Veterans, Retirees, Social Security Recipients and SSI/SSDI Non-Filers Getting A Second Stimulus Check and $600 Dependent Payments


This article was last updated on January 3

[Updated after passage of new COVID relief Stimulus bill] Funding for another one-time stimulus check has been passed under the recently enacted $900 billion COVID relief package. It won’t be as much as the first $1200 ($2400 for couples) stimulus check amount that many wanted, but in order to keep the overall stimulus bill’s price-tag to below $1 trillion and maintain support for the proposal, leaders have cut the proposed one time stimulus check payment to $600 for adults AND dependents.

For those who do not file a return, like eligible retirees and recipients of Social Security retirement and disability (SSDI), they will automatically receive the new stimulus checks in line with how they got their first stimulus check following agreements between the IRS and the Social Security Administration (SSA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). They will get the payment the same way they get their current federal benefits today – direct deposit, direct express debit card or in the mail. Per the update below they can also use the IRS non-filer tool (when available) to update bank accounts, add dependents and get the latest status of their payments.

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[Update on fixes to Non-filer payments] This IRS has fixed system issues which had prevented payment of the $500 dependent stimulus credit to many eligible recipients. The resolved $500 dependent stimulus (economic impact) payments were sent out from early August for each qualifying child. Further the IRS has opened the non-filers tool again to allow those eligible federal beneficiaries who didn’t receive a payment to submit their banking details. See more in this article.

For those Social Security, SSI, Department of Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement Board beneficiaries who have already used the Non-Filers tool to provide information on children, no further action is needed. The IRS will automatically make a payment in October.

Update on another Second Stimulus Payment in 2020

Congressional leaders have agreed in principle that a second stimulus check will be paid in 2020, given the ongoing economic fallout from the COVID crisis. This CARES 2 economic impact payment (a.k.a stimulus check) will be part of the next stimulus package, which is still under review due to several other politically contentious items (like an extension of unemployment benefits). However another round of one-time stimulus check payments seems to be agreed upon by Republicans and Democrats, and the general consensus is for a $1200/$2400 payment in August.

The second stimulus payment will include eligible retirees and recipients of Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), survivors benefits, Railroad Retirement. These groups should also all be getting stimulus checks in the same manner (but hopefully faster) that they got their first stimulus payment

The good news is that another $500 child stimulus payment will also likely be provided and will be expanded to cover those under 24 (versus under 17 in the first stimulus payment), so high school and college age dependents would be covered.

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Veteran Stimulus Checks

Eligible retirees and recipients of Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), survivors benefits, Railroad Retirement, or veterans benefits in 2019 will automatically receive $1200 stimulus checks following agreements between the IRS and the Social Security Administration (SSA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). Recipients will not be required to file a tax return and will get the payment the same way they get their current federal benefits today – direct deposit, direct express debit card or in the mail.

When Will These Payments be Made

Multiple systems and processes need to be put in place to enable validating and processing these payments. Hence expect delays. Veterans and their beneficiaries who receive (C&P) benefit payments from VA should receive the $1,200 payment towards the end of April per IRS guidelines.

Those receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income and Railroad Retirement benefits can expect to receive automatic payments of $1,200 from early May.

The Treasury Department via the IRS, not the VA or SSA, will make the automatic stimulus check payments.

Extra step needed to claim $500 child dependent stimulus

The CARES act also provided an additional $500 payment for those with qualifying dependents under the age of 17. For taxpayers who filed tax returns in 2018 or 2019, the qualifying child payments will be automatic. However for people who fall into the groups described in this article – VA, Social Security retirement or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits – an extra step is needed to add the $500 per child onto their $1200 stimulus check. They will need to register via the “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info” available only on IRS website (see details). Otherwise the extra $500 payment (‘Plus $500’ as the IRS calls it) will be delayed to subsequent payment runs.

“The deadline is quickly approaching for these groups so they can get their maximum Economic Impact Payment of $1,200 and $500 for each eligible child as quickly as possible,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. “These groups will get $1,200 automatically, but they need to act quickly and use the Non-Filers tool on to get the extra $500 per child added to their payment. Everyone should share this information widely and help others with the Plus $500 Push, so that more Americans get more money as fast as possible.”


