2021 PEUC Extension in 2022? Plus State EB Program and Regular UI Dependencies

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, designed for those who have exhausted their regular allocation of state unemployment or extended state benefits has been extended by another 29 weeks (though only covers 25 actual weeks) under the Biden Stimulus Plan (ARP) that has been passed into law.

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Under the latest enhanced unemployment funding extension the total number of covered weeks in the PEUC program will increase to 53. This does not include extra weeks some states provided for residents under this program and would be reduced by any weeks of regular UC and EB that the individual receives during the coverage period. You can see an overview of the federal extensions to date, including PUEC, in the diagram below.

While there has been some discussion around extending the PEUC program in 2022, to support the ongoing economic recovery, there has not been any formal plan put in place by the Biden administration. I do expect this to become a topic of discussion in late summer and will update as more information comes to hand.

How do I get the PEUC extension?

Several states are now adding the extra weeks under the recent extension. No action should be needed for active claimants (as of the week ending March 20th), but those who had exhausted benefits will need to wait for their state UI agency to provide notification on how to have the extra weeks applied. Due to the delays around getting the final stimulus bill approved, it will take some time for ALL states to update their UI systems based on DOL guidance to make the required PEUC payments.

At this stage the DOL has said it could take until mid-April for most states to have the extended weeks available to claimants. Any missed payments however will be retroactively made to the week ending March 20th, 2021 when the latest program extension coverage period started.

2020 to 2021 Enhanced Unemployment Program Extensions – PUA, PEUC and FPUC

Do I have to reapply for benefits?

Note that if If you have not collected unemployment benefits in a while, you may need to reactivate your account before you can resume requesting PEUC benefits. But for most people with an active claim (as of March 15th, 2021) or one that recently expired due to the existing funding running out, their UI account should be automatically transitioned to the new PEUC benefits automatically. You will not need to re-apply and your benefit amount will not change. You will need to keep certifying and/or requesting payment weekly as you currently do. But please check your UI account and state UI pages for specifics.

The last payable week for the PEUC extension will be for the week ending September 4th or 5th, 2021. Unlike the previous CAA extension there are no phase out periods in the latest ARP funded extension.

How Does the PEUC extension work with State Extended Benefits (EB) and Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Those who are currently receiving PEUC benefits (active claimants) will continue to be on PEUC and their eligible weeks will be automatically extended in most states. You will get a notification if there is a delay.

Any claimant who had already filed a State Extended Benefits (SEB) claim early, will be automatically placed back on PEUC in order to capture the additional weeks.

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PEUC Extensions under $900 billion CAA COVID relief stimulus package (to March 14th, 2021)

With passing of Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act of 2020 (CAA) and additional funding for enhanced unemployment programs like the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, states can now pay up to 11 weeks of additional unemployment benefits to individuals who have qualified for, but exhausted regular state unemployment compensation (UC) or their existing PEUC/EB claim balance.

The PEUC program is now made up of 24 weeks which includes the original 13 weeks approved under the CARES act (which expired on December 26th, 2020) and 11 additional weeks approved under the COVID relief stimulus bill from December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. In order to be eligible for PEUC benefits, claimants must also be able to work, available for work, and actively seeking work assuming no Coronavirus/COVID-19 restrictions. They must also certify for each week they are claiming UI benefits.

Feb 2021 update: Many claimants who had exhausted their Regular State UI, Extended Benefits or original 13 week PEUC balance weeks are facing delays in being able to enroll and get the PEUC extension approved under the last COVID relief bill (CAA). This is a known issue and is mainly due to the states having to update their antiquated UI systems for the new legislation that requires them to check if claimants are eligible (or to to exhaust) Regular UI and Extended State Benefits before applying for PEUC.

See more in this recent PEUC video. You will have to wait for notification from your state agency before filing new or continuing claims – don’t just refile or open a new claim without official instruction to do so, or you could slip back in the line and face even longer delays. Please also review the eligibility criteria below for further information.

When Can I Claim the PEUC extension?

Several states are now making PEUC payments that include the additional 11 weeks. But due to the delays around getting the final COVID relief stimulus bill approved, it will take some time for ALL states to update their UI systems based on DOL guidance to make the required PEUC payments. Some states have already stated they will be making enhanced unemployment program payments in early January for those with active claims and I expect most to have their systems updated by mid-February. Any missed payments will only be retroactively made to the week ending January 2nd, 2021 when the program extension started.

Note that if If you have not collected unemployment benefits in a while, you may need to reactivate your account before you can resume requesting PEUC benefits. But for most people with an active claim or one that recently expired due to the existing funding running out, their UI account should be automatically transitioned to the new PEUC benefits automatically. You will not need to re-apply and your benefit amount will not change. You will need to keep certifying and/or requesting payment weekly as you currently do. But please check your UI account and state UI pages for specifics.

The last payable week for the PEUC extension will be for the week ending March 13, 2021. If you receive a PEUC payment for that week, and you have a remaining balance on your account, you may be eligible to participate in a phaseout period and collect PEUC through the week ending April 10, 2021.

