Maximum Weeks of State Unemployment Insurance Benefits Available

Great graphic from the CBPP on unemployment insurance benefit duration (in weeks) by state. Unemployment insurance (UI) benefits are state administered and generally most workers are eligible for up to 26 weeks. Two states that provide more than this – Montana (28 weeks) and Massachusetts (30 weeks). However there are 8 states that provide fewer than this, so not the best places to be unemployed. There are also no longer any federal benefits available with the expiry of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. For more details on maximum state UI benefit amounts and websites see this article.


maximum number of weeks of unemployment insurance benefits available in each state.

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3 thoughts on “Maximum Weeks of State Unemployment Insurance Benefits Available

  1. I have tried to find out how to apply for the California U.I. Extension on unemployment after mine was exhausted. I qualify, but my benefits stopped. All the offices are closed and the phones are automated. It is very frustrating and I’m missing the stimulus package, I’m 63. I’ve paid into it 32 years. My boss died, but my new temporary work became indefinitely “on hold” before I started.

    1. My heart goes out to you. My 38 year old son was laid off from his gov’t job (before COVID-19,) but two weeks before Christmas! I felt terrible for him & me… I’m using my “nest egg” to pay for his rent & food; Frankly, everything!)
      I thank G-d I had some money to give him. But it won’t last forever.
      My tale of woe notwithstanding, I hurt for you, & your money problems will soon be alleviated.

  2. Pa deducts any retirement other than SS from your weekly benefit amount. [so my weekly benefit allowed in Pa was 0] What other States also deduct any “retirement other than SS” I know NY, but can not tell about others from reading their web pages?

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