When Will $300 FPUC Extra Unemployment Start Being Paid in My State? News and Updates on Payment for PUA and PEUC Claims


This article was last updated on January 17

The new $900 billion COVID-19 Relief stimulus package has now been passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. It includes extensions to pandemic unemployment programs (PUA and PEUC) and an extra $300 FPUC supplementary UI payment. The supplementary payment will cover 11 weeks starting from December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. The actual payment date for these 11 weeks may begin a few weeks after the actual program start date due to state UI agencies updating their systems and eligible payments will be made retroactively.

Starting with week ending January 2, 2021 the FPUC payment can be made above and beyond any regular unemployment and require eligible claimants to certify regularly according to their state UI agency guidelines. Claimants will need to be eligible for at least $1 of an underlying unemployment benefit to receive the $300 supplemental payment under the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program. You do not need to take any additional action to receive this supplemental payment. States are slowly rolling out these changes for different groups of claimants – those getting regular UI and state extended benefits, those with active benefits/weeks after Dec 27th, PUA and PEUC recipients who exhausted benefits before December 27th and those who need to file a new claim after December 27th. So you need to be aware that payment and certification dates will vary by which group of claimants you fall into.

I will update dates in the table below as states implement these guidelines and start making making actual payments. Please leave a comment if you find updated or incorrect information reflected in the table and I will review/update accordingly. Details on why this payment could be delayed due to PEUC or PUA roll-outs are discussed in this video.

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$300 FPUC Weekly Unemployment Stimulus Payment Status

Table Notes: $300 FPUC Weekly Unemployment Stimulus Payment Status by State Tracker. A Maximum of 11 weeks (Dec 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021) can be paid under this program and you must be getting $1 from existing program during coverage period. State labor and unemployment departments are slowly rolling out extended UI changes in batches by claimant groups. One of the last groups are those who have exhausted their benefits before Dec 27th and will need to wait till PUA and PEUC changes are implemented before getting the $300 FPUC (see why in this article). Where available I have broken up payment start dates by group. If you cannot see the table clearly, click here and scroll down

(Click state link for details)
Payment Status, Dates and Roll-out Schedule
AlabamaJanuary 6th - Paying benefits to active claimants and those who have exhausted benefits and eligible for extended coverage period.
AlaskaNo update as of Jan 11th. Still waiting to implement DOL guidelines for UI extension
ArizonaStarting the Week of January 3rd
ArkansasNo update as of Jan 21th. DOL guidelines have been provided, but the state UI agency (ADWS) has provided very limited updates (last one of Jan 7th) and is presumably in the middle of updating their state UI systems to process payments. Until that time, they are asking folks to hold questions and refrain from calling their local offices or Hotline with questions regarding the extensions or changes. Claimants will receive notices with information specific to their UI claim status.
CaliforniaJan 3rd (for active claimants with with regular UI or FED-ED extension ) and Jan 10th (for those also getting extended PUA, PEUC)
ColoradoCDLE still updating systems to process $300 and PUA/PEUC extensions. (estimated end of January)
ConnecticutClaimants will begin receiving payment upon filing their claims beginning on Jan 3, 2021. (source: CDOL)
DelawareJanuary 4th, 2021
District of ColumbiaDES is still updating systems to process $300 and PUA/PEUC extensions (estimated end of January)
FloridaJanuary 12, paying out claims. DEO also says it’s still working on implementing the continuation of PEUC and PUA for claimants who had exhausted benefits (may see delays in $300 payment for this group)
GeorgiaJanuary 2nd (for active claimants getting regular UI). Those on State Extended Benefits (SEB) and PEUC claims will get $300FPUC released after 01/12/21. PUA and PEUC claimants have exhausted benefits should not file a new claim, but should continue to request weekly payments via UI portal. Once GDOL updates systems they will make back payments for eligible weeks.
HawaiiJan 11th, Paying active PUA claimants that have certified eligible claims for the week ending Jan 2nd, 2021. Eligible claimants that can certify claims on Sunday, Jan 9 for the week ending Jan 8th will also have their claims processed, including $300 FPUC. (HDOL)
IdahoStarting the week ending Jan 2, 2021
IllinoisConfirmed January 7th. Paying from the week ending Jan 2, 2021 for all programs
IndianaDWD began paying the additional $300 available through CAUWA on regular UI claims on Jan. 8, 2021 (still to pay those who have need to reapply for extended coverage period)
IowaJanuary 15th (Estimated)
KansasNo payments as of Jan 12th, official update is they are still updating systems based on DOL guidance
KentuckyNo payments as of Jan 12th, official statement is “We are going to have to, with the new CARES Act, go in and reprogram because they (the federal government) changed, once again, who qualifies for this extra $300."
LouisianaPaying all benefits now. Per the Louisiana Works website, you can start or reopen a claim for unemployment insurance now to get the extension coverage. If you already have an active unemployment claim, just continue the weekly claim certification process. If you have already filed an unemployment claim due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), you do NOT need to call the LWC. Login and check your Message Center for important details.
MaineWeek Jan 2nd (active claims): Week of Jan 10th ( Claimants who had exhausted their PUA benefits including or prior to Dec. 26); Jan 17th (Claimants who had exhausted their original PEUC benefits including or prior to Dec. 26) (source: Maine DOL)
MarylandJanuary 5th
MassachusettsJanuary 6th. The additional $300 was added to weekly benefit payments for the week ending Jan 2nd. PUA claimants will receive their FPUC payments beginning Monday, Jan. 11, 2021 (retro to Jan 2nd)
MichiganFrom January 12th (for those getting regular/EB unemployment). From Jan 17th for PUA and PEUC claimants with active and remaining claim balances as of Dec 27th, 2020 Those PUA and PEUC claimants who had exhausted benefits prior to Dec 26th have to wait till programs/systems are update to file/reopen claims. No action and need to wait for updates from Michigan UIA.
MinnesotaStarting the Week of January 3rd
MississippiStarting the Week of January 3rd
MissouriJanuary 18th for regular UI/EB recipients only. PUA and PEUC recipients are still waiting. Keep certifying if have an active claim balance. (Source : MO Division of Employment Security (DES))
MontanaJanuary 5th - added to recipient’s state weekly benefit amount (source: Montana DOL)
NebraskaJanuary 8th, 2021
NevadaJanuary 6th (active claimants). Those who exhausted benefits will have to wait until system updates are done to reopen PUA/PEUC claims (expected end of Jan)
New HampshireJanuary 5th (Source : NHES)
New JerseyNJ DOL experiencing delays and challenges in implementing $300 payment. Those currently collecting UI, PUA & PEUC will see $300 FPUC hit accounts from Jan 19th (estimated) and towards late Jan/early Feb for those who exhausted benefits prior to December 27th and need to reopen/refile for extended coverage. (See details in this video)
New MexicoJanuary 18th (estimated)
New YorkStarting the Week of January 3rd
North CarolinaJanuary 6th (active claimants)
North DakotaStill making update to systems for PUA and PEUC recipients. ND Job Service expects to roll this out by the end of Jan 2020 (including retroactive payments)
OhioODJFS is issuing FPUC payments as of 01/16/201 for those with active PUA, PEUC and Regular UI claims and who can certify. Those who had exhausted PUA or PEUC benefits won't receive the $300 until they can file claims following system updates that will only happen in February. All claimants will eventually receive all benefits they are eligible for.
OklahomaJan 7th for active claimants and PUA/PEUC claimants who had NOT exhausted benefits as of Dec 27th. OK OESC estimates that starting on January 25th will starting pay out the $300 federal compensation to all remaining claimants. (source: OESC)
OregonJanuary 7th, 2021 (active claimants)
PennsylvaniaStarting from Tues., January, 12 (for regular UC and EB recipients). PUA and PEUC programs are being updated to allow the extended payments to be applied for existing and newly eligible claimants. Do not file a new claim and await for instructions from PA L&I DOL
Rhode IslandStarting the Week of January 3rd
South CarolinaJanuary 9th
South DakotaJanuary 13th
TennesseeStarting the Week of January 3rd
TexasJanuary 7th (regular UI). Texas TWC still updating systems for individuals unable to request payment due to having exhausted their (PUA, PEUC, EB) claims prior to Dec 26th, TWC will send them updated information once system updates have been made - no action needed now.
UtahJan 7th - Paying to Regular UI and PUA claimants. PEUC claimants to start later in January (source: Utah DWS)
VermontJanuary 11th; New PUA claimants must complete an initial application for benefits before filing a weekly claim. Individuals in regular UI have already been able to file for the PEUC extension, which went live on January 3rd. Existing PUA and PEUC can file weekly claims to receive the $300 payment. (Source : Vermont DOL)
Virginia01/08/2021 for UI and PEUC. The target date for implementation is 01/14/2021 for PUA with active claims/balances. PUA and PEUC claimants who exhausted benefits before 12/27 will only be able to reopen/reactivate claims after 1/29/2021, due to to delays in system updates by VEC.
WashingtonWill issue payment for the first two weeks on Jan. 15, 2021 (source: ESD WA)
West VirginiaStarting the Week of January 3rd for all eligible recipients. You will need to reopen claim if had a gap in your filing and exhausted benefits before 12/26/20 and your initial claim year has not ended. (see WV instructions)
WisconsinNo clear date defined other than DWD saying - "We anticipate starting payments within a few weeks."
WyomingJanuary 16th