How Does the PEUC 11-week extension work with State Extended Benefits (EB) and Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Those who are currently receiving PEUC benefits under the CARES act and had remaining weeks to claim as of December 27th, 2020 (start of CAA, 11-week extension), will continue to be on PEUC and their eligible weeks will be automatically extended in most states. You will get a notification if there is a delay.

Any claimant who had a balance on their PEUC extension as of 12/26/20 but had already filed a State Extended Benefits (SEB) claim early, will be automatically placed back on PEUC in order to capture the additional weeks.

Any claimant who had exhausted PEUC prior to 12/26/20 and went on SEB will stay on SEB. At the end of SEB, the claimant will be placed back on PEUC up to the expiration of the program.

Some key points to note with PEUC claims:

  • You must wait for your regular state unemployment (regular and extended) benefits to expire before applying for PEUC. Once the balance of your regular UC benefits is received, you will get a notification from your state UI agency on whether the extra weeks will added to your claim balance.
  • Individuals whose UC benefit year has expired will most likely need to file a new PEUC claim to get the extensions.
  • After filing for PEUC, you’ll use the same weekly or bi-weekly filing/certification process that you used for regular UC.
  • New PEUC claimants who had no prior PEUC claim (under CARES act) will get the full 24 week allocation of benefits, but must still use them all by the extension expiry date (April 10th), unless another extension is passed.
  • Eligibility requirements for regular UC are the same for PEUC. For example, you must be
    • At least partially unemployed,
    • Able and available for suitable work,
    • Not disqualified for voluntarily leaving work, and
    • Not discharged for willful misconduct.
    • You must report all work performed and gross wages earned during weeks claimed.
  • You will automatically receive the extra $300 weekly FPUC payment if you get PEUC – you do not need to take any action to get this boost.

Claimant Scenarios going from PEUC 1.0 to PEUC 1.1/2.0

The following diagram (from mass.gov) shows the different PEUC scenarios when moving from the original PEUC program (PEUC 1.0) to the extended PEUC program funded under the CAA (PEUC 1.1 or PEUC 2.0).

Different Scenarios for PEUC Program Extension under CAA (PEUC 1.0 vs PEUC 1.1/2.0)
Different Scenarios for PEUC Program Extension under CAA (PEUC 1.0 vs PEUC 1.1/2.0)


In contrast to PEUC, PUA provides UI benefits for up to 50 base weeks (+ state extended benefits) to non-salaried individuals like freelancers, contract and gig workers and others not traditionally eligible for regular state UI or PEUC. But you can only claim PUA if you have exhausted PEUC, EB or other sources of unemployment coverage. This was confirmed in the latest DOL guidelines where if you previously exhausted your claim for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and are currently filing a claim under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, you will have to reapply for the PEUC program since you can only collect PUA if you have exhausted any entitlement to PEUC.

Because of the additional PEUC benefits available, you are no longer eligible to receive PUA. If you continue to be unemployed or partially unemployed, you must reopen your existing PEUC claim. Your state UI agency will send instructions on how to do this and will vary on a state by state basis. Note that your PEUC claim may have a different weekly benefit amount versus your PUA benefit due to the differing calculations for these benefits.

$300 FPUC and PEUC

If you qualify for PEUC (or any other unemployment program) between December 27th, 2020 and March 14th, 2021 you will also be eligible for the $300 FPUC supplementary weekly payment that was funded under the CAA/COVID relief stimulus bill.

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76 thoughts on “2021 PEUC Extension in 2022? Plus State EB Program and Regular UI Dependencies”

  1. TH from Texas- Our “Great” Texas Governor Abott (along with other states) has ridiculously decided to “Opt out” of Federal Unemployment Benefits on June 26th, 2021, provided to the states individually, directly from The Federal Government.

    My question is, why opt out of a federally funded program that is helping your dislocated workers? This makes no sense, to refuse money that has already been allotted and does not cost that state the funding from their perspective budget.

    You can argue that “it cost tax payers”. Well, taxes are taken out of that funding. So its technically creating tax revenue. The individuals who are receiving the assistance are tax payers, who paid Unemployment Insurance (UI). So, they qualify and are entitled to receive the funding.

    Our “Fine” Governor stated that there are the same number of jobs open in Texas as there are unemployed people. There is some truth to this, but it does NOT clarify how these jobs match the unemployed individuals.

    This will most definitely cause unemployed individuals to hit poverty.

    So, for Texas and all other states who have decided to “Opt Out”… The BIG BIG question is, CAN these struggling individuals receive the remaining FEDERAL PEUC Funding, directly from the FEDERAL GOVERMENT, since the state level governors are refusing the assistance?????

    Can anyone answer that? TIA

  2. Hello I was returning here to see if there were any more updated comments, and I wanted to share I got my claim issues resolved after I got in touch with UC staff for my state. It seems in PA state the BYE date is when things get tricky and we often need an agent to manually update our accounts and/or assist in reapplying if need to make a new claim following our BYE dates. The mid-June timeframe is still when our state is doing their 40 year old system update but to fix claims we need to get UC staff involved. Also, I looked a preview of the new system online and it seems similar visually as PUA’s dashboard set up, not bad. At this time my heart goes out to GA & VA & FL which I hear are states the struggle BIG time for its claimants and now with some RED?States pulling out PEUC funds I hear folks asking will those specific states keep the extra funds to themselves and not distribute any longer to their UC claimants?

