p/week for eligible recipients.

All claimants participating in PEUC will still be required to claim weeks on a biweekly basis, certifying that they remain unemployed and are able and available for work during the weeks they are receiving PEUC. The first week a claimant can be eligible for this benefit is the week beginning March 29, 2020, and the last payable week is the week ending December 26, 2020.

  • To comply with federal law, weeks beginning May 10, 2020, claimants for all Reemployment Assistance programs, including state Reemployment Assistance, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, will be required to return to the CONNECT system every two weeks to request their benefits or “claim their weeks.” In doing so, claimants will confirm that they are still unemployed and acknowledge that they are able and available for work should it be offered. If claimants, currently receiving Reemployment Assistance benefits, no longer wish to receive benefits, they do not need to claim their weeks, as payments will stop processing if weeks stop being claimed.

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Applying for PUA UI benefits in Florida

Unemployed Floridians who have exhausted their state Reemployment benefits will be notified with the next steps for PEUC. 

  • Click here for PEUC Application Process.
  • Click here for PEUC Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Click here for COVID-19 Employment Scenarios.

Unemployment is subject to federal withholding taxes. DEO will gather facts and determine whether you qualify. See more FAQs here

One readers experience with the DEO (Florida) where the system is setup for bi-weekly verification but payments are sent weekly.

It took over a month before I started received any correspondence from DEO. I submitted an application on 4/14, but my employer also submitted a claim on 4/21. Since there were duplicate applications, my employer’s application was accepted over mine and the DEO system didn’t merge info. My employer didn’t have my personal email or direct deposit info, so all of my initial communications were sent from DEO via standard/snail mail.

On 5/19, the DEO packet of information I received included a Way2Go Debit card with 2 week payments (covering weeks ending 5/2 & 5/9), temp pin information to logon to CONNECT. In a separate envelope, I received the $600 check as part of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) benefit. You won’t see anything in the CONNECT system about FPUC payments — they are mutually exclusive.

More details regarding bi-weekly verification:
After I finally got into the CONNECT system, the first thing I saw was a directive to complete verification for next payment (week 5/10 – 5/16). It took several attempts to verify. I got rather desperate, so I gave up using Chrome and switched to Firefox (thinking it was a browser issue). It may or may not have been the browser, but firefox went through on the first try. Anyway, the verification form has several pages with many questions regarding work activity that I thought was odd, but we are all in different circumstances.

Potential issues when completing bi-weekly verification:
After finally completing, I still received a message within the “Payment Request Status” section of the home page: Pending issue(s) have been identified on your Claim Payment will be delayed until the pending issue(s) is resolved. Once I clicked the link to identify the issue, I was presented with additional questions to verify that my unemployment is a result of COVID-19. Once completed again, the issue message was still there, but I presumed that the system just needed to cycle. I logged back in the next day, the system was updated to show my 5/22 payment was processed. As mentioned above, I received my unemployment direct deposited on 5/23. Oddly, the $600 FPUC payment was also received on 5/23 but in the mail in form of a check.

Filing a Claim

All claims should be filed online using CONNECT.  Florida’s DEO also has a mobile-friendly online application for individuals filing a new Reemployment Assistance claim available at www.FloridaJobs.org/RAApplication

DEO has a mobile-friendly online application for individuals filing a new Reemployment Assistance claim available here. For a step by step guide on how to apply read more here. For the Reemployment Assistance Resource Guide which includes frequently asked questions, please click here.

If you have never filed in Florida before, use the “File a New Claim” link to start your application and create a profile. If you have filed previously, please log in using your Social Security number and PIN. If you no longer have your PIN, select the “Forgot PIN” button to regain access to your account. Before filing, make sure you have the following information available:

  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license or State ID number
  • Your employment for the last 18 months including for each employer:
    • Name, address, and phone number
    • First and last day of work
    • Gross earnings (before taxes are taken out) during the listed dates
    • The reason for separation
    • FEIN (this is found on any W2 or 1099 tax forms you have received)
    • If you don’t have the FEIN, you can use employer details off of a recent paystub  
    • Claims filed without correctly reporting employers may experience delays. It is important to list the correct employment information when filing your claim. If you fail to do so, your benefits may be delayed while the missing employment information is obtained

By Phone – Reemployment Assistance Hotline 1-833-FL-APPLY (or 1-833-352-7759)

Working Part Time and Getting Unemployment Benefits

In Florida you can get regular state UI while working part time under the Short-Time Compensation program. This program is a voluntary employer program designed to help employers maintain their staff by reducing the weekly working hours during temporary slowdowns instead of temporarily laying off employees. If your employer establishes a Short-Time Compensation Plan and you meet the qualifications to file an reemployment assistance claim in the state of Florida, you will receive a partial reemployment check to supplement your reduced paycheck.

Employee Requirements

– You must be a full-time employee, (not part-time or seasonal) with a standard number of hours worked each week (excluding overtime).
– You must meet all of the normal requirements to establish a Florida reemployment claim and you must provide the DEO with any necessary information or documentation.
– While on the Short-Time Compensation program you must work and/or receive paid leave for ALL of the hours that your employer has you scheduled to work in order to receive Short-Time Compensation Benefits for a week.
– Every two weeks you will be required to report your hours worked, plus any hours of paid leave from your Short-Time Compensation employer and if you have a part-time job, earnings from that part-time job.
– See further details here.

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210 thoughts on “Florida (FL) Unemployment Insurance Compensation – Reemployment Assistance Benefits Program – $600 FPUC with PUA and PEUC

  1. On Aug 8 2020, President Trump signs (4) Executive Orders:
    Payroll Tax suspended for those Income below $100K
    Extended Unemployment $400/Week
    Extended Protection against Evictions
    Extended Delayed payments for Student Loans


  2. July’s Job Report… 1.763 Million Jobs Added …. Unemployment Down to 10.2 % …. Open the Schools Please !!

  3. It does take some time but in the end I have been paid every penny I was owed. I filed in May and never had to ask for backpay or backdated claim to 3/29. It just happened one day where I went on and they had backdated my claim to be correct and gave me all the backpay. It does seem like some are having many more problems. Hope it all works out for those who havent been paid everything they are owed.

    1. Thanks for the positive update Jeff. I have updated the article with more information from the DEO. Current their minimum processing time is 4 weeks (assuming no issues with filing). So just hang in there as they get caught up and see other options/issues in the article.


  4. New FPUC payments link in connect. It’s under the View and Determine heading. Hey Pedro didn’t you say something about “Demorats” holding up further payments. But your people want to reduce the payments from $600 to $200. Looks like you back a team that’s looking out for your best interest.

