IRS Economic Impact (Stimulus Check) Letter is Useless and Of No Help

More than 120 million stimulus payments have been made by the IRS and associated Economic Impact Payment (EIP) letters have recently been received by many of these recipients (see example below) outlining/confirming payment details. However the EIP letter has been of little help to the millions of Americans facing one or more issues with their stimulus checks such as either not being correct or missing key supplementary items like the $500 child payment. Some readers have posted their thoughts on the EIP letter they have received:

Maritza Lozano said, “This is bogus. I got the letter and the only thing it tells you is that your receiving the amount based on your 2019 or 2018 income tax and an extra 500 for qualifying child under 17 mine turned 16 in December 30 2019 and I already called the number it has it’s 1-800-919-9835 and it’s automated so how am I suppose too file a complaint if it’s not human this is bogus I swear I know I’m not the only one here in this situation. The letter doesn’t indicate what to do to report a missing payment. Just an automated phone system with the included number

Jennifer kick said, “I owe back child support and my son is now 19. I’m currently receiving SSI a whole $786 monthly. The IRS website says my check is due to be mailed on April 24th??? Am I getting a check or am I going to get a letter saying they took it for child support?.….5 days later: “I got a letter saying mine was being deposited last Wednesday and then Friday I got a letter that it had been taken for back child support”

Yvette said on , “So, I received an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) letter today. I’m in the same boat as every parent that has not received the 500 for their children/dependents. I received the 1200 and nothing for them. In any case the number does provide a number to call, but don’t get your hopes up. At least not at this point. The number is just an automatic system giving a long message about what and who qualifies, and there are options to listen to more messages but that’s it. I went through each option prompt and it just gave a message for each, said thanks for contacting the IRS and disconnected. In addition the website is no help because although it indicates letters will be sent, which mine was with no help, and my payment status just indicates 1200 already sent with no options to get this fixed. IRS toll line still has no one taking live calls. For anyone interested the numbers I’ve called are below:
IRS Line 1800-829-1040
EIP Letter IRS 1800-919-9835

I’m giving the number that is included in the EIP letter, because I am hoping that someone else will have better luck than I did.

An Example of the EIP Letter

Beverly Martinez said, “Got my letter from the IRS stating i was to get 1700.00 but on the deposit from the IRS they only deposited 1,200.00. Tried to call the IRS with no one to talk too. When do I do to get my 500.00 for my daughter? She does qualify.” [It was surprising to hear that the direct deposit was different to the EIP letter amount!]

I really was hoping the EIP letter would have been more useful, and seems more like political propaganda based on the fact it has the White house seal and overly large Presidential signature. What are your thoughts?

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55 thoughts on “IRS Economic Impact (Stimulus Check) Letter is Useless and Of No Help

  1. This is BS. I have payments this will impact. I will simply file suit. The post office wont track to my address. The post office wont accept feedback. The IRS wont give me a representative. The IRS has one application that says it was mailed April 24th but no check arrived. I got a letter that says it should have arrived. It never did. I have no one to talk to and I cannot even tell if it will arrive or has been stolen. I cant even tell if a thief used the money. They have until 2021 before I know it was stolen or wont arrive, and then I will use any recovery I work hard to earn to sue them for neglect incurred during this time. Why should people have to starve for two months because of IRS neglect?

  2. Hey Y’all. Question for anyone. Has anyone been having problems getting their Economic Payment Stimulus from the Government?? I have. The IRS portal to check the status of the refund is working on my end and it says that your check was scheduled to be mailed out on May 8-2020. I never got my check and do qualify for the $1,200. Then they said about 15 days after you receive your stiumlus you will get a letter from The White House / Donald Trump explaining why you got the money. Well, still no check a month later, I got the Trump letter, and there is no information as to how you can talk to a live person to find out what has happened to the payment. Millions of people are having this problem. So how is receiving a letter from the White House helping me when its the payment that I wanted. I have taken to Twitter to see if there is any information and its the same old thing “I haven’t received my payment yet either”, “The check you EIP status Portal does not work.”, The Tweets go on and on from hundreds of thousands of people and it seems that we must have feel through the IRS glitches or computer system just plain sucks. What does a person do if they see that the check was scheduled to be mailed out, got nothing, but got the White House letter 15 days later. I wanted the money not some stupid letter from the White House from the book of “Cover Your Ass, Because EIP Was A Disaster But I Am Still Going To Get Re-elected As President Again!!!!” The millions of people on America’s Twitter are in the dark too. Why was this not planned out before they started mailing off payments knowing that their were going to be massive problems but still chose to ignore it. Must have got my money along with millions of other people who have not received their payments yet either channeled to some Third World Country Refugee Camp somewhere. A xeroxed copy of a letter from Donald Trump does not pay the bills. If anyone has any information or if this has been happening to them, drop me a line. Thanks Y’all…

