New Jersey (NJ) Division of Unemployment Insurance – $600 FPUC, PEUC and PUA


[Updated] While New Jersey has started paying the $600 FPUC weekly payment to more claimants including those in the PUA and PEUC programs, it is well behind in processing new claims and making retroactive payments. This is a known issue as their systems are having several technical glitches and struggling to handle the volume of claims. New Jersey’s unemployment remains higher than the United States as a whole reflective of how hard the state has been hit by the pandemic compared to other parts of the nation. However the good news, per the comments below, is that the number of new claims being processed has improved and more and more people are seeing some of the enhanced unemployment benefits

The NJ Division of Unemployment Insurance under the Labor and Workforce Development manages the states’ unemployment insurance program. See further details below on the newly enhanced benefits available now and how to file a claim. And per the official NJ UI website, they are aware of the ongoing issues people are experiencing when filing claims.

The New Jersey Office of Information Technology (OIT), the group manage the state’s UI system and payment processing, released a brief statement around recent Delays in Direct Deposits for Unemployment Benefits. They said “The State of New Jersey was notified that Bank of America is having an issue on their side processing certain direct deposit payments due to system maintenance. Direct deposit customers who expected to receive their weekly payment via direct deposit may experience up to a two-day delay.”

COVID 19 Enhanced Benefits in New Jersey

Under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance now available:

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): expands eligibility for individuals who are typically ineligible for
Unemployment benefits, for example independent contractors, and self-employed and “gig” workers.
• Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): provides an additional $600 per week, on top of regular benefits, to all recipients of Unemployment Insurance; retroactive to the week ending April 4, 2020.
• Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to all recipients.

Double-digit unemployment amid COVID-19 has also triggered 20 weeks of extended benefits the state is permitted by federal law to offer to those who have exhausted all other state and federal unemployment aid without returning to work permanently

Web and/or phone issues with accessing the NJ Unemployment system
NJ’s Unemployment Insurance system is experiencing record levels of demand due to coronavirus and all in-person services statewide are currently closed due to COVID-19. Some people cannot get through online or on the phone. NJ DUI understands your anxiety and frustration, and we apologize. They are working diligently to serve all our customers and ask for your patience. Please keep trying.

Existing Claimants: receiving Unemployment due to the coronavirus emergency do not have to do anything except continue to certify weekly to receive the $600/week. The additional $600/week compensation will be issued beginning April 14, for the week of March 30. It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. Claimants that are eligible for extended benefits will be notified on how to claim these benefits. The 13-week extension will be automatically available to you after your current balance is exhausted.

The NJ DOL recently tweeted the following top two reasons your weekly benefits may suddenly stop (claim not payable):

1) you no longer qualify under federal law

2) you answer incorrectly on our mandated questionnaire

33,000 people did the second last week alone!

See more FAQs and details on NJ unemployment rules for the new enhanced benefits provisions.

Filing a Claim

New users can file a claim online (recommended) here by creating a new account. Existing claimants can file here. You can check the status of your claim here.

To receive your unemployment insurance benefits, you must certify for benefits each week which you wish to receive benefits. You can only certify for benefits after the week has passed. Unemployment Insurance weeks begin on a Sunday and end at midnight on Saturday. You will certify for benefits according to the most recent schedule, based on the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). In order for NJ DOL to process your weekly payment without delay, please follow the below guidelines when certifying for your benefits – to get your money – each week

woman working on a computer

If there is a problem with your claim that must be resolved before benefits can be paid, or if you have been denied benefits and are appealing the determination, you must still certify for and claim your benefits. You will receive “credit” for the weeks which you have claimed. If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits at a later date. If you have not claimed benefits and you win your appeal, you will not be paid for these weeks.

To try and speak to a live representative around your claim you can try the following numbers (but expect long hold times)
• North Jersey: 201-601-4100
• Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
• Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340

In order to apply online for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have:

  • Worked only in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked in New Jersey and any other state(s) in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked for the federal government and in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Served in the military in the last 18 months and be physically present in New Jersey.

You can also apply by phone.

You will need the following information to apply:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Alien Registration Number (if you are not a US citizen).
  • Pension information (if you are receiving any pension or 401k).
  • Amount and duration of any separation pay you may be receiving.
  • Recall date (if you expect to be recalled to your job).
  • Union hiring hall information, including local number and address (if you get work through a union).
  • Military Form DD-214 (if you were in the military in the last 18 months).
  • Form SF-8 or SF-50 (if you were a federal employee).

NEW CERTIFIERS: If you received notification that your claim is payable, check our schedule page before you certify. Each week, the day and times to certify are staggered by Social Security number (SSN). The day and time assigned to your SSN may change, so check the schedule page each week.

If you miss your assigned time, there is a second window of time that is open to your SSN later on your assigned day.

Additionally, Friday and Saturday are open to certify for any Social Security number. If you miss these time slots, you may use the following week’s assigned time to certify for both the current and past week.

Tyler N posted on May 20th – To everyone including, I just wanted to let you know as of Monday May 11th it seems as if “JerseyLady” was correct in her comment. The $600 retroactive and weekly payments for claimants on PUA Benefits in the State of NJ come to you a week after you get your regular weekly benefit payment. As of this morning (exactly one week after I got my retroactive unemployment) I got a deposit for $3,000 which is all my retroactive FPUC money along with last weeks $600 FPUC payment. I’m just hoping they keep coming as this whole process has been nothing short of a nightmare. And I will be wishing the best for everyone else on here as well.

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210 thoughts on “New Jersey (NJ) Division of Unemployment Insurance – $600 FPUC, PEUC and PUA

  1. I didn’t know I was able to get unemployment. I filed in June and was able to collect but my last day of work was March 17. Am I able to get back NJ unemployment and Federal unemployment

  2. I did not receive the $600 payment for any of my weeks of unemployment, 4/12 – 7/20.

    I can not reach ANYONE at unemployment. I’ve tried emailing the details, but only received a generic reply.

    How can we contact a LIVE person to find out where the payments are? Everything on the Website is useless. It tells me my weekly unemployment benefit, but nothing about the $600.
    Who can I contact? I have depleted my savings and can’t pay my bills.

    1. I was laid off in late April from my job of 32 years.
      I qualified for UI benefits, but because I had to start taking my pension (which is larger than UI) in January due to my age, my benefit is $0.
      I also have heard nothing about the $600 PUA benefit.
      I appealed the pension decision, which I lost, and they refused to answer my PUA request, even though it was part of my appeal.