    1. I suggested cut down FPUC to $300 weekly and extend benefits to Dec 31, 2020… Pelosi, Schummer and pack of Demorats want to keep schools closed, hand out $600 weekly well into 2021… You can thank Demorats for FPUC delays… President Trump wanted to send the money directly to people, and Demorats refused… All they want is to buy Votes and keep people from going back to work …

      1. Wow you’re one of those lost individuals. Not sure why you’re so wrapped up in hate and politics. I’m sorry your parents didn’t love you. But nothing you just posted about anything past the first sentence is true. If you’re so dumb to truly believe that people would rather have their kids, not to mention the kids themselves, would rather be back in school after all this than I hope someone who cares feels sorry for you. The only money Trumps administration wanted to send directly to the “people” was the money that companies got that the should have never received in the first place. The Republicans had no plan other than just giving the $1200 to the people they were not in support of the additional FPUC. You complain you’re not getting the money fast enough, then you complain that it’s too much. If you don’t want the money stop taking it. You’re obviously not working either or you wouldn’t be on this site. So either you’re a liar, a hypocrite, a troll, or all of the above. So what’s your excuse for not working other than being what you are saying others are. It’s called deflection.

        Also wanting to be safe and not die isn’t political it’s human, but you’re not much of one.

        1. you need to stop depending on government to solve your financial troubles… people need to get back to work and kids back to School … you do not want your kids to end up as dumb as you…

        2. So what’s your excuse for not working? I didn’t have financial problems and the Trump administration is surely not doing anything to help. I was working at a great job and actually just got a nice raise until Covid. And now Florida is sitting at #2 with the most cases and unfortunately since idiots like you wanted to make Covid political they made decisions that are now prolonging the problem and making it increasingly harder for people to get back to work. But you know that already. I’m making less now than when I was actually working so your BS comments really make no sense.

          But I’m sorry why did you say you were still sitting on mom’s couch not working again?

        3. Jesus so much whining . I would love to go back to work. I work for Nissan and there are no jobs available. The economy is In the tank. So if you only need 200 a week extra pay or no extra pay don’t take the money. For many families it was a life line putting food in their children’s mouths and paying the rent.

        4. WTF are you talking about? Your comment doesn’t even make sense. Stop reactivating a dead comment thread nonsense.

      2. I am not interested here to read what You guys posted. Put issues aside for now.

        I have had gone the same way you guys are waiting for PUA and it takes a lot of time to catch up. They are catching up on me. Patience is one of a few best virtues. Let’s hope for the best on the second stimulus package. Wait n see.

        Please just contact them or Senator rather than this guy.

        Peace out.

        1. I completely agree. It is childish how the two of you are acting just because you both see different sides. This is a place to speak of unemployment. Not a place to bicker and feud. How grown are we here?

        2. So let me get this straight. Instead of just leading a days old post thread die you figured you would add your 2 cents and make it longer? So basically what you and a couple of others are saying that it’s ok for you to reply to comments you don’t like but others can’t. So it’s basically do as I say not as I do. If you don’t like it you could have simply ignored it. But I guess that would have been a grown up thing to do.

        3. Demorats must stop blaming Trump Administration for delays from States in processing the payments …

  5. I received 8 weeks of FL unemployment back pay in my account today, but no sign of the $600 payments.

    1. I feel your frustration like me. Hang in there and you receive them retroactively hopefully soon.

  6. Any new information on who to contact for missing FPUC payments? Every rep you speak with gives you a different answer. So far last week I had one that gives the normal “there’s nothing we can do” response. Then there was one rep who was going to give me a phone number but it sounded like the 833-FLapply #, and we started to argue on that and she claimed it was a different #, but the call got disconnected. And then there was one who told me they have a system they can see the dates the FPUC payments were made, but it’s a separate screen only they can see. I’m not sure why this has to be such a mystery. I mean they have to have some way of knowing how much and what dates they payments they are issuing are for. Why is this so difficult? Everything with my account is for the most part fine now, except I never got the retro payment for the weeks 4/04 and 4/11 and I’ve my account effective date is 3/22. People many people that filed after me have made claims that all their payments are caught up. It doesn’t make sense.

    1. Log into CONNECT, make sure there are no issues pending listed on the Inbox…. payments are delayed until after all pending issued resolved…

      1. That’s why I specifically wrote that everything is fine for the most part in my original comment. I’m pretty much an expert on this. The only thing I haven’t seen yet is something set up for people to claim or put in a request for missing FPUC payments. This isn’t new for my I’ve been dealing with this since 4/10.

        1. Ok so I’m not trying to be rude but, I’m asking if there is any NEW information. So for right now I’ll note it as this.

          -As far as Pedro knows, other than calling the DEO there’s no other contact resource he’s aware of.

          So does anyone else have any new information that may be more helpful or if there isn’t any for now that’s fine as well. But I’d like to know if someone else has a fresh suggestions that might actually work since calling everyday for two months hasn’t resolved the issue.

        2. I got some irritating information today about my account. I stopped receiving the 600.00 a week the 1st of June. I had a hold on a payment which ended up happening every other week. I was being paid the regular unemployment every other week but no 600.00. Well after about 2 months of not getting answers it being ran around I got in touch with a supervisor through a representative. My benefits were exhausted at the beginning of July which I then filed for the extension immediately and was approved but still had the holds. I did everything I needed to do. Checked my inbox and such and never had anything but a review. Because my funds were exhausted from the normal unemployment because they sat on it I cannot get the back unemployment nor the 600.00 that goes with it. This is totally unacceptable. I did my part and I’m going to suffer because of their office neglecting to do their job. What can I do in this case? With as bad as it is I can barely get through to anyone and most representatives I talk to are not educated enough to help. Somethings not right here and I’m going to keep trying to get another supervisor on the line but this is BS.

    2. As of Tuesday, July 7, the request to modify the date of your claim must be made by calling the Reemployment Assistance Customer Service center at 1-833-FL-APPLY (1-833-352-7759 and choose option 5). You may be eligible to modify the date of your claim to the date you originally attempted to apply for Reemployment Assistance only if you were unable to file a claim between the weeks of March 9, 2020 to April 9, 2020.

        1. I’m assuming in your uneducated way you mean Democrats. Exactly how are they the ones holding up anything? They are the ones trying to push through more money than the Republicans want to offer, but besides the point. The last bill from the Senate, if you even know anything about how the government works, was being worked on because the WH wants a payroll taxcut and to get rid of funding for Covid testing. How exactly do the Democrats have anything to do with that.

          I wish ignorant people like you would save those type of replies for thehill, foxnews, or the dailybeast or someother political website. And leave this site to people looking for help regardless of their political affiliation.

        2. How does that comment even apply? And what do they have to do with the state unemployment site?

  7. I applied for unemployment on 8 March got 12 $163 a week payments plus 11 $600 payments. I just started getting PEUC so far two 163 payments but no 600 payments. Should I be getting the 600? And how can I find out if I should?

    1. Yes, you should be getting the $600 FPUC payment until the end of July. Per the DEO site, the PEUC program qualifies you for the $600 payment. However because the PEUC is a different program to the existing state reemployment assistance program, the $600 payments may be delayed and you will be paid retroactively.

      All claimants participating in PEUC will still be required to claim weeks on a biweekly basis, certifying that they remain unemployed and are able and available for work during the weeks they are receiving PEUC.

  8. 1-How the ‘Self -Employed’ meet Work Search Registration requirements in Florida ?
    2-If request to BACK DATE Claim Effective Date, Why the State of Florida caps PUA and FPUC benefits to 12 weeks ?