State unemployment departments and agencies will be responsible for disbursing these benefit payments, similar to the $300 LWA and earlier $600 FPUC supplementary unemployment programs. Given the many challenges and various payment issues across states with earlier supplementary UI benefit programs, I expect this to take some time to be rolled out and require retroactive payments to get claimants caught up. So stay tuned and subscribe to get the latest updates. You can also see this $300 FPUC video for more details on this program.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program – Now Expired

The temporary $300 unemployment benefit under the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program funding has now been paid in all states who participated in the program. The program expiry date was December 27th, 2020 and this means that any new or retroactive payments under this program will NO longer be paid out going forward. This has been replaced by the new $300 FPUC payment discussed above.

This supplementary payment was a temporary, but much needed benefit for unemployed or underemployed workers who lost the supplementary $600 FPUC weekly payment at the end of July. There was a lot of confusion on when the $300 would actually be paid by state UI agencies which led to the creation of the LWA state tracker table below, which shows the payment status and actual or estimated future date claimants can expect their first weekly unemployment payment, if eligible. You can also see the 1000+ comments from readers that share their experiences around the LWA payment, including some very useful tips if you are facing issues getting your $300 LWA payment.

All states that applied and were approved by FEMA were only initially awarded three weeks of funding – covering the weeks of August 1st, 8th and August 15th.  After that, states and territories will need to submit a Lost Wages Additional Week Request one week at a time for funding to pay claims for subsequent weeks. However any additional funding is subject to the $44 billion budget that is available for this program and it is almost certain that funding will run out before the December 27th expiry of this program, unless Congress approves additional funding via a formal UI benefits extension.

In fact, at this stage approved states will only get a maximum of 6 weeks of funding (weeks covering August 1st to September 5th) for the LWA program per recent FEMA guidance to state labor and unemployment agencies that have already made several weeks of payments. Several states which started making the $300 payments earlier than other states have already been notified that their LWA funding allotment has run out and no additional funding beyond will be approved. Note however that some states like Florida will only be applying for and paying 4 weeks of LWA benefits, since they didn’t meet some of the LWA program qualification rules (details here).

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) State Payment Date and Status

StateLWA StatusStart DateMax WeeksWeekly Amount
AlabamaPaidSep 6th6$300
AlaskaPaidNov 6th
(see estimate details)
ArizonaPaidAug 17th6$300
ArkansasPaidSep 12 (up to Oct 2nd)6$300
CaliforniaPaidSep 7th (Phase 1)
Sep 15th (Phase 2)
ColoradoPaidFrom Sep 18th
(in batches)
ConnecticutPaidSep 17th5$300
DelawarePaidSep 18th6$300
District of ColumbiaPaidFrom Sep 28th
(in batches)
FloridaPaidSep 8th4$300
GeorgiaPaidSep 12th6$300
HawaiiPaidSep 23rd
(see schedule)
IdahoPaidSep 12th6$300
IllinoisPaidSep 8th6$300
IndianaPaidWeek of Sep 21st6$300
IowaPaidSep 9th6$300
KansasPaidFrom Oct 6th
(see schedule/details)
KentuckyPaidSep 15th6$400
LouisianaPaidAug 27th6$300
MainePaidSep 12th6$300
MarylandPaidSep 12th (schedule)6$300
MassachusettsPaidSep 7th6$300
MichiganPaidSep 10th6$300
MinnesotaPaidSep 4th6$300
MississippiPaidSep 10th6$300
MissouriPaidAug 23rd6$300
MontanaPaidAug 30th6$400
NebraskaPaidSep 18th (First 3 weeks)
From Sep 20th (remaining payments)
NevadaPaying 5th and 6th weeksFrom Oct 20th (First 3 weeks)
From Nov 11 (Last 3 weeks)
(see DETR updates)
New HampshirePaidSep 12th6$300
New JerseyPaidFrom Oct 22nd
(see more details)
New MexicoPaidSep 10th6$300
New YorkPaidSep 14th6$300
North CarolinaPaidSep 6th (4 weeks)
Sep 16th (2 weeks)
North DakotaPaidSep 17th6$300
OhioPaidFrom Sep 14th (on PUA)
From Sep 20th (others)
OklahomaPaidSep 23rd6$300
OregonPaidOctober 2nd6$300
PennsylvaniaPaidSep 17th (first 3 wk batch)
Sep 24th (second 3wk batch)
Rhode IslandPaidSep 6th6$300
South CarolinaPaidSep 25th
(7 to 14 days processing)
South DakotaNo PaymentDid not enroll6-
TennesseePaidAug 30th6$300
TexasPaidAug 23rd6$300
UtahPaidSep 9th to Sep 23rd
(paying in batches)
VermontPaidWeek of Sep 14th6$300
VirginiaPaidOct 19th
(see payout details)
WashingtonPaidSep 22nd6$300
West VirginiaPaidSep 16th6$400