    2. Pete,

      I feel your pain brother. If you qualified for PUA by applying directly on NJDOL, you automatically get FPUC. They will send you an email informing you that you were approved for both. If you have not received any FPUC payments up to July 25, you are entitled to receive retroactive pay between April 4th – July 25th by Federal Law!! That is good money to bridge you until you can find work – if you find it. I don’t know why NJDOL is not distributing the FPUC $600 retroactive pay in a timely manner. When you call, they will give you their tired dog and pony show that they are overwhelmed by the volume of unemployed NJ Taxpayers. The Pandemic has been going on for close to 6 months now and they haven’t figured out some kind of workaround to get money to people who desperately need it. I suspect they are intentionally doing this. There is nothing on the NJDOL that shows how to apply for FPUC or the status of the Retroactive FPUC Payments. Apply for PUA on their website and wait for their email. You will receive PUA, but it will take forever to get FPUC. Call 732-761-2021 between 9:30am – 11am. I have had good success with contacting someone. You have to constantly keep redialing until you get through. You could dial 100+ times. The problem is that when you do reach someone, it is contract telephone support, not a claims adjuster. The best they can do is offer you excuses, complete an Escalation Form which is useless, tell you someone will call you and send form to claims department. No one ever calls. It has been over a month for me. They are so screwed up there. People who read this, reach out to your news agencies and newspapers and report this. There is no excuse to do this to us. People are going under. Since there is no National Plan to combat the virus, we have no idea when things may return to normal where you can get a job. I think it is incredibly cruel for the NJDOL to tell people who may be losing everything that they are backed up and overwhelmed with no timeframe or communication when they will receive FPUC. It appears Murphy looking at a 1 term governorship. Hang Tough & Good Luck.

      1. I finally called Assemblyman John F. McKeon’s and Senator Richard Codey’s offices yesterday to tell them about my situation.
        Let’s see if they can make progress.

        1. Lawrence,
          Excellent. I had contacted my State Senator also. I hope others will contact their Senators, Congressman, State Senators all media outlets such as NJ times. Star Ledger, NYT, CNN. Something is not right. The NJDOL has the current capability to back date and pay claims in a lump sum. When you are first approved for both PUA & FPUC, you receive weekly payments of FPUC $600 & PUA $231 after your file claim date. Why not just pay the retroactive lump sum backdated to April 4th from your file claim date when you start receiving the APPROVED weekly pay for PUA & FPUC. Why the delay in retroactive FPUC pay. At this rate, if many of these elected officials don’t do anything about this, they will be unemployed in their next election cycle. Thousands of NJ residents are suffering. I chatted briefly with a few temporary telephone reps handling incoming phone calls to NJDOL. They are very nice. Many say they receive thousands of NJ residents that call crying, begging, yelling, angry to help them with funds they are entitled to after claim is approved. After all, the funds are Federal, not State funds which is basically our tax money. Like I mentioned before, they have had 6 months to figure something out.

        2. I gave up calling and talking to sweet outside help telling me they are sorry and will make a report.
          I called senator office they got back immediately took a report within two weeks I got paid. Call your senator !!!

        3. Kathy,

          Was that your local State Senator for your district or Cory Booker / Bob Menedez?

          I already contacted my local State Senator. One of her staff took down my specifics and sent my file over to the Benefits Section of The Department of Labor. I don’t know if that email arrived at the NJDOL with a threat of “work on this now or else.” I don’t think so. The rep from her office did say he could not give me a time frame when they would work on this.

          I hope more people chime in about their experiences. We need to help each other when the state will not.

        4. My local senator is Cory Booker. His assistant has been working with me. He told me that they are not backdating claims yet and he will let me know when they do ‍♀️

        5. Do we have to request for A backdated claim?
          I’ve been out of work since Jan. And didn’t file until June. It would be great if I could get everything backdated.

  3. I lost my part time job due to COVID but still work full time. It’s just not enough to make ends meet! Am I eligible for the PUA?

  4. My partial unemployment pended for three weeks in July, finally i got an email that it was reviewed and i would be receiving it for those weeks. I got this email July 25th. Will i get back paid the 600 for those weeks as well? Has this happened to anyone else and they received it?

  5. Hello. I have been receiving unemployment since April with the additional $600. I know the last payment for the additional $600 was the week of July 26. I certify on Saturday August 1st and only received my regular unemployment. Will I receive the last $600 still even if I certify on August 1st?

  6. I have a short question. The PUA benefits ended Saturday July 25th. However I claim every Sunday (July 26th) will I still receive my usual PUA $600 payment for that week that just passed n I claimed for even though I claim on Sunday the 26 and PUA ended Saturday the 25?
    Thank you kindly.

    1. Yes absolutely you will be able to claim on July 26 as every week you claim is for the previous week so that should not affect you receiving your last benefit check.

    2. when you claim for your benefits it doesn’t matter the date that you claim because you can’t claim for that week until that week is already passed

  7. Need some help, i became unemployed from end of march but didn’t file to last week due to not being sure if eligible or not, turns out i was. So wanted to find out that would i still be able to get backpay for the weeks before filing, ive read online that all claims will be backdated but just wanted to get confirmation

    1. yes you will be able to receive the back payments for all those weeks going back to March the extra $600 you will get going back to April 5th. The only problem is in order to receive retroactive payments to when you became unemployed you have to speak to someone at unemployment otherwise your claim will only start on the date that you filed it so I recommend you try to start calling unemployment now or you call your local Senator’s office they have unemployment Liaisons working with them that will contact Unemployment on your behalf and resolve your issues but the process takes a lot of time I suggest you contact them and begin calling unemployment now.

  8. I recently applied for my unemployment benefits and did perform the certification process. I’m scheduled to get my first check I believe next week. I’ve been out of work due to the pandemic since the end of March. I was not able to get through unemployment until recently as mentioned. My question is will I receive retro payments back to March 31st and is there anything else that I need to do?

  9. Hi Guys
    Please help me I never got my $600 (FPUC) though I got my ui every week. I filed on march 29th and end on may 31st.I didn’t hear any thing about this. I tried many time on phone did,t work out. I know they are closing the FPUC on 25th july . What will happened to my payment and What should i do?

    1. I stop getting the 600 in June don’t know why and I get my weekly benefits finally got in touch with unemployment and they don’t know why no explanation and then said it will be retroactive but can’t say when smh

  10. Am a lyft driver and its my main source of income.stopped working on march 5th and dint know i could file for on june 25th i started another job fulltime and tried to file for pua on july 1st to try and get payments retroactive march 5th,question is,am i legible for the back payments even though i applied for pua after starting new fulltime job.thanks

    1. Yes you are absolutely do the money retroactive back to March 5th I stopped working March 8th and I’m self-employed. I didn’t know about the Pua until May 3rd and I filed that day they made my claim payable from that day on and everywhere that I read says that claims are payable to the date that you became unemployed but nobody personally handled my claim EDD unemployment they are so swamped they’ve just been pushing everybody through with the minimum payable amount each week and only starting from the date they filed their clean. I think their intention is to contact each person who receives Pua and get their financial documents like tax returns to determine their benefit amount and then they verify with you the last day that you worked and when you became eligible and then make you retroactive but they are so swamped right now I have yet to hear from anybody so I contacted my local councilman’s office because they have unemployment Liaisons that they work with and they will get back to you within one day and they hand your issue over to their unemployment liaison who gets are resolved within 15 days I’m waiting to hear back from them by tomorrow will be my 15th day I really need those retroactive weeks but good luck

      1. Angelina,

        July 31, 2020 – Have you received your $600 FPUC retroactive pay as of yet? I realize they are swamped. As someone mentioned before, it is going on 6 months since this crisis. Why hasn’t the state developed a workaround regarding how to handle this workload volume? To me it seems like they are just floundering while NJ resident tax payers continue to suffer. There is nothing on the NJDOL website about determining the status of the FPUC $600 Retroactive Claim, etc etc that we have a right to receive via Federal Law. What bothers me the most is that there is no communication from NJDOL about this particular Retroactive $600 FPUC issue. We should be able to key our SS# and determine Retroactive FPUC status. That seems cruel when so many are suffering and need help.