How do I get the Stimulus Check when I don’t file taxes

Per IRS, SSA and VA guidance many government program beneficiaries who don’t have to file taxes have used the non-filers tool to add their dependents. But while they got their adult stimulus check they didn’t get the extra kid stimulus payment for their eligible dependents. This is a situation being experienced by many Americans with SSDI and VA benefits (see this article for details and comments from people in a similar situation). The IRS’ solution to this issue is for those impacted to claim this payment in 2021 when they file their 2020 taxes. However many SSDI, SSA and VA beneficiaries don’t file taxes – because they don’t make enough to file taxes! So they are stuck in a catch-22 situation.

This situation has created a lot of issues for many SSDI and VA recipients who needed the money asap and while there is no immediate solution is in place, it has been raised as an issue by several members of Congress. The IRS will hopefully put in a fix for this and is working with the SSA and VA agencies. So we will just have to wait till until there is an update that allows eligible recipients to get their money sooner. Otherwise filing a tax return (which should be free if your income is below IRS thresholds) may your only recourse to get his money – although much later than you would like to have received it. If you were ale to find a better solution or want to share your story, please leave a comment below.

If you were claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return:

You do not need to take any action.  You do not qualify for the Economic Impact Payment; you can be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return. However, if you are not someone’s dependent in the 2020 tax year, you may be able to claim the credit by filing a 2020 tax return in 2021.

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77 thoughts on “Veterans, Retirees, Social Security Recipients and SSI/SSDI Non-Filers Getting A Second Stimulus Check and $600 Dependent Payments

  1. I get disability through the va also I got the first stemulus check almost last in line but I got it but I haven’t received the second one seems like they have our information on file seem like we should have got it when everyone else got there’s dont you think.

  2. My husband is a disabled veteran and i am unemployed, as i am his fulltime caregiver. His monthly check is directly deposited into the same account for years. We received our first stimulus check April 15th with no problems. It is now January 13th and we haven’t received the 2nd one. Keep getting a, status #2 not available. i do not know why we are having problems. We are way below the limit to be eligible. I don’t know what to do.

  3. I am on SSDI the 1st stimulus check went to my cash app like I expected beings that my Benifits are deposited on this card every month however the 500$ dependant stimulus went into my suntrust account witch has been closed for awhile now and also my second payment went to this closed account …kind of confusing I don’t understand why it wouldn’t go to the same place I receive my SSDI Benifits every month …. What should I do ?

  4. I also did not recieve the additional $500 for either one of my two children. I did not need to file a tax return in 2018 or in 2019 so I did the non-fillers fillable form and when I put my dependents down, it said I couldn’t because someone had already claimed them. So with that I just got the $1,200 Stimulus Check for myself. Now, I should be the only person to claim my children. I have custody of both and they live with me full time. My first question is how should I go about reporting this as fraud? I assume someone claimed my children on their 2019 tax return and got the money back for each of my kids not aware that anything would happen, like Coronavirus. So I hope I am able to find out who did and get them looked into for fraudulently claiming dependents, because on top of it they then would have also recieved the Stimulus’ extra $500 for each dependent of mine they claimed. I’m very upset that someone is getting paid for using my children’s identities and then when it comes to me, actually being the parent and doing all of the work that comes with being one, I get nothing in this time of need! My second question is did anything change with the non-fillable form that can help with my situation? Or will I have to wait until 2021 to claim the extra $500 for each kid on my 2020 tax return? What if I again don’t have to file a 2020 tax return like I didn’t in 2019? Will that mean I just have to take a loss over this unfortunate situation?

  5. i was claimed as an adult dependent in 2018 and 2019 i am over the age of 17/24 (im 37) I do NOT receive SSI or disability benefits and the tax payer that claimed me only received $1200 stimulus. Correct me if im wrong but why are adult dependents NOT included in the $500 dependent payment? Isnt the word dependent enough to get the taxpayer the extra money they need to care for and pay living expenses for their claimed dependent? so, basically ill have to wait until 2021 to file my non filers tax return to get my $1200 stimulus but in the meantime when we are hurting the most we get nothing…

  6. I filed taxes in 2018 and 2019 just like I have for the past 30+ years. I have had a refund direct deposited into the same account since 2001. My retirement and VA Disability gets deposited into the same account. How come it is now August 2020 and I still have not received any relief funds? The IRS website does not provide information either. I even called the hotline and waited 30 minutes to talk to someone just to be told “I do not know. Please be patient.” How much longer can I be? If I have to wait until I file a 2020 return then I will pray for my own safety.