  3. Andy do you have any advice for my comment I left here a few days ago, please feel free to reply. I also have dialed 400+ times right now (maybe 500+) for the first 3 hours of my day straight to PA UC phone (only 1 main 888 number?) unless someone else has another number to share? It is only a BUSY signal. Can ‘t even get in a queue line? I read some can, but I have not been able to yet. Then you wait a couple more hours after your in queue line? I’m trying to just get in that line- It’s not right- they really should hire 1000s of workers esp. if we can work at home AND now I read in articles that PA is going to UPDATE their 40 year OLD system sometime in JUNE 2021, so that will cause MORE delays to All claimants WTH!!!! The article warned of that too. Just sharing what I read in the news. Does PA UC leave their phones all day on busy??? Can someone help what days/times did ANYONE have success? On dial 500th time now???? Sitting with headset and finger dialing.

  4. Hi I’m in PA and my BYE date passed late March 2021. I reapplied to open my claim & applied online for PEUC, both things I did before BYE date (mid-March) based on a letter they sent for BYE date approaching. When check my claim status, I see I’m enrolled in PEUC (it shows as EUC for PA in my claims info.). And my balance was replenished from PEUC a week before my BYE date. I was enrolled in PEUC shortly before my BYE date passed late March.

    But my BYE date is still showing the same date, with updated benefits under PEUC. I’ve been filing all of my April weeks but still haven’t gotten payment x the last 3 weeks, and the $300/FPUC per week ever since my BYE date in late March passed, even though balance is replenished and it shows I’m under PEUC. I was only receiving regular UC since late March, so it’s my first time switched over to PEUC. My last payment was the same week of my BYE date ending.

    When I check my PEUC app. online it says pending/processing status. I’ve emailed PA UC help email several times this month and still waiting to hear back. What else needs to be done to extend my original UC March BYE date to the new Sept.4 week ending Biden American Rescue plan date?

    Any advice Andy or anyone? I’ve let my local legislature know of the situation above and asked them to intervene (via email) if I don’t get an answer by May 2021. Waiting patiently this month, but any advice please and/or anyone else please share your experience with this & PA state, thanks.

    • Not sure of advice, but this what you just stated is my exact situation in PA also. What is weird when u look at my last claim payed it is showing 2/13, it doesn’t even show all of the weekly certifies I have done since then so there isn’t a place to show if the payment is processed or sent.. however if you click “last claim filed” it brings the week prior so clearly I’m filing correctly but none of them r showing up on “their grid”…. Rigjt now I am single momma and it’s not easy, I didn’t take away the work, I didn’t tell people to stay home so why am I being punished! If u get any info please email me [email protected] would love to know…. best of luck to u….

    • I lost my job in November 2020 and filled for UI the same week. I JUST got approved and paid back pay 2 days ago in Arkansas. I had previously contacted my state rep with no luck. This past weekend I emailed the ui office again and then going an email address for the Dept of Labor. I received a reply that they didn’t handle state UI but would forward my inquiry to my states director. Whaddya know, I received that reply AND my back pay the same morning, 04/29. Although now my states UI claim site says that my benefits are exhausted, I’m not sure what to do now lol ughhh. Craziness, the amount of BS hoops we have to jump through.