        I wish this website would place a full time stamp date on these posts instead of just the time and day so people can see if there is any progress.

        For people who read this, can you confirm if you have received the retroactive FPUC benefits? Please put a full date/year next to your post so we can track progress. 7/31/2020

        1. I have not received my retroactive payments yet like I stated before I became unemployed on March 8th but I did not file a claim until May 3rd when I found out they extended unemployment to self employed people Which is my category. Everywhere that I read says that you are do retroactive payments to the date that you became unemployed but everybody who is self-employed or a gig worker They are automatically approving everybody but starting their claim the date of that they filed and giving them the minimum benefit amount per week and they are supposed to be following up with you determine your weekly benefit amount and to backdate you two when you became eligible. Now I filed May 3rd and have yet to receive one correspondence from them saying that I was approved and that I can start filing luckily for me I am proactive and figure it out on my own how to check my status on their website and start cleaning for my benefits if I was still waiting for some type of confirmation that I was approved and my claim is payable I would still be sitting here never certifying all these weeks because I would be waiting for that confirmation it’s sad. But I contacted my local Senator’s office are Senators Weenies and they have an unemployment liaison who helps people who are having an unemployment issue they say it takes 15 business days to get a result for you yesterday was my 15th business day and I am still waiting for them to resolve my issue which is the eight weeks of retroactive payments that I am due. I also call unemployment every day and have had no luck getting through my suggestion to you is contact senator Sweeney’s office I think I spoke to a guy named Jack I don’t remember but if you contact them they will assign your unemployment issue to their unemployment liaison person and I know people that have gotten results that way it’s just a matter of time and waiting good luck to you

        2. Havnt yet recieved filed in March. When I called to speak to someone I got automated options then found that it sa e d I’ve been paid thousands of dollars that I neve revieved. This is craziness. Im losing

  11. About 2 weeks ago I was approved for EUC, retroactive to 4/05. My certifications for the first 6 weeks were fine.

    On 5/19 I had started a p/t self-employed job with varying hours (and no hours for late June and July so far) so the next few will take time for them to review.

    On 6/30 I started another p/t job with choice of hours up to and including 40 – I chose 4 hours/day. (Also some days we went home early as they ran out of work).

    So for the question “did you work all hours offered” should that be “no” if I could have taken more?

    1. For receding retroactive back to March payments, how can you make sure that they are aware of when you stopped getting a check? I didn’t file until June because I thought due to my self-employment category that I didn’t qualify. Now can’t recall if they asked me anything about going back to March. Is there a way to update your claim or double check?

  12. I have been getting my $600 every week but 1 so far but cannot figure out how to get it back dated for weeks before I filed. I’ve been searching online for an answer.. I’m close to being homeless and need this money…. Anyone figure out how to do it?? PLEASE help!!!!!

  13. It’s been since 6/22 the last time I got a 600 payment I claim weekly and get my unemployment payment it’s been 3 weeks of no 600 payment I email and there response is no help have been calling and no luck what is going on with the 600 payment why did it stop this is so frustrating

    1. Per NJ Twitter, the FPUC program, which provides an additional $600/week in assistance, will end on July 25. If an eligible claim is pending or awaiting review, and has completed all weekly certifications prior to July 25, they will retroactively receive their benefits and FPUC.

      1. Gerald: The confusing issue is why do Claims Adjusters have to review the claim again for retroactive payment when NJ Residents have already been approved to receive FPUC and currently receiving weekly $600 payments? At the time of your approval for PUA & FPUC, which is confirmed via an email from the NJDOL, why aren’t the FPUC Retroactive Lump Sum Payment approved at the same time? I guess you start receiving initial FPUC payments
        and receive the retroactive lump sum later? Huh? Why? If this is an issue of workload for claims adjusters, why hasn’t the State hired temporary adjusters to assist with handling the workload if it is just a matter of backdating the payment for people who have already been approved which seems to be an unnecessary step in the approval process. It appears the State has retained telephone support reps to remove the burden on claims adjusters regarding phone inquiries which is an excellent idea. I wonder if the Claims Adjusters are working overtime on weekends. I’m sure with overtime pay under these unusual circumstances. I know they are working hard. People are suffering and have no idea what is going on.

  14. Sorry, that is not correct. You have to qualify for at least $1.00 of regular unemployment to receive the $600. If your benefit amount is showing $0, you will not receive anything. I was in the same boat and kept certifying each week to keep my claim active and I did not receive anything until I worked less hours and then my weekly wages went below the WBR.

  15. Can someone tell me how they are getting through the phone system to actually speak with an agent? I have tried repeatedly over a 4 week period all three phone numbers provided and have only gotten through, put on hold, and after 30 minutes or so of waiting on hold, got to speak with an agent. Result of discussion was that I had to wait for an email. That was two weeks ago. Anyway, my question is simply this, “What are you doing to get through the phone system?” Does the time of day or day of week matter in terms of your success? Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone trying to navigate through this process.

    1. Hi Nicolo, I found that the best way to get through to NJ UI is to call the following number: 1-732-761-2021. I would start calling the number before 8:30am. Once you call you will get a few different prompts:
      1. “The reemployment call center is closed….” (Hang up and keep redialing)
      2. “Due to the high volume of calls….” (Hang up and keep redialing)
      3. “Please hold for the next available representative”…repeated in Spanish…then says something about being busy (Hang up and keep redialing)
      4. Please hold for the next available representative…repeated in Spanish…then says “your call is important to us…your estimate wait time is….then music starts to play.. (DO NOT HANG UP!!! YOU WILL BE ON HOLD FOR AWHILE BUT THIS MEANS YOU ARE IN QUEUE SO DON’T HANG UP!)

      Side note: I might not have the exact wording right for all the prompts but you will know once you hear them! Also, if you get the number 4 prompt above it will give you the option to leave a call back number and have someone call you from UI. I’ve heard of success stories with doing this but I personally choose to wait it out. Also, if during the wait you get disconnected, just hang up and keep trying! It is best to start early in the morning, before 8:30am…sometimes even 7:45am. Hope this helps! Good Luck!! Stay Safe!! :)

      1. Did that today got last shot said she was hired with 300 others and she has no idea she was not allowed to address the issue just make note I called. Useless and wrong !!!!!