  9. Site says my unemployment benefits were issued to my way2go card on 6/26. The payment still hasn’t hit the card. Anyone else having this issue? Normally it would of deposited the following Monday or Tuesday. Can’t get through to anyone, always says they are busy and no option for anyone to call you back.

    1. We can never get thru on this line. Call Representative Brady’s office or his equivalent in your district. They can get a message to DEO when we can’t. We have 5-6 weeks of non payment. It’s awful! How do they expect people to pay their bills? I’m ready to camp out in Desantis front yard. They need to release those funds!

  10. This is so horrible .Deo first priority needs to be getting our money .. we have bills to pay !!!

  11. I have submitted (twice) the request to modify date of unemployment and it has not been changed and therefore the retroactive weeks have not appeared on CONNECT to claim. My friend applied around the same time I did and he was lucky enough to receive the retroactive weeks to claim and got paid. I don’t know why it worked for him and not for me. I know another couple friend who have requested modification dates and are still waiting like me.
    If anyone has another suggestion or solution, please comment. Thank you.

    1. Apolo – can you tell me where the “request to modify date” link is in Connect? I need to do this and have not found it. Thanks, Carol

  12. I requested to modify my claim filing date back to April 1st since I could not get into the system until
    May. I did this on June 9th and received an email confirmation from RA for the change. However, the new
    date has never been entered on CONNECT so I’m not sure about getting the retroactive pay. Has anyone
    had any experience with this…I don’t know how to proceed since you cannot talk to anyone on the phone!!

    1. I am also waiting on retroactive pay submitted in early May…Have yet to see the retro pay in my account. I have no idea on how to track the process on the retro.

      1. DEO play it stupid. I requested day change online. Just received letter with “monetary determination” issue since I’m self-employed. There’s no case number but my SS and they processed it as regular claim instead of COVID-19. I guess I’ll have to call them when it’s easier

    2. They need to verify your change date with your employer or some other way if your self employed it takes time. They have many investigations going on due to so many people illegitimately modifying their claim dates and its backing up the whole process for the people who really need it

  13. Has anyone received a technical error message when trying to claim weeks? I make my way thru all of the questions but everytime I hit submit on any computer/browser I get the error and instructions to call. I finally got someone on phone who said I needed a specialist and gave me another number to call and press OPTION 5. There is no option 5!

    1. There is a specific time iv gotten threw twice with in 3 days but the hold time is crazy but after about two hours of waiting then you actually get to talk to some one that can help you

  14. I am very disappointed with Florida’s unresponsiveness to the financial needs of the residents. Like many other people, I was laid off in March 2020 due to COVID-19. I applied for unemployment and based on the implementation of the CARES ACT; we were promised an additional $600.00 per week and to date, I have only received 3 payments. This is beyond ridiculous !! I am a Veteran who served my country with honor and dignity, but now I really need the support of my country and I cannot reach anyone to get answers.

    The system shuts down EVERY NIGHT at 8pm and all weekend. That being said, when will our retroactive and/or consistent payments of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($600 per week) get processed. I understand that there have been an enormous amounts of claims since March but its almost the end of June now and no communication is being distributed to claimants. We are not asking for any favors/ handouts; we are just asking for our money that is owed. Its time for the Governor and other public officials step up…

    1. Aloha Clay,
      Don’t feel left out, cuz i got the same thing 3 payments and that was it. I lost my job that i was in for 6 yrs got laid me off due to the pandemic, I lost my car, my apartment, moved in with parents who i love dearly. so yes I’m in the same boat i really thought I was the only one. they still owe me more weeks and 3 payments just didn’t make none of my late bills. but I will pray for all of us Floridians that this will be taking care off soon as possible. I don’t even know if we get back pay when this 600 extra ends at the end of July.

      1. I stopped getting the 600.00 as of June 6th. I’ve since exhausted my unemployment and had to apply for the federal one. Every 2 or 3 weeks I’ll get accepted for 1 payment but no 600.00 since June 6. IVe called every day and barely get through to someone and when I do I some how get disconnected. I have a hold on these weeks and supposedly it’s due to me going back to work. (Which I have not). It’s ridiculous. There should not be any energy going to stopping people’s income at this time. I mean wtf! I work on Disney property and haven’t been called back to work because my job isn’t needed back yet. Why would my benefits stop? They know before anyone if I made money or not so this is just asinine. Fix this crap already. Am I going to get retro for this? Or am I just going to get screwed? I’ve gone days without food over this last month and it’s just not right. I didn’t ask to be out of work. This state made me. Total BS.

        1. Congress gets back to Wash DC around July 20-23 for another stimulus package and possible extension of federal unemployment benefits…

    2. My husband applied for unemployment on March 29 thru paper mail in application after spending several days trying to apply online And still haven’t received anything nor a letter in mail.. very discouraged w Florida living
      (Been new residents for almost 2 yrs)
      Can’t get any igo regarding! Is there a phone number he can call to speak to a repsentative! This senior needs help please , not computer savvy!!!!

  15. Same happened here. I lost my job back in March. I applied about 2 weeks later to not have it even go through on there end although i have copy of first application then 2nd attemt in April to get kicked off system then couldn’t connect for another week and a half. FINALLY i was able to get approved as of April 26th. Never recieved back pay and still owed from March 17th. Now barely getting my $275 a week. No $600 a week for me.. 6 kids husband working his butt off to make ends meet but not enough. Wish I just had enough to feel stable and know my family had a home they weren’t gonna lose….

  16. We Must sue the DEO dept
    Also we need to sue governor Di Santis and the state of Florida
    The definitely don’t want to give us our money owed!!!!

  17. The same thing happened to me in Florida as everyone.The payment system has changed and they did this without informing anyone.I got two 600.00 payments and then nothing.It turns out that All state and federal payments are now paid bi-weekly as of May 19th.So I did not get a payment until I filed 2 weeks later for the 2 weeks after May 19th.The 600.00 would come 4 or so days after your state says you are eligible in 2 week increments.So I just got my 2 week 1st 250.00 payment and am still waiting for the 600.00.I applied originally back in march and have gotten no retroactive payments.I think Desatan/Desantis is keeping the money in the Florida state coffers and letting interest grow for the state.Nothing else make any sense.

    1. I last received my $600 payment may 19th. Nothing since!!! 4 weeks no $600. When will i receive it?????

      1. Same here 5/19 was my last, just stopped for no reason. Finally received a $600 deposit today, but nothing retroactive for all the missed weeks.Hopefully that comes thru next. Hope you get yours again soon as well.

        1. They finally got caught up with mine last week to start all over again. No payment this week. This is horrible for me so I cant imagine the people who are still waiting.

        2. I have the same circumstance, stopped federal $600 5/19. Started receiving again July 2. called DEO, Labor Board, emailed and called DeSantis office, Lt. Governor, Lois Frankel. IRS…… No response from emails and DEO said “sorry”. No one to contact.