    • They know that these glitches exist. It is the slow your claim all the way down. So that you become so frustrated, that you don’t keep filing. I exhausted my regular UI benefits January 1st in the beginning, I should have already exhausted by then, but they froze my account. They do this for a reason, by the time the PEUC kicked in 3 months and went by with no payment. Right around March 10th they resumed, I’m now in May, my first check of me being disqualified because I couldn’t perform a work search because my computer was down although I did two work searches every week before it started being mandatory, the first time my computer was down and I wasn’t able to perform one they held back my check that was last week. I’m told that I’m just completely disqualified for that week I cannot make it up I cannot explain my situation. So the bills for last week went unpaid. Now this week I’m told that our Governor Henry McMaster decided to end the extended unemployment benefits for South Carolina. I have only collected $2,600, I have a remaining balance of 13,000 and it’s set to expire June 27th because of our lovely governor. I will receive 1,000 more dollars, leaving a reminder balance of 12,000 dollars that I cannot claim. I am unemployed there’s no fight on my own, my job being shut down due to covid which is the buffet restaurant industry. Now my job is not existed anymore restaurant manager for a buffet, so McMaster wants us to go back to work but instead of making $50,000 a year he wants us to go back and make $25,000 a year. It is a scam, I am convinced that he will get a commission for this, since we the people voted him in, and he’s not worried about reelection, or he would actually work for the people. Unemployment benefits exist so that people can retain purchase and power during the time of unemployment that is no fault of their own. This is the farthest thing that actually happens when you file an unemployment claim. I got glitches that didn’t allow me to start my unemployment right away, we were 9 months into the pandemic before the glitch got fixed. The time frame between January and March I should be able to claim and they should make retroactive payments to me, but they will not. All of those periods of time where they do not send you money, it’s just buying them time for your year to run out your benefit year. It’s a scam, they want everyone to think that they’re rolling out this program that’s going to help the poorest people, when actually the pandemic only helped the rich and politicians who when being told early about the pandemic coming, sold all of their shares and things like hotels and travel and purchase stocks and things like gloves and masks. I hear everyone saying that people are just being lazy and don’t want to work. Its completely untrue and disgusting. Lot of other people are saying that they’re paying too much money on these supplemental payments, so they don’t want the $326 Max benefit amount which is below poverty level wages, to come up to poverty level wages which is $626 a week. Anyone who believes that the extra payments are incentizing people to stay home or grossly judging a situation they don’t know anything about. Because once a claimant gets past the red tape and the politics, and the glitches and the downtime, that they utilize to just run out your benefit year, you will only have received half of what you were initially entitled to. Not because you didn’t qualify, and not because you didn’t certify the week correctly, but because it is bureaucracy and politics at Its finest.. I realized it when Governor Henry McMaster came out to give his speech this week. When I heard all of his opinionated theories with no actual evidence supporting the facts he was blurting out of his mouth, compounded with nasty remarks everyone was leaving about people who’ve had to claim unemployment. This is my first time claiming it and my 25 years of working as a single taxpayer unmarried with no dependents, this is the first time I ever had to utilize the unemployment system, that I hope to God that I never have to again. it is literally set up to fail you, or ask a question and such a tricky way you answer wrong and get disqualified for two or three months, and you can draw it for about 2 months, and then you get disqualified again for 2 months or 3 months. Its designed to drive you crazy, and our unemployment workers and our elected officials are too lazy to fix this 40-year-old system, and this charade pretending to help the people who needed the most, when it actually hurts scars mentally exhausts, causes families and spouses to argue because of the stress from this situation. Thinking that okay I’ll be able to pay my bills this month just barely, with this right at poverty pay, and then get in that jerked out from underneath you, having to explain that to your bill collectors how you draw an employment insurance and you’re not sure why your claim is being held up but it is and if they can just please work with you you’ll pay them back, so you go into debt, only to hear Henry McMaster say that you need to return to these minimum wage jobs at $7.25 an hour, because you’re $24 an hour job no longer exists. It’s slave labor make no mistake. We elect them, we let them we do not exercise our rights. Government exists to protect our borders and its citizens during time of war, not to tell you to live on slave wages, how to raise your children, what to do on your own property, what to do with your body or your family. Protect the borders, and US during war. Are we fed up yet?

  5. I live in Virginia I received a bye letter my unemployment was cut off,I received a letter stating that I qualify for peuc2 in March19.i have to call every day and submit my claim all 5 weeks and still to this day haven’t received a dime..it’s so frustrating, causing me anxiety just not getting through to talk to anyone..depressing..VEC suck at doing their job..feeling hopeless

  6. I’m from California EDD said my peuc extension would be on 4/17/2021 it is now 4/18 with no certification available what’s up with that?? Are they still backed up? It would be nice to be notified!!

  7. I love in Pa. I received 52 weeks of UC my bye date was 2/13/21. I was told that PEAU would automatically kick in. I have not received any money since end of Feb. I continue to file, but no idea when or if I will receive my money. Any info would be great. Thanks

    • Hi I am also in PA and my BYE date passed late March 2021. Did you ever get your PEUC pay? See my comment under JJ above, my claim status shows I am under PEUC/EUC (Pa calls it EUC) but my BYE date is still showing the original March date. I’m able to do my weekly claims but I have not received any pay since my original BYE date, even though PA UC system replenished my balance and it shows I’m under PEUC/EUC. Are you still waiting or what’s happened? I’m waiting for this month’s weeks of UC not yet received. I email them but who knows when they will get back, any help or advice thanks.

    • Hi I am also. Did you ever get your PEUC pay? See my comment under above, my claim status shows I am under PEUC/EUC (Pa calls it EUC) but my BYE date is still showing the original March date. I’m able to do my weekly claims but I have not received any pay since my original BYE date, even though PA UC system replenished my balance and it shows I’m under PEUC/EUC. I email them but who knows when they will get back, any help or advice thanks.

    • I’m in the exact same situation I did see an article stating payments will be disbursed on May 4, 2021 to SOME!!!
      Praying for all of us!!!

    • Call one of the pa uc numbers to report fraudulent claims or overpayment and explain you keep getting hung up on and ask for a email address to create a paper trail

  8. Does anyone know if Ohio is going to be making payments to PEUC claimants on 4-11-2021 . I really need it and that is what someone told me but I can’t confirm it anywhere.

  9. Good evening. I started drawing my Alabama unemployment in Sept. 2019. I was placed on regular unemployment compensation. This Covid mess hit…I am now on PEUC. I call in my weekly certification every Sunday. The last time I received a payment by direct deposit was Jan. 6, 2021 in the amount of $275. Then all of the sudden it just stopped. I continue to certify every Sunday. What’s going on? Does anyone know? Will mlm I get back pay? Will I get the extra $300?