      2. JRobinson,

        Thanks!! What you wrote worked perfectly. I just kept calling until I got the prompt # 4 above. My frustration with this process is tough. I was already approved for PUA & FPUC at end of June. I am currently receiving weekly payments for both. However, I am owed retroactive pay for both. I finally got a hold of someone today. She put in a claim request for retroactive pay. She then states it could take 4-6 weeks. Why on earth would it take this long when I have already been approved. Makes absolutely no sense. NJDOL on their website states that we are entitled to retroactive pay on both. The State Rep was very nice. She felt bad. She mentioned something about being backed up. How can that be the case when I am already approved to receive PUA & FPUC funds. It has been 5 months now since pandemic. How can they still be backed up. You would think they would have figured out a process that improved this situation after 5 months of this pandemic.

        Anyone know how I might be able to speed this up? Perhaps email a top level official for help? Someone who could escalate this on my behalf. Thanks


  16. I didn’t know I could file a claim. I have been out of work since Jan. At the beginning of July, It was suggested I should file So I did. However now when I certify. It isn’t back dated. Does it have to be for all of the weeks of the $600 to be paid?

    1. You “can” be backdated but it’s not automatic. If you filed a claim in July they will pay starting with the week you filed. You will need an interview with an agent so that they can verify employment being closed. They will ask about the circumstances and the date and reasons why not working. Once verified then they will pay retroactively.

  17. ‘Certification cannot be Processed’ All of a sudden 3 weeks into claiming the additional 13 weeks PUA this happens every time I try to certify ,so I can’t! No $600 either. Three agents can’t even help. They told me this is a big problem. Anyone else??

    1. Me too got an agent her answer was I don’t know why and I don’t know what to do !!!! So I guess NJ could care less about us that they don’t have the help to help us .

    2. Same problem, everything was ok for weeks and then “Certification cannot be Processed” window pops up. Can’t certify for couple weeks already, the same thing every time I try. Help email is not helpful, phone disconnects after waiting.

    3. Same here been waiting for my 9 weeks of $600 and spoke to 20 people and they said I would receive a call in a week and it’s been 2 months

      1. This is so frustrating. I’ve definitely spoken to at least four or five people and was told I would get it within two weeks and it has not come yet either the back dating

    4. After the same frustration over 3 months I was told 3 different things.
      1. The $600 payment was delayed due to some banking error
      2. If there was a question answered wrong and or you had one of those employers that was closed, reopened for a bit and then closed again and you earnings during that time your claim may be stopped. You will have to go in reopen, explain this in the given box and file again.
      3. The system gave everyone this message and they were still figuring out what caused it.

    5. Same problem for me. You said “They said this is a big problem”. So you actually were able to speak with an agent? Have they provided any follow up actions? I am in the same boat. Thanks and good luck.

      Nick O.

    6. do a search for the automated telephone certification number. I have it in my other phone but you can find it. Select the option to certify for REGULAR unemployment not PUA, even if your getting PUA like myself, .. I had to do this twice because of the same error online,” cert cannot be …. ” ok.. I get my payments including the 600 it works.. you didnt hear it from me…;)

  18. I was approved for unemployment but I have not done my first weekly claim will I still get the $600 this Monday or will I not get it until I do my first claim my weekly claim for the $231??

    1. No. You only get the 600 for weeks you qualify for UI benefits. Which means you have to claim first and if it says you will receive a payment that week then you qualify for the 600. If it says you aren’t eligible that week for a payment the. You will not be eligible for the $600 FPUC.

      1. Hey I called and she filled out a acceleration form and she told me to wait for an email ……what does that mean ?

        1. Hey I filed for 6/28/2020 I got my first weekly benefit finally on July 21st I didn’t get the extra 600 dollers tho why I am confused? Please some one help

  19. I was receiving for five weeks and now every week when I go to certify it says I need to call certification cannot be processed. Can’t get through anyone else have this ?

    1. Same here. Received 8 wks of 13. On 9th week of certifying, I received a pop up which read, contact an agent at one of three phone locations. After 4 weeks of trying to speak with an agent, I did get through. Told that payments are “on hold”. No reason given and that I should wait to receive an email from them which will alert me as to when I can resume certification. I was told both federal and state moneys would be retroactive. I was concerned as the federal July 25th end date was / is fast approaching. I don’t hold out much hope for this to work out as described, but there is little more at this point that I can do about it. Any suggestions or ideas as to how to get this email moving……? Thanks

      1. I have identical situation and I was told they extended 20 weeks. But nothing !!!! I wrote senator nothing. This is just unfair to everyone !

    2. I’m having the same issue!!! Its getting ridiculous! For 6 whole weeks already waiting and waiting to certify and no numbers are answering!

  20. So I was unemployed March 22nd and didn’t know about pua until may 18th I filed but I only receive two weeks but I thought they backdate from first unemployed date .someone explain why New York get theirs back dated what’s up with nj ?

        1. I put March 22nd when I couldn’t get anyone to book appointment with me

      1. I called unemployment at 8AM, spoke with someone about this very issue. He is escalating my claim and said I should hear in a week regarding my retroactive claim weeks.

        1. I called again today she said that it should be fixed when I go to certify but I’m going to call again later to verify information .

        2. That’s good news. I have called at least five times about this and every time they say they were going to submit the paperwork and it could take a couple weeks…

        3. How are you getting people on phone I have called for months 200 times a day. Can’t get anyone just recording call tomorrow

        4. You have to call at 8AM just when they open. That’s the only way I found that is successful.

        5. I call this number as many times as it takes to get through — ‭(732) 761-2021‬. I always file or reopen a claim on line. At around 8:29/8:30 when you are prompted that this line is for certification problems only DO NOT HIT THE FILING A CLAIM BUTTON. just wait and someone usually answers right away or within two minutes. but you must file a claim online first to do this trick.

        6. What do you mean escalatibg your claim? When i opened my claim on may 3rd i indicated my last day worked was march 8th & but when my claim was approved they only let me claim weeks going back to may 3rd which is the date I filed…been trying to call but no luck getting thru…im just trying to find out if they will fix this for me or not so I don’t waste my time trying to get a live person on the phone which seems dang near impossible

    1. So they are letting you claim the weeks going back to march 18th for you? When i opened my claim on may 3rd i indicated my last day worked was march 8th & but when my claim was approved they only let me claim weeks going back to may 3rd which is the date I filed…been trying to call but no luck getting thru…im just trying to find out if they will fix this for me or not so I don’t waste my time trying to get a live person on the phone which seems dang near impossible

        1. My sister-in-law suggested that I call my local councilman’s office because they are assisting people who need to get through to unemployment. I called and they took down my information and had somebody call me from my local Senator’s office and the man said that they have an unemployment liaison at each Senator’s office that helps people resolve their unemployment issues so people who are having an extremely difficult time getting through they will hand your case over to their liaison and the liasion will contact Unemployment on your behalf and resolve your issue. My sister-in-law’s husband had been trying to get through for nearly eight weeks and he contacted his local councilman’s office and they told him within 15 days he should have a resolution and two weeks later he got all his money. I called the day before yesterday and I was told that the process could take 15 days to be patient but they are working on it and the man that I spoke to asked that I pass on this information to anyone struggling to get through to unemployment, he urges you all to contact your local Senator’s office or councilman’s office for assistance. Good luck to all I hope this helps & I will keep you all posted I am owed 8 weeks in back payments.

