Got My Stimulus Check But Not My Child’s $500 payment – Issue Fixed As Non-Filer Payments Coming Through Now


[Update] As you can see from the many recent comments on this article, it looks like the GAO (Government Accountability Office) and IRS have resolved glitches on the non-filer portal for those who do not file a tax return. This means the $500 dependent stimulus, approved under the CARES act, which was missing for many eligible recipients is now being processed. Those who missed getting their payments with their original $1200/$2400 stimulus check have reported that starting July the IRS has been mailing and depositing their overdue payments. So they no longer need to wait till 2021 to file their return or wait for another fix to get the much needed $500 payment.

Per the IRS, “The IRS corrected the programming error on May 17, 2020. The IRS will automatically issue additional $500 EIP per qualifying child to affected individuals in early August.  Direct deposit payments are scheduled for August 5, 2020, and paper checks or debit cards are scheduled to be mailed August 7, 2020.”

Further, another $500 dependent stimulus payment has all but been confirmed under the latest stimulus package being developed in Congress. You can see further details in this article. The good news is that eligibility for this payment will be expanded for those under 24 (vs under 17 in first payment). You should expect to see this payment paid along with the second stimulus check for eligible recipients.

Spouse’s past-due child support. The IRS is also actively working to resolve cases where a portion or all of an individual’s payment was taken and applied to their spouse’s past-due child support. People in this situation do not need to take any action. The IRS will automatically issue the portion of the stimulus check that was applied to the other spouse’s debt.

[Previous Update] With over 100 million stimulus payments made, one of the most concerning questions I am seeing is around individuals or families receiving the standard adult stimulus check (a.k.a economic impact payment) of $1200 or $2400 but not receiving the $500 payment for each of their qualified child dependents. Here is what I found when looking into this further.

The first thing to check is that you do indeed meet all the required income and qualify child criteria (e.g under 17) for the $500 per dependent child stimulus payment. Remember for most Americans this is based on your 2018 or 2019 (whichever was the latest) tax return filed and approved by the IRS. Not your current situation or changes since you filed your last return.

The criteria to receive this kids stimulus credit is even higher thank the Child Tax Credit (CTC), so if you didn’t qualify for the CTC in past years you won’t qualify for this payment either.

Social Security retirement, disability benefits (SSDI) and Railroad Retirement benefit recipients and for those that earn too little to file a tax return need to have registered via the IRS’ Non Filers payment update tool to receive the $500 per dependent child payment in addition to their $1,200 individual payment. This is because the IRS does not have the the qualifying dependent information for these groups.

So I did all of the above and met all criteria but still didn’t get the $500 kid payment? Some possible answers.

For many recipients, who have met all the criteria for the child stimulus, the reason they haven’t yet got a stimulus check is due to the fact the IRS systems processing these payments are truly not working due to technical or data glitches around how the IRS systems manages dependent information. Eg if your child’s information has gaps or missing information or you didn’t provide a valid SSN in your latest tax return then no payment will be made.

Those using the IRS non-filers tool to enter dependent information have also been disproportionately impacted by the missing $500 payments. This is likely another technical glitch with the fillable form as discussed subsequent to the IRS update below.

The other likely explanation you didn’t get the payment is because someone else claimed the dependent on their tax return or in a later filing than yours. This is a big issue for families that are divided, filing separately or where the dependent is not a direct child of the claimant. So you need to make sure that you were the sole claimant or someone else may have received the $500 payment. Finally your payment can be intercepted for overdue child support payments. So you may have gotten the payment but it went to your spouse or someone else who claimed the child.

Another common error being reported is that those who did not owe or did not get a refund on their latest return are stuck in limbo within IRS payment systems because the IRS does not have their banking details. The IRS is aware of these types of issues and trying to correct them in ongoing system update. They have advised they are doing multiple batches of stimulus check payments and those whose payment were held by due to IRS errors may start seeing them in coming weeks (mailed out via paper checks)

One reader left a comment that stated the following, “We got the payment for myself and my wife and it was deposited into an account that was only set up a few months ago so we know they used the information from our 2019 return (plus we weren’t required to file in 2018). But while that return has all the info for both our 5 year old and our 1 year old we did not receive the $500 for either of them. The deposit we received was $2400 instead of $3400. This is especially frustrating because we actually weren’t required to file in 2019 either, but we used the TurboTax thing that came out a couple of weeks before payments started and was marketed as the fastest way for non-filers to get their info to the IRS (which was actually by filing a very limited return). So we went out of our way to use this tool which was supposedly put out in partnership between Intuit and the IRS to get them our info and they still screwed it up? ‍

The above comment confirms another potential cause for the missing $500 payment attributed to filing a simple return via Tax software providers (like Turbo Tax, HR Block) which has caused issues when it comes to the IRS processing dependent payments for these filings. The evidence is anecdotal but the above comment does confirm what many lower income Americans are seeing. Hopefully the IRS fixes this (or provides a number to call) or they’ll have to wait till filing their 2020 return to claim the $500 payment.