    • Do an appeal and ask why your not getting paid. Mine stopped I continued to file don’t stop and I did an appeal 3 weeks in a row made copies and sent main office copies with a letter asking why u r not getting paid, if u maxed out your 11 weeks of peuc check your state to see if they r giving extended benefits when that ends and if u run out of EB and no regular unemployment u then go back to peuc until sept. Don’t stop filings because u can’t get back pay if u do. I got back pay because I didn’t stops doing kept appealing.

  10. I received continuous payments up until 2/25th. Week ending in 2/28th, my payment history showed payment was released on 3/3rd, but not showing a deposit of funds on the bank side. No proof of funds deposited from Dept of Labor. In order to reissue a payment, the bank has to return the funds deposited. How can they return anything if they can’t see a deposit coming through? The bank told me to contact Dept of Labor, and explain no notification of deposit. Then Dept of labor said to contact the bank, because they did release payment and it’s been authorized. Something fishy is going on, and now I have no money until this is resolved. Claimed WK of 3/7th, released 3/11. Same issue will occur….so have to wait 10 business days for investigation to take place. Sounds like fraudulent activity to me.

  11. Andy I live in Georgia and received PEUC until 2/13/21 and all of a sudden I stopped receiving my weekly benefits. I received a letter stating I didn’t need to take any further actions but I have 2 kids at home and like many others I’m exhausted from worrying about paying my bills.
    Is there any way of finding out when I will receive my benefits?

    • I’m in the same boat.Im a single dad with two small children and I exhausted my 52 weeks UI.My last payment was April 7th and my extension was suppose to be automatically initiated. Haven’t received anything since,But I refiled my claim and now eagerly waiting.

  12. I live in Florida and my PUA still shows exhausted. I’ve claimed 7 weeks this year and they’ve been unpaid. The system tried to bill regular ui and Im supposed to be on PUA. I don’t understand how Forida hasn’t been able to fix this for 2mths already.

    Im a single Mom with no help from anyother sources at all and the struggle is so real right now. Ive called Florida unemployment every week and they keep telling me they can’t give a date that it will be fixed.

    What am I supposed to do?

    • I fought for 11 months for my unemployment and I called my ex governor Ric Scott’s office in Washington DC , and his secretary called me back , took some notes and 3 days later after 11 months of fighting with all I had, I got a big back pay, you have a senate person in your county or city, they will help you also.

  13. I have $3k in my account a d claimed as per usual last Sunday for previous last two weeks unemployed and it says “not paid” yet there is money left in my balance available any clue why it says not paid we no reason to not pay me?

    • I have same problem, I claimed biweekly benefit on Apr 18, 2021 Sunday, usually On Wedsday (Yesterday)will automatically send money to my acct, so far I ‘ m not received any money from PAUC , today is Thursday, any info please let me know!

  14. I live in Florida.
    When my PEUC was exhausted, I received EB benefits for a short time. I received an email from DEO on Jan 19, 2021 stating I would be able to request new PEUC benefits soon under the Continued Assistance Act and not to file a new claim. They were working diligently to implement the new PEUC program. On Jan 26, 2021, Florida Jobs stated in a press release that claimants who had previously exhausted benefits were now able to log on to their accounts and take action. I have logged on every day since then and there is no action to take! With all the emphasis on vaccines, it seems this issue is no longer being addressed by the local media. Why tell people they need to take action and then not send a link? As for calling DEO, that is an impossible task. No matter how early in the day you call, they say they are unable to provide a callback at this time. Is DEO just lying to us or could there be a problem with my account?

  15. im in michigan. my girlfriend filed last year for unemployment. she got 3 weeks of payments- no back pay- after her 3rd week of payment the money stopped being deposited and just says payment processing, this was in july or august time last year, she still hasnt got any money. she called several times and they just told her a manager has to approve it and theres nothing they can do, she just has to wait. now its tail end of february and still no payments.
    i didnt have any updates on the PEUC, when my weeks expired the only option there was on the site was file an extension, couldnt find any other info on what to do . so i filled, should have been paid today but now it says “non monetary issue” so i have to wait for it to be cleared before i get payments. who knows how long that will be. luckily my parents loaned me the minimum i needed to pay the gas shut off notice yesterday.. but that will be right back into play. damn man. this stuff and anxiety is terrible. losing my mind. i was supposed to pay them back today but now i cant. cars on empty, just everything sucks.

  16. I am at a loss. We in Virginia still have not received a dime. If you go online the system makes you think you don’t even have a case. I reapplied on February 9 as I was instructed as my benefits ran out end of December. Even when there are “Updates” on VEC website, it says absolutely nothing different, in fact it NEVER gives you any idea when monies will be released. No communication?