  7. The Florida department of revenue clearly stated that I will no longer owe any child support current or back unless it is was taxable to income as a disabled person. The stimulus check is not taxable income. Since they took my last stimulus check, I’m home homeless and carless! I need this check to have a roof over my head.

  8. First thank you for providing this sight and taking the time to find, post, and update the information.
    I have a question with a confusing situation.
    My 13 year old son lives with my husband and I, his father is also re-married. My husband and I are both disabled and do not work,(SSDI), each year I sign the IRS tax form to allow my son’s biological father and step-mother to claim my son as a dependent on their taxes since I no longer work.
    The biological father filed their taxes prior to the stimulus check being passed, so when I filed non-filers form my son’s SSNumber was tied to his father’s taxes and therefore he received my son’s $500.00 check with his and his wife’s checks. Now he says he will not pay it back to his son since the money comes from taxes and my son didn’t work and pay taxes. He also owes back child support, around $2500.00, I’m not sure why child support did not take their stimulus checks, but I guess that is really irrelevant.
    Is their something I can do so my son gets his money? Thank you

    1. Unfortunately the $500 stimulus payment for kids is based on dependent status in tax refurns so your ex (and sons biological father) was eligible for that payment. He should have had child support deducted from his overall stimulus payment – so I would report that to the BFS (who oversee child support payments). See this post for more options and similar comments –

      1. Thank you for the help I will check into both suggestions. Any information is helpful. Thank you again.

  9. My husband on disability,im his payee,so i got his check in my name so does this mean only one check sinse they did use my social security number so confuse


  11. Both myself (SSDI) and my 24 y/o granddaughter (SSI) are still getting “Information not Available” every day and have not seen any money! We both have direct deposit accounts. Several other SSDI/SSI recipients I know are also in the same situation. The $1200 QUESTION IS~~~ WHY ARE WE STILL WAITING???????

  12. I am in a unique situation…. Though perhaps not that unique. I was listed as an adult dependant, but am also a disabled vet receiving benefits. Which would have precedence? In my reading online, adult dependants definately do not qualify. However, the article here says that if you receive benefits, I guess percentages (in regards to disabilities) are irrelevant, you WILL get the full amount. Any idea where people like me would fit in? Or if there is a relatively easy way to check?

    Thank you for your time and have a great day!

  13. im on ssdi if checks were sent out alrready i never got one and my ssdi check goes right into my bank account is it possable i was missed?

  14. I am only on SSDI since early 90’s and have my check directly deposit still don’t got my stimulus check and I try to use the non flier app and it I got an email saying I was rejected because my husband file Married but filing separate. I left my husband in 2014 and move another state because of domestic violence. I am hoping I error that I got that message on the non flier.

  15. You can call the Attorney General’s office if you think you minor child’s Stimulus might have gone to custodial parent. If so , it will be taken off your bill and AG will have record.

  16. I am on SSDI, with a 15 year old dependant. I got the $1200, but not the $500. I have had custody of my son since 2018. I am sure my ex claimed him in 2018, fraudulently. I am not required to file, but used the non-filer tool on time.

    Did me ex get the $500? How do I fix this?

    1. Hmmmm…your ex may have got it if she claimed him on her 2018 or 2019 tax return. You’ll need to check that with her (if you can). But also note per this article, the IRS non-filer tool has caused issues for several people in your situation where the dependent information is not being processed correctly. Hopefully the IRS fixes this or else you will need to file and claim the $500 in your 2020 tax return.

  17. I am on ssdi n have a payee how will I get mine or will it jus go to my payee I have heard so many different things somebody please tell me

    1. It should go to wherever your SSDI check goes. you can go online and change your deposit info or address. In turn , it will go to changed update you make !

