When Will The New Unemployment Stimulus Be Paid?

With House Democrats having passed their new $2.2T stimulus bill that included additional funding for an extra $600 p/week in supplementary unemployment benefits, many are asking when they could see this payment. There are still some hurdles to overcome before the benefit is finalized, but here is what a likely payment schedule and structure could look like:

Payment Date for New/Extra Unemployment Benefits

Whatever the final amount approved, which will likely range between $400 to $600 p/week according to media reports, the goal for state UI agencies will be to make this payment as soon as possible. This will mean eligibility criteria will be based on the now expired $600 FPUC or the more recent $300 to $400 LWA programs so that state UI agencies don’t have to reprogram or implement new systems. It is expected the new unemployment program’s effective date will be set to early September 2020, which is the date when LWA funding ran out. Actual payments for any new unemployment benefits will likely not start before late October or early November. But like other new UI programs implemented this year, every state will have different payment dates and schedules.

Retroactive Back Payments

As with prior programs, all payments will be made retroactively to the start date of the program. The key will be for state agencies getting their systems quickly in place to process these payments, while handing new and continuing claims. This is on top of all the other enhanced unemployment benefit programs.

When Will New Unemployment Benefits Be Confirmed?

To reiterate, the Republican controlled senate still has to approve any stimulus bill, including additional funding and/or the weekly benefit amount for unemployment benefits. The White House then needs to approve the final bill. Both of these steps could prevent further passages of this, as has happened in the past, but given the mounting pressure and economic pain millions of jobless Americans are facing I would be surprised if a deal is not done soon. Until then however the above is just my perspective and viewpoint.

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12 thoughts on “When Will The New Unemployment Stimulus Be Paid?

  1. I haven’t even received the back pay for the first $600 I was told I was eligible for then told no,I was layed off in April,but I missed a TWC phone call and now it’s my fault. Tried 3 months to get TWC…and nothing.. finally heard from them and was told Im denied…bunch of bull and no fair to us who could not reach a live person..

  2. I havent even received the retro $300 from all of AUGUST YET…. GOOD LUCK getting anything after that!!! I dont care who’s fault it is…. its ALL OF CAPITOL HILL… how about ALL of you NOT TAKE A PAYCHECK FOR THE YEAR since ALL of you are doing a PITIFUL JOB of keeping tha common American people’s interest at heart?!! ALL OF YOU NEED TO BE BOOTED OUT!!! Disgusting!!!!

    1. I totally agree with you. They get their nice fat checks, insurance benefits and god know how many breaks. These career politicians make me sick to my stomach. Pelosi should jump in her $20,000 fridge and shut the door. She is not working for the American people, she keeps pushing for benefits for the illegals etc. I can’t go on as it raises my blood pressure.

      1. Shut Up! do you not know it is the illegals who put vegetables on your tables and they work more then 10 hours per day. They are deducted taxes in their paychecks like everyone else and the State keeps it!! cause they are illegals they can’t file income tax. When do you see whites working the fields to put food on your tables..hell no!!!

  3. Did you know that Democrat bill also includes unemployment benefits and other financial goodies for illegal aliens? Most people have no idea what else is in the Democrat bill. And it’s full of other ridiculous BS. How is that fair when millions of Americans haven’t even been paid their benefits yet? The Dems put in the benefits for Americans just to sugar coat the entire bill which really only favors the power hungry elitists in Washington DC.

    1. You are so right. Don’t people see this? I guess they think we are stupid. I forgot, they consider us the deplorable s. Also, if Biden wins, God forbid they will put him in the basement at the White House and Harris will be running the show. This would be the beginning of the end, she is as far left as you can get and now she is trying to hide it.

  4. your article makes it sound like the republicans are holding it up. They are negotiating and trying to meet in the middle while Pelosi refuse the help to the unemployed! She must know that something is better than nothing for many of us…. I’m a single mother drawing $104 (after taxes) a week in Arizona.

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