Can I call the IRS? At this point there is little recourse for most people trying to resolve this by speaking to someone at the IRS. The agency however just announced they are adding live representatives to take calls on the stimulus check payments (see details here). Most people will still however have to wait for their Economic Impact Payment letter as a way to confirm payment and follow-up on missing or incorrect payments.

IRS Update on $500 payment – Unfortunately the IRS has confirmed that those who did not receive the full amount of their expected stimulus payment, including the supplementary $500 child dependent payment, will need to claim the additional amount when they file their 2020 tax return. This is a tough break for many families who needed/expected the $500 payment as soon as possible and were hoping to get a supplementary or corrective payment in the mail sometime in the near future. You’ll now need to wait till 2021 when you file your tax return to fix this and get paid the child stimulus if you are eligible.

VA and SSI recipients may have a little more time to have the $500 added automatically to their standard stimulus check payment by using the Non-Filers tool (via IRS website). However they must file by May 5th to qualify or like most American’s they will have to wait until 2021 to get the additional $500 when filing a 2020 tax return.

Note, a number of comments below indicate that even using the non-filers tools is causing issues with receiving this payment. There seems to be a problem with the online form where there is no box to check to claim your kids as dependents , even though you put in all their information (the printed form seems to have this). I am sure the IRS is looking into this, but looks like yet another technical/coding glitch with the non-filers tool that is just using online fill-able forms.

Direct Express Account Holders: You may use the Non-Filers tool, but you cannot receive your and your children’s payment on your Direct Express account. You may only select a bank account for direct deposit or leave bank information blank and receive the money by mail.

Both parents received the $500 payment. So a few unmarried or separated parents with an eligible child commented that they both got the $500 child stimulus payment as they filed separately. The good news, or loophole is that there is no provision in the law requiring repayment of the payment. So you get to keep it if you get it. The IRS will send Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment, to each parent and they should keep the notice for their 2020 tax records.

I’ll update this post if I get any additional information or if the IRS posts updated guidance, but feel free to share your story. You can also subscribe via email or follow via social media options shown below to get the latest updates.

This article was updated on August 15

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589 thoughts on “Got My Stimulus Check But Not My Child’s $500 payment – Issue Fixed As Non-Filer Payments Coming Through Now

  1. I cannot seem to find an answer anywhere for my question. I received my payment but not for my child. When I originally filed using the Turbo Tax non-filer tool it wouldn’t let me place her information since I had paper filed and claimed her on that. Then when they said to update on the tool. I finally was able to enter her information, but when I went to submit it said I couldn’t refile because I had already filed using the tool. So I don’t know if they have my child’s information or not. Did it update or do I now have to wait until next year to get a payment for my child? This has been the most confusing “simple” process I have ever had to deal with in my life.

  2. I received a stimulus check for me and my two children but I did not receive anything for my husband and we are married and file jointly in 2018 and 2019

  3. I receive Veterans benefits but I also receive a pension so I have to file and I did file. I still did not receive the child credit. I checked all the possibilities of why that could happen and none apply. After months I spoke with an unqualified tax assistant at the IRS (Non Tax Pro) who told me erroneously and rudely it was because I didn’t file for child tax credit. When I looked into doing an amendment to fix that they told me I didn’t meet income requirements for it and that is why I didn’t receive an error or alert when I filed. My dependent info is on my tax info and everything is the way it is supposed to be. I even checked everything required again to qualify for the credit and we do. I cannot use the non-filer tool because I am a filer. I have a requirement to file and I filed. I have not been able to find a FAQ much less a live person to help me. How do I know there won’t be an issue if I do try to claim it at the end of the year? If there is the blessing of a second stimulus will that also be missing the child credit? Why? Please help. I’m a single parent and that money helps a lot especially in this C-19 environment. Someone please help us.

  4. i am on disabled and i did not get my 13 year old daughter 500.00 check so what do i do .

    1. IRS website under Stimulus, Social Security recipients, Q&A
      Here’s the link to website. Hopefully they will have a way for people who did not receive the child credit and who do not file, to receive the 2020 child credit early next year.

      Q H1. I did not file a tax return or use the Non-Filers tool to provide information about my qualifying child and did not receive the $500 per child payments earlier this year. I received my Economic Impact Payment automatically. Should I use the Non-Filers tool by Sept. 30 to provide that information? (added August 18, 2020)

      A1. Yes. The IRS reopened the registration period only for federal beneficiaries who didn’t receive $500 per child payments earlier this year. Recipient of Social Security, SSI, RRB or VA benefits who did not file a 2019(or 2018) tax return or use the Non-Filers tool to provide information about a qualifying child to receive a $500 per child payment earlier this year, can use the Non-Filers tool. People who enter information on their qualifying child from August 15 through September 30 will receive a catch-up $500 payment per child.

      Any eligible federal benefits recipient who misses the September 30 deadline will need to claim the payment as a credit on their 2020 federal income tax return next year.

  5. My fiance has claimed my kids for 4 years. Weve never had an issue ad we’ve been together 8 years. He got the stimulus for himself and 1 child but not the other 2. I dont want to go back and do a nonfiler because he received his. What can I do to received these 2 payments of $500. We desperately need them. We have 4 children and it’s been a nightmare trying to get them their school supplies with him only working 2-3 days a week.

