New York (NY) DOL Unemployment Insurance Compensation – Extended Benefits PUA, PEUC and $600 FPUC Payment Eligibility and Certification

New York state, one of the hardest hit by the Coronavirus/COVID crisis has also seen one of the largest spikes in unemployment and subsequent claims under new provisions enacted under the CARES Act. While the NY Department of Labor (DOL), the state agency that manages unemployment insurance programs and payouts, has started paying the $600 FPUC payment, it is still well behind in processing claims and making retroactive payments. This is a known issue as their systems and call centers are having several technical glitches and struggling to handle the volume of claims. However the good news, per the comments below and across this site (see more UI resources), is that unemployed claimants are now getting the $600 payments on a more regular basis. Further PUA and PEUC programs are now also operating for eligible claimaints. But it is also clear from the comments below and social media that many, especially those applying for PUA benefits, are still waiting or unable to get clarity around gaps or delays in getting their expected benefits

CARES Act Unemployment Compensation Enhancements for Coronavirus / COVID-19 Relief

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020 expands Reemployment Assistance benefits. Benefits will be paid from the date they became eligible under the CARES Act. Programs included in the CARES Act are:

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) – provides an additional $600 per week to any eligible individual until 7/31/2020. The $600 would be paid the first week of your unemployment claim period  but no earlier than 4/5/20.

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – provides up to 46 weeks of benefits per week to those not ordinarily eligible for Reemployment Assistance. This includes individuals who are self-employed or contract employees. The additional $600 FPUC per week will be automatically added to all regular UI and PUA benefits. Under federal law, individuals receiving PUA are not eligible for extended benefits through PEUC or Enhanced State UI benefits. However, PUA recipients can receive up to 46 weeks of PUA benefits at this time vs. 39 weeks as originally available.

  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) – allows for an additional 13 weeks of benefits added to the end of regular unemployment insurance benefits. This means claimants may collect unemployment benefits for a longer period of time than under normal circumstances. Claimants will need to apply for PEUC benefits once the balance of their current regular state UI claim is exhausted. Those who have already exhausted their benefits or have a UI claim that expired after July 1, 2019, will also be able to apply.

  • State Extended Benefits (EB) – given the high unemployment rate, the NY DOL was able to get federal funding for their state’s extended or enhanced benefits program. This provides 7 additional weeks, on top of the 13 weeks available under PEUC.

How To File

Sign in or create a ID account and follow the instructions to file a claim. If you can’t apply online, you can call the TCC at 1-888-209-8124.

If you have never filed a claim for benefits in New York State, you must create a PIN. This is a four-digit number that you must keep confidential. This PIN will be used to access the system to certify for weekly benefits and update your account. 

Ready? Make sure you have with you:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your driver license or Motor Vehicle ID card number (if you have either one)
  • Your complete mailing address and zip code
  • A phone number where we can reach you from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday –Friday
  • Your Alien Registration card number (if you are not a U.S. Citizen and have a card)
  • Names and addresses of all your employers for the last 18 months, including those in other states
  • Employer Registration number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) of your most recent employer (FEIN is on your W-2 forms)
  • Your copies of forms SF8 and SF50, if you were a federal employee
  • Your most recent separation form (DD 214), for military service

You can file a claim without all of these documents. However, missing information can delay your first payment.

Certify for Weekly Benefits

Once you have filed a claim for benefits, you must also claim weekly benefits for each week you are unemployed and meet the eligibility requirements. This is also called “certifying for benefits.” You can start certifying as soon as you receive a notification from the DOL. During this process, you are confirming that you were unemployed for all or part of the past week and that you met all other conditions of receiving benefits. You may certify online or by telephone. 

You will need to certify your benefits every single week, or you will lose them. This means that you need to log into your account and verify that you are still eligible for the benefits each week. You can do so here, or by calling NYC call center numbers.

Issues with UI benefits

The DOL has begun a new initiative to proactively inform New Yorkers of the status of their unemployment benefits application through emails and text messages. This initiative is designed to keep New Yorkers informed throughout the process — from submission to approval. Once you file a claim you will get further information on this.

Missing Payments – If you are entitled to UI benefits, all benefits will be backdated to the day you were out of work.

Pending Claims: If you recently filed a new claim and everything is in order, you should generally receive your first payment about 2-4 weeks after you apply for benefits. It takes 2-3 business days for a payment to appear in your bank account once it has been released from our system. If you are experiencing issues with your account and claim get help online or call 1-800-833-3000.

Getting Back Pay

Important Notice About Receiving Your Back Benefits: The DOL is using DocuSign’s secure digital signature technology to help New Yorkers get their backdated payments. If you receive an email, please fill out the form and send it in so that we can get you the benefits you are eligible for as quickly as possible.

When you claim weekly benefits, you must answer questions to certify how many days you were ready, willing and able to work during the past week. The certification system only handles certification for one week at a time. You cannot claim for a given week more than a week later either online or using Tel-Service.

The system will not accept certifications for any back weeks or other periods of time. If you miss claiming benefits for a week during which you were unemployed, you can request credit for this week by secure message, fax or regular mail. Do not call the Telephone Claims Center to request back credit for a week.To submit a request by secure message, sign in to your account at and click on the envelope icon on the My online Services page.

To fax your request, send to (518) 457-9378.By mail, send to:
New York State Department of Labor
PO Box 15130
Albany, NY 12212-5130

The NY DOL will review your request and decide if you are eligible to receive benefits for that time period. This review can take two to three weeks, unless more information is needed. In that case, it may take longer. During this time, be sure to continue claiming benefits for all weeks you are unemployed and eligible for benefits. If we write or call you to request more information, please respond promptly so the review is not delayed. When you use the phone or online systems to claim your weekly benefits, you must certify for yourself.