WisconsinPaidFrom Oct 22nd6$300
WyomingPaidSep 13th6$300

Payment Start date is when the state actually started processing LWA payments OR is the estimated date of the first payment processing based on available information. Note: Due to bank processing delays, it can take 2 to 4 days after the noted dates for benefits to hit your bank account or debit card. Please see links to more information in the table or your state UI website for specific payment status. If you find any mistakes or have updates, please leave a comment below and I will update table to help others.

What if my state has started making payments, but I don’t see my $300?

Claimants in most states do not need to take any action to receive the new benefits available in this program. The additional benefits will be added automatically for all claimants who are eligible and have certified for the relevant week. Their self-certification will ask them to confirm they were unemployed or partially unemployed due to COVID-19. See more FAQs on this here.

However if your state has started making payments and you haven’t received payments you need to first confirm you are eligible. This means you must be receiving at least $100 in weekly unemployment benefit payments (pre tax and before any other deductions). This includes claimants receiving any type of regular unemployment insurance benefits as well as those receiving PUA and PEUC benefits.

If you are eligible and you have not received a payment in several weeks then you will need to contact your state UI agency to ensure the claim has been processed and is not being held up due to fraud, missing/incorrect payment details or due to a weekly or bi-weekly certification issue.

See more in this article on Why Your $300 Unemployment Has Not Been Paid or Delayed.

My state has been approved and the LWA tracker says payments are being made, but when will I get my payment?

The tracker provides an actual or estimated date for the when the LWA payments start being processed by the state. If a start date has been officially published by the state, you will see the status updated to “paying now.” Otherwise it is estimate based on FEMA guidelines or if confirmed by several sources online. However this date (week start date in many cases) may not be the same as the date the actual UI payment will hit your back account or debit card. The actual date you may see the money could be several days after the official state processing start date and tied to your normal UI payment cycle. You will need to confirm via your UI online portal or state agency for the exact payment date.

Also note the payment date is generally the date when payment starts. In many states, due to volume of people being paid, claims are paid out over several days (in batches, based on SSN or First/Last Name). And given processing by banks to disburse these payments via direct deposit or debit cards can take 1 to 2 days, it may take several days after the first payment date for you to receive your payment.

I got my $900 back payment but no payments after that. Why?

The first state LWA grant approved by FEMA was only for three weeks. Hence the $900 payment (3 x $300) is what most people are seeing first, less any taxes or withholding. Subsequent $300 payments are approved and paid on a week by week basis. This includes retroactive payments which will also be staggered. Rest assured if you are eligible for past weeks you will get your payment.

Also the maximum number of weeks that can be paid under the LWA program is 6, which means the maximum payment in most states is $1800 (or $2400 if the state was paying $400 p/week). After the payment of 6 weeks, you will revert to what you were getting under existing unemployment programs.

I am got my first week of payments but not subsequent weeks.

Kristin asked, “My son just got his first payment for the weeks of 08/23 thru 08/29 and 08/30 thru 09/05. He got the extra $300 for the week of 08/23 – 08/29, but did not get the extra $300 for the week of 08/30 thru 09/05. We are in Texas. Do you know why he got it the first week, but not the second week?

Every week is processed separately by the state UI agency subject to FEMA funding. So you may be seeing some variability due to delays in approval, claim processing and eventual bank/debit card payment.

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1,375 thoughts on “When Will $300 FPUC Extra Unemployment Start Being Paid in My State? News and Updates on Payment for PUA and PEUC Claims

  1. I got my 300 today. But I thought nj was supposed to be retroactive. People keep lieing. Nj is good for this. This is really a disservice to American workers. That mean if they didn’t retroactive the money than we don’t get it. And that means we don’t get the full 11 weeks so that money goes in the pocket of nj.

    1. Louisiana workforce commission sucks I been calling all week and weekend and cannot get anybody on the phone I received a payment 12/27 and 01/05 and that’s it I received my final determination on 01/08 and received nothing after that they say your claim roll over don’t file a new one claim I only received one payment that it

  2. Pennsylvania has indeed kept its promise of paying the folks on regular UC , as for the folks on EB (extended benefits) they haven’t received a thing since December 26th. Now they have updated their site stating that EB payments will not be paid until PEUC completes. To me this means In March/April. They haven’t updated anyone on EB , except stating there’s a known issue they are working on and NOT to contact them. As for PEUC it’s been updated that they will pay for 1 week a d then update further when they know more. PUA – nothing has been said for them.

    It’s a joke, I know plenty of people facing eviction, near starving, since when they had Unemployment it disqualified them from food stamps, and to requalify they need to go a full month with little to no income.

    The EB is the most worrisome of all, if there update to their site means what it says, those people will be going 3 months with no payment. That’s criminal.

  3. Hello all,

    In New Jersey, as of 10:00AM, Tuesday, January 12th 2021, claimants have yet to receive any of the new “11 Weeks of $300 Unemployment Bonus as per NJDLWD. I find this to be an understatement but, it’s a MASSIVE DISSERVICE to the Residents & Employees of this state. First of all, NJ was boasting about how they’re one of the “FIRST STATES”, to issue these payments to their recipients as they “Planned Ahead & Anticipated” that the $600 Program would be reinstated. Furthermore, they claimed that claimants would see these benefits in their accounts as early as Tuesday, January 12th 2021. However, there was this disclaimer attached to that same memo. It read, “after successfully user testing”.

    OK… which one is it? After user testing or on 1/12/21? The problem i have is the fact that they FLAT OUT LIED by saying that they’ve already started issuing benefits to their recipients ahead of other states. Perhaps, to draw attention away from the fact that they totally left people in the dark with the FEMA LWA payments? Thus, trying to get ahead of any backlash? Beforehand? Its absurd how much they lie, but to mention how evasive Governor Murphy is when asked questions. Rather comical because he sat there blaming Trump for all of this nonsense (which does have some truth to it), but yet… he answers questions just like Trump would. Then to top it all off, anytime he’s asked a question, there’s ALWAYS… ALWAYS… ALWAYS… A BETTER PERSON TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION! IT’S NEVER HIM.