    • Kim,
      My name is Greg. I’m in Northern Virginia. My benefits ran out the end of December as well. I followed VEC directions as well and reapplied on February 9 too. Today, I talked to someone in the “Filing Department” at VEC who said the system is showing that my new application was recieved. She said the Monetary Determination letters are taking about 7 to 10 days. So I’ll wait a few more days. I was wondering if we could share each others emails and stay in touch to share information. I’ve contacted my state senator and my state asseblyman about the delays. I’m about to contact Senator Warner’s office, Senator Kane’s office and Congressman Gerry Connelly’s office. I’m also about to contact the Legal Aid Justice Center in Richmond and inquire about the possibility of legal assistance. Congress passed these unemployment program extension(s) and they are supposed provide immediate relief to Virginians. However, people have been waiting for weeks now. Futhermore one is unable to reach customer service. I’m sure you’ll agree, this is not acceptable. The VEC is not performing and causing damage to thousands of Virginians. Would you like to corresond with each other and see if we can work togehter to help find a remedy?

    • Hi Kim,
      I received a letter from VEC today stating that I may apply for the PEUC 2021 but when I logged in to My Gov2Go account..not really sure how to proceed. Do you mind telling me how did you reapply? Kindly help me navigate or where should I need to go?
      Thank you,

    • I agree . I had exhausted my 39 weeks. The instructions for us have been vague to none . I had something show up on GOV2go mid/late January . It looked like a new application to regular unemployment. Since it was on my dash board I filled it out . A few days later I received a letter from VEC to call a certain number and have my W2 ready it stated I had to do this by feb12 or they would make a determination based on what info they had well …. I called the number on the 10th and it wouldn’t take my social so much for that . I then uploaded my W2 on GOV2 go. I have no idea what’s happening . I feel like they made it complicated on purpose so they wouldn’t have to pay out . The people who didn’t exhaust the 39 weeks got it no problem. How and why did those of us who did get kicked out of the system and then left on our own to figure out how to get back in ? They knew we would reapply and do all the wrong things . They had a us in there they should have kept us in . We should have the emergency money in hand . They can go back in later when people are working again and try to find the frauds! We’re in a FN pandemic. People have lost their jobs! WTF .

  17. I was getting EB through November 2020 when I received a letter from Virginia saying EB had run out and the program was no longer funded.
    I have not been able to sign into system to file weekly unemployment since 11/20/2020, my P.I.N no longer works.
    I had previously applied for everything including the new 2021 PEUC on 02/09/2021 when Virginia finally got off their arse after many delays and opened up the new program.
    Here it is 5 days later and still no word although Virginia says it will only take 2-3 days right on the newly opened portal.
    These unemployment commissions have a fiduciary duty and the constant delays in their antiquated systems are unacceptable.
    We pay into the state unemployment system during our lifetime of work and now they find out the systems are antiquated?
    The commissioners in each state need to be held accountable and the Governor of Virginia needs to appoint a commission to take a serious look at what needs to be updated.
    Any thoughts why I am still waiting for funds, determination, or a way to weekly attest for the 2021 PEUC?
    Is it just a wait and see game at this point?
    Thank you.

    • Scotty, I’m in the same boat. I spoke to someone at VUC and was told i didn’t have to do anything. It would be automatically put into my account. That was 6 days again and nothing. I don’t know what’s going on either. I am desperate for help.

      • In VA – in similar boat, but did receive a BYE letter, notice of Benefit Yr ending 3/20/21, somehow lucky enough after several tries during day around this date, had to refile application, which we did over phone, had been getting deposits, up to 3/31/21, but after refiling application, still able to file weekly benefit claims on-line, no problem, getting confirmations back, but have received to weekly payments for the month of April

  18. I recently exhausted/ran out of my regular unemployment for the state of Florida. which then I applied for the PEUC (same state FL.) which I was approved for 13 additional weeks, This was the first week I received my PEUC $ but I did not receive the additional $300 per week that i had received in my final two payments of my regular unemployment . Is there a reason for that? did I do something wrong do I need to call someone do I need to fill out or file something differently? I was under the impression that i would still be receiving that. Forgive me I’m new at this and doing my best to understand everything. please please help. Thank you.

  19. Hey please help! So confused – I live in Texas – I was on regular unemployment due to company shutting down from April 2020-oct 2020 and was then put in PEUC – my regular benefit year ended 1/23/21 and now my claim page online says I am ineligible for benefits – also, on my claim status page online it states I have funds remaining (they added the funds from the 11 weeks extension of PEUC) on my claim – when I requested payment this past Monday, I was bot paid and claim status page says I get $0 for the two weeks I requested payment for bc I am ineligible ..
    When I called twc and asked them what I need to do to reapply, she said I do not need to reapply, my claim has been re processed and approved and I should receive payment in two weeks when I request again..
    I was looking at my twc claim online and clicked “request payment” even though it isn’t my filing day just to see if they had changed or updated anything – it says I need to reapply for benefits … I am so worried if I wait two more weeks to request payment again, that it will still say I need to re apply and the representative on the phone was wrong and I wasn’t really approved for the PEUC extension… with all this craziness going on in their systems, how do I know what to trust is correct?? Online it says in several places I was denied for the extension and am ineligible (but may be eligible for regular unemployment- so I need to apply)…. but it also shows the remaining $$ from the 11 weeks extension on my claim page as a remaining balance.. do I need to reapply?!???