    1. Im going through the same exact thing right now ! online portal tells me my checked was sent on 05/04/2020, but i have yet to recieve a check . last friday i recieved the letter stating my 1200.00 has arrived but NO CHECK ! The letter was dated for 05/08/2020 so what im trying to figure out is how the letter make it before the check ?? tried all the numbers possible NO LIVE PERSON YET!

  3. I am having the same issue. Portal said my check was mailed April 24th and on may 11th I get a EIP letter telling me you have received $1200 and I have received nothing and it’s been close to a month now and I still can’t get answers from anyone at the IRS.

  4. I’m married and my husband filed joint. He owes back child support. I didn’t know about the injured spouse form till now, and they took my half. I don’t have anything to do with his previous relationship. Is it too late to file for that now? We are barely getting by as it is.

  5. I received a letter from the White House dating congratulations we deposited money in your account but no money what do I do

  6. I received a letter on Saturday stating they direct deposited $1,200 in my account called the bank no money any advice on what I do

  7. The IRS website says my stimulus check was deposited on April 15th however, i never received anything. I called my bank to verify and nothing. The last four digit of the account number on the IRS website is correct, but my bank does not show any pending transaction or deposits and they dont show any rejections. I received the stimulus letter and it said i was deposited $1200 direct deposit which i never received.Anyone having this same issue? I have tried calling the number on the letter and its useless. I need to speak to a live person.

    1. Yes , website said it was coming May 13th . Today received a letter that it was deposited to my account still nothing… this just delayed?

    2. I too received a date of May 15th my check would be mailed out. May 29th i received letter as if already had my check. I never received it.!!!! How can our government be so careless!!????!!! Theres hundreds of Thousands Possibly millions with this same issue!! WHO DO WE CONTACT?? How fo we get out money?

  8. Should have recieved $2,400 EIC (stimulus 2020 check) Wife recieved via direct deposit $1,200. I did not recieve anything. I am still waiting for MY $ 1,200.00 payment. I am on Social Security and have the same bank info as my wife.

  9. I am waiting on an explanation that should of been here already. I never received the stimulus for my 3 kids.

  10. Mine was supposedly mailed out on the 24 the of April as well. I have yet to receive a check , but I did receive the follow up letter .

    1. Same here received a date of 4/24 received a follow up letter but check…….. Smh

    2. Same here. Letter arrived today. Check was supposed to be mailed May 1. No check ever came. No instructions about filing any report were in the letter.

      1. Same here. Letter dated May 1st and yet received it couple days ago (may 18) with no check. Guess im glad im not going crazy?

  11. Got a letter but no cheque. I need a cheque not a letter. Anyone else? Do I worry it’s not coming or do I just wait?

    1. same boat , got letter.. no check? my options at this point are
      1. check comes sometime
      2. check not coming.. cant miss something never had? but I hear they will tax you on this? so will need some kind of explanation WTF going on.

  12. I got my EIP letter but havent revieved my check.. The site shows it was mailed on 4/24/2020 but I recently moved and i put my address change in I am not on child support I have custody of all my kids was just wondering why i habemt recjeved check but I recieved letter

    1. Its not a big deal on not getting the check, it was just money that was going to be giving to you. you did not earn it, and you did not loose anything. so just look at it like you almost got lucky and not to worry about it no more.

