My Stimulus Check Payment Went to the Wrong or Closed Bank Account


This article was last updated on January 11

[Updated for Second Stimulus Checks] I am getting this question a lot when it comes to the recently approved $600/$1200 stimulus checks. But there are two different questions and outcomes here. One is not so great news, the other is better but means a delay in receiving your stimulus payment.

But before answering it is important to realize that the IRS will use the information in your 2019 tax return direct deposit information to deposit your second stimulus payment directly in your bank account. You cannot change this information at this stage. For non filers the IRS will use the information you should have provided in the IRS non-filers tool or to your government agency (for Social Security Recipients, SSI, SSDI or Veterans) as of November 21st, 2020. The stimulus payment will appear in your account summary as “IRS TREAS 310 XXTAXEIP2” or something similar.

The IRS does not recommend calling them or your bank until later in January 2021, once the final processing for stimulus payments are done (including check payments). Instead they recommend using their official Get My Payment (GMP) tool to get the latest status of your stimulus check, including the dependent stimulus check. For those who have not yet received direct deposits, they should continue to watch their bank accounts for a deposit in coming day as the IRS is resolving some glitches (see update below) and reprocessing payments. The IRS has also noted that with the reissuance of some direct deposit payments that the information taxpayers see in the GMP tool, including account numbers and potential deposit dates, may continue to display unfamiliar account numbers. No action is necessary for taxpayers as this work continues; they do not need to call the IRS, their tax provider or their financial institution.

IRS update Jan 10th – Fixing Issues With Incorrect or Closed Bank Accounts and Tax Software/Preparers

Last week the IRS and major tax software providers identified payment detail issues. Specifically some recipients may have had their payment directed to an incorrect or closed bank (per their 2019 tax return). The IRS and tax industry partners are taking immediate steps to redirect stimulus payments to the correct account for those affected. The IRS anticipates many additional taxpayers will receive payments following this effort. In addition to redirecting payments to the proper accounts, the IRS and tax industry partners worked over the weekend to help a smaller set of impacted taxpayers. You can see more details on this issue below with comments from TurboTax and H&R block.

Note this issue only impacts taxpayers whose tax preparation providers followed initial IRS guidance and are now waiting for the IRS to re-process payments related to these accounts. For people in this group, payments may be issued either as a paper check or as a direct deposit. Taxpayers do not need to take any action or call; this will be done automatically.

Closed Bank Account Stimulus Check Deposits

The IRS has confirmed that if it attempts to use direct deposit but an account is closed, the bank will reject the deposit, and the IRS will mail you a paper check with the address it has on file for you. However, paper checks may take weeks longer to arrive than direct deposits. Regardless of how the IRS sends your stimulus payment, it will also send a letter to the mailing address it has on file for you to let you know “how the payment was made and how to report any failure to receive the payment,” according to its website.

While there was some flexibility to update bank accounts for the first stimulus payment, the second stimulus payment has to be paid out by mid-January 2021 so existing bank account information is being used. If you don’t get your stimulus check by direct deposit, check or debit card by February the IRS is recommending you claim the stimulus payment via your 2020 tax return.

IRS guidance for Second Stimulus Check Payment Options

My Stimulus Payment went to the Wrong Account

The IRS has announced that that due to the speed at which they issued this second round of stimulus payments, they sent some payments to an account that may be closed or no longer active. So if you were caught in this situation, know that you are not alone. Fortunately per the stimulus legislation a financial institution must return the payment to the IRS. But the process to verify an incorrect account was used and for the IRS to re-issue/correct the payment (likely by check)s may cause extended delays in stimulus payments for some in this situation. Checking the latest payment status on the GMP tool is the best option or if no luck in getting the payment after a few months then file for it in your tax return before April 15, 2021.

Several thousand people also reported that their first stimulus payment (back in March/April 2020) went to the wrong account based on the IRS stimulus payment status tool. This seems to be primarily related to people who filed their taxes through tax preparation services like H&R Block and TurboTax and received refund and reached an agreement with these services to receive an advance refund (or refund transfer). Time magazine originally reported this issue, which was caused because the IRS didn’t have direct deposit information for tax filers who used a refund transfer and received their money on a debit card. Naturally tax preparation companies are pushing back and saying this is an IRS processing issue.