    2. NJ will back date but they put your benefits on hold until you speak to someone to back date it to the proper date. Unfortunately it’s not automatic

  21. “After you certify on your day and time window and you hit submit, scroll down. It should say would you like to claim an additional week? click on it and it will take you through the process again. Hit submit again and scroll down and see if it says ” claim additional week?” keep going through the certifying process until that button is no longer there. You’ll get all your money at once if your successful”

    I am in NJ. I certified every week.
    It is nowhere to scroll down to get to “would you like to claim an additional week” question; NO extra certifying process but for that week.
    So, How do I claim for prior weeks?

    1. It will only let you apply back to the weeks that you put the app in not the weeks you may be eligible.
      Say you are eligible March 1 but didn’t file till April 1. They will only pay you until April 1 unless you get an agent interview to back date it to that date.
      You can also log in again to see if missing weeks appear. Initially I could only claim 2 weeks. The following week the other weeks appeared to claim

  22. Hi guys I just found out about the PUA. I filed for regular unemployment on June 14 and was denied. I got a email stating that I was eligible for the PUA and today was my first day to claim it. I claimed for 2 weeks no problem. My question is about the $600 enhanced unemployment do I get back pay from the date the program was initiated, or do I just start getting the 600$ from the week that I filed? That’s my only question I hope everything works out well for all of you.

      1. Andy this article from what I can understand doesn’t answer the question as to how we certify for the weeks prior to when we were approved for unemployment? I have been searching for that answer for weeks now. I started receiving unemployment about three weeks ago. However, my unemployment began at the beginning of March?

    1. Apparently they only give it to you going back to the date that you filed although it specifically States in multiple Publications and articles that you are eligible to receive benefits going back to the day you became unemployed as far back as January 27th of 2020. I myself became unemployed March 8th but did not file until May 3rd and I’ve only been able to claim benefits going back to May 3rd and I’ve reached out to unemployment numerous times to ask about this but have not received an email back. I suggest you pursue I’m going back for you as well to when you became unemployed because many people didn’t even understand or know that they could get unemployment thru Pua

    2. Did you ever end up receiving the backpay? I’m in almost the identical situation you are in. I filed for unemployment on June 21st and they granted me $231 for unemployment and the 600 for COVID. But I want to know if you can claim the 600 going all the way back to when it was initially activated.

      1. I too applied for PUA the end of April. Just starting receiving weekly benefits. How to I claim the month of March and April? Online only allows me to process the current week? Also I am claiming PUA benefits on the regular Unemployment page? Is that accurate or should I be claiming PUA somewhere else?

        I cannot get anyone on the phone.

      2. not yet, but everything i have read about it being retroactive back to early april, points to us getiing backpay from the 4th or 5th of april til the date we filed our claim. i thought i filled out the pua form wrong because many people i know who filed just 4 days before i did got their backpay immediately. thats why i am worried. very hard to get a direct answer on this particular question.

  23. I receive PUA.Things were smooth at 1st but now Its been 3 weeks since I recieved anything.No explanation..It seems to be the luck of the draw.
    New Jersey state Department of labor staff are working from home to process your claim.It depends on who is assigned to your claim.Some UI recipients will get paid on time every week with no problem because the state worker is actually doing their job efficiently.All workers getting paid the same salary are not going to all put in the same effort.They will receive a set amount bi weekly paycheck reguardless of the effort they put out.My mother retired from NYDOL.She also said it depends on who you get.

    1. After you certify on your day and time window and you hit submit, scroll down. It should say would you like to claim an additional week? click on it and it will take you through the process again. Hit submit again and scroll down and see if it says ” claim additional week?” keep going through the certifying process until that button is no longer there. You’ll get all your money at once if your successful

    2. I finally got through to unemployment to get my unemployment on May 17 I have been trying since March and I was wondering if I get retroactive unemployment and retroactive PUA and when it might be coming

  24. I actually earned some money and was paid last week. I reported it on my claim this week and will be getting 0.00 this week from unemployment. That’s ok I understand but do I get the 600 because I did certify?

    1. No you wont get the $600.00 because you made more then whatever your ” partial” unemployment was.
      You can work and earn money but you have to earn less then your partial unemployment. In your case you made more $$ that is why your getting 0.00 . Essentially you’re telling unemployment your back to work and no longer in need of assistance.

  25. My job was paying me a paycheck up until 6/7. That was when they told me they couldn’t pay me any longer and for me to file for Unemployment.
    My problem is my claim starts for the week of 6/8 but my last paycheck is dated for 5/22. That is a 2 week difference that I need to be paid for. After a week of constant calling I was finally able to get thru to a representative and she told me she would back date my claim to 5/22. After I claimed my benefits on Wed I received my payment on Friday but it was for 1 week and today on Monday 6/22 I received my first payment of $600 which also should have been backdated.
    I am supposed to go back to work July 6th but I can not afford 2 weeks without the back pay.
    And now I call all morning and again I can’t reach a representative.

  26. today Sunday 6/21/20 i am still waiting for 12 weeks for the 600$ dollars weekly i am receiving my unemployment regular but still have not seen nothing for the extra 600 i am owed 7,200 dollors in that money

  27. Hi i just claimed 3 weeks ago and they said the $600 is retroactive from week of march 29 so should i get it from that date even i only started claiming?

  28. 6/18 – Been receiving the $600 every week on Monday since it started in April with no problems. Now this week (Monday 6/15) did not receive my $600. I emailed Unemployment on Tuesday morning, haven’t heard back from them. I hope this coming Monday I receive the 2 weeks. They know people have not received it. People must be calling or emailing them. Why can’t they just be professional and put a notice on the website and let people know what is going on.

    1. I too didn’t receive my payment of $600 on a Monday. I have called and emailed and haven’t received anything. My answer to you is the State of NJ just sucks. No communication at all. I too hope I receive the two weeks. I just don’t understand why they can’t just let us know?

      1. If the State is late depositing the money then your $600.00 will be delayed. Possibly 5 days. if you’ve been receiving it weekly with no troubles, then thats the problem. You’ll get it, just be patient. I know its nerve racking because you have zero control, but you’ll get it.