      1. Bob FIRST off we have every right to be worried half of the world got theres and half didnt thats not right ! you might not need the money but other people do,thats exactly whats wrong with this world right now NO EQUALITY !!!! DID YOU GET YOURS BTW ?

  13. First of all not all of us who owe child support even knew we had an obligation. I just found out that i had a balance and i am a victim of an assault with a deadly weapon from my ex so the kids were taken. My old address was on my id card but the agency of dshs knew of my new address. They still served the summons to a 2 year old address which they had the access to the new hence the active case and visitation areas. Anyways a person who took the papers stated I lived there and refused to identify themselves. During the time that the letter was served my ex who stabbed me with a knife and put me on my death bed was living there. We have a 10year no contact and she was the reason kids were taken. I wasn’t even aware and now I am trying to get an adjustment or someway to fix it so that I am not owing a balance since I would have paid it if i knew. My legal rep has not been helpful. So before all y’all sit here and judge get your facts straight. Not all of us are not paying, and in the last 2 years since they have been in cps custody I have paid for every meal when they are with me, for clothes, diapers, socks, shoes, and toys with no issues. I also am the parent they are returning to and cps is doing nothing but trying to purposely make me look bad with evidence to prove it. So before you people become judgemental think about what you are saying. This country is fucked up in so many ways that it will have all y’all believe that the taxes we pay we arent even owed back when we need them. Child support is suppose to come out of income not emergency help. What do those people think this money is for? To pay our passed due delinquent accounts? No, and how are you going to literally take peoples jobs and then also take the payment that they would have got at their job to pay their bills. This payment was for rent and living expenses. The custodial guardians are getting their portion plus 500 a kid. Why take more? This is senseless and wrong. The same government that serves documents to an unidentified person without taking even the smallest steps to make sure it’s right, is the same government that takes out money in a time of need after taking our way of making the money for those bills and payments. So tell me is the guys fault he cant afford to live anf pay child support? No. The single parents get a ton of help from the state and i know that. There are a ton of resources and just cuz a father chose to not stay with the cheating ass/abusive ass baby momma doesn’t make it ok for them to collect a check from that breakup. The government is shit and so is the system until we the people stand up, and revolt this will go on. Im.sorry y’all but thats the harsh truth.


    1. Wow you sound like me until my mother got tired of my whining about my non child support abusive ex, horrible career blah blah blah nd made me get it together for my daughters!!! Funny how deadbeats can’t help with my daughters but can go get a new family?! Yes I can judge because I’ve been there. Lost everything!! How ironic those who were there for their kids us greedy single moms ARE GIVING MONEY BACK TO THE GOOD PARENTS WHO NEED HELP!!! BOOM!! I donated my stimulus to a food bank(I was in VA priority group)!! I still have a 30yrs old case on the books!! As long as these deposits are being intercepted for kids who suffered I’M GOOD!!! My buckeye told me keep the arrears for coming up with money for their needs!! Trump letter was pointless….