H&R Block spokesperson told TIME that the IRS “has bank account information for all H&R Block clients who received tax refunds electronically, and is determining when and how stimulus payments are distributed. [The IRS] has created confusion by not always using clients’ final destination bank account information for stimulus payments,” the spokesperson continued. “We share our clients’ frustration that many of them have not yet received these much-needed payments due to IRS decisions, and we are actively working with the IRS to get stimulus payments sent directly to client accounts.”

Likewise, a TurboTax spokesperson said that the “IRS has the appropriate banking information for all TurboTax filers, which can be used by them to distribute stimulus payments. This is true regardless of whether a customer chose to receive their refund on a debit card, selected refund transfer or other services. Any TurboTax customer who selects a refund transfer or a debit card and gets a stimulus payment sent from the IRS to those accounts will receive those stimulus payments without delay or fees into the account they received their tax refund,” the TurboTax spokesperson added.

If your payment was actually sent and deposited into the wrong account then you probably are going to have limited options. Your best bet is to contact the bank where your money was deposited (per IRS status) and ask to see if they can reverse the payment. But again this will mean the stimulus payment will be sent back to the IRS and you will need to wait for a paper check. Otherwise you the IRS is recommending you claim the stimulus payment via your 2020 tax return.

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76 thoughts on “My Stimulus Check Payment Went to the Wrong or Closed Bank Account


    1. Thank you so very much for this information. I’ve been trying to find out exactly what was going to happen with my check since they started sending them out and it showed that it went to my closed bank account. I keep finding information for TAX PAYERS but nothing updated about NONFILERS and what’s happening with those checks if they went to closed or wrong accounts. I’ve been told that NONFILERS were going to be receiving them in the mail after the IRS received them back from the bank, then I was told that NONFILERS have to get the IRS to do tracking for the check and wait for the IRS to contact you after they’re done with their investigation and then I was told that NONFILERS have to file taxes with a LEGALIZED TAX PREPARER ONLY to get the check back. They’re not allowed to prepare it themselves and ONLY AFTER THE PREPARER HAS BEEN PIF will they receive what’s left of the check back. I swear I’ve never seen nor heard so many different things about one thing in all my life. I wish that they would’ve just simply opened the stimulus website like a month or so before to let people update anything that had to be changed so that everyone who had received the first payment with no problems could’ve just gotten theirs again without any hassle but oh well. I thank you again for your help and I appreciate it also. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    2. Did they change your status to being mailed in the portal or did it just stay the same but they mailed you a check. I have the same issue. The direct deposited it to a closed bank account but it got rejected. I have not had any updates on it since.

    3. Did the get my refund website update the check info for how it was sent to you? Mine still says deposited to my account that is closed . Can I use the website as guidance for this update aboht the reissue of the checks you said or?

    4. Mine was rejected by the bank to on the fourth, but the only reason why I know is because the bank told me. When I go to get my payment it still says it was deposited it doesn’t say they mailed one. Did yours say they mailed one or did it still say deposited?

  2. Mine was deposited on the 4th to a closed account. I called the bank, and they said they checked the old account and never received it. I’ve tried and tried to call the irs to do a trace and never can speak to someone directly. Anyone else have this problem or advice

      1. Yes it happened to me and the numbers i was given was all recordings

    1. Mine also went to a closed account. The IRS tool still says will be deposited Jan 4. I don’t know if they are reissuing them or not. You read one thing saying they are and the next one says they aren’t! This is unbelievable!

    2. I was on the phone with the irs on Friday the 22nd I called at 5:40 and finally spoke to someone at 6:35 they put a trace on my stimulas due to it going to a closed account. Hopefully get some kind of answer soon they said it could take up to 90 days

  3. I’ve seen a lot of the same questions with ALOT of different answers so my story sent to closed account on 4th I called the bank they said nothing came through so do I file it on taxes or hope for the best and just wait unreal what you have to go through to receive a payment but quick to get their hands on my check. I’m annoyed.

  4. Child support took my 1st
    Stimulus check and the lady I worked for put one of her card information on non filers. And since child support took the first one i wasnt worried about it well now child support isn’t getting the second stimulus. Mymoney went into her account and now she says she dont know what account it is.
    So I have no clue what bank or routing number it is. And she is giving me run around. What is gonna happen to my money now.