  18. I’m on ssdi and I received my $1200 stimulus check. However I didnt get the $500 for my daughter. I did use the non-filers tool to add her as my dependent after 4/22 but before 5/5. My question is that I’ve read I’m suppose to wait til I file my 2021 taxes to get it but what if I don’t file taxes (because I don’t make enough on ssdi to need to file taxes). How do I get the $500 when I don’t file taxes? Also, is there any way I may receive it since I did add her before 5/5? ssi had til 5/5 to add their dependents. I missed the 4/22 deadline for ssdi because I was unaware and the IRS only gave us a few days to add ssdi dependents. I’m just hoping that I can get the $500 soon or some advice on how to get it since I don’t file yearly taxes on ssdi. Thanks

    1. So Venita, this is definitely a Catch 22 situation and like you many government beneficiaries typically don’t file tax returns because they have low to no taxable income. This has been raised as an issue by several members of Congress and you are not alone. The IRS will hopefully put in a fix for this working with SSA and VA depts, so you may just have to wait till there is an update there. Otherwise filing a tax return (which should be free if your income is below $50,000) may your only recourse to get his money – although much later that you would like to have received it.

  19. Haven’t gotten my additional 500 and I applied non filers, before the deadline. For the additional child. IRS needs to update these subsequent additional payments.

  20. So im on suppliment security income and i filled the non filler on april 12 cause of my 4 children… none of them have been claimed by other people and i put all the correct info in the system and i dont ow back taxes child support or anything and i recieved my payment but no for my dependents so what do i do to get my payment for my kids

  21. I’m a Disabled Veteran receiving disability I was under the understanding that being US Citizens we would be getting a stimulus check of $2400 being married, $1200 being single, Am married and only receiving $1200, on what did i misunderstood the president, on what was going to be given out or issued out. IRS wrote in their page that no one had to do anything, confused??

    1. Same with us, husband receives VA disability benefits, married and doesn’t file tax return. I do not have an income and I tried to enter my information on IRS website it has been rejected with error code IND-508(primary SSN has been claimed on another claim). But he only received $1200.00. So why did his spouse/dependant not receive stimulus payment?

      1. My husband is on SSDI and I don’t work. We only received $1200 as well.

  22. I’m a Disabled Veteran receiving disability I was under the understanding that being US Citizens we would be getting a stimulus check of $2400 being married, $1200 being single, Am married and only receiving $1200, on what did i misunderstood the president, on what was going to be given out or issued out. IRS wrote in their page that no one had to do anything, confused??

  23. I am on disability I have a direct deposit bank account i have not filed taxes in a lot years I would like too know if I ame going too get a check or not tired of the bs on Facebook one day i am going too get it then the next day i am not going too get one

  24. I to am a veteran.i draw va benifits and ss.i received a silver star and purple heart for defe ding my country.this is the kind of shit the government does to us.we should of revived our payment along with as people first.i called and all I got was a runaround.thank you for helping pay our bills. Retired dresbaugh

  25. I’m confused by all this stimulus BS. Do disabled veterans get an additional stimulus check, separate from the $1200 received from the government? I received direct deposit on April 15th for my wife & I from the US treasury, which was expected, as all US citizens were expecting. So, do disabled veterans receiving disability compensation get an additional stimulus check for $1200/$2400 if married?

      1. I have moved n need to put in new address, I would rather put in bank info for direct deposit, but the portal is down n I will probably miss the deadline.I called the IRS yesterday to give them my new address, I was on hold for 45 mins, then was told they could not take my call at this time.I really need this money, I have none, no food n I’m staying with my daughter n 3 other adults in a hotel room. I’m so afraid my check will go to my old address n they will no longer allow me to check my mail. I tried to get the post office to hold my mail for 30 days so I could get my check but they said I have to change it with the irs.Why can’t they get this together for people who need to change things.Its so depressing.

    1. I received a stimulus check for $1200.00 on the 29th of April. Iam a disable veteran. Do I receive another stimulus check for $1200 in May. Thanks

  26. I get Va compensation and social security, direct deposit. I have for years. Why is it the wealthy people got their check and vets got left out. The treasury Department!!!Now they have a site, Get My Payment!! HA!!! HA!!! It does not work. What a scam. I hope Munich the Treasury Secretary reads this.

  27. I get Va compensation and social security, direct deposit. I have for years. Why is it the wealthy people got their check and vets got left out. The treasury Department!!!Now they have a site, Get My Payment!! HA!!! HA!!! It does not work. What a scam. I hope Munich the Treasury Secretary reads this.