Additional Resources and Information

The NY DOL is currently experiencing high call volumes, so check their website. Also while the NY DOL site is a great place to get program information, their social media sites (e.g twitter) seem to have the most up to date information.

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26 thoughts on “New York (NY) DOL Unemployment Insurance Compensation – Extended Benefits PUA, PEUC and $600 FPUC Payment Eligibility and Certification

  1. Hello, I’m sorry to bother you because I think I made an error when reading the questions that were confusing for me in the application of the remaining weeks that I was unemployed and answered quickly without consulting those who know how to read more than I do English, but since I already have the security of read it well I did it without knowing for sure the questions, I am unemployed from March 13 to the week of July 13 to 19, I received my first unemployment payment, that is, I am eligible from week 16 to March 22 to date because I have not worked and received only 3 payments from the fpuc, please ask me to give me the opportunity to complete the application correctly, where they gave me 10 dates that said eligible or not eligible.

  2. I applied for PUA on July 30th and was subsequently approved. I certified for all the weeks I could not work due to Corona back to March 15th.
    Went on the DOL website and under payment history it says:
    “You last certified for benefits for the week ending 03/15/2020.
    Your unpaid waiting period was processed on 07/31/2020.”
    Confused if I am eligible to receive PUA/PUC backpay going back to March 3/15 or if I applied too late?

  3. Michael
    I work p/t and I stop working f/t. January 9ih. Also IM a health care worker. The individuAl had covoid, and was diagnosed with it & they she had. Anyway kit said in your readings that if someone was laid off in January they can get retroactive pay & if not able for regular UI they 7 more weeks of pua. My agency has told me that the client in this end of summer probably wants to spread out the 23hrs in more than 3 days. So how can I receive those extra 7 weeks of pua

  4. i have exhausted all my ui [ july 2020] but was sent a letter for EB benefits , do i use my last employer to file a new claim . those are the ui benefits i exhausted .

  5. My back payment was released but the prepaid card I had only allowed 14 deposit in a 24 hr period so the rest of my payments were sent back to unemployment and now I’m waiting for them to reissue to my key 2 benefit card how long does that take

  6. Hi , I am owed commissions earned before COVID & my layoff, how can I get these payments without jeopardizing my unemployment status.

  7. Hi Andy I am receiving pua benefits and I became unemployed on March 19, I just received my backdated money this week from March till end of May, but all of June and first week of July is missing and I didn’t receive the back pay for those 5 weeks yet, will I get another email from dip to certify for those weeks and do you know if I will definitely get our for those weeks as it clearly states pua will pay u back all the retroactive pay??

    1. Yes you are legally entitled for those payments if eligible and you certify. Likely just processing delays

  8. I certified some of my eligibility for benefits online (DocuSign) and the balance of 5 weeks verbally with a NYS DOL representative. I am still missing one week (7/5/2020). How do I go about receiving this missing week?

  9. Hi! My hours were reduced. I was worki g about 25 hrs weekly and making around $400 to $450 per weekly Gross. My employee split my hours into 4 days. If I apply for pua will I qualify? Somebody told me that in order to qualify for the FPUC I have to make less than $504 weekly and work only 3 days.

  10. Is the FPUC for N.Y C end. I did not get mine when I recertificy on a Sunday , just the UI I live in NYC.

  11. I’ve receiving my weekly benefits but even after signing a docusign via email 2 months ago, I have not received my backdated benefits. My husband is also missing two weeks of PUA.

  12. I got paid for UE but I didn’t get paid for FPUC $600
    Is the FPUC ended up early before July 31??

  13. My 26 weeks of normal UE ended last week. I filed another claim, does my extra 13 weeks of peuc automatically kick in? Will there be a delay in payments? I live in NY

    1. If you are eligible for PEUC or EB, the remaining balance amount will be adjusted the next time you certify for benefits. You do not have to file a new unemployment insurance claim unless your benefit year has expired. The system will advise you if your benefit year has expired and you need to file a new claim.

      There may be a delay if the DOL has to do further validation of your continuing claim.

  14. I worked as a tutor at a CUNY college. I remotely worked one day/week since the lockdown started in March. I didn’t know I would qualify for PUA/FPUC payments, but later someone told me that I would have qualified because I worked only one day/week. I got laid off from this job on 6/29 and applied for PUA in July. Is there a possibility of getting retroactive payments for the FPUC and PUA?

  15. I have been out of work since March 13. I am a substitute teacher and did not realize I could apply for benefits. I just did it on July 6, 2020. Will my pay be retroactive for the FPUC payments and unemployment benefits?

      1. Hello. I have the same situation and I would also like to know if I still have to certify every week even if I applied late and the benefit would end on the 24?

  16. If my hours have been reduced and I qualify for the max unemployment benefit of $504/wk am I still eligible for the federal $600/wk. If so, why have I not been receiving this money and what can I do to claim it?

    1. Yes. If you get state UI you will get the $600. Maybe system issues are delaying things. Try and contact the DOL – but you will be eligible for retroactive payments

  17. I am a self-employed worker in New York State and was laid off from my job. I applied and qualified to receive the max amount of state unemployment ($504) plus the additional $600 from federal which I have received the past few weeks. My employer is now offering temporary work in which I may have the opportunity to return to work for a week (my compensation would be higher than what I am receiving from the state so obviously I would not file or receive unemployment for that week). My question is, can I then return to unemployment the following week and continue to receive the additional 600 federal assistance?

  18. I live in New York State. I have a return to work date on 6/15 as part of Phase 3 for our restaurant business. My hours, however, will be reduced from 14.5 to 10 hours per week. I doubt that I will continue getting the PUA since I was denied UI but will I get all or a portion of the $600 FPUC?

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