      1. Say you’re stopping in the middle of a conversation that you have no idea what the f*** you’re talking about. Next time you reply to something make sure it’s in context. I’m not whining about anyting you have no idea what the hell you were even talking about. When they took my children they had no legal statute to they turn around and used a police officer’s testimony who stole $160 out of my wallet put me in jail over a $500 traffic ticket on a non-extraditable offense a traffic offence lied to CPS told him I went in on drug charges I showed up to court proving that I didn’t go to jail for drug charges that this was just a $500 ticket that was not extraditable and the police officer who mind you was a rookie didn’t even know where the jail was because he does not come down to the south end of our state so he went out have his way. Then when I argued the point the judge tried to tell me I don’t think that a police officer would lie about everything in their report which some other things were included stating that I had some paraphernalia as well which I tried to get the officer to take as evidence and it was never put in this evidence is still remained in the back of my car when I got to the gas station a week later which the owner of the gas station found out about the story and kept the car there and not told it had the tow truck driver actually tow it into a spot for him so that my car wouldn’t be towed. The children that were taken were taken because there was an allegation of them being what their mother and having unsupervised contact when they were with their babysitter and again there was evidence to prove that as well. The state has screwed me 10 different ways the state has been sexist completely against me as a father and me having my children returned to me. I’m not writing any high horse but I have every person that’s ever met me that has been around me and my children has set that I am a great father and they don’t understand why these children are not home with me and is not a lie it’s not an exaggeration that is every person. I have had a police officer off duty walk up to me during one of my visits and tell me that the reason why he still does his job is because of fathers like me. my ex is the deadbeat b****. Put my children into CPS custody and yes she is a deadbeat mother and yes I left the situation and now have a 10-year no contact order and my children witnessed this assault while she was stabbing with a knife unprovoked in my car just because she had a mental issue she wouldn’t go take care of not for me not for her children. So me owing child support through all of that is unfair and unfounded. I never have been on child support because i have never been put in a situation where my children were not in my direct or where I didnt provide. and best believe I will be filing a lawsuit as soon as this case is over my children are safely home. I do have a child with my fiance and i support them with all of me. I speak on something that women like you are ignorant to. You dont know what it feels like being the only man sitting in a room full of women sounding just like you and hysterically laugh at the mess they are sitting in. This is all i have ever heard, yet now have witness a surge of these so called “great moms”. My kids mother doesnt see them has now 2 more felonies one with a possessions charge, and could give a rats ass what happens to them while I am fighting with my heart and soul for them. I dont care that she pays child support matter of fact i would rather she doesnt and i have advocated on that for her behalf. So I am a firm believer in take care of your own shit and quit whining. What YOU are doing lady is exactly that WHINING. Im only presenting a story becuase i live it and i run a business and I have ran into atleast 4 different fathers who have had to deal with the same dead beat ass mothers that can care less for the children they brought into this world. And the trend between fathers is we dont usually make anywhere public to express our concerns and tell our stories. I have friends who are single fathers and in the same boat as i am having to deal with dcyf for 2 years just because they want money. I have not issue paying for my children but do have an issue when the government who is already sexist when it comes to family law serves documents to an address of my deadbeat obsessive baby mommas mothers house. Then the person who accepted it apparently said i lived there but wouldn’t/refused to identify themselves. So my point here is the trend is yall women bitch and moan when it comes to raising kids on your own and wont take the responsibility for it. You are so vengeful that you take all this energy and time to chase a man who don’t even want you instead of focusing on the unconditional love that you already have right in front of you. Most men dont go to blogs, interviews, or seek child support from a person we hate, we just take care of shit. Ive seen both sides. And until these so-called great single moms stop chasing after the greed of paper think of what you are producing as a result in your own children. I dont care that my ex stabbed me, I care that my children have a healthy image of their parents and that they are taught compassion and reason. Telling that their dad/mom is deadbeat only makes them feel like that one half of them is a deadbeat and the other what ever monstrous image they end up having of you from your own bitterness and vengeance. Its one thing to pay for your children and want your ex to take some responsibility, its another to use that as a gateway to insult half of your childrens makeup and half someone else to blame. If you dont like it and if you cant afford it and you are more focused on getting vengeance, then let those babies get adopted they deserve people in their life who are more then happy and willing to focus just on love and not their bio parents failure to be a mature loving adult and guardian that they need. And the fact that I am a business owner only adds to the pile of, you don’t need anyone to provide because your ex is better off single and left without the responsibility rather then be a constant reminder of that specifically. I also speak on this because I provide paychecks to the fathers of whom i know their stories. And let me tell you if “greedy baby momma” didn’t exist I wouldn’t be seeing and experiencing it. Oh and my ex baby momma who I have 2 kids with in state custody, stabbed me a total of 23 times, 3 different occasions. She ran off after the first incident that day which was unprovoked, me being in shock made a bad decision told her to leave and never come back. Take the van and the key and title to it. That is your way of life I told her while she was staring at my neck which was covered with blood from a 4 inch stake knife which was now in the car roof from me grabbing the knife from her by the blade between the webs of my pointer and middle fingers. After she left my car I drove me and the kids to the nearest hospital bleeding out. Got there and lied to the police protecting someone who I should never have protected for the fear of my children and the involvement of the law and the image of their mother being completely degraded. She came and found me at the hospital, stocked me like prey, and attempted to kill me with yet another sharp object of unknown origin in my sleep. The nurses ran in saw her and called the police this was the main story on the news that day. When I asked her why she did it? She told me that someone had told her i was the devil himself and promised her compensation and safety from legal criminal charges and a home in paradise with our children if she were to to kill me.