      2. Ken Same crap just happened to me I’ve been getting the 600 since April 5 now suddenly $231 and no 600 like everyone else let’s hope we get two checks this week. They did say there were some glitches in New Jersey so we shall see. Mike

        1. Once that happens they kick you out of system completely and you get the same lame excuse from the girls that answer the phone. We don’t know !!!!!
          Senator does not even respond. They don’t care !!!!!

        2. I was told the payments are about a week behind each other. So far that “appears” to be true.
          I filed on Sunday July 5 last week and recieved the payment Tuesday July 7 for $231.
          On July 14 one week later, I recieved the $600 PUA.
          I also recieved 4 weeks of back payment of $231 from 4 weeks previously filed from June. (I filed in May)
          And the following week received 4 payments of $600 PUA.
          I hope everyone gets resolution as this is my first of any payments since filing in May.

    2. Same here. It’s been received every Monday without issue until this week. Regular benefits have been received but not the $600.
      Where can I find an email address to contact DOL.
      not that I expect it to help but worth informing

        1. I have Columbia bank but it finally came through.
          I certify for benefits on Tuesday’s but the FPUC has always been deposited on Monday until Memorial Day then I was receiving it on tuesdays.
          I’m just glad it came in.
          Mortgage is due next week

        2. I’m glad you got the money. I received mine this morning. I usually get it on Monday. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for the state to do the right thing and stop making people sweat it out weekly

    3. Hi JoAnn

      I have been getting the supplemental $600 deposits on Sunday nights around 9:30 pm mostly. I had two Monday deposits at 9:30 as well. I was certifying on Thursdays at noon every week except this week which was Wednesday at 3.
      What day do you normally certify?

    4. I just got my first payment of unemployment today june 23rd. But havent got my 600$ did you have to wait until the following week to start getting that or did it just come right away

      1. What I think is happening the retroactive payment should post within 24 hours after you certify and get your weekly benefits . But I’m hearing it comes a week later. I feel when we certify both payments should post . But that’s not happening.

  29. I filed on April13th for regular unemployment benefits then got an email to answer some question and hit the submit button, then got another email that to expect an answer via US mail, have not received any info since and I also have been in the “Pending” status since, yes without any answers or money since April. I then figured why not re-file another application in June 3rd just in case of any glitch and since I did not recieve a confirmation number the first time around, why not, this time I got a confirmation number, but never received one during my original application back in April. I understand that there will be delays during this difficult time, but this is toooo unusual, 11 weeks? I worked in NY for part of the last 18 months and worked last here in NJ. Double whamy now they may have to get answers from NY before releasing any funds to me in NJ….so eesentially I am waiting on two states which may make this claim more difficult to resolve due to the GOV delays anyway…I have exhasuted all of my resources including Congressman from my district and Mayor from my town, so good luck everyone. I am grateful to lord for my health. I will keep hope up.

  30. When I will get the retroactive payments: both the $231 and $600, in NJ?
    What do I have to do to receive them?
    Thank you!

  31. I am a small business owner still closed due to the pandemic.. Filed for PUA on May 3rd but I, like a lot of people, are under the impression from I have been reading are entitled to retroactive benefits from the closure of our businesses. I believe would be the $600 a week from April 4th and the unemployment benefits from the closure of the business… I know this question has been raised already but has anyone heard or received retroactive payments? Grateful for any insight.

    1. I am in the exact same situation & my last day worked was march 5th but I did not file until May 3rd. I am emailing & calling but can not get thru. Have yoy learned anythibg yet?

    2. Joanne, people have been asking this question on here for weeks. This question continues to get ignored, I am not sure why.

  32. 6/17 and the $600 I get each week hasn’t hit my account yet. What’s up Again with Bank if America

    1. Me too and I have BA , but I received my regular unemployment direct deposit. Aren’t they on the same system?

  33. I filed April 26th just got my first pusha 600 on June 9 now on June 16 didn’t get a payment? Is this normal? Also why wasn’t my first payment for all 5 weeks of my $600 retroactive?

  34. I started being unemployed in March. I filed the claim in May and got approval for the unemployment in early June. But they only let me to certify 2 weeks in May. I did received the $600 and $208 for those two weeks. How can I receive the my retroactive payment from March to mid May? I thought “If you are eligible for PUA, you will receive retroactive unemployment benefits for the PUA program to Feb. 2, 2020, or whenever your business was impacted by COVID-19.” Do I need to contact them? or they will deposit lump sum amount later?

    1. This happened to me too, I got one week paid. My last day of work was 3/14/20, due to many reasons I didn’t apply until the end of May. I certified for benefits for the first time last week. I was not able to claim for the previous weeks. I spoke to someone at NJ unemployment today. She told me that since I certified for benefits already there was nothing they could do. If I didn’t certify they could redo my application so I could get the previous weeks pay. Please let me know if you get the same or different info.

      1. I keep calling and emailing, but no response at all. and this week, I cannot claim week ending 6/13. The website indicate the next payable week is 6/13, but it won’t let me to claim after 6/20. Do you know why? I thought i need to certify weekly. They change to bi-weekly now?

    2. same thing happened to me. I am unable to reach anyone by phone. I don’t see anyplace on the website to rectify this situation.

    3. I filed back in May and I didn’t know what was up when I went to file again I couldn’t because they said I had a open claim which I was a bit confused , however I received a phone call and was asked a couple questions and was paid back since me first filing in May , I received my weekly pay , and a lump some of retroactive pay as well. So you may get a lump some of the retroactive pay .

      1. How did you receive a call? I want to get connect with them. I sent couple emails and only got automatic responses. And the calls were never picked up.

  35. Going on 3 weeks now where I have not received the FPUC $600. I am certifying the same way I was when I was receiving the $600. What a disaster! Received it for 4 weeks, then not the next week, then got 2 weeks the following week and now nothing for 3 weeks. I’m at a loss

    1. I would reach out to them via email. I have reached out to them through email cause when calling you can’t never get through . When I reached out via email I got a response back and phone call

      1. I emailed them 2 weeks ago because I was not able to get through via phone. still have not heard back.

  36. I received $208 for a few weeks, then 1 lump sum of 3000 which people are saying is retroactive FPUC (the $600 payments). However, I haven’t gotten any of the weekly $208 backpay UI/PUA : “If you are eligible for PUA, you will receive retroactive unemployment benefits for the PUA program to Feb. 2, 2020, or whenever your business was impacted by COVID-19.”

    if anyone has any insight whether they have or have not gotten retroactive UI? not the $600 but the normal UI payments

    1. You have to manually certify for all of the back pay weeks. You must enter the date of the week emdong on a Saturday (every date should be a Saturday) from 2/2 til today . it took me a good 30 mins of certifying week after week than 9nce you get to the current week you’re good.. If you don’t do it you wont get paid.

        1. Yeah me too I’m owed retroactive, but also was only allowed to receive one week at a time never given a chance to claim the back weeks.
          It never said anywhere “Claim Additional Week”

        2. correct – I am due money from march and april — and I do not see a place to certify for back pay — even though when I completed the initial request, I indicated that I stopped working in march.