    Q: UGH… MR. GOVERNOR, Can you tell us when workers should expect to see these payments hit they’re accounts?
    A: Ugh… that’s a good question for Anthony or Robert. I don’t have the answer to that question. But ugh, I’ll have one of them answer that for you. Are they available now? Oh no? Ok. I’ll have to have them get back to you on that question. (As he pretends to write it down on his “memo pad” with a pen with no ink.)

    Q: Governor, can you tell us when you’ll be allowing businesses to reopen?
    A: Ugh… that’s a question for Judy. Is Judy here? Judy, you wanna take this question? I mean… cause you’re the expert here. (Oh sure Mr. Governor…..)

    Q: Governor, I thought there were limits on Social Gathering in New Jersey. Can you explain what happened in Ocean County this weekend?
    A: Oh yes.. there is but I’ll allow Pat Callahan to elaborate more on that. Pat… (Ugh… yeah Governor.)

    Meanwhile, he wants to “PRETEND” like things are running smoothly but can’t answer a single question without first dumping it off into someone else. Guess that’s how he sleeps better at night. It’s always someone else’s problem. What the hell is he even here for? If every time a question is asked he gets to dodge it?!

    Oh… let’s not forget how “tirelessly” his office has been working. And… how those who haven’t received your unemployment benefits in over 10 months, rest assured you’ll get every dime you’re owed. (HELL… that’s like writing a post dated check or writing a check against an account with no money in it or closed. It’s not worth anything.

    I tell you what though… here’s a fact. I can promise you that he WILL NOT… WILL NOT… GET ANOTHER TERM. YOU WATCH!

    THE WAY HE’S HANDLED THIS PANDEMIC IS DISGRACEFUL, TO SAY THE LEAST. Just like he smiles when his checks clears his account for the crappy job he’s doing (from our tax dollars), will be the same way voters will be smiling come the next election year. I mean… in all honesty, he shouldn’t be collecting one dime until EVERY SINGLE CLAIMANT RECEIVED HIS/HER BENEFITS! PERIOD!

    I have a problem with that. You’re in an office, where you’re supposed to be working for the people. And as compensation for your work, you pull a salary from the workers tax dollars. Right? Well… if you’re not doing your job efficiently and effectively, then why are you still entitled to a salary? He claims to feel the pain we feel. Oh really? How so? Aren’t you lights working? Don’t you have heat and food on the table? Do you worry about the repo man coming for your vehicle? Or the bank for your house? Oh wait… you live in a mansion that “WE THE PEOPLE” pays for. You get a Personal Armed driver with a police escort. (No need for a vehicle or gas.) Oh but you feel it huh?

    Was it before you became numb? Oh but he’ll feel it come November.

    1. Not to mention if an employee at McDonald’s were to screw up really bad, they’ll be out of a job. Am I right or right? If a Doctor were to misdiagnosed or messed up, they’ll be sued and lose their license. If a pilot were to make an error while flying, it’s safe to assume that they too would lose their license or at the very least have some repercussions behind it.

      If an CEO said something racist, they’ll be asked to step down. Right?

      But meteorologist and politicians can be wrong 100% of the time but keep their jobs?

      Ugh… can I have an application too?

    2. I’m in Louisiana and I received the benefits last week now this week I didn’t get nothing what’s the hold up

  4. Andy, I have followed your information on your website. Its been the most informative ive found. I didnt receive the 600 stimulus says not available but most troubling I haven’t received anything from pua. Could you possibly look at my claim. I trust your judgement. Benefit year end date sounds encouraging 3/13/21 but eligibility review date says 3/8/2021 doesn’t. When I certified for weeks ending Dec. 26 and Jan. 2 says benefit 181 in progress but payment and stimulus says 0. Can you tell me what to do Thanks for passing along your knowledge to everyone.

    Claimant Summary

    Claimant Name: G Program Code: PUA
    Claimant SSN: ###-##- Benefit Year Start Date: 2/2/2020
    Claimant Address:
    Benefit Year End Date: 3/13/2021
    NV 89 Application ID:
    Eligibility Review Date: 3/8/2020

    Processing, Please wait …

    Payment Summary

    Payment Summary

    Week End Date:


    Claim Filed Date:


    Payment Issue Date:

    Maximum Benefit Amount:


    Weekly Benefit Amount:


    Earnings Claimed:


    Adjusted Base Pay Amount:


    Total Deductions:


    Payment Amount:


    Prevent Payment:


    Payment Type:

    Benefits Exhausted

    Waiting Week:




    Total Earnings:




    Total Deductions:




    Adjusted Base Pay Amount:


    Adjustment State Tax:


    Adjustment Federal Tax:


    Adjustment Payment Amount:



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    1. Alaska didn’t even have a date yet but they are paying out thus week. It shows a $300.00 increase fir my weeks payment. Check the UI site where you file every week. Look under search weeks already claimed. It should state full entitlement and the amount.

  5. Nevada only paid 5 weeks! So if they said that they paid us 6 weeks then the state of Nevada lied!
    Worst state to live in.

    1. I’m from Ohio, I can’t vouch for everyone but I received 6 payments totaling $1600.

    2. Sorry Jody I meant I’ve received 6 payments totaling $1800 again I’m from Ohio.

  6. I file for unemployment in August the last week of August cause I did not no I was able to get it I told the lady on the phone that I went off work on March 1,2020 but I only got paid from the day I made my claim in August so does that mean I won’t get back pay from march when I was on the phone that day filing my unemployment the lady said I get payed d from march 1 but I not seen nothing but from the day I made the claim in August

  7. I received my $1800.00 LWA on Thursday November 5, 2020 for Alaska. Hope the rest of you received yours.

  8. I have been trying to get back pay from the 3rd week of march up to the first week of april. i received two cks then it stopped for 3 weeks. I can’t get thru to my state unemployment agency. I’ve been in the wait ue for 6 weeks. My landlord is trying to evict me. I’ve e mailed them 4 times. What should i do? this was when were getting the 600 a week. Please any advice?

    1. I would contact some sort of landlord tenant organization in your state who will be able to provide you with vital information. I would attempt to contact your unemployment office as soon as they open, not a minute later. You should be able to get through.

  9. Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know if it is still possible to sign up for the LWA program in New York? I did not know that the department of labor was sending me emails to an email address that I do not use so I didn’t see the document to sign up until today (Nov 5). I was checking the inbox on my DOL login where I certify my benefits but apparently that’s not where they were sending it. It says the document expired on Oct 31. I have been unemployed due to covid since April and have been receiving unemployment insurance since that time, I should definitely qualify. I tried to call the automated phone service but after asking me for me SSN and having me create a PIN is says that they are having technical difficulties and cannot continue. I need this money so bad I would be heart broken if I missed the deadline.