        The moral here is, all you females that have a such strong opinion about men being bad fathers are only riding on information decades old. The world is different and things single mothers used to experience as a trend is no longer that way. I have seen more dedicated fathers then mothers. I do however praise my beautiful fiance for being absolutely everything a man could ever want and need and she is the definition of the best mom on earth. She is the reason why the best mom award was come up with as a concept. So in my opinion we should not be chasing after people owing child support since the government doesn’t even care to identify people they serve or check for updated address information on file with the umbrella agency who is DSHS. And child support that is between parents, I feel like if the other parent doesn’t want to put effort in then let them go you are just wasting your time and traumatising the children in the process. If the parent wants to be a part of their life then be adults and sit down to figure out the plan to co-pay and co-parent.

    2. This is 1000% FACTS!!! Irregardless if owing back support “Arrears” or not , EVERY ADULT who makes under $75k deserves a stimulus check!!!! There is no way the GOVERNMENT and CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES can be so cruel and biased and naive to think MEN don’t need OUR EMERGENCY SURVIVAL STIMULUS CHECK!!!!!

      I’m a Man that had a job and was paying my AREARS only (with no open case) until i was laid off. Finally got my unemployment i got 10 weeks and outta that 25% was taken for child support.. $1,125!!!. I only paid $200 a month arears while working … on unemployment its $450 a month!!! They took $825.00 more than if i was working. When I spoke to them they told em i needed to fill out another God Damn form to show Hardship!!! WHY MUST I SHOW HARDSHIP when they are LITERALLY aware of the GLOBAL HARDSHIPS WE ALL FACE??!!! Absolute Horseshit and another way yo screw over non custodial parents!!!

      Adding insult to injury, looks like on top of the now $1,350 she recieved outta 3 months of my unemployment AND her $1,700 Stimulus check….she will get MY $1,200 Stimulus Check as well!!

      Meanwhile, i’m tryna keep the lights on, rent paid and car payment so I don’t lose my car which I’m a month behind on all the above!!! While my Son’s Mom ENJOYS $1,350 + $1,700+ MY $1,200 = $4,250.00!!!

      How are we to survive and be able bodied to find work and afford to live???

      Bullshit. Unfair and about tot get worse eith the next round coming soon … but not for Dad’s that owe child support!!!


      Just because we owe Child support doesn’t mean we dead beat Dads… I’ve ALWAYS been a Father you can be Proud of!!! Me and Mom didn’t get along early and decided instead of raising my Son in a angry household arguing and such we would opt for a split household. I’m just getting ripped doing these vural times

  14. so i think im in a very unique bind, because i havent heard anyone else have this issue currently.

    Im a normal non filer, but i thought id try to get a little money back this year, so i filed my taxes (on 1/17/20, accepted on 1/19) for my $7000/yr with h&r block. i went through the online process, and they tell me i qualify for the ETIC, and extra $700 credit. “WONDERFUL,” i think.. Now, its May 5th, my tax return is “still processing” and i CAN NOT sign up for the $1200 stimulus.. meaning, im not even on record to receive the $1200 for the 2 months rent my landlord is pressing me for, which as of May 1st, he can now evict me.

    and, LITERALLY, because the IRS refuses to work, i can not contact anyone about it. NO ONE. H&R block said “sorry, we see its accepted, thats all we can do”