  28. I’m a disabled female veteran.. I think it’s a damm shame for any veteran disabled or not to be treated in the way we all have been treated i had to fight the V.A. for 16 1/2. Years just to get certified as a disabled veteran and that was at 30% back in 1998 i was only receiving 279.00 dollars a month i couldn’t pay rent for a place of my own i had to pay to stay with different people and that took most of my check.. I was denied by the Social Security Administration for disability back in 1990 i finally got a hearing with a Attorney present to represent me and i still was denied and that was in 2001.. I think it is really sad for any veteran or anyone else to be treated that way… And i still haven’t received a stimulus check..and I’m married all of our bills are paid with my V.A. benefits check my husband is on SSDI and with his check i have to strich it the best way i can..

  29. I am an american veteran that suffered for 30 years with a fractured spine while in service that went untreated for 30 years. I fought ssdi for 5 before getting my approval through a hearing, fought the va for 30 before finally getting a 60% rating following 2 surgeries to fix the problem. I served my country, asked very little in return. Where the justice for veterans that suffer their whole lives to barely survive? Surviving is not living. Veterans should be able to have a home, be able to afford a hobby, or an occasional vacation. I know many veterans and unemployed people that would do so much more for a lot less than many politicians. Besides $1200 isnt going to pull people through going on 3 months of this mess. Something needs to be done immediately to stop collections and help americans thru this tough time. Why dont they put together a monthly human services benefit until americans return to work?

    1. The ones that were getting unemployment is getting $600 a week but those of us that are getting SSI, SSDI. VA, ECT will not get nothing extra and I am on SSI and I am married and I have not at all recieved anything at all

      1. My son get SSI and i can’t find out anything about his check or if is is getting one

        1. Is your son a child under17 ? If so , many folks have yet to receive for their children. Make sure your info is updated to include your dependent.

    2. I don’t believe or have any confidence at all with this god awful nightmare. I’m on social security disability I have direct deposit at my bank I’ve filed my taxes for 2018and 2019 I’ve tried to get a straight answer from every app and site available to no avail. Why are there no IRS personnel there to awnser people who are struggling to get any information from are government. I still haven’t received my relief deposit in my account and I’m starting to think I never will. I’m in desperate need of that money.

    3. like you disbled and receive 641.00 a month ssdi since 1990 nothing else 5 herniated discs and failed low back fusion im in limbo trying to eat let alone pay utility bills that creep up little by little each month till nothing left to survive on if your disabled , you will be livin on it

  30. I don’t know what to do! I’m single and on disability. I get a 1099 tax form every year. I don’t file taxes. I have a 9-year-old daughter , who is also disabled and gets a 1099 tax form every year. She is not claimed by anybody because I am single and don’t file taxes due to my disability. Due I need to do the non-filers or will she get the 1200 dollar since she’s not a dependent to anybody and gets her own check.

    1. At 9 years old, your daughter is your dependent. It should be $1200 to adult, even on SSI and $500 to you for you child, even if on SSI. The SSI people are just starting to get their $1200 payments as I know 2 persons who just received with in past 2 days . Good luck , hang in there….at least you got your SSI checks to continue living this month !

  31. I am a medical retiree and compensation and pension recipient and I still haven’t received my stimulus check of $3,400. I don’t feel bad and I will not apologize for taking or excepting money from the US government when they been taking money from me since I gave my first dollar bill to a clerk at five years old (tax) and since the Mint can print money at will. Quantum economics is bulls*it and a man-made concept. Of course the people not struggling and the slave W-2 filers are put first, naturally and the one’s who put their lives on the line for the interests of a cancer and pandemic called capitalism and elite pedophiles are sh*it on. Corrupt US at it’s finest. I am expecting my payment as soon as possible and when I check my banking app, I expect to see “From Asshole”.

  32. I found out that as of today that guy IRS did deposit covid-19 stimulus checks and to post VA retirement SSI and disability Bank accounts as if today why did I I not get mine and a lot of ours and I am on SSI I have that is what I want to ask Andy because I found out of that Andy works for the f****** IRS yes and e y didn’t allow by IRS give me my economic stimulus payment of $2,400 because I am married

  33. Trump wants his name on the checks. Dont we have a treasury dept. How can he sign? Will it be a write off for hom?

    1. Never in American history has a President been on an IRS check. He is self absorbed and narsatistic…..he wants all persons who received in check form that he gave you that Stimulus Check. Also signed by this jerk is a letter you will receive by mail telling you that the jerk is sending you a Stimulus . Looks like it was signed with a sharpie…bold print. He has a need for you to see it. Overgrown kid still playing with his magic marker!!!