  10. Did the feds extend 300 unemployment benefits till December to some states what about Louisiana

  11. Alaska UI is still testing the LWA program as of 10/27 and is still finding glitches in the system. They are working with KeyBank on distribution, whom has a recent history of having problems getting payments out in other states(such as New York) on a timely basis. Moreover, due to the nature of the funding, traditional UI system infrastructure isn’t being used as they built a new program from basically scratch. That and they have to correctly balance the program’s distribution so that all qualifying claimants receive the correct amount. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath for this week…or Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or never.

    1. You will receive LWA whenever IT is finished playing World of Warcraft: Pandemic.

  12. Andy, It is 10/27/20 and Alaska has still not paid out any Lost Wage Assistance for the applicable weeks. My question is Why?

    1. The AK Dept of Labor has been performing “test payments” to ensure there are no known glitches before the program goes live. Once the program is solid, without hiccups, payments will be disbursed the next business day. However, none of the top leads in the Dept are willing to give a projected nor precise date on when that is happening and instead have thrown other Depts under the bus. It was two weeks ago, then last week. Looked at my portal yesterday afternoon for today- the usual weekly amount. There will not be a payment this week. Probably not next week either- I would NOT count on that funding ANY LONGER and move on with our lives and find even a crappy job. It’s not worth the stress dealing with a government that has failed us. Good Luck.

  13. Looks like Alaska Dept of Labor has let its claimants down yet again. LWA is not reflected in the dollar amount to be deposited into my account tomorrow. It’s possible, though unlikely, that Alaskan claimants could see a separate deposit this week- though I cannot not confirm nor deny that. Considering most claimants have already filed for this week and awaiting ACH deposit, I would not expect ANY LWA payments to be made until next week on Tuesday- IF at all. Don’t expect anything this week Alaska…may as well wait for the next administration, whomever it may be.

  14. Hey Alaska folks,
    2 weeks ago I emailed 62 of our state legislators regarding an actual issue date for this assistance. After about 100 back and forth emails with about a dozen that were brave enough to respond, either personally or as a couple of very important and busy ones did, through instructing an aide to respond, I’m no closer to aquiring a set of calender vectors to know what day it will arrive. There is an absolute refusal to give an answer in the format of mm/dd/yyyy….why?

    Happy to share what I learned, and what they said.

    What I know:
    1.This week was late because they took a day off and we were just supposed to deduct that that ment our payments would be late. They kinda imply “duh” after they claim Alaska day to you as their reason. Stupid us….

    2. Money HAS been released to the Municipalities…. in September.

    3. Apparently, due to the “waiting on updates” claim, we are in fact waiting on the highest paid department of this unit, IT, to complete a project which had no projected date of finish and when pressed they are as well able to say “Hey, We’re workin on it…”. No, none, zilch, info provided as to what the projected date was when this was started 2 months ago. So Hey! Take as looooong as you need. And way to throw your people under the bus Cathy.

    4. It will be paid out each week for 6 weeks. Not a lump sum.

    5. It takes 30 days to starve, we’re at like 70 and waiting….

    1. Please know that it will be arriving in 1-2 weeks and it will arrive in a lump sum of $1800.00. This is a FACT. I know a lot of us have bills to pay but I can assure you we are really close to having it in our accounts real soon. This dilemma is almost over.

      1. That’s great. I’ve gotten emails that contradict and support that so who knows. But they are right on schedule for Nov 3rd. So since they don’t have enough respect for those they are employed to help to simply provide enough information for us to plan our lives, we just sit and wait? Yea, just relax, it’s coming….Heard that for weeks now. I’m not going to be letting up on them anytime soon. Some of us are taking down names and when they think this is over we’ll be right there to remind the world of their failure. There are a lot of COVID failures, state and federal, and it’s going to be up to us to document them and not let people forget.

        1. Shawn I encourage you to do what you have to do. I’ve learned to give the things I can’t control to God. Hopefully you will have your money sooner than later.

  15. Hi everyone. South Carolina sent me two payments of $300 dollars by mail. On my online portal it says my payments were sent out on Sept. 27. Now it’s Oct 23 rd and I haven’t received my checks. I don’t understand why or what’s going on with the mail. Should I request a repayment or should I try and wait it out? I need the extra money. Please help me***

    1. You folk in Alaska are quite funny. You get upset about a government that you say doesn’t care about you by not paying out your additional $300 unemployment on time. And talk about Nov 3 (election). Then post election results show you casting your votes for these same people you are upset with for not caring about you. Very interesting how you expect anything to change for you when you yourself refuse to change. Life doesn’t work that way. The hardest part is yet to come, once oil loses its value in the years to come.

  16. Well its now Mid Oct!!! and Alaska has not PAID a dime YET!!!! now they are saying due to old computers in the system there is a delay??? They knew that this system was old and they have just gotten Lots of hard earned Tax dollars from us why hasn’t this been fixed long time ago???? Why cant these over paid State workers just tell us the truth and do there F*&% Jobs and make sure there people wee taken care of?? If this was there pay checks it would have been Fixed the same day i bet…..
    I am a single father of two boys and we are living pay check to pay check this time of year is not a time to be late on any bills!!! If i were booted out of my home because of this Delay my two boys and i would have to live in our car!!!! money is so tight when bills are payed i have 48 dollars left to make sure i have gas to get my boys to school or store to get food, This is getting outta hand this dam Gov need to get there shit together so we dont end up losing sleep worring about our bills are gonna get paid or not PLZ ALASKA GOV lets get this taken care of PLZ!!!!!!!
    Single Father from ALASKA……

  17. Alaska UI LWA will begin distributing payments NEXT week, officials said. However, Alaskan’s have been hearing this rhetoric for weeks with no clear release date in mind. In my opinion, I’m thinking this is more about skimming interest money, politics, and UI timing. Not to sound nefarious, but I think the administration in the Dept would rather not see the LWA go out so they can continue to bankroll the interest. I’d like to see that interest too- two months of worth of interest on $1800 isn’t much. Now, two months interest on $62M that was allocated to AK is definitely a pretty penny. Add the fact that the Dept is dangling the carrot at us in releasing it over 6 weeks is ludicrous. By the time my LWA runs out in late November, so will my PEUC. Coincidence?
    And by that time, the state’s Extended Benefits trigger could fall below 5%, ending that program. I have a distinct feeling(though I hope I’m wrong) that Alaska is going to see a lot of UI Claimants exhausting all forms of UI benefits and it’s going to be a mess. As if homelessness isn’t bad enough here in Anchorage. Just thinking of this crap makes me want to get drunk.

    1. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but I was told the money will be in the form of one lump sum and not a weekly payout. If UI ever owes retroactive pay, they pay in a lump sum and whatever is remaining will be paid in weekly amounts. In this case the six weeks have come and gone therefore making the payments in one lump sum. And I was told money won’t be disbursed for at least 1 to 2 weeks.