        3. Congress comes back from vacation after July 19th for work on the next Stimulus package…

    2. My salary and hours have been cut since 04/01/2020 due to COVID-19. I filed for UI knowing the state wouldn’t pay but that I am eligible for FPUC. I received 2 payments on 5/18 of $600, then nothing. On 06/15 I received another $600, but I am owed for now 7 weeks of $600 per week. I always file when I am supposed to – although not easy at all with the UI system, but the lack of communication is unbelievable! I have bills to pay, that keep coming, although my income is 50% less than what it was in March. I am afraid that we will not be paid retroactive pay and the state is going to leave us for dead. Where is our money Desantis? Please vote primaries in August and vote in November. Get these scumbags out of office.

    3. Does anyone know if you have to apply for retroactive $600 payments? My husband and I started applying for UI as Self-Employed through CONNECT in March. Our business was shut down on March 8th. For the months of March and April, we could not get through to anyone and could not get any response at all, not even a reply that they had received our applications. Then they came out with a notice that if you had filed before April 4 you had to re-apply, but if you applied after April 4 you didn’t have to do anything, yet we had no idea if our applications had been received. CONNECT would note let us re-apply, but they could not tell us if our applications were received. Now, on our CONNECT portal it says that my benefits became effective and started on 5/10 and my husbands on 5/24. Since 5/24, I have received direct deposits for two, two week periods, but my husband has only received one deposit for two weeks on 6/10. The dates don’t make any sense, especially since DiSantis said the one week holding period would not apply so that we would get our money sooner. Nothing is mentioned anywhere about retroactive payments or the status of future payments, and when calling today the recording said there is a two hour telephone wait time. I understand the CARES program was accepted by Florida in February so the money has been there. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ANSWERS TO ANY OF THIS?

      1. In order to apply for retroactive payments go to floridajobs.org. On the page, under Reemployment Assistance on the left, you can click on several topics including “Request to Modify Claim (Application) Filing Effective Date”. Once there you have to fill in some info and they will email you a confirmation of this change. Then
        make sure to check your claimant account on CONNECT to make sue they have your new date for retroactive pay.

        1. I did modify date change like a week ago. Still on homepage same date and definitely no extra payments.

        2. If u modify ur claim it will stop your federal payMents while they investigate

        3. Let them… it’s about 5 weeks payments and there’s nothing really to investigate

        4. The federal program didn’t start until April so March you’re sol but slowly you will be caught up with payments. Florida has failed in every way possible paying out the payments and their unemployment system in general has also been a huge failure. There has also been a lot of people scamming and claiming fake self owned businesses and gig jobs and congress has launched a investigation into those people and into the deo

        5. I appreciate that, but following the instructions there is no link for “Request To Modify Claim”

        6. There’s no longer a form to use to backdate. You have to call and speak with a rep now.

      2. This sounds about identical to us. Submitted unemployment for self employment business closure on April 3. Then after getting denied Mid April found out self employed need to resubmit application If applied before April 5th again to be able to get a PUA application. Didn’t get the PUA application to show up on my account until beginning of May and got approved mid May so I was able to submit for first two weeks of May on CONNECT. However I was still missing the first 4 weeks of April. So I called (Two times) the contact number and can never get through to a “claim specific” person, however Was able to talk to the general information division. They said I had to do nothing and I would get the back pay for the month of April (as my date range of unemployment on my PUA application included these weeks) and it would just one day just “show up” in my bank account. Note: when I had called them the second time and got the same answer and I asked about how long they thought it would be and they said I should see it in my account in about two weeks; but now it’s a month later and still haven’t received anything for month of April yet…

  18. Good evening :

    I have not received the $600 dollars since may 19 and then a check for $247 . Then they sent me a letter showing me what i supposedly got paid last year on 2019 quarterly . Why they show me this of 2019 when i am on furlough since March 21 2020 . I need the money now on 2020 not on 2019 . If someone has a clue please let me know , the DEO does not answer the calls so now i am on limbo and not working .

    Thank you

  19. My company reduced my hours to 20 hours a week, so I could come in at least to do what little payroll there is (most employees laid off except mgmt) , and pay bills. I filed for unemployment-reduced hours- due to covid.

    I was deemed accepted and eligible. I report my hours and wages as instructed. Even though it is 1/2 of what I am used to making, I don’t qualify for state unemployment. I understand that. I am not receiving any federal unemployment. Why? I am following all rules working as much as I can.
    I am making less money than people who were laid off, I have credit card debt now, that I did not have before.
    I am having to be frugal, when a lot of people are celebrating there windfall of free money!

    I cannot reach anybody with any knowledge to help me at the DEO.

  20. I’m in Florida and the same is happening to me. My last $600 payment was on May 19th, and I would receive them direct deposit every Tuesday morning but it stopped on Memorial Day. I yet to receive my payment for May 25th, and last week. However, this week I claimed my weeks on Monday as usual and lo and behold I received 1 payment of $600 Thursday morning 6/11 . From what I hear and read , they are really backed up. So I think at this point they are trying to play catch up. I am still owed 2 weeks and are hopeful to receive it next week.

    1. Here is what the DEO is saying, “unemployment payments are typically paid biweekly but because of the pandemic those payments were made weekly for awhile. In an effort to get Floridians paid as quickly as possible, DEO has pushed out payment as quickly as possible and many claimants have received benefit payments weekly and at different times,” stated spokesperson Paige Landrum. “Moving forward and in an effort to streamline payments for Floridians, DEO is transitioning benefit payments back to a biweekly schedule.”

      The DEO said it’s important for claimants to log into their CONNECT account to claim their weeks. Benefits are paid after weeks are claimed.

      Claimants will begin to notice that benefits will be scheduled biweekly as weeks are claimed for benefit payments.

  21. Hi I was unemployed from since March 20th ,I was approved for the pua and the claim date took effect as of May 10th instead of March 20th .I went on the Floridajobs.org and requested to modify my claim ,it’s been almost 13 days now no retroactive pay.I have a friend who file for the PUA and her claim date went in effect on the date of being unemployed,I really do not understand the system please any advice will help Tks .

  22. Has anyone had any experience with “Monetary Determination” from FL DEO?? I was considered “eligible” for unemployment and received my waiting week in a check from DEO for week 5/10 and a direct deposit for week 5/17. I also received one $600 check from federal FPUC on May 26. Since then I have received nothing and I just received a letter yesterday from DEO regarding wage determination. It says there is an eligibility issue related to my claim and to go to the website for more information. When I click on the “determination” it asks 4 questions regarding modifying Florida wages, adding Florida employment, and deleting Florida employment. Since the wages listed from my employers looked correct, I answered “NO” to these questions. It then flagged all those answers with a big red X and incorrect so I am confused!!! It says I have until June 24th to appeal but I don’t know what I’m appealing and I cannot get anyone on the phone to answer my questions!! In the meantime, I have no job and no unemployment benefits being issued to me. Has anyone had this experience and can help me with what to do next???

