When Will $300 LWA Unemployment Start Being Paid in My State?


[Updated Sep 17th] The temporary $300 unemployment benefit under the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program funding has now been approved by FEMA for all the states who applied for the funding grant. This supplementary payment is a much needed benefit for unemployed or underemployed workers who lost the supplementary $600 FPUC weekly payment at the end of July. But there is still a lot of confusion on when the $300 will actually be paid. So I tried to collate the latest information available in the LWA state tracker table below, which shows the payment status and actual or estimated future date claimants can expect their first weekly unemployment payment, if eligible.

All states that applied and were approved by FEMA were only initially awarded three weeks of funding – covering the weeks of August 1st, 8th and August 15th.  After that, states and territories will need to submit a Lost Wages Additional Week Request one week at a time for funding to pay claims for subsequent weeks. However any additional funding is subject to the $44 billion budget that is available for this program and it is almost certain that funding will run out before the December 27th expiry of this program, unless Congress approves additional funding via a formal UI benefits extension.

In fact, at this stage approved states will likely only get a maximum of 6 weeks of funding (weeks covering August 1st to September 5th) for the LWA program per recent FEMA guidance to state labor and unemployment agencies that have already made several weeks of payments. Several states which started making the $300 payments earlier than other states have already been notified that their LWA funding allotment has run out and no additional funding beyond will be approved.

The good news however is that even if the state you live in takes several more weeks to roll out this program and start paying claims, payments will be retroactive to the beginning of August (week of Jul y 26th to August 1st), the first week when this program was in place. So if you were eligible for the first three weeks you will at a minimum get $900 from this program in your first payment. A few states are adding $100 extra to this payment (see table), so that will increase the retroactive back payment as well. States which been approved for more than 3 weeks, have also started making retroactive payments for those additional weeks.

Similar to the challenges with rolling out the previous enhanced benefit programs, the actual payment date may change as states update their payment systems to confirm the eligibility ($100 minimum) for this program. I’ll continue to update the tracker as more dates are confirmed and you can see links in the table to state specific pages where more information is available. If you see this payment in your weekly claim or benefit payment, please leave a comment and I’ll update the LWA state tracker table which I am sure will help other readers waiting for their payment. You can also follow my Facebook and Twitter feeds for micro real-time updates.

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StatePayment Status?Payment Starts (est)Weekly Benefit
AlabamaPaying NowSep 6th$300
AlaskaPayment PendingSep 20th$300
ArizonaPaying NowAug 17th$300
ArkansasPaying NowSep 12 (up to Oct 2nd)$300
CaliforniaPaying NowSep 7th$300
ColoradoPayment PendingSep 20th$300
ConnecticutPaying NowSep 17th$300
DelawarePaying NowSep 18th$300
District of ColumbiaPayment Date ConfirmedOctober 1st week$300
FloridaPaying NowSep 8th$300
GeorgiaPaying NowSep 12th$300
HawaiiPayment PendingEarly October$300
IdahoPaying NowSep 12th$300
IllinoisPaying NowSep 8th$300
IndianaPayment Date ConfirmedSep 21st$300
IowaPaying NowSep 9th$300
KansasPayment PendingSep 20th$300
KentuckyPaying NowSep 15th$400
LouisianaPaying NowAug 27th$300
MainePaying NowSep 12th$300
MarylandPaying NowSep 12th$300
MassachusettsPaying NowSep 7th$300
MichiganPaying NowSep 10th$300
MinnesotaPaying NowSep 4th$300
MississippiPaying NowSep 10th$300
MissouriPaying NowAug 23rd$300
MontanaPaying NowAug 30th$400
NebraskaPaying NowSep 18th (First 3 weeks)
From Sep 20th (remaining payments)
NevadaPayment PendingSep 27th$300
New HampshirePaying NowSep 12th$300
New JerseyPayment PendingDelayed to early October$300
New MexicoPaying NowSep 10th$300
New YorkPaying NowSep 14th$300
North CarolinaPaying NowSep 6th (4 weeks)
Sep 16th (2 weeks)
North DakotaPaying NowSep 17th$300
OhioPaying NowSep 16th (For PUA recipients only); Sep 28th for others$300
OklahomaPayment PendingSep 20th$300
OregonPayment PendingSep 30th$300
PennsylvaniaPaying NowSep 14th (paid 1 wk after regular benefits)$300
Rhode IslandPaying NowSep 6th$300
South CarolinaPayment PendingSep 20th$300
South DakotaNo PaymentDid not enroll-
TennesseePaying NowAug 30th$300
TexasPaying NowAug 23rd$300
UtahPaying NowFirst 3 wks: Sep 9th to Sep 15th
Second round: Sep 16th to Sep 23rd
VermontPaying NowWeek of Sep 14th$300
VirginiaPayment Date ConfirmedSep 30th$300
WashingtonPayment Date ConfirmedSep 21st$300
West VirginiaPaying NowSep 16th$400

WisconsinPayment PendingEnd of October$300
WyomingPaying NowSep 13th$300

Table Methodology: The LWA state tracker table was last updated on Sep 18th. Payment Start date is when the state actually starts processing current and/or retroactive UI payments OR estimated based on FEMA approval date of LWA grant plus 3 to 5 weeks for state to implement changes. Note: It can take 2 to 4 days after this date for payments to hit your bank account or debit card. Where a state has started paying benefits, you will see the Payment Status column updated to "Paying Now" to reflect this. Please see your state UI website for your specific claim payment status. If you find any mistakes or have updates, please leave a comment below and I will update table to help others.