      1. Don’t just call Trump a jerk. You need to call Perosi a jerk. She is did not want to issue a stimulus check to the people. They has to wait on her for days to sign. When Obama sent out stimulus checks only people that filed income taxes receive a 600.00 check. Veterans did not receive one or non tax filers.

  34. I’m on SSDI and barely making it cause I work a small part time job to survive but that ended a month ago so my small SSDI covers rent and utilities but I eat and survive with part time job. Can’t work Now cause I am suspect to virus with dbl lung and heart transplant I had two years ago. Anyways haven’t received anything yet either. Did find on-Line said SSDI payments would be deposited starting 17th-24th so I’m hoping will all getm by this Friday?

  35. They sent out 80 million in one day,so it again for the disabled know….the ones that caught for this damn country! wtf?

  36. Here we go I am on SSI and I am going to say something that may PISS part of the government off but oh well all I want to say is they were only out to help the ones that were working class and BUSINESSES I am so tired of having to wait on a $1,200 Stimulus payment I which I should get $2,400 cause I am married cause they did not allow me to do my information on the no fillers form on there site it is always saying that no dicecision made but all the Vet’s, SSDI, SSI ECT are still waiting on it why do we have to wait but did the businesses and did everyone else getting the extra$600 a week F*** NO why…….

  37. Retirees, Disabled and Military always come last. Its criminal that this happens. The folks that paid taxes their whole life, built and protected this country are the most in need. And should be first. Not a 22 yo kid or a deceased person that filed in 2018. I see alot of unemployed youngsters smoking weed and wearing new tennis shoes but us Veterans and the like cant afford to get food or medicine. Its funny they keep bragging about 80 million people got their deposits last week but they never mention anything about the rest of us ?

    Pelosi is on line eating a 15 dollar ice cream and I haven’t ate anything in 6 days. They all get an F in my book. They ought to allow us to harvest an animal or go fishing so we can sustain our self.

    Much frustration from the woods of Colorado !

  38. I am on SSI and I am married will I be getting just $1,200 or the $2,400 and I my self have to stay inside and it seems like that the IRS and all the Politics only want to help the working class why in the H**L didn’t they even think of just going ahead and doing what they SAID in the 1st PLACE that the SECOND ROUND of STIMULUS checks were SUPPOSE TO GO OUT THE WEEK OF THE 30th for people on SSI, SSDI, VA BENIFITS, ETC so why the change now

  39. disabled people in SSI recipients should have been the first people to get stimulus check what the f*** is going on with the government in the IRS

    1. Go figure they don’t care all they think of is their self’s and so does the the F***ING PRESIDENT the POLITICS DOES NOT CARE BOUT ANY 1

    2. I agree I havnt had apay check in 30- years wheres my unemployment too 600 a week times 30 years now who owes what
      disabled live on 461 per month ssdi applied for food stamps was told I could have 16 lousy dollars a month cost more in gasoline to go get it

  40. I don’t understand why the delay issues were not published in the plethora of information we veterans receive from the various organizations. Think of all the anxiety they could have saved. IT’ NOT TOO LATE to ease some tension.

    1. Rolling out the stimulus check program and getting payment details across several government agencies is no mean feat given these agencies are not the most efficient in normal times. So quite a herculean effort to even have it out by early May. But I do agree the communications and lack of transparency has been an issue.

      1. It seems to me that ANDY needs to be the 1 to get things done this week like they said it would be in the first place the IRS said before and I will find it where they said it would be on the week of the 20 the to deposit money in SSI,VA,. SSDI ETC I WILL PERSONALLY SHOW EVIDENCE

    2. yeah no shit, like up until the 20thj those of us va disability that dont file taxes to fill out hte non filer, only on the 20th to be told we dont have to, and then on top of that not one source has stated when disabled vets will get the stimulous it goes from tax payers to tehm sending out checks to SSI receipiants. i mean where do the disabled vets finally get the facts on when they stimulous will be direct deposited when clearly the info is on file considering veterans are required to have direct deposit to recieve va disability payments.