  6. This stimulus for dependents is somewhat disproportioned because I have a newborn as of 4/2020. What about the house holds who have similar scenarios occurring. Obviously, I did not file taxes with my child as a dependent for the tax filing year. This is not a fair stimulus to my child as a new person with an active SSN.

  7. I filed my 2019 tax return electronically. After I filed my child’s mother asked me to send in an amendment to my return claiming our child as a tax deduction. This was done by mail in April and has been in limbo at the IRS since. So when the stimulus was sent I only received $1200 and not the $500 for my 5 year old. There are ways for “non-filers” to go on line and claim the missing child stimulus but what about cases such as mine where I filed but there is no record I claimed my child in 2019 because of an extreme backlog in processing paper claims by the IRS. What can I do? Anyone have a solution? I did claim her in 2018 but they must have used my 2019 filing for the stimulus payment.

    1. You may have to wait till next year when you file to claim the return or try the IRS non-filers tool in a few weeks (it is open again) to see if the IRS has your information.


  9. I don’t understand why all the data at SSA could not be accessed by the IRS to solve the problems. Are the two from different planets?

  10. I gave my bank info to the non filers tool. I got the $1200 for me on my direct express card not my bank card. They also left out the $500 for my granddaughter, I have had her since she was 3 1/2 months old, Here it is August 2nd and still received nothing for her. Called the IRS and got no where. Go to the get my stimulus portal I get the same bull. The non filers tool is a joke. I’m on SSDI to a bad injury at work and had back surgery and this is how we get treated. Knowing we can’t file taxes so guess we just have to suck it up. And by the way we can’t get $500 for our young dependents but the millionaires received $1.6 million for a stimulus check.( As the saying goes shit rolls down hills. ). Good luck fighting with the IRS!!!!!

  11. [Oops- my comment was entered too soon, and I’m unable to edit or delete.]

    Partial Repost:

    I commented on this article in late April or early May, relieved that I wasn’t the only one to voice this issue bbut horrified that it had happened to so many other families. Because of that, I feel compelled to update for anyone who is still searching for answers:

    I had completely given up on the idea that we would receive our missing $1500 without filing in early 2021. However, early Friday evening [July 31, 2020], I received a notification from my checking account that the 1500 had been deposited! If you’re still waiting, there is hope. ♡

    1. Thanks for sharing this Stephanie. I have now updated the post to reflect this update and how it was fixed (programming error in IRS system!)

      1. Any one that didn’t receive the $500 per child, they are finally sending it out I received mine this morning, in my bank account.fir my twins who were 15 at the time. So the IRS is finally fixing the problem

  12. I commented on this article in late April or early May, relieved that I wasn’t the only one to voice this issue bbut horrified that it had happened to so many other families. Because of that, I feel compelled to update for anyone who is still searching for answers:

    I had completely given up on the idea that we would receive our missing $1500 without filing in early 2021. However, early Friday evening [July 31, 2020],

  13. There’s a Washington Post article posted last month that stated the GAO recognized the glitch on the non-filer portal and was working to send out the missing payments by the end of July. But of course, I checked my account and have yet to receive anything for my six year old son. So, who knows if we will ever see that missing dependent pay.

  14. I filed married but seperate on taxes I got the 1200 foe me but hubby was rejected by its on the non filer form what can we do

  15. My husband and I receive SSI and we used the non filer just like we were told on April 10. Just like the SSI website told us to do to get the child portion. We have 3 children and 1 of the 3 is special needs and receives SSI as well. My husband and I got our 2400 stimulus payment on April 29 but nothing for our 3 children. We ended up splitting half our stimulus between the 3 children for stuff they needed and wanted. Thankful for what we did receive but it’s not right to be told we are elgible and follow the rules to receive it then not get it.

  16. the IRS does have this info if you are receiving social security payments as your dependent also collect ssdi payments.

  17. My ex filed on my son but i was suppose to be able to file for him thru court order …i havent recieved my taxes or my stimulus check and its been 19 weeks so far and im afraid she got the $500 as well for the dependent on the stimulus check …i dont know what to do and this has affected me very bad with no job ..i really dont know how im gonna make it

  18. I filed my 2019 taxes at the end of January 2020 with H&R Block. I received the child tax credit. My son is a year and a half, I am a single mother and I’m positive his dad didn’t claim him on taxes, as he doesn’t know anything about our child and hasn’t been around since before Our child was born. I received my stimulus payment for 1200 direct deposit on April 15 2020 but did not receive the 500 for my child. I’ve read and understand I have to wait for the 500 portion until I file my 2020 taxes. My question is, if my child got left out of the first round of payments, will he be left out if we get a second round as well? Does anyone know how to make sure our children receive the second round or even what happened to the first if we met ALL the criteria?

  19. Same thing happened to Us. Used the non filers form, before deadline, acceptance email. Received Our check but not our 10 yr. Old son’s. And we double checked everything. Now we have to wait. Things are already hard, really counted on that. Bless everyone in same boat!

    1. I have updated the article following the IRS fix to systems. You should start seeing this payment soon!

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