    1. im a normal non filer too self employed i dont make enough to have to file & dont qualify for money back anyway & my tax return is expensive & very complex so costs ALOT to file
      I was going to go file just like you have only i became afraid of getting myself into trouble like an audit since i havent filed in 15 yrs..what i did was filed for the stimulis as a non filer & gave them my direct deposit and ill have that shortly i hope..i also had another idea & filed for PUC since my tenants all just lost their JOBS at once due to covid & thats my source of self employment income..i even messed up the quarterly income by 1200 a quarter by accident & idk if should bother to fix it..i went on PUC and was found financially eligible & no tax return or anything so i uploaded statements from my tenants about how i own the property & they have been unable to pay rent since feb i also have an underlying illness so my doctor told me im not even allowed to go do any type of job if i wanted to get one..too dangerous if i catch covid im dying id imagine..i also have an autistic child thats not in school due to covid & may upload a letter stating that as well ( thats another reason they will approve these puc claims if you cant go to work due to schools being closed due to covid & daycares too) so i could add a letter..i was reading they were willing to backdate my claims if i wanted & ofc i do im not starving but i need this income if theres any way possible.
      i read online that to get that back payment actually sent to you that you had to go fill out weekly forms stating you couldnt do your work due to covid etc etc
      after i was done w each weeks it would say YOU CAN EXPECT PAYMENT FOR THIS WEEK & once all of the weekly claims were caught up for the backpayments
      a new box popped up saying my claim is “regular approved” and that their sending me $2100 in back payments
      and ALSO back pay on the $600 weekly.($800 weekly for the months of the $600 Trump made them add to every claim for 12 weeks thats $7200 alone right there..) they said ill be getting $5400 in total backpay then $800 weekly til july 1st then $200 weekly until the end of december thats the minimum payment for low wage earners & also used if the claimant provides no proof of income ..if you cant pay your rent & cant work go file for this PUC they are approving people w no tax return or w2s like surely youd get approved if I seem to be..
      i was seriously expecting to be told i wont be eligible for lack of tax returns or paystubs or proof of employment
      i dont even have bank statements but looks like they will just approve you send the check if you fill out these forms right & if they want something from you in the way of proof theyll tell you but send you the PUC checks weekly anyway
      you have 21 days to get whatever proof they wanted & send it to 21 days if you havent then they will make you have to go re qualify

      1. by the way its illegal to evict anyone now & will be until at least july in my state but they are trying to add that into the next federal covid bill so im sure it will be but most states have outlawed evictions & foreclosures at least for now

  15. I did do file 2019 tax’s but filed 2018 I did not receive the 500 for my two sons

    1. i filed my son & his father as non filers since they are disabled it said theyd get the $1700 2 weeks later it was announced that if you have ssi expect the payment just to be sent to husband did get his my sons never came either my tenants kids got theirs the ADULTS havent seen theirs its just all messed up cause theyve never had to give away so much free money to so many people before..40% of americans have got the stimulus so over half of america is also still waiting..i just applied for that a week ago so im not complaining

  16. I received my 1200 but not the 500 for my son who’s 17 and I claimed him last year and the years before I’m the only one that can claim him and I’ve been trying to find answers on why I haven’t received the 500 yet and it seems like they are just beating around the bush and won’t answer the questions and I so need the money my son needs clothes shoes etc and his dad is a dead beat and has never ever given me a dime since his been born so that money would so come in handy right now not trying to sound selfish or rude or anything but it would be nice for once that something positive would happen for me

  17. I am 100% disabled homebound and live alone with in home nursing services, the “Get My Payment Tool” gave me a deposit date of 4-29-2020 of my stimulus to the same account where I receive my Social Security payment but it has never shown up and my bank does not see a pending payment coming? I am making inarears Child Support payments and they are on time through monthly automatic deductions. Will my stimulus be diverted to apply to the balance of inarears due and I receive nothing?

    1. We did too. Then today we received letter they took my husbands 1200 but said nothing about mine

    2. my husband had his $1200 direct deposit at the end of son never got his $500 my friends children have their payments but the ADULTS havent seen theirs far as child support id heard of that happening someones payment being taken for back support but if you have automatic deductions & arent behind on your payments they wont take that money from you

    1. My boyfriend received a letter but no check, have you gotten a check yet, or find anything out about why??

  18. Nothing will ever be good enough; everything done is looked upon with evil- scornful eyes just waiting to drag your feet like a child’s tantrum who is nitpicking his every move, just because you don’t like him. Another American who hates America, and It’s unfortunate to see this level of non-stop bullying towards our President and the Americans who put him there. Don’t see a single solution in the anti-Trump articles just tantrums

    1. No one in this article ever said anything bad about Trump and no one is throwing a tantrum. If the government promises something to its citizens, the citizens expect for the government to follow through. This is a temporary solution and there is no denying that however, it’s frustrating when a government promises something and there is no road to how to fix any missing payments etc. I’m grateful for what I did receive, in the big picture though, there are a lot of people in horrible situations that are in NEED, not want of the money.