    1. There is a number some where to call for assistance and it even works on the weekend. I know its fristrating but DO NOT GIVE UP! This is a pain in the @$$ but the help will come. I to started with 3 600 checks than for nearly a month nothing and no one can help with the reason. Keep trying the claiming the week system I went thru it and kept reanswering and it went thru.

  23. Now today after waiting to get on the site I have tried multiple times to claim my weeks and it keeps kicking me back to the beginning to sign in again?? I dont think they want anyone to have any money. Cant get it if I cant claim the weeks.

  24. I was receiving the $600.00 every week but as of 05/31 I haven’t received a deposit and there is no way to find out why. What the heck is going on?

    1. When you were getting the $600 did you get any notification it was deposited or was it just deposited in your account and you found out when you checked? I have heard numerous things about the $600 and dont think it shows up as being deposited on Connect even when they deposit it. Doesnt show any deposits on my Connect or in my account that is why I was curious because I still haven’t received a single $600 payment at all.

      1. The $600 does not show on connect. I was only aware of the deposit when checking my bank acct. I’m still claiming my weeks so I’m hoping it will show up in my acct. along with my bi-weekly from UE. It just becomes more stressful when you get any answers from anyone & it’s money you’re counting on.

        1. Thanks for replying, hope we can all get what we are owed and everything works out. Good luck.

      2. I only received one $600 payment and that was like May 18th and haven’t received a another one yet I talked to the lady this morning she said that the government said they got five business days to pass out the money that’s owed to us even back pay I did receive a deposit of 212 this morning and due to that old to me from two weeks but I still haven’t received the $600 payment yet

  25. i was receiving my 600 a week then it just stopped its going on two weeks an a half an haven’t seen nothing ive called just to talk to a person who cant do much of nothing only thing she said was they are now sending the 600 with your payment ive requested my payments an gotten it but no 600 in the mail an no way to get in touch with the people i really need to talk to an ive been hearing this for alot of people what the hell is going on!

      1. Hey joe i checked my account this morning and it still dud not come u think i will be there this week

        1. Some banks are slower then others my bank releases funds right away could me in the morning

    1. Hey, I’m in exact same boat and time frame, can you let me know what outcome you get if any, and I’ll do the same?

    2. I also received my state benefits on the June 4, but haven’t gotten the 600 per week. Should have been direct depost, which I got before. Anyone know what is going on? I have bills to pay and they are not happy people.

    3. I was getting $600 every Tuesday then the week of 5/26 I didn’t get anything. Then last week 6/2, I received it then today I didn’t again…. its so stressful

    4. There is no one to talk to. The federal check system is automated at the deo if you call they will tell you the same. Everyone’s money is coming this week and next week then u will start getting it when u claim ur benefits.

    1. Wouldnt those deposits also show up on Connect with the deposits from your PUA unemployment payments?

      1. No there is not any way to track them. Check ur account if u choose direct deposit. If you choose way to go card you will get checks in the mail Friday-monday

        1. Congress chose to send funds to the States instead of direct payments to people….

      1. I get mine every Tuesday. Starting this week will be biweekly. They still owed me three weeks back federal benefits but they have been slowly getting it to me. Hopefully to
        Tomorrow I am caught up. If you haven’t gotten anything I would call and complain. But yes florida has screwed this whole thing up. Congress has launched an investigation into the payments so hopefully Florida deo gets the **** In line before Rick Scott gets strung up by his constituents. I won’t be re electing him. He set up this system as governor and it’s failed in every way possible. I also won’t be voting for Ron DeSantis either.

        1. Wow you are a lucky one . Stopped getting 600 on May 19th.
          Got another 600 rather than 1200 ( for two weeks) on June 11.
          Nothing since then .
          No regularity at all.

    2. Hey Joe, sounds like you have navigated the labyrinth, a friend and I have also, if you would like sometime let’s compare notes and maybe together we can help more folks get results. Let me know. Frank

  26. Jeff from Florida. Have only been paid 4 weeks of PUA since March 29th (that is the date my claim started) I havent received any retroactive back pay of missed weeks and I have yet to receive a single payment of the $600 federal money. Self employed and eligible but not receiving any of it. Like I said, since March 29th only recieved 4 payments and no federal payments at all. They owe me over $500 in regular payments and $5400 in back pay of the federal payments. I assume at some point I will get it all since that is what every publication and article states but I have yet to see anything that would offer any glimmer of hope.

  27. I spoke to someone I know at deo. starting today they will release 1080 for two weeks owed of 600 minus taxes. Everyone is getting taxed on the 600 now no Matter the option you choose. Next Monday night they will release another 1080 and then after that is will be distributed every two weeks when you claim on connect. They are trying to make everyone whole. They are understaffed and have over a million applicants and have to process people with gig jobs and things they never had to do. I am hurting for
    Money also I understand but be patient your money is coming. We all should see 1080 coming to us tonight. It would be nice if they made a system to track the federal money but I guess you can’t have it all.

    1. Haven’t seen the 1080 . Last payment of 600.00 was on 5/19. Although I have been in the connect system since 3/29, I have only received 3- 600.00 federal payments.
      Also, I have a small business and had to shut down. How do they determine how much unemployment you get? It says up to 275.00. I got 125.00?
      No instructions , no explainations on determination.
      No way to contact- consistantly hung up on. Gave up.

  28. Governor of Florida needs to get on the ball. My $600 a week stopped 3 weeks ago. How can anyone make it on $275 a week? I call unemployment and wait for ever on the phone to be told they don’t know or the checks in the mail. I can’t call my bill’s and tell them the checks in the mail. I pay my taxes and need my money. I am Furloughed and doesn’t look good for return and I work for a trucking company. But with the virus and the riots going on businesses are not open. I am applying for what jobs are out there but they went with someone else. I will not be voting for Desantis next election.

    1. Did u finally receive your federal? It’s been 3 weeks for me as well! Last payment(5/19). I hope so! So stressed about this!

  29. What is so wrong with this ?Federal payments not getting sent ? State payments ineligible then reapply oh now eligible a month later !!! not getting through phone lines in Florida at all and getting a long ridiculous message to get hung up on !!It’s ridiculous! This is intensional for sure !Florida is ridiculous since day 1 !!! Till today
    It’s like they really don’t care or give a crap about anyone . We didn’t bring COV19 into our lives . We are victims of COVID 19 and Victims of the state just not giving a crap to Finally Fix the problems. ! This COV19 has been handle so poorly and irresponsible by the states . Florida pinellas is on top !