  5. my $600.00 stimulus check went to a closed account. account number7701 ending # will i get a paper check to my current address or debt card. please call me asap to let me know thank you so much. 7708854180

  6. So the IRS sent my stimulus to an old account, of which when I called my bank they said they sent it back but the get my payment tool says it was deposited still. Is there a way I can figure out if the IRS actually got it back? I know that given the date I’ll have to claim it on the recovery rebate because they won’t mail it out now but as far as I can tell they think it was deposited. so I wasn’t sure if it just hasn’t got back to the IRS, or if I have to do something so they know my bank denied it.

    1. My exact same situation. The last time I called they said they still didn’t receive it back (the irs). I’ve been told I would receive a paper check when they receive it back, but I’ve also been told I’d have to claim it on taxes. The irs told me both things! It just depends on who you talk to. They also said the bank has three weeks to send it back to them. Getting a little worried since the bank told me they rejected it on the 4th and a few days ago the irs said they still hadn’t received it. Good luck!

  7. OHIO here.
    I received my 1st stimulus last April no real problems. I was worried because I’d recently moved a month earlier, but my check showed up on USPS Informed Delivery. I went to the post office the following day and picked up my check.
    2nd stimulus was sent to a closed account. I was on hold 3 hrs last Friday before speaking to an IRS agent. She told me that the IRS is working with the USPS to re-issue checks to individuals whose accounts were closed. She said worst case scenario if it doesn’t get delivered to my home I will have to ask my tax preparer to have the IRS issue the funds as a Recovery Rebate. I wish now I hadn’t updated my bank account info last year using the IRS payment tool, perhaps then I would have just received my check in a timely manner. Hope this helps someone

  8. My old bank account was closed and my check was sent to it, and then returned to the irs, does anybody know if I will receive a check or if there reissuing the stim to people who had closed bank accounts in check form?

    1. No. They are not reissuing checks to those whose payment went direct deposit to a closed account. You will have to file it on taxes.

      1. Not true read the IRS stimulus page. Looks like they are reissuing checks now. Who knows how long it will take however.

  9. Is a check or debit been mailed for closed direct deposit accounts? I can’t find anything that definitely days yes or no like they(irs,) deliberately confused the matter to not send by the 15th.not fair to the tax payers that now would have to wait for.

    1. No. If you look on rhe IRS website u der 2nd Stimulus payment. Then go to the Q&A section. It tells you they will not be reissuing checks that were sent to closed accounts. Has to be filed on taxes

      1. You’re incorrect. Please read this story. The IRS will send checks to deposits that were sent to a closed account, if the IRS has your correct address on file. My status still shows the deposit was sent to the IRS on January 4th. I was told that the status should change by January 29th showing that a check was mailed to me.

        1. Mine went to a closed account too, but the status still shows that it was deposited to the bank account, not that it was returned to the IRS. I’m worried now. So yours shows that it was returned to the IRS?

  10. I receive ssi via direct express card. Get my payment says my 600 went to an old closed account what now

      1. You will hace to file taxes qnd file for the rebate then. They are NOT reissuing checks as per their Q&A on the IRS WEBSITE. They further explain that they do not have the time ,as it is about tax s3ason.

  11. ok can someone clarify as of today 1/14/2021 if direct deposit was sent to closed bank account per get my refund tool IS or IS NOT the irs mailing out checks were rejected by the closed bank account? and if the account they have was closed with a negative balance does the bank have the right to not send the amount negative back to the IRS? Please assist, every where I look has different info. Thank you!!

    1. from my research if your check went to closed account irs did reprocess those payments as checks to be delivered within weeks end of Jan beginning February I hope cause this also is my situation

    2. Laura, I was told by Chase Bank and The IRS that “LEGALLY” no matter what… due to legislation that was passed by the government the bank CANNOT keep your Stimulus Check. Even if you owe the bank money. The bank will reject the funds if sent to the wrong account or closed account. Or issue a check or debit card. Or accept the funds into the open account even if the account is in the negative. From what they told me if it has to be mailed it could be 2-3 weeks by mail or it could be months. But months is worst case scenario. So to be safe if you haven’t received it by the time you file taxes claim it at that time. Again this what I was told by Chase and someone who works for the IRS. I hope it helps.