  41. I am on SSDI and work PT , now receiving unemployment in Texas in addition receiving the PUC ( Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ) will this effect my SSDI monthly payment? I am on the Ticket – To – Work program which allows me to go over my quota for 9 months (which I have not) .Is the $600 weekly payments considered unearned income ? Again will it effect my SSDI ? Please respond as I have searched everywhere for the answers. Thank you

    1. No…the stimulus items wont impact existing benefits. But the $600 is taxable income like all UIC.

      1. Yes , the $600 weekly PUA payment was taxed but it is Federal Stimulus $ so does that effect benefits that I had going?

      2. Go to IRS site and look for a new app called where’s my check? or maybe it’s Where’s my money ? Hang in there. Now they are in process of new stimulus that will give anyone 16 or older $2,000 per month and under 16 $500 month. This is again to simulate economic growth and to prevent USA from going into a depression. According to what I have read ,this is a 6 month minimum and then they will evaluate economic situation and possibly continue to pay up to one year. It’s hard to believe all this money being dished out….we will see. Look up new $2,000 stimulus and see what you can find.

  42. I’ve been on disability SSI and SSDI since 2005 I still have not received my stimulus check and I am concerned that somebody has hacked my information and use my social security number and gotten it how in the f*** am I supposed to when I am now homeless because of this get any f****** help whenever the IRS will not open and there’s no God damn number to call

    1. Will be coming in May … just taking a while for government inter-agencies (IRS and VA) to get their act together! Hang in there and thanks for your service.

    2. There is a new app that just launched on the IRS site, I believe its called Track My Money or Track My Check and it tells exactly when it was sent or deposited . You can also go to the Filers or Non-Filers page and update any info such as address or bank account number.

      1. Unfortunately, this tool does not work for social security, railroad retirees, SSI, VA, etc., unless you’ve filed a return with direct deposit information in 2018-2019. So those of us who aren’t required to file taxes just have to wait until it magically appears, and no one seems to know when!

        1. I am on VA Comp & SSD and have not gotten my stimulas money yet. They being said, I am not upset. Those of us who are on disability has it alot better then those who are not. Most cant work due to the lockdown and those receiving Disability has no change to their finances ( with exception to those who must also work) So i will be patient as those who work need the help first. Also
          I see alot of people bad mouthing the VA about taking years to get their disability. I can not pass by without leaving a reply. I deployed to Bosnia (SFOR 13) and twice to IRAQ (OIF 2-4 & OIF 5-7). I was wounded towards the last few months of my last deployment.
          I came home and filed a C&P Claim for L4/L5 back injury and PTSD. Before my combat veteran status expired. When i was discharged it was 2 years after your demobilization date. Its been changed to 5 year now. That status puts you in highest priority for care. As long as your within this time frame you get highest priority for care above all others with exception to emergency care.
          I had all my paperwork, claim statements, LOD’s and medical records all in order and filled out properly and submitted. It took them about 4 weeks to scedual my C&P and another few more weeks approve my claim for 60% Lower Back and 100% PTSD giving me 100% Disability. I submitted the same records to SSD and was approved total disability in less than 6 weeks. I was not concidered Perm Total at that time. That took about 10 years to happen but i cant blame them for that. I was still young and there was a possibility for treatment to work.
          Now after 4 follow up ratings they gave me perm and total disability. This allows me to now get health, Dental and Eye care with the VA health care system no matter if it is A Service related injury or not. CHAMPVA 80/20 insurance is also provided for my defendants.
          So just a recap. The VA gives me 100% Medical, RX, Dental and Eye care. The VA even pays me travel for each VA covered visit. Also provide 80/20 Insurance for my family. The VA healthcare system has always been there for me and my family. They really take care of us. If you have a legitimate Service Connected injury you will be taken care of promptly and professionally if you seek treatment before the Combat Veteran Status. After it expires your place in line will be behind all the freshly returning veterans for care. So people need to stop bad mouthing the VA system because their injuries was not service connected or they did not have their paperwork in order. That my experience with the VA System.

        2. Thank you for service firstly. And thanks again for the detailed and positive comment. Good to see a different perspective

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