      1. Amen Yvette, I was wondering did I miss something. Clearly, Marie Bessette has a hidden agenda. There are several people who have not received their stimulus payments. In this present economy, and in dealing with our present pandemic, death, and stress, who cares about someone’s rants about how others feel about the President. I pray for him and all other leaders in authority, and I pray for all of you who have not received your stimulus payments, may all of this chaos soon be cleared and may COVID-19 disappear from whence she came!

    2. Get help. Ppl are not getting the correct amount the Administration has said they’re going to get. That’s NOT hate to your precious POTUS, that’s holding them accountable. I’m positive if it was Obama who was messing up, you’d be all over it. You need professional intervention for your sycophantic behavior.

  19. Having a hard time feeling sorry for anyone failing to pay child support and then complaining about not receiving their handout.

    1. Then go make more kids as if mine didn’t eat etc.?!?! No sympathy for all the child support whining!! I lost everything chasing deadbeats but I got the last laugh seeing my child be the most successful!! Now he’s begging CS to intercept his stimulus for 30yrs old case so MY REC HOLDING BUCKEYE WILL TALK TO HIM.. HAHA This 100% disabled vet and daughters all got deposits 15th!! Thx but donated mine to food bank!!

      1. Love your response. Congrats to you Mom! I do have a question. What’s a REC Holding Buckeye? Just curious.

    2. yes I agree, I have a step son and an ex son- in-law that are doing just that, they keep changing jobs as not to be found, step son is a drug head who hasn’t seen his 6 yr old son in almost 5 years, and the ex son-in-law hasn’t seen his 11 yr old in daughter in going on 4 years. (no fault of the mothers that they don’t see them.) They don’t even buy Christmas or birthday gifts and don’t send any money at all, both mothers work their butts off to raise these kids. just like meny other mothers and fathers do. I Just wish they would send the check to the parent whom child support is due since they are the ones paying the bills and feeding their kids . not the dads.

      1. Thought you were doing so well with this response….until you had to kill it with your last 3 words. Some of us “dads” ARE doing the right thing and our children’s mothers are the deadbeats. Forgive me for saying this but you seem to be driven by feelings of inadequacy and have grown to become the chauvinist pig that you so dearly love to hate. I understand my situation is wayyy more rare but your colors sure shined through with that one honey. Give some of us the benefit of the doubt, as there are good ones out there that (in my case) LOVE empowering the women that whole-heartedly become the rocks of which our legacy is built on. Much love to ALL the untainted and unbiased HUMANS out there that have yet to be hurt by the demons of which we speak as it is (for the larger majority of you) only a matter of time. Lets fight the devil TOGETHER no matter the gender of their reproductive organs :).

    3. I agree with you 100%. If you do not take care of the child that you helped bring into this world, how do you expect someone to take care of you. #manup #womanup

  20. Haha… I don’t want to make a political statement one way or the other, but I can’t imagine wanting to have your signature plastered across the bottom of that letter. I’m not naive enough to be blind to the potential good will by being associated with the payments, just hearing about all the glitches makes me think the mental association goes both directions.

    I guess if the glitches are a small enough percentage of the whole maybe it still pays off…? Meh… there’s a reason I’m not in politics.

  21. I checked my account today and there is a pending deposit and ever nit of the payment will be there so as for you parents you need to think bout watching the news cause they talked bout that THEY SAID THAT THE $600 WAS GOING INTO A COLLEGE FUND FOR THAT CHILD so I thought that I would put in a response for you Mothers that are worried bout the Payment but it would be SUPRISING THAT U ALL RECIEVE IT

    1. its not supposed to go to a college fund its supposed to be sent to their parents accounts to spend on their behalf i thought it was $500 per child did you get $600 lucky you

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