  20. i rec a determination for peuc extended benefits and the date it was issued was on feb 1st and still have not rec not one payment and yes i am continuing to file my weekly claims im in ohio

    • That’s the same situation with me. I am on PEUC I certify every two weeks and have not received anything since November 16th.
      Is anyone still certifying and not receiving any payments?

  21. Hi I still haven’t received the new extension, the last time I was able to certify was December 19 2020 I keep asking edd and they saying to wait it will be updated . Is that normal to have to wait almost 10 weeks with no payment
    Is there anyone else that hasn’t received there benefits

    • I exhausted my eb benefits end of dec, it says it automatically enrolls you in peuc but to be safe I tried to apply for peuc but it says there is already an application with my social, it still lets me file my claims though. But I haven’t received a payment since end of dec. I don’t have a clue what is going on. Or how to get help to find out. I live in Pennsylvania

      • To Everyone, Here is what I just learned. Maybe it will help. I exhausted my benefits around Nov. 7, 2020, when Florida ended its EB benefits. At that time, a PUA link appeared for me to continue benefits. I was not eligible for PUA benefits so could not complete the application. That link has remained on my DEO homepage. I was not concerned at that time because I knew I was not eligible and concluded that I had indeed exhausted all my benefits. After 4 phone calls, I finally discovered that unless the PUA link is removed for my account, I will never be able to get back on PEUC to receive the continued benefits. Under the Continued Assistance Act, claimants no longer have to go that extra step. If you have an active claim, you should automatically be able to receive PEUC, unlike the case under the original CARES Act. I had to talk to 4 different agents until I found one who understood what I was talking about. The last agent spoke with a supervisor who concluded after about 3 hours that she needed to submit a ticket to have the PUA link removed. Many agents do not have updated information and may be giving out erroneous information. I was cautioned to be patient because it could take a while for the link to be removed.

    • I live in California and ran out of my regular unemployment and was told that they would automatically switch me to PEUC and I would receive a letter in the mail in 10-14 days. It’s been 19 days and haven’t received anything and haven’t been able to certify. I am Down to $5.47 . What the heck do I do? Everytime I call I get a message saying we are not able to handle the call volume try again later???? I’m a single mom I am just beside myself

  22. For weeks i filed the pua weekly claim and no payment came on Wednesday it says possessing but 3 weeks ago i received my pua plus 300 whats going on with this delAy im in las vegas NevAda

  23. I have still not received payment for weeks ending Jan. 2nd and Jan 9th and don’t see any way to file for those weeks. I have received payment for all following weeks. How do I file for missing weeks. Im in Pa.

  24. Please help! I was receiving extended benefits in PA bc I exhausted UC and PEUC. I received 3 EB checks but the last one I received was 1/3 and I received $300 on 1/10 (which is not my EB amount) and haven’t been paid since. I still have 10 weeks of money listed in my EB remaining balance. I live alone and have no family, or friends. I haven’t been able to buy food in weeks. I’m going to lose everything and I’m so scared and depressed. Can someone please tell me what is happening?? I don’t mean to sound like a cry baby, I really don’t bc I know so many others are in my situation as well, and I’m sure they are just as scared. Thank you so much in advance and God Bless you all and I pray everyone will get through this very difficult time.

    • I wish I could give you some advice or answer. I came here looking for answers since my husband & I both haven’t received payments this week. Instead I’ve come across so many people who have been waiting much longer than us. We have been pretty blessed that we live in Washington it seems and although we are broke right now, I know we’re gonna be alright & that’s more than a lot of people can say right now. I didn’t respond to boast just to maybe give you a glimpse of hope. I know it wasn’t a accident that I ran across this comment. I wish I had something to give you, well actually I do. It’s not exactly what you’d expect, but it truly is much better. I can promise you it is the reason I can call myself blessed at this time. God has taken care of every single need we’ve had through this pandemic and even some of the wants too. His favor is on my family and we didn’t do a thing to earn it; it’s been a true testimony of grace. So I can’t hand a check to fix your situation but what I can share with you is faith & God’s favor: this is the scripture I’m suppose to share with you. God bless, He knows you, He hears you, He loves you

      Peter said, “I don’t have a nickel to my name, but what I do have, I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!” He grabbed him by the right hand and pulled him up. In an instant his feet and ankles became firm. He jumped to his feet and walked. The man went into the Temple with them, walking back and forth, dancing and praising God. Everybody there saw him walking around and praising God. They recognized him as the one who sat begging at the Temple’s Gate Beautiful and rubbed their eyes, astonished, scarcely believing what they were seeing.”
      ‭‭Acts‬ ‭3:6-8‬ ‭MSG‬‬


    • Which state are you in? You need to talk to a manager or more senior person given the special circumstances of your case. You are eligible for past weeks, but they need to manually update the system to send you a lump sum payment for the past weeks you were eligible for.