      1. Does anyone know if they are forward stimulus checks to people new addressed I have moved since the first stimulus checks

      2. Thank you, literally every where I read no info is consistent. It’s a mess. I’ve heard info that you said, I’ve read that they are sending out paper checks that were returned from closed bank accounts , I’ve read you have to wait . No one says the same thing twice in a row! I try to look at info online with the most recent date. Articles will literally say for this situation u will get a check then in the same article a few paragraphs down they will write about it again saying no !

  12. so if it says your payment is scheduled to be deposited and the bank account is closed you won’t receive a check instead?

    1. Yes you’ll receive a check within 2 to 4 weeks. The gmp tool should reflect the change from deposit to mail around January 29th to let you know when you will get your check.

  13. Where is the information that replacement checks are being issued for those of us on SSDI whose 2nd stimulus was sent to an old bank account rather than where we receive our benefits coming from? Everything I am finding is saying that replacement checks will NOT be issued and a tax return will have to be filed.

    1. They won’t reissue if UNDELIVERABLE AND IS RETURNED BY THE POST OFFICE! IT STATES, if your account was closed at the time of direct deposit you will be mailed a check or card!! WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPROCESS NOR SEND OUT IF IT’S RETURN TO THEM BY THE POST OFFICE!! Not because your Account was closed.. Yeah, some people REALLY needs to read!! I’m in this same account closed situation!!

  14. I’m on social security and my bank account has changed since the first stimulus check and they put it in my old account will they mail me a check

    1. Yes – check or debit card, assuming your old account is closed and payment is rejected.

    2. Im in the same situation. The above article is incorrect in that, it states that they will send it to the account in which you receive your benefits as of Nov. 21, 2020. I have been receiving my benefits in my new account since June 2020 and they still sent it to the old account. Furthermore, they were aware of that because in October they sent a $500 dependent stimulus to the old account and it was rejected so they had to mail me a paper check. So, it doesn’t make alot of sense really.

      1. How did you get a Stimulus dependent check. I’m a senior dependent and I didn’t get anything because I was claimed on my husbands tax return

  15. My Stimulus check was sent to my old Bank account that was close so I call d old bank n they say yes they have d check but they not going to give my stimulus check back because I have a negative balance n d IRS said d bank should send back my check by d account was close that they not suppose to keep d check d IRD said for me to fill out a 1040 n a 1040 sr form n send them in so I can get d money back
    Need help on finding a solution to get my money back

  16. Im in this situation waiting on TT bank to return the money. They stated thay are not facilitating those payments and send them back to the IRS. I will not get the recovery credit on my taxes as my transcript shows i was issued a refund. It will be zero out on the 18th, showing the IRS owes me nothing lol!! I don’t want to have problems with my tax return. So im going to wait until next week to see if my refund has been sent back to the IRS as it takes 5-10 days. My only option is to wait for it to come probably in the mail and i will never use TT ever again. Tax season is almost here. Those accts should have been open by now. I blame TT not the IRS because they go by what’s on file.

  17. I am a SSDI recipient and receive my payments via direct deposit to direct express card since July 2020, I checked the IRS tool and it stated that my EIP2 payment went to an old bank account I had received my EIP1 payment in April 2020, what happens now? I would’ve changed info on the IRS website before Nov 2020 but it stated that the SSDI recipients didn’t have to change anything and would automatically come however I receive my SSDI payments

    1. Same exact situation here. Due to that bank account being closed months ago, I get my checks in the mail, yet the IRS sent it to that bank account again. They, clearly, couldn’t bother to use updated information.

  18. My first stimulus was fine and went to the correct bank account. “Get My Payment” feature on the IRS website says they sent the money to a bank account that I have NEVER had. I’ve checked records of my old bank account numbers, none of them match. My 2019 Tax Return was direct deposited into the same bank account the first stimulus was direct deposited into, with no issues. How and why would the second stimulus go elsewhere?

    1. They won’t reissue if UNDELIVERABLE AND IS RETURNED BY THE POST OFFICE! IT STATES, if your account was closed at the time of direct deposit you will be mailed a check or card!! WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPROCESS NOR SEND OUT IF IT’S RETURN TO THEM BY THE POST OFFICE!! Not because your Account was closed.. Yeah, some people REALLY needs to read!! I’m in this same account closed situation!!