      1. @LeviTevi: By chance were you told the above info by a UI Call Center Rep? I ask as there’s are a lot of conflicting information out there. I just read an article released this morning where Patsy Westcott, Director of the of the Division of Employment and Training Services at the AK Dept of Labor said that payments were scheduled to begin this week(today was an unofficial deadline)but that she couldn’t promise anything. Westcott said the state had to build almost an entirely new program in order to distribute the funds. Creating and testing that program, she said, is taking a lot of time.

        “I know folks are waiting for this money and we certainly want to get it out the door as quickly as possible but we also have to make sure that we issue the payments correctly,” said Westcott. “It was a heavy lift.”

        All we can do is cross our fingers, keep an eye on our bank accounts come Tuesday and keep applying for jobs that don’t exist in our respective industries.
        If any Alaskans receive something in the meantime, kindly drop a post to inform the STI community!

        1. I found this on the ADN website. Hope this helps.

          Cathy Munoz, deputy commissioner of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, said Thursday that the state is working to get the payments out and that they can now be made in a lump sum of up to $1,800 instead of individual payments distributed over six weeks, as she had previously announced. Still, Munoz, who last week said the payments would begin this week, would not provide a specific day when the payments will be issued.

      1. I figured our lwa will start as soon as we got our back pay,which was paid out to Bill’s and etc..would love to have my weekly 300.00+to balance my life,its sad that some of us are out of work due to cov19..

    1. NJ here but hang in there Wisconsin. I was just informed by BOA that my LWA lump sum is showing in their pending deposits and should clear my account overnight. After 8 weeks it is finally happening :))

      1. I’m with you on that one. I’m here in Nevada and I just got $900 with my regular weekly unemployment. I would love to get the other three weeks but I can’t complain when it’s more money than I had two minutes ago. So if you’re in Nevada you might get it a tonight. Or very soon I was stressing hard. Now thats gonna be gone tomorrow gotta figure what next. Thanks Trump for the next stimulus and extra unemployment that you were never gonna pass, because your a bunch of liars. The White house criminals.. haha

  18. No payment yet into my TD Bank account, but I called them and they said there is the $1800 payment pending that will clear tomorrow. That is reassuring!

  19. Just woke up and checked my Bank Of America. The LWA pay is in. For me and I’m sure other you can find it in your pending deposits. Again, for me it says it’s pending today in my account as of Thursday October 22nd 9:00am. However it says it’s pending and won’t be made readily available for deposit until Friday October 23rd. Hey at least it finally arrived so I can’t complain !!! Checks your prepaid Bank of America cash pay cards issued by unemployment as soon as you can today and check to see if yours has arrived as well !

  20. I received my $1,800 from LWA exactly at 9:24pm on 10/21/2020. I bank with chime and as far as what I’ve seen on Reddit most people with Current, Chime, cashapp have received the whole $1,800

    1. I have chime and I only received $900 in my account. But $1800 was sent.
      Can someone please help?

  21. JM
    Hi I have been looking for my extra $300 where it went. It show in my ui portal statement but nothing showing up in my bank account statement. Only shows my regular ui payment which I received but not the LWA payment. Been calling them few times for help cause the bank told me there is nothing showing on my account which is true and like they don’t know what happen to it. I’ve been going back and forth x2 to the bank and showed the bank the confirmation# in my ui portal statement and the bank said, there is nothing and there is no confirmation # showing. The bank can only see my regular ui payment been deposit. They said, its shows at their end that its been paid out because the confirmation# has a Letter A at the end that means its Active. However, there is nothing on my end and so far there is about (5) $300 been posted in my ui portal statement but I did not receive anything. So I don’t know where it went and don’t know how long it will take to receive it before the money runs out. I need it, bills are behind.
    HELP! HELP! Can anybody help?

      1. With what bank card? The unemployment card? I have that. Its pending. But not cleared til tmrw

    1. Hello- I live in New Jersey and was curious to know if anyone receiving PUA benefits has received the $1800 promised by the state. It is 10/28 and my bank account does not show any pending transactions other than the minimum amount I usually receive. Thanks

      1. HEADRED..I live in NJ and already received the 1800. It was deposited the 22nd and cleared the 23rd for most with unemployment card. Chime cards cleared 22nd. Not sure for other banks.

  22. According to my Alaska UI portal, the only amount I will receive by ACH deposit is my normal benefit amount. I haven’t received any snail mail regarding self certification/anti-fraud stuffs from AK as I already did that to get onto PEUC. A little disappointed, not gonna lie. FPUC was previously added into the benefit amount to be deposited, though it is conceivable that this is a separate payment. I simply wish there was a lot more Dept transparency (in All States) on how/when the LWA was going to be issued.
    Am I waiting on a check at the post office, some other letter I missed, or is there an ACH deposit happening this week? Jeepers- you’d think States would have updated systems back during Y2K.
    At least the normal deposit is at hand- but there’s far more ppl in worse shape than. These are the ppl that NEED the transparency, financial help and LESS STRESS.

    1. Besides the states being horrible at handling anything, FEMA is also involved in this mess. You know the ones who still didn’t pay people from superstorm sandy seven years after it happened ! The government is not a business and shouldn’t be handling any of this. Period!

  23. As of 10/20/20 10:45AM AKST:

    I checked my portal on the Alaska UI website under the “Current Claim Status and Work Search Requirements” link, it still states that this week has not been processed. For months, my claim status information has always been shown by 12AM Monday(as a dollar amount) as long as I submitted my claim on the immediate prior Sunday. Federal holidays that fall on Mondays haven’t affected the “processing” in the past. That being said, a Monday federal/banking holiday DOES delay ACH deposits as all of those must go through the Fed Res for processing- just like last week. Usually deposited on Tuesdays- last week it was Wed. Perhaps the same this week.
    So……I’m curious to know if Alaska Day had put a one day delay on “pressing the button in the office” -OR- if the AK UI Dept has ran into some techno-snaffu’s in being able to combine the LWA $300 with claimants usual UI benefit amount. -AND/OR- they want to hold on to the funding long enough to garner the interest generated on the $62 Million that FEMA allocated AK in late August. It’s all money lining the pockets of everyone else that doesn’t need it to put food on the table, pay rent/mort, fuel, wood, etc. I’m sure the latter would NEVER be admitted, but it makes one think!
    We’ve all been waiting nearly two months in AK(and other states), what’s another 24 hours of mayo and cheese sandwiches? Tomorrow we upgrade to Top Ramen and frozen veggies!