  26. Hi, I was on regular unemployment and than pua… Now I am at peuc, yet I was only paid two weeks….all other dates were ineligible due to no money in my account…when I talked to unemployment, the guy said the reason my unemployment was exhausted, because I only had enough $ for two weeks…. I thought the money for extension would just be added like it did when I went too pua…..can you answer why I’m not eligible

    • I’m in the same boat! I’ve tried so many times to get through on the new site but get nowhere. I filed my claims over the telephone each week sense I wasnt able to do so on the new website. Does anyone know if a payment should be deposited hopefully soon? Going on almost 3 weeks with no pay at all its rally starting to get to me…

  27. At the end of December there is still money on my account they are letting me file but not getting any money what’s up with that last check was end of December on peuc my funds are not exhausted

  28. Uniformity of policies and procedures is tantamount to making this archaic state system effective for claimants .
    Where else can an entity business corporate or state delay a sole discharge of their fiduciary capacity with
    their counterparts ie people struggling for funds they ha e contributed to without and ability to confirm policies and procedures for claimants ? I was a singer at the Metropolitan opera .. One mistake one late rehearsal schedule and id be fired immediately !!wtf is up here except lazy ppl and poorly funded state services .PS how dare they pause payments or question payments when you try to stay afloat w money u pay into state system

  29. Hi Claudia from NEW MEXICO
    I am on the PEUC program and my balance is showing 1 week left. I have been too scared to certify for the last week. Do I need to use the balance up so they can put me in a different program or add the extension to my claim? I’m so stressed out. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi
      The second and only time I got a real person on the phone from Unemployment the person told me to never stop claiming. With the PEUC being extended it should just roll over. My advice is to not stop claiming, always do your weeks claiming.

      • Correct. Keep claiming/certifying as long as you can. Watch your state UI portal and inbox for notifications if they need you to file a new claim (e.g. if your benefit year expired).

        You may face a delay in payments once you use your balance as you need to wait for your state to finish updating their systems to process the 11 week PEUC extension. You will be eligible for retroactive payments.

  30. andy, do you contact people via personal emails so we can talk privately about my situation without having to broadcast it for the world to see?

    • No. I cannot not offer 1-1 guidance at this stage. Only general information. You can post your q here and change the numbers/information to make it generic.

  31. Yep, I am in the same situation as everyone else who has commented here. Exhausted EB, PAU, PEAU, LWA. My account says I have exhausted my funds. What is a person to do(without completely losing it)???

  32. I am still at a lose of what I need to do. I continue to read your articles each day, search for updates everyday, scour the internet daily for updates to the Alabama DOL being updated but still my unemployment file was updated on 01/03/2021 (which is not correct!!!) and shows I have $0.00 income to draw on for reg uc if approved and doesn’t even give me an option to file for PUA. So I’d assume I would have to go reopen my previous claim when I was drawing PEUC during 2020..?? to be eligible now and start drawing off the currently passed relief package? If so how do I do this? I have received nothing by mail. My dad received his last week of his PEUC & the $300 FPUC after AL updated its system this week. But clearly they are missing people (like me!!) SO I desperately need help!! Thanks again, Michelle here in ALABAMA

  33. for the las 2 1/2 to 3 weeks i havnt even been able to log into my account to filemy claims. Nor have i been able to talk to anyone about getting help with recovering my log in info & account. Let alone leave a msg or request a call back. Ive tried everything & cant seem to get anywhere. When I try to log in to my account using the email i set my account up with is not the right email address. Studio what do i do about getting my bills paid now?

  34. How do we know if this has started rolling out in Nevada? Many of us got an extra 300. but we aren’t sure if it’s week 6LWA or the new 300. stimulus relief.

    • Hi, I’m from Nevad as well. The additional $300 you have received is from the FPUC of the CAA. Unfortunately, according to DETR, the will never pay out the 6th week of LWA, because FEMA is “unlikely to approve it now”. Although at the time of the August Presidential executive order Nevada had the highest unemployment rate of any state, our very inept, partisan governor took nearly 3 weeks to give DETR permission to apply for FEMA funds (LWA). Immediately, it was announced that that program was first come first serve until the funds ran out. Sisolak’s nearly three week delay meant we were the very last state to be accepted! It is only by GOD’S grace and mercy that we got 5 weeks instead of nothing!

  35. Andy, I have read this article & the one you posted yesterday about “Do I need to take any action…” yet I’m still a little confused. This is my situation; I exhausted my regular unemployment, then exhausted my PEUC, then when I tried to file for PUA I didn’t complete the claim so it denied me and I’ve never been able to reapply for PUA (which I should be eligible for). I did try to file a new claim (in trying to refile for the PUA) but it was denied. I was told to just continue to file each week although it says I have no benefits. I was told that if a new relief package came then I could get payment but I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch! Per your article I’d assume they would pick up my previous PEUC claim and certify the weeks I’ve filed so far with payout starting w/e 12/27/2020 going forward plus the $300 FPUC..??? Is this correct or do I need to do something else? (I’m in Alabama) Thanks for the help!! P.S. You’re articles are great!! -Michelle


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