  30. ok im new to this can someone help me i applied 5/31 and of course im still pending but do i have to go to another site to apply for the pua $600 or what do i do please help

    1. Hi Shannon — I’ve been navigating the system since 3/28 … finally got monies a week or so ago. I am self employed as a Realtor for 14 years licensed by the State. No matter how much info I sent them, it did not help me. IF you fall into the category of self employed, independent contractor, etc…you have to apply as you did but wait to be denied …then a PUA application will magically appear in the upper left corner in Connect where you apply again with more questions….they auto approved me but said my “wages” were zero. I do not get wages or have an employer as I am self-employed so it’s very confusing. If you are applying simply as a W-2 former employee, once you get approved (your former employer has to respond to DEO ….make sure they do that asap), the extra 600 benefit will automatically come in addition to your weekly. Mine came as a 1200 direct deposit after I claimed my first 2 weeks. I am still fighting with them over giving me the minimum in benefits because a human being has not reviewed my uploads showing tax returns and 1099s documenting income –my determination came in as making zero — they still approved me it’s pending review. I got 39 weeks approved up front …I had to file a separate document for my effective date to be changed to 3/28 but have received no additional monies or anything in writing except for on the main page my effective date changed. I spoke to someone of the phone for the first time in 65 days and he had no answers other than to say he was sorry and he was on hold on behalf of 9 others to get answers from a supervisor. The supervisor stated that the money would come –just had to wait. If a technical issue comes up, I found nowhere to go for help. Emails are returned with templates telling you to call them and when calling I was hung up on and told to email lol …. good luck with the system. The FAQ has a lot of good information that has been updated. Important to note: you will not see the $600 benefit listed anywhere on Connect or documented in writing connected to a specific claim. It is discussed via the FAQ and PUA claim packets. Make sure to check you inbox everyday and if it is empty hit the Submit button to bring up “all” documentation. Info gets hidden in there. You can only go online from 8-8 daily…and they will shut your session down in the middle of a submission if it passes 8pm. Do not wait for letters to arrive in the mail (they mail a week later so you get two weeks after a decision made) and they never used the text messaging system that they offered when signing up. Also not available on Weekends and now there is a “waiting room” to even log in …. take care!

    2. Hi I was unemployed from since March 20th ,I was approved for the pua and the claim date took effect as of May 10th instead of March 20th .I went on the Floridajobs.org and requested to modify my claim ,it’s been almost 13 days now no retroactive pay.I have a friend who file for the PUA and her claim date went in effect on the date of being unemployed,I really do not understand the system please any advice will help Tks .

    3. So if you are deemed eligible a linlk will show up on the left hand panel of your connect homepage that says “PUA Link”. Click in that and complete the PUA application. If you are deemed ineligible as I was being an independent contracor, i was advised to re-apply again, wait for another ineligible determination, and several days after that you will see the PUA link. Those who originally applied before April 5th had to apply twice. Search Twitter for DEO info under unemployment or remployment. Wishing you the best!

  31. If you could not access the system until May, I was under the assumption that Florida and Federal unemployment would be retroactive to the date you entered on your application that you lost your job. As of March 31st I was unemployed but I only became eligible for Florida RA on May 10th (due to the problems with getting into the system!!) I have only received 2 payments from Florida, the first one a check and the second one by direct deposit. I have received only one $600 check from FPUC. My question is do you have to apply for the retroactive pay or is it automatic? I saw an article from one of the news stations that Florida now has a form you have to submit to get the retroactive pay, but there is no mention of that on CONNECT. At this point I need an answer because I am in desperate on this money!! One of my friends who was still working parttime during this period just received a check for $600 and another for $3600 and also a debit card for all her Florida RA…that is why I am confused!!

    1. Hi Glenda I am in the same boat with you. I have a answer for your question if not already ansd. If you go to fljobs.org and scroll down not even half way you will see several triangles. There you will find a modification form for your weeks to get back dated.submit the firm I did mine today as I was also only able to apply on 10 th of may. I have a question now I was ineligible for state but eligable for pua only I’m thankful,however I did not get link until 6/2 will I automatically get the 600

      1. If you applied for the PUA, you still have to claim your weeks when the system allows you to, and then you should receive the $600 also. It will set your effective date as May 31st, so it should let you claim starting with week ending June 6th. They will still owe you back to week ending April 4th if you were unemployed then, or whenever you did become unemployed after that date, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it. My daughter hasn’t received a penny for the eight weeks she was unemployed because it didn’t give her the link until May 31st, and she went back to work June 1st. I still haven’t received my PUA & $600 for the first three weeks I was unemployed…and they didn’t give it to me for my most recent two weeks. We will all get it at some point, but who knows when.

    2. I have been unemployed since March 15 and have received 3 payments in mid May and nothing since. I have tried as everyone has to contact the state to find answers but I cannot make a connection. It’s hard to live on $1800 for 3 months. Any advice on this issue???

    3. Glenda. …. go to Floridajobs.org ..scroll down to bottom left and click “Request to Modify Claim Application Effective Date” … I did that and my effective date changed from May to 3/28 but stil waiting on retro benefits… I think that is the form you are looking for ….hope that helps! Oh –they will not send an acknowledgment or a letter or anything… the effective date in Connect page one will change though

  32. If I answered one of the questions wrong on the requesting benefit payment and submited it. How am I able to change the answer before the wrong decision is made?

  33. I am missing 3 weeks of the $600 I had to claim to get 2 weeks of unemployment. Unemployment can’t tell me anything about it. They tell me they don’t even know who to contact.

    1. Yes indeed. Same thing with me and the office doesn’t know where to contact. I find it hard to believe. I wanted a letter stating starting date and ending date etc. Nothing. Got one $600 check by mail from DEO and no letter. just check. Staff at DEO should know! Also, I filed an appeal retroactive to March 23 because it was difficult for me to apply online until I called the office and helped me to do the application on May 10. I haven’t heard one word back. Please resolve it in a timely manner.

    1. I got a regular check yesterday for 247 which is for the waiting week. I didn’t get the FPUC 600. Everything up until now has been direct deposit. They owe 600 plus two more weeks of both types. So far I have received 4 x 247 and 3 x 600. After today, they owe 2 x 247 and 3 x 600. By the time they send what I’m owed, I am certain to be back from being furloughed.

    2. As of now June 3rd i am missing 600 payments from memorial day and june 1st and i was under the impression they were depositing every Monday

    3. I am trying to find that out too. I got through to unemployment and they said they do not handle the $600 and that they do not know who to contact for it.

      1. Miami, FL – would receive $600 every Tuesday through direct deposit. The additional $600 is meant to be provided each week until the end of July 2020. Since Memorial Day Weekend, I haven’t received payment or notice. No form of contacting anyone to determine cause. Has anyone received an update or notice? Why did it just stop?

      2. Yes every Tuesday…in my case they change to Wednesday but nothing and today is Thursday no deposit something going On.

        1. I was receiving on Tuesday every week. Didn’t get nothing week of 5/26 then got week of 6/2 and then nothing again this week

  34. Only received 2 payments of $600.00 and then they stopped, that eas 3 weeks ago. Why is that?

  35. I just woke up today & I had received the $226 direct deposit but nothing of the $600. I received the $600 the last 2 weeks which mind you I applied for unemployment March 23rd-25th between those dates lol

    1. Same with me. I originally applied 3/21/20. Received two payments of $600.00 previously and today received $226.00 ($125.00 wkly minus tax) Have not received the $600.00 for this week, assuming it is due to the Holiday. ?

    2. The same happened to me, I received the $600 on the May 12th & 19th, should have gotten a deposit on the 26th, but did not, I claimed my weeks in DEO and received $250 on 5/27, i have been trying endlessly to contact some one at DEO and it is impossible. I hope we are retroactively paid the weeks that are missed
      What a mess!