    1. it is absolutely beyond pitiful that Alaska is only 1 of 2 states that hasnt paid a single coin to eligible people…..how can they be this slow and so far behind other states?…..who ever is running unemployment should step down

    2. and on top of this……there saying there only going to pay 1 week at a time for 6 weeks instead of paying it all in 1 payment which makes no forms of sense to ANYBODY

      1. ALASKANS!!!!! Just read an update(or lack thereof) on the AK UI portal. It’s on the same screen after login and replaces the old red text we’ve seen for weeks with new red words, red tape, and an almost admittance of departmental failure:

        “ The $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) payment, funded by FEMA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be distributed to eligible individuals once programming is completed. Payments will be retroactive to the week of July 26 through August 5, 2020 for individuals who receive at least $100 or more of weekly UI or PUA benefits and are unemployed or partially unemployed due to the COVID-19 disruption.”

        Are you kidding me!!! The AK Dept of Workforce Development is a disaster! Tell us something we don’t fucking know…like a TRANSPARENT DATE for distribution for God’s sake! There are 40,000 Alaskan families who need this information!!!

        I’m now guessing I’ll be re-employed by the time it’s “distributed”. And I’m also pretty sure if they’re doing it on the weekly for 6 weeks, if you don’t make a UI claim, you won’t get it regardless if it’s retro or not. Just one more way of the gov’t holding our tax dollars for their gain.

        Crooked. Every one of them!

        1. Join the club 800,000 of us in NJ STILL WAITING. Apparently the program for processing payments was never tested so its taking WAY longer than thought! Such BS

        2. agreed…..it is absolutely mind boggling the way Alaska is handling this…..from the governor down…..pitiful…..its 40’000 families counting on that

  24. What about Arkansas??? When will our lastc3 weeks come? I’ve only been payed 3, Hutchinson said 6 weeks, now. So when?

    1. They should have paid you by now. Suggest you call them up to ensure no issue with eligibility or to confirm your payment has not been held up due to Fraud checks.

  25. I will update Alaska LWA at approx 12AM AKST via the UI website. I’m curious to know if it will be reflected in the amount I that I’m usually paid; just like how FPUC was. AK LWA is “scheduled” to begin paying this week. We’ll find out in a few hours.

    1. “This week has not yet been processed” as of 12:30AM AKST. It was Alaska Day-Observed today(Monday). Not sure if state workers had the day off or not. May be a delay like last week’s UI payment.

    2. Alaska is pitiful…..how can they be this far behind…….48 other states are done with that and Alaskans havent received a single coin as of yet and the website after all this time only saying there still accesseing president trump executive order from MONTHS ago

  26. Is there anyone in sc hasn’t received there lwa it’s been 4weeks @ nothing showing in my portal

    1. I still haven’t got anything and called several times and they say keep waiting

      1. My husband has not received his and he hasn’t received his regular benefits since he applied for the lwa

        1. Definitely something wrong with that. LWA should not impact regular UI at all

        2. The issue I raised is whether the LWA should have been deposited the
          same day as the unemployment insurance like the past $600 was?

        3. O. Thought u meant since u applied for LWA u haven’t gotten any UI at all. Not sure what state ur in so I dont know answer to when u get LWA. So far..NJ has deposited any LWA for people whos UI was due yesterday or today. So thats all I know

        4. NJ here too. Nothing was deposited today except for my tiny unemployment insurance payment.

    2. I’m in sc I finally recieved mine today 10/19 after it supposedly had been mailed out 9/24

  27. Here in Wisconsin, we are still waiting as well… Nothing beyond “the end of October 2020” which is so helpful. Although the LWA page wording did change late last week, there is still no indication on when the monies will be released. In a state where the virus is running rampant, and many are about to face winter with no help, information would be a nice change. So frustrating…

  28. Nevada sucks… Please does anybody have any information about Nevada? I keep reading that it says Deter is rolling out the payments as of the 16th were on that weekend now. I am suffering for money. I Haven’t been to work since this whole thing started I had a really good job. This is the 1st time I’ve been unemployed in 25 yeasr, my stress is out the roof right now. I said in another comment im losing all my things to pawn shops this is horrible. I don’t know what to do Just looking for some answers if Nevada will start getting it soon and how soon. Please if anybody really knows anything I’d appreciate it. Thank you

    1. Buddy NJ has the highest unemployment rate in the country and we were not the hardest during the peak. Yet we are the last state to receive these LWA payments which still haven’t arrived.

      NJDOL is the absolute worst unemployment agency in the country. 10 months later you still can’t get a person the phone.

      1. Wasn’t the LWA lump sum payment supposed to be deposited this week
        the same day as the UI payment?
        The Dept of Unemployment Header said we had nothing to do if we were approved due to Covid19.
        But NO Lump Sum Received

    2. No official processing and payment from Nevada DETR other than on track to make payments from the federal Lost Wages Assistance program by mid- to late- October, per DETR spokesperson Rosa Mendez. Its frustrating that they are now among the last two states to make payments, despite receiving the full 6 weeks for funding from FEMA. Moving payment date out to end of this week (Oct 23rd).

  29. I am in kansas, and in the LWA program. My first payment was 300 on SATURDAY oct 3rd. really strange to deposit on a saturday. it said it was August 1st payment.

    Then the following payment was not until October 14th (this past Wednesday) I get my regular unemployment on Tuesdays. So it was a surprise like here is another payment.

    So then today (Friday Oct 16th) sitting here at 1030am I get another 300 deposit. Unexpected.

    Why is there no set schedule for these payments? so strange, just pops up randomly almost. I appreciate the money and using it to catch up on bills but its hard to budget and plan money if have no idea when the next payment is coming.

    At this point I dont know if I will even get another next Wednesday or what. The other issue with this is, now with these amounts, I have to keep track of them manually, because there is only like 5 or 6 total, so probably will end up happening is, I’ll get then staggered and then expect during a week where I need it, and oops its all done.

    Guess best way to do it is save back any payments I get and hope for the best. I wish they would have just gave lump sum all at once, would have made much more sense and could of planned and used the money much more efficiently (paying up bills/rent a few months in advance) but it is what is I guess.

    Also my regular unemployment is running out this week, but I thought there was extension put in place by Trump, It said that they would contact me when it was close to applying for extension, but no word.

    Trying to call them is a joke, literally says “lines are to busy, please call later” and hangs up. Some people reported trying 100’s of times before getting through to someone. Who wants to waste an entire day trying to call over and over again just to ask a few questions about their account. Ridiculous.

  30. I live in Virginia and I get 158 a week. It’s now oct 14th and no money. What’s going on and is Virginia doing the 6 weeks

  31. I got my first LWA payment on October 3rd
    from the state of Kansas. It’s been over a week & I have not received my second payment. If you are lucky enough to get through to them on the phone you’re on hold forever & whoever answers has no clue what to tell you. Does anyone know the Kansas pay schedule???