  37. My hours were reduced from 40 to under 32. I earn more than my amount allowed by unemployment so it brings regular unemployment down to zero. Am I still eligible for the $600 since it is due to the covid 19 and I work all hours offered?

  38. I haven’t recieved my $600 check for this week (June 7th). As of this morning the funds are not in my bank account. This is the second time I did not receive my check. I really need these funds until I return to work. Thanks.

    1. I have not received the $600 for this week yet and it’s friday. Anyone else still having problems?

      1. same here still not in account. Bank of america made statement saying technical issues but will be paid in 48 hours. Guarantee MANY of those $600 payments will be “lost” or take weeks to get. BOA is a DIRTY bank. Keeping Millions of NJ unemployed $600 turns out to be BILLIONS! The interest alone even just 2-3 days on 4-5 (maybe even 10 billion NJ had like 10mil+ unemployed right? ) Turns out to be millions! Where that $$ go?? Right to the bottom line. “Tech issue” that made BOA millions and we are sitting here waiting for $$ when they HAVE it in system just waiting for a simple computer code to transfer to accounts. These are little things big banks and business do all the time. When your talking HUGE amounts of money in the billions or damn across country maybe 100s of billions, BOA bottom line making millions everyday thay can come up with excuse to hold it. Thats why it takes 2 days to transfer funds its not for security this is 2020 u can buy a card at walmart with instant transfer its so banks can keep ALL transfer $$ for 24-48 hours and if Friday then 72 hours and make interest on literally EVERY SINGLE TRANSFER they hold.

      2. Same here. Now, it’s Monday and I didn’t receive my $600 from last week. And we can’t reach nobody by phone or email. It’s a shame.

  39. I need help. I filed a claim in April and received notice via mail on June 5th that I am eligible for EUC as of 3/29/2020. I also received emails on May 28th and May 30th from NJDOL stating “Your claim is being processed for payment of federal Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and will be eligible for payment beginning the week of May 31.

    You are also eligible for an additional $600 per week through Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC).

    On Friday, June 5, you may certify for your benefits, please carefully follow the instructions below. Answering these weekly certification questions differently than described in the instructions will delay payment.“. My problem is when I attempt to certify during my time I receive the following message after putting in my SS# and PIN
    New Jersey Internet Application for Claiming weekly unemployment insurance benefits:
    Your certification cannot be processed. Please call your local reemployment call center during regular business hours…….
    I cannot get through on the phone to speak to anyone and my emails are responded with generic responses to routine questions. I don’t know where to turn for help and I am afraid another week is gonna pass without resolution this Friday. Any suggestions?


      1. Make sure you are not logging in.. from the main page select Certify for weekly benefits, check the the schedule.. do not login first this will not work. Hope this helps!


    3. Hey Man im from North Jersey same issue i been calling 7327612021 for hours on end. I think it might have to do with updating your direct deposit. I just did mine maybe that was blocking it? I haven’t switched my account number in years… but prayers

  40. Regarding the $600 payments not received today 6/8……They are claiming that that there was a maintenance problem over the weekend and we should expect out payments to be delayed a couple days….fingers crossed this is true!!!!

    Statement from the New Jersey Office of Information Technology (OIT) on Delays in Direct Deposits for Unemployment Benefits
    The State of New Jersey was notified that Bank of America is having an issue on their side processing certain direct deposit payments due to weekend system maintenance. Direct deposit customers who expected to receive their weekly payment via direct deposit may experience up to a two-day delay.

    1. Thanks Nancy. Updated post with this information. Clearly affecting lots of folks from NJ.

  41. Ditto. First week I did not receive the $600. I can not get through either. I heard in Florida the same thing happened before they changed it to biweekly and started deducting taxes. Who knows what this is? We are New Jerseyans and we are tough so whatever this is we will get through it. It would be nice if they posted something on the website to let us know though. If anyone gets any info please post.

  42. They may be trying to play catch up. I am not sure. I received the $600 from April 13th – May 18th with no problems. I did not receive it on Monday the 26th so I figured it was due to the holiday, but I did not get it that week at all. Then on June 1st, last Monday, I got a $1200 deposit. I checked my bank today, June 8th and no $600. I have been keeping track since my first payment. I assumed the April 13th payment was for the week ending March 29th which would put them 2 weeks behind. I am not sure how they are doing this. The weekly 600 is great but now it is a little inconsistent, and not sure how they are trying to fix this. Hope they figure it out soon.

    1. I have received the $600 every week since April 13th but all of a sudden today (June 8th) I checked my bank account and I didn’t get it. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one but I hope they resolve this issue quickly because I depend on that money. If anyone gets the money for this week later in the week please let me know. I need some hope because right now I am stressing out!

      1. Update: just checked my account and the $600 is processing. I can sleep now knowing that I got it.

        1. That’s great. I still haven’t gotten mine, I should try to sleep, hope it Will be there in the morning

      2. I had the same issue this week.
        I certified for my regular benefits and received the normal UE but still have not received the Additional $600. Has this been resolved for you. I can’t seem to find any answers as to why this was not deposited and I could use some hope. Being out of work has left us short on bills as is and we can not lose this money right now as it plays a big part To pay our bills

    2. I have had the same thing but I did receive mine May 26th and nothing since. I’ve read that sometimes it goes in on Tuesday but mine have been constant on Monday’s. Keeping fingers crossed I do count on the 600 …….
      Hopefully the glitch will be fixed soon….
      I’ve been two weeks behind since this started…..

  43. I wonder if this has to do with all the new hires NJ had to incorporate…. according to them when you recertify an email will be sent to notify you when a deposit is made to your bank. I’ve been out of work since April 6th and received one email to that. Nothing is as it should be….. and I know people who’ve never had a problem with ui or the weekly stimulus?? Where is the accountability of checking that procedures are followed and people are being taken care of????? I just hope something is in place to keep track of retroactive payments…. Keep track of your time.Good Luck everyone…..

  44. I usually recieve both payments on Mondays, I got the regular payment but not the 600…my father did not get his either..I read that there is a glitch in the system. I have been receiving both since the first week of April..I am hoping that they fix the issue

    1. Yes – lots of people in NJ are reporting the same thing. I assume the DUI is working on this based on their social media updates

  45. Received last $600 payment on May 26th. So far it’s been a little over 2 weeks since last fed payment. State benefits still coming in though. Any updates?

    1. Same thing happened to me I can’t understand either . There is no way to find out anything…

    2. I didn’t get mine the week of Memorial Day, I received 1200 last Monday I assume 600 for last week and 600 make up for the prior week. Today I didn’t receive any payment.

      1. I have been receiving every Monday. My last being May 26th. I’ve been hearing of people getting all back pay but I don’t know what’s going on. I was hoping that the funds would be in this morning but nothing.

  46. I am a small business owner who has been shut down since the virus hit. In late April I found out I could file, so I did. However, now I have taken a new position in an company fulltime. Will I still get the pay for all the time I was out of work, I as I was just approved yesterday? When I file on schedule this Friday if its regarding the week of June 7th, I am working just now my business.? I cannot find answers on what to do anywhere.