      1. i had the same thing happen to me but i changed my starting date because they had it wrong and they changed it to April 5 i got retro for the measly 155 week minus taxes i do have them take out and also only got two weeks of 60 and that is suppose to be retro to ???? i have family in other states and they did not have this problem they got the retro i hope the state isnt keeping our money it doesnt make sense and you cant talk to anyone about that because there is no # to call

    3. Same here on the $226 on Tuesday, but no $600 this week. Had come 3 Tuesdays in a row.
      I finally got through on the Phone on the following Friday and they had no idea why the $600 payments were not going out, but admitted many others had the same issue/concern.

      Then got $1080 on Saturday. No. clue how that was calculated? No explanation.

      No deposit today, Tuesday,

      1. You can simply figure out why you received $1,080 because you wanted Federal tax 10 percent Right ? 120 subtracts from 1200 arrives at $1080. Cheers…

  36. As it relates to my experience with DEO (Florida), the system is setup for bi-weekly verification but payments are sent weekly.

    It took over a month before I started received any correspondence from DEO. I submitted an application on 4/14, but my employer also submitted a claim on 4/21. Since there were duplicate applications, my employer’s application was accepted over mine and the DEO system didn’t merge info. My employer didn’t have my personal email or direct deposit info, so all of my initial communications were sent from DEO via standard/snail mail.

    On 5/19, the DEO packet of information I received included a Way2Go Debit card with 2 week payments (covering weeks ending 5/2 & 5/9), temp pin information to logon to CONNECT. In a separate envelope, I received the $600 check as part of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) benefit. You won’t see anything in the CONNECT system about FPUC payments — they are mutually exclusive.

    More details regarding bi-weekly verification:
    After I finally got into the CONNECT system, the first thing I saw was a directive to complete verification for next payment (week 5/10 – 5/16). It took several attempts to verify. I got rather desperate, so I gave up using Chrome and switched to Firefox (thinking it was a browser issue). It may or may not have been the browser, but firefox went through on the first try. Anyway, the verification form has several pages with many questions regarding work activity that I thought was odd, but we are all in different circumstances.

    Potential issues when completing bi-weekly verification:
    After finally completing, I still received a message within the “Payment Request Status” section of the home page: Pending issue(s) have been identified on your Claim Payment will be delayed until the pending issue(s) is resolved. Once I clicked the link to identify the issue, I was presented with additional questions to verify that my unemployment is a result of COVID-19. Once completed again, the issue message was still there, but I presumed that the system just needed to cycle. I logged back in the next day, the system was updated to show my 5/22 payment was processed. As mentioned above, I received my unemployment direct deposited on 5/23. Oddly, the $600 FPUC payment was also received on 5/23 but in the mail in form of a check.

  37. I applied for unemployment on March 17th. I started to receive payments on May 8th. I only received the $600 3 times. So far, I am missing 6 weeks. I called all the numbers and spent hours waiting on the phone just hear all representatives are busy with other callers or for someone to tell me to call another number or the system is down. Should I submit another application online?

    1. No, I don’t think that will help. Have you continued to certify and meet the eligibility requirements? Otherwise you will just need to wait till FL DEO gets their act together and systems updated to track the massive volume of new claims.

    2. Do the 600 come direct deposit or in the mail because I received on in the mail and still waiting and I applied on March 20th

  38. I tried to apply for partially through it 3 times. Only got as far as my drivers license. Now it says pending but I didn’t finish so how can it be. And I can’t edit it it asks for a pin number which it never have me. Help.

  39. Can anyone tell me how to get my PIN and climate ID # to logon to CONNECT.. I applied and sent my application through fedex in April 24.. Do i have to reapply through connect ? Or is it just for tracking the application?..
    Please help me im struggling!!!

    1. There is an email called something identity verification
      That you email your drivers license and social security card to there is also a fax number to send them to , you have to do this at the end of your application anyway , then they will tell you what to do next

    2. Hello, if you received an e-mail with your pin and it’s only three digits, you need to a 0 in the front so your pin is 4 digits long. Figured this out today.

  40. My husband stated receiving his unemployement. He got the 600. Plus the 247 weekly for 2 weeks through direct deposit and the 1 wk holding check via mail. Now this week he got the 600. But not the247.

        1. Wrong ui is bi weekly in Florida. They were paying the 600 weekly they just changed it to bi-weekly supposedly I was told this Tuesday we will all get 1080 and next tuesday 1080 to make
          Up back money owed. and then after that it will every two weeks when you claim ur weeks.

    1. There has been so many issues with the DOE. Have you looked on the CONNECT site and looked at payments? It should have something on there that explains. It is a weekly payment

      1. You get regular UI bi-weekly and the 600 weekly!! Ive been recieving for a mo mnth and thats what it is for me but i chose direct deposit.

        1. NO wronggggg!!!!! It is bi-weekly i have been getting it for OVER a month now. Your UI is definitely bi-weekly. The 600 comes each week!! DON’T LET SOMEONE TELL YOU THAT’S WRONG YOU CAN LOOK IT UP ON THE WEBSITE IT SAYS ITS BI-WEEKLY!!!!!!

          FROM FLORIDA!!

        2. i have been getting a weekly payment of $235 from unemployment for over a month. and $600 aweek as well. Now it seems im getting it every 2 weeks. the whole thing is messed up. It use to be biweekly but when all this started they were just paying people whatever they could. So i received $235 a week for the last month and a half. This week i just got a 2 week check. So everyone is getting something different. Im assuming since they are processing so many payments we will all be on biweekly payments once everyone is caught up.

  41. I JUSt got eligibility for my florida unemployment benefits, I signed up for the florida debit card program, does anyone know if the 600.00 gets deposited on that card?

    1. No it wont go on the card you will get a paper check in the mail every week!! Mine comes every Friday or Saturday!!! If you don’t see it in the mail one week don’t freak out it will come mail is backed up everywhere right now!!

      Tampa, Florida!

      1. I always get the 600 on fri or sat, last week I didn’t get one and am still waiting. You say the mail is backed up? I’m in st.pete.

  42. My wife and I are both on unemployment, I applied March 18, her the 4th, she got the paper check for the waiting period, we received 3 $600 direct deposits, it seems they shorted one of us a payment of $600, so we are missing 5 in total, is there a way to track this? It seems the state is going to make a lot of money on people they are shorting.

  43. I just checked my unemployment claim and see they issued my weekly benefits but there is nothing from the federal relief, why is this not noted on my claim is it separate ? how do I know if I am receiving the federal relief help? Doesn’t it show up on your unemployment claim

      1. It’s real hard to be patient when my bills just keep rolling in and my stomach is growling like crazy

  44. My husband applied for UI the week of 3/23 as an independent contractor. He was found to be ineligible for state UI payments but was expecting PUA assistance. We just found out two weeks ago that he had to reapply for PUA benefits because his original application date was prior to 4/4. He reapplied last week once DEO updated the site to include PUA, however, will he receive any retro PUA payments from the original date of application? Also, has anyone heard anything more about the additional benefit available to 1099 or independent contract workers above the $600? We are still waiting going on 8 weeks now.