  32. My ppls from SC Finally I went to my portal and to my surprise my 1800 dollars was paid on 10/12 It’s been a struggle and I just wanna say you have to stay on top of the unemployment ppls Call everyday like I did from the first week of October. Don’t get frustrated and give up. I’m praying that you get your relief. It’s a wonderful feeling

  33. Alaska 10/13/2020 10AM AKST

    My normal AK UI payment is being deposited today. LWA is not included in the $ amount, nor is there any update on the UI site. No info available on whether LWA will be ACH deposited or a mailed check. If the latter, it may take until Thursday. Otherwise, cross our fingers for next week.

    I’m going to miss Prime Days. Thanks AK DOL.

    1. Alaska really needs to get it together……this is bordering on being pathetic how long there taking to pay the 6 weeks and as of now…..havent paid a single coin to anybody

    2. AK LWA Update 11:30AM AKST

      According to an Anchorage Daily News article, $300 LWA payments will be made starting next week. Deputy Commissioner Munoz stated that it will NOT be paid in one lump sum, as other states have done. That simply means more interest compounding on the FEMA funding, which doesn’t trickle down to us, the recipients. Despite that, at least there is more $$ coming- though it would have been far more advantageous to Alaskans to receive the money in one lump sum. It’s like breaking the PFD down into payments. Something is better than nothing!
      If my timetable is correct, the 6th and final LWA payment will be distributed the week of Nov 22nd.


    3. Alaska……where is the money and why pay 300 a week for 6 weeks instead of paying the 1800 at 1 time

  34. Literally scratching my head. I sit here and try to understand why are so many Americans facing so many problems recieving this LWA in so hard times. I read the columns and SMH. For SC you should have things like they were instead of following other states. You had know problems with frauds reported under the old system. You’ve place ppls in situations that they shouldn’t be in. I hope as a state you’ve learn something from this. RL

    1. Only retroactive payments for the 6 weeks between Aug 1 and Sep 5. No additional funding after that, unless Congress approves a new stimulus bill (see home page for details)

  35. As of October 11th in SC …. nothing.
    Waited 2 hours+ to speak to three different SCDew employees to say “It’s in the mail” and “processing”.
    I certified/verified over a week ago.

  36. hello. i live in the state of wisconsin, and was wondering how can i find out the exact date in october 2020 will i receive the money in my account.
    NAME *

  37. Good morning all,
    I think that this whole entire LWA plan is messed up. I was looking at the payout sheet and it states that California would be paying out 6 weeks. However! I only received 5 weeks of payments. I really DO NOT know who is actually adding the money to our accounts but I looked at my payment activity and it stated that I was paid $300 on 9/25/2020. Well I would like to know what happened to it because it sure as hell did not reach my account.
    New Jersey and Alaska I’m praying for you all, keep your head up and stay strong.

    1. CA LWA Week 6

      California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) just announced it will start paying out the sixth and final week of the Lost Wages Assistance program from the week of 10/12. In a news release, EDD said it is wrapping up weeks four and five of the $300 payments. The sixth week of payments that begin going out on October 12 will be the final week of payments. This was updated in the CA UI page.

  38. ok people so I just read we have a date for the week of the 19th!! bummer but at least we have a date now.

    1. Yes. The week of Oct 19th. One lump sum. 1800. Says it on unemployment website now

    2. The NJ Labor Department has officially confirmed that LWA payments are expected during the week of October 19. It could be anytime that week and will done in a single lump sum payment for eligible weeks (maximum of 6 weeks or $1800). About time NJ! Table updated.

  39. This is insane!!New jersey and alaska are the too States that haven’t yet paid or about to pay.Alaska people!!!!!alaska…..do I have to say more. They received their mail by Snow dogs.and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that they(alaska)will get paid before we do.I can’t even be angry anymore. It takes too much time up in my life to feel like that. It’s pointless because this governor he goes home everyday believing that he actually is trying his hardest and thats sad.

  40. NV governor, is bottom of the barrel when it comes to helping his people, so so many pua claimants haven’t received a dime to this date, now he was one of the last to claim the lost wages, and we went from getting 4 to 6 weeks the middle of October, to now only getting 3 weeks at the end of October one week at a time, how the hell are we supposed to pay bills, I only get 180 bucks a week, now no stimulus or help with unemployment either.

    1. This state and this governor is such Bs. I can’t believe this shit, im awaiting this as well in Las Vegas. I need this money so bad it says this week and people are already getting it says. I don’t understand this do you know anything if were getting it this week? Also did you self certify I can’t find it anywhere on the portal. When I applied for unemployment and it ask why or if it’s related to covid i answered yes do you think I need to do anything else and did you do anything else because you can’t get through to them. I appreciate any information you have

  41. Alaska is terrible about this too…hasnt paid a single coin and no one knows when there getting it

  42. SC is a embarrassment to the people of SC with all these reasons why the LWA payments are still not payed but they wanted run adds asking for money they already have. Thumbs down

  43. Gov Murphy is treating nj residents badly keeping them in the dark over these LWA payments. From a very reliable source we were told that reporters at the daily briefing were told Not to ask the Gov about the LWA program. Seems like Murphy is now a socialist with a system that takes your money is up to date but the system that gives the money is 40 years old. No updates no answers no real dates. Cant wait for my tax bill from nj. They will get the same treatment they have us. I am now in poverty and sold all my assets looks like my family will be on gov assistance for the next 22 years thank Murphy

    1. I sent FEMA an email. Unfortunately, they responded by saying unemployment is responsible for all questions. Funny because Murphy said unemployment workers and system have nothing to do with LWA. Thats why a new system is needed. Everyone needs to flood social media and every email we can.

  44. I’m so sick and tired of NJ dropping the ball. How are we supposed to live off 230 a week!? It has now been changed from Sept 20th…to early October..and. Now mid to late! Its a disgrace!!!!!!! How is every single state being paid or are completely DONE payments and we haven’t even started yet..let alone have an actual date!!!! Murphy doesn’t give a shit and the whole state is sinking because that jerk off!!!!!

    1. It is embarrassing actually. You would expect this type of government behavior in underdeveloped countries. Highest property taxes in the US and NJDOL hasn’t upgraded their software for over 30 years….

      After 8 months I still can’t get a person on the phone?!? That’s what 25 years of paying taxes get me lol

  45. i live in Michigan and applied for benefits back in march when I was laid off from job as a home health caregiver. i never received the 600.00 additional payment from unemployment and i did not start to receive a check until july 2020. how do i apply for back money that i was approved for but never received and how do i apply for the additional 600.00 and also currently the additional 300.00 that i got letter stating i was approved for but i am not receiving i am just getting my regular 209.00 every two week payment.

    1. You most definitely need to speak to a UI call center rep in Michigan. While you’re waiting on hold with them, I would be writing some emails out to the Congress person representing the district where you live as well as your Governor. I’m very sorry you’re struggling – but you absolutely need to contact UI by phone and make a stink!(Try to be nice though)

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