    1. Same happen to me but I went online during my scheduled time and answered the questions and I got my unemployment

  48. I received my unemployment and extra 600 last three weeks 4th week I just received my unemployment I didn’t received extra $ 600 any one has any idea about this.

    1. I too have the same issue. I scoured the internet for an explanation. I’ll post an update. It’s been a little over 2 weeks

  49. Same thing with me, I was receiving the initial $600 for 5 weeks already together with my regular unemployment but on my 6th week, i haven’t received the $600 FPUC. Sad thing that that my regular unemployment is really NOT ENOUGH for all my bills. I did claim every week and answered the same questions. Strange that mostly of my co workers still got it and I am the only one who did’nt…. :((

      1. Yea I am still investigating but can’t find out anything…… it’s crazy I hear of people getting it all but a lot more not getting any of the 600 the last couple weeks… it’s happening all across the country

  50. My bf claimed 3 weeks owed to him for the first time on Friday and then another 5 weeks on Saturday. He received all 8 weeks paid for his weekly benefit rate and only received 3 weeks of $600/week on Monday. He’s still owed for 5 weeks of $600! Its Wednesday and still not deposited.. Grateful he got something but can’t call anyone to ask why it’s not here yet!

  51. I filed for unemployment March 20th because I was forloughed due to covid-19 on that day. I was told I was denied unemployment because I didn’t have enough work history (just started a new job). I appealed and was denied again. It’s been 11weeks with no response, money, or PUA status. When will I see some kind of money?

  52. Work in NJ, received weekly benefits with no problem. Was receiving the $600 PUA until two weeks ago. Haven’t received it since. It was hitting my bank on Monday morning. Can’t call anyone at NJ UE because the phones are either shut off or if it goes through, all lines are busy. Anyone know what’s going on?

    1. I have the same thing happen to me they owe me three weeks of the 600 and after I certify today it will be 4 weeks.
      I can’t get through and nothing returning in emails??????

  53. I am in NJ. I applied online April 2nd. Nothing but problems online and could not get through to anyone on the phone for a month and a half. Finally, somehow I got 185 one week and 600 the next week. This was a week ago but what about my retroactive payments that go back to APril 2nd…. Ive emailed the dept of labor in nj 3 times with a generic response that they are working hard and i’ve even emailed phil murphy …. HOPEFULLY, I will get all the back payment I am entitled to… Going almost 2 months with NO pay and bills is insane. I am grateful for the extra 600 but would rather go back to work as at least that pay is on time and guaranteed.

    1. Hi Kelly
      I filed 4/10/20, NJ.
      I still have not received my retroactive 600$ either. I’m owed four weeks. I too am grateful but I also am behind in my bills.
      When are we supposed to get this retroactive I
      Have emailed also and only get a generic response.
      Thanks Jeanne

  54. I’ve been receiving the $600 until the last 2 weeks. I’m reading that a lot of people having the same problem. My friends are still receiving it, so I thought that it was cuz my job was about to open on June 9th but my coworkers are still getting it

    1. I became unemployed march 8th, didnt know I could file for pua (i am self employed) until may 3rd so I opened a claim that day. I indicated my last day worked was march 5th but was only given retroactive payments going to the day I filed & not the date I became unemployed. I left several emails & can not get thru by phone. Has anyone else had this issue & if so have you had any luck getting the promised backdated weeks to when you became unemployed as it is clearly stated in numerous publications or at least get an answer as to what to do about it or at least why they are not following through on their claims to do so!!???


  56. My claim is about to expire on June 16. And I only have 2 weeks of money left. Do I have to open a new claim and even though I have no money left will I still be able to collect.

  57. I have been collecting for a week now I have received all my retro pay for regular unemployment but have not seen an extra 600 yet for any of the 5 weeks I collected this week how long does it take and what day is it normally deposited on ,

  58. How did you get retroactive ui and fpuc.
    I just started rec ui and only got paid for 1 week at a time. Should have rec from Mar 27
    Have not rec any 600 yet.

  59. I just received the payment of 5 weeks in total of benefits this week should I expect the same from the pua benefits? And if so how long after should I see the payments??

  60. I assumed I didn’t receive my 600$ due to the holiday. But even after I did not receive it. This is the first week I did not receive my 600.

      1. Just read that it takes roughly a week for the additional 600 to deposit after our regular unemployment deposit. I have not received mine either this past week. Hoping this is is accurate information or they forgot about us

    1. Same thing here in New Jersey. I’m getting the unemployment and the 600 every week but not this week. The unemployment came in but not the additional 600.

  61. Hi Andy. Great article, with great information. Thank you. I just wanted to add that not ONE person has been paid yet for the FEDERALLY FUNDED 13 week extension in the state of NJ. There are at least 70,000 of us STILL waiting. I have been waiting since March 15, so yes I have been 11 weeks with NO income. While I understand their 45+ year old system has been bombarded, there is NO excuse for it taking this long. People are losing their homes, cars, etc. and cannot buy food. Something is drastically wrong in the state of NJ, and it needs to be addressed and fixed. The handling of this Pandemic situation is totally unacceptable, and they do not seem to care that us people of NJ are suffering because of it.

    1. I was depending on my $600 today haven’t got it only my $208 reg and my rent is over due it’s the 8 the already and my landlord calling looking for rent I don’t have I don’t know what to do I can’t live off of $208 a week I don’t even want to answer my door and face this man just started get unemployment 3 weeks only since March so yes not first time late with rent what to do it’s imbaresing and scared to get thrown on the street .NJ needs to do something I’m sure I’m not the only one .

      1. Linda,

        My name is Thomas and I am having the same problem. I have gotten my 600 every Monday with no issues but today it did not come. I certify every Sunday according to my SSN. There is no info why the 600 did not come I’ve been searching everywhere. The only day it didn’t come on Monday was Memorial Day so it came the next day (Tuesday). If ANYONE has info on this and when it will come and why please respond thank you. -Thomas

  62. I’m receiving the initial $600 for 5 weeks already. But on my 6th week, i haven’t not received $600 yet. I did claim every week and answered the same questions. How can I chase up or get back the $600 for the 6th week

      1. Mike..
        Same thing here. Received it for 4 weeks…then missed a week, they sent 2 weeks the following week and now I’m on at least 2 weeks with nothing. Very frustrating

      1. Same. Was wondering why that is. I’ve received my 600$ every week prior until this week and I don’t know why . Assumed because of the holiday but didn’t receive anything the day after either .

        1. Does anyone know anyone that did receive the 600. I also did not get the 600 as well.

        2. I don’t know what they’re doing in New Jersey after my 600 and suddenly stopped now I received from the state in the mail a letter asking if I requested changing my status from direct deposit to debit card which I did not so now I have to call and it’s impossible to get through. Frustrating

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