    1. Same situation. I reapplied for PUA was approved but the dates say 4/26 starting did you get retro pay ugh and claiming every 2 weeks I keep getting knocked off. I am curious if they will pay from the 1st day applied even though we had to reapply. I wish you the best of luck!!!!!

  45. I started receiving benefits last week both the PUA and the Cares 600.00 I was able to claim 6 weeks that they provided but did not provide two weeks that I was clearly unemployed. They paid only two weeks of Cares Act. I have faxed over the request for my two weeks of past benefits they owe me and have emailed them twice and will continually do so until they MAKE ME WHOLE

  46. Do I need to re apply to receive an extension in FL and why have I only recieved one of the $600 payments.

  47. Just starting receiving weekly unemployment but did not received any of the weekly $600 to go along with unemployment. WHY???? My unemployment should have started effective March 16th but I did not receive unemployment wages until the beginning of April so why did I not receive the first 2 weeks of unemployment?

    1. Danielle,

      I have multiple friends who’ve started collecting as well, and didn’t get paid for their “Waiting Week” via direct deposit like they selected. Instead the got one direct deposit payment for the second week first, and then a paper check arrived in the mail for the “Waiting Week”.
      Hopefully you’ll receive a paper check for that “Waiting Week” payment.

    2. I have a question in reference to the CARES Federal Unemployment Compensation payment and my companies current attempt to recoup the funds after I was furlouged for 5 weeks.

      When the furlough started employees where promised 70% of their salary’s and that all deductions for medical insurance and 401k would be spread out to avoid a major finacal hit.

      What has happened since returning to work the company required employees to submit copies of CARES payment received the and deducted $875 FL unemployment off of the 70% owed in addition to the full amount for health insurance and 401k cost this has cost a finance hardshio.

      The company based this on the philosophy of that no employee should have made more money during the furlough. My understanding is that companies could not recoup that money from employees who where furloughed due to covid because they fell it wasn’t fair to receive more money when people where furloughed. I am just think what they are doing is ethical or legal under the CARES ACT. Can you please provide clarification.

      1. You are correct and what they are doing is illegal and you don’t need to provide this information.

  48. I filed my unemployment claim on 3/23/20. The state held back 1 week 3/29-4/4. I received 2 weeks of my claim which included the $600 Cares Act supplement. I just received my 3rd deposit, but it did not include my $600 cares act supplement.
    I thought the holding week was amended for Covid-19 claimants and why didn’t I receive the $600 cares act payment with my 3rd unemployment payment like I did with the first two deposits?

    1. There is no holding week. Send a message through the FL jobs.org site listed on bottom of page – CONTACT – post message under Payments and you should receive the 1st week they didn’t pay you. The additional weekly $600. should be coming soon from the state of Florida if they ever fix the system.

  49. I received the first 600 check via mail on April 17th and havent received any other payment since then. It’s been 3 weeks now since I received further payment. Also if this started on March 29th will I be back payed for the week of the 29th and the week after, plus the three weeks I have missed payments?

  50. Only received the $600.00 once and have not been paid for the waiting week. Only received 2 benefits wks. Why is that?

  51. I received My First $600 check the week of 4/13/20 after the week I have not received another check I don’t know why? my unemployment expire 5/4/20 will I continue to received the extra $600 or when my unemployment end they will stop until I reapply?
    Thank you

    1. So what ended up happening when your state unemployment ran out on 5/4? Did they extend your benefits? Or are you only getting the $600 now? I’m curious because my benefits end soon.

      1. I had to reapply.. after waiting for 2 weeks finally I got approved! Hopefully this time they will send me the $600 federal check.
        Good luck!

  52. Good morning!
    I just want to know if I exhausted my benefits do I have to re apply or it will be done automatically ! I’m in Florida. Just want to be sure! Is very confusing because you can get a straight answer! My last payment was last week! I just need to find out!

    1. In short, I’d say yes. My benefits just exhausted after filing yesterday. When I logged into DEO, there was a note on my account stating it had been exhausted. Down near the “Claimant Home” link, there was a new link in regard to making a Pandemic claim (I forget the exact wording… and the link is now gone). I followed through that… it was fairly painless as it used all my prior claim information… and then I added some requested info off my taxes. After I submitted, my “Current Program Type” changed to “Pandemic – COVID 19” and my balance increased from the exhausted $0.00 it had been a few minutes prior.

      1. Michael,
        I exhausted the state Unemployment first week of may and also received two weeks pay for the 600, assuming those were for 3rd week of April and onwards. but nothing else after may 5th. I have been unemployed since February.. did you need to submit for the pandemic claim after you exhausted the state unemployment?

        1. Edward,
          Yes, the Pandemic claim option showed up after I exhausted my regular benefits… as I wrote, it was a new link that appeared by the “Claimant Home” link.

        2. I exhausted my unemployment the first of march 2020. I was told to reopen. it shows that my first 12 weeks are exhausted. I was told to reopen. I havent received a response to reopening my UI and receiving $600. I’m totally confused. I can’t get through to Unemployment Assistance to save my life. Does anyone know where I might stand.

      2. Hi Michael, thanks for the information. 1) Are you referring to the State unemployment insurance only ($275)? If so, quick follow-up question. My funds run out this week, week ending 5/23/20. I’m assuming I won’t be able to claim that until Wednesday, June 3, but I am NOT positive about that. 2) Do you know WHEN I might see that new link for the Pandemic claim monies? 3) With regards to the federal $600 monies, do you know how those are triggered to disperse? I assumed it was connected to me claiming my weekly state benefits, my first check for $540 was a paper check cut on on 4/13/20, 5 days after claiming my weekly benefits on 4/8/20. My 2nd two disbursements of $600 each landed as a direct deposit on 5/5/20, EXACTLY 2 WEEKS after claiming my previous 2 weeks on 4/22. Following the 2 week pattern, I was hoping I’d have 2 deposits today for $600, but it didn’t happen.
        Sorry for the long message. I numbered my questions above to help you find my actual questions. Feel free to counsel me on anything else as you sound knowledgeable.

        1. Eddie, this is happened to me as well. I applied on April 13 through the new system Pega and I too had exhausted my regular UI claim on 02/21. I must have been ineligible for the Federal Pandemic or regular UI claim because when Connect was finally open back up I had a link stating to apply for PUA. For some odd reason they opened my claim up starting 02/09/20 which is crazy as I had exhausted and could not have gotten any benefits until the CARES act came out which was March 27. From what I know you would have had to file an application no later than March 29 or after to be eligible. Yet I received all these payments for the rest of February the (275) and got two payments of $600 on 05/05. I have not seen any payments of the $600 since then. I don’t think the claims people know what they are doing and now they say you have to go baack in and click on link to modify your claim so they know when to retroactively pay you the FPUC $600 payments. I did this on May 15 and received an email saying they got my request and needed more info, for me to log in and when I did nothing was there.

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