What if my state has started making payments, but I don’t see my $300?

Claimants in most states do not need to take any action to receive the new benefits available in this program. The additional benefits will be added automatically for all claimants who are eligible and have certified for the relevant week. Their self-certification will ask them to confirm they were unemployed or partially unemployed due to COVID-19. See more FAQs on this here.

However if your state has started making payments and you haven’t received payments you need to first confirm you are eligible. This means you must be receiving at least $100 in weekly unemployment benefit payments (pre tax and before any other deductions). This includes claimants receiving any type of regular unemployment insurance benefits as well as those receiving PUA and PEUC benefits.

If you are eligible and you have not received a payment in several weeks then you will need to contact your state UI agency to ensure the claim has been processed and is not being held up due to fraud, missing/incorrect payment details or due to a weekly or bi-weekly certification issue.

See more in this article on Why Your $300 Unemployment Has Not Been Paid or Delayed.

My state has been approved and the LWA tracker says payments are being made, but when will I get my payment?

The tracker provides an actual or estimated date for the when the LWA payments start being processed by the state. If a start date has been officially published by the state, you will see the status updated to “paying now.” Otherwise it is estimate based on FEMA guidelines or if confirmed by several sources online. However this date (week start date in many cases) may not be the same as the date the actual UI payment will hit your back account or debit card. The actual date you may see the money could be several days after the official state processing start date and tied to your normal UI payment cycle. You will need to confirm via your UI online portal or state agency for the exact payment date.

Also note the payment date is generally the date when payment starts. In many states, due to volume of people being paid, claims are paid out over several days (in batches, based on SSN or First/Last Name). And given processing by banks to disburse these payments via direct deposit or debit cards can take 1 to 2 days, it may take several days after the first payment date for you to receive your payment.

I got my $900 back payment but no payments after that. Why?

The first state LWA grant approved by FEMA was only for three weeks. Hence the $900 payment (3 x $300) is what most people are seeing first, less any taxes or withholding. Subsequent $300 payments are approved and paid on a week by week basis. This includes retroactive payments which will also be staggered. Rest assured if you are eligible for past weeks you will get your payment.

Also the maximum number of weeks that can be paid under the LWA program is 6, which means the maximum payment in most states is $1800 (or $2400 if the state was paying $400 p/week). After the payment of 6 weeks, you will revert to what you were getting under existing unemployment programs.

I am got my first week of payments but not subsequent weeks.

Kristin asked, “My son just got his first payment for the weeks of 08/23 thru 08/29 and 08/30 thru 09/05. He got the extra $300 for the week of 08/23 – 08/29, but did not get the extra $300 for the week of 08/30 thru 09/05. We are in Texas. Do you know why he got it the first week, but not the second week?

Every week is processed separately by the state UI agency subject to FEMA funding. So you may be seeing some variability due to delays in approval, claim processing and eventual bank/debit card payment.

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799 thoughts on “When Will $300 LWA Unemployment Start Being Paid in My State?

  1. Colorado starting paying out thursday 17th first round of payments went out , then friday 18th another round of payments went out of 900$ lump sum. Other lump sum for 900$ to complete 1800$, goes out 25th website says. I was one who recieved friday in co 700 something after taxes guys, hope this helps goood luck to all…

  2. Any idea when the second round of payments for Georgia will be released? They reported the “end of next week” last week on the GDOL website.

  3. If we didn’t get our lwa payment today will it be 5th erected tomorrow or do I have to wait till Monday

  4. Illinois has begun paying out LWA for the weeks ending 8/01, 8/08 and 8/15. Have the funds for LWA for the remaining weeks ending 8/22, 8/29 and 9/05, been approved?

    1. I just got this email. So yes!
      Dear Claimant –

      You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you have received supplemental funding to your unemployment benefit payment through the new federal Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program. LWA provides eligible claimants an additional $300 to their weekly benefit amount (WBA).

      The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) has received $1.3 billion in funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the six weeks LWA is available to each state. Payments began disbursement on September 6 for the weeks of July 26 – August 15 and will continue to be paid out for the weeks between August 16 – September 5. LWA payments are available to claimants earning a minimum $100 WBA and are in current pay status.

      LWA is a completely separate federal program from that of the previous unemployment supplemental Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program, which provided an additional $600 each week in 100 percent federally funded benefits to any claimant receiving unemployment benefits.

  5. I live in Ky and I am on regular unemployment and I haven’t see the first payment.idk what is taking so long?

  6. Ga, my sister received her 300$ funds but I haven’t and I’m on regular unemployment

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