  19. My second stimulas check was sent to a bank account but its closed already so im wndering if they will reissue me a paper check instead

    1. That is correct. Your old bank (account) should reject the payment and notify the IRS. They IRS will then re-issue a paper check which could take 2 to 3 weeks to get to you.

      1. I know the IRS website said the same thing yesterday. That they will reissue and mail a check for closed accounts, but today is says they will not be reissuing checks?????? Can someone clarify???

        1. Where is the information that replacement checks are being issued for those of us on SSDI whose 2nd stimulus was sent to an old bank account rather than where we receive our benefits coming from? Everything I am finding is saying that replacement checks will NOT be issued and a tax return will have to be filed.

  20. My tax return onformation was stolen and i had to file a fraudulent case. So they filed before me and the bank information was incorrect. How do i fix this problem???

    1. Ugh. You will need to call the IRS to resolve this. If you had a case before the IRS would have flagged this and likely not issue the payment – but you will need to verify your identity to get the payment. If your address is correct they may also mail you the check.

  21. My bank account has not changed since the stimulus check was sent. However for some reason the IRS sent my 2nd check to an old bank account.

  22. My bank account is now closed where I received my first stimulus check, how long will I wait to receive my 2nd check

    1. From what I understand they will not be issuing them. It will have to filed on a tax return.

    2. You have to wait to file tour taxes is your bank account is closed the irs stated because the filing year is here they will not resend a check via mail to those who accounts were closed

  23. I move from my old address due to the the pandemic unemployment not making enough my bank account has closed how can I change the direct deposit information

      1. H&R Block is responsible for us not receiving our money they knew that it was possible for the IRS to send out payments and they didnt upgrade their information so this problem could of been avoided. I received my refund in August of 2020 by direct deposit so why i didnt receive my stimulas payment on time??? And if they send out the 2000 stimulas will we get skipped out on that payment too?

  24. How do I contact the bank from turbo tax which my check was sent to, I didn’t get the information from the bank. It says my check was direct deposited on April 15 to my account but it’s actually a turbo tax account it was sent to and turbo is saying to contact that account for a reverse payment

  25. Just confirmed with Greater Nevada Credit Union that they did receive my stimulus to a closed account and decided to deposit it into someone else’s account because we had the same last name!

  26. Question, I receive Soc. Sec. Disability and I did receive my 1200.00 this morning, but i just found out that I put the wrong Bank account # by mistake in the Non-Filers portal to receive the 500 for my dependents and didn’t get anything for them. I called my bank and they saw that the account I used was an old closed savings account I use to have. She said they may send it the mail, but idk.. Any thoughts on what I need to do? Thank you in advance..

    1. File it on taxes is the only way you will get 8t anytime soon. Same thing happened to me. Because of tax time tbey wont reissue them.

  27. What about people who owed money and then changed their address? That paper check going to the wrong place will likely never be seen. Any ideas on how to resolve that? Thanks

  28. You’re not answering questions in the other artcles, why start a new one?

    Hello, there is still nothing on new jersey dol site about 13 week ext, I’m tired of seeing the same as are awaiting guidance from federal government. The federal big doesn’t decide if you get an extenskion. The money was given to new jersey to help the unemployed.

    I’m very scared I run out in two weeks, this should have been addressed. All the answers here said the next would be given,as well as the enhanced benefit was that the wrong answer?

    1. I have a few staff writers, who are different to those who respond to comments.

      To answer your question re NJ. They are still to roll-out the 13 week extension and like most states are way behind updating their systems. Federal guidance via the DOL has been provided. This is what their official site says (was last updated April 9th, so hoping this is resolved by end of april)

      You do not have to do anything except continue to certify weekly to receive the $600/week. Residents already collecting unemployment will begin to see their $600 supplemental unemployment benefit arrive April 14 (for the week of March 29th). This taxable $600 payment is issued separately each week – you may receive it at the same time as your regular Unemployment benefits, or a few days later. It will usually be deposited into your account on Monday or Tuesday. We are awaiting guidance on the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits. Please check back for details.

        1. The same way you certify before is the same way you certify now log into your My UI portal and select Claim weekly benefit and continue to fill out all information they are going to back pay once they are done waiting